School of Law-Indianapolis Records, 1895-2004

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The roots of the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis consist of private, proprietary law schools that operated in Indianapolis starting in the nineteenth century. A number of law schools operating in Indianapolis combined with the private Indiana Law School in 1894. In addition, law schools that taught classes in the evening merged into the Benjamin Harrison Law School in 1914, which itself merged with the Indiana Law School in 1936, thereafter offering both day and night classes. In 1944 the Indiana Law School merged with Indiana University, forming a part-time evening class division to the IU School of Law in Bloomington and sharing the Bloomington school dean. Its location was in the Mannerchor Building in downtown Indianapolis. In 1968 the Indianapolis division was made autonomous of the Bloomington school, and began to be led by its own school dean. The school moved into a new building on the IUPUI campus in 1970. In 2001 the school moved into Inlow Hall.

Records include records from the predecessor proprietary schools, as well as minutes, correspondence, reports, publications, faculty records, and other materials.


Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction. Copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.


Cite as: Indiana University School of Law--Indianapolis Records, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Accessions: A76-1, A79-23, A82-10, A85-2, A87-26, A96-47, A1999/00-017, A2000/01-031, A2003/04-038, UA 27.


Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis
IUPUI (Campus)
Law - Study and teaching


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


School of Law Files, Promotion/Tenure Committee, R. Townsend Materials1
 Scrapbook (Newspaper Clippings) ca 1916- 1936 
 Incorporation 1916: Benjamin Harrison Law School 
 Articles of Incorporation: Benjamin Harrison Law School 
 Articles of Incorporation: Indiana Law School (copy) 1975 
 1st Commencement Program, Indiana Law School, 5/29/1895 
 Roster of Graduates of Indiana Law School, 1895- 1931 
 Roster of Graduates from Central Indiana Law Schools 1912- 1944 
 Description of National University, Law School, 1905- 1906 
 Indiana Law School Catalogue, 1907- 1909 
 “The Silent Victors” Address delivered by William R. Forney 1909 
 Booklet: Speech by William R. Forney, 1916 
 Record of Graduates of Benjamin Harrison Law School, 1931- 1940 
 Yearbook, The Demurrer, 1931, 1934 
 Faculty Evaluations by Freshman, 1935- 1936 
 Faculty Evaluations by Juniors, 1935- 1936 
 Faculty Evaluations by Seniors, 1935- 1936 
 Formation of Central Indiana Law School: Merger Materials, 1936 
 Indiana Law School Catalogue, 1938- 1939 
 The American Law School Review, 1945 
 Indiana Flaw Journal, 1949 
 IU Law School Directory, 1948-1949, 1950-1951 
 Benjamin Harrison Annual Commencement Invitations: 1916, 1917 
 Benjamin Harrison Law School Commencement Banquet Programs 1922-1929 
 Benjamin Harrison Law School Commencement Programs 1930,  1932-1933, 1935-1942 
 Indiana Law School Alumni Association 1942 Banquet Program 
 International Legal Sorority Handbook (Iota Tau Tau) Eta Chapter 1955- 1956 
 Roster of Indianapolis Alumni of Sigma Delta Kappa, Intercollegiate Law Fraternity, 1953 
 Newspaper Article about Dr. Forney, Law Professor, 1959 
