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August 28, 1979 On this day, US president Jimmy Carter named Leonard Schneiderman, dean of the IU School of Social Work, to the President's Advisory Council on Adult Education. Dr. Schneiderman, who became dean of the School of Social Work in June 1977, issued a statement laying out his views: "The notion of education as preparation for life has... Read More
August 27, 1971On this day, Dr. Robert B. Forney, professor of pharmacology and toxicology in the IU School of Medicine, returned from South Vietnam where he served as a White House consultant. Sent by President Richard M. Nixon's Advisor on Drug Abuse, Prof. Forney reviewed United States military drug-control programs and policies.Dr. Forney had a long... Read More
August 26, 1988On this day, a switch failure at an Indianapolis Power and Light power station produced an hour long blackout of campus buildings.  Buildings south of Michigan Street and the University Place hotel and conference center (now The Tower dorm and Hine Hall) were without power from approximately 8:25 a.m. for about an hour. Many... Read More
August 25, 1975On this day, the IUPUI Pep Band met for the first time in Cavanaugh Hall.With the development of intercollegiate sports at IUPUI in the early 1970s came the need to rally team followers and supporters. The Pep Band arose to instill team and school spirit at sports events. A group of volunteer students, Pep Band players accompanied IUPUI... Read More
August 24, 1978On this day, staff of the Union Building hosted the second annual "Two-Bit Day" on the east side of the building. The event, which was open to all students, faculty, staff, and the public, featured a full day of food, games, and more. The IUPUI Calliope entertained participants. Everything cost two bits, a quarter, or twenty-five cents.The... Read More
August 23, 1982On this day, the IUPUI Calliope took part in a parade down Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  The parade featured horse-drawn wagons from all over the country. It was seen by hundreds of thousands of spectators and by many more on television. The Calliope returned to Indianapolis shortly afterwards to participate in the Farmer's Day... Read More
IUPUI is a big campus. With the beginning of the fall semester, students new to IUPUI often wander about trying to find classes in unfamiliar buildings. In this week's photo (UA24-002303n) from 1994, IUPUI chancellor Jerry Bepko kindly gives a student directions. Direct yourselves to IUPUI Special Collections and Archives, where you can find hundreds... Read More
August 22, 1974 On this day, the IUPUI Student Activities Board sponsored a free all-campus dance, which took place in the parking lot west of the Union Building. (Eskenazi Hospital now resides on that spot.) A local band, Stones Crossing, played between 8:30 and 11:30pm.The Student Activities Programming Board is a student body that plans and... Read More
August 21, 1980On this day, the IU School of Nursing held its first orientation workshop for minority nursing students. The aim was "to focus on concerns of minority students in the health professions."An active group of African-American faculty in the School of Nursing worked to expand opportunities for all minorities in the nursing profession. In 1979 the... Read More
August 20, 1997 On this day, Indiana University named Scott E. Evenbeck as the first dean of the new IUPUI University College.University College was an innovative initiative by campus administration and IUPUI Faculty Council that grew out of previous efforts to assist new students acclimate to higher education. Its goal was to improve retention rates... Read More

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