Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation Records, Office of Technology Transfer Patent Files, 1930s-1990s

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The Indiana University Advanced Research Technology Institute (ARTI) was created in 1996 as a private, not-for-profit organization to assist in the process of bringing technology and innovations created by Indiana University researchers to market more effectively. Its antecedents were Indiana University administrators and faculty who, working with the Indiana University Foundation, oversaw the exploitation of innovations and patent management. Professor Rolla Harger’s patent for his Drunk-o-meter was the first project, in 1937, of the newly created IU Foundation in its role as agent for patents developed by IU researchers.

Records include general patent and contract information, domestic and foreign patent files for individuals, agreements/ contracts with companies and organizations, and correspondence relating to patents and companies. Also includes copyright and royalty information for publications.

ARTI’s name was changed to the Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation (IURTC) in September, 2004.


Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction. Copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.


Cite as: Advanced Research and Technology Institute Records, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Accessions: A2002/03-024.


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


NSF Miscellaneous Reports1
Master List of Miscellaneous Files 
Agreements Workshop- Agreements Final 
ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) 
Bloomington Economic Development Corporation 
Industrial Extension Survey, NASULGC, 3/1993, S. Johnson 
Information Requests- IU 
Interview- MJD 
Invention Agreement- IU Draft 
Patent Expense IUF 
 7/1- 9/30/1993 
Research Corporation Technologies (RCT) 
RUGS Presentation- Q & A 7/23/1991 
Research & Sponsored Programs 
Title Election Etc. 
Tech Transfer- General Info 
Patent Policy & Agreement- copy for brochure 
Recombinant DNA Committee 1/19/1981 
Patent and Licensing Report 1981, 1980 & 1979/1980 
IU Info Booklet 10/1991 
Patent and License Committee 1975-1985 
Royalties 1987- 1991 
Committee on Inventions and Patents 1971-19832
Patent Agreements 
Patent Policies 
Pilot Response Record 
Patents, Copyrights & Protection of Intellectual Property 
Research Committee 1974- 19753
Research Committee, Mr. Armstrong 1/17/1974 
Research and Development Committee 1973 
Harger, Rolla N. 
 Correspondence 1936- 1961 
 Booklets, Drunk-O-Meter 
 Printed Articles 
 Apparatus for Measuring Alcohol Content of Gases (Assignment) (DEAD), Patent 
 Apparatus for Determining Alcohol Concentration in Animals & Solution 
Abramovich, Dr. Yuri (patent) “Programmable Lock for Television Sets” Disclosure4
Access Program 
Adams, Kirkland and Ellis, IU Foundation Official 775, 591 
Adams, Dr. William M. (Tsunami Seismic Trigger) 
Adams, Andrew (patent) Correspondence 1988- 1989 
African Studies Program, O’Meara (African Cloth & African Paper) 
Allen, Merrill J. 
 Night Vision Performance Tester IUF 206 
 Official, IUF 204 
 Assignment, IUF 204 
 Official, IUF 204 CIP 
 Official, IUF 204 CIP-C 
 Official, IUF 206 
 Official, IUF 257 
 Assignment IUF 257 
 Devices & Method for Treating Certain Abnormalities of Binocular Vision US Patent No. 3,492,989 
 (patent) Window Tinting Measuring Device 
 Devices & Method for Treating Certain Abnormalities of Binocular Vision, Correspondence 
 Automatic Optical Occluder 
 Dark Adaptometer 
 Florescent Lighting Innovation 
 TBI Improvement 
Allerhand, Adam- Ultra High Resolution NMR 
Allied Chemical Corporation, Letter Agreement 1967 
The Aluminum Association 
AMAX Contract 
American Dental Manufacturing Company 
American Hospital Supply Corporation 
American Medical Systems 
AMOCO Agreement- “Microcolumn Liquid Chromatography & Capillary Elec. Of Fragments of Nuc. Acid 
AMUROL (Agreements and Products Company)5
AMWAY Corporation 
ANCI Laboratories, Ron Ace 
Andrews, Wayne- Constant Temperature Device 
Andres, Dr. Carl J.- Protective Device (patent) Disclosure 
Anklesaria, K.P. Copyright 
Apple Education Foundation, Apple Computer, Inc. 
Appleman, D. Ralph 
 Official IUF 255 
 Assignment IUF 255 
 & Shubert, Earl- Vowelometer, Correspondence 
Armer, J. Michael- Written Publication Royalties 
Armour Pharmaceutical Co. 
Army, Dept. of- Patent Rights 
Arnold, Michael Paul (patents) Disclosure 
Arthington, Beth/ Bennett, L./ Skatrud, Guynn/ Barbuch/ Ulbright/ Bard- “Gene for Ergosterol Synthesis” (patent) 
Avery, David & Johns, Priscilla- Bean Bag Dental Chair Insert 
Avigen, Inc. 
Backler, Alan- Global Studies in Geography 
Bailey, Mike- Stance Stability Instrument 
Balcavage, Walter- Fluorescence Antibody Based Specific Protein Biosensor (patent) 
Balthaser, K.J. & Wahlie, Larry L.- Method for Making Transparencies IUF 232 
Barlett, Robert V.- Publishing Agreement with IU Press 
Barman, Charles R. School of Education- Indianapolis 
Battelle- Agreement 
Beckman License Agreement 
Bectin Dickenson 
Beldavs, Vid 
Benham- Blair, Research Agreement 
Ben-Jonathan, Nira “Prolactin- Releasing factor” (PRF) 
Bennett Industries Agreement 
Billman, John H6
 Method of Precipitating metal ions w/ 8-sulfonamido quinolines 
 Copper Complexes 
 8-Sulfonamido Quinolines 
 Eli Lilly 
 Lapsed Foreign Patents 
 Novel Chelating Agents, Venezuelan Patent 
 & Dellenback W.H.- Lactic Acid as Insect Repellent, Reassigned to Inventors, IUF 241 
Binkley, Thomas- Focus 
Bishop Industries 
 Amend. & Waiver to lic. Agree 1968 
 License Agreement 
 Bankruptcy File 
Bissonette, William T.- Denture Cleaner 
Block Drug Co. (patent) 
Boaz, Patricia- Coal Desulfurization IUF 271 
Bodenhamer, David 
Boehringer Mannheim/ Cherbas 
Boneham, Dr. Roger 
Boone, Dr. Malcolm, Developments 
Bosworth, Kris- Diads 
Boulware E.W.- Ventilation System Device 
Borkenstein, Robert 
 Breath Sampling, Storing and Processing Apparatus & Method (expired patent) 
 Breath Sampling, Storing & Processing Apparatus & Method 
 Canadian Patent # 848695 
 IU Foundation Patent Agreement 
 Breath Sampling, Storing and Processing Apparatus & Method (expired patent) 
 Breath Sampling, Storing and Processing Apparatus & Method 
 Inactive Files 
 Inactive File 
 Canadian Patent #848695 
Boxer, Dr. Laurence A.- Mechanics of movement in the Leukocute 
Brabson, Dr. G. Dana- Gift of Royalties 
Breneman, William & Carmack, Marvin- Lithospermum Ruderale 
Brewer, Dr. Gene 
Bricker, Stephen- Periodontal Activity Screening 
Bridges, Timothy- Combinational Throughput Serial Proc 
Bristol Myers Correspondence 
Brookhaven National Laboratory 
Brown, Daniel J.- Remote Optical Atmosphere Monitor Cell (ROAM) 
Broxmeyer, Hal 
 Low Molecular Weight Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Inhibitor 
 Cetus Corporation 1986 
 Biocyte Corp. Agreement 
 Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center 
Budnick, John- Digital Current Transductor 
Burns, Winton H.- Artificial Heart Project Agreement 
Burrello, Leonard 
 Contracts with Ceede 
 America’s Learning, TBL9610 
Burstone, Charles J.- Segmented Arch Components Agreement 
Burt, Stanton C.7
 Official IUF 254 
 Assignment IUF 254 
Busch, Kenneth L. 
