On This Day in IUPUI History: March 18, 1984

March 18, 1984. 

On this day, the Green Sheet, the IUPUI campus newsletter published weekly by the News Bureau, announced that the bureau was starting a computerized "Experts List." Like other major research institutions, the brains of IUPUI faculty and staff contained "tremendous reservoirs of information on about every subject," expertise that the news media--local, regional, and national--wished to tap for their reporting.

The announcement came from Gretchen Wolfram, director of the News Bureau, who thanked campus experts who had cooperated with her staff to connect them with reporters who wanted comments and background on a wide range of topics. Their willingness to talk with media outlets "has played an enormous role in 'putting a face' on this campus" and make it "even more of a household word."

Indeed, IUPUI faculty and staff have expertise in many, many areas, from leading-edge research in genomics to philanthropy to constitutional jurisprudence to historical analysis. Media writers tap IUPUI expertise daily for commentary on the latest world events. Today, IU Communications fields inquiries from world-wide news outlets for expert commentary from campus personnel. 

Press conference at School of Medicine, Prof. Brian Vargus at right, 1986 986-2626-003

IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has extensive records of the campus News Bureau. To study its activities, please contact us at speccoll@iupui.edu.

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