School of Nursing Records, 1914-2002

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The Indiana University Training School for Nurses was established in Indianapolis in 1914 in conjunction with the establishment of the Robert W. Long Hospital and in association with the IU School of Medicine to offer training leading to a Registered Nurse diploma. A Division of Nursing Education under the IU School of Education was created on the Bloomington campus, and offered additional training to registered nurses seeking B.S. and M.S. degrees. The two programs were united with the creation of the School of Nursing in 1965 and located in Indianapolis.

Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, publications, and other materials.


Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction. Copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials.


Cite as: Indiana University School of Nursing Records, 1914-2002, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Accessions: A76-8, A78-1, A80-25, A81-2, A83-6, A85-23, A85-24, A85-25, A85-28, A85-31, A86-24, A86-25, A86-36, A88-28, A90-15, A91-27, A2002/03-003, A2002/03-028, A2003/04-036.


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


Citation (a Compendium of Student Nurse Papers), 19701
Slide Description of Dr. Dotaline Allen’s Presentation of Korea Trip, ca. 1960 (Slides available in University Archives Slide Collection) 
Dr. Dotaline Allen’s Script & Order of Slide Show-Korea Trip (Slides Available in University Archives Slide Collection) 
Training School for Nurses, 1947-1955 
School for Nurses, 1956-1964 
News Bureau Releases-Nursing, 1947-1963 
Newspaper Clippings/Picture-Statement of Hospital Objectives, 7/1/1968 
School of Nursing 50th Anniversary, 1964 
Nursing Publications, 1960s & 1970s 
Biographies-Nursing, 1949-1960 
Muston, Beula B. 
Rough notes re: Planning for School, Memo from R. Collins, 1957 
Memos re: Student Rotations, 1957 
Notes on Sr. Cadets Program, 1940 
Letters & Excerpts re: Basic Program, 1914-1931, from Alumni 
Indiana State Nursing Assoc.-District President Reports, 1952-1953 
Lists of Students: 1929, 1932, 1957, 1959, 1960s 
Alumni Lists 1940s & 50s, Dist. President Reports 1952-1953, Brochures 
Appointees, 3/1929 
Admissions Reports, 1958-1963 
Basic Candidate Information, 1969 
Enrollment Reports, Bloomington, 1964-1965 
Students-Graduate Programs, Summer 1965, Spring, 1969 
Lists of Students on Bloomington Campus in Nursing, 1961-1962, 1965 
Student Organizations: 1957-1958, 1966, 1966-1967, 1969-1970 
Faculty Advisors, 1958, 1959 
Correspondence re: Graduates, 1950-1954 
Number of Graduates, 1917-1928 
Students-Honors, 1949-1956 
Nurses entering Armed Forces for World War II 
Alumni Lists, 1917-1932 
Lists of who withdrew, resigned or asked to leave: 1938-1948, 1946-1950, 1957-1961 
Early History of IU School of Nursing by Nellie Brown, 1951 
Summary-Number of Students & Courses Made Less Than C Grade, 1962 
Capping, Pinning, Jr.-Sr. Banquets, 1960s 
Contracts & Agreements: 1954, 1970 
 Ethel P. Clark, 1920-1929 
 re: new buildings, 1920s 
 re: Liaison Committee, 1931 
 re: Initiation Kellogg Loan Fund, 1942 
 Student Evaluations & Correspondence re: Division of Nursing Education, 1940s & 1950s 
 Letters: 1959-19642
Dedication of Medical Science Building, Alumni banquets & Talks,1959 
Dedication of Medical Science Building, 4/1959 
Wishard Memorial Hospital Dedication Address, 9/9/1968 
Division of Nursing Education Field Work & Meeting Minutes, ca. 1948 
Faculty Members, 1950s 
Assisting Psychological Adjustment of Caner Patients-Carol Miller 
 Recruitment & Retention for Education in Nursing, 3/1/1977 
 Recruitment & Retention for Education in Nursing, part 2 
 Job Performance & Satisfaction in Nursing, 1972 
 Nursing Capitation Program, 1975 
 Graduate Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Training Grant, 1974 
 Traineeship Request for Cerebral Dysfunction Workshops, 1966 