 Pyrylium Salt Reagents to Impart a Positive Charge 
 Controlled Liquid/Solid Phse Transitions for Chromatographic Analysis by Particle Bombardment Mass Spec. 
Harste, Jermone 
Cagle, William- Copyright Assignment, Garland Publishing 
Cahill, Kevin- Acoustic Camera 
Caldwell, Lynton- IU Press Agreement (book) 
Calgene, Inc.- Dr. Martha Crouch 
California & Hawaiian Sugar Agreement 
Campaigne, Dr. Ernest E. 
 Kirkland & Ellis, IUF 276, Official 
 Hydroxylamine Compounds 
 Sulfur Analog of Harmaline 
 LeSuer William Organic Compounds 
 Neiss E.S., 3 Aminopropionyl benzo (b) 
Campbell, Charles T.- Cesium Promoters for Copper-based Catalysts…Involving the Water-Gas Shift Reaction 
Campbell, John & Patterson P.O.- Cerebral Angiographic Cassette Changer 
Canada Dry 
Carmack, Marvin & Weinstock, L.M 
 Thiadiazole Et. al. Correspondence 
 Chemical Scent Constituents of the Red Fox 
 Novel 3 Substituted 1,2,5 Thiadiazole 
 #1- Carbomethoxy Thiadiazole Carboxylic Acid & Its Chloride 
 #2- Dicarboloweralkoxy Thiadiazoles 
 #3- Dicyano Thiadiazole 
 #5- Thiadiazole Dicaroboxamide 
 #6- Thiadizole 3 Carboxylic Acid & Related Derivative & Processes 
Carmack, Shew & Weinstock- Thiadiazole Dicarboxylates 
Carmack, Et. Al.- Foreign Patents 
 Great Britain 
Chem- Elec Agreement 
Chemical Waste Management/ “Hieftje” Agreement 
Cherbas, Peter- I-26 Iodoponasterone A Potent Ecdysone 
Chesebrough- Pond’s Inc. 
Chevron Chemical Company- Vernon J. Shiner Jr.8
Chisholm, Malcolm- Agreement with Amoco 
Christian, Joe & Nance, Walter- Copyright Assignment, Dermatogram 
Clay, Keith- Scotts Company 
Comfort Manufacturing Co. Agreement 
Committee on Inventions & Patents 
Commercial Warehouse & Cartage 
Conard, Douglas 
Control Data Corp. 
Cook, Newell- Process for Making Hydrogen 
Chemway Corporation 
 License Agreement 1/1/1971, Cooper Lab 
 Consent Form Assigned to Cooper Lab 4/26/1971 
 Cooper Lab (Chemway & Oral B) Agreements 
 Confidential Disclosure Agreement 8/18/1970, Cooper Lab 
 Confidential Disclosure Agreement 8/18/1970, Cooper Lab 
 Chemway Corp. Agreement 6/1/1969, Cooper Lab 
Oral B Company 
 Joint Agreement w/ Plastek & Chemway 6/1/1969 
 Confidential Disclosure Agreement 6/12/1968 
Cooper Lab 
 Contract & Financial 1973- 1974 & on 
 Contract & Fin. (Chemway & Oral B) 
 Research Aug. 1971- Sept. 1971 (Chemway & Oral B) 
 Research Feb. 1972- 1973 (Chemway & Oral B) 
Copyright Office, Library of Congress 
Counsilman, James E 
 Programs for Physical Fitness Correspondence 
 Agreements w/ Hamlin Metal Product & Kiefer Co. 
 Programs for Physical Fitness Copyright 
Craig, James C.- Tactile Stimulator Development 
Crandall, Jack (Res. Agreement) 
Danish Invention Center 
Davis, Joseph G.- IBM 
Day, Harry G.- P&G Royalties vs. Tax Payments 
DeLong, Edward- Probes for Identification of Single Cells 
Dental Chemistry Research Lab- IUP Fort Wayne 
Dental Control Products 
Dentsply International 
 Research 1974 on 
 Agreement (Dentist’s Supply Co.) 11/1/1964 
 Agreement 1/1/1970 
 Agreement Amendment 
 Agreements/ General 1964- 1966 
 Agreement 1967 
 Agreements/ General 1967- 1969 
 Agreements/ General 1970-19729
 Agreement Drafts 1971- 1974 
 Royalty Agreements Bet. Muhler/ IUF 
DePaoli- Roach, Dr. Anna- New England Biolabs 
DHEW Institutional Patent Agreement 
Dickens, William P.- 
 Official, IUF 201, 3,384,372 
 Assignment IUF 201 
Didlo, Larry Lee- Copyright 
Dines, Kris- patent 
Division, Vick- Research 
Dow Chemical Co. (PDRI) 
Dow Chemical Company 
Dubin, P. & Muhoberac, B.- Protein Separation/ Affinity- Tagged Polyelectrolytes 
Dunning, Jeremy 
 Research Contract 
Dzierba, Alex- Agreement with Brookhaven Alternate Gradient Synchrotron (AGS) 
Edenberg, Howard- Genotyping of Human Alcohol Dehydrogenases- ADH2 & ADG3 
Ellington, Andrew- Rev. Bindiry, Mass. General & Gold Patents 
Ellison, Tim- Engine Torque Meter 
Endotech Corporation- Dr. Milton Taylor 
Energy, Dept. of- Research Contracts Matters 
Eoyang, Eugene- Royalties 
Evolution Health Care 
Farber & Huss, Copyright 
Faris- Sponsored Instructional Materials, Proposed Policy 
Farr, Roger C.10
Fay, Dr. Leo & Smith, Cr. Carl- “Get People to Read” 
Fertin Laboratories Ltd. 
Fife, Rose- Monoclonal Antibody for Detecting Matrix, Glycoprotein 
Fife, Dr. W.K.- Process for Synthesis of Amides & Peptides 
Fife, W.K.- IUF 298, Official 
Food & Drug Administration Matters 
Forman, David 
Fricke, Gordon- Ion Selective Microelectrodes w/ heterogeneous precipitate sensing membranes 
Friedman, J.J.- Toothbrush Modification 
Fritsch, Michael 
Froehlich, Janice- Delta Opioid Receptor Antagonists… 
Gabig, Theodore- NADPH Oxidase Deactivator 
G-C International Corp. (Tharp I & II) formerly American Dental Mfg. 
General Foods Corporation 
 Sugar Research/ Agreement 
 Statewide Clinical Cereal Study 
 Cosmetic Chewing Gum Agreement 
 Correspondence 1973 and on 
Geography Research Publications 
Gerber Products Company 
Gerzon, Koert- Novel Esters of Rvanodine & Dehydroryanodine 
Gest, Howard- Bacterium 
Ghalichebaf, Dr. Mohssen- Centric Jaw Relation Device 
Gillette Research Institute 
Gilliam, John D. 11/4/1983 
Glancy, John 
 Cushion Heel Wedge 
 Prefabricated Iliac Crest Protective Mold 
 New Orthotic Bed 
 Kirkland & Ellis, IUF 261, Official 
 Kirkland & Ellis, IUF 265, Official 
 Scoliosis Orthosis IUF 265 
Gliessman, David- Copyright 
Gover, Dr. John L.- Plasma Arc Scalpel11
Goldstein, Dr. David J.- Monoclonal Antibody Development 
Gosling, Craig & Ritter, Dr. Merrill- Knee Injury Teaching Simulation 
Goss, Thomas- DNA- Silica for High Performance Affinity Chromatography 
Grieco, Paul A 
 12, 16 Difluoroprostaglandin F2 Alpha Compounds 
 Patents & Agreements 
Grimshaw, Allen- Book Royalties 
Guthrie, Katherine- Confidential Disclosure 
Grosz, Hanus J. 
