On This Day in IUPUI History: April 20, 1977

April 20, 1977. 

On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, published its second of two issues for the week. The number contained many articles and features relating useful information and news to the newspaper's readers. No one article or event is of particular note, but a brief examination of the twenty-page issue provides a general snapshot of the campus, its students and faculty, and their concerns.

The front cover featured photos of the recently completed first Circle City Circuit (see our OTD blog post for April 16) and directed readers to a multi-page photo spread and story celebrating the event. An editorial praised the event and voiced hope that IUPUI students could sustain similar unifying efforts in the future. Another editorial by editor-in-chief Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp chided the Indianapolis News for misidentifying IUPUI as Indiana University's "Indianapolis campus." "Please call us what we are," was her plea. (As many of our blog readers know, the Sagamore editor graduated to a long and distinguished journalism career at the Indianapolis Star, the sister paper of the News.) Issues of campus unity and identity occupied student minds.

Staying on the editorial page, we found a letter written by Geology Professor Arthur Mirsky complaining of hearing IUPUI administrators' resignation that the campus was merely a stepping stone for young faculty to move to more prestigious posts in other universities. He called on IUPUI leaders to fight to retain talented faculty by providing better labs and facilities to assist their research. Mirsky's letter was evidence that everyone on campus read the Sagamore.

Elsewhere in the issue, we learned that the Sagamore won the 1977 Newsmagazine of the Year award from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association, along with 28 other awards. IUPUI students had talent.

Still more news about a recent meeting of the University Faculty Council, speakers at the Afro-American Conference sponsored by the Black Student Union, new course offerings in the School of Dentistry, the exploits of the IUPUI softball team, and more filled the pages. IUPUI was a busy place.

The IUPUI student newspaper was an important forum for campus discussion and the chief vehicle for sharing information to all corners of the university. It is missed.

Sagamore staff, April 1977

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