School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Records, 1950-1997

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The School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at IUPUI was formed as part of the Indiana University system-wide School in 1972. Pre-existing undergraduate programs on the IUPUI campus such as the Metropolitan Studies and the Criminal Justice Education programs were incorporated into SPEA at the time. Graduate programs in SPEA began in early 1973.

Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, program files, grant files, and other administrative materials.


Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction. Copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.


Cite as: Indiana University. School of Public and Environmental Affairs Records, 1950-1997, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Accessions: RG 42, A77-11, A80-21, A80-30, A81-7, A82-23, A84-5, A85-20, A86-26, A1998/99-009.



Curriculum planning
Indiana University. School of Public and Environmental Affairs
IUPUI (Campus)
Political science-Study and teaching


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


Fellowship Applications B- D, G- M, P- T, Metropolitan Dev. Program 1972-741
Metropolitan Studies Program 
 General Information, ca. 1972 
 Graduate Admissions, ca. 1972 
 Student Fellowship Program 1972-1974 
Miscellaneous Material 1973 
Quantitative & Economic Analysis Subcommittee 1973- 1974 
SPEA 1972- 1975 
Taylor, George: Correspondence 1973- 1974 
Architecture Workshops 1968- 1978 
Ball State Architecture & Planning 1978-1979 
Staff Payroll Fiscal Year 1974-1975 
Travel 1978 
Travel Vouchers 1970s 
Purchasing 1970s 
Payroll 1970s 
Intramural Vouchers 1970s 
HUD Applicants 1970s 
Statement of Accounts, etc. 1970s2
Intramural Invoices 1975- 1976 
 Transfer 1976- 1977 
  Policies 1970s 
 Report 1970s 
Faculty Payroll, Fiscal Year 1974- 1975 
Graduate Assistant 1970s 
Requisitions 1970s 
Statement of Accounts 1970s 
Purchasing 1976- 1977 
Intramural Invoice 1976- 1977 
Placement 1970s 
Travel Vouchers 1970s 
Enrollment Statistics- Students 1970s 
Fee Remission 1970s 
Financial Management Project 1970s 
Environmental Science Program 1970s 
Faculty Recruiting 1970s 
Faculty Related to SPEA, other IUPUI Units 
Fellowship & Traineeships: Graduate Level 
Grants 1970s 
Graduate Management Certificate 1976- 1977 
Honors Program Task Force 1977 
ISPA- Indiana Society for Public Administration 1977-1978 
Grant Solicitations3
ICFAR- Indiana Center for Advanced Research, 1970s 
Indiana Office of Manpower Development 1978 
MPA- Master of Public Affairs, 1970s 
Indiana Public Service Fellowship Program 
Indiana Heartland 
Service Systems for Aging 1978 
Blueprints- Office Layout 
Memos to Faculty 1970s 
Applications- 1970s RESTRICTED 
Extended Degree Program 
Judicial Administration Program 
Long Range Planning Committee 
Minority Fellowship Program 
MIS System 
NASPAA-National Assoc. of Schools of Public Affairs & Admin. 
NEH Challenge Grant 1977 
NSF Grant 1977 
Urban Design Programs 
Women Continuing Education 
Salary Equity Review- 1970s4
Staff Recruitment 1970s 
Title XX, 1976 
JD-MPA Degree 
Affirmative Action Office Guide to Recruiting Process August 1974 
CAUSE- National Science Foundation 1975- 1976 
Miscellaneous 1970s 
Wastewater Treatment Operators Training 1975-1976 
1975- 1977 Biennial Report 
Staff Needs & Search Task Force 1972- 1973 
Profiles: Indiana Central 
Annual Budget Individual Worksheets 1974- 1975 
HUD Fellows Program 1973 
SPEA 1972- 1973 
Public & Environmental Affairs Associate Degree Program 1970s 
Public & Environmental Affairs Graduate Com. Meetings & Admissions rating sheets 1970s 
Public & Environ. Affairs Undergraduate Program 1970s 
Public & Environ. Affairs Graduate Program 1970s 
Course Offerings 1973- 1974 
Total Student Enrollment 1975- 1976 
Course Offerings 1978 
RESTRICTED Personnel Records 
 Albright, Mary Beth 
 Anklesaria, Kaiomars P. 
 Arritola, Lawrence 
 Bahlmann, David W. 
 Berman, Keith M.5
 Black, Lee Roy 
 Blane, Angela 
 Bolen, Cathy 
 Bonnet, Frederick C. 
 Breskow, Sheldon 
 Brodie, William E. 
 Burns, Henry 
 Burton, Cathy 
 Cardwell, Richard 
 Cartwright, Alex 
 Chronis, Chris 
 Cohen, Audrey 
 Day, John J. 
 Dennis, Linda Kay 
 Dulaski, Ben 
 Dunsmore, E. Edward 
 Ferrer, Susan J. 
 Flynn, Joseph 
 Forrest, Katherine 
 Fulda, John Kenneth Jr. 
 Gordon II, Galvy E. 
 Hailey, Douglas R. 
 Hall, Steven C. 
 Hansen, Carmen M. 
 Haskin, Robert 
 Heede, Linda Ann 
 Holman, Gwendoloyne T. 
 Horstman, Neil 
 Howell, Candace 
 Hunnington, George E. Jr. 
 Hyde, Albert C. [part 1] 
 Hyde, Albert C. [part 2] 
 Irwin, Elizabeth A. 
 Jarocki, William Lee 
 Johnson, David 
 Kaplan, Kerry 
 Keithley, William 
 Kerr, Rex J. 
 Kiefer, Donald W. 
 Kinder, James Sheridan 
 Klinger, Don 
 Kordish, Patricia E. 
 Langhoff, Norman T. 
 Larabee, Mary R. 
 Lewis, Claire 
 Libby, Judith 
 Lich, Rodney Ernest 
 Liell, John 
 Lipps, Joseph D. 
 Mallory, Magnolia 
 Mann, Deborah 
 McGavock, Helen 
 Miller, Mark 
 Moore, Malcolm 
 Morehouse, Carl 
 Morlock, Janice A. 
 Murphy, John 
 Neeley, Cynthia A. 
 Palumbo, Dennis J. 
 Phillips, Howard 
 Pittman, Larry J. 
 Ramsey, Erika Hand6
 Ransburg, John 
 Reinier, G. Hobart 
 Rhodes, Michael Richard 
 Ripeberger, Jeff 
 Ritchie, Alton J. 
 Robinson, Judith 
 Robling, R. Michael 
 Roeder, Robert 
 Rutledge, Phillip 
 Scheck, Charles S. 
 Schervish, Philip H. 
 Skelton, David 
 Slater, Connie 
 Stanton, Nils 
 Stauffer, Susan Kay 
 Wright, Maureen 
 Wu, Kin Ling 
 Taylor, George 
 Thompson, William 
 Trubitt, Hillard 
 Trubitt, Paula P. 
 Walls, John W. 
 Walter, David R. 
 Webster, D. Robert 
 Weiss, Robert 
 Willis, Nina 
 Wilson, John 
Academic Coordinating Council 1975- 1977 
Academic Due Process 1976- 1977 
Academic Program Inventory 1976 
Administrative Council 1975- 1977 
Affirmative Action 1974- 1977 
Affirmative Action Advisory Committee 1978 
Bulletin 1976- 1977 
 List 1977- 1978 
 1975- 1977 
 Curriculum Coordinating Committee 1975- 1977 
 1976- 1977 
 Administrative Committee 1976- 1977 
 1976- 1978 
Curriculum Changes 
 IUPUI 1976- 1977 
 Other IU Campus, 1976- 19777
Commencement 1977 
 Miscellaneous 1974- 1977 
 Outgoing IOMD 1979 
 Incoming IOMD 1978- 1979 
 Incoming Primes’ & ODCs’ 1978 
 Outgoing Primes’ & ODCs’ 1978- 1979 
 Administrative Outgoing/Incoming 1979 
 Outgoing Instructors 1978 
Course Announcements 1978- 1979 
Staff Meetings- Agendas & Notes 1978 
Correspondence- Training Facilities 1978 
DPS Meetings- Agendas & Notes 9/18/1979 
Joint Meetings- Agendas & Notes 1978 
Management Committee- Curriculum Review 1978 
Counseling Committee- Curriculum Review  
Committees General- Curriculum Review 1978 
EEO/AA (1) ca. 1978 
EEO/AA (1) Applications 1978 RESTRICTED 
Train-the-Trainer 1978 
Train-the-Trainer Applications 1978 RESTRICTED 
EEO/AA (2) 1978 
EEO/AA (2) 1978 Application RESTRICTED 
Advance Client Counseling & Assessment 1978 
Advance Client Coun. & Assess. Applications 1978 RESTRICTED 
Job Development/Placement (1) 1978 
Job Development/Placement (1) 1978 Applications RESTRICTED 
Management Training 1978 
Management Training Applications 1978 RESTRICTED 
Supervision Training 1978 
Supervision Training Applications 1978 RESTRICTED 
Sub-grant Management (1) 1978 
Sub-grant Management (1) Applications 1978 RESTRICTED 
Time Management 1979 
Time Management Applications 1979 RESTRICTED 
MIS Applications 1978 RESTRICTED 
Program Planning (1) 1979 
Program Planning (1) Applications 1979 RESTRICTED 
Advance Client Counseling & Assessment 1 1979 
Ad. Client Counseling & Assess. Applications 1979 RESTRICTED 
Program Monitoring Assessment 1979 
Program Monitoring Assess. Application 1979 RESTRICTED 
Advance Client Counseling & Assessment 2 1979 
Program Planning 2 1979 
Program Planning 2 Applications 1979 RESTRICTED 
Program Planning 3 3/28-29/1979 
Program Planning 3 Applications RESTRICTED 
Sub-grant Management 2 1979 
Sub-grant Management 2 Applications 1979 RESTRICTED8
Job Development & Placement Applications 1979 RESTRICTED 
Supervisory Procedures Applications 10/25/1979 RESTRICTED 
EEO/AA Applications 6/4,5/1979 RESTRICTED 
Supervisory Procedures Applications 5/21-23/1979 RESTRICTED 
Time Management Applications 6/6/1979 RESTRICTED 
Train-the-Trainer Applications 6/11-13/1979 RESTRICTED 
Management Training Applications 6/18-20/1979 RESTRICTED 
Grantsmanship Workshop10/2-4/1978 
Certificate of Recognition (blank) 
Staff Development Interim Training Program Applications 1979 
Time Management Applications 2/28-29/1980 RESTRICTED 
Time Management 2/28-29/1980 DeCoster/Bean 
Bills- Time Management 2/28-29/1980 
Supervisory Procedures Applications 3/19-21/1980 RESTRICTED 
Supervisory Procedures 3/19-21/1980 
Bills- Supervisory Procedures 3/19-21/1980 
Client Counseling Applications 3/26-28/1980 RESTRICTED 
Client Counseling 3/26-28/1980 
Bills- Client Counseling & Assessment 3/26-28/1980 
Stress Management Applications 4/23-24/1980 RESTRICTED 
Stress Management 4/23-24/1980 
Bills- Stress Management 4/23-24/1980 
Train-the-Trainer Applications 4/28-30/1980 RESTRICTED 
Train-the-Trainer 4/28-30/1980 
Bills- Train-the-Trainer 4/28-30/1980 
EEO/AA Applications 5/13-15/1980 RESTRICTED 
EEO/AA 5/13-15/1980 
Bills- EEO/AA 5/13-15/1980 
Supervisory Procedures Applications 6/2-4/1980 RESTRICTED 
Supervisory Procedures 6/2-4/1980 
Bills- Supervisory Procedures 6/2-4/1980 
Car Rental Bills 1980 
Bills 1980 
Budget 1980 
Computer Information 1980 
Copies of Letters to be Sent 1980 
Correspondence 1980 
Dead Beat Files 1980 
Honorariums 1979- 1980 RESTRICTED 
Evaluation Comments 1979 
Hotels, Purchase Requisitions 1980 
Letters to Hotels 1980 
Memos 1980 
Personnel Management 1980 
Printing Orders 1980 
Purchase Order Releases 1980 
Purchase Requisitions 1980 
Reports to George Purnell 1980 
Schedule of Workshops 1980 