 M.D. Correspondence 
 Official IUF 242 
 Patent Application, Treatment of Opiate Addiction IUF 242 
Hadd, Harry E.- 
 Official IUF 289 
 Patents and Agreements 
Hagstrom, Eric- Orthanc Program 
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. 
Harris, Dr. Robert- Development 
Hartford, John A.- Research Proposal 
Haselby, Dr. Kenneth- New Design for Laryngoscope 
Hathaway & March Appart. & Method for Post. Closure/ internal tissue membrane12
Hathaway, March & Patton- Advanced Cardiovascular Systems (ACS) 
Hathaway, David- Antioxidant & Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor for Treatment of Angioplasty Restinosis 
Hayes, John 
 PBL 9007 
 Official IUF 263, Kirkland & Ellis 
 Official IUF 404 
 Official IUF 404, Analytical Device 
 Official IUF 404, Japan 
 Official IUF 404, 16678-107-8 
 IUF 404, Isotope-Ratio-Monitoring Gas… 
 Hayes, John M. 
 Tube Cracker, IUF 263 
Heating Food While Driving Device- Correspondence IUF 212 
Hegeman, George 
 Circle Prosco Testing Agreement 
 BioTrol, Inc. 
Heimansohn, Dr. Henry C 
 Patent #4,014,095 
 Heimansohn; Davis, Chester- see R. Rapala Scholarship file 
 Development, Artificial Tooth13
 Licensing Possibilities 
Heiser, Charles B.- New Plant Hybrid 
Hieftje, Gary 
 Plasma Torch Article 
 Sensor File 
 Rohrback Technology Corporation 
 “LECO” Corporation 
 Infometrix, Rohrback 
 Technicon Instruments (see# 295) 
 Rotary Spray Chamber Device for Conditioning Aerosols 
 Optical Prototypes 
 Methods for Near Infrared Evaluation of Physical Properties of Samples 
 Research for Navy 
 Hieftje/ Bonham- IBM Agreement 
 Perkin-Elmer Agreement 
 Enhancement of Pneumatic Nebulization Efficiency Through Application of Electric Field 
 Device for Measurement of Luminescence Lifetimes 
 Official IUF 295 (Spectral Recon.) 
 Official IUF 296- REEX 
 Official IUF 29614
 Detection of Capsule Tampering by Near-Infrared Reflectance Analysis (405) 
 & Jin, Qinhan- Microwave- Induced Plasmas for Elemental Analysis 
 & Lodder, R.A.- Capsule Tempering by Near- Infrared 
 & Honings, David E.- Method & Device for Spectral Reconstruction 
 Analysis of Intact Tablets by Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectrometry, IUF 403 
 Correspondence, General 
 Near Infrared Det. Of Several Physical Prop. of Hydrocarbons 
 Spectral Reconstruction (295) 
 Miles Laboratory, Research Project 
 & Monning, Curtis A.- Spectroanalytical System 
 & Monning, C.A.- Spectroanalytical System 
 Standard Oil 
 Replacement Ion Chromatography 
 Tracor, Inc. 
 American Cyanamid 
 Near Infrared Reflectance Analysis (NIRA) IUF 287 
 Official, IUF 283, Kirkland & Ellis 
 IUF 283, Device for Accurate Dispensing of Small Volumes of Liquid Samples 
 Miniature Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Source15
Hodes, M.E.- Joint Development with Eli Lilly & Co. 
Hoffer, Jeff- APT Systems Agreement 
Hoffman, Ronald 
 Megakaryocyte Luekemia Cell (IUF 400) 
 System & Process Supporting Hematopoietic Cells, Cytomed 
 Method on In Vitro Production of Platets and Red Blood Cells 
 Official IUF 299 
 Assignment IUF 299 (signed Originals) 
Hofstetter, Henry 
 Invention to Dissuade Aircraft Hijacking 
 Impenetrable Material 
Hopper, Samuel H.- Separation & Detection of Antigens 
Horowitz, Alan- Book Royalties 
Hostetler, Keith M 
 Oil Level Indicator System 
Hoyt, Homer 
 Research & Education Fund in Real Estate & Applied Urban Economics 
 & Gertrude- Urban Research Fund 
Hudson, Jeff 
Hull, Leroy E.- (Copyright) Unit Cost Analysis Procedure, Correspondence 
Hudson, Dr. Norman- Ex Vivo Generation of Antibodies 
Human Clinical Study, “Informed Consent” 
Iannicelli, Joseph 
 Official IUF 253 
 Serial 448, 350, Patent Application for Coal Beneficiation 
 Serial 497, 279 CIP, Patent Application for Coal Beneficiation 
 & Murray, Haydn- Pretreatment of Coal 
Iatridis, Dr. Panayotis G.- Development 
IBM Agreement (Ernst Davidson, Project Director) 
Incubators for Small Business 
Indiana Corporation for Science & Technology Inst. Mollecular & Cellular Biology 
Ice, Miller, Donadio & Ryan- Correspondence 
Indianapolis Sickle Cell Center- Cpyright 
Ingraham, Joseph S 
 Novel Particulate Antigens & Process Correspondence 
 Novel Particular Antigens & Process Patent 
Integrating Communication- David G. Burns & B. Bruce Wagner 
ISMAP Program (International Students Medical Access Program) Copyright 
IUF- ICFAR Cooperative Development Agreement 
IUPUI Research Sponsored Programs 
International Harvester Company 
International Minerals & Chemical Corporation 
Invention Disclosure Format 
Jackson, Dr. Valerie 
Jafari, Ali 
 Interactive Videotape System, Multi-Language Clock 
 Nova Chrome Agreement 
Jansen, Jan- Bone Marrow Aspiration/ Biopsy Needle 
Jarrett, Dr. Harry 
Jenkin, W.T.- Method for fractionation of corn syrup 
Johns, Priscilla- “Bean-Bag” Dental Chair Insert 
Johnson & Johnson 
Johnson & Johnson Research Agreement 
Johnson, S.C. & Son Incorp.- Contract & Financial 
Johnston, Dr. Conrad- EHDP Osteoporosis16
Jones, Ted- ITE Recording Technique 
Jones, R.B.- Diagnostic Technology, Inc. 
