On This Day in IUPUI History: May 11, 1986

May 11, 1986. 

On this day, IUPUI held its commencement ceremony in the Hoosier Dome. Among the more than 3,500 graduates was Denzel Stahl, 80, who fulfilled a sixty-year wish to receive a university degree, a B.A. in English. A high-school graduate from 1926, Stahl found that life intervened in her plans for higher education. But she persisted. She took eight years to complete the B.A., receiving which was "something I always wanted to do," according to the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper. 

In its fifty years (1969-2019) of service, IUPUI has graduated hundreds of thousands of students whose dreams were to become physicians, academics, dentists, public servants, and entrepreneurs. In educating a wide swath of our community, IUPUI has helped mold the city, the state, and the world.

Sagamore front page May 27, 1986

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