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April 21, 1989. On this day, IUPUI held the first Chancellor's Honors Convocation. IUPUI had previously honored faculty and students for their distinguished academic achievements, but often in separate ceremonies in schools or for faculty alone. But in Chancellor Gerald L. Bepko's prepared remarks for the event, he explicitly noted that "Today we begin... Read More
April 20, 1977. On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, published its second of two issues for the week. The number contained many articles and features relating useful information and news to the newspaper's readers. No one article or event is of particular note, but a brief examination of the twenty-page issue provides a general... Read More
April 19, 1974. On this day, the IUPUI Reader's Theatre performed a reading of "Love of Seven Dolls," a 1954 story by the American writer Paul Gallico (1897-1976). The Reader's Theatre was part of the bustling IUPUI theater establishment under the director of Professors Dorothy L. Webb and J. Edgar Webb, who taught theater and communication in the... Read More
April 18, 1984. On this day, Indiana University Founders Day, which commemorates the creation of the university in 1820, four IUPUI faculty members received special honors for their achievements. Professor Dorothy L. Webb of the Department of Communication Studies in the School of Liberal Arts and director of the University Theatre received the... Read More
IUPUI Photo of the Week April 14-20.We in Special Collections always want to do our civic duty. In that spirit, we offer a photo from 1996 of the MTV voter registration effort on the IUPUI campus. IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has all your IUPUI image needs. Please consult us to find what you are looking for. A fraction of our large holdings... Read More
April 17, 2014. On this day, students sorted through refuse destined for disposal and ultimately the city's incinerator on the south side at the second annual Dumpster Dive. The event was sponsored by the Student Sustainability Council and Undergraduate Student Council, in cooperation with the IUPUI Office of Sustainability. The event raised... Read More
April 16, 1977. On this day, the First Annual Circle City Circuit staged its First Annual Canoe Race at Eagle Creek Park on Indianapolis's west side. Race heats began late in the morning, and involved a two-hundred-yard sprint with one turn. According to promotional literature for the race, "Look for lots of spills, chills, and flying water amidst... Read More
April 15, 1972. On this day, a Saturday, IUPUI's Herron School of Art held its first Alumni Association Homecoming. The event received a rolling start during the previous week with an exhibition titled, "Herron Highlights: History of the Art School," in the school's gallery, then located at 16th and Pennsylvania Streets.The exhibition featured works by... Read More
April 14, 1989. On this day, Sarah Weddington, the attorney who argued the case of "Jane Roe" before the United States Supreme Court in the Roe. v. Wade case in 1973, spoke to an audience in the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis. At the time of her Indianapolis speech, heightened interest in the status of abortion rights arose because a... Read More
April 13, 1976. On this day, Mayor William H. Hudnut III spoke to the IUPUI University Faculty Club on the topic, "IUPUI and Indianapolis: How We Can Help Each Other." The speech was held at the Faculty Club luncheon in the Roof Lounge in the Union Building. Unfortunately, Archives has neither the text of Hudnut's speech nor a second-hand account... Read More