On This Day in IUPUI History: May 13, 1984

May 13, 1984. 

On this day, IUPUI held its fifteenth commencement ceremony. For the first time, after holding commencements in various venues, university leaders held the event in the Hoosier Dome, the large enclosed football stadium in downtown Indianapolis. IUPUI continued to use the Hoosier Dome for several years thereafter. The presidents of Purdue University and Indiana University were on hand to confer about 3,500 degrees. Musicians of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra filled the enclosure with dulcet tones. 

Among recipients of honorary degrees that day was Dr. Joseph T. Taylor, former founding dean of IUPUI's School of Liberal Arts.

IUPUI schools held school-level exercises in conjunction with the larger ceremony. Pictured below is the School of Liberal Arts's graduation event, with Dean William M. Plater speaking to graduates.

Dean Bill Plater speaking to Liberal Arts graduates, 1984 UA24-6894s

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