Dept. of Occupational Therapy Records, 1927-1976

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Occupational Therapy first had a presence in Indiana University's Long Hospital in 1922. An occupational therapy department for children was formed in the Riley Hospital in 1924 with the arrival of Winifred Conrick Kahmann. Prior to the establishment of a baccalaureate degree program in 1958 the department provided clinical training for occupational therapy graduates from other institutions. Graduate programs in O.T. were established in subsequent years.

Records include correspondence, reports, publications, scrap books, and other materials.


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Cite as: IUPUI (Campus). Department of Occupational Therapy Records, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Accessions: A83-3, A91-14, A93-85.


Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.
IUPUI (Campus). Dept. of Occupational Therapy.
Kahnmann, Winifred.
Occupational therapy - Study and teaching.
Paramedical education.


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


Massachusetts Assoc. for Occupational Therapy Bulletin, 9/19271
Bibliography on Occupational Therapy, ca. 1938 
Pilot Study: Occupational Therapy Clinical Affiliations Centers (for accreditation) 
 Allied Health T405: Clerkship II, 1964 
 Allied Health W472: Clinical Lectures (public health, geriatrics, pediatrics) 1960s 
 Social Service S410: Intro to Group Work, 1960-1963 
 AHT 371: Assessment Techniques, Spring 1965 
Occupational Therapy Program Curriculums, History 
Books Ordered (including lists) 1963-1967 
Correspondence: Donations/ Gifts, 1960 
Service Staff: Minutes of Meetings, 1960 
 Allied Health T451: Therapeutic Techniques II, 1959-1961 
 Allied Health T303: Occupational Therapy Theory II, Psychiatry, 1959-1967 
 Allied Health T471: Assessment Techniques (Physical), 1960s 
 Allied Health W407: Rehabilitation, Spring 19652
History (Correspondence 1960-1961) 
AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Assoc.) early 1960s History 
Workshop- Supervision, 5/1963 
Permanent Conference Committee, 1957 
PT Photographs (Correspondence, 1960) 
Graduation Plans- Banquets, Pins, Program, Etc., 1961-1963 
Occupational Therapy Brochures 
1st Health Fair- Sponsored by Health & Welfare Council of Indianapolis, 1954 
IOTA (Indiana Occupational Therapy Assoc.)- 
 Rosters pre 1948, 1953; Annual Conference Card, 1976 
 IOTA Newsletter- ca. 1958, Memos from Ruth Grummon 
 Minutes 12/11/1926- 5/25/1942 
Marian J. Kraker- Scrapbook made by Ruth Grummon 
Registered Occupational Therapists of Marion County as of 5/1965 
News Clippings3
 Copied on Acid Free Paper 
Cerebral Palsy Clinic, 1960-1963 
Kahmann, Winifred, 1924-1975 
Occupational Therapy Dept. History & Background Information, 1928- 1975 
Rotary Convalescent Home- Riley Hospital, 1931 
University Hospital Planning Documents, 1956- 1958 
Miscellaneous Materials 
Scrap Books 
 Scrap book pages, including photos, cards & news clippings for the early 1900s4
 Scrap book of Winifred Kahmann, 1920s- 1950s, including photos, news clippings, cards and letters5
 Scrap book of Winifred Kahmann re: 25th anniversary as director, 1949, includes photos, news clippings, cards & letters6
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