 Capitation Grant Program, Elizabeth Grossman, 1975 
 Proposal-Neurological & Neurosurgical Nursing, 1968 
 Proposal-Physiological Rhythms & Mental Efficiency, 1974 
 1973-1976 RESTRICTED 
 50th Anniversary, Basic Program, 1964 
 Development & Evaluation of System for Improving Teaching-Learning Process in Nursing, 1968-1973 
Record forms used for & by Students (blank) 
Letter to Chancellor Hine from Dean Holmquist re: AA Program, 1970 
1970 IU Graduates Appointed Positions 
The Hopper (Newsletter), 1959 
Activities of Dean Holmquist, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1965 
Training School for Nurses Committee, 1952-1953 
Florence Nightingale Programs, 1952 
1969 Petition Protesting Graduation Site 
Faculty Council, 3/15/1949 
Map of Surrounding Area of IU Medical Center 
“Professional Enrichment: Can it be Found in Nursing?” 1977 
Report on Fee Structure to begin Fall 1959, Emily Holmquist 
IU VA Nurse Practice Committee, Emily Holmquist, 1971-1972 
“A Communication Workshop with Premarital Couples & Fours: Nonverbal Communication” 1974, Carol Grabarek 
Nursing School Miscellaneous, 1924-1970 
Gifts Received by School of Nursing, 19653
Miscellaneous 1958-1960 
Training School for Nurses (materials, recruitment) 
Nursing Education at IU, 1931-1945 by Dotaline Allen 
Graduate Committee Minutes, 1967-1968 
Schedule: Classes offered by School of Nursing, 1968 
Alumni Association-Division of Nursing Education, 1948-1958 
Graduate Council, 1973-1974 
Report of the School, 1964 
Faculty/Staff Directory, 1970-1972 
Reference List of Films 
Report-IU Division of Nursing Education, 9/1958 
Speeches given by Dr. Dotaline E. Allen 
Report of Visit to Korea, 5/11/1959-6/31/1959, Dr. Dotaline Allen 
Nursing Education at IU, 1931-1945 
Fitzgerald, Alice (1st Director) Vita, 1906-1941 
Monograph Series 75, “Symposium on Clinical Nurse Specialist” 
Final Report: Grant-“Improving Student Achievement in Nursing Education…” 4/1/1971-10/31/1974 
Proposed Master’s Program-Division of Nursing Education, 4/1964 
IU Report of Division of Nursing Education, 1/1962 
Cresset Club 
 Honorary Members 
 By-Laws & Constitution, 1937-1960s 
 Advisor Notes, 1963-1967 
 1937-1939 Nursing Education Club 
 1939-1948 RN Club 
 1948-1956 Nursing Education Club 
 1956-1962 Executive Council of the Cresset Club 
 1962-1966 Executive Council of the Cresset Club4
 Equipment List, ca. 1963 
 Stationary, 1963 
 Past Officers 
 History of the Club 
Miscellaneous Fund Drives 
Nursing & the Law by Carol Miller, 1970 
Communicable Disease Regulations-State of Indiana, ca. 1945 
The Control of Communicable Diseases in Man, 1950 
Self-Assessment of Current Knowledge in Maternity Nursing, 1975 
Continuing Education in Nursing Prospectus, 9/15-18/1975 
The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 9-10/1976 
Faculty Research 1970-1972 
Professional Adjustments 
Consultation-Dr. Hildegard Peplau, 1960 
Correspondence w/ Special Reports, 1965-1966 
Faculty In-Service on Evaluation, 1961-1962 
Religions Needs Survey, ca. 1960 
 N333 Head Nurse Administration, Helen Weber, 1958 
 Z103 Introduction to Nursing, The Purpose of Nursing 
 CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) Minutes & Agenda, 1960s 
 CIC Sub Group on Medical-Surgical Nursing, 1965 
National Education Association-Project on Institutional Program of the Public Schools, 1961 
Philosophy & Objectives Committee 
 Minutes, 1958 
 Minutes & Materials, 1959 
 Statements of Philosophy, 1957-1961 
 Special Committee on Democratic Concepts, 1960-1962 
 Statements of Objectives, 1957-1961 
 Objectives Sub-committee Reports, 1957-1958 
 Objectives Committee Minutes, 1958 
 Objectives Special Committee Minutes, 1960 
Policy Committee 
 School of Nursing, 1960-1961 
 Standing, 7/1962-6/1964 
Nursing Correspondence, 1930s 
Minutes-Educational Committee of Indiana State Nurses’ Assoc., 19375
Advisory Committee-Public Health Nursing Curriculum, 5/1943 
Indiana Hospital Association Questionnaire for Round Table 3/10/1928 
