Goals and Objective Committee Records, 1966-1985

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IUPUI Chancellor Maynard Hine created and commissioned the ad hoc "GO Committee" to develop long-range plans for IUPUI. Chaired by School of Law Professor James P. White, the GO Committee met frequently over several years and formulated influential plans for the growth and development of the IUPUI campus, including important reports in 1971 and 1973.

Records include minutes, correspondence, reports, publications, and other materials.


Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction. Copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.


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IUPUI (Campus). Goals and Objectives Committee.
IUPUI (Campus) - Administration.
IUPUI(Campus) - Planning.
Universities and colleges - Indiana - Planning.


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


A Special Indiana University Trustees Report on IUPUI and the Regional Campuses, 19711
Higher Education Planning for Maine, First Operational Report from the Higher Education Planning Commission, 1972 
Growth and Change 
 Report of the University Study Committee,1966 
 Report of the Sub-Committee on Physical Plant, Volume II 
 Report of the Sub-Committee on Teaching, Volume III, 1966 
Academic Goals and Considerations for Cleveland State University, 1970 
The Journal of Higher Education, Number 1 & 4, 1972 
Social Issues and Protest Activity: Recent Student Trends, 1970 
Planning Guide for Fiscal Years 1974 – 1981, University of Washington, 1973 
Health Careers In Connecticut, Education and Training Programs, 1974 
Report of the President’s Committee on the Future University of Massachusetts, 1971 
IUPUI Faculty Handbook, 1975 – 1979 
American Association of University Professors Bulletin, 1967 
The Purpose of the University, 1970 
Financing Higher Education, College and University Planning, Research Reports, ERIC/Higher Education, 1971 
Chancellor’s Report, 15 Years, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 1971 
An Indiana Pattern for Higher Education, Report of the State Policy Commission on Post High School Education, 1968 
Midtown Neighborhood UPP 750, 1972 
Institutional Priorities & Management Objectives, 1971 
From Tradition to Today, IUPUI 
Mission Statements, Indiana University, 1972 
The Indiana Plan for Postsecondary Education: Phase One, 1972 
 The Current Status, Volume I 
 A Pattern for the Future, Volume II 
A Preliminary Design For A Community Education Facility, 1973 
Master Plan 1974 – 1984, IUPUI, 1974 
Comprehensive Continuing Planning Program for the Indianapolis-Marion County Metropolitan Area, 1970 
Directions for the Future, 1972 
The Graduates, A Report on the Characteristics and Plans of College Seniors, 1973 
Basic Institutional Data, IUPUI, 1972 
University Advisory Committee on Planning, A Planning Outline for the University of Washington, 1972 
Institutional Goals Inventory 
Univer-City, IUPUI 
Indianapolis in 2000, 1974 
Academic Advising in University Division, IUPUI 
Campuses in Transition: Mission Statement Development, 19722
Annual Report, IU Alumni Association, 1973 
Long Range Plan Expenditures, 1973 
Report of the Dearborn Campus Planning Study Committee, University of Michigan, 1969 
Master Plan for Development 1976 - 1986, IUPUI, 1976 
Report, Self Survey Committee to the Board of Trustees of Indiana University, 1939 
 Part I 
 Part II 
Self Study, IUPUI, 1972 
 IUPUI Go Retreat 
 IUPUI Goals & Objectives 
 #4 & 7 
Budget Materials, 19733
Dr James White – Committee Chairman Memos & Reports, 1971 – 1975 
Goals and Objectives General Correspondence & Miscellaneous, 1972 
Projected Building Needs, 1973 
Deans Meeting Agenda, Minutes, Miscellaneous, 1972 
Report Outline, 1972 
Retreat Proposal, 1974 
Committee Meetings, 1974 
Task Force on University Organization, 1974 
University of Louisville, 1971 – 1973 
Proposed Operational Decision Making Process 
Feasibility Study Report of Student Government 
Evaluation of the Presidency, 1973 