 1930 Class Reunion of Indiana Law School, 1962 
 Correspondence: Dean Harvey re: graduate, 1975 
 IU Law Indianapolis ( 1991 Publications) 
 Promotion & Tenure Committee Correspondence & Minutes 1977- 1979 
 Faculty Council, 1968- 1969 
 Law Faculty Memos & Meeting Minutes, 1967, 1969 
 Faculty Cultural Center, By-Laws, 1968- 1969 
 Proposed Faculty Cultural Society 
 Faculty Handbook, 1955, 1958, 1959 
 Faculty Handbook- IU, ca. 1968 
School of Law Files: R. Townsend Materials, Records2
 Administrative & Faculty Manual, 1974- 1975 
 Law School Clinical Program Proposal ca. 1971 
 Separation of Indianapolis Law School from Bloomington , 10/1966 
 Law School Self Study Report, 1981 
 “New Governor in Indiana” by Institute of Public Admin., IU 1965 
 Newspaper Article about Purdue’s rising GPAs, 1973 
 Securities & Creditors Rights, Part 2 
 [Material on Bonds] 
 [Unlabeled Course Materials] 
 [Miscellaneous Materials- Contracts & Forms] 
 Commercial Law II 
 [Unlabeled Course Materials- Forgery] 
 Stock Art 8 
 Commercial Law VI, Draft- Defenses 
 [Unlabeled Course Materials- Banking] 
 3B Defenses, Releases to Extension of Time 
 [Miscellaneous Journal Articles] 
 Materials for Bankruptcy ca. 1960s 
School of Law Files3
 Fidelity Bond [part 1 of 2] 
 Fidelity Bond [part 2 of 2] 
 Bankruptcy Materials, Securities- R. Bruce Townsend 
 Administrative Procedure [Course Materials] 
 [Course Materials- Separation of Power, Employment Information] 
 Equitable Remedies- R. Bruce Townsend, 1966 
 Securities Cases, Part II 
 Introduction to Law- R. B. Townsend 
 Court Case: Thomas Thacher vs. H.C. Baldwin Agency, Inc. 
 Conflicts: Bar Review Course 
 Suretyship- R. Bruce Townsend 
 Securities Cases, Part II 
 Securities & Creditor’s Rights, Part II, Text- Prof. Townsend, 1975 
 Securities & Creditor’s Rights, Part II, Text- Prof. Townsend, 1976 
 Securities & Creditor’s Rights, Part II, Cases- Prof. Townsend, 1975 
 Securities & Creditor’s Rights, Part II, Cases- Prof. Townsend 
 Commercial Law, Part 1: Commercial Paper 
 Legal Institutions 1, 1969: Assignment & Supplemental Materials 
 Legal Institutions 1, 1971: Assignment & Supplemental Materials 
School of Law Files, 19654
 U.C.C. (Uniform Commercial Code) Article II Seminar- R. Bruce Townsend, 1966 
 Securities Cases, Part II 
 Legal Institutions 1- 1971: Assignment & Supplemental Materials 
 N.I.L. (Negotiable Instruments Law) & Sales Suretyship 
 Draft [Course Materials- Banking] 
 Construction Bond II 
 Surety II: Remedy 
 Construction Bond I 
 Surety [? Ney Inst. Ets] 
 3A Surety III Defense 
 Securities- Secured Transaction Cases- Prof. Townsend, 1974 
School of Law Files5
 Securities & Creditor’s Rights- Prof. Townsend, 1970 
 Commercial Law- R. B. Townsend 
 Introduction to Law, Part 2- Bruce Townsend 
 Legal Institutions I- R. B. Townsend, 1969 
 Suretyship: Remedies of Surety 
 “The Registered Lobbyist in Indiana” by Edgar D. Whitcomb, IU Research Series 
 “The United States & Recognition of Communist China: A Comprehensive Note” by Robert H. Staton- IU Research Series 
 “The United States & Recognition of Communist China: A Comprehensive Note” by Robert H. Staton- IU Research Series 
 “The Profit Factor of Indiana Not For Profit Corporations” by James F. Kelley- IU Research Series 
 “Contempt of Court & Freedom of Speech” by Andrew Jacobs- IU Research Series 
 Indiana Law Journal, Indianapolis Div., 1954- IU Research Series 
