On This Day in IUPUI History: March 25, 1971

March 25, 1971. 

On this day, campus administration announced that construction would soon commence on additions to the Indiana University Hospital, which opened a year before. The $22 million building project would add clinical, laboratory, and educational spaces to the 233-bed hospital, and complete portions of the original building left undone the previous year. The six-story addition would attach to the north side of University Hospital to afford space for central hospital services not included in the initial structure, as well as provide spaces for teaching students.

The building program was part of a long-range plan to replace Long and Coleman Hospitals, which would be converted to outpatient clinics, labs, and classrooms. Funds for the new addition came from the Indiana General Assembly and a large federal grant.

University hospital was one of several hospitals in the IU Medical Center. Others included Marion County General (later renamed Wishard Memorial) Hospital, the Veterans Administration Hospital, Riley Hospital for Children, and LaRue D. Carter state mental hospital.

University Hospital, 1974 UA24-004486

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