Indiana University. Indianapolis Downtown Campus Records, 1916-1976


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Indiana University started offering regular classes in Indianapolis in 1891.   An Extension Division was created in 1912 and began to offer a small number of courses for credit.  A gradual increase of class offerings and enrollments in Indianapolis occurred in the following decades.  The university occupied a variety of buildings in downtown Indianapolis over the years in what over time became known as the Downtown Campus (DTC).  Courses in liberal arts, social sciences, mathematics, and the natural sciences were offered by the Downtown Campus, whereas Indiana University's professional schools located in Indianapolis (i.e., the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Law, etc.) offered separate programs loosely connected to the other.  The creation of IUPUI in 1969 more closely fused the various separate entities of Indiana University in Indianapolis together.

Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, publications, and other materials.


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Presented by School of Liberal Arts, Joseph Taylor, Frank Nordby, Don Schultheis, and Gina Hill, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1975-1988.  A75-3, A75-14, A76-16, A79-3, A84-7, A84-15, A84-29, A88-38.

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The Indiana University academic presence in Indianapolis began in 1891 when Professor Jeremiah Jenks from IU-Bloomington taught an economics course in the city.  Other IU faculty members taught courses in other disciplines over the next few years. 

In 1912 IU established the Extension Division to oversee classes offered outside of Bloomington.  In 1916 the division opened a center in Indianapolis with Ray S. Trent as the officer-in-charge and Mary B. Orvis as his assistant.  During World War I Orvis, along with other Extension Division staffers, went to Washington, D. C. to work for the Committee on Public Information.  When Ray Trent resigned as the officer-in-charge of the Indianapolis Center in 1918, Robert E. Cavanaugh succeeded him.  In 1921 Cavanaugh became the director of the Extension Division, a position he would hold until 1946.  Mary Orvis returned to the Center as officer-in-charge with Gertrude Heberlein as her assistant. 

Orvis stepped down from her position in 1945 and was succeeded by Roy W. Feik.  In 1946 Robert Cavanaugh resigned as the director of the Extension Division.  Among the many changes made to the division at that time was the renaming of the division to Division of Adult Education and Public Services, the elevation of the head of the division to the rank of dean, and the change of title of the chief administrators of the extension centers from officer-in-charge to director.

In 1955 Feik resigned from the director's position in order to teach full-time at the Indianapolis Center.  Gertrude Heberlein served as acting director for a year, then Virgil Hunt, director of the Kokomo Center, became the director of the Indianapolis Center in 1956.  In 1966 Hunt left the position to become the registrar of the IU Medical Center.  Assistant Dean Joseph Taylor was acting dean until 1967, when he was named dean.  He held the position until a 1972 academic reorganization of IUPUI's undergraduate programs dissolved the Downtown Campus and created the Schools of Liberal Arts, Science, and Engineering and Technology.  Taylor became the first dean of the School of Liberal Arts.

During most of its 56 years of existence, the Downtown Campus offered primarily freshman- and sophomore-level classes.  A few upper-level classes were available in business; upper-level classes in other disciplines were primarily for teachers working on a graduate degree in education.  Classes were held in the afternoons and evenings; morning classes started in the 1960s when demand for classes exceeded what could be accommodated with afternoon and evening classes.  

During its first twelve years, the Indianapolis Center occupied several different quarters.  From 1916 to 1920, it was in rented space in the Merchants Bank Building at Washington and Meridian Streets.  During 1920-1921 it was in the former School of Medicine building at 102 North Senate Avenue.  From 1921 to 1928 it rented space at 319 North Pennsylvania Street.  In 1928 IU purchased the Bobbs-Merrill Building at 122 East Michigan Street to house the Indianapolis Center and the School of Social Work.  In 1948 the university acquired the Indiana Lumbermen's Insurance Company building at 518 North Delaware Street to provide additional space.  In 1963 the university began leasing the Carpenters Building at 222 East Michigan Street and in 1967 purchased the Marott Building at 902 North Meridian Street for use as classroom buildings.

Discussions about building new facilities for the Downtown Campus began in the 1950s.  Early proposals recommended erecting a new building along Pennsylvania Street, directly west of the existing campus buildings.  Later discussions included the options of new buildings near the IU Medical Center or in another part of the city.  The final decision was to build near the Medical Center.  The Downtown Campus moved into the new buildings on West Michigan Street opened in the spring of 1971, and its former buildings were torn down to make way for the Minton-Capehart Federal Building.


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School of Liberal Arts Records, 1949-2006, UA 002

Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension Records, 1941-1976, UA 060


The IU-Indianapolis Downtown Campus records document IU's undergraduate program in Indianapolis in the years prior to the creation of IUPUI.  Most of the records relate to the activities of Downtown Campus administrators and faculty, but various newspapers and newsletters provide information about student life.  The records are divided into six series:

Director/Dean Records, 1950-1974, consist of the records of the chief administrative officer of the Downtown Campus.  The position was known as officer-in-charge from 1916 to 1946, director from 1946 to 1966, and dean from 1966 until the Downtown Campus was dissolved as an administrative unit in 1972.  The records contain correspondence, reports, and committee records.