Sigma Theta Tau, Early History 
Development: Nursing Education Division, Dotaline Allen 
Nurse Training Act, 1964-Research Grants: Indirect Costs 
Hulda Cron: Materials re: Indiana State Nurses Assoc. Study, Nursing Education, 1941 
IU School of Nursing Alumni Assoc. Treasurer Material, ca. 1970 
Minutes: Division of Nursing Education Advisory Committee, 1950 
Site Visit: Self Concept, IU School of Nursing, 1971 
IU Nurse’s Alumni Banquet Program, 1958 
Capping Ceremony Programs 1972, 1974 
Sigma Theta Tau, 1930s & 1940s 
Training School for Nurses-Grace Ewing, Student, 1917 
Venereal Disease Pamphlets, Dream Book 
Division of Nurses Education Curricula, 1932-1945 
Bank Statements & Receipts, 1969-1971 
Division of Nursing: Bloomington Advisory Committee Minutes 1931-1961 
Minutes & Correspondence, Division of Nursing 
 Committee 1931-1940 
 Bloomington 1936-1941 
 Committee 1931-1940 
 Correspondence, Bulletins, etc. 1937 
 Bloomington Correspondence, schedules, 1935-1936 
 Correspondence-Change in Administration 1939 
 Correspondence 1939-1940 
 Correspondence 1933-1941 
 Special Conference Committee on Education-Dr. Patty, 6/9/1937 
 Bulletin, Correspondence 1933 
Division of Nursing, 1935-1936 
Chairman’s Reports to Annual Convention, 1939 
Correspondence 1936-1937 Division of Nursing6
Committee on Education & Post Graduate Study, 1939-1941 
Correspondence: reorganization 1938-1941 
Introduction to Nursing Course Notes by Martha Akers, 1957, 1958 
Medical Center Handbooks, 1959-1962 
The Medical Center, Art by JBH Martin, 1938 
Ball Residence Dedication Program, 1928 
IU Medical Center History, 1948 
The Nurse: Hospital Administration 1947 
Study: Head Nurse Duties, by L. Heidgerken, 1942 
Withdrawals Questionnaire, 1962 
IU Medical Center Library, 1959-1964 
Master’s Program: 
 Admission Forms, 1966 
 Application for Admission 1969 
Coordinating Committee-Psychiatric Nursing, 1961-1962 
Lectures prior to 1933 
National Fund for Graduate Nursing Education 1972 
Organizational Chart: IU Med Center, Prior to 1957 
IU School of Nursing News Releases, 1958-1969 
Announcements: University of Chicago Nursing Education 1941-42 
Bulletin of Vanderbilt University-Nashville, Tennessee, 1941 
Announcement: University of Cincinnati-Graduate Nurses, 1939/40 
Health Heroes published by Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 1920s & 1930s (Livingston-Trudeau, Reed, Koch, Pasteur) 
Administrative Science Quarterly, 12/1967 
Scholarly Books in America, 1/1968 
Community Teamwork (Adult Education for Hoosiers) 1/1968 
Your Musical Cue (IU School of Music) Vol. 4, No. 2, 11/1967 
Man, Media & Machines, 1967 
Southern Illinois University Bulletin, 5/1967 
Conference on Health Education-University of Michigan, 2/1967 
Nursing Forum-Vol. VI, No. 4, 1967 
California Mental Health Research Digest, 1967 
Publicity-Press Relations 1961, former Div. of Nursing Education 
Retirement: Nellie Brown, 8/1952 
Joseph Lee Sutton: In Memoriam, 5/11/1972 
Personnel Time Distribution 
 Statistical, 1931, 1936-1941 
 1930-1931 Reports of Faculty Meetings 
 School of Nursing Annual Report, 1955-1956 
 Nursing Education at IU 1931-1945 
 Survey, 1947 
 Training School Questionnaire, Curriculum Committee, 1939 
 Training School Reports1932-1938, 1944-1948 
 Annual Report 9/24/1935 
 Training School for Nurses Annual Reports, 1924-1948 
IU Nursing Education Advisory Committee 1943-1948 
IU Diploma Program: Official Action for Discontinuing, 1957 
Reports of Meetings, 1965 
Joint Faculty Meeting, 1948-1949 
Joint Coordinating Committee on Field Plans in Nursing Ed. 1947 
Joint Meetings, 1948-1949 
Combining Baccalaureate Programs: Minutes, 1965 
Re-Organization: School & Division, 1962-1965 
Sesquicentennial-1970 Material 
Sabbatical Leave-Faculty, 1962-1963 
Samples: Responsibilities & Qualifications, 19537
Procedures Manual 1924-1933 
Division of Nursing Education 1930s Correspondence, Reports, etc. 
