On This Day in IUPUI History: April 3, 1989

April 3, 1989. 

On this day, the Sagamore, the student newspaper of IUPUI, published a profile of Department of History professor Bernard Friedman, who was soon to retire after 28 years of teaching on the Indianapolis campus. Friedman looked back on his 1961 arrival to teach at the Indiana University-Indianapolis extension, which was housed on north Delaware Street in the downtown:

"Laughing about the condition of the campus when he first arrived, Friedman recalled entering the old downtown campus building (the site of the new Federal Building) and mistaking the passenger elevator for the freight elevator.

"'The downtown campus was an old office building and it was a pretty miserable sight,' said Friedman. We went into this elevator, it was this old-fashioned cage elevator that was hand-operated, and I looked at the operator and said "Is this the freight elevator?" I think that was fairly indicative of the whole building and what the conditions were like.'

"Twenty-eight years later, Friedman still feels that the university's facilities are inadequate for the students and faculty that it serves, citing a lack of a major library and office and classroom space...."

Nevertheless, despite a larger library collection and the lack of a student center (the University Library opened in 1993 and the Campus Center only in 2007) Friedman believed that IUPUI had evolved greatly during his tenure and had great possibilities for the future. "It would be very unhealthy for us if we ever stopped thinking that it's possible for us to continue to grow and become a better university," he said. 

Downtown campus buildings, ca 1970 UA24-006859

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