On This Day,in IUPUI History: May 22, 1970

May 22, 1970. 

On this day, The Component, the student newspaper of IUPUI's 38th Street Campus, reported that the 1970 edition of Circle, the IUPUI yearbook, won top honors from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association's yearbook judging contest. The IUPUI yearbook won in two categories: cover design and academic coverage. The Circle for 1970 featured a clean, spare look with much white space, black-and-white photography, and minimal text. 

The first Circle, volume 1, of 1969, covered only Indiana University-Indianapolis schools. The second volume was the first edition to encompass the 38th Street Campus of IUPUI as well, and be jointly produced by Downtown and 38th Street Campus students.

Perhaps because of the disconnected nature of the IUPUI environment for many years, with campuses scattered all over Indianapolis, students produced few editions of the yearbook. After the 1969 and 1970 volumes, more appeared in only 1979, 1991, and 1992. 

Award-winning Circle 1970 cover

IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has copies of the five IUPUI yearbooks published through the years. Contact speccoll@iupui.edu to see them.

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