Talks by E.H. (Emily Holmquist) ca. 1952 
Letters from Graduates, 1940s & 1950s 
“Point of View” script & materials-problem solving through group discussion, 1955 
Behavioral Observations of Student Nurses, 1954-1955 
Thoughts on Tracking, Carl Rogers, 1952 
Human Relations Notes 
Student Papers, 1950s 
Alumni Fund Drive 
Letters from Alumni, 1914-1922 
Medical Center: Early Documents 
Nursing Service: Administration, etc. 
Articles: Education 1957-1973 
Indiana University Seal, ca. 1964 
Reports: Indiana State Board of Examiners, Accredited Test Questionnaire, ICN Statistics, 1919-1951 
Indiana State Nursing Assoc. 1941 Post Graduate Study & Education 
“As I Remember” by Helen F. Callon, 1922-1925 
Cases: Emily Holmquist & Anne Rohweder 
Herman Kiefer Hospital, 19588
American Nurses Assoc. Committee on Education, 1964 Position Paper 
National League for Nursing-Degree Programs, 1968-1970 
University Of Pittsburgh, 1957 
Survey: Nursing Needs & Resources in Eastern Indiana, 1969 
 Curriculum Planning, 1959 
 Nursing Education, 1953 
Trends in Continuing Education for Faculty, 1961 
National League for Nursing 
 Miscellaneous Correspondence 
 Correspondence & Articles 
Division of Nursing Education Faculty 
 Minutes, 1944-1947 
 Meeting Minutes, 1947-1957 
Student Representative Committee 
 Instructional Materials, ca. 1957 
 Curriculum Committee, 1957 
 Curriculum Subcommittee: General Nursing, 1957 
 Public Relations, 1957 
 Curriculum Subcommittee: Area I, 1957 
Proposed Master’s Program-Div. of Nursing Education, 4/19649
Briefs of NLN (National League for Nursing) Activities for 1961 
Nursing Through the Ages: A Pictorial History, ca. 1938 
The Graduate School of IU 
 1905-1954 (Semicentennial lecture series) 
 Publication ca. 1954 
Nursing Education Monographs 
 “Survey Methods Applied to Schools of Nursing & Hospital Nursing Services”, 1947-No. 2 
 “Financial Problems in School of Nursing…”, 1948-No. 3 
 “What Should Indiana Plan…in Nursing for the Future?”, 1949-No. 4 
 “Trends in Clinical Nursing Instruction…”, 1950-No. 5 
 “Policies Relative to Student Field Practice in Education Programs…”, 1951-No. 6 
“How to Get the Most out of Your Textbooks” & Letter, 1960 
“Nursing in Virginia” Final Report-5/1969 
GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Bulletin, 1968-1969 
The Rockefeller Foundation: A Review for 1940 
University of Minnesota-Nursing School Publications, 1959 
“The Lamp”-Indiana State Nurses Assoc., 12/1949 
IU Bulletin-Nursing Education, 1949-1950 
IU School of Nursing 50th Anniversary Program 5/22-23/1964 
IU Faculty Handbook, 1962 
IU Medical Center Campus Guides 
Riley Hospital for Children Brochure 
Nursing School Brochures 
American Women: Report of President’s Commission on Status of Women, 1963 
“Nursing Schools at the Mid-Century” 1950 
Inauguration: Edward Harold Litchfield, 12th Chancellor-University of Pittsburgh, 5/11/1957 
American Nurses Assoc. Convention Presentation 6/18/1964 
The Rotarian (magazine) 12/1969 
Miscellaneous Publications 
Administrative Manual #1, 1/1957(1-3) 
Field Experience Committee, 
 Indianapolis Area-1957 
 Area I & III-1956 
 Area IV Indianapolis-1956 
Div. of Nursing Education, Faculty Handbook, 1962 
Curriculum Committee, 1951-1952, 1956-1957 
Committee on Curriculum Sub-Committee, General Nursing, 1957 
Policy Book #5, 1959 (Administrative Procedures) 
Div. of Nursing Education, Policy Book No. 3, 1962 
Div. of Nursing Education, Advisory Committee, 1947-1959 
Faculty Committees, 1952-195610
Faculty Minutes-1st & 2nd Semesters, 1956-1963 
Studies on Nursing, 1948-1959 
Historical Materials-School of Nursing, 2/1964 
Personnel File: Countryman, Betty Ann 
Psy. Nursing Grant: 5T2MH6693, 1965-1966 
Legislation: Nurse Training Act, 1965 
Nurse Training Act of 1965, ANA (American Nurses Assoc.) 
