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The Philanthropy Archives is building a premier research collection to document the history of the philanthropic tradition.   The Archives is used by scholars, researchers, and practitioners studying the not-for-profit sector.  Through the research that the Archives makes possible, we hope to enhance our understanding not only of the not-for-profit sector and its practices, but of the role of philanthropy in society as well.  It includes the historical records of organizations and individuals that have worked as advocates for the nonprofit sector, fund raising firms that help nonprofit organizations raise money, foundations and individual philanthropists, and nonprofit organizations that provide social services, particularly in central Indiana. These collections also provide a wide scope of research materials dealing with social, historical, political, educational, and ethnic developments and changes in the United States during the twentieth century. In conjunction with the Joseph and Matthew Payton Philanthropic Studies Library, the Philanthropy Collections represent a great concentration of materials for intensive study in all realms of philanthropy.

The collections listed are only a portion of the materials held by the Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, and additional collections are added on a continuing basis. Catalog-level information about each of the collections can also be found in IUCAT, Indiana University Libraries' online catalog. For a complete listing of collections, contact Special Collections and Archives through Ask an Archivist .

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Finding Aids

Records of local organization based on the I HAVE A DREAM concept originated by New York philanthropist Eugene Lang, who promised 61 East Harlem sixth graders that he would send them to college if they completed high school.

Papers of a researcher/author and special consultant to the Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs, formed to study the relationships between foundations, the government, and the public.

Records of a local chapter, formed in 1917, of an international service organization for professional and executive business women with membership on a limited classification basis. Its programs and activities include vocational education and guidance, senior citizens programs, civic service and community service projects, financial assistance for graduate women from other countries and literacy related programs.

Records of professional organization that played an important role in the studying and strengthening of the philanthropic sector and since 1956 publishes Giving USA, an annual report on philanthropic activity in the United States.

Records of organization formed in 1913 to provide trained individuals to assist community leaders in conducting civic fund raising campaigns for nonprofit organizations and philanthropic causes.

Papers of an Indianapolis civic leader and member and president of the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners from 1966-1970.

Records of a national organization dedicated to the promotion of professional and ethical standards for fund raising executives.

Records of an association established in 1971 as an independent and impartial forum for researchers in the fields of voluntary action and citizen participation.

Records of a consulting firm that provides fund raising advice and counsel for higher education, secondary education, cultural arts, business, sports, health, and religious organizations. The company's primary focus is to address problems faced by management: boards of trustees and directors, chief executive officers, and the chief executive and operating officers of development, membership, public relations, and resource development programs.

Records of a social service organization, established in 1893, focusing on at-risk youth. Programs sponsored by the organization included counseling and career development, cultural enrichment, social recreation, citizenship and leadership development, individual and team sports.

Records of an organization established to promote, evaluate, and render aid to educational and community service programs in cities throughout the United States. One of the ways the foundation has found to achieve this purpose is through the Rudy Bruner Award, given every two years, that recognizes well-planned community action projects.

Papers of social change philanthropists, who gave away a substantial part of their personal wealth to progressive social change groups, activities, and activists concentrating generally in the areas of war, racism, poverty, and injustice.

Records of a commission, commonly known as the Peterson Commission, formed by John D. Rockefeller, III, in 1969, and chaired by Peter Peterson, to objectively investigate foundations and their role in society.

Records of a commission, commonly known as the Filer Commission, formed in November 1973 to study the role of philanthropic giving in the United States and to make recommendations regarding ways to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of the voluntary sector. The findings and recommendations of the Commission were published in a final report entitled, Giving in America: Toward a Stronger Voluntary Sector.

Records of an organization formed by the 1975 merger of the American Alumni Council (AAC) and the American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA) with the goal of increasing the professional competence of people involved in all phases of alumni work.

Records of a progressive social change foundation established in 1948 by Daniel J. Bernstein, with a focus on groups and programs generally ignored by conventional foundations because they were "controversial" -- the poor, GIs, deserters and draft resisters, ethnic groups, convicts and ex-convicts.

Records of a social service center, established in 1903, for the Indianapolis African-American community. The center promotes the social, moral, and physical welfare of African-Americans, particularly of the youth.

