Duplication Services

General Information

Materials housed in the Special Collections and Archives and in the Joseph and Matthew Payton Philanthropic Studies Library generally can be duplicated.

Exceptions to this include:

  1. Materials that could be damaged by exposure in the duplication process.
  2. Materials restricted by agreement with the donor.
  3. Materials restricted due to copyright or other legal considerations.

The Special Collections staff will determine if archival items may be duplicated and will duplicate requested material.

Materials from the Payton Philanthropic Studies Library can be duplicated by patrons on the University Library's coin-operated photocopy machines, or with public scanners in that library. Remote researchers wishing to get copies of material from the Payton Philanthropic Studies Library should contact their home library's Inter-Library Loan department. 

Media Digitization Services (For Special Collections only)

Currently all of our media is being digitized by the multi-campus Media Digitization & Preservation Initiative. Digital access to materials that have been completed is available at no charge, but any material that is currently being digitized is not available. Contact the archives for more information. 

Microfilm/fiche Services (For Special Collections only)

Onsite Services

Free self-service scans of microfilm can be made using the microfilm scanner in the reading room. Standard library rate applies for printing these scans. There is no self-service access to the 990-PF forms because they contain Social Security numbers that must be redacted by staff. 

Offsite Services

Microforms Scanning is available at $0.50 per page. We deliver all scans digitally via Box.com. Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery depending on the quantity.

Print Material Scanning and Photocopying Services (For Special Collections only)

Photocopies can be made for the following sizes: 8 ½" x 11", 8 ½" x 14", 11" x 17"

Onsite Services

Staff will perform all scanning and photocopying, the rate for either is $0.50 per page. 

Offsite Services

Scanning is available at $0.50 per page. We deliver all scans digitally via Box.com. Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery depending on the quantity.

Photograph Scanning Services (For Special Collections only)

We are only able to provide digital copies of images. We can provide them in TIFF or JPEG format.

To place an order for image scanning, please complete and return both the Image Publishing Agreement and the Photographic & Digital Reproduction Order Form, by mail or email. Cost for labor to scan images is $5 an image. Images will be delivered for download via Box.com.

Payment Methods

Invoices will be sent from the Business Office for payment of services. You may pay by check or credit card. For university-related work, please provide account number. If you are paying on site we can only accept cash or check. 

Please send any inquiries to:

IUPUI University Library
Special Collections and Archives
755 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: (317) 274-0464

Email: speccoll@iupui.edu

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