Job Placement Service-Faculty 
Nursing School Miscellaneous, 1945-1961 
State Board of Examiners, 1933-1947 
Dept. of Interior Reports, 1918-1931 
Old Materials re: ANA 
Old Materials re: AJN Subscriptions (American Journal of Nursing) 
Grading Committee: May Ayres Burgess 
School Policies (Old) ca. 1951/52 
1st Announcement of the IU Training School for Nurses, 1915 
Faculty Minutes, 1948-1952 (incomplete file) 
Training Grant Applications w/ Book-Carol Miller, 10/1974 
Final Report: Grant-Improving Student Achievement in Nursing Education…, 4/1/1971-10/31/1974 
Miscellaneous Nursing Brochures 
Research Proposals 
 “Myoglobinuria in the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction” Proposed by Carol Alvord, 1975 
 “An Exploratory Study of Self Concept in Adolescent Diabetics” Proposed by Valerie Biskey, 1975 
 “The Effect of a Structured Health Experience upon a selected Group of 5th Graders…” Proposal by Betsy Joyce, 1974 
 “Effective Temperature Reduction Utilizing the Hypothermia Blanket” Proposal by Elizabeth Rose Johnson, 197411
 “Use of Mist Tents in Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis…” Proposed by Judy Schade, 1974 
 “Attitudes of Lebanese Nursing Students Towards Mental Illness” Proposed by Laila Farhood, 1974 
 “Perception of Parents as to Their Needs, Manifestation of Their Needs, and Fulfillment of Their Need…” Proposed by Margaret E. Novy, 1974 
 “Job Satisfaction Among a Group of Nursing Service Personnel” Proposed by Mary Ellen Harding, 1974 
 “Status of Mucus Membrane, Taste & Smell Acuity, & Dosage of Radiation to Oral Cavity Utilized…” Proposed by Donna Zouvelos, 1974 
 “Minimizing Parental Overprotection of Leukemic Child” Proposed by Betsy Louise Fife, 1974 
 “Self Concept of Hospitalized Adolescent Compared to Non-Hospitalized Adolescent” Proposed by Joyce M. Pluta, 1974 
 “The Significance of Demographic Characteristics of Postpartum Patients …” Proposed by Nancy Ann Halig, 1974 
 “Identification of Factors, as Perceived by Newly Hired Registered Nurses…” Proposed by Candace A. Franklin, 1974 
 “Selection of Group Members Through Pretherapy Screening” Proposed by Dale Ann York, 1974 
 “Incontinentia Pigmenti-Relationship to Concurrent Conditions” Proposed by Lois J. Brittain, 1974 
 “Counseling Needs of Nursing Students” Proposed by Kathryn Lewis, 1974 
 “Patient Perceptions of Health Care Givens” Proposed by Barbara Resler & DIR Group, 1974 
 “Application of Labeling Theory to Personal Views of Homosexuality in Professional & Social Setting” Proposed by Jill M. Snyder, 1974 
 “Rational-Emotive Therapy Applied to Group Psychotherapy…” Proposed by William Lucas, 1974 
 “The Effect of Peer Modeling & Reinforcement on Response Styles…” Proposed by Sandra R. Scantling, 1974 
 “Identification of High Risk Candidates for Decubitus Ulcers” Proposed by Kay Fulnecky, 1974 
 Programmed Instruction in Rational-Emotive Therapy & Group Marriage Counseling” Proposed by Michelle Denesuk, 1974 
 “Comparison of Attitudes Toward Health Among Children of Different Races & Socioeconomic Status” Proposed by Martha Blau, 1975 
 “Exploratory Study to Evaluate Effectiveness of Cardiac Booklets given to Patients at Riley…” Proposed by Carol Kindley, 1975 
 “Study of Nursing Administrators & Their Degree of Belief in the Participatory Management Style” Proposed by Alma Stewart, 1975 
 “Effects of Two Different Visiting Patterns in Coronary Care Unit…” Proposed by Sister Mary Emily Tabler, 1975 
 “Attitudes of Nursing Personnel Toward Alcoholism” Proposed by Susan Alano Mendoza, 1975 
 “Effect of Different Teaching Strategies on Learning Therapeutic…” Proposed by Nancy Le Vier, 1974 
 “Self Esteem in the Newly Divorcing Male: A Descriptive Study” Proposed by Frances G. Lehmann, 1975 
