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The Department of Radiology in the IU School of Medicine employed many innovative technologies in their quest to diagnose diseases and improve human health. Here, nurse Patricia Chang and Ahmet Cakmak, MD, employ a 40 million electron volt accelerator machine in University Hospital to treat a cancer patient, 1974.Please explore IUPUI Special Collections and... Read More
August 1, 1990On this day, IUPUI and IU administrators and local dignitaries celebrated the groundbreaking for a new IUPUI University Library. University president Thomas Ehrlich presided over the event. Also present were Indiana governor Evan Bayh, Indianapolis mayor William Hudnut, and Purdue University president Steven C. Beering (formerly dean of the IU... Read More
July 31, 1972On this day, IUPUI announced the start of Project Upward Bound, a new program for recently discharged United States military veterans enrolled at IUPUI. The program aimed to address the needs of men and women who had served in the armed forces who were entering college for the first time. The program originated in the period when many veterans... Read More
July 30, 1992On this day, campus administrators announced that IUPUI would join the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Division II at the start of the 1992-1993 academic year. In doing so, IUPUI left the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), which it had joined in 1977 when Indiana University president John W. Ryan had... Read More
July 29, 1970On this day, construction of a new facility for the IU School of Nursing began on the IUPUI campus. Long housed in the Ball Residence Hall, the IU Training School for Nurses, later called the IU School of Nursing, had grown dramatically under the dynamic leadership of dean Emily Holmquist. The new building allowed for an expansion of both... Read More
July 28, 1979.The IUPUI Student Assembly, the student-government organization, sponsored a Public Forum on Nuclear Energy in the Lecture Hall on the IUPUI campus. The event grew out of student concerns about the dangers posed by nuclear power plants, especially the Marble Hill plant in southern Indiana then under construction. Public concerns were... Read More
July 27, 1975On this day, administrators of the Indiana University hospitals of the IU Medical Center at IUPUI signed a two year trial agreement to take over all medical management at Marion County General Hospital. Dr. John L. Glover, chairman of surgery at General and professor of surgery in the School of Medicine, was appointed acting director for Marion... Read More
July 26, 1991The IU School of Social Work at IUPUI sponsored a conference, "Volunteerism: A Resource for Social and Community Development," to address international, national and local issues surrounding volunteerism. It took place in IUPUI's Business/SPEA Building, which, not surprisingly, houses the Kelley School of Business and the School of Public and... Read More
In this week's Photo of the Week, Professor Arthur Mirsky of the Department of Geology (now Earth Sciences) and students in the IUPUI School of Science pause during a dig for mastodon bones in Hancock County, Indiana, July 1977.IUPUI Special Collections and Archives preserves hundreds of thousands of IUPUI photos in all formats. You may search through a... Read More
July 25, 1985On this day, a papermaking class began at the IUPUI Herron School of Art. The class, which ran through August 1 and was held at the school's 16th and Pennsylvania Street campus on Indianapolis's near northside, was led by Professor Stanley Louise Burford, a prominent papermaking artist. Burford, a 1959 Herron BFA graduate, also received an... Read More

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