Staff Travel 1980 
Supplement Pay 1980 
Stress Management Workshop (undated) 
Muncie: Data Processing Training Program 1974- 1975 
Office Space Allocation 1978- 1979 
DSP Salary Spread 1978- 1979 
Travel Log Forms 
Miscellaneous 1970s 
Department of Mental Health 1978- 1979 
IPA Supplemental Proposal 1977- 1978 
Search Committee ITDP 1977- 1978 RESTRICTED 
Supervision Training Panel 1978 
Supervisory Procedures 9/25-27/19799
DPS Train-the-Trainer Evaluations 1979 
Time Management Evaluations 1979 
Train-the-Trainer Evaluations 11/1979 
Time Management 11/1979 
Client Counseling & Assessment 12/1979 
Supervisory Procedures 3/19-21/1980 
Time Management 2/28-29/1980 
Supervisory Procedures 12/1979 
Stress Management 4/1980 
Client Counseling 6 1980 
Train-the-Trainer 4/28-30/1980 
EEO/AA 1980 
Program Planning 7/9-10/1979 
Supervisory Procedures 6/1980 
Time Management 1979 
Program Monitoring 1-3/1979, 4/1979 
Time Management Evaluations 1- 1/1979 
Advance Client Counseling 4/1979 
Client Counseling & Assessment 9/1979 
Time Management 9/1979 
Supervisory Procedures 8/1979 
Management Information 8/1979 
Prime Sponsor Management Training 8/1979 
Client Counseling & Assessment 
Program Planning 3/1979 
Supervisory Procedures 2- 5/1979 
Train-the-Trainer Evaluations 6/1979 
Time Management Evaluations 6/1979 
Sub-grant Management 8/1979 
EEO/AA 11/1979 
Interim Train. for Indiana Office of Manpower Development 197811
University Associates, Fall 1978 
Department of Labor Federal Register, 1978 
Intern Info- Sponsor Information Kit 1970s 
U. of Michigan- Management Seminars 1979 
IOMD- 1977 Annual Report 
Catalogs 1970s 
Implementation of Statewide Staff Dev. Institute- Final Report 1978 
CETA 1970s 
Training Resources 1978 
Holiday Inn- North Indianapolis, IN (undated) 
IOOD- 1970s 
Carrousel’s Brown County Inn ca. 1978 
Holiday Inn- South Bend 1978 
Howard Johnson’s [Indianapolis, 1979] 
Rodeway Inn Airport, 1979 
Ramada Inn, Lafayette ca. 1979 
Marriott, Indianapolis ca. 1979 
Styles of Leadership Survey (undated) 
IUPUI Printing 1970s 
Supervisory Processes 9/25-27/1979 RESTRICTED 
Management Training (Prime Sponsor) 8/1979 RESTRICTED 
Client Counsel. & Assessment Applications 9/1979 RESTRICTED 
Cancelled- Program Monitoring 9/1979 RESTRICTED 
Time Management 9/1979 RESTRICTED 
Client Counsel. & Assessment 
 4/11/1979 RESTRICTED 
 4/18/1979 RESTRICTED 
 4/25/1979 RESTRICTED 
Time Management 4/1979 RESTRICTED 
Program Monitoring 2 4/1979 RESTRICTED 
ODC Management Training 8/1979 RESTRICTED 
Supervisory Procedures 8/1979 RESTRICTED 
Sub-grant Management Applications 8/1979 RESTRICTED 
News Releases 1979 
EEO Material 1979 
Client Counseling (blank samples) 
IOMD Layouts 1979 
Monthly Reports, Budgetary Info 1979 
Kelly, Mary 1970s 
Budget 1970s 
Budget Modification 2, IOOD Interim Training 4/1980 
IOOD Correspondence 1979-1980 
Personnel Management 1980 
Client Counseling & Assessment 1979 RESTRICTED 
Johnston, Personal File 6/1980 
Rented Car 1979 
Sheraton East 1979 
Course Announcements10/1/1979- 12/31/1979 
EEO/AA Applications 1979 RESTRICTED 
Time Management Applications 11/14/1979 RESTRICTED 
University Invoice Vouchers, Purchase Requests, Honariums 1979 RESTRICTED 
Motel Contacts 
Supervisory Procedures 1979 RESTRICTED 
IPA Budget Fellowship1979- 1980 
Time Management Applications 1979 RESTRICTED 
Train-the-Trainer Workshop 1979 RESTRICTED 
Budget 1980 
Memos 1980 
Computer Data (Marty L.) 1979 
Hitchens, Ann RESTRICTED 
Purchase Requisitions 1979-1980 
Requisitions for Interim Training 1979 
Proposal- Admin. Of IOMD Monitoring Instrument to ODC 1977 
Staff Development Institute 1977 
IOMD Interim Training ca. 1978 
Career Development Bulletin, Winter 1979 
General Materials (photographs included) 1970s12
Contract 1978 
Budget 1978- 1979 
Staff Resumes 1970s 
Timetables 1978- 1979 
Contacts- ODCs, Prime Sponsors 1978 
Purchase Orders & Requests 1978- 1979 
Travel 1978 
Evaluation 1977- 1978 
Evaluations of Training Seminar 
Brochures- #1 Introduction 1970s 
Application- IOMD Participants (blank) 1978 
Prime Sponsor Packet 
Equipment Rental 1978 
University Regulations 1973- 1978 
Reading File/ FYI 1979 
Motel List 1978 
Internal Memorandum 1978- 1979 
Signed Contract- Manpower Programs 1978- 1979 
Revised Proposal In-Service Training 1978- 1979 
Modification to Contract 1979 
Hotel & Restaurant Bills 1979 
Supervisory- Steggert Material 
Non- collusion Affidavit (blank) 
Budget Forms (blank) 
Expenditure Schedule (blank) 
Property Resource Schedule (blank) 
Work Activity Schedule (blank) 
 Detail- other (blank) 
 Summary,  Budget Attachment 1 
 Summary, Budget Attachment 2 
 Detail of Salaries & Wages 
Articles on workshops 1970s 
Course Development Workbook 
Indiana Office of Occupational Development Brochure 
Computer Printout 
Dr. D’s Overhead projection work 
Staff Travel- Miscellaneous 197913
Mailing Labels (new) 
Originals for evaluations 1980 
Travel 1980 
Document Index 3/5/1980 
IPS Fellowship Program 1978 
Contract SG -80-089, 1979 
IOMD Information (General) 1979 
Originals- Beth Thompson 
3M- Info (examples) 
SPEA Policies 
Prime Sponsors & ODC List 
Supervisory Procedures Evaluation (blank) 
Record of Announcement (extra) 
Marbaugh- Customer Order 1980 
Honorariums 1980 
Work Schedule 1980 
Purchase Requisition 1980 
3M Information 
Letters Copies 1980 
Printing Duplicating 1980 
Staff Training Travel 1980 
Client Counseling & Assessment 1980 
Time Management 1980 
Supervisory Procedures 1980 
Staff Travel- Dan Schroeder 1978- 1979 
Miscellaneous 1978 
Extras (everything) 1978- 1979 
Lanier Information from class notes 1978 
Lanier Programs (Disk Order by Member) 1978 
To be Programmed 
Lanier #1-7 
Job Offer 1978 
Purchase Orders & Requests 1979 
News Clippings 1979 
Training Schedule 1979 
Van Lease 1978 
Advance Client Counseling & Assessment- materials for notebooks 
Brochures 1978 
Budget 1978-1979 
Calendar DPS 1979 
Consultant Fee Schedule 
Correspondence/ Memo Outgoing 1979 
Course Description 
Client Counseling 
Correspondence- IOMD 1978- 1979 
Client Counseling 1,1978 
Curriculum Review 1978 
Director Meeting On-site1979 
EEO/AA 1978 
Equipment 1978 
Greencastle Area G 
Interim Training Course Descriptions 
Instructors Fee Schedules 
Job Development & Placement 1978 
In-service Training Committee 1979 
MIS (Management Information System) 1978 
MIS, DPS 1978 
Management Training 1978 
Motel List 
Newsletter 1979 
Newspaper Clippings (CETA) 1978- 1979 
ODC Location- Phone Number 
OSORO 1979 
Budget Modification 1979 
Participants 1978 
Prime Sponsor, Location- Phone Number ca. 1978 
Planning Schedule1979 
Program Planning 1979 
Resume DPS 1978 
CETA Rules & Regulations 1979 
Staff Assignments 1977- 1978 
Schedule Staff Assignments 1979 
Sub-grant Management 1978 
Time Management 1,1979 
Train-the-Trainer 1979 
 Chronological File 12/1978- 1/1979 
 2/1979- 3/1979 
 Chronological File 3/5/1979- 4/4/1979 
 4/1979- 8/1979 
 Chronological File 8/27/1979- 11/29/1979 
 12/1979- 1/1980 
 Instructors Travel (IOOD) 1979 
Workshop Checklists 
Miscellaneous- Beth Thompson 
Workshop- Hotel Contracts, IOOD # 47-976-61, 1979 
Purchase Orders Releases/ Sent 1978- 1979 
IOMD Information General 
General Information 
Staff Travel- Angela Dabney 
Parking- Dan Schroeder 
Staff Travel- Mark Johnston 
Workshop Locations 
Originals Set II up to 12/26/1979 
Purchase Requisitions- IOMD 1979 
Curriculum Review Committee 1978- 1979 
IOMD Training Workshop (Record) 1978- 1979 
Workshop Menus 
Workshop List of Registrants 1979 
Parking- Mark Johnston 
Staff Developments Bulletin (Vol. 1, No. 2) 
Purchase Requisitions 1979 
Curriculum Review Committee 1978 
IOOD Contracts 1979 
Staff Development- Miscellaneous 
Improving the Quality of Health Care for Older Adults15
Miscellaneous- Water Quality 1979 
State Wide Advisory Committee 1979 
Publicity 1979 
Correspondence- 208, 1979 
Speakers/ Teachers for Workshops 1979 
IHCC (Indiana Heartland Coordinating Committee 1978- 1979 
Region 6 Planning & Development Committee 1979 
Michigan Area Council of Governments (MACOG) 1978- 1979 
West Central in Economic Development District  1979 
MACOG Forum Evaluation Sheets 1979 
NIRPC Forum Evaluation Sheets 1979 
West Central Workshop Evaluation Sheets June 14- 15 1979 
Heartland Workshop Evaluation Sheets 1979 
Region 6 Workshop Evaluation Sheets 1979 
NIRPC (Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission) 1979 
IHCC (Indiana Heartland Coordinating Commission) 1979 
MACOG 1979 
Region 6, 1979 
West Central IEDD (Indiana Economic Development District) 1979 
Mailing Lists & Procedures 1978- 1979 
“Contact” Agencies & Organizations for 208, 1978- 1979 
Mid Term Report- Final Report & Deans Report, 1978 
Budget 1979 
Label/Finished 1978- 1979 
Bill Digest Forms 
Water Quality Education Project 1978 
Printing Receipts 1978- 1979 
Computer Programs 1979 
Forrest Tate Evaluations 1979 
Management Intern Program Drafts 1977- 1978 
Modifications #2, 1979 
Honorariums 1978- 1979 
Train-the-Trainer Applications Received 1979 RESTRICTED 
Instructors Payments 32.5, 1978- 1979 RESTRICTED 
IOMD Workshop Planning 1979 RESTRICTED 
Workshop Announcements IOOD-47-976-61, 1979 
IOMD Training Workshop 1979- 1980 
IOOD Monthly Reports 1979 
Staff Travel- Connie 
Supervisory Procedures Participants 11/1978- 9/1979 
Management Information Systems, Previous Participants, Labels 
IOOD Needed Materials 
Time Management Previous Participants- Labels 
Management Training Previous Participants- Labels 
Miscellaneous University Forms 
Practice (Typing) Spare Time 
Daily Work Schedule- Beth 1979- 1980 
Addressed Mail Labels- IOMD 
Governor’s Office Correspondence 197716
HUD Registration Prelim. FY 1978, UDAGS 
Indiana Dept. of Revenue, Howard Johnson 12/5/1977 
IPA (Intergovernmental Personnel Act) 
 Reg. & Info 1977- 1978 
 Field Agents 1978 
 FY 1979, Regs. 
