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Neat, tidy, and studious. This week's photo is of a dorm room in Ball Residence from around 1970. The occupants are occupied in suitable tasks, their LP record player and television set are turned off to avoid distractions. IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has many photos showing student life at IUPUI, many of them less staged than the above... Read More
April 3, 1989. On this day, the Sagamore, the student newspaper of IUPUI, published a profile of Department of History professor Bernard Friedman, who was soon to retire after 28 years of teaching on the Indianapolis campus. Friedman looked back on his 1961 arrival to teach at the Indiana University-Indianapolis extension, which was housed on north... Read More
April 2, 1971. On this day, The Component, the student newspaper published on IUPUI's 38th Street Campus, ran a letter by an IUPUI student critical of the decision to employ the Indiana University class registration system, which students deemed inferior to the automated system used by Purdue University and familiar to the 38th Street Campus students... Read More
April 1, 1993. On this day, a fire occurred in the Indiana University School of Dentistry utility tunnel. Staff discovered the fire at nearly eleven a.m. and called city fire crews to the scene. Police quickly blocked off Michigan Street. Students, faculty, staff, and patients in the school's clinic all rushed out of the building. Staff directed... Read More
March 31, 1993. On this day, Craig Dean and Patrick Gill, a gay couple, spoke in Lecture Hall. The two men had requested the right to marry in Washington, D.C., and had been refused. They filed a discrimination lawsuit against the District of Columbia in 1990. In 1993 they were on a national speaking tour. The School of Liberal Arts Student Council and... Read More
March 30, 1978. On this day, the Childhood in American Life conference commenced at the Stouffer's Hotel in Indianapolis. The three-day conference, held during the International Year of the Child, was a major gathering of scholars across many disciplines to examine the lives of children in the United States through history and ways to ameliorate... Read More
March 29, 1971. On this day, Onomatopoeia, the student newspaper of the "westside campus" of IUPUI, reported that the Indiana General Assembly had voted to create a Commission for Higher Education, a state agency to oversee Indiana's institutions of higher education. The CHE, dubbed the "weak board of regents," would have the power only to review... Read More
March 28, 1994. On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, reported that IUPUI assistant athletic director and men's basketball coach Robert L. Lovell had resigned. He would step down from both positions on June 30.As the coach of the men's basketball team, Lovell had brought success and winning seasons. After taking over the helm in the... Read More
This week's photo shows IUPUI mascots Jinx (left) and Jawz (right) flanking IUPUI basketball standout George Hill in 2006.We've said it before, we'll say it again: IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has many IUPUI sports photos. A fraction of them can be found online in our IUPUI Image Collection. Please contact us at speccoll@iupui.edu for help finding... Read More
March 27, 1982. On this day, IUPUI students, including the IUPUI Progressive Student Union, joined 25,000 others in a march in Washington, D.C., to protest the United States' intervention in a civil war in the Central American country of El Salvador. Protesters from around the country chanted as they marched: "Hey, hey, Uncle Sam, We remember Vietnam... Read More