On This Day in IUPUI History: July 1, 1971

July 1, 1971

The merger in January 1969 of IU and Purdue operations in Indianapolis did not happen overnight. Nor was the blending of two different university bureaucracies easy. IUPUI’s first chancellor, Maynard K. Hine, and many university administrators toiled diligently to bring together the academic and office functions of the two universities. Months, even years, after the official merger, IU and Purdue administrations remained separate while leaders met, planned, reorganized, and bargained. Two years after the merger, Hine could report that while “the general plan for a merger may appear cumbersome,” IUPUI “works with a minimum of friction.”

Chancellor Maynard K. Hine in 1971

One important element was completed on July 1, 1971,when IU “assumed over-all responsibility for management of IUPUI.” Hine placed all administrative functions under business manager Arthur D. Lautzenheiser.

Arthur D. Lautzenheiser in 1977

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