Jones, Robert 
 Dow Chemical Co. Contract/ Proposal 
 Ortho Diagnostic Contract/ Proposal 
Kaplan, Jerome Ira 
 Official IUF 293, Japan 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/LUXE (Europe) 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/NETH (Netherlands) 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/SWED (Sweden) 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/SWIT (Switzerland) 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/ATRA (Austria) 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/BELG (Belgium) 
 Official IUF 293 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/FRAN (France) 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/GBRI 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/GERW 
 Official IUF 293- EPC/ITAL (Italy) 
 Official IUF 281- RE 
 Official IUF 282 
 Assignment IUF 282-CIP 
 Official IUF 282-CIP 
 Kaplan, Jerome 
 Assignment IUF 282- CIP II 
 Official IUF 282-CIP II Germany 
 IUF 282 
 IUF 282 
 Spatial Mapping of Hearts 
 Curb Climbing Wheel Chair 
 Arm Powered Wheel Chair 
 Improved Methods for Dimensional Nuclear Mag. Res. Imaging # 617,163, IUF 293 
 Official IUF 281, Kirkland & Ellis 
 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spatial Mapping 
 Thermo-Electric Heater 
 Company Correspondence 
 Foreign Applications17
 Application 287,770 
Katz, Simon 
 IUF 188, Antibacterial Agents 
 et. Al.- IUF 177, New Methods to Improve Efficacy of Fluoride Topical Therapy 
 IUF 223 Thermal Incubator, Patentability & Infringement Search 
 Official IUF 179 
 Official IUF 182 
 Improved Compositions for retarding Formation of Dental & plaque, Methods for Utilization IUF 179 
 Diflouroxalato Stannate (II) Complexes IUF 182 
 IUF 170 Flouride Oxalate Complexes 
 Antiplaque Plant Fractions 
 & Jamie- Laboratorio Indutrial Koltex 
Kelly-Fry, Elizabeth 
 New Techniques for Ultrasound Mammography 
Kellogg, Rudolph- Airplane Multiple Control Recorder 
Kellogg, Co. Research Proposal 
Kemp, Jerrold E.- Jerrold E. & Dorothy P. Kemp Audio Visual Internship Fund 2/5/1980 
Kesmodel, Larry L 
 Electron Spectrometer Patent 
 LK Technologies, Spectrometer Project18
Kettlekamp-Hillberry (Knee Prosthesis) 
Kewley-Port, Diane, ISTRA System 
Kim, K.C.- Articulated Flexable Laryngoscopy 
King’s Specialty Company Agreement 
Kingsley, Robert- Blitz Buster 
Klein, Arthur- X-Ray Camera 
Kobrinsky, Peter C.- Portable Data Library 
Kohler, Richard B. 
 Process for Diagnosis Using Radiommunoassay 
 Binax, Inc. 
Kokosa, John M.- A Practical Multigram Synthesis for 4(5) Vinylimidazole 
Kornblum, Guy- Correspondence 
Kowalski, Edward A.- IUF 221, Remote Actuated Trigger Device Agreement 
Kraus, Wilhelm- Foreign Patents 
Krejci, William 
K-Whit Tools 
Kwon, Byoung Se- New Lymphokines Patent 
Lodder, R.A.- Patent File 
Lorentzen, Keith E. & Prince, S.R.- Electric Syringe 
Lumeng, Lawrence- Elisa 
Lane, David- Amoco Agreement 
Lang, Elfrieda- Copyright 
Larsen, Steven 
 Size Standards for High Molecular Weight DNA 
 Chlamydia Assay 
Larter, Raima- Enhancement of Electrodialysis by Nonuniform Electric Field 
Laves, Walter- Copyright 
LeBlanc, John F.- Copyright, Mathematics Methods Program 
Leininger, Conley & Bundy- Conversion of Anhydrite to Gypsum 
Lever Brothers Co. 
Life Savers Incorporated 
Lilly Research Laboratories Research Agreement 
Lilly Contracts- Inventions Clause 
Lingeman, Robert E. 
Lodder, Robert A19
 Asymmetric Clusters in Spectral Analysis 
Lorvic Corporation (Mission Dental) 
MacLeod, John- Development 
Magnus, Philip D. 
Mahlberg, Paul- Chemolee Corporation 
March, Keith L. & Hathaway, David R.- Angioplasty Restenosis Prevention (RCT) 
Manico License Agreement 6/1/1967 
Marsh, Max- Research 
Marer, Paul- “Creditworthiness Poland” Royalties 
Marian Laboratories Inc. 
Mathers Museum Copyrights 
Mazzini, Louis Y.- Syphilitic Flocculation Test 
McBurney Proposal to CST 
McCracken, R.J 
 Apparatus for Converting Linear Motion into Electrical Read-Out Correspondence IUF 220 
 Device to Provide Crane Service Otherwise Restricted by Shielding Correspondence 
McDennan & Co 
 Dow Chemical 
 Agreement Drafts 
 Agreements (Confirmation Letters) 
 FDA Food Additive Petition 
Mead Johnson- Option Agreement20
Mead Johnson Company- Waiver of Rights to Option Agreement 
Medical Plastics Laboratory 
Medi- Company Agreement 
Meinschein, Warren G.- Septum Stopcock & Seal for Polar Solvents 
Meiss, Richard 
 Compress Agreement, Queue, Inc. 
 Confidential Disclosure 
 Photoelectric Motion Detector, Development 
Mennen Co. 
Mental Health, Dept. of 
Mikulecky, Larry- Simon & Schuster 
Miles, Dale 
 Biofeedback Device to Elim. Bruxism 
 Biofeedback Device to Eliminate Bruxism or Clenching 
Miles Laboratories- AMES Div. 
Miller, Carlos- Use of Purine Cytokinins & Adenine to Control Actions of Copper Ions 
Miller, Dan- Cyclotron Possible Patent 
Miltenberger, Lawrence J.- Telephone Cabinet Correspondence 
Minnetonka, Inc. 
Mission- White Dental, Inc. (See Lorvic Corp.) 
Mitchell, Michael E. 
Miyamoto, Richard 
M & M/ Mars- OHRI Research 
Mohr, William 
Molecular & Cellular Biology 
Monning, Curtis 
M & T Chemicals, Inc. 
 1966- 1968, General 
 1962- 1964, General 
 1957- 1961, General 
Muhler, Joseph 
 Stannous Fluorozirconate, IUF 102 
 Prophy Paste Compositions Comprising Zircon, Silicate, IUF 103 
 IUF 103, Prophylactic Dental Paste, Correspondence 
 IUF 105, Cleaning & Polishing agent for dental Prophylactic (Zircate) 
 IUF 105, Zircon, Silicate Cleaning & Polishing Agent for Dental Prophylactic- Correspondence 
 IUF 109, Zirconium Hexafluorogermanate & Zirconyl Hexafluorogermanate 
 IUF 109 Correspondence 
 IUF 113, Stable Stannous Fluoride Comp. 
 IUF 113, Stable Stannous- Correspondence 
 IUF 115, Oral Composition for Caries Prophylaxis 
 IUF 117, Anticariogenic Comp. & Methods 
 IUF 117, Foreign, Correspondence 
 IUF 118, Indium Fluorozirconate 
 IUF 118 Correspondence 
 IUF 119 Dental Comp. w/ Zircon, Silic. Of part Particle size 
 IUF 119 Dental Comp. w/ Zircon, Silic. Of part particle size 
 Official IUF 102 
 Official IUF 102, Austria 
 Official IUF 102, Germany 
 Official IUF 102, Great Brtain 
 Official IUF 102, France 
 Official IUF 102, Canada 
 Official IUF 102, Belgium 
 Official IUF 103 (Prophy Paste) 
 Official IUF 103, Italy 
 Official IUF 103, Great Britain 
 Official IUF 103, Germany 
 Official IUF 103-C, Canada 
 Official IUF 103, France21
 Official IUF 104 Anti- Cariogenic Food Product 
 Official IUF 105 
 Official IUF 105, Canada 
 Official IUF 105, West Germany 
 Official, Italy 
 Official, Great Britain 
 Official, France 
 Official IUF 106 
 Official IUF 108 
 Official IUF 109 
 Official IUF 109, Canada 
 Assignment IUF 113 
 Official IUF 113 
 Assignment IUF 114 
 Official IUF 114 
 Official IUF 115 
 Assignment IUF 117 
 Official IUF 117 
 Official IUF 118 
 Official IUF 118, Canada 
 Assignment IUF 119 
 Official IUF 119 
 Official IUF 119, Canada 
 Official IUF 119-C-Div 
 Official IUF 119, Italy 
 Assignment IUF 120 
 Official IUF 120 
 Assignment IUF 120, Canada 
 Official IUF 120, Canada 
 Official IUF 120, France 
 Official IUF 120, Germany 
 IUF 120, Prophy. Dental Paste Comp. w/ Zir. Silic. & Tin Dioxide 
 IUF 120, Prophylactic Dental Paste 
 IUF 121, Anticariogenic Food Prod. & Proc. For Prod. Foreign 
 IUF 121, Anticariogenic fod Product & Process for Production- Same Foreign Patent 
 Assignment IUF 121 
 Official IUF121 
 Assignment IUF 121, Canada 
 Official IUF 121, Canada 
 Official IUF 121, Divisional, Canada 
 IUF 123, Household Clean & Polish Comp. 
