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This week's photo shows ten years ago when IUPUI celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009. On hand were IUPUI's Amy Conrad Warner and U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar, who as mayor of Indianapolis in 1968-1969 was instrumental in the creation of IUPUI.The IUPUI Image Collection contains a portion of IUPUI Special Collections and Archives's total IUPUI... Read More
January 23, 1984.On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, reported that, per usual, State Senator Lawrence Borst had introduced a bill in the Indiana Senate to create an independent state university in Indianapolis. He authored another bill to name the independent state university the University of Indianapolis. As well, he proferred another... Read More
January 22, 1969. On this day, the Indianapolis News, the evening daily newspaper in the city, reported on its front page that Purdue University and Indiana University were working on a merger of their Indianapolis campuses. The report, written by journalist Ralph Kramer, noted that the matter was before the boards of trustees of the two state... Read More
January 21, 2019.On this day, we celebrate the important leadership and legacy of civil-rights martyr Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who modeled courage by advocating social and economic justice for all Americans and for persons worldwide. We also recognize IUPUI's Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration Dinner, one of the most important days in the university's... Read More
January 20, 1979. On this day, a free shuttle-bus service commenced between IUPUI and the Indiana University-Bloomington main library (now Herman B Wells Library). Each Saturday morning at 8:30am the bus would depart from the parking lot north of the IUPUI Blake Street library (now Taylor Hall) and east of Cavanaugh Hall and arrive at the Bloomington... Read More
January 19, 1976. On this day, the IUPUI Sagamore, the student newspaper, published a front-page story about bills introduced in the Indiana General Assembly to detach IUPUI from Indiana University-Bloomington. The article, titled "Born to be Free?" and written by M. William Lutholtz, quoted two legislators from Indianapolis who were then pushing for... Read More
January 18, 1978. On this day, artist Christo and filmmaker Albert Maysles came to Herron School of Art to talk about Christo's and his wife Jeanne-Claude's artistic product, "Running Fences," which was a 24-mile-long, 18-foot-high, white fabric work that stretched across the hills of northern California and ended at the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The... Read More
January 17, 2001. On this day, the Lilly Endowment, Inc., and IUPUI's Indiana University School of Medicine dean Craig Brater announced a $105 million gift to fund the Indiana Genomics Initiative (INGEN), a broad effort to spur biomedical innovation involving medicine, biology, chemistry, and informatics. Faculty, staff, and student researchers from... Read More
This week's photo is of Hollywood actor and director Bill Duke speaking at the IUPUI Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration Dinner in January 1993. Go to our IUPUI Image Collection site for a sample of our significant holdings of IUPUI photography. Please contact us at speccoll@iupui.edu.
January 16, 1978. On this day, IUPUI inaugurated the first of two bus services to move students, staff, and faculty from one IUPUI location to another.When IUPUI started in 1969, the university was located in seven distinct and distant places around Indianapolis. Within a short period two of those locations were consolidated onto the near-westside... Read More