 Supplemental Requests, State & Local 1970s 
 Reports 1977- 1978 
 FY 1979- Proposals 
 State Board of Health- IPA 6/1/1978 
 ITDP Job Description, Advertisement, Project Summary, Etc. 1978 
 Presidential Management Interns 1970s 
 State Plan FY 1977- 1978 
 Proposals 1979- 1980 
LGSC (Local Government Study Commission) 1977- 1978 
Numbers Runner 1978- 1979 
Address Lists 
Intergovernmental Training Council IITC 1978 
IDR- Audit Training 
Audit Sampling Workshop 1978 
IPA FY 1979 
Tax Auditors’ Workshops 
Federal Assistance Program Retrieval System (FAPRS) 9/1977 
Water Quality 
Department of Revenue Program 
Miscellaneous Resumes 
Division of Public Service 1977- 1978 
DPS Grant Workshop 
Career Development Evaluations 1979 
Questions List 1979 
MIS 1979 
CETA Grant Renewal 1978 
 Computer Work (Memos) 1978- 1979 
 Grant & ODC listing 1978 
 Work 1978 
 Budget 1979 
 Computer Programs, MIS 1978- 1979 
Security Special Project 1977- 1978 
Solid Waste Project 1978 
Extension Service Technical Assistance to Local Governments 
Objectives 1977 
Police/ Personnel Conference 1978 
Plainfield/ Guilford Township: Ted Pollion & Jim Hummel 
NaCo- County General 
Library Training Grants 1977 
Census Project- W.T. IPA 
IPA Supplements Request 1978 
SPEA Executive Education Program 1979 
Carl Baumgras: Indiana Mental Health Manpower Grant 1978- 1979 
 Intergovernmental Personnel Act 1975- 1976 
 Service with Courtesy 1975- 1977 
 MITC (Midwest Intergovernmental Training Committee) 
 Consortium for Governor’s Intern Program- IPA 1975 
 Grant to Executive Office of Governor for Intergovernmental Assistance 1975 
 Statewide Projects- Project Management Workshops 1976 
 Statewide Project- Project Management Training Needs Conference 
 Project Reports 1976 
 Statewide Projects- Labor Relations Statewide 1975 
 Statewide Projects- Mental Health  Statewide 1974- 1975 
 Dept. of Mental Health- Labor Management Conference 1975 
 State Projects- CAA Project Management Training 1975 
 Conference on Public Project Management Training Needs 1976 
 Requests for Mileage Newly Elected Mayors 1975- 1976 
 Local Projects- IACT 1975 
 IACT Project Budget 
 Projects- Hammond, East Chicago 1975 
 Indianapolis Department of Parks & Recreation 
 IPA Quarterly Reports 1976- 1977 
 IPA Guidelines 1973 
 Final Reports FYs 1974- 1976 
 Quarterly Reports 1/1975- 6/30/1976 
 Final Reports FY 1973- 1974 
 Quarterly Reports 10/1/1973- 1/1/1974, 4/1/1974- 7/1/1974 
 Final Reports FY 1972- 1973 
 Quarterly Reports 1/1/1973- 4/1/1973, 7/1/1974-1/1/1975, 10/1975- 12/1975 
 IPSF 2nd Quarter 1/1/1977- 3/31/1977 
MITC 1978 
MITC Training Questionnaire 1978 
IPSFP Grant Application 1976- 1977 
IPA Assistance- Public Financial Management Advisory Committee 1977 
Proposal- Vanderburgh Co. FY 1978 
IPA Application 1978 
Economic Development 1976 
Commission on Aging  1976 
Final Reports- Rough Draft 
OMB Circular No. A-102, 1971 
Consortium Meeting 8/18/1975 
Intergovernmental Per. Projects 1972- 197718
Labor Relations 1977 
 Administrative Cost Project 1977 
 Correspondence- Jumper’s 1977 
 Correspondence- Outgoing 1976- 1977 
 National Statement of Training Policy 1977 
 News Releases 1977 
 State-Training Newsletters 1977 
 Planning 1977 
 Proposals- FY 1978, 1977 
 Public Law 91-648, 1977 
 Publications, Mailing List 1977, IPA in Indiana 
 Publication- Grant Administration 1977 
 Publications, IPA in Indiana 1977 
 Publications- IPA Newsletter 1977 
 Publications- Statewide Plan (Complete) FY 1976- 1977 
 Publications- Statewide Plan FY 1976- 1977 
 Quarterly Reports 10/1/1977- 9/30/1978 
 Final Reports FY 1976- 1977 
 Resolutions 1977 
 State Trainers Meetings 1977 
 Tax Audit Workshop 9/12-23/1977 
 Training- Logansport 
 Quarterly Reports 1/1/1977- 3/31/1977, 6/30/1977 
 PSF Quarterly Reports 4/1/1977- 6/30/1977 
 Miscellaneous 1976 
 Quarterly Reports 1/1/1976- 12/31/1976 
 Fellowship Contract 1976 
 Affirmative Action/ Equal Employ. Opportunity Project 1976 
 Applications- Supplementary Funds 1976 
 Assistance- Correspondence 1976 
 Indiana Association of Cities & Towns 1976 
 Indiana Advisory Coord. Council on Public Management 1976 
 Award Letters 1976 
 Evaluations Meeting 1976 
 Forms 21 & 22 
 Civil Service Training Info 1976 
 Instructor Training for Public Finance Officials 1976 
 Monitoring Evaluations 1976 
 News Releases 1976 
 Proposed State Projects 1976 
 Public Sector Labor Relations Center Proposal 1976 
 Publications- Statewide Plan FY 1975- 1976 
 Quarterly Reports 1976 
 IPSFP Reports 1976 
 Reports 1976 
 Upward Mobility Proposal 1976 
 Workshop in Management of Public Cash Balances 1976 
 Financial Management Correspondence 1977 
 Guidelines/Announcements (Supplementary Funds) 1977 
 Guidelines & Application Procedure FY 1978 
 Indiana Advisory Coord. Council on Public Management 1977 
 Indiana Census Users Project 1977 
 Indiana Public Service Fellowship 1977 
 Indiana Training & Dev. Project 1977 
 Indiana Training & Dev. Correspondence 1977 
 Intergovernmental Assistance Project 1977 
 Demonstration Application- MITC 1977 
Equipment Training, Library 1977 
IPH Fellowships 
Miscellaneous 1977 
Appendices 1978- 197919
Appendices  ca. 1978 
Correspondence 1979 
Mental Health Seminar- Brown Co. Inn, 1977 
NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) Site Visit, 1977 
Mental Health Workshops Project Report 1977 
Rough Draft 
Miscellaneous Notes 
Manpower Training Institute- IOMD 1977 
Reference Material for Forecasting & Planning 
Manpower Training Mental Health- Reference Materials ca. 1978 
Chapters 3 & 4- Mental Health Manpower 
Travel Advance- Connie Johnston 1979 
 Minimum qualifications 47-976-52, 1978 
 Informational Grants 1978 
 Miscellaneous 1977 
 Intergovernmental Assistance 1978 
 ITDP (Indiana Training & Dev. Project) Description 1977- 1978 
 Risk Management Training Program 1977 
 Local Government IPA Workshop Series 1978 
 Mid-Level Management Training 1978 
 Supervision Panel Pilot 
 Narrative Report 1/1/1977-3/31/1977 
 Fellowship 1978 
 Correspondence 1978 
 Quarterly Reports 7/1/1979- 9/30/1979 
 TDC Indiana Training & Dev. Program 1970s 
 P.L. 91= 648 
 Narrative Report 1/1977- 3/1977 
 Narrative Project Report 1/1/1978- 3/31/1978 
 Award Letters 1977 
CETA 7/1978- 12/1978 
Health Laws 1976 
The Job Finder- Self Directed Search 1974 
Organized Crime 1978- 1979 
Anderson Police Project 20-175-14, 1970s 
Logansport State Hospital 20-175-14 
Michigan Fire 20-175-14 
CETA- Title VI 47-976-03 
Marion Police 40-976-07 
Marion Fire Reports 47-976-51 
Marion Fire 47-976-5120
University of Georgia Center 20-175-80, 1978 
Contract: IOMD & DPS/SPEA 1978 
Logansport State Hospital 
Marion Poice 40-976-02, 1978 
Indianapolis Grantsmanship 
Women in Politics- Project Dir. Report 1978 
CETA Title II 40-976-08 
IOMD Interim Training 47-976-61, 1979 
DPS Miscellaneous Expenditures 1977- 1978 
Office Supplies Spread Sheets 
Dept. of Revenue Tax Audit- Special Project 1978 
Community Service Agency 1979 
Housing Authority 47-976-72 
Open Dump 47-976-73 
IPA Miscellaneous 1979 
Minneapolis 59-976-01, 1979 
 Assistant Financial Management 1979 
 County Field 1979 
 Fellowship 1979 
 ITPD 47-976-65, 1979 
Commission on Age & Aging 47-976-46, 1977- 1979 
Richmond Police 40-976-06, 1978- 1979 
Coroners Annual Meeting 20-175-14, 1979 
Organized Crime 47-175-16, 1978- 1979 
Commission on Aging 47-976-64, 1978- 1979 
Water Quality Education Project 47-976-62, 1978- 1979 
Budget Forms (blank) 
DPS Computer 
IPA Administration 47-175-14, 1979 
Certified Public Manager 1976- 1977 
State Licensure Agreement 4/1979 
Telephone Security- American Society for Industrial Sec. 1977 
Time Sheets (past) 
IU Arabian Gulf Education Program 1975-1976 
Adult Education Information Center 
ASPA- American Society for Public Administration 1974-1975 
Publications & Audio Visuals 1978 
Accounting for Smaller Governmental Units Dec. 4-5 1979 
Ad Hoc Committee on Criminal Justice Review, Final Report 1976 
Center for Management Education & Services, U. of Evansville 
Center for Public Affairs Service Learning 
Classification Plan & Salary Schedule 1977 
Center for Public Safety Training 1978 
Cash Management: A Professional Approach 
Crown Point, 1979 
Division of Professional & Technical Services- Semi Annual Report, 1974 
Division of Public Service, IU SPEA 
Executive Training Center- Earlham College 1978 
Election Training Materials 
Equal Employment Opportunity  
Equipment Instructions 
Indiana Public Service Fellowship Program 
Indiana Financial Management Newsletter, June 1979 
Financial Management Assistance Program 
Grantsmanship Seminar21
Green Sheet 10/29/1978 
General Revenue Sharing 1976 
General Services Administration 1976 
Governor’s Intern Program 1976-1978 
Search for Health Workshop 
Health Systems Agency, Inc. Death & Dying 1977 
Humanities Brochure 
Health Policy Seminars 1970s 
Institute for Research in Public Safety 
Midwest Intergovernmental Training Committee 
Indiana & the IPA 
Interpersonal Communications 
Indiana’s Interim Manpower Projections 1970- 1980 
Information Sources 10/1975 
Management Information Service 1977 
Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970 
Indiana Association of Cities & Towns 1978 
Institute for Governmental Services 
Index of Hearings/Letters of Finding 1979 
Connie Johnston- Travel for DMH 
League of Women Voters- Catalog, Spring 1977 
Long Range Plan January 1979 
Midwest Monitor 1978 
Mailing Lists 
Manpower Regional Workshop 1979 
Mental Health 47-976-73 
Nigerian Legislative Administrators, 1979 
NIHSA Workshop- Effective Group Functioning 
Organization of the Executive Branch of Indiana State Government 
Operating Appropriation Request 1975- 1977 
Center for Public Safety Training 
Police Guide on Organized Crime 
Public Environmental Affairs Bulletin 
Powers & Duties of City & Town Officials 
Position Classification Workshop 1979 
Report of the President 1976- 1977 
Proposal for Supervision Pilot Program  1978 
Public Careers Internship & Placement Center Fall 1978 
Presidential Management Intern Program 
Resource Conservation & Recovery Act of 1976 
Solid Waste Management for Indiana- An Overview ca. 1976 
Staff Development 
SPEA Training Programs 
Search for Health Forum 1977 
Solving City Problems through Joint City-University Research Vol. I & II, 1977- 1978 
South Bend Urban Observatory 
 Saving Residential Neighborhoods 1976 
 Citizen Attitude Survey, 1976-1977 
 Research Reports, 1975 & 1978 
 Downtown Development, 1977 
State Planning for Social Services, 9/16/1977 
Tax Terms- Quick Answers, 1973 
Wall Street Journal Clippings 
Women in Politics: Practical Hints for Candidates & Campaigners 
Women’s Studies ca. 1977 
Water Clean- Up: April- June 1979 
Women Money Management, 1978 
Labor Relations 
 Correspondence- Incoming 1976- 1977 
 Correspondence- Outgoing 1976 
 Police L.R. in the Midwest 
Lawton Visit (Jan. 25-27 1976) 
Leadership Development for Public Service, 1975-1976 
Legal Justification for DPS 
Status & Needs Assessment Personnel/Labor Mgmt. Relations 
Local Government Study Committee 
News Clippings 1978 
Report to Congress- Factors that Impede Progress in Implementing the Health Maint. Organization Act of 1973 (9/3/1976) 
Health Care 
Evaluation of Uses of Data from State Health Interview Surveys 2/10/1975 
Guidelines for the Development of a County Comprehensive Health Plan 8/1974 
National Health Expenditures 1950- 1966 
Health Manpower Employment 10/197622
Methodological Approaches for Determining Health Manpower Supply & Requirements, 1976 
Water Clean-up 
Results of 9 State Pretest- ABT Associates, 8/4/1978 
Indiana Dept. of Mental Health Needs Assessment- Component of Manpower Planning Grant 1978 
Mental Health Center 
Kentucky Mental Health Manpower Commission 1962- 1972 
National Institute of Mental Health FY 1978 
DPS Grant Report 
Methodological Approaches for Delivering Health Manpower Supply & Requirements Vol. II ca. 1973 
Annual Review & Progress Report 1977- 1978 
Comprehensive Mental Health Manpower Development: Concepts & Practices 10/4/1978 
Organizational Meeting Task Forces for Problem Definition Phase 1979 
U.S. Health Care: Stephen P. Strickland 1972 
Blood Donor Requests 12/5/1978 
Intercollegiate Bibliography Cases in Health Management 1978 
MH Employee Development Approaches 
Health Planning Information Series to Data for Health Systems Planner 1976 
Client Counseling & Assessment, 1980 
Proposal from Equifax Services ca. 1979 
1978 Annual Report- Indiana Office of Occupational Development 
State Mental Health Manpower Dev. Contacts 7/1/1979 
ADAMHA Manpower Policy Analysis Task Force Vol. I, 5/1978 
ADAMHA Manpower Policy Analysis Task Force Vol. II, 9/1978 
1977 Annual State Plan 
A Community of Research & Service, January 1978 
Intergovernmental Personnel Act 
SPEA- Community of Research & Service, January 1979 
Correspondence- Priscilla Crawford, 1979 
October 1979 National Newsletters 
Bibliography of MHMP 1971 
September In-State Newsletter 
IOMD: Eric Probes Training ca. 197823
Maxam, William 11/16/1978 
Cambridge (workshop) 9/18/1978 
Book listings 
Regional 5 & 6 Newsletters 
Priscilla/ Angela Newsletter Info 
Mental Health Newsletter 1979 
Regional Mental Health News 1979 
Schedule of Activities 1979- 1982 
DHM Monthly Activities 1978 
Evans, Carol 
First Year Activities 1978- 1979 
Dept. of Mental Health: Manpower Dev. & Plan. Proposal 1977 
Grants (Active U.S.)1978 
Manpower Data Evaluation 
MH Manpower is: 4 Concepts 
Metzcus, R.H. 