 IUF 123, Household Clean & Polish Comp. 
 Assignment IUF 123 
 Official IUF 123 
 IUF 124, Dental Cement, Correspondence 
 IUF 124, Dental Cement, 854,794 
 Official IUF 12422
 Assignment IUF 124 
 Official IUF 124-AR (Argentina) 
 Official IUF 124-A (Australia) 
 Official IUF 124-BR (Brazil) 
 Official IUF 124- C (Canada) 
 Official IUF 124-F (France) 
 Official IUF 124-E (Great Britain) 
 Official IUF 124- G (Germany) 
 Official IUF 124-IT (Italy) 
 Official IUF 124-J (Japan) 
 Official IUF 124-S (Sweden) 
 IUF 126, Dental Enamel Anti-Erosion Agent 
 IUF 126, Dental Enamel Anti- Erosion Agent (Kool Aid) Ser. No. 744,339 
 Official IUF 128, Canada 
 Assignment IUF 128, Canada 
 Assignment IUF 130 
 Official IUF 130 
 IUF 131, Anticariogenic Food Product & Procedure for Production 
 IUF 132, Brush, Ser, No. 7,891 
 IUF 132, Brush, Correspondence 
 Official IUF 132 
 Assignment IUF 132 
 IUF 133 Sodium Pentafluorostannite (Double Salt) 
 IUF 133 Correspondence 
 Official IUF 133 
 IUF 134 Oral Comp & Method for Retarding Dental Caries & Calculus, Correspondence 
 IUF 134 (Victamide) Oral Comp & Method… 
 Assignment IUF 134 
 Official IUF 134 
 Official IUF 134-C (Canada) 
 IUF 135 Indium Fluorogermanate 
 IUF 135 Indium Fluorogermanate 
 IUF 137 Process for Production of Stablilized Ready-to-eat Breakfast Cereal 
 IUF 138 (Dentsply) Dental Floss 
 IUF 139 Anticariogenic Comp. Compr. Sod Pent. & Method for Utilize 
 IUF 139 Anticariogenic Comp… 
 IUF 140 Chewing Gum, Correspondence 
 IUF 140 Chewing Gum 
 IUF 141 Interdental Simulator c/r IUF 175 
 IUF 142 Anticariogenic Comp. Meth 
 IUF 143 Anticariogenic Comp. w/ Indium Fluorozirconate & Method of Utilizing 
 IUF 145 (Sona Stream) Toothbrush 
 IUF 147 Denture Cleanser, Correspondence 
 IUF 147 (cont. of IUF 116) Denture Cleanser 
 IUF 153 (Oral B) Interdental Stimulator (Design) 
 IUF 155 (Bishop) Composition for Polishing Acrylic Material23
 IUF 156 (Dentsply) Improved Prophy Paste, Dental Prophylaxis Composition 
 IUF 157 (Dentsply) Dental Amalgam Polishing Composition Comprising Stannous Silicate 
 IUF 159 Anticariogenic Dental Amalgam 
 IUF 159 (Dentslply) Fluoridated Amalgam 
 IUF 160 Compositions for Caries Prophylaxis Containing Indium Fluorogermanat 
 IUF 166 Dental Prophylaxis Implement 
 IUF 166 Dental Prophylaxis Impl. (Foreign) 
 IUF 168 Anticariogenic Composition & Methods 
 IUF 172 (none) Brush w/ Abrasive Impregnated Bristles 
 IUF 175 Interdental Simulator CIP 
 IUF 178 Process for Producing dental cement 
 IUF 184 Anticariogenic Dental Amalgum 
 IUF 187 Cleaning & Polishing & Abrasive instruction patent 
 IUF 188 Liquid Dentifrice 
 IUF302 Prep. Comp. Purified Calcined Kaolin Abrasives 710, 444 
 Official IUF 302 
 Infringement, Patent # 4,122,163 Polishing Agent for Toothpaste 
 Official IUF 303 
 IUF 303 Dent. Prep Comp. Aluminum & Compatible Abrasive ss 710, 438 
 IUF 308-C Noncariogenic Comestible 
 IUF 309 Anticariogenic Comestible, Foreign 
 IUF 309 Anticariogenic Candy 
 IUF 310 Alkaline Oral Comp. Comprising of Aluminum & Carboxylic Acid ss 710, 439 
 Official IUF 310, Kirkland & Ellis24
 Muhler, Putt, Kleber, Yoho- Anticariogenic Maloaluminate Complexes, IUF 311 
 IUF 311, Anticariogenic Maloaluminate Complexes (ss 710, 443) 
 IUF 312, Anticariogenic Chewing Gum 
 Muhler & Kleber- IUF 313, Patent # 41,134,999 issued 1/16/1979 
 IUF 314, Dental Prophylaxis Compositions 
 IUF 316 Foreign Patents [1 of 2] 
 IUF 315 & 316, Chewing Gum 
 Dentifrice Preparation IUF 31725
 IUF 321, Aluminum-Containing Anticariogenic Mouthwash 
 Student Support Agreement 
 IUF 137, Process for Producing stabilized IP to eat breakfast Cereal Product (Correspondence) 
 Miscellaneous 1964- 1967 
 Miscellaneous 1968- 1973 
 Official IUF 134-J, Japan 
 Official IUF 134-F, France 
 Official IUF 135-C, Canada 
 Assignment IUF 135 
 Assignment IUF 137 
 Official IUF 137 (3,467,529) 
 Official IUF 137-C 
 Muhler, Joseph & Stookey, George- Official IUF 138-C Canada 
 Muhler, Joseph & Stookey, George- Official IUF 138-Br Brazil 
 Muhler & Stookey- Official IUF 138-GB Great Britain 
 Muhler & Stookey- Official IUF 138-It Italy 
 Muhler & Stookey- Official IUF 138 (3,699,979) 
 Assignment IUF 139 
 Official IUF 139 
 Official IUF 140 
 Assignment IUF 140 
 Official IUF 140-C Canada 
 Assignment IUF 141 
 Official IUF 141 
 Official IUF 142 
 Official IUF 143 
 Official IUF 145 
 Official IUF 147-C Canada 
 Official IUF 147 
 Assignment IUF 147 
 Official IUF 151 
 Official IUF 15326
 Assignment IUF 155 
 Official IUF 155 
 Assignment IUF 156 
 Official IUF 156 
 Assignment IUF 157 
 Official IUF 157 
 Official IUF 159 
 Official IUF 159-C Canada 
 Official IUF 160 
 Official IUF 166 Canada 
 Official IUF 166 
 Official IUF 168 
Katz, Simon- Official IUF 170 
Muhler, Joseph- Official IUF 172-C Canada 
Muhler & Stookey- Official IUF 172 
Katz, Simon- Official IUF 173 
Muhler, Joseph 
 Official IUF 175 
 Official IUF 178 
 Muhler & Kleber- IUF 318 Anti-Plaque Chewing Gum 
 Muhler, Putt, Kleber- IUF 320 Anti- Calculus Dental Prep on Aluminum Based Complexes 
 Muhler & Kleber- IUF 321 Mouthwash, Correspondence, Disclosures, Official, Prior Art 
 Muhler & Kleber- IUF 322, Patent Application 
 Official IUF 308-H Holland 
 Official IUF 308-J Japan 
 Official IUF 308-GB Great Britain 
 Official IUF 308-Sw Switzerland 
 Official IUF 308-S Sweden 
 Official IUF 308-N Norway 
 Official IUF 308-A Australia 
 Official IUF 308-B Belgium 
 Official IUF 308-D Denmark 
 Official IUF 308-F Finland 
 Official IUF 308-WG West Germany 
 Official IUF 308 
 Official IUF 308-C Canada 
 Official IUF 308-CIP 
 Official IUF 313 
 Official IUF 31527
 IUF 314, 131,266 
 Correspondence IUF 304 
 IUF 301, Liquid Dentifrice, Correspondence, Official, Disclosure 