A collection of IRS tax forms, annual reports, and historical information files on foundations.

Papers of a fund raising counsel and author, documenting his involvement with the John Price Jones, Co. (Canada), Ltd., Brakeley and Roberts, and G.A. Brakeley and Co., Ltd., Canada and New York, fund raising and public relations firms.

Records of an organization committed to improving the health of the community through funding qualified agencies and organizations that provide health related services primarily to low-income population of Indianapolis.

Papers of a freelance fund raising consultant with a focus in the fields of education, religion, and health.

Records of an organization founded in 1980 for the promotion of charitable giving and volunteering in the United States.

Records of the state association formed in 1929 and chartered by the National FFA Organization, an agricultural education organization.

Records of an organization committed to improving the health of the community through funding qualified agencies and organizations that provide health related services primarily to the low-income population of Indianapolis.

Papers of the McClures who began making substantial financial donations to major educational, health, and community organization projects in the early 1970s, and have continued to do so to the present. The McClures' philosophy of "giving with warm hands" is rooted in their religious faith.

Papers of a fund raising executive and author who was a founding member of the Coalition of Voluntary Organizations (CONVO) and was instrumental in the merger of CONVO with the National Council on Philanthropy to form Independent Sector.

Records of an international organization that educates over 4 million young people annually through the services of over 113,000 volunteers. The organization teaches students at all grade levels the value of free enterprise, business, and economics through classroom programs.

Records of the Downtown Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis, the first and largest Kiwanis club in Indiana.

Records of a global organization of volunteers with a mission of "changing the world one child and one community at a time."

Records of one of the country's oldest fund raising firms founded by Arnaud C. Marts and George Lundy in 1926. The client list of the firm includes thousands of colleges, churches, hospitals and other nonprofit organizations throughout the country.

Papers of an Indianapolis leader and active member of the National Council of Jewish Women greatly involved in bringing forth community service programs such as assistance to refugees and immigrants.

Personal papers and fund raising firm records of a fund raising counsel and author including feasibility studies analyzing and evaluating the fund raising potential or the existing fund raising program of an organization.

Papers of consultant, best known for his work with the Ford Foundation.

Records of a local section, founded in 1896, of a national service organization involved in senior citizens programs, literacy programs, civic and community services, and assistance to refugees and immigrants.

Founded in 1928, this national organization develops leadership skills and promotes community service among its nearly 450,000 agricultural eduation student members.

Records of a national organization for African-American farm youth started in 1935 to promote agricultural leadership, character, thrift, scholarship, cooperation, and citizenship. The organization merged with the National FFA Organization in 1965.

Records of a fund raising and public relations consulting firm specializing in liberal social causes including human and civil rights, the environment, nuclear weapons, and refugee relief. The firm is the present day incarnation of Harold L. Oram, Inc.

Records of the organizing committee for this athletic competition between countries in the Americas held in Indianapolis in 1987.

Records of a foundation, founded in 1947 by newspaper publisher Charles Edward Marsh and his wife Claudia, committed to supporting organizations that help people overcome barriers to full participation in society.

Papers of a former United States Ambassador to the Republic of Cameroon in West Africa, President of C.W. Post College and Hofstra University, President of the Exxon Education Foundation, Executive Director of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, and Professor Emeritus of Philanthropic Studies at Indiana University.

Records of an organization committed to the eradication of venereal diseases and the conditions that led to their proliferation.

Records of the local chapter of a volunteer service organizations of women who are committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry.

Records of a foundation established in 1938 that mainly awarded grants in the education and health fields.

Records of a firm providing fund raising counsel to nonprofit organizations that worked primarily with local and area wide church appeals, YMCA branches, educational institutions, hospitals, and Community Chests. The firm used methods based on the original "Ward Plan," a thoroughly organized, well publicized campaign, relying on broad based giving, and usually conducted for only a few weeks.

Records of a charitable organization established in 1893 to serve the material and spiritual needs of poor individuals and families in Indianapolis through Christian evangelism and conversion.

Family papers of the founder of the Wheeler Mission Ministries, one of the first established local rescue missions in Indianapolis.

A collection of broadsides and brochures from the New York and Washington, D.C. area suffrage organizations.