On This Day in IUPUI History: August 3, 1971

August 3, 1971

The Citizens for Progress Committee (CPC), an Indianapolis organization supporting educational and economic development in the city's African-American neighborhoods, presented a $250 grant to the Louis B. Russell Fellowship Fund for minority students at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

The CPC was an organization of African-American business and civic leaders formed in 1968 to address issues in the city's African-American community. The group raised funds to donate to important charitable and educational efforts in the city. An article in the Indianapolis Recorder from March 4, 1972, quoted a spokesman: "It was formed simply because members wanted to do something to help solve their own problems."

In the late 1960s, African-American class enrollments in the IU School of Medicine typically numbered in the single digits. In the decade of classes from 1960-1961 to 1970-1971, only twenty-six African Americans graduated from the school. Students-both white and black-pressed school administration to admit more women and minorities. The school responded slowly to student pressure and federal-grant requirements that it show efforts to increase enrollments of minorities.

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