Interviews with Various Administrators of IU & IUPUI, 1973 – 1974 
September Meeting Draft & Minutes, 1973 
GO Committee Priorities List, 1974 
Master Planning Meeting, 1973 
GO Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1972 – 1973 
Response to Recommendation 30, 1973 
Campus Planning, 1972 
Student Meeting Rough Draft Minutes, 1972 
Interview Rough Draft Notes 
Go Documents, 1971 – 1974 
Physical Facilities Description, 19714
Keenan Report on Governance, 1973 
Correspondence to Dean’s, 1972 
Capital Budget Requests, 1971 – 1972 
IUPUI Self-Study, 1972 
Association of American College, Project on the Status and Education of Women, 1971 
Admission Requirements, 1971 
Future Employment Opportunities and Education Requirement, 1972 
Higher Education in Indiana with Special Reference to IU, Long Range Plan Vol I – III, 1974 
Various Newsletter/Journals, 1972 – 1975 
Report to the Commission of Higher Education 
Long Range Planning Committee 
Information on Various Urban Colleges/Universities, 1970 – 1972 
Affirmative Action Plan 
Vice President Office, Glenn W Irwin, Jr. M.D., 1975 – 1980 
Background Information on IUPUI 
Defining the Goals of an Emerging State University Proposed, 1966 – 1969 
Report on Higher Education Facilities, 1970 
Midtown Neighborhood – Division of Planning & Zoning, 1972 
Chancellor Maynard K. Hine Correspondence, 1972 – 1974 
Student Rights and Responsibilities, 1978 
Commission for Higher Education for the State of Indiana 
Defining the Goals of an Emerging State University 
Indiana University News Bureau – News Release, 1966 
IUPUI Mission – General Comments 
Statistical History of Business Administration 
Magazines Pertaining to Colleges/Universities, 1967 – 1976 
Salary Review Committee, 1971 
Goals and Proposed Objectives, 1972 
American Council on Education – 53rd Annual Meeting, 1970 
Governance of Multicampus Universities in Three Regions of Indiana: A Problem in Political Science, 1973 
Midtown Plan, 1972 
Urban Legal Problems Paper for Professor White – Funding the City: The Impossible Dream that may come true, 1972 
Dr York Wilbern – Task Force on University Organization at IU, 1974 
Report to the Chancellor, 1973 
Computer Services, 1974 
Report of the Higher Education Study Committee 
Biennial Budget Capital Requests, 1973 – 1977 
University Enrollments, 1975 
University Division Memos – Projected Services to Handicapped Students at IUPUI, 1974 
Professor White’s Earnings Information (Restricted?), 1974 
IU – Your University, 1974 
Spectator, 1968 
Miscellaneous School Newspaper Articles, 1973 
Patrick J. McGeever – Memos, 1972 
Chancellor Maynard K. Hine Correspondence, 1971 – 1972 
Appendix A – IUPUI Ten Year Plan for Capital Construction and Rehabilitation, 1973 
Administrative Organization Section of Report 
Letter of Recommendation on James P. White, 1973 
Draft of News Release, 1973 
IUPUI University Division – Role of University Division at IUPU 
Dr Paul Nagg’s Faculty Council Retreat Notes, 1973 
IUPUI – Green Sheet Newsletter, 1974 
Constitution Committee – Meeting Minutes, 1972 – 1975 
Council of Dean’s Meeting Minutes & Agenda, 1973 – 1975 
Constitution Committee Newspaper Articles, 1972 
Progress Report – Bradford Woods Master Plan Implementation, 1973 
Council of Deans Correspondence, 1971 – 1974 
Constitution Committee Correspondence, 1971 – 1973 
GO Table of Contents for Documents, 1972 
Code of Student Rights, 1971 
Commission for Higher Education – Report on Commission’s Deficiencies 
University of North Dakota, 1973 
GO Committee Letters, 1971 – 19725
Constitution Committee – Proposed Constitution, 1971 – 1972 
Newspaper Articles, 1972 – 1976 
IUPUI Report to Commission for Higher Education, 1971 
IU Budget, 1973 
Goals & Objectives Committee Meeting Draft Minutes, 1972 – 1974 
Operating Budget for IUPUI, 1972 – 1976 
Science – Humanities Advisory Committee, 1971 – 1972 
President’s Commission on White House Fellows 
Constitution Committee, Faculty Recruitment and Employment 
The Joint Committee for IUPUI Campus Development – Drafts, 1973 