 “Procedure Before Indiana Real Estate Commission” by Richard Givan- IU Research Series 
 The Urban Environment Collection, 1971 & 1972 
 IU Law- Indianapolis, Alumni Magazine 1989- 1996 
 Miscellaneous Publications, 1970s- 1990s 
 Constructive Notice (formerly Law School News) 1993- 1996 
 The Law Practitioner (Newsletter) 1980s 
 Info & Insights (Newsletter) 1990s 
 Event Programs, 1995, 1976 
 Dictum (Newsletter) 1973- 1991 
School of Law Files6
 Dictum (Newsletter) 1982- 1986, 1992- 1996 
 Self-Study Report- Law School, 1974 
 A.B.A. (American Bar Association) Accreditation Process Appendix 1, 1974- 1976 
 A.B.A. Inspection Questionnaire Appendix 2, 1974 
 A.B.A. Accreditation Process Appendix 3, 1975- 1976 
 A.B.A. Appendix 4, Law School Annual Report 1974- 1975 
 Response of IU Law School to A.B.A., 1975 
 Response of IU Law School to A.B.B., 1976 
 IU Law School Budgets & Salaries, 1973- 1978 
 IU Law School Regulations, Bulletins, Procedures & Directives, 1970s 
School of Law Files7
 A.B.A. Correspondence 1973-1976 Vol. 1 & 2 
 A.B.A.- Law School Library 1977 
 Evaluation of IU Law School, Law Library, 2/1979 
 IU School of Law- Annual Report to President 1976-1977 
 School of Law Bulletin 1962/63- 1994/96 
 School of Law Bulletin- Bloomington 1983/85-1986/88 
 School of Law Evening Div. Courses 1945- 1946 
 School of Law Directory 1948-1957 
 School of Law Directory 1956, 1988/89 
 Law School Publications 1968- 1970 
 BALSA (Black American Law Students Association) Community Forum 1978 
 School of Law Application for Financial Assistance (blank) 
 1980s School of Law Event Programs 
 School of Law Directory 1980, 1986/87, 1991/92 
 Miscellaneous School of Law Publications 
 Freshman Student Directory 1985/86 
 School of Law Annual Report 1994-1995 & Honor Roll of Contributors 
 Indiana Law Review Vol. 8 No. 1, 1974 
 Indiana Law Review Vol. 8 No. 2 (1974) & No. 3 (1975) 
School of Law Files8
 Indiana Law Review Vol. 8 No. 4 &6, 1975 
 Indiana Law Review Vol. 19 No. 4, 1986 
 Indiana Law Review Vol. 21 No. 1, 1988 
 Proposal for Law Student Corrections Program 
 Law School- Miscellaneous Correspondence & Publications 1980s 
 Benchmarks (Bulletin of Indiana Judicial Center) 1975, 1980, 1985 
 RES GESTAE- Indiana State Bar Association, 9/1970, 4/1973 
 Law School News, Spring1993 
 Report on Recruitment & Enrollment of Minority Law Students 8/1989 
 School of Law Annual Report 1995-96 & Honor Roll of Contributors 
 School of Law- Dean’s Letters to Alumni & Friends, 1992, 1994/95 
 School of Law- Dean’s Reports & Annual Reports 1970s 
 School of Law Annual Report to President 1976- 1977 
 School of Law Annual Report 1979- 1991 
 Responses of Law School to A.B.A. 12/22/1975 
 A.B.A. Law School Inspection Questionnaire 11/6/1981 
 A.B.A. Section of Legal Education & Admissions to the Bar, Fall 1981 Questionnaire 
 Self-Study Report- Law School 1974 
 Self-Study Report- Law School 10/1981 
 The Center for Law & Health Accomplishments & Activities 1986- 1991 
 Responses to Accreditation Committee 7/19/1976 
School of Law Files9
 A.B.A.- Law School Library (report) 1977 
 Self-Study Report, 10/1981 
 “The Code of Professional Responsibility” by Robert F. Lehman 9/1972 
 “Problems & Materials on Negotiable Instruments” by Douglass J. Whaley 1973 
 School of Law Awards Banquet Programs 1972, 1974 
 IU Law- Indianapolis Alumni Magazine 1989- 1994 
 [Law School Faculty Handbook 1974/75] 