 “Study of Selected Physiological Factors & Length of Labor” Proposed by Dianne B. Reed, 1975 
 “Karaya Treatment as Adjunct to Relief of Pressure for Decubitus Ulcers” Proposed by Carol Woodburn, 1975 
 “Advantages of Living in With the Hospitalized Child” Proposed by Kola-Wvannie Mae Schoo, 1975 
 “Self Concept Evaluation during Psychiatric Hospitalization” Proposed by Valerie Markley, 1975 
 “Relationship of Intrinsic Job Satisfaction & Experienced Satisfactions…” Proposed by Fran Miller, 1975 
 “Exploration of Circadian Thermal Rhythm Patterns in Subjects Over 75” Proposed by Gloria Wright, 1975 
 “Relationship between Learning Style Preferences & Knowledge Attainment in Junior Nursing Students…” Proposed by Anne Schmidt, 1975 
 “Significance of Visual Stimulation in Early Infancy” Proposed by Marlene V. Graskemp, 1975 
 “Effect of Group Verses Individual Instructions on Knowledge…” Proposed by Alma Collins, 1975 
 “Changing Sex-Role Behavior in Women by Assertive Training” Proposed by Pattiann Cucinotta, 1974 
 “Exploratory Study of Factors Influencing Readmission of Patients…” Proposed by Donna Wirth, 1974 
 “Supportive Nursing Interventions as Perceived by Parents of Terminally Ill Children” Proposed by Carol Leykauf, 1974 
 “Supportive Nursing Interventions as Perceived by Parents of Terminally Ill Children” Proposed by Carol Leykauf, 1974 
 “Need for Sex Education in the School Curriculum for Ninth Graders” Proposed by Shirley Friedman, 1975 
 “Need for Sex Education in the School Curriculum for Ninth Graders” Proposed by Shirley Friedman, 1975 
 “Comparison of Self Concept of Adult Diabetic & Myocardial Patients w/ General Adult Population…” Proposed by Jude Larkin 
 “Study to Determine Incidence of Community-acquired & Nonsocomal Infections…” Proposed by Kathleen Saegar, 1975 
 “Comparison of Accuracy of Microstix to Routing Laboratory Culture of Urine…” Proposed by Karen Church, 1975 
 “Knowledge & Attitudes of Parents of Children w/ Phenylketonuria” Proposed by Carole Ritchie, 1975 
 “Differences in Problem Solving between Baccalaureate & Associate Degree Graduating Students” Proposed by Malinda Mitchell, 1975 
 “Differences in Degree of Adherence to Community Mental Heal Ideology…” Patricia Lacefield, 1975 
 “Social Encounters Initiated by Women” Robin Frasure, 1975 
 “Investigation of Selected Factors Relating to Absenteeism Among Staff Nurses…” Proposed by Martha Wittenauer, 1975 
 “Use of Programmed Instruction as Method of Teaching Patients w/ Diabetes Mellitus” Proposed by Natalie Carter, 1975 
 “Attitudes of Students Nurses Towards the Aged” Proposed by William Harness, 1974 
 “Significance of Additional Visual Stimulation During Early Infancy” Proposed by Marlene Poe, 1975 
 “Developmental Screening of Preschool Children…” Proposed by Barbara Jabbusch, 1975 
 “Investigation of Mothers’ Knowledge & Attitudes Concerning Normal Child Development” Proposed by Susan Cronkhite, 1975 
Nursing Home Committee, ca. 1960 
Emily Holmquit Personal (Budget)12
Indiana Commission on Nursing 
Pigors Article: Incident Method of Teaching 
Basic Concepts of Curriculum Development 
Central State Hospital Handbook for Basic Collegiate Students in Nursing, ca. 1959 
Consultants-Visiting, 1968 
Fund Raising, 1967-1968 
Intermediate Care Facility: N. Dayhoff, 1968 
Indianapolis University-Comments, Faculty & Students, 1971 
IUMC Parking Committee, 1965 
Ole Sand Materials, ca. 1968 
Psychiatric Nursing Study by A. Kachelski, 7/1962 
Search Committee, 1964 
Statistics-IU Medical Center, 1967-1970 
Vietnam Moratorium, 10/1969 
V.A. Research (Veterans Administration Hospital) 1969 
Xerox, 1970 
Public Health Nursing, IU Div. of Nursing Education, 1960s 