Ad Hoc Committee on Energy Conservation and Economic Awareness, 1973 
Committee Recommendations of University Admissions and Politics 
GO Letters, 1972 – 1973 
Chancellor’s Advising Board, 1973 
Honors Programs: An Integral Part of the Indiana University State-Wide System 
Campus Plot Plan Map 
Management Information System Development Project, 1972 
IU President John W. Ryan’s Memos, Articles and Notes, 1971 
Various Documents on IUPUI Development Goals and Campus History 
GO Committee Notes – Rough Drafts, 1973 
IUPUI Publications, 1971 – 1973 
Miscellaneous Report Sections, 1972 – 1973 
Outside Questionnaire, 1971 
University Division 
State of the Campus Address, 1971 
Pattern for Long Range Plans for Commission Study 
GO Agendas, 1972 – 1974 
Executive Assistant Resumes, 1973 
Vice-Chancellor John C. Buhner Memos, 1972 – 1975 
Business Administration, 1973 
News Release Drafts 
GO Letters and Memos, 1973 – 1974 
Drafting Services Form, 1973 
GO Report Letter Distribution List and Correspondence, 1973 
Letter and Attached Interim Report Sent to Deans, 1972 
Fringe Benefit Committee, 1974 
Committee Letters, 1973 
IU Southwest Mission Statement, 1971 – 1972 
Dr. York Wilbern Files, 1972 – 19736
GO Committee Meeting Minutes, 1971 – 1974 
Ode to the Mission of College of Arts and Science 
GO Committee Circular Letters, 
Relationship between the City of Indianapolis and IUPUI Memorandum, 1972 
Letters to Superintendents, 1972 
Indiana University Student Foundation, 1970 – 1974 
Committee Recommendations 
Business Procedure Bulletin, 1967 
Invoice Vouchers, 1973 
Trustees Report on IUPUI and the Regional Campuses, 1971 
Committee Meeting Discussion Comments 
Dr. Glenn Irwin Chancellor Appointment 
House Bill No. 1084 for University of Southwestern Indiana, 1974 
Undergraduate Organization Proposal, 1972 
Self-Study Committee Report – Redrafts, 1971 
Resolution No. 8 Self-Study Committee Minutes, 1971 
Temporary Parking Permits, 1973 – 1974 
GO Committee Computer Printouts, 1974 
GO Committee Office Phone Numbers 
Box Lunches Request Form, 1972 – 1974 
Michigan State College of Urban Development 
Committee Responses, 1973 
Chancellor’s Expenses, 1973 – 1974 
GO Expenses, 1974 
IU Calendar for All Campuses, 1974 
Medical School Constitution, 1970 
Student Health Services, 1973 
GO Letters, 1972 
Illustration – Flow Chart for GO Committee 
University of Alabama at Birmingham Notes, 1972 
Indiana Daily Student, 1971 
The Chronicle of Higher Education Article, 1971 
Letters Sent to Presidents of Student Governments, 1972 
Change of GO Committee 
Black Student Union Demands Reply, 1971 – 1972 
Herron School of Art, 1973 – 1974 
Metropolitan Campus Ministry, 1972 
Oberlin College Preliminary Report, 1971 – 1972 
Letters and Agendas, 1972 – 1973 
University of Cincinnati Letters, 1971 – 1972 
Distribution List for Preliminary Report 
Budget Allocation Summary, 1973 
GO Letters, 1973 
Corrected Recommendations of Preliminary Report 
Urban IUPUI and the Future: A Report of the IUPUI Grads& Objectives Committee 
Unique IUPUI Booklet 
University of Alabama Campus Visit, 1972 
Student Services Building Report 
Economic Impact of IUPUI on Marion County Report, 1972 
Lunch Invoices, 1972 
Preliminary Report Letters & Recipients, 1973 
Correspondence on Preliminary Report, 1973 
Report on Goals and Status, 1972 
Reports of Committees for 1972 – 1973 
Draft for Goals Report, 1974 
Progress Report 
University Division 
IUPUI Interview Notes of Various Universities, 1975 
Division of International Programs – Annual Report, 1974 
IUPUI Campus Planning Steering Committee – Correspondence, 1974 
The State of IUPUI – An Address to the Faculty, 1972 
Faculty Council Retreat, 1973 
IUPUI Faculty Department Representative – Retreat Letters, 1972 
IUPUI Faculty Council Mailing List 
IUPUI Faculty Council Membership List, 1973 – 1974 
Administrative and Faculty Manual, 1974 – 1975 
Faculty Surveys Reports, 1974 – 1975 
Faculty Board of Review, 1970 
Faculty Constitution, 1971 
Indiana University Faculty Newsletter, 1973 – 1975 
Faculty Club, 1971 