 IUF 300, Testing Device, Correspondence, Official, Disclosure 
 Official IUF 309 
 Official IUF 309-CIP 
 Official IUF 309-C Canada 
 Official IUF 309-A Australia 
 Official IUF 309-GB Great Britain 
 Official IUF 309-J Japan 
 Official IUF 309-H The Netherlands 
 Official IUF 309-N Norway 
 Official IUF 309-S Sweden 
 Official IUF 309-Sw Switzerland 
 Official IUF 309-B Belgium 
 Official IUF 309-F Finland 
 Official IUF 309-Fr France 
 Official IUF 309-WG West Germany 
 Official IUF 311 
 Official IUF 311 Canada 
 Official IUF 311 Australia 
 Official IUF 311 Great Britain 
 Official IUF 311 Italy 
 Official IUF 311 Japan 
 Official IUF 311 West Germany 
 Official IUF 311 France28
 Official IUF 317 
 Official IUF 317 Canada 
 MF 317 EPC Kirkland & Ellis 
 Official IUF 317Argentina 
 Official IUF 317 Japan 
 Official IUF 317 EPC/Italy 
 Official IUF 317 EPC/United Kingdom 
 Official IUF 317 EPC/ West Germany 
 Official IUF 317 EPC/France 
 Official IUF 317 Columbia 
 Official IUF 317 Australia 
 Official IUF 317 Venezuela 
 Official IUF 317 Mexico 
 Official IUF 317 EPC/Netherlands 
 Official IUF 317 South Africa 
 Official IUF 317 Spain 
 Official IUF 317 EPC/Switzerland 
 Official IUF 317 EPC/Sweden 
Lodder, Robert 
 Official IUF 405 
 Official IUF 403-CIP-II 
 Official IUF 403-CIP-II-CON 
 Official IUF 403-CIP-1-CON 
 Official IUF 403-CIP-1 
 Official Vol. 1 IUF 403 
Muskavitch, Mark 29
 pSLED, Sccharomyces-Drosophila shuttle vector- Disclosure 
Mynol Chemical Co. 
 Agreement Drafts 1970 
 Financial & Contract 1970- 1972 
 Review License 
 Financil & Contract 1973- 1974 and on 
 Agreement Drafts 1975 
 License Agreement w/ Modifications 
Nabisco Inc. 
NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) Agreement 
National Lead Co.- Agreement 
Navy, Dept. of- Patent Policy 
Nebergall, William 
 Dentifrices containing Fluorides & Compatible Calcium Phosphate Abrasives 
 Tin (II) Cholorluoride 
 Tin (II) Monochlorotrifluoride 
Neff, Michael- Sensor Mount 
Nevada, University of- School of Medicine 
Newhall, Wilbert J.- Ortho 
Newman, Anabel 
Nicholson-Guthrie, Katherine 
Norvelle, Lee- “The Road Taken” Copyright 8/7/1980 
Novotny, Milos 
 Process for Selectively Treating Glass Capillary… 
 Fluorogenic Reagents for Primary Amines in Use of Chromatography Electrophoresi 
 Farnesenes/ Mouse Population Control 
 Mouse Population Control 
 Official IUF 262 
 Assignment IUF 262 
 Shimadzu Corp. 
 Coal Tar Research 
 Packed Microcolumns 
 et. Al.- Open Tubular Supercritical fluid chromatography- Brigham Young University 
 Capillary Columns/ Hydrolytically Stable Surfaces for Electrophoresis Chrom. 
 Polyacrylamide Gel-filled Capillaries for Capillary Electrophoresis 
 Beckman Agreement 
 J & W Scientific 
Nuclear Medicine Technology Program 
O’Connor, Katherine- Method of Improving the Competence of Defective Sphincters 
O’Donnell, Wu, Bennett- Method of Amino Acid Synthesis 
O’Donnell, Martin 
 Method of Amino Acid Synthesis 
 Lilly Agreement 
 Preparing Amino Acids 
Oates, William- Plato30
Odya, Charles E.- Hybridomas 
OHRI Agreement 1972- 1975 
Ortoleva, Peter- Polystyrene Latices 
Ostrom, Elinor- Copyright NSF 
Owens- Official IUF 196 
Pace, Norman R. 
 Analysis of Natural Microbial Populations by Ribosomal RNA Sequences 
 Ribosomal RNA 
 Phylogenetic Stains 
Plato System 
Parer, Michael & Newman, Anabel- Literary Instructor Training Fund 
Park, Kichuel Kacey- Official IUF 193 
Patent Information & Policy for University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Patenting, IU & Licensing Procedures 
Patents- General 
Patterson, Samuel 
 Mobile Endodontic Cart 
 Heated Gutta Percha Spreader 
Perrigo Company Agreement 
Peterson, Richard G 
 Hydroxylated Diacrylate Monomer 
 Genetic Models, Inc. 
Pfizer, Inc. 
Phillips, Ralph- Dental Research 
Phillips Petroleum Proposal 
Pisoni, David 
 General Motors 
Plastek Company 
 General 1968-1970 
Pless, John E.- Device for Measuring Ana Dilitation 
Polisky, Barry 
 Method for Controlled Production of Polypeptides in E. Coli 
 & Fitzwater, T.- Modulation of Plasmid Copy No. 
 Polisky, Barry 
 & Fitzwater- Modulation of Plasmid Copy Number 
Pontius, A.C.- Kneipp Companies 
Porta Pro Inc. 
Poynter Pamphlets (copyrights)31
Pratt, A.D.- Microfiche Envelope Design 
Prince, Stanley R.- Double Beam Light Source 
Prosser, Franklin 
 & Winkel- David Logic Engine 
PDRI (Preventive Dentistry Research Institute) 
 Fort Wayne 
 In-Force Contracts & Payments Due 
 Budgets, Financial Support for Funded & Unfunded Projects, GF Budget Problems 
 Finances, Lee’s File 
 Research Procedures in Clinical & Laboratory Sections & Directors 
 Requests for Special Payments from Chancellor Hine 
 Business Manager Selection 
Proctor & Gamble 
 Royalty Agreements- Day, Muhler, Nebergall 
 Agreement Drafts 1973 
 Ltr. Agreement extending exclusive license 9/23/1960 
 Research Agreement 7/1/1960 
 Ltr. Agreement extending exclusive license 5/18/1960 
 Letter Agreement 7/6/1955 
 Supplemental Research Agreement 7/1/1955 
 Letter Agreement 6/16/1958 
 Research Agreement 9/9/1957 
 Letter Agreement 2/23/1955 
 Letter Agreement 6/1/1954 
 Letter Agreement 8/24/1953 
 Letter Agreement 5/6/1953 
 Crest Publicity A 
 Brush In 
 Crest Publicity B 
 Contract & Financial 1974-1981 (Royalties) 
 Prior to 195632
 1956- 1959 General 
 1960 General 
 1961 General 
 Contract & Financial up to 1973 
 1962- 1966 General 
 Research Agreements 1952, 1962, 1973 
 Research Agreement 8/19/1967 & Letter Modifications 
 1967- 1969 General 
 Research up to & through 1974 and on 
 Research Agreement 7/21/1980 
Product Liability 
Pruett, Frank 
Purdue Research Foundation 
 IUF Agreement re: Ft. Wayne Research PDRI 
Putnam, Frank W. 