 Accomplishments by Bernard Campbell Gavit as Dean of IU Law School by Elizabeth Nell Gavit, 4/11/1980 
 The Law Practitioner (Newsletter) 1970s- 1980s 
 Law Alumni News 1970/71- Winter 
 Law Alumni Association (Newsletter) 1972- 1973 
 Alumni Briefs (Newsletter) 
 School of Law Alumni Banquet Programs 1979, 1990-1994 
 School of Law Alumni Directory 1984, 1990 
 School of Law Alumni Programs 1987- 1989 
 Law School Alumni- “The American Legion” Publication 10/1979 
 IU Law School Fund 
 G. Kent Frandsen Memorial Scholarship Fund 
 The Barrister (News Publication) 1967, 1970 
 The Appeal (Newsletter) 9/1971 
 Dictum Newsletter, 1971-1975, 1980-1981, 1984, 1988-1991 
School of Law Files10
 Dictum Newsletter 9/1991-4/1992 
 School of Law- Student Handbooks 1971-1973, 1982/83 
 First Annual Report of Indianapolis Bail Project 1970 
 School of Law Event Programs 1985, 1995 
 School of Law Commencement Programs 1972-1990 
 School of Law 1989-1990 Awards Presentation 
 School of Law 100 Year Celebration Invitations 1995 
 School of Law Dedication Materials 
 Memorial Service Programs for Townsend & Frandsen 
 The R. Bruce Townsend Professorship Lecture, 11/20/1996 
 Annual Fall Reception for Law Faculty Alumni & Guests, 9/15/1989 
 Jail & Prison Conditions Litigation Seminar, 9/27/1985 
 1998/99, 1990 Distinguished Visitor’s Programs 
 School of Law 1988-1989 Awards Presentation 
 State of the Judiciary, 2/16/1989 
 City of Indianapolis Proclamation: Indianapolis Law School Week- 9/1969 
 Early Law School Publications (Announcements) 1894-1896, 1905-1906 
 Bruce Townsend’s 40 Years of Indiana Law- Master Tape (U-Matic Video Tape) 
 Miscellaneous School of Law Publications 
 School of Law Annual Report 1996-97 & Honor Roll of Contributors 
 Report on the Law Library from James F. Bailey III, 12/1990 
 [Untitled Report on School of Law ca. 1980] 
 Report on School of Law, 11/18-21/1981 
 IUPUI Employee Handbooks 1970s & 1980s 
 IUPUI News Clippings 1973 
 IUPUI News Clippings 1968-1972 
 IUPUI News Releases 1964-1968 
 IUPUI News Clippings 1950s- 1970s 
 IUPUI News Releases 1960s 
 IUPUI News Clippings 1940s & 1950s 
 IU (School of Law) News 1940s 
 IM Community Services, INC. 1976 
 American Bar Association Report October, 1974 
 Profile of the IU School of Law 1975- 1976 
 (Various Indianapolis Photographs) 
 History of the Law School 
 Student Handbook 1989- 1990 
School of Law Files11
 Development: Elisabeth M. Daily Memorial Fund 1992 
 Dean Lefstein’s Review 1993 
 State of the School Address 1995 
 Dictum: 1995- 1999 [publication] 
 Internet 1995 
 Dean Lefstien’s Review 1998 
 Law School Dedication- September 21, 2001 
 Faculty Meeting Minutes 1944- 1972 
School of Law Files12
 Faculty Meeting Minutes 1972- 1977 
 Faculty Meeting Minutes 1970- 1979 
 Faculty Retreat November, 1979 
 Faculty Meeting Minutes 1980-1995 
 Roll of Graduates of the Indiana Law School, 08/22/1994 [includes computer disk] 
 School of Law- Inlow Hall Groundbreaking & Dedication Programs 4/28/1999, 9/21/2001 
 Professorship & Fellowship Appointments & New Faculty Members 1999 
 IU Law- Indianapolis Alumni Magazine 2000, 2001, 2004 
 School of Law Dean’s Report 1998/1999 
 School of Law- Miscellaneous Publications 1999-2004 
 School of Law Bulletins 2000- 2002 
 School of Law Viewbook (Bulletin) 2002-2004 
 School of Law Miscellaneous Publications, 1990s 
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