On This Day in IUPUI History: April 13, 1976

April 13, 1976. 

On this day, Mayor William H. Hudnut III spoke to the IUPUI University Faculty Club on the topic, "IUPUI and Indianapolis: How We Can Help Each Other." The speech was held at the Faculty Club luncheon in the Roof Lounge in the Union Building. 

Unfortunately, Archives has neither the text of Hudnut's speech nor a second-hand account. We can speculate from the title that the Indianapolis mayor wished to further the theme taken by his predecessor, Mayor Richard G. Lugar, who had spoken to IUPUI faculty on previous occasions to express the need for the university to be the educator of the whole community. University expertise was needed to address problems of social justice as well as to become drivers of economic development through their inventions and discoveries, Lugar had said. 

During his four terms (1976-1992) as Indianapolis mayor, Hudnut worked closely with IUPUI leaders on a variety of fronts, from promoting the city as the amateur sports capital to the development of the IU Medical Center. On this occasion still early in his first term, what did Hudnut say in his speech? What message of cooperation and collaboration did he convey to IUPUI faculty? If anyone reading this blog entry was there and remembers, please contact the Archives.

Indianapolis mayor William H. Hudnut III, nd UA24-006932

IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has many records documenting communications and cooperation between IUPUI leadership and Mayor William H. Hudnut. Please contact staff at speccoll@iupui.edu for details.

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