On This Day in IUPUI History: January 23, 1984

January 23, 1984.

On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, reported that, per usual, State Senator Lawrence Borst had introduced a bill in the Indiana Senate to create an independent state university in Indianapolis. He authored another bill to name the independent state university the University of Indianapolis. As well, he proferred another bill removing the power to set tuition rates from the boards of trustees of Indiana University and Purdue University and vesting it with the General Assembly. 

One of the original supporters in 1968 of Mayor Richard Lugar's call to create an independent state university in Indianapolis from the city campuses of IU and Purdue, Borst perennially introduced bills to that end long after other original supporters had given up or were satisfied with the creation of IUPUI through merger. He served in the State Senate until 2005. He died in 2016.

Twenty five years after the creation of IUPUI, some were still not satisfied that Indianapolis was well served by IU and Purdue.

State Senate Chamber, Indiana State House, 1993 293-5084-001

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