On This Day in IUPUI History: April 5, 1978

April 5, 1978. 

On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, published the full text of the proposed Student Assembly Constitution across two pages of the newspaper. The Student Association, the student government organization at the time, paid for its appearance, which followed a long string of articles, candidate profiles, and other information for the edification of student voters. 

The appearance of the draft constitution coincided with student-government elections going on that week. The editors of the Sagamore pleaded with students to vote, reminding readers what the issues were. Less than one percent of IUPUI students had voted so far, they noted, well below expectations and hopes. Indeed, IUPUI chancellor Dr. Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., wrote a letter published in the newspaper urging students to vote. Campus leadership takes student government seriously, he wrote. "The Administration looks to Student Government for the views of students on many issues that present themselves during the course of each year. Without a representative organization, it becomes difficult to know the feelings of students."  

Sagamore editors pointed out that either students selected their own representatives "or (horrors!) an administration-appointed group of puppets whose actions would benefit someone other than those of us" would be installed. At stake was the allocation of over $65,000 of student-activities funds. "Do yourself a favor," wrote the editors. "Don't abandon your money and your future at IUPUI to a group of people you didn't have a voice in electing."

The newspaper later reported 2.9 percent voter turnout that saw the Association for a Better Campus (ABC) slate of candidates sweep the field. This figure was an improvement over the previous year, but short of the six-percent national average at other universities.

Student Senate meeting, 1970 UA24-005108

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