On This Day in IUPUI History: March 23, 1985

March 23, 1985. 

On this day, the Art Fleming-Circle City Invitational College Bowl tournament commenced in the Union Building on the IUPUI campus. The two-day competition featured teams from seventeen colleges and universities to compete against each other to answer questions testing their knowledge of history, arts, current events, math and science. A hint to all you nerds reading this: Art Fleming was the long-time announcer of the College Bowl program on radio and television. The College Bowl competition ended in 2008.

Indianapolis residents may be familiar with the similar "Brain Game" competition for high-school teams that aired on television since the 1970s. The writer of this blog competed for his high school for two years.

Currently the IUPUI Honors College sponsors an annual "Academic Bowl" competition. Teams from around IUPUI (and sometimes other IU campuses) compete for prizes and the prestige of winning. Students often compete dressed up in clever costumes to heighten the festive mood. 

Records do not show who prevailed in the 1985 intercollegiate tournament hosted by IUPUI. Archives would appreciate any information on the subject from knowledgeable readers of this blog.

Competitors in IUPUI Honors College Academic Bowl, 2018

Competitive nerdiness reaches back into the mists of yesteryear at IUPUI. To learn more about student life at IUPUI in the past, please consult records in IUPUI Special Collections and Archives. Contact us at speccoll@iupui.edu.




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