Quaker Oats 
 Letter Agreement 2/9/1973 
 Contract & Financial 
Raff, Rudy 
 Lilly Agreement 
 Millipore Agreement 
Ralston- Purina Agreement 4/2/1990 
Razmus, Thomas- Patient Positioning/ Image Layer33
Reading Education- Harste/Strickler 
Reilly, Jim- High Resolution Reflection Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer 
Repaske, Roy-Antihistamines 
Rhine, Samuel A.- Official IUF 256 
Research Corp 
 New Developments after New Agreement 2/28/86 
Research Proposal Procedures: Signature Authorizations 
Rhine- Antenatal Cell Extractor 
Richardson, Alfred W.- 
 Electronic Prothrombin- Coagulation Meter 
 Prothrombin Meter Correspondence 
 Transistor Amplifiers 
Richardson, Thatcher 
 An Inexpensive Ultraviolet Monitor 
 Digital Rate Meter 
Rickey, Martin E.- 
 Light Therapeutic Ultraviolet Source 
 Tech. for Altering Localized Atmosphere Of Musical Instruments 
 Rickey, Martin/ Strong, Douglas/Griebel, David- Novel Piano Action 
Ritter, Merrill A.- Artificial Knee 
Roach, Peter J.- Yeast Glycogen Synthase Mutants 
Roberts Laboratories- Screening Agreement,; Smith, Bartlett, Queener 
Robinson, Ivan M.- Perfluorodicoarboxylic Acids IUF 291 
Robertson, Edward L.- Realtime Semantics 
Robinson, Ivan M. 
 IUF 291 
 IUF 291 Japan 
 Official IUF 291 EPC/Netherlands 
 IUF 291 
 Official IUF 291 EPC/Italy 
 Official IUF 291 EPC/ United Kingdom 
 Official IUF 291 EPC/ West Germany 
 Official IUF 291 EPC/ Belgium 
 Official IUF 291 EPC/ France 
 Official IUF 291 Perfluorodicarbozylic 
 Official 4,503,206 
Roche, James D.- Criteria for Assessing Clinical Performance 
Zeldin, Martel- Official IUF 402, New Silanes, Disilozanes & Polysiloxanes 
Roeske, Roger W. 
 Official IUF 40134
 Salk Institute 
 Synthetic Analogs of LHRH Useful as LHRH Antagonists 
 Smith Kline & French Labs Agreement 
Rohm & Hass Co.- Agreement / Agricultural Screening 
Roggenkamp, Clyde- Dental Supply Dispensing Device 
Roush, W.R. 
Rubeck, Ronald R.- Various Inventions 
Ryan, John P. 
 ECG Preamplifier 
 Medical Oxygen Monitor 
 Hand Orthosis Development 
 Official IUF 245 
 Assignment IUF 245 
 Bathroom/ Spa Scale Idea 1/20/1984 
 Inertial Wheel Activity Monitor 
 Activity Monitor 
Sanders, Bill 
 Digital Equipment 
 Sale of Software 
Schaeffer, Riley O.- Hexahydroborazoles- Agreement 
Scher, Steven P. & McClelland Charles E.- Postwar German Culture 
Schimizzi, Ned V.- Development 
Schultz Software 
Searle, G.D & Co.- 
 New Product Agreement 
 Contract & Financial 
Sears, Thomas L.- Agreement 
Sebok, Thomas- 
 Encyclopedic Dictionary 
 Copyright & Publications 
Septer, L.E.- Lesco Warning Device 
Seragen Diagnostics, Inc. 
Sherbrooke, Universite De- Confidential Disclosure Agreement 
Shassere, June K.- Office of Ed. Grant G00701185 
Sherman, Mendel 
Sherwood Medical 
Shiner, V.J.- New Aluminum Isoproxide Composition 
Shoemaker, William 
Slominski, Anita- Invalid Seat35
Smith, Carl B.- MacMillan Publishing Co. 
Smith, David H.- Copyright 
Smith, James 
 Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center 
 et. Al.- Miles Inc. 
 Upjohn Company 
Smith, Paul- CAMAC Scaler Module 
Smith, Timothy & Tucker, Mark A. - Sepharose 6B Bisbenzimide 
Social Studies Development Center 
Sonastream Corporation 
 Agreement w/ Bennett Industries 
 Mechanical Toothbrush 
Sodhi, Anoop & Gormley, Doug- Ear Rods 
Spea- Miscellaneous Research 
Sponsored Research Agreement 
Srivastava- Vestmark Agreement 
Srivastave, Arun- Castle Group 
Starks, William E. 
 Automatic Stringed Instrument Tuner 
 Auto Stringed Instrument Tuner 
Stein, Mary Beth- Folklife & Local History in Indiana Museums 
Stein, Rita- Copyright 
Stewart, J.M.-Residual Infection in Bone Research Project 
Stockton, Nancy- Computer Program 
Stoner, John- Tidal Energy Development 
Stookey, George 
 Synergistic Cariostatic Activity 
 IUF 194 Dental Abrasive System 
 IUF 195 Dental Floss 
 IUF 198 Cariostatic Qualities of Fatty Acids 
 Hydrated Alumina Impregnated Dental Floss 
 Hydrated Alumina Prophy Paste 
 Official IUF 185 
 Official IUF 194 
 Official IUF 195 
 Silica Prophy Paste 
 Chlorhexidine Stain 
 Nabisco Agreement 
 Starkist Foods 
 Ralston Purina 
Stout, Gerald L. 
 Et. Al- Telephone Line Interfare 
 Starting Gun Radio Link 
Strand, Ivan 
 Software Development 
 PHreD, Computer based Surveys & Quest. 
Stryker, Jeffrey M.- Cataltic Hydride-Mediated Reduction of Unsaturated Organic Functionality 
Sugar Association Inc.- Research Proposal 
Sun Mark- Agreement Drafts 
Sunbeam Corporation36
 1966- 1967 
 Research Agreement 1967 
Sunstrand Corporation 
Sunline Incorporated 
Supertech, Inc. 
Surzycki, Stefan & Togasaki, Robert 
 Uniform Fragmentation of DNA Molecules using Novel Process of Nebulization Shearing 
 Nippon Zeon License Agreement 
 Nippon Zeon 
 Glas- Col Apparatus Co. Agreement 
Svanum, Soren- Golden Rule Insurance Agreement 
Sverdrup & Parcel & Assoc., Inc. 
Takeda Chemical Co.- Zircate & Zircate Treatment Paste 
Tannery, Sandra L.- Neck Protector (Collar) 
Tao, Liang-Che- Vance Products 
Taylor, Milton W. 
 Official IUF 294 
 Fast Dot-blot for Visual Identification 
 Mutation at the APRT Locus as a Short Term Assay for Screening Potentially Hazardous Compounds 
 Cell Genesys, Inc. 