Educational Resources Dept. Report by M. Fuller, 8/1967 
ICON-Ad Hoc Committee (Indiana Committee on Nursing) 1960s 
Joint Committee ISNA & ILN, 6/18/1963 (Indiana State Nursing Assoc. & Indiana League of Nurses) 
University Hospital Executive Council, Nursing Service Administration & Deans of Nursing, 1969 
Central Committee on Graduate Education 
 Minutes: 1/1966-6/1966 
 Purpose & Objectives 
 Admissions, Probation, Candidacy Graduation 
 Curriculum Patterns 
 Flyer, 1967-1968 
 Maternity Nursing 
 Medical-Surgical Nursing 
 Pediatric Nursing 
 Psychiatric Nursing 
 Public Health Nursing 
 Nursing Service Administration 
 Nurse Scientist Program 
News Releases on Grant Awards, 1959 
Correspondence-F. Orgain, 1970-1971 
M. R. Conference 12/7/1970 (Mentally Retarded) 
Sesquicentennial Conference, 12/7/1970 
Grant Information 
 A list of Application & Progress Reports for Grant 
 Application for Neurological & Sensory Disease Project Grant, 1962 
 Project Report, 1/1/1963-6/30/1963 
 Progress Report, 2/21/1964, Application, 7/1/1964-6/30/1965 
 Progress Report, 2/21/1964-5/6/1966 
 Progress Report, 8/5/1966-5/1/196713
 Final Report-Grant N 1602, 7/24/1967 
 Progress Report, 7/1/1967 
 Grant MR 1609, Grant Award Information 
 Grant N 1602 Final Report: Improving Nursing Care of Patients w/ Cerebral Dysfunction Originating in Childhood, 7/24/1967 
 Commission on Women 
The Pulse (Newsletter), Fall 1976 
IUPUI Commission on Women 
 Commission on the Status of Women, 1970s 
Advisory Committee, School of Nursing, Continuing Ed. Div., 1977 
Self Study, NLN Visit, 1976 
Dept of Continuing Education-Nursing School 1975-1976 
Letters sent to Candidates for Dean, Academic Programs 
Search & Screen Committee Minutes, 1970s 
Packet Material-3/13/1975, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Guidelines 
Affirmative Action-Academic Dean, 1973-1974 
Packet Material-3/27/1975, Training Conference-Administration of Affirmative Action. 
Candidate for Academic Dean Search & Screen, 1973-1974 
Indianapolis Hospital Development Assoc., Inc. 
Report for Accreditation, Div. of Nursing Education, 4/1956 
Ethel P. Clark: Speeches & Papers-Home Nursing Course14
Letters re: Ethel P. Clark in support of award of earned degree 
Notice of Death: Ethel P. Clark, 1st Director of School of Nursing 
Cordelia Hoeflin Willmott Papers, 1933-1946 & letter of resignation 
Hoeflin, Cordelia: Project Ward Technology & Management 
Coffey: 1 Paper, Job Analysis Typist for Director & Clerk 
Coffey: Faculty Annual Report, 1950-1951 
Hull, Julia: Talk Given to Riley Cheer Guild, 10/4/1950 
Emily Holmquist 
 Publicity: Newspapers & Others, 1960s 
 Curriculum Vita: 
 Reports by 
 Talks by -Graduations, Other speeches 
Various Publications, 1960s 
IU at Kokomo Nursing Alumni Day, 1977 
Talks by Emily Holmquist 
Veterans Administration-Emily Holmquist 
NLN Midwest Regional Council Meeting 11/1964 
Virginia State Board of Nursing Examiners Conference, 11/4-5/1963 
Emily Holmquist-EACT Kentucky State Assoc. of Registered Nurses, 5/19/1965 
Advisory Council on Nursing, Annual Meeting-10/22/1965 
Veterans Admin. Deans Meeting in Washington, D.C., E. Holmquist 
 Application for Review Panel: Neurological & Sensory Disease Service Program 
 Applications: Nursing Research Study Sect., 1957-1961 
 to Students from E. Holmquist, 1965 
 re: Faculty Salaries, 1969 
 Holmquist Letters re: Positions including IU School of Nursing 
E. Holmquist Honorary Degree from Evansville University, 1966 
Depth & Scope: Guides for Curriculum, 1974 
“The Manpower Situation In Nursing in Indiana” by Emily Holmquist 3/1973 
“Toward Excellence in Physical Therapy Education” 10/26-30/196415
“The Case Method of Teaching Applied to Nursing” By Emily Holmquist, 1952 
