On This Day in IUPUI History: March 13, 1975

March 13, 1975. 

On this day, the former President of Peru, Dr. Fernando Belaunde Terry, spoke in the IUPUI Lecture Hall, sponsored by the Spanish Department and the IUPUI Lectures and Convocations Committee.

President Belaunde spoke during IUPUI's International Fortnight, a series of campus events highlighting speakers and cultures from around the world. A practicing architect and author, Belaunde founded the Popular Action Party in his country and became president in 1963. Deposed in 1968 by a military coup, he went into exile during which he taught architecture at various universities in the United States, including Harvard and Johns Hopkins. He returned to Peru in 1980, when military leaders permitted the restoration of constitutional rule. He won reelection as president and served another five years.

Lecture Hall, nd UA24-003945

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