Faculty Participation in Government, 1972 
Faculty Council Opinions, 1969 – 1971 
IUPUI Faculty List 
Downtown Faculty Workshop, 1972 
Responses to All Faculty Letters, 1973 – 1974 
Faculty Council Correspondence, 1974 
Guide for Preparation of Proposals – Alternatives in Higher Education 
Projected New Programs at IUPUI, 1974 
Cooperative Education Indiana University System Proposal, 1972 
Report to Chancellor’s Advisory Board, 1973 
Dr Arthur Norins Goals and Objectives Report Outline, 1972 
Trustees of IU, 1972 – 1973 
Student Leaders Name & Address, 1972 
Preliminary Report IUPUI Goals & Objectives Committee, 19737
Preliminary Report – Draft & Committee Recommendations, 1972 – 1974 
Recommendations and Compilation of Ballots from GO Committee Retreat, 1973 
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 1972 – 1973 
Miscellaneous Correspondence & Reports, 1972 – 1982 
Preliminary Report, 1973 
Faculty Council Meeting Minutes Drafts, 1972 
Faculty Committee on the Evaluation of the Presidency, 1971 – 1973 
President’s Advisory Committee, 1971 – 1972 
State Commission on Higher Education, 1972 
Committee Correspondence, 1971 – 1972 
Draft Minutes, 1972 – 1974 
Dave Metzker Draft Minutes 
Dr Lampkin Draft Minutes 
Metro Development Draft Minutes 
Chamber of Commerce Minutes 
American Association of University Professors Meeting Notes 
Student Leader Meetings 
Commission of Higher Education Hearings 
Senate Enrolled Concurrent Resolution No 8, 1971 
Professor White’s Agenda and Plan of Action 
IUPUI Nomenclature Documents, 1972 
Preliminary Enrollment Projections, 1972 
Report on Non-Academic Facility Construction, 1971 
IUPUI Goals, 1971 
Goals on Cooperation with other Universities, 1971 
Undergraduate and Graduate Surveys, 1971 
Faculty Retreat Instructions, 1973 
Budget, 1971 
“Where are we now? Why are we concerned? The Administration and the larger community”, by Emery N. Castle 
Goals of GO Committee, 1971 
Budget Charts, 1971 – 1972 
Development and Goals for Graduate Study 
Goals and Objectives of IUPUI, 1971 
Interim Faculty for Undergraduate Studies 
Goals of Sponsored Programs, 1971 
Letter From Student Senate, 1971 
Self Study Report for Division of Business, 1971 
Report to Commission For Higher Education, 1971 
Results of Student Surveys, 1971 
Goals Committee PERT Chart, 1971 
Communication to Chancellor Maynard K. Hine, 1972 
Preliminary 5 Year Plan, 1972 
Trustees Report, 1971 
State of the Campus Address, 1971 
Communication from DR. Maynard K. Hine to Professor James White, 1972 
Flow Chart for GO Committee 
Communication to James White from Dean Ralph E. McDonald, 1971 
Proposed Academic Programs and Structure of IUPUI, 1972 
Memo to Faculty Regarding Missions of GO Committee and NCA Executive Committee, 1972 
Future Expectation for Jobs of Graduates and University Funding, 1971 
Responsibilities of the Office of Institutional Planning and Program, 1972 
Communication from John Barlow to GO Committee, 1972 
Communication from Jack Hart to Professor James White, 1972 
Curriculum Reorganization, 1972 
Methodology for Arriving at Goals and Objectives, 1972 
Department of Metropolitan Development, Plan Revisions, 1972 
Draft Outline Preliminary Report, 1972 
Letter from Representative E. Henry Lamkin, Jr., 1972 
Preliminary Goals and Objectives for IUPUI, 1972 
Report of the Commission on Higher Education Hearing, 1972 
Article from The Indianapolis Star “Lack of Student Housing at IPI Discourages Investments in Area”, 1972 
Alternate Undergraduate Structure, 1972 
Statement by Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce of Commission for Higher Education, 1972 
Commission for Higher Education Public Policy Questions 
Community Services Program, 1972 
Interim Statement of Purpose 
Change of Goals and Objectives Committee 
GO Document Review 
Communication from E. Harris to Jim White, 1972 
Commission for Higher Education Hearing, 1972 
Academic Affairs Report, 1972 
Head Count Enrollment Projections, 1971 
Retreat Discussion Topics, 1972 
Herron Goals and Objectives, 1972 
