On This Day in IUPUI History: April 2, 1971

April 2, 1971. 

On this day, The Component, the student newspaper published on IUPUI's 38th Street Campus, ran a letter by an IUPUI student critical of the decision to employ the Indiana University class registration system, which students deemed inferior to the automated system used by Purdue University and familiar to the 38th Street Campus students. "It must be considered stupidity to change from the highly computerized and efficient Purdue registration system to the cumbersome and time-consuming Indiana system."

The use of the IU registration system was part of the overall takeover of all campus functions agreed to in the 1969 merger, which takeover was to occur July 1, 1971. Indeed, students who took classes on IUPUI's downtown campuses were familiar with the faults of the IU system and lamented the change. The Component editors featured the problem in a headline story, "Registration Method to Change Here." Students accustomed to the computerized system would be subject to IU's "manual" operation employed elsewhere in IUPUI. Adding insult to injury, students who took classes at the 38th Street Campus would be forced to travel down to the "westside" campus to register.

Registration time entailed long waits and many hassles. Students who had work and family responsibilities had to endure long lines that snaked in and around IUPUI buildings until, years later, IU developed a computerized registration system. 

Component April 2 1971

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