Office Procedures (forms) 
Planning Flow Chart 
September 1978- 6 Site Visits, Orientation Meetings 
Personnel Roster of CMHC & State Hospitals 
Task Force, General Info 1978 
Management Meetings 1979 
Training Pamphlets 1978 
Data TF (Task Force) 1979 
Planning & Evaluation TF (Task Force) 1979 
Training TF (Task Force) 1979 
Sanctions II TF (Task Force)1979 
Steering Committee 
Administrative TF (Task Force) 1979 
Manpower Plan Application, 1977 
Training TF (Task Force) Info 1979 
Training Task Force Info Continued 1979 
Smith, Betty- NIMH Grant Coordinator 
Medical Library Search ca. 1978 
Pictures from 1st Task Force Meeting [no pics in folder] 
Sanctions I TF (Task Force) 1979 
Task Force Memberships 4/10/1979 
Memos 1978- 1979 
CIHSA MP Meeting 
Marion Police Proposal- ICSPA 
Regional Newsletter 
Murray, John AMA 1979 
Monthly Reports 
Address List- Betty Smith 
In-State Newsletter 5/1979 
Regional Newsletter 5/1979 
Deans Report 1978- 1979 
State MP Offices 1979 
Rough Drafts 
Parking Receipts (Mark) 1979 
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, & Mental Health Manpower 1978 
DPS Information 
Funder’s Desires 
[Division of Public Service] 
Budget 1979 
Legislative Background Information NIMH 
Proof for Newsletter 
CIHSA 9/18/1979 
Mental Health Manpower Year 1 Report 1978- 1979, June 1979 
Originals of 1978- 1979 Report 
April 9, 1979 Update, April 24, 1979 Work Session 
Exec. Staff Central Office Update 8/21/1978 
Hospital Staff Dev. Directory 7/20/1978 
All Interested Parties 8/30/1978 
Participants Sept.- Oct. 30, 1978 
Recently Identified & Potentially Interested Parties 1978 
Members Task Force Intro Letter, 1/19/1979 
TF Participants Thanks Meeting 2/20/1979 
Executive Staff 7/25/1978 
Interested Parties Sept. Meetings- 8/30/1978 
Hospital Staff Dev. Directory 10/6/1978 
DMH Personnel Agenda 7/21/1978 
9th Tax Audit Workshop Manual 9/12-13/1977 
10th Tax Audit Workshop Manual 3/16/1979 
Statistical Samples in Tax Auditing- May 1978 Workshop24
Municipal Finance Officers Association 1977 
McGregor Article- Forecasting, 1977 
Multi-Year Budgeting Project 1977 
Dept. of Mental Health Jr. Task Force 
Indiana Newsclip 1977 
National Endowment for Humanities 5/16/1977 
 Nigerian Delegate Visit, March 1979 
News Releases 1977 
News Releases- Elkhart & Franklin 1978 
Incoming Correspondence, 1977 
Northern Virginia Police Academy 1977 
Nursing Home Project 1970s 
Office Procedures 
Open Dump Materials 
Ohio State Highway Patrol Accident Investigation Course 1976 
Pennsylvania Criminal Justice 1977 
Police Information Services, Records Training 1976 
Correspondence Outgoing 1977 
Police & Fire Pensions- Bibliography 1977 
Private Security Task Forum 1977 
Public Service Planning  Committee 1977 
South Bend Fire Fighter 1978 
RFP Requests 1977 
Reimbursement Policy Professional Meeting 8/3/1977 
School Finance Study 1977 
Security 1977 
Security Officers Training Prog. Correspondence 1977 
SIHSA 1977 
South Bend Merit Promotional Grant 1977 
Certificate in Public Management Subcommittee 1977 
SPEA Courses 
 V517, Spring 1977, Wagner 
 V580, Summer 1977, Wagner/Miller 
 V580, Spring 1977 
Criminal Justice Faculty & Staff 1978 
Health Planning 1977 
SPEA Long Range Plans 1978 
School Food & Nutrition Program 1978 
State Board of Tax Commission Examination-Tax Assessor 1977 
State Board Tax Committee Testing Program 
Switzerland CTY Request 1978 
Survey Research 1977 
Newsletter Examples 
Women’s Lib Logo 
Indiana & Indianapolis Maps 
Specification Sheets 
IOMD Application Info 
Dr. DeCoster 
 Internal (IU) 1975- 1976 
 External- State & Local 1975- 1976 
 External- Out of State 1975- 1976 
Travel Vouchers 
 Wagner, 1975- 1976 
 Bannerman, 1975 
 Staff 1976 
Memoranda for Record 1975- 1976 
Vitae For Future Reference 
 Dave Bannerman RECTRICTED 
 Chronis, Chris S. RESTRICTED 
 Watkins, Nancy 
 Robert A. Haskin 
 Woolridge, Vicki 
 Smith, Jim- Adm. Asst. to the Governor 
 Dale Adams 
 Jack Wilson 
 Gloria Cremeans RESTRICTED 
 Chris Baker RESTRICTED 
Supplies, Equipment, Requisitions & Records 1973- 1976 
Grant Administration 1975 
Reports 1975 
 Internal (IU) 1975- 1976 
 External (Indiana State & Local) 1975 
IPA Lake County 
Administration on Aging Contract ca. 1975 
Travel Regulations 1973 
Public Officials 1972- 1975 
Stivers Lifesavers, Inc. ca. 1973 
Reference Material 
Affirmative Action Reference Material 1970s 
SPEA Curriculum 1970s 
Local Government Assn. 1974- 1975 
IACT Organization 1975 
Training Needs Survey 1974 
CETA (Comprehensive Employment & Training Act) 1970s 
Annual Report of Dean: Due July 1975 
Equal Opportunity Employment 1970s 
Older Americans Act 1974 
The EEO Act 1973 
SPEA Organization Administration Public Relations 
IPA Assistance 
 Financial Management 1977 
 Addenda 1977 
 Correspondence 1977 
 Cash Flow Analysis (Chesterfield) 1977 
 Cash Flow Analysis (Marion) 1977 
 Cash Flow Analysis (Monticello) 1977 
 Cash Flow Analysis (Speedway Public Library) 1977 
 Cash Flow Analysis (Vincennes) 
 Billing 1977 
 Classification Evaluation Project 1977 
 Contact People 1977 
 Correspondence- Incoming, Outgoing, Jumper, 1976- 1977 
Terre Haute 
 Report- Final 6/30/1977 
 Correspondence- Internal, Outgoing, Internal 1977 
 Project ca. 1977 
Index of: Audit Grams, Rulings, Bulletins, Circulars, Hearing Decisions & Findings 
The Foundation Grants 197326
Productivity & Program Evaluation ca. 1976 
[Cassette Tapes] 
Slide Presentation Information 
Women In Politics: Logo Information 
Staff Development Logo 
Receipt & Memos 1979 
IHETS (Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications System) 
Panel Project 1977- 1978 
IOMD Calendar & Proposal Schedule Forms 
Logansport Hospital 
Certificates: Staff Development 
Dr. D’s Transparencies 
NAVA [audio- visual] 
Incoming Mail 
Indiana Precinct Election Officials Manual 1975 
Activities Report 1978 
Center for Public Safety 1978- 1979 
CPS Logansport Blueprints 
Mental Health 
ITDP (Logo) Stationary 
Manpower Plan Project- Public Service Work Activities 
CPS- Exe. Protection 
Dr. D’s Graph Work 
Authorization for Printing 
County Field Report 
DPS Symbols- State Symbols 
Sertz- Personal 
Dr. D’s Overhead 5/11/1979 
Map of Plymouth 
Core Methods Overhead 
Time Management 
Color, Layout- Brochure Info. 
Mental Health Stationary Layout 
Indiana Association of Cities & Towns 3/14/1978 
DMD News: City of Indianapolis Administration News: Indy, 1978 
Indiana Training & Development Project 3/1978 
HEW Grants: Federal Register excluding CD Blocks 
National Technical Information Service Bulletins 1977- 1978 
Indiana Arts Commission 1975- 1978 
Grantsmanship Bibliographic Items 1/1978 
CETA Regs 6/25/1976 
DPS 7-10 Year Planning Effort 1978 
DPS Office Stuff: Memos, Etc. 1977- 1978 
Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee: Intergovernmental Task Force 1977 
Bibliography: U. of Georgia- Public Service in Institutions of Higher Education 1977 
World of Work Reports 1977 
DOL: Office of Research & Development Grants 1970s 
Economic Development Commission Regulations, Title IV 
Intergovernmental Study Commission Indiana 1977 
Financial Management: Memos, Reports, Publications 1977- 1978 
Intergovernmental Personnel Act FY 1978 RFP 
Project GET SET, IUPUI Paula Schneiderman, CETA Title III FY 1978 
State Board of Tax Commissioners 1977 
IESD: Special Labor Force Reports 
YETP RFP, Indianapolis Division of Employment & Training FY 1978 
ETA Interchange 1977 
IUSB CETA Orientation Project- Mary Rathburn 
Matrix LifeLine: Bloomington 
Staff Dev. Project: Division Of Planning & Zoning- Bruce Brown 
Trade Act of 1974: Title II- Relief from Injury Caused by Import Competition, Employment & Training 
Indiana Commission On Higher Education: Title I-A Regs. FY 1978 
Women’s Educational Equity Acts Regs, RFP, FY 197827
DPS Research Technicians, CETA Forms, Title VI FY 1977- 1978 
Small Cities- HUD 
Community Development Block Grants: Regulations 
Survey Research 1975- 1976 
IPA RFP Fiscal Year 1978, FEDS 
Private Sector Support: 1977-1978 Foundations 
Indianapolis- SPEA/ Det Staff Training Proposal FY 1978 
IACT Newsletters 1977 
ETA Institutional Grants FY 1978 
Indiana Affirmative Action Office 
SPEA Office Jobs 
Blank Cash Vouchers, Invoices 
IOMD- Title VI RFP 1978 
IOMD- General 
DMD- City of Indianapolis 7/20/1977 
SPEA Publication List 
Labor Market Newsletters 
 Indiana Employment Security Division 
 Indiana 1977- 1978 
Urban Development Action Grants: Regulations 1978 
Client Preference Survey- ODC’s FY 1978 
Indiana Manpower Service System: Prime Sponsors, ODC’s 
IOMD Staff Training, Frank Bean 
IOMD CETA Title I RFP 1978 
Welfare Reform Papers, Materials 
 Concept Paper 11/10/1976 
 Applications 1977 
 Community Development Fellows Certificate of Recognition 
 Budget 1976- 1977 
 Correspondence Incoming 
 Correspondence Internal 
 Packet to Wells, Spring 1977 
 Correspondence Outgoing, Tom Fellows 
 Grant 2/6/1976 
 News Coverage 
 Minutes 1977 
 Quarterly Report (4th) 1977 
 Quarterly Report (3rd) 1977 
 Report of Personnel Needs Assessment 
 Correspondence, REF: Community Development 
 Interdept. Memos 
 Staff Paper, Personnel Management 
 Project- Case Descriptions 
 LProject- Report Format 
 Press Releases 
Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law Fall 1979, Winter 1980 
National Health Education & Disease Prevention Act of 1975 
A Health Systems Plan for Northern Indiana 1977 
NITS Urban Information Systems 1964-8/1976 Part 1 & 2 
News Clippings 2/1977- 8/1978 
Board of Visitor Meeting 1977- 197828
Budget Procedures, University 1977 
Business Inventory Tax 1977 
Cash Management 1978 
Certified Assessor Testing Program 1977 
Coding System 
Criminal Justice Training: Jail Administration Program, Lake County 1977 
Criminal Justice Training Marion County Sheriff Dept. 1977 
Community Service 10/1977 
Community Training Program for Elected & Appointed Officials 
Contact People 
Contract- Criminal Justice Center 1976 
Curriculum & Media Development CCJT 
 Correspondence Internal 1977 
 Correspondence Outgoing 1977 
 Dean’s Annual Report FY 1976- 1977 
 Policy & Procedures 1976 
 Public Relations 1977 
Filing Information 
Grantsmanship- Title I, 1978 (47-976-60) 
Gary Urban Observatory 1978 
Greater Indianapolis Task Force 1976- 1977 
 Correspondence Outgoing & Incoming 
 Proposal 1977 
Ground Breaking 1978 
 Board Training 
 Notes, Board Training 
 Correspondence Incoming, Internal, Outgoing 
 Discussion Paper 
Housing Authority of South Bend 
IPA 1978- 1979 Working File 
Indiana Association of Cities & Towns 
Aging & Aged Audit Contract (proposal) 
Indiana Commission of Aging 
Indiana Commission on State Tax & Financing Correspondence 1977 
Indiana Commission on State Tax & Financing Policy 
Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency 
 Organized Crime 
 Policy Development Procedures 
 Police Promotion, South Bend 
 DeCoster, Personal 
Indiana State Board of Health 1977 
Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency, Chief of Police Workshop 
Indiana Department of Public Welfare, Training Title XX Personnel 
Indiana Department of Mental Health 
Indiana Dept. of Public Welfare, Div. of Services for Crippled Children 
Indiana Dept. of Public Welfare 
Crippled Children 
Indianapolis Dept. of Admin. Managing you Job 
Indiana Dept. of Revenue Indexing Program 1977 
Indonesian File 1978- 1979 
 Correspondence 1977 
 Guidelines 1977 
 Division of Planning & Dev., Manpower Development 
 In Service Training Committee 
 Model Program Implementation 
Program Committee- Honeywell House 
Indianapolis Dept. of Metropolitan Development 
Indianapolis Training Council 
Intergovernmental Training Council 
Jail Health 
 Correspondence Outgoing 
Junior League of Indianapolis 
Jailing- General 41-976-0129
Indianapolis Fire Chiefs Association- Convention Center 20-175-14 
Coroner’s Convention 20-175-14 
Michigan City Fire Center 20-175-14 
User Charge Study- Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee 1978 
Local Government Study Commission, Research Material 1978 
User Fees- Research Material 
General Correspondence 1978 
Local Gov. Study Comm. Report “A Summary of Selected Material on Local Gov. Study Commissions” 1978 
Blood/Breath Test for Defense 20-175-14 
Klinger- Indiana Personnel Survey 1978 
Letters to Papers for Legal Notice in Local Papers 1978 
ISBH Correspondence 1978 
Letters of Transmittal 1978 
Publicity 1978 
Letters of Formal Thank You to Individuals Making Oral Comments- Hearings 
Solid Waste- General 
Legal Ads in Various Papers- Invoices, Ads, Publisher’s Claims 
Hearing Moderators- Officers 
Travel Itinerary- Solid Waste 
IU Solid Waste Experts 
Hearing Facilities 
Editor’s Meeting 2/23/1978 
Other State Programs- EPA Guidelines 
Educational Packet 
Invitational Brochure 
Project Schedule, Hearing Sequence 
Personnel Rosters 
Job Descriptions personnel Salaries 
Nancy Smith- Associate Coordinator 
Penny Zimmerman- Technical Writer 
Roger Birdsell- Editor 
Joan Kick- Educational Technician 
Letters or Requests 1978 
Final Report- Solid Waste Project 
Training Needs Survey 4/1978 
Women’s Project 
 Incoming Correspondence Expressing Interest 
 Outgoing Correspondence 1977- 1978 
 Mailing List & Form Letter 
 Materials, ICHE 1977- 1978 
1979 IPA Proposals 
IPA- Tax Audit Workshop 1978 
IPA- Executive Training 1978 
ITDP, Linda’s File 
Candidates for IPA Training Director Position 
ITDP Narratives- Karin, Frank, Kathy 
Dr. Thomas DeCoster- Director, Indiana Training & Dev. Program 
Intern Paper by Gary R. Brennan, 1-4/1978 
What’s What in Public Sector Professional Associations 
Schedule of Training Courses 1977- Institute for Manpower Mgnt. 
