On This Day in IUPUI History: April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012. 

On this day, IUPUI leaders announced that the University Place Conference Center and Hotel would close and the buildings transformed into student housing, a dining facility, and classrooms.

The hotel and conference center had been developed on Michigan Street in the 1980s to help meet the needs of the IUPUI and IU Medical Center campuses. Groups organized many conferences, symposia, and other meetings at the center, and many guests stayed in the hotel. Perhaps the most celebrated guests in the hotel were the New England Patriots National Football League team, who resided there during their appearance in the Super Bowl played in the city in 2012.

While useful, the hotel had lost money in recent years, even after the university had invested millions of dollars in renovations. At the same time, university leaders were working on accommodating growing student demand for on-campus housing. The decision to convert the hotel rooms into dorm rooms allowed for 560 students to live on campus. In making the move, Chancellor Charles R. Bantz noted that "new uses of the facility have been identified that will better support critical campus needs and our goals of quality learning environments, student retention, and graduation."

Work on the conversion to dorm and student dining facilities and classrooms commenced in December 2012. Students moved into newly converted room before the fall semester of 2013.

Hotel and conference center under construction, 1986 986-2601-036

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