On This Day in IUPUI History: February 12, 1988

February 12, 1988. 

On this day, well-known social theorist and activist Jeremy Rifkin gave a lecture titled "Rethinking Your Worldview" in the Krannert Building on IUPUI's 38th Street Campus. The School of Science Student Council sponsored Rifkin's appearance. According to a report in The Sagamore, the student newspaper of IUPUI, he disdained the repetition of established shibboleths. Calling on students to raise their hi-liter pens in the air, he said, "We all think we're dumb memory regurgitation machines." He encouraged the audience to bring forward their original ideas and let them wrestle with older ideas. Recalling his college days when for the first time he had an original thought of his own, he likened it to his first orgasm: "It was big, but no one prepared me for it."

Rifkin ended his talk to students by encouraging them to act in behalf of the future: "Don't you want your children to say 'thank you, mother and father,' for healing the gaping wounds we have inflicted on this planet?"

Sagamore Feb 15, 1988

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