On This Day in IUPUI History: March 14, 1977

March 14, 1977. 

On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, ran an editorial titled, "Purdue Un. Ind. Un. Bloomington. Lafayette. IUPUI." In the column, the editorial writer announced a naming-convention change for the newspaper for identifying entities at IUPUI. "Our policy will be to treat any student, structure, school, division, department, administrator, faculty and who- or whatever else as one--IUPUI. You will not find the Purdue University School of or the Indiana University School of mentioned in our copy any longer. You will find this to be IUPUI."

The policy change--and the editorial--were borne of frustration about the variety of names of IUPUI schools and the seeming lack of common identity among students, faculty, and staff in the university. The School of Engineering and Technology and the School of Science had Purdue University affixed to their names, not IUPUI, complained the writer. "But then it would be slightly redundant to say the Purdue University School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis." The School of Nursing had been called the "IUPUI School of Nursing," but was now the IU School of Nursing. 

The author went on to complain that the 1974 reorganization of Indiana University making IUPUI and Indiana University-Bloomington coequal "core campuses" "was supposed to put IUPUI on an even keel with the Bloomington campus. We are still waiting." The reorganization had given the Schools of Business and Education and SPEA Bloomington-based deans. IUPUI was still being referred to as a regional campus and being treated as one. But the author refrained from calling for independence. "Through great restraint on our part and deep and abiding promise to the Humane Society to stop beating dead horses, there has not been one article on autonomy--usually an annual event in the Sagamore." 

In the 1970s, when student activism at IUPUI and other universities peaked and campus newspapers took their journalistic responsibilities very seriously, Sagamore writers frequently took IU leaders to task for inequities and perceived slights of the campus. This editorial was typical of a jaundiced attitude toward the relationship to Bloomington. 

Sagamore editorial, March 14, 1977

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