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January 15, 1969. On this day, Beurt SerVaas, the president of the Indianapolis City Council, editorialized on television station WFBM (today WRTV) in reply to the station's December 24, 1968 editorial that Indianapolis would best be served by merging the Indiana University and Purdue University extension campuses in Indianapolis under one of the two... Read More
January 14, 1969. On this day, the Purdue University Board of Trustees met in the Purdue Memorial Center on the West Lafayette campus. The meeting occurred in secret on a Tuesday night, with only board members and Purdue administrators and staffers in attendance. After discussing appointment, admissions, and other issues, the board heard a report from... Read More
January 13, 1969. On this day, administrators from Indiana University and Purdue University, working behind the scenes to draft an Indianapolis campus merger plan, agreed on the academic-mission assignments that the two universities would assume after the merger.Since the handshake deal between IU president Joseph Sutton and Purdue president Frederick... Read More
January 12, 1992. On this day, United States president George H.W. Bush's Commission on National and Community Service began two days of meetings at the University Place Conference Center, now Hine Hall. The Commission, signed into federal law in 1990, was an independent federal agency charged to encourage American citizens to volunteer in their... Read More
January 11, 1970. On this day, the women of the Indiana University School of Nursing basketball team played a warm-up game in preparation for their big game against the University of Tennessee School of Nursing team. The IU-UT rivalry had been longstanding. This year, the Indianapolis team was to travel to Tennessee. The warm-up game was planned as a... Read More
January 10, 1971. On this day, the first issue of the Green Sheet, a new IUPUI newsletter, appeared. The Green Sheet was a simple but informative 8.5 by 11 inch newsletter put out by the IUPUI News Bureau that replaced the News Calendar, a newsletter that circulated in the Indiana University Medical Center. The News Calendar appeared on green paper. As... Read More
This week's photo show's IUPUI men's basketball coach Ron Hunter and members of his squad fitting donated shoes to childrens' feet during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Caring in 2009.Visit IUPUI Special Collections and Archives to find a wealth of IUPUI historical photography. Search the IUPUI Image Collection to see a fraction of our holdings. Contact... Read More
January 9, 1978. On this day, the Sagamore, the student newspaper at IUPUI, took stock of the progress the university had made since the 1969 merger of the Indianapolis extensions of Indiana University and Purdue University. In an editorial titled, "IUPUI is Growing Up," newspaper writers assessed that IUPUI had grown in many ways. New programs of... Read More
January 8, 1995. On this day, national news outlets reported that former Vice President Dan Quayle, who had entered University Hospital on the IUPUI campus days before to have an emergency appendectomy operation, had had in fact a rare benign tumor in his appendix. According to the New York Times, the growth was a "cyst-like tumor containing mucous and... Read More
January 7, 1985. On this day, the state's first bone marrow transplantation program opened in Riley Hospital for Children on the Indiana University Medical Center campus of IUPUI. The unit treated both pediatric and adult patients with certain leukemias and non-cancerous blood diseases. The unit aimed to treat 15 to 25 patients in the first year, an... Read More