IUPUI Photo of the Week June 9-15

IUPUI Photo of the Week, June 9-15. 

This week's photo shows the first IUPUI commencement ceremony, held in the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum on June 9, 1970. As we note in our On This Day in IUPUI History blog post for June 9, some students were dismayed that graduation would occur in the coliseum, which they associated with horse and cattle shows. They were also upset that the ceremony would occur so long after classes ended. Chancellor Maynard K. Hine wrote to students to explain that the date and place were the only ones that worked, and that the expected crowd to witness over 1500 graduates required a large facility. Moreover, it needed to be indoors to avoid spring showers.  In subsequent years, IUPUI commencement ceremonies took place in other large venues. Indeed, the photo shows a very large attendance was on hand for the occasion.

Commencement in the Coliseum, 1970 UA24-002413 

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