 Supplemental Report, 4/1965 
 Report for Provisional Accreditation, 11/1/1957 
 Provisional Accreditation Report, 11/1/1957 
 Progress Report to National League for Nursing, 9/1/1958 
 IU School of Nursing Progress Report, 1/12/1963 
 Criteria for Evaluation of Education Program in Nursing leading to Bacc. Or Masters degrees, ca. 1959 
 Supplemental Report: Basic Non-collegiate Program in Nursing, 1954 
 Progress Report to National League of Nursing, 11/1958 
 Report: Div. of Nursing Education, 9/1958, Questionnaire for Accreditation 
 IU School of Nursing, Self-Evaluation Report, 9/1960 
 Report for Accreditation-Div. of Nursing Education, 4/1956 
General Surgery-History, Introduction, Methods 
Div. of Nursing Education Policy Book, 1962 (Dean’s) 
Dean Holmquist Banquet (Cassette Tape) Undated 
Report: State of the University, Herman B. Wells, 9/28/196116
Guide for Writing Position Descriptions, 1960 
Course Outlines, 1958-1959 
Inservice-Evaluation 1961-1962 
Theory of Learning, ca. 1961 
Fee Structure-IU School of Nursing, 11/17/1959 
Objectives of the School of Nursing, 1958-1960 
Concepts in Curriculum, 1961 
Objectives & Philosophy Committee Minutes, 1958 
Philosophy & Objectives (Old Minutes & Material) 1950s 
Maternal & Child Health Committee Minutes, 1958-1959 
Faculty Counseling Seminar, 1961 
Accreditation-School of Nursing, 1961 
Curriculum, 1960 
Computing Point Averages, ca. 1961 
Pediatric Nursing, 1961 
Course Outlines ca. 1961 
Ward Administration Manual, Information, 1958-1959 
Foundations of Nursing Course Outline, 1957-1958 
Special Report: Nursing Service, ca. 1959 
Proposed Clinical Experience in Medical-Surgical III 
Rotation Plans, 1959-1962 
Roster-Students & Faculty, 1959-1962 
Public Health Nursing, 1959-1960 
Account Reports, 1966 
Statements of Accounts-Summaries, 1964-1966 
Course Descriptions, 1962 
United Cerebral Palsy Assoc. of Indiana-Grant for One Faculty Member, 1961-1964 
Cerebral Dysfunction Applications for Short Term Traineeships USPHS (United States Public Health Service), 1966-1967 
Nursing in Milieu Therapy Application for Short Term Traineeships USPHS, 1966-1967 
Draft Copy-Cerebral Palsy & Related Cerebral Dysfunctions-Una Haynes, 1961 
IU Research-Computing Center Publications 
Cerebral Dysfunction (New Grant) PHS MR 1609a66(T) 
Placement Test Committee-Various Exams & Course Descriptions 
Faculty Council 1971-1972 
Cerebral Dysfunction Grant 1609a66 
Miscellaneous Correspondence 1963-1968 
Course Descriptions, 1960s17
National Fund for Graduate Nursing Education Report on Deans of Graduate Schools, 11/1960 
Instructional Materials Committee Minutes, 1960-1961 
Library Committee Minutes, 1958-1959 
“A Program to More Closely Integrate the Indianapolis V.A. Hospital Nursing Service & the IU School of Nursing” 1971 
Course Descriptions & Class Lists, 1960s 
Forms (Blank Admission Applications) 
Shane, Dean Harold G. 
Scholarships: Div. of Nursing Education Alumni Assoc. 
Affiliating Director’s Conference, 2/23/1962 
Annual Report for President Wells, 1955/56, 1960/61 
Fire Drill Information-Complete Instructions, 3/1962 
Health Counseling Committee, 1960 
Student Health, 1960 
High School Counselors Conference, 3/4/1950 
Counseling-Assoc. of Deans Organization, plans, Set of our Program 
Student & Faculty Committees, 1957-1958 
Central League for Nursing, 1960 
Committee-Grants in Aid & Recruitment, 1961-1962 
Expenses: 7/1959-6/30/1960 
Planning Committee: 1960-1961 
Admissions Committee, 1961-1962 
Errors-Study made by Students, 1958 
Orientation (New Class) 9/5/1961 
Chorus Requisitions, 1950s 
Correspondence-Thank you Notes, Letters to Students, References 
Recruitment Committee: Minutes, Booklets, Reports, 1959-1961 