On This Day in IUPUI History: August 4, 1978

August 4, 1978

On this day, the Indiana University Board of Trustees approved a request to plan for the construction of 40 modular housing units on the IUPUI campus. Funds for the construction came from a gift of $1 million from an anonymous donor. In the following year, the campus erected apartment buildings on Limestone Street. Today the buildings are designated Graduate Townhouse Apartments.

Aerial view of townhouses 1984  784-1977-151

Housing for students at IUPUI has long been in demand. One hundred years ago, the university housed women nursing students in "cottages" in nearby neighborhoods and conveyed them back and forth to Long Hospital. Gradually, the IU Medical Center developed housing primarily for women students, nurses, and other staff. Makeshift housing using quonset huts left over from World War Two known as Winona Village served married students for many years. Warthin Apartments was a more permanent solution. Administrators razed both developments.

Winona Village housed married students, ca. 1970s UA24-005124s

Starting out as a commuter campus, as IUPUI undergraduate programs developed students called for on-campus housing options. A major step forward was the complex of apartment buildings near the White River opened in the early 2000s. The conversion of the University Place Hotel to dorms called The Tower added more capacity, followed by construction of North Hall. Still, many students reside in rented apartments near campus or commute.

For more information on the history of housing at IUPUI, please contact IUPUI Special Collections and Archives speccoll@iupui.edu.


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