Administrative Records, 1951-1985, consist of records relating to the day-to-day operations of the Downtown Campus.  The series includes records from assistant directors and other administrators.  The records contain correspondence and reports.

Academic Records, 1959-1973, consist of records relating to the academic programs of the Downtown Campus.  The records contain correspondence and course information.

Faculty Records, 1952-1971, consist of records relating to the faculty of the Downtown Campus.  Many of the records relate to the Downtown Campus Faculty Assembly.  The records contain correspondence, faculty rosters and committee minutes.

Student Records, 1961-1971, consist of records relating to the students of the Downtown Campus.  The records contain a report about students and financial records relating to student organizations.

Publications, 1915-1974, contain newspapers and newsletters, bulletins, and handbooks.



Director/Dean Records, 1950-1974  
 Roy Feik Records, 1950-1955  
  Correspondence, 1950-195511
 Virgil Hunt Records, 1954-1973  
  Air Force Class, 1955-196212
  Black Students, 1963-196413
  Conferences on China and Cuba, 1964-196514
  Correspondence, 1956-196615-14
  Early Stages of Building Planning, 1954-1973115-18
  Education Beyond High School Questionnaire, 1960119
  Ethics Seminar, 1963-1964120
  Government in Action Project, 1960-1964121
  Lamarque Clinic, 1959122
  Prisoners’ Aid by Citizens’ Efforts (PACE), 1963-1965123
  Regional Campus Information, 1959-1964124
  Self Survey, 1964-1965125
  Shelbyville, 1959-1964126
  Veterans Guidance, 1958-1964127
 Joseph Taylor Records, 1964-1974  
  Advisory Board, 1966-1969128
  Black Emphasis Week, 1970-1975129
  Black Enrollments in Colleges, 1966-1968130
  Campus Development, Department of, 1966-1967131
  Committee to Assess Undergraduate Needs, 1968-1969132
  Committee on Equality of Higher Educational Opportunity, 1964-1967133
  Committee on Instructional Development - Bloomington, 1970-1972134
  Correspondence, 1965-1969135-36
  Correspondence, 1968-197321-2
   Campus Development, 1966-196923
   Higgins, Smith, 1965-196824-9
   Junior Division, Bloomington Campus, 1969210
   Snyder, JohnW.,  1966-1969211
   Stahr, Elvis, 1965-1969212
  Culturally Disadvantaged, 1967-1970213
  Data Systems and Services, 1968-1974214
  Degree Authorizations, 1969-1972215
  Dentistry, School of - Teaching Conference, 1974216
  Fees and Bursar’s Office, 1969-1973217
  Fort Harrison, 1966-1974218
  Indiana Colleges and Universities, 1964-1972219
  Indiana University  
   Founders Day, 1970-1974220
   Sesquicentennial, 1968-1970221
  IUI Women’s Club, 1968-1973222
  Marott Building, 1967-1978223
  Narrative for Division of Regional Campuses, 1964-1968224
  National Conference on Equal Education Opportunity in American Cities, 1967225
  Nursing, School of - Essential Services Required of the Downtown Campus by the School of Nursing, 1968226
  Physical Plant and Campus Development, IUI, 1968-1970227-28
  Planning Meeting for IUI, 1967-1969229
  Regional Campus Affairs Committee, 1965-1969230
  Regional Campus Coordinating Committee (RCCC), 1967-1968231
  Secondary School Meeting, 1967232
  Space and Building Committee, 1968-1970233
  State Certification of teachers Information, 1969-1970234
  Statement of Required Space, 1968235
  Urban Affairs Institute, 1965-1968236
  Vietnam Moratorium, 196931
  Westinghouse, 1968-197032
Administrative Records, 1951-1985  
 Accreditation, 196933
 Advisory Committee, Indianapolis Downtown Campus, 196434
 Basic Institutional Data, Downtown Campus, ca. 196935
 Basic Institutional Data, IUPUI, 197236
 Bootheel Regional Planning Commission, 197437
 Buildings A, C, and D Electrical Work Specifications, 196738
 Buildings A, C, and D Mechanical Work Specifications, 1967-196839-10
 Campbell, Robert L., 1964-1967311
 Center for Vocational and Technical Education, Ohio State University, 1972312
 Central Business District Report: Indianapolis, Indiana, 1958111
 Classroom-Social Service Building Committee, 1970313
 Committee to Study the Development of Undergraduate Education, 1968-1969314
 Concessions-Indianapolis Downtown Campus, 1967-1971315
 Counselor’s Office Report, 1962316
 Downtown Campus Annual Report, 1961-1968317
 Downtown Campus Development, 1968318
 Eagle, Alice, 1951-1955319
 East, James, 1967-1969320
 Enrollment-Student Hours by Course, 1965-1968321
 Equipment Request and Material, 1970-1971322
 Faculty-Staff Handbook Committee, 1968323
 General Electric Education System Package, ca. 1971324
 “Government in Action,” 1960325