 Fast Dot-blot for Visual Identification 
 Detecting Specific Viral RNA in Mammalian Cells 
Tebbs, Frances W.- IUF 207 Disposable Toothpaste 
Technology Catalysts 
Technology Transfer Associates 
Tharp, Donald R.- Tharp 1 & 2, Carvers 
Thoma, John A.- Coding Punched Cards 
Thomas, Glenn- Gas Chromatograph & Flourocarbon Tracing Technique 
Tischfield, Jay- Agreement 
Todd, Lee & Sutton, Christopher- Synthesis of New Boron- Containing Dipetide Analogs 
Todd, Lee J. 
Tomasic, Anthony- IUSVA, IUSVA II, IU Logic 
Tompkins, Charles- Sterilizing & Detoxicating Affected Portions of the Anatomy 
Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. 
Union Broach Corporation37
United Dental Laboratories Inc. 
United Dental Lab Agreement 10/1/1973 
Urban Mass Transportation Administration Agreement 
Valesio, Paolo- Novantiqua 
Vencel, Steven A. & Gray, Kent L.- Eye Dominance Testing Machine 
Vencel & Gray- Eye Dominance Testing Machine Patent 
Vick Chemical Co. Correspondence 1975 
Voegelin, Charles- Copyright 
Voss, Brian- U. of New Mexico License 
Wagle, S.R.- Antifertility Agent IUF 122 
Watov & Kipnes 
Watson, Ronald- Medical Research 
Weber, George- Anticancer Activity of AZT 
Weber, Neil V.- Copyright 
Weinberg, Eugene- Zinc-Bactiracin Commercial Sovents 
Weinberg, Myron 
Wentworth, Samuel- Glucose Metabolism Game 
Werner, Peter- Kinesthetic Balance Beam 
White, Arthur 
 Diagnosis of Legionnaire’s Disease 5/21/1931 
 Official IUF 284 
White, S.S.—Pennwalt Corp. Agreement 
White, S.S. & Company 
Widlanski, Theodore- Novel Analogues of RNA & DNA Compounds 
Wilde, Charles 
 Boehringer Mannheim Agreement 
 III Ortho Diagnostics Research 
Williams, David- Upjohn Co. Screening Agreement 
Willis, Lynn- Eli Lilly Research Agreement 
Wilson, Edward G.- Goos Neck Clamp 
Wilson, S.R.- Potassium Alkoxides38
Winthrop, Sterling- Glenbrook Laboratories 
Wizard Agreement 
Woeste, Steven- Whistle with Rubber Mouth Guard 
Woeste, Steven & Koch, Arther L.- Improved Method for Collecting Gram- Negative Cell Walls 
Wrigley, William Jr. Company- Proposal Submitted 
Wrigley, William Jr. Company 
Yates & Auberle, Ltd. 
Young Dental Manufacturing Company 
Young, Stephen- Computer Software 
Yu, Lei- Opiod Receptor Compounds & Nucleic Acid Compounds 
Zapytowski, Steve- Flickering Lantern 
Zeldin, Martel 
 New Polymers IUF 402 
 New Adhesives in Bonding Oxide Surfaces 
 Polysilozanes w/ 4 Aminopyridyl 
Zolan, Miriam- Bio-Rad Laboratories 
Negergall, William 
 #167,045 Australia 07/08/1953 
 #539,808 Belgium 07/14/1955 
 #544,605 Belgium 02/15/1956 
Muhler, Joseph 
 #649,780 Belgium 07/15/1964 
 #649,780 Belgium 08/07/1966 
 #711,659 Belgium 04/12/1968 
 726,836 Belgium 01/14/1969 
 IUF- #726,837 Belgium 07/14/1969 
 IUF- #730,887 Belgium 06/13/1969 
Nebergall, William 
 #75731 Brazil 07/26/1976 
 #393516 Canada 05/15/1954 
 #573522 Canada 04/07/1959 
 #709318 Canada 05/11/1965 
 #709319 Canada 05/11/1965 
Carmack, Marvin, et. Al. 
 #736966 Canada 06/21/1966 
 # 701642 Canada 01/12/1965 
 #701964 Canada 01/19/1965 
Billman, John H. & Chernin, Robert-#26073 Chile 08/10/1971 
Billman, Janetos, & Chernin 
 #26074 Chile 07/23/1971 
 #26311 Chile 06/21/1971 
Nebergall, William 
 #A3026563 Columbia 12/22/1954 
 #16.887 Cuba 01/14/1970 
 #16.888 Cuba 01/14/1970 
 #18,686 Cuba 12/27/1970 
Muhler, Joseph- #7380M France 03/05/1968 
Nebergall, William- #1.188.437 France 03/16/1959 
Carmack, Marvin- #I.275.282 France 09/25/1961 
Muhler, Joseph- #1464611 France 11/28/1966 
Carmack, Marvin 
 #1470301 France 01/16/1967 
 et. Al.- # 1425258 France 12/13/1965 
Muhler, Joseph 
 #1602621 France 02/12/1971 
 #747370 Italy 02/01/1967 
 # 57.783 Luxemburg 08/11/1969 
 #57.785 Luxemburg 08/11/1969 
 #58.352 Luxemburg 07/16/1969 
Stookey, George- #308379 New Zealand 06/14/1999 
Billman, Janetos, & Chernin- #10825 Peru 08/12/1970 
Billman, John H.- #11166 Peru 07/04/1969 
Bellman & Chernin- #10,895 Peru 06/04/1969 
Nebergall, William 
 #846 Philippines 07/27/1961 
 #863 Philippines 08/17/1961 
Muhler, Joseph- #3435 Philippines 05/02/1968 
Nebergall, William- #20059 South Africa 07/08/1953 
Muhler, Joseph- #350885 Spain 01/11/1972 
Nebergall, William 
 #746550 United Kingdom 03/16/1954 
 # 804953 United Kingdom 02/02/1956 
Carmack, Marvin 
 #928572 United Kingdom 07/13/1959 
 #965814 United Kingdom 11/23/1960 
 #925871 United Kingdom 07/13/1959 
 #928573 United Kingdom 07/13/1959 
 # 947649 United Kingdom 11/22/1960 
 # 928574 United Kingdom 07/13/1959 
 # 965813 United Kingdom 11/23/1960 
Muhler, Joseph 
 # 1042085 United Kingdom 06/26/1964 
 #1088216 United Kingdom 05/11/1966 
 # 1102560 United Kingdom 06/05/1968 
Borkenstein, Robert F.- #1175906 United Kingdom 07/12/1967 
Muhler, Joseph 
 # 1198379 United Kingdom 12/10/1968 
 #1212242 United Kingdom 02/26/1968 
 # 1245287 United Kingdom 12/10/1968 
 # 1245288 United Kingdom 12/10/1968 
 # 1260333 United Kingdom 03/26/1969 
IUF- #1484108 United Kingdom 11/24/1975 
IUF- # 1521144 United Kingdom 11/25/1975 
Nebergall, William- #14.812 Venezuela 01/25/1965 
IUF- #22.017 Venezuela 10/06/1970 
Billman & Chernin- # 24,493 Venezuela 06/27/1971 
Billman, Janetos & Chernin 
 #28.471 Venezuela 12/14/1972 
 # 28.580 Venezuela 06/08/1973 
Muhler, Joseph- #15.656 Venezuela 11/29/1975 
Glancy, J.-39
 Ortho 265 [Photographs] 
 Ortho 265 [Photos] Complete set for Kirkland & Ellis 
 265 [Photos] 
 261 [Photos & Negatives] 
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