On This Day in IUPUI History: April 21, 1989

April 21, 1989. 

On this day, IUPUI held the first Chancellor's Honors Convocation. IUPUI had previously honored faculty and students for their distinguished academic achievements, but often in separate ceremonies in schools or for faculty alone. But in Chancellor Gerald L. Bepko's prepared remarks for the event, he explicitly noted that "Today we begin a new tradition." He stressed a theme of unity and fostering relationships between disciplines. The convocation was a "symbol of campus unity...to celebrate the most important achievements of our IUPUI family." He added that it was fitting to do so twenty years after the merger of the Indianapolis campuses of Indiana University and Purdue University to create IUPUI.

The event recognized the efforts of faculty, students, and academic counselors. Later, in 2001, Bepko created the Chancellor's Employee Recognition Convocation to honor all staff, as well as faculty and students, whose work merited distinction (see our blog post of November 6).

Faculty procession at Honors Convocation, 1990 490-3944-038 

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