 Graduate Education, Committee on Review of, 1969326
 Heberlein, Gertrude, 1950-1963, 1985327-29
 Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System (IHETS)-Operations and Information, 1969-1971330
 Indiana University-Kokomo--Equipment Recommendations for New Building and Facilities, n.d.331
 IUPUI Physical Plant Description, 1969, 1971332
 Industrial Development Committee, 1966333
 Library, Downtown Campus-Book Selection Policy, 1967-1968334
 Library Holdings List, 1968335
 Lugar, Richard, 1968336
 Master Plan, Downtown Campus, 1965-1968337
 Notice to Bidders, 1967-1969338
 Notice to Builders for Buildings A, C, and D, 1968339
 Notice to Builders for Buildings A, C, and D, 196841
 Reiberg, Rufus, 1959-196642
 Self-Study, Downtown Campus, 1965-196643
 Seminar on Ethics, 196444
 Utilization Study, 196745
 Utilization of Teaching Rooms, 1975-197646-7
Academic Records, 1959-1973  
 Approved Real Estate Salesmen’s Course, 1969-197048
 Baccalaureate Degrees, General Requirements for, 196849
 Course Equivalencies, IUPUI, 1969-1970410
 Course Information, 1959-1960411
 Course Offerings, 1968-1969412
 Curricular Development-IU Regional Campuses, 1969413
 General and Technical Studies Bulletin Information, 1967414
 Guided Study Program, 1968415
 Law and Economics in Medical Office Administration, Syllabus for, 1959416
 National Defense Education Act (NDEA) Institute Proposal, 1966417
 Nursing Degree Program, 1963-1971418-23
 Program Development, 1968424
 Programmed Learning Classes, 1963425
 Public and Environmental Affairs, School of-Undergraduate Program, 1972-1973426
 Real Estate Certification Program Reference Guide, ca. 1973427
 Student-Faculty Symposium, 1961-1966428-32
Faculty Records, 1952-1971  
 Academic Affairs Committee, 1961-1969433
 Building and Space Committee, 1967-1968434-35
 Curriculum Committee, 1967-197051-4
  Curriculum Development, 1968-196955
  Minutes and Correspondence, 196956
  Nursing Degrees, 196857
 Chairmen and Coordinators, 1963-196958
 Development of the Downtown Campus, Ad Hoc Committee to Study the, 196859
 Educational Policies Committee, 1960-1970510-12
 Faculty, Memoranda to, 1965-1968513
 Faculty-Administrative Relations, Committee Report on, 1965514
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1969-1971515
 Faculty Assembly, 1964-1970516-22
  Agenda Council, 1969-1979523
  Committee Reports, 1965-1968524-25
  Correspondence, 1965-1969526-27
  Minutes, 1956-1968528-32
  Standing Rules, 1968-196961
 Faculty Council Committee, IUI, 1968-196962
 Faculty Council, University-Merging IU and Purdue Regional Campuses, 196663
 Faculty for a Democratic Alternative, 196864
 Faculty Meetings, 1964-196565
 Faculty Organization, 1965-196766
 Faculty Rosters, 1967-196867
 Faculty Symposium-Symposium on the Urban University, 196968
 Freshman Composition Committee, 196969
 Graduate Work, Committee to Study the Development of/Graduate Advisory Committee, 1964-1969610
 Honor Awards, 1969611
 Instructional Roster, 1957-1969612-24
 Library Committee, 1967-1971625
 Nominating Committee, 1969-1970626
 Regional Campus History Faculty, 1964627
 Student Affairs Committee, 1952-1969628
 Student Affairs Committee, 1952-1969  RESTRICTED81
Student Records, 1961-1971  
 Comprehensive Study of Students, 1961629
 Publications Board, 1968-1971630
 Student Organizations  
  Account Ledgers, 1970-197191
  Accounts, 1964-1971631
  Budgets, 1967-1968632
  English Club, 1971633
  Onomatopoeia Student Newspaper, 1970-1971634
  Student Treasurers’ Handbook, 1965635
  Student Participation, Committee on, 1968636
  Student Survey, 1968637
  Student Union Board, 1965-1970638
   “Student Union Board News,” 1967-1968639
Publications, 1915-1974  
 Arts and Sciences Draft Bulletin, 1971-197271
 Butler and IU Extension Bulletins, 1915-195272-6
 Capitol Student, The, 195077
 Course Offerings-Butler University and Downtown Campus, 1954-195978
 Downtown Campus Bulletins, 1918-196979-15
 Downtown Campus Pamphlets, 1917-1972716
 “Downtown Campus Student,” 1969717
 “Faculty-Staff Bulletin,” 1967-1968718
 Faculty-Staff Directory, 1969-1971719
 Faculty-Staff Handbook, 1968720
 Indiana University Extension: Its Origin, Progress, Pitfalls, and Personalities, 1960721
 Indianapolis Student, The, 1958-1969722
 Indianapolis Student, The, 1958-1969112-5
 Onomatopoeia, 1970-197192
 Onomatopoeia, 1970-1971101
 Peace Reporter, The, 1969-1970723
 Reporter, The, 1960724
 Reporter, The, 1961-1973116
 Schedule of Classes, 1965-1968725
 Telephone Directories, 1966-1974726-27

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