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September 6, 1991 On this day, United States vice-president Dan Quayle, alumnus of the IU School of Law-Indianapolis (now IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law), visited IUPUI to receive the 1991 Distinguished Alumnus Service Award from the law school.Born James Danforth Quayle in Indianapolis, after college at DePauw University he enrolled at the IU... Read More
September 5, 1988 On this day, in a feat of student-journalism investigative reporting, The Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, reported that newspaper staff had deployed several radon-testing devices in three campus buildings during the summer. Sagamore reporter Scott Abel wrote that the newspaper office in the basement of Cavanaugh Hall tested... Read More
September 4, 1986 On this day, newly appointed Indiana University vice president and IUPUI chancellor Gerald Bepko addressed the IUPUI faculty and focused on two major commitments: to improve IUPUI undergraduate education and to build a new "main campus library."Bepko's speech was his first public address since succeeding Glenn W. Irwin as IUPUI... Read More
September 3, 1992On this day, the 1992 Paralympics commenced in Barcelona, Spain, and two IUPUI students were there to compete.Frank L. Epperson, Jr., a 26-year-old senior physical education major, was in Barcelona to compete in the 100, 200, and 400-meter wheelchair racing events. He had won a bronze medal in the 1988 Paralympics in Seoul, South Korea in... Read More
September 2, 1977On this day, Dr. Steven C. Beering, dean of the IU School of Medicine, announced the establishment of a Diabetes Research and Training Center through a $1.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The three-year grant, initiated by Dr. Charles M. Clark in the Department of Medicine, was awarded in a national... Read More
September 1, 1971On this day, new IUPUI parking regulations went into effect, including updated decals and new parking areas on campus.Parking has always been a debacle at IUPUI. IUPUI started out as a commuter campus. In IUPUI's early days few students resided on campus, and fewer still lived within walking distance. Most IUPUI students, staff, and faculty... Read More
August 31, 1970On this day, The IU School of Law-Indianapolis moved into its new Building on the corner of New York and Blackford Streets. The IU School of Law-Indianapolis (now called the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law) was the product of a 1944 merger between Indiana University and the Indiana Law School, a private law school itself the product... Read More
August 30, 1982On this day, the IUPUI Youth Theater held auditions in the Mary Cable Building theater on the IUPUI campus.IUPUI had an active and vibrant theater scene in its early years. Spearheaded by Drs. Dorothy and J. Edgar Webb, professors in the (then) Department of Speech, Theater, and Communications in the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts, IUPUI... Read More
If you have been following our IUPUI Photos of the Week in August, you'll have noticed a theme: Back to School! We have featured photos of students buying books and getting directions on campus. The beginning of fall semester at IUPUI has also long entailed parking snarls and mishaps. In IUPUI's earlier years, students, staff, and faculty contended with... Read More
August 29, 1973 On this day, the Indiana University Board of Trustees announced Dr. Glenn W. Irwin, Jr.,  as the new chancellor of IUPUI. He succeeded Maynard K. Hine in that position.Irwin, a life-long Indiana resident, had a long association with Indiana University and the School of Medicine. After receiving his undergraduate education at IU-... Read More

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