Communication from Bill Spencer to Jim White, 1972 
Faculty Teaching – Learning Center Proposal 
Land-Lease Policy, 1971 – 1972 
Minority Students at IUPUI, 1972 
GO Committee Minutes Summary 
Summary of Higher Education Bill, 1972 
Robert I. Long Letter, 1972 
Residency Rule, 1972 
Faculty Club Survey, 1972 
Nomenclature, 1972 
University of Cincinnati Letter, 1972 
Communication from Dr Raymond R. Price, 1972 
Report of the Director of Graduate Programs of IUPUI NCA Visitation, 1972 
Graduate School of Social Service 
Green Sheet, 1973 
Safety Department, 1972 
Proposed Organization IUPUI Self Study, 1972 
Office of Sponsored Program Research and Advanced Studies, 1971 
Interim Statement of Purpose 
School of Dentistry 
Indianapolis Law School, 1972 
Department of Information Services 
Specifications for Proposal on Undergraduate Structure, 1972 
Columbus Center, 1972 
Ad Hoc Faculty Committee, 1972 
Sub-Groups for Review of Plans, 1972 
Preliminary Report Comments, 1973 
Preliminary Report IUPUI Goals and Objectives Committee, 1973 
Goals and Objectives (GO) Committee Records ( Professor James P. White) Chancellor Records8
 IUPUI Go Committee Documents Table of Contents, 4/18/1972 
 IUPUI Go Committee Documents 1-30 
 IUPUI Go Committee Documents 31-50 
 IUPUI Go Committee Documents 242-255 + 234 
 IUPUI Go Committee Documents 304-313 
 IUPUI Go Committee Miscellaneous Documents 
 Midtown Neighborhood Plan Proposal No. 2, 12/11/1972 
 Basic Institutional Data IUPUI, 12/1972 
 Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association – Insurance 
 Indianapolis Law School Faculty Minutes, 05/1967 – 04/1969 
 Indianapolis Law School Interdepartmental Communication, 1967-1969 
 Go Committee November 15th , 1973 Retreat Replies 
 Go Committee November 15th, 1973 Retreat 
 Go Committee November 15th, 1973 Retreat Proceedings 
 Preliminary Report – GO Committee IUPUI, 12/5/1972 
 Law School Library Committee 
 University of Cincinnati Registration Survey, 1971 
 IUPUI Long-Range Plan Draft 
 Curriculum Committee 
 Rural Apprenticeship, 11/1966 
 James P. White Correspondence, 1966 
 Preliminary GO Documents News Release, 1973 
 Report of the Model Task Force of IUPUI Mission Project, 9/3/1985 
 GO Committee – Preliminary Report, 12/5/1972 
 GO Committee – Circular Letters 
 Minutes of the GO Committee IUPUI, 1972 
 Chancellor’s Advisory Board Meetings/IUPUI Board of Advisors Meetings, 10/18/1973 – 09/11/1974 
 IUPUI Board of Advisors Meetings, 10/24/1974 – 03/07/1979 
 Midtown Neighborhood UPP 750, 03/1972 
 Regional Center Plan, Indianapolis Marion County Indiana, 01/1970 
 IUPUI Columbus Center Master Plan 74-84, 1974 
 Indiana University Trustees Report on IUPUI and Regional Campuses, 06/1971 
 Faculty Workload Analysis, 10/01/1974 
 Plan for Academic Development 4th Draft, 06/1974 
 IU East Master Plan for Development 1974-1984 
 Comments on Institutional Master Plan Guidelines, 9/26/1974 
 Preliminary Data Sheets IU Indianapolis, 08/13/1968 
 Growth and Change at IU, Vol. II – Report of the Sub-Committee on Physical Plant, 
 Special Indiana University Trustees Report on IUPUI and the Regional Campuses, Vol. III, Appendix J 
 IUPUI Master Plan, 1974-19849
 Research Grants, James P. White to Faculty 
 Indiana Plan for Postsecondary Education, Vol. II(revised), 05/14/1973 
 School of Nursing Progress Report, 02/1972 
 A Special IU Trustees Report on IUPUI and Regional Campuses, 06/1971 
 University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Phase 1, 12/28/1971 
 Indiana University Long-Range Plans, 1974-1984 
 Index Reference Materials IUPUI, 12/1972 
 James P. White Law School Documents 
 Herron School of Art Memorandum, 07/23/1974 
 New Programs Proposals, 1975-1977 
 University Reorganization 
 Task Force – University Organization 
 Gus Liebenow, 06/06/1974 
 IUPUI Miscellaneous 
 IUPUI Long-Range Plan Section IV, V, VII, 12/3/1973 
 Non-Traditional Degrees 
 IUPUI Honors Day Committee 
 Council of Deans, 1974 
 IUPUI Faculty Council, 1974 
 IUPUI Facts, 1973 
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