 Intergovernmental Assistant, 1978 
 Training 1978 
 Narrative Report 4/1/1977- 6/30/1977 
 Fellowship 1978 
Program Planning I 2/21-22/197930
Sub-Grant Management II 2/28-3/1/1979 
Client Counseling II 3/7-8/1979 
Job Development & Placement II 3/21/1979 
Client Counseling & Assessment 4/11/1979 
Time Management 4/23/1979 
EEO/AA 6/4-5/1979 
ODC- Management Training Evaluations 6/18-20/1979 
Advanced Client Counseling & Assessment I 10/24-25/1978 
Job Development & Placement I 10/24/1978 
Train-the-Trainer I 11/13-15/1978 
Sub-Grants I 11/27-28/1978 
Supervisory Procedures I 11/27-29/197831
Management I 12/5-7/1978 
Management Information System 12/13-14/1978 
H & H (Health & Hospital) 1980 
1981 Guidelines/ IPA Applications 
Other Office Proposals 
Work Contract 
Budget Statements form Bloomington- County Field Project 
Forms- In Kind Contribution 1981 
1980 Budget 
IPA Quarterly Reports 
General Correspondence 
 Incoming 1979- 1981 
 1979- 1981 
State of Minnesota/ IPA Personnel Training 
Personnel Policies 
Salary Info- Counties 
Employment Application Form (blank) 
State Board of Health Regulations 1960s & 1970s 
Newsletters 1979 
Employment Application CAP- Vincennes (blank) 
Training Programs- County Field 
IUSB Training Center 
IPA Grant Applications 1979- 1980 
Clerk/ Treasurer’s 
Needs Assessments 
Cities & Towns 
Model Personnel Policy (Counties) 
Funds: Description & Forms ca. 1976 
Training Cash Management Manual 
Training & Populations 
Shelbyville, IN- Improving Idle Cash Investment Program 
Div. of Public Service- Purnell 
Attitude Survey 
Insert for Classification Report 
Health Dept. Job Description, Bartholomew County 
Classification Inserts 
Performance Evaluation Forms 
Franklin City Library 
Dyer Data 
Improving Idle Cash Investment Program- Highland, IN 1979 
Crawfordsville 300-399 
Budget Manuals 
Gary Report32
IPA Grant Administration Handbook 9/1971 
Handbook of State Election Agencies & Election Officials 9/15/1976 
User Preferences of Policy Alternatives… Dr. Charles Wise 1/1975 
Public Sector Rules & Regulations in Midwest 8/15/1975 
Tri Cap E.O.C., Inc. Project We Care 
Case Studies of Revenue Sharing in 26 Local Gov. 1972- 1974 
Bloomington Utilities 
Correspondence 1978 
MFOA Conference 1980 
County Auditor’s Assn. Accounting Workshop 1980 
Downtown- Minneapolis Material 
Cash Management Schedule Supplemental Info 
Allen County 
THHA Accounting Project 1980 
Shelby County 
Marshall County 
LaPorte County 
County Field Service- Lake County 
Vincennes- CAAP 
Tippecanoe County 
Deputy Assessor 
Johnson County 
Health & Hospital 
DPW Job Description File 
State Task Force Position Classification 3/18/1974 
State Plan 
Monroe County 
County Field Service- St. Joseph County 
Hendricks County33
Monroe & Morgan County 
Marion Police Job Descriptions 
[Miscellaneous County Information] 
County Office Forms 
Mailing List 
Classification Plans/ Scoring Summaries 
Government Financing Brochures 
Cash Management: Cities Completed 
Statewide Plan 
Project Summaries 
Computer Information 
Cash Management: General 
Library Notes 
IPA Project Summaries 
Supervisory Procedures 
Proposal Interim Training 
Colfax, Indiana 
IOOD (General) 
INB Rates 
Memo: Outgoing 1979- 1980 
Correspondence/ Memo DPS 1978- 1979 
Katey [Morris] 
Massachusetts League of Cities & Towns 1977 [includes photo] 
IPA Working Papers 
Correspondence: Incoming 1980 
Contact: Cash Management 
Public Financial Management- Ronald Miller 
Population: Cities & Towns 
IACT Bulletin 
Newsletter: Financial Management 
Governor’s Letters 6/18/1979 
Newsletter: Clerk Treasurers 
Memo: Incoming 1979- 1980 
Computer Acct. Forms 
Grad Assistants 
Muncie Purchasing Project 1980 
Urban Management Subcommittee 1980 
Cash Management Training 1980 
Terre Haute Housing Authority Project 1980 
MMC- Purchasing 
Work Schedule 
Public Financial Management, Ronald Miller 
Newsletter- Potential Articles 
Fort Wayne 
Public Information Material of the Federal Reserve System 9/1979 
July Newsletter 1980 
IACT Staff Support Services 1980 
Program Budgeting Seminar 
Intern Applications- Fall 1977 
Request for T.A. 1979 
Meetings & Conferences 1977- 1979 
Munic. Bonding 
431 S.H. 
Inv. Bill Support 
Speedway Library 
Latondress [Thomas] 
TNG Needs Assessment 
IT & DP 
 Outgoing 1980 
 1979- 1980 
Hiring Procedures 
Capital Budgeting Workshop 
C-M Prelim Info Forms 
Investment Ordinance 
Minneapolis- Analysis of Cash Flows 1974- 1978 
Minneapolis Project # 78-101 
Bill Ludwin Material 
IPA Reports & Proposals 
Women in Politics: Practical Hints for Candidates & Campaigners 
Staff Meetings 
Sponsor Information Kit 
[Marion, Indiana Cash Flow] Long Distance 
New Ross 
 County Field Rep. 
 Financial Management 
WEEA (Women’s Educational Equity Act) 
Commission on Aged & Aging- General 
Food & Nutrition Programs- Dept. of Public Instruction 1979 
CPST (Center for Public Safety Training) 
Mental Health Grant Application 1979- 1980 
Proposal to HUD for Financial Management 
Title I-A Public Housing Security ED. 
[Water Quality] Project 
Dept. of Mental Health- General 
Commission Aging 
IPA Training ITDP- General 
Center [for Public Safety Training] General 
Richmond Police 
IOMD- Interim Training 
IPA Administration 
General- Organized Crime 
SPEA Certificate Programs Concept Paper 
I.O.C.P.C. Organized Crime 
[P- STAT 78 User’s Manual, 3/11/1979]35
[Clermont Study 1974] 
Vincennes [1977- 1978] 
[New Ross Plots] 
Greenfield 1970s 
Lake Station 1970s 
Lebanon 1970s 
Shelbyville 1970s 
Whitestown 1970s 
Evansville Library 1970s 
Hanover 1970s 
CETA- Title II 40-976-0836
KAR Investment Center 
Marion Police Proposal, on hold- 3/5/1979 
Center Proposes 1978- 1979 
Proposal to Lake County Personnel Office 1978 
Proposal for Improving Cash Management Procedures 1980 
Comm. Services Agency FY 1978, Weatherization Funds 
Proposal for Statewide DPS 1978 
Computer Account 1977-1978 
City of Minneapolis- General 
7 Year OD Plan 
Community Service Agency- Russ Ryle 
Tax Audit Workshop 6/4-15/1979 
Printing Forms 
Carmel 1978- 1979 
Idle Cash Investment Program- Chesterfield, IN 1977 
Improving Idle Cash Investment Program 
 Chesterton, IN 1978 
 Clermont, IN 1979 
 Delphi, IN 1978 
 Dyer, IN 1978 
 Highland, IN 1979 
 Hanover, IN 1979 
 Jamestown, IN 1979 
 La Grange, IN 1978 
 Marion, IN 1977 
 Lebanon, IN 1978 
 Marion Public Library 1979 
 Monroe County Community School Corp. 1979 
 Mooresville, IN 1978 
 New Ross, IN 1979 
 Newburgh, IN 
 Owensville, IN 1978 
 Plainfield Public Library 1979 
 Randolph Southern School Corp. 1979 
 Shelbyville, IN 197837
 Speedway Public Library 1977 
 Vincennes, IN 1977 
 Wabash, IN 1979 
 Yorktown 1978 
Cash Management Workshop 1980 
Blank Forms & Samples 
Housing Authority- Terre Haute 
Portland, OR 1979 
 Data 1970s- 1980s 
 Draft Report 
Mishawaka Cshman Evaluation 
Muncie Evaluation 
Fort Wayne 
Cshman Workshop 
South Bend Analysis- Working Papers 
Elkhart 1970s38
Owensville 1970s 
Carmel 1970s 
Jasper 1979 
Chandler 1975 
Shelbyville 1970s 
Franklin/ Johnson County Library 1970s 
Conferences for City Management 
Indiana Heartland Coordinating Commission 
Plainfield Public Library 
Town of Clermont 1970s 
IACT (Indiana Association of Cities & Towns) Ron Miller 
[Illegal Fund] 
Ron Miller- Minneapolis 1970s 
Ron Miller- TOPS Sequence 7/2/1979 
SOS (Advanced Line-Oriented Text Editor) User’s Guide ca. 1971 
Import Software Specification 7/22/1973 
Help Fortran 10/1977 
STP DOC. (Statistical Package) 9/1/1974 
Help COBOL Command Strings39
STP DOC. (Statistical Package) 9/1/1974 
Budget Info for Fire Departments 
 New Castle 5/1/1980 
 Albany 6/24/1980 
 Evansville 6/25/1980 
 New Castle 5/1/1980 
Indiana Contracts Index 
Content Analysis of Midwest State & Local Gov. Contracts 1979 
Housing Authority- Terre Haute, Comparative Income Statement 9/30/1979 
Computer Account Information 
Chandler 1970s 
Correspondence/ Memo Incoming 1978- 1979 
La Grange 1970s 
Evansville, IN 1976- 1980 
Faculty Review 1970s 
Statement of Accounts 1978- 1979 
Intramural Invoice Vouchers 1978- 1979 
Payroll 1978- 1979 
10 Month Payroll 1978- 1979 
Miscellaneous Vouchers 18-976-00, 1978 RESTRICTED 
Travel 1978- 1979 
12 Month Payroll 1978- 1979 
Duplication Orders 1978- 197940
Central Stores Orders 1977- 1979 
Blanket Policies 1979- 1980 
Budget Transfers 1977- 1979 
Wages 1979 
Budget Transfers 1979- 1980 
12 Month Payroll 1979 
Request for Materials 1978- 1979 
Blue Requisition 1978- 1979 
Dr. Echerberger’s Travel 1979- 1980 
10 Month Payroll 1979- 1980 
Duplicating & Printing 1979- 1980 
Postage 1978- 1979 
Bookstore 1978- 1979 
Blanket Policies 1978- 1979 
Request for Materials 1979- 1980 
Blue Requisitions 1979- 1980 
Bi-weekly Payroll 1979- 1980 
Central Stores Orders 1979- 1980 
Travel Vouchers 1979- 1980 
Intramural Invoice 1979- 1980 
Invoice Vouchers 1979- 1980 
Postage 1979- 1980 
Bookstores 2/5/1980 
Statement of Accounts 1979- 1980 
 Part-Time Faculty Perspective 1977- 1978 
 Meeting 1978 
 Part-Time Faculty 1978 
 Recruitment 1977- 1979 
 Review 1978- 1979 
Self-Study Program 1977- 1979 RESTRICTED 
Objectives & Plans 1977- 1978 
News Media Articles 1970s 
Presidential Management Intern Program 
Day Adult High School- External Diploma Project 1977 
 Professional Development 1976- 1977 
 Consulting & Training 9/22/1977 
 Minutes of Faculty of Policy & Administration 10/20/1978 
External Degree Programs 1977- 1978 
Environmental Science Program 1977- 1978 
Internship/ Placement Counselor 1977- 1979 
Criminal Justice Programs 1977- 1978 
Course Changes 1978- 1979 
Status of Courses 3/17/197841
Enrollment 1978- 1979 
Class Information 1976- 1979 
Advisory Committee on Environmental Programs 1977- 1978 
Computers 1979 
Campus Development Plans 1977 
Committees 1978- 1980 
Budget Report 1977- 1979 
Salaries 1979- 1980 
BSPA Program 1977 -1978 
Board of Visitors 1977 
ASPA (American Society for Public Administration) 1977- 1978 
Alumni Association 9/1/1977 
Affirmative Action Advisory Council 1977- 1978 
Admissions 1977- 1979 
Academic Regulations & Awards 1977 
Academic Advising 1977 
Academic Appointments Calendar 1977 
Committees 1977- 1979 
SPEA 1/1979 
NSF (National Science Foundation) Program 1977, 1979 
NEH Challenge Grant (National Endowment for the Humanities) 
National Science Foundation 1978 
National Institute of Public Management 1978 
NABT (National Assoc. of Biology Teachers) 1978 
Pi Alpha Alpha 1978 
NASPAA (National Assoc. of Schools of Public Affairs & Administration) Pi Alpha Alpha 1978 
Course Alternative File 1978 
Learn & Shop, Weekend College, JD-MPA, Sponsored Programs 
SPEA Bulletin, Administrative & Professional Org. 
West Point Annual Conference, Vocational Education, Summer Session 1980 
Long Range Planning 
Committees- Vocational Ed. Advisory, Public Affairs, Indiana Higher Ed., IUPUI Bulletin 
Graduate Affairs Committee 1977- 1979 
Future Studies Comm. & Graduate Admissions Comm. 
Curriculum Review Comm. & Academic Standards Comm. 
