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IUPUI Photo of the Week, June 2-8.In early June 2006, Laura Bush, the wife of President George W. Bush, visited IUPUI to speak at the first regional conference of Helping America's Youth, which President Bush proposed in his 2005 State of the Union speech to Congress. Pictured with First Lady Bush (right) are IUPUI chancellor Charles R. Bantz (left) and his... Read More
June 3, 2014. On this day, IUPUI announced that its "Innovation to Enterprise Initiative," a project to turn faculty, staff, and student research into commercial properties, produced a marked increase in inventions, start-ups, and patents. IUPUI and Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation (formerly the Advanced Research and Technology... Read More
June 2, 1975. On this day, Dean Schuyler F. Otteson of the Indiana University School of Business reported to the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce that state legislators recommended to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education that greater emphasis be placed on developing and expanding business programs on the IUPUI campus. To that end, Otteson... Read More
June 1, 1986. On this day, surgeons in University Hospital transplanted a donor heart to an adult patient who had congestive heart failure. The operation was the first heart transplant performed at the Indiana University Medical Center on the IUPUI campus.Previously, Medical Center physicians, nurses, and other professionals had developed decades of... Read More
May 31, 1997. On this day, IUPUI staged a performance of Guidance!, a play written by Indianapolis teens and advisers associated with the Interdenominational Churches for Education Excellence (ICEE), a group of congregations in Indianapolis that worked closely with IUPUI leaders. The play dramatized youths' preparation for college education and the... Read More
May 30, 1976. On this day, the Green Sheet, the IUPUI campus newsletter, announced that IUPUI led Indiana University campuses in the number of students enrolled in first-summer-term classes. The numbers were:IUPUI            7619Bloomington  5968 South Bend   2451Gary          ... Read More
Photo of the Week May 26-June 1.Ladies and gentlemen, start your (electric) engines! This week Archives features a photo of one of the electric race cars raced by IUPUI students in 1997, even before the creation of the Motorsports program in the School of Engineering and Technology. This photo and many others are to be found in IUPUI Special... Read More
May 29, 1976. On this day, the IUPUI calliope made its first appearance by rolling down the streets of Indianapolis in the 500 Festival Parade.The steam-powered musical instrument was salvaged from a retired Ohio River showboat. Restoration of the then-53-year-old instrument became a project of the Indiana University Alumni Association under the... Read More
May 27, 1996. On this day, Craig G. Gosling, director of the Indiana University School of Medicine's Department of Medical Illustration, received the Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for his many contributions to medical illustration, education, and diagnosis. Gosling, director of the... Read More
May 28, 2013. On this day, IUPUI announced that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) would invest $1.5 million in IUPUI's Purdue School of Engineering and Technology motorsports engineering program. The investment would advance a partnership with the race-car firm Dallara to research dynamic vehicle simulation.Under the two-year grant,... Read More

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