On This Day in IUPUI History: February 15, 1985

February 15, 1985. 

On this day, the Progressive Student Union of IUPUI held a dance to assist hunger relief in famine-stricken Ethiopia. The dance was held in an off-campus hall. The organization sold tickets for the event, proceeds of which were to be donated to organizations experienced in hunger-relief efforts. Many groups and individuals pitched in for the fund-raising effort. Student artists from the Herron School of Art produced posters, tickets were printed for free, and bands played gratis. The organizers asked for five dollars per couple but said they would accept any donation. Tickets could be purchased around campus, including in the bookstore in Cavanaugh Hall and at Herron's 16th Street location.

George Dunn, president of PSU, selling tickets for famine-relief dance, 1985 UA24-007453

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