Curriculum Coordination Committee 1977- 197942
Space Needs & Seminars 1977- 1979 
Staff Council 1979- 1980 
Research & Grant Policy 
Registration 1978- 1979 
Public Safety 1979 
Public Management Certificate Program 1977- 1979 
Internship Agreements 1977 
Intramural Invoice Vouchers 1977- 1978 
IRPS (Institute for Research in Public Safety) 1979 & IU Award Form 1978 
Indiana Office of Manpower Advisory Committee 1978 
Indiana Training & Development Project 
Indiana Girls School- School/Community Council 1977- 1978 
IUPUI Miscellaneous 
ISPA (Indiana Society for Public Admin.) 1977- 1978 
ICFAR (Indianapolis Center for Advanced Research) 1977- 1978 
IU-IUPUI Administrative Officer’s Review, Holcomb Research Institute, Comm. For Higher Education 
Health Care Conference, Guidelines for S.S. Appointments 
Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee 1977 
Presidential Management Intern Program 1977- 1978 
Off Campus Instruction & Enrollment Statistics- Students 1978-79 
Environment Related Conferences & Laws 1977- 1978 
Division of Employment & Training 1978 
Dean’s List 1977- 1979 
Dean of Academic Affairs- SPEA 
Grant Proposals 1978- 1979 
Proposal Status Reports 1977- 1979 
Graduate Program- Work Study, Development Modules, Assistant Faculty 
German Marshall Fund 
Graduate Assistance Applications 
Fulbright Advisory Committee 1977- 1978 
FIPSE (Fund for Improvement of Post-Secondary Ed.) 1978 
Memos, SPEA Faculty System 1979 
MPA (Master- Public Affairs) 
MSES- MPA Student Directory IUB 1979 
Correspondence: Exec. Dean- Dena of Faculties, Middle States Assoc., Mayor’s Advisory Council to SPEA 
MPA Certificate Modules 
Graduate Degree Information 1978- 1979 
Purchase Orders 1976 
Fall Semester 1976- 1977 RESTRICTED 
Spring Semester 1976- 1977 
Admissions Committee Fall 1977 
Fall Semester 1977- 1978 
Spring Semester 1977- 1978 
Purchase Orders 1977 
Admissions Committee 1979 
Fall Semester 1978- 1979 
Spring Semester 1978- 1979 
Residency Placements Class of 1979 
Purchase Orders 1978 
Fall Semester 1979- 1980 
Spring Semester 1979- 1980 
Residency Placements Class of 1980 
Purchase Orders 1979 
Admissions Committee 1980 
Fall Semester 1980- 1981 
Spring Semester 1980- 1981 
Purchase Orders 1980 
Admissions Committee, Fall 1981 
Fall Semester 1981- 1982 
Personnel Activity Reports Monthly 1980- 1981 
Spring Semester 1981- 1982 
Purchase Orders 1981 
Personnel Activity Reports (bi-weekly) 1981- 1982 
Summer I & II 1982 
McHugh Counseling 
Fall Semester 1982- 1983 
Spring Semester 1982- 1983 
Personnel Action Forms, Part-Time Faculty 
Purchase Orders 1982 
Applicants for Fall 1983 (MHA) 
Final Manuscript for Public Program Analysis ca. 198143
Public Program Analysis: New Approach to Categorical Data, Duplicate Pages 
Public Program Analysis: Forthofer & Lehnen, Duplicate Galleys 
IPA- NPRs (Intergovernmental Personnel Act Narrative Project Reports) 1977- 1980 
IPA Reporting Procedures 1980 
Federal Register & Miscellaneous 1976- 1980 
Book Original- Performance Appraisal 
Governmental Accounting Seminar 12/4-5/1979 
City Controllers 1980- 1981 
Metro Mayors/ City Controllers 1982 
Classification Inserts 
Miscellaneous 1979- 1980 
IOOD/ Contract & Budget 1979 
Mike Quinn 1980 
Position Classification 12/10-12/1979 
City Controllers 1981 
City Controllers Extra Material 1980 
Energy Management 1980 
Students Taking Readings Course 1981 RESTRICTED 
Mailing Labels 
[Sample Forms] 
NIGP (Steve Gordon) [National Institute of Gov. Purchasing Inc.] 
IPA Quarterly Report 1978- 1981 
Muncie Public Library Policies 
County Governments 
Finances of the Larger Indiana Cities 
Personnel Management 
 Review Reports- Bloomington Municipal Utility 1980 
 Guide for Indiana Local Governments 8/1981 
 Guide for Indiana Governments44
740-0 Diskettes (21 total) 
740-0 Diskettes in Box (16 total) 
Cash Management for Indiana Local Government- Ronald Miller 4/1980 
Model Personnel Policies for Indiana Counties- 1978 
Labor Relations Comparative Data Analysis… 6/30/1980 
Interlocal Cooperative Purchasing for Indiana Local Governments by Sally Heckman Peck 9/1980 
Northern Indiana Health Systems Agency, Inc., NIHSA 
 1977- 1979 
 1979- 198245
Position Classification Plan: LaPorte County, IN book 1 of 2 
Health Systems Management 
CIHSA 1978- 1979 (Central Indiana Health Systems Agency)46
SIHSA (Southern Indiana Health Systems Agency) 
 Elover, Neal- Use of Section 1983 Against Prison Administration 
 Poole, Eric D. & Regoli, Robert M.- Professionalism, Role Conflict, Work Alienation and Amonia: A look at Prison Management 
 McCarthy, Bernard J.- Issues Confronting Correctional Administrators: The Problem of Corruption and its Control (1982) 
 Dickinson, George E.- Communication Pol. In State Prisons for Adult Males: 1971- 1981* 
 Timm, Howard W.- Interest Group Politics: The PSE Lobby 
 Stolz, Barbara Ann- Congress & Criminal Law: Symbolism Inter. Groups, Motivations & Change 
 Melone, Albert P. & Slagter, Robert- Identifying Criminal Justice Publics: Interest Groups & the Reform of Fed. Criminal Code* 
 Sterilization of Unfit 
 Colloq: Critical Issues in Adult Probation 
 Kittrie, Nicholas- Symbolic Justice: The Trial of Criminal Cases 
 Remington, Frank- Police 
 Cook, Philip J.- Deterrence & Incapacitation Research 
 Bazelon, David L.- Morality and the Law 
 Geis, G.; Munns, J. & Bullington B.- The Use of Ex-addicts in Rehabilitative & Educational Program* 
 Geis, G. et al- Attorneys as Friends Out of Court 
 Geis, G. & Edelhertz, H.- California’s New Crime Victim Compensation Statute 
 McCord, Joan- Cambridge- Somerville follow-up 
 Fogel, David- The Fortress Prison 
 Sparks, Richard F.- Prediction & Guidelines 
 Alpert, Geoffrey P.- Inadequate Defense Counsel: An Empirical Analysis 
 Booker, John M.- Deviance & Common Sense Ontology: The Promise of Reason 
 Bryan, Marguerite E.- Commando Manpower Program: Evaluation of an Ex-offender Rehabilitation Program 
 Charles, Michael- Performance & Socialization of Female Recruits in the Michigan State Police Training Academy 
 Von Hersch, Andrew- Indiana Penal Code 
 Hewitt, John D.- Preliminary Findings on Middletown Sentencing 
 Johnson, Elmer H.- Justice Administration as Community Subsystem: Another Conception of Control Functions 
 McCain, J. & McNally R.- Social Programs & Correctional Control 
 Messner, Steven F.- Income Inequality & Murder Rates: Some Cross- National Findings 
 Nelson, Susan Hess- An Experimental Study Concerning Jury Decisions in Rape Trials 
 Quicker, John C.- Class Struggle & the Origins of Classical & Positivist Theory in Criminology 
 Report by Comptroller General of US: The Drug Enforcement Admin. Affirmative Action Program should be Improved 
 Thomson, Randall J.- A Longitudinal Analysis of Criminal Sentencing Patterns 
 Sarri, Rosemary- Juvenile Aid Panels 
 Scott, Ronald- Evaluation Correctional Programs 
 Shapiro, Susan- The Disposition of White Collar Illegalities: Prosecutorial Alternatives in Enforcement of Securities Law 
 Williams, Joyce E.- Some Findings About Impact of Sex Roles on Definition of Rape for Whites, Blacks, & Mexican Americans 
 Wisan, Gail- The Treatment of Rape in Criminology Textbooks 
 ILC (Indiana Lawyers Commission) Conference Papers 
 Williams, Frank P.- Sex & Processing in Criminal Justice System 
 Women & Minorities in Pre trial Diversion Programs 
 Zimbardo, Philip G.- Pathology of Imprisonment 
 Geis, G.- Avocational Crime 
 Geis, G.- Compensating Victims of Violent Crime 
 Control, Custody, Care, Treatment, & Instruction of Inmates 
 Prisoner Visitation & Support Committee 
 Neki, J.S.- An Indian View of Crime & Punishment 
 Trends of Juvenile Delinquency in Greece 1977 
 Engstrom, L.- New Penel Provisions on Sexual Offences 
 Scott, Edward- The Sexual Offender 
 Groth, A.- The Adolescent Sex Offender and his Prey 
 Bauermeister, M.- Women Victims & Their Assailants 
 Sheehan, Wayne J.- Wicked as Hell Itself: Women in the Prisons of Georgian London 
 Brown, W.- Black Female Gangs in Philidelphia 
 Delgoda, J.P.- Female Prisoners in Sri Lanka 
 Scott, Edward- Therapy with Female Offenders 
 Researchable Issues on Women and Crime 
 Feinman, Clarice- Women in Criminal Justice: The Professionals as Reformers 
 Geis, G.; Chappel, D.; & Fogaryt F.- Forcible Rape: Bibliography 
 Facts on Alcoholism & Women 
 Hoffman, D. & Webb, V.- Legal Scientific Fictions in the Crime Policy of Sterilization 
 Hewitt, John- Maintaining Order in Middletown: 1845- 1975 
 Golden, K; Cullen F. & Cullen J.- Is Child Saving Dead? 
 Barak, Gregg- Crisis & Control: Punishment in Perspective 
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 Rumely, W.- A Study in Female Criminality: The Mystery of Belle Gunness 
 Moynahan, J.M.- The English Prison Hulks: Passage to Nowhere 
 Bartollas, Clemens L.- Inmate Code in… Juvenile Institutions 
 Summary Findings of Questionnaire on Materials for Criminal Justice Research 
 Allen, H.E.; Carlson, E.W.; Parks, E.C.- The Development of Probation 
 The Presentence Investigation Report 
 Rodgers, T.; Gitchoff, G. & Paur, I.- The Privately Commissioned Presentence Report 
 Porter, A.; et al.- Evaluation of Intensive Special Probation 
 Latessa, E. et al- Specialized Supervision in Probation 
 Selective Presentence Investigation Report 
 Dubois, Philip L.- Disclosure of Presentence Reports in the US District Courts 
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 Jaffe, H. & Cunningham, C.- Prosecutive Trends & Their Impact on Preesentence Report 
 Travis, L. & O’Leary V.- A History of Parole 
 Johnson, C. & Smith B.- Patterns of Probation & Parole Organization 
 Cheek, F. & Miller, M.- Automation & Control in Prison 
 Bartollas, C.- The Inability of White Youth to Cope with Institutional Life 
 Eskridge, Chris- Issues in VIP Management 
 Lane, Ward- History of Capital Punishment in Indiana 
 Israel, Michael- The Rahway Lifers’ Group (Scared Straight) 
 Schwartz, M. & Zeisel, L.- Unmarried Cohabitation: A National Study of Parole Policy 
 LeClair, Daniel P.- Community Reintegration of Prison Releases 
 Federal Probation Officers Assoc. Code of Ethics 
 Waldron, J. & Angelino, H.- Shock Probation 
 Scott, Joseph E.- Ex-Offenders as Parole Officers 
 Glaser, Dan- Protocol for Mutual  Agreement Programs in Parole Release 
 Parker, William- Highlights of the Parole Process 
 Alschuler, Albert W.- Sentencing Reforms & Parole Release Guidelines 
 Gottfredson, D. & Wilkins, L.- Parole Guidelines & Evolution of Paroling Policy 
 Gottfredson M.- Parole Board Decision Making 
 McCall, Cecil C.- The Future of Parole 
 Davis, Rendell- Letters Against Abolishing Parole 
 Von Hirsch, A. & Hanrahan K.- Abolish Parole? 
 Carter, Robert M.- Prescriptions for the Presentence Report 
 Star, Deborah- Summary Parole 
 Nelson, E. Jr., et al- Promising Strategies for Probation & Parole 
 Carter, R. et al- Community Correctional Centers 
 New York Times: Senate Hearing 1976, Intelligence Report 
 Barton W. & Sarri, R.- Where Are They Now? Follow up Study 
 Positive Peer Culture 
 Morrison, J.- Women- The Smallest Minority 
 Nancy Schafer (includes Cassette Tapes) 
Evansville, IN 
Improving Idle Cash Investment Program, Greenfield, IN 1980 
Labor Relations Comparative Data Analysis 1980 
1980 Directory of Indiana City Officials 
Integrated Salary & Benefits Programs for State & Local Gov. 
