On This Day in IUPUI History: March 24, 1994

March 24, 1994. 

On this day, "Dino Fest," a three-day conference of leading paleontologists, commenced on the IUPUI campus. The event was sponsored by the Department of Geology (now called Earth Sciences) in the School of Science.

Many prominent dinosaur researchers attended and presented at the conference, which was also broadcast live across North America. Debate was  lively and spirited enough among those present that a reporter for the Sagamore, the student newspaper, bothered to comment on some of the papers presented. The paper that got the biggest rise from the student journalist was titled, "Tyrannosaurus Sex," by Peter Larson, who spoke on the difficulties on identifying the sex of fossilized dinosaurs. 

Paleontology got a tremendous boost among young scientists from the Jurassic Park film series, which began in 1993. Many young researchers entered the field after the films appeared. The IUPUI reporter shared their curiosity.

Prof. Arthur Mirsky and students excavating mastodon skeletons, 1977 UA24-002440 

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