Local Government Administration Program 7/7/1977 
Bloomington Utility 
NIHS 1981 [transparencies] 
IPA- Projects for Improved State & Local Management 
Indiana Statewide Plan- IPA 1979- 1980 
Indianapolis, Indiana Annual Report 12/31/1980 
Improving Idle Cash Investment Program 
 Putnam County Library 
 Chandler, IN 
 Farmland, IN 1979 
Miscellaneous Publications 1950s & 1960s 
Final Report- NDEA Institute for Advanced Study in Economics 1966 
Publications- 1970s 
Economic Topics 1959- 1964 
Manpower Requirements 
Iowa Business Digest49
Wagner, Lewis E.- Economics in General Education 1954 
Education Papers- 1950s & 1960s 
Bureau Operations 
Test of Economic Understanding 
Indiana Local Government Workshop 
Operator Training Manual- Linolex Video Text Editor 
ACT Data by School District for Indiana 1990- 1991 
National Trend Data For Students Who Take the ACT Assessment 
Census of Governments- General Documentation 1992 
CCSSO- Data Acquisition 1992- 1993 
McKibben Demographic Data 
Vital Statistics: Cert. Live Birth Source, State Board of Health 
Indiana Dept. of Education- Oracle Database, Tom Whaley 
Indiana School District Financial Data- Pre 1978 
 Biannual Financial Report 1991 
 Revenue & Expenditures File Format 1964- 1989 
Indiana Education Employment Relations Board 
Indiana State Teachers Association 
 Average Teachers Salaries 1987-1991 
 1990/91 Average Teachers Salaries & 1990 General Fund Expenditures per ADM 
School Funding Formula Materials/ Memos 
History of Indiana Schoold District Consolidations 199250
School District Boundaries for McKibben Research 1991 
Population Representation in the Military 1990-1992 
US Dept. of Education “Instruction for Completing Nonfiscal Survey…of Common Core Data” 
Non-fiscal Surveys of Common Core Data, 1987- 1989 
Department of Labor 
 JTPA Reports 1992 
 General Correspondence, File X-Reference 
Digest on a Disk 1990 
Doctorate Production Rate 
National Science Foundation Survey of Earned Doctorates 1991 
General Documentation & Notes for McGregor Paper 1991 
Economic Development- General Doc. & Notes for McGregor Paper 
APPAM 1991 
 Economic Development Indicators 
 Computer Runs 
 Ninth Grade Enrollment by State Source 
 High School Graduates by State Source 
 Public School Enrollment 
 Average Daily Membership 
 Average Daily Attendance 
 School Age Population (estimated) 1964- 1984 
 Enrollment, Attendance, Length of Term 1961/62 Source 
 Public High School Grads Compared w/ Enrollment 1975- 1986 
Federal Advisory Committee Questionnaire, 1988- 1991 
Answered Questionnaires, Entered 
House Ways & Means, Indiana Graphs on Education Spending 
Per-Capita Total General Expenditures of State & Local Gov. 
Current Expenditures per Pupil in ADM 
Total Public School Revenue Receipts per Pupil in ADM 1964- 1988 
Per Capita Property Tax Revenue of Local Gov. 1965- 1984: Rankings of Statistics 
Expenditure per Pupil in ADA 1976-1977, Source NCES51
Estimated Current Expenditures per Pupil in ADA 1965-1986 Source: Rankings/State 
School Finance Statistics, 1980-1985, Source: NCES 
Property Tax Revenue, As % of Total 1963-1984: Rankings/State 
Personal Income Related to Total Expend. 1982/83, Source: NCES 
Estimated % of Revenue Receipts for Public Elementary & Second. Schools from State 
Percent of Revenue Receipts for Public Schools from Local Gov. 
State & Local Governments 
 Per Capita Total General Revenue of  all 
 Local Public School  Revenue as % of 
 Per Capita Total Tax Collections of 
 Per Capita Total General Expend. Of 
Percent Revenue Receipts for Public Schools from Gov. 1968-1985 
Regional Economic Information System (REIS) 
Estimated Expenditures 1972-1977, Source NCES 
Correspondence & General Information- GED 1990s 
GED: 1979- 1991 Statistical Report 
Golden Age: G.A.- 
 General Notes 
 Graduation Rates: General Information & Notes 
 Combined SAT Scores 1971/72- 1990/91 
 Combined SAT or ACT Scores form Wall Chart 1971/72- 1990/91 
 Wainer Combined SAT Scores 
 Unadjusted Combined SAT Scores 
 Adjusted Combined SAT Scores 
 Synthetic Graduation Rates 1951- 1990 
 Armed Forces Qualifying Tests, Rates 1986- 1989 
 Armed Forces Qualifying Test Mean Scores 1986- 1989 
 Doctoral Production Rates for High School Classes 1951-75 
 Median Years of Education 
 Percent w/ 8 or less years of education 
 Percent w/ 4 or more years of education 
Percent Increase in per Capita Personal Income 
Personal Income per child in ADA 
Per Capita Personal Income as a Percent of National Average 
Leiden- Census Data, Income & Data 
Consumer Price Index- Series 
Net Effective Buying Income per Household 1963-1984 
Educational Attainment, Miscellaneous Tables 
Level of Attainment Census Data 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1976, 1988, 1989, 1980, 1990 
IODE Revenue & Expenditures File Format 1990 
Rand Study 
NEGP/INES Project Names, Addresses 
National Assessment of Educational Progress- Average Proficiency in Math 1990 
State of Mathematics Achievement- Selected Tables 
 State Comparative Report 1969- 1989 (Tom Snyder) 
 Historical Trends State Ed. Facts 1975- 1985 
Enrollment & Graduation Statistics 1941- 1992 
School District Data Book, NCES 
National Data Resource Center 
 Cross Ref. to Data File 1971- 1991, Est. School Statistics 
 Estimates of School Statistics 1989- 1991 
 Correspondence & General Information 1990s 
 Rankings of State 1965, 1970, 1977, 1980, 1986-1989, 1991 
Ingrid Ritchie52
ETS- Raw SAT Scores 1970s & 1980s 
SAT- General Information 1988 
College Board SAT- General Correspondence 1992 
 Scores by State- ETS 1971-1991 (Also Ethnicity) 
 Scores by State 1971- 1987 
 Raw Averages by State, Source: College Board 
 Averages by State, Source: Wall Chart 
 Percent of Test Takers 1987- 1992, Source: College Board 
Results of Focus Group 
 Summary 1990 
 Fort Wayne 1990 
 Richmond 1990 
 Vincennes 1990 
 Westville 1990 
Survey- Citizen Opinions, Attitudes & Choices for Funding of Public Education in Indiana 1990s 
Rand Data Acquisition Survey 1990s 
Backbone to Brainpower Survey Evaluations Sheets 
Farm Bureau Estimates 
1992 Overview Report- Data 
Cindy Ware- IN Ed. Pol. Ctr. 
1992 Overview Report & Data 
 Income Statistics by School District- Dept. of Treasury, IRS 
National Corrections Reporting Program 
Exemplary School Award Indicator US DOE 
Education Commission of the States- Chris Pipho 
Advisory Commission on Inter-Governmental Relations (ACIR) 
Survey of Recent College Grads, NCES- Peter Stowe 
Illiteracy- Adult Indicator State Comparisons 
School District Outcomes, Mike Huffman IDOE 
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System/ Higher Education General Information Survey IPEDS/ HEGIS 
Indiana State Board of Health, WIC 
First Annual High School Report Card, America’s Best Schools 
AFQT/ASVAB- General Correspondence & Notes 
AFQT- General Information 
Data Description for Student Master SY 1986- 1987 
AFQT- Cross Reference for Electronic Data- Elaine Spellman 
Population Representation in the Military Services- FY 1975-198953
High School Brochures, Projections by State 1986- 2004, SAT Test Takers 
SAT & Achievement Test Takers 
 1988 Profile of 
 1991 Profile of - Miscellaneous 
 1991 Profile of - National Report 
 1991 Profile of - Alabama to Florida 
 1991 Profile of - Georgia to Maine 
IDOE- General Fund Summary of Expend. 1993 
NCES- Announcements for Data Releases 
Wall Chart 1984- 1990 
ISTEP- Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress 
Wall Chart- General Information 
Variable Names 
Index of Labels 1984- 1990 
Wall Charts- Index of Labels 
Index of Labels 
Average Salaries of Instructional Staff 
Average Annual Salaries of Teachers 
Average Daily membership Per Teacher in Public Elementary & Secondary Schools 
Average Salaries of Classroom Teachers 
Total Instructional Staff 
Teachers with Less Than Full Cert. 
Survey & Analysis of Salary Trends 1986- 1988 
SAT & Achievement Test Takers 
 1991 Profile of - Maryland to New Hampshire 
 1991 Profile of - New Jersey to Rhode Island 
 1991 Profile of - S. Caroline to Wyoming 
ACT Scores 
ACT 1991 
Advanced Placement Tests Data [includes computer disks]54
ALLSCHLS, School Level 
BLDGINFO, School Level 
Census Data- Mike P. 
CORPS Data Structure 
DEMOTYPE- School Level 
FREELNCH [free lunch counts] School Level 
MCG [Eugene McGregor] 
NCES Data- Census 
ORACADA, School Level 
ORACSAT, School Level 
SAT- State 
States Data Structure 
Wall Chart 
Web Page 
Web Page- Outside Links 
Web Statistics 
Web Page- Book Order Form 
Web Site- Forum Summaries 
Web Page- Options Forum 
School Funding Forum 1993 
States & Nations 1994- 1996 
1994 SEPS 
School Funding Formula 1994 
1994 School Funding Formula- Historical Analysis 
Rosentraub Project 1995 Mark 
1995 Performance 
1995 SDDB- School District Data Book 
1995 SFF 
1995 State Data/ STED 
Atlas Graphics Files- 1989 Update 
Archiving To Do 
Archive Pilot 
Class Size 1997 
CMS Notes 
Data Archives 
Data Entry 
Fact Book- Census Data 
Form 9, IDOE Files 
Golden Age Seminar 5/1/1992 
IDOE- Oracle Files 
 Data Diskettes [no disks in folder] 
 Install Info 
Dept. of Labor Tapes [no tapes in folder] 
Removal of MVS 
Overview Report 1992 
Percentile Calculations 6/1992 
User IDs, Computer Account Information 
OERI Data Release Announcements [includes computer disk] 
11/1991- Data Archive Survey Results 
Archive Survey- Masters, Data Archive IN Ed. Policy Center 
Education Policy Center Data Archive Evaluation Fall 1991 
State Data Acquisition Plan 8/1991 
Archive Plan 
 State Comparative 3/1992, 5/1992 
 School Corporations 3/1992 
Tech. Planning Meeting- Agenda 3/1992 
Archive Policy Planning Agenda 3/1992 
Archive Documentation- Sample 
Keyword Options 
Data Archive: Update 1992 
Data Policy Continuum 
Conditions of Education Continuum 
Masters- Archive Planning Meeting 3/16-17/1992 
Archive Planning Meeting- Transparencies 
Advisory Board 5/20/1992 
Archive Pilot, Users Manual 
 High School & Beyond 1980-1986 [includes CD] 
 High School & Beyond 
 Common Core of Data [includes 2 CDs & Computer disk] 
 National Household Ed. Survey 1991-1993 [includes CD] 
 National Postsecondary Student Aid 1989-90 [includes CD] 
 National Postsecondary Student Aid 1986- 87 [includes CD] 
 School & Staffing Survey 1987- 1988 [includes 2 CDs]56
US Bureau of the Census 1988 Dress Rehearsal [includes CD] 
1990 Census of Population & Housing [includes CD] 
Master Directory of Projects 1992 
Tape Backup Files 1996-1997 
School District Data Book User Manual 1994/95 
School District Data Book Reference Manual 1994 
OECD/CERI/INES Project International Ed. Indicators 1993 
School & Staffing Survey Materials 1987- 1991 
Analysis of Indiana’s School Funding Formula 1993-1997 
Various Items for NCES 1987- 1997 
NAEP Facts 
 Schools & Staffing in the US: Statistical Profile 1987- 1988 
 1993-1994 Schools & Staffing Survey: Sample Design & Estimation 
Education Week: Quality Counts 1/22/1997 [bottom of carton]57
SASS & TFS Questionnaires 1990-1991 
Equity in Capital Projects/Building Funds- Research for Bob 
NCES- Integrated Postsecondary Ed. Data System 
State Education Database 1995 
IPSB & ISTA Statistics 1996- 1997 
Improving Pathways to Indiana Higher Education; State Policy Recommendations 9/1996 
What Matters Most: Teaching for America’s Future 9/1996 
High School Graduates by State 1991 
Ninth Grade Enrollments, Miscellaneous Tables 
1993 AERA Grant- Production of American Doctorates 
K300 Statistical Techniques Course Info 1994 
News Clippings 
 Business & Education 7/1991 
 Court Cases 4/1991 
 Dropouts 9/1991 
 Education Indicators 1991 
 Fiscal Equity 3/1991 
 Golden Rule 9/1991 
 Indiana 1991 
 Indianapolis 1991 
 National Assessment 1991 
 National Tests 1991 
 Restructuring 1991 
 SAT 1991 
 School Choice 1991 
 School Finance 1991 
 School Reform 1991 
 Student Achievement 1991 
 Teacher Salaries 1991 
 Teachers 1991 
Statistics of Income Division- Congratulations to Bob Lehnen 
Strategic Directions, RFP File 1996 
Education Policy Network Forum, 12/1995 
Thomas Mortensen Overheads- 12/5/1995 
Sabrina Latz Overheads- 1995 
Education Policy Network Forum Summary Report 12/5/1995 
Informing Indiana’s Policymakers on School Finance Policy Issues Case Study 
Results of Convening on Safe Schools Case Study58
Education Policy Office Evaluation April- May 1996 
SPEA/IEPC Evaluation for Lilly Endowment 1996 
Center Evaluation 1993 
Program Reports (Complete Set 1992-1996) Lilly Endowment, Inc. Grant # 900330 
Final Report 10/1/1993-6/30/1997, Lilly Endowment, Inc. 
Policy Options 1/1997 
Analyst Programmer 
Research & Analysis Coordinator 
Graphics Artist 
Data Management & Analysis Coordinator 
Administrative & Systems Coordinator 
Assistant to the Director 
Acquisition Coordinator 
1997 Disbursement Vouchers 
General Office Information: Phone Manuals, Equipment Manuals 
1996 Invoices- Publications 
A Guide to Planning & Administering Sponsored Projects- IUPUI 
Mailing List 
Phone Message Book 
Press File 1995- 1997 
Secondary/Postsecondary Links Planning File 9/25/1995 
School Report Cards Planning File Focus Groups 9/14/1995 
School District Report Reviewers Meeting 12/12/1995 
Warrick County Schools 1995 
Informing Indiana’s Policymakers on School Finance Policy Issues Case Study 1995 
Citizen’s Views of Indiana’s School Finance Formula: Focus Group Report 
What do SAT Scores say about Indiana’s Education Performance? 
Wawasee Presentation 1995 
Safe Schools Forum: 5/9/1995 
Ameritech Seminar 9/29/1994 
Safe Schools Report- Unfinished 1997 
House Enrolled Act No. 1040, No. 1402 
House Bill No. 1779 
Indiana Code 1994/95, New Laws effective 7/1/1995 
Center on National Education Policy- State Policy Centers59
Packet Materials IEC Information HB 1040, 1402 
Indiana Education 
IEC- Indiana Education Council 
 Council Meeting 2/26/1997, Planning Folder 
 Comm. For Higher Ed. Proposal 7/30/1996 
 Commissioners Meeting- Indiana Education Council 12/4/1995 
 Commissioners Meeting 10/27/1995 
EDGAR- Education Dept. General Admin. Regulations 
Letter from Miles Brand Re: Office Evaluation 11/8/1996 
Forbes Letter 5/13/1996 
Memorandums 1995- 1996 
Lilly Endowment, Inc. 
 Grant Extension 7/1/1996- 6/30/1997 
 Grant Information 
Guidelines for Center Development 1993 
IPSB- Indiana Professional Standards Board 
 Indicators for Project 1997 
 State Ed. Policy Inventory 1/15/1997- 5/31/1997 
PC-SAS Client Agreement 3/1/1996, Dale Drake & Robert Lehnen 
SAS Institute Inc. Evaluation Agreement 
Principal Investigator Agreement, Michael Heise 9/1/1995-2/28/1996 
IDOE Contract 1995, Bob Dalton 
NAEP Proposal 
 3/24/1997, CFDA # 84.902B 
Restricted Use Data from NCES 10/1996 
Indiana Education Network, Inc. 1997-1998 
State Board of Accounts- Accounting Manual 
Financial Accounting for State & Local School Systems 1990 
Schools & Staffing Survey Selected State Results 1993-1994 
Application: Computer Disks60
 Setup for Windows Perfect Office v 3.0, 27 disks 
 Microsoft Fox Pro MS-DOS Series, 7 disks 
 Microsoft Fox Pro Distribution Kit MS-DOS Series, 7 disks 
 Microsoft Windows for Workgroups v. 3.11, 8 disks 
 System CD for Gateway 2000 v. 4.0, 1 CD 
General Center: Computer Disks 
 Outside Source Data, Dale. Drake 11/5/1996, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Outside Data Copy #2, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Center Copy #2, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Center, Dale. Drake 6/24/1997, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Ed Stat 94, 7 disks 
 NCES- Beginning Postsecondary Students…, 11/1994, 1 CD 
 NCES- Common Core of Data 1987-1993, 1 CD 
 NCES- Integrated Postsecondary Ed. Data System 1991, 1CD 
 NCES- National Household Education Survey 1991 & 1993, 1 CD 
 NCES- National Household Education Survey 1991/93/95 2 CDs 
 PK Zip & PK UnZip, 1 disk 
 IUPUI Logo, SPEA, 1 disk 
 Marketin, 1 disk 
 SPEA Logo tiff (in self-extracting archive) 1 disk 
 CEJ Files 5/1991, 1 disk 
 Office Memos & Letters, 1 disk 
 1991 Letters & Memos, Class info, Publications, 1 disk 
 Appt’c Offfice Letters, Memos 1990, 1 disk 
 Print File List, General Office 9/8/1994, 1 disk 
 Student Projects Survey 1/26/1994, 1 disk 
 General Office, Directory 1990-1991, 1 disk 
 Center Doc, Directory 1990, 1 disk 
 Miscellaneous Office Stuff, 1 disk 
 General Office, 1 disk 
Outside Source Data: Computer Disks 
 Outside Data, Dale’s Diskettes, Raw Data, 7 disks 
 First School Funding Formula Data, 1 disk 
 Indiana & National Almanac, 1 disk 
 OECD Statistics: Education at a Glance, 2 disks 
 OECD/IEA Demonstration v 3.1, 1993, 1 disk 
 Data 1993-1994, Public Grad/Dropout, IN Pupil Teacher Ratio, 1 disk 
 1995 OECD, ESN2 Tables (in Word Perfect 5.1), 3 disks 
 Education at a Glance (EAG), 1992 Data, 1/23/1995, 1 disk 
 Pennsylvania Education Policy Studies (PEPS) PC 2.0, 1 disk 
 AFQT Directory 1990- 1991, 1 disk 
 NCES- Tom Snyder 8/30/1990, 1 disk 
 IBRC Census Data- IN per Capita Income, 1 disk 
 NCES- Tom Snyder 8/30/1992, 1 disk 
 External Data- Predicted Proficiency Score, 9/8/1994, 1 disk 
 State Student Assessment Program Database 1992-1993, 3 disks 
 Print File List 9/8/1994, 1 disk 
 Directory 1988, 1990, 1 disk 
 NCES Census Data, New F-33 from Beth S., 1 disk 
 National Research Council, Survey of Earned Doctorates, 1 disk 
 Lehnen External Data Request 3/28/1991, disk 2 of 2 (1 disk) 
 Wall Chart 1984- 1990, 1 disk 
 Population Reference Bureau, data, 4 disks 
 School Funding Formula Data from State Budget Agency, 1 disk 
 Council of Chief State School Officers, 1990, 2 disks 
 Catalog of Electronic Data Products from NCHS, 1994, 3 disks 
 Education in States & Nations, 7 disks 
 Unknown Directory, 1988, 1 disk 
 Health United States, 1993 Lotus Tables & Windows, 7 disks 
 Data III, 5 ½  Floppy 
 Data Matrix, City Internships, 5 ½ Floppy 
 New CACI Data, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Military Data taken to SAS 1980- 1991, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Report.Dat, 4/30/1992, ASVAB Elaine Sellman, 5 ½ Floppy 
 ERS Finders Advisory System v 92.1, 1/1992, 2-5 ½ Floppy 
 ISTA, Estimates of School Stat. 1970- 1991, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Market Statistics, 1991 Demographics USA, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Digest-On-Disk, 1990 Digest of Ed. Stats., 2- 5  ½ Floppy 
 Digest-On-Disk, 1991 Digest of Ed. Stats., 6- 5 ½ Floppy 
 Regional Economic Info System 5/2/1991, 2 CDs & 5 ½ Floppy 
 Estimates of School Stats. 1970- 1991, 1 disk 
 School Corp. Project, 1990, 1980 Pop. & Per Capita Income, 1 disk 
 Indiana Education Policy Office- 10/30/1995, 4 disks 
 Population Census of 1980, 1990, 2000, Hamilton, IN, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Unknown Census Data, Unknown Source, 5 ½ Floppy 
 1990 Census Data, Unknown Source, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Census Data, ca. 1980 & 1990, 3- 5 ½ Floppy 
Staff: Computer Disks 
 Staff- Various Programs from MUS.CMS, 4 disks 
 Bill Holland Files from Fred’s Computer, 1 disk 
 JM Directory, 1 disk 
 Staff- AQY Files, 1 disk 
 Education Policy Office, Window Setup EPCMIN, 1 disk 
 Dale’s Files- Office Management & Data Documents, 1 disk 
 Dale’s Files- Data & Statistics, 1 disk 
 Quattro Files-EPCSTUF, 1 disk 
 Data Document ca. 1992, 1 disk 
 Back up Disk, 1 disk 
 Staff- D. Drake, 6/24/1997, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Staff- Copy #2, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Kim’s Files, 8/10/1994, 1 disk 
 Print File List- G:\STAFF\MYRA, 8/10/1994, 1 disk 
 Print File List- B;\Brsher, 8/10/1994, 1 disk 
 Vita- Lahnen, R.G., 1 disk 
 Nancy’s Workshop 9/29/1994, 1 disk 
 Bob- Office/Home ca. 1990, 1 disk 
 Lehnen Class Files 1/1989, 1 disk 
 Sandra Lehnen, 1 disk 
 Unknown- 1991 Strike?? Bob, 1 disk 
 1992 Executive Retreat, Case Study, Bob, 1 disk 
 “Are Teachers Paid too Much or Too Little” Andrea & Lehnen, 1 disk 
 Laura Lehnen 1989-1991 Papers, 1 disk 
 Bob’s Miscellaneous, 1 disk 
 Files from Zenith 158, 1980s, 1 disk 
 Games & Salary Project 1990s & 1993, 1 disk 
 Bob Files, Resume Scores, 1 disk 
 Transfer Diskette 1988, 1990, 1 disk 
 NGA Paper & Research 9/1988, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Work Disk 10/1987, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Bob’s Files 1980s- Wordstar, 17- 5 ½ Floppy 
 Carlyn Johnson Files, 3 disks 
 TRHNS 1980s, 5 ½ Floppy 
Project Files: Computer Disks 
 Projects: Dale’s Diskettes, 18 disks 
 Thomas Mortenson Overheads from EPNF 12/5/1995, 4 disks 
 Seal.tif, 1 disk 
 Original SAT/ACT transforms, 1989 & 1990, 1 disk 
 Michael Heise, 1 disk 
 PGMARCY, 1 disk 
 Wawasee Analysis, Mike Smith, 4/21/1995, 1 disk 
 1993 Factbook Data, Outside Help, 1 disk 
 1992 Project files, 2 disks 
 McGregor Original Data entry by Grace Rhine, 1 disk 
 Human Capital Report Card 1993, 1 disk 
 McGregor Policy Report 11/1993, 1 disk 
 1991 McGregor Intellectual Attainment, 1 disk 
 SPEA Policy Office: Safe School (scan documents) 1 disk 
 School Report Card, 1 disk 
 Adak Region Schools, 1 disk 
 Mark Hopkins Elementary School, 2 disks 
 SPEA Policy Office, ECS & SREB for Mark Willis, 1 disk 
 House Enrolled Act No. 1276, 4 disks 
 EPO Web Page 6/13/1997, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Web Page Copy #2, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Projects, D. Drake 6/24/1997, 1 Data Cartridge 
 Projects, Copy # 2, 1 Data Cartridge 
 [map files, Atlas] from H. Stowe, 7/29/1992, 5 disks 
 Hanushek 1989 Project, 1 disk 
 Focus Group, 1 disk 
 Focus Project 1990- School Funding Formula, 1 disk 
 1988 NGA Project, 1 disk 
 ASA Questionnaire 1990, 1 disk 
 1987- 1988 ASA Projects, 1 disk 
 School Corps. Stress & Peer Groups, 3/11/1994, 1 disk 
 IBRC- 8/2/1994, 1 disk 
 School District Project (from Joan Rainey) 1 disk 
 J. Rainey 1990 Demographics- Age/Sex/School District, 1 disk 
 IBRC Data- 1990 per Capita Income…1 disk 
 IBRC- Project 1993 Factbook, 1 disk 
 Programs form Factbook backed up 7/12/1994, 1 disk 
 IBRC- School Corp. Project ca 1979, 1 disk 
 IBRC- Factbook Census Table, 1 disk 
 IBRC- School Corp. Rankings, 1 disk 
 [unidentified data] 6/17/1997, 1 disk 
 INES/USA for 1991, 1 disk 
 Archive Pilot 1991, 1 disk 
 Dale’s disk- 1989 files, Finance Book, 1 disk 
 ASA 1990, 1 disk 
 1989 Update Projects, 1 disk 
 1992 Gold Age, 1 disk 
 Slide Show 11/1992- McKibben & Johnson, 1 disk 
 IEPC, 30 slides, Bisher Nimri, 1 disk 
 Appam Project 1990, 5 disks 
 Project Wall Charts, 1 disk 
 ASA- 1987- 1990 Paper & Projects, 4 disks 
 Funding Formula Systat. Demo, 10/1992, 1 disk 
 AG 1989 Update Data, 1 disk & 5 ½ Floppy 
 Copy of School Finance Files 1/1989, 5 ½ Floppy 
 Bob Lehnen- from Alfred Ho, Outside Source Data: 94SDDB (School District Data Book) 43 CDs 
Bulletin, 1973 – 198661
Master of Public Affairs, 1977 – 1978 
SPEA Degrees in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science, 1977 – 1978 
SPEA Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, 1977 – 1978 
Undergraduate Programs in Public Affairs, 1977 – 1978 
Graduate Programs 
Bulletin, 1983 – 1990 
SPEA Brochures, 1978 – 1986 
Review, Vol. 1 – 8 
 October 1973 – May 1978 
 Special Alumni Edition, January 1976 – February 1978 
 August 1977 – Summer 1983 
SPEA Report, 1981 - 1982 
Policy Bulletin, December 1991 
Newsletter, January 1974 
MHA Career Connection, May 1994 – November 1995 
SPEA Spotlight, October 1994 – March/May 1995 
Community of Research & Service, 1978 – 1979 
Indiana Statewide Plan, Intergovernmental Personnel Act, 1977 – 1978 
Financing Indiana’s Public Schools, 1984 
A Partnership in Education and Service 
Academic Council, 1975 – 1976 
Correspondence concerning Keenan Governance Report, 1973 
IU “Keenan Report”, 1973 - 197562
Keenan Report, 1973 
Business Procedure Bulletin & Billing, 1973 – 1974 
Certificate in Public Management, 1977 
Academic Council, 1977 – 1980 
Environmental Programs at Indiana University, 1980 
Goals and Objectives, 1977 – 1978 
Long-Range Plan, 1979 
Proposal For SPEA 
Self-Study Report to the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, 1975 
Professional Master’s Degree Programs in Public Policy and Administration, 1980 
Preliminary Report to the National Council, 1984 
Applied Foodservice Sanitation Workshops, 1986 
The Center for Urban Policy and the Environment 
IHSA, December 1990 – December 1991 
Achieving Excellence, Annual IUPUI Area Counselors Conference, 1984 
Advisory Board Meeting Minutes, Work Release Center, 1972 – 1974 
MHAlumni News, Spring 1995 
Indiana Financial Management, July 25, 1980 
Annual Report of the Dean, 1973 - 1984 
The Speaker, October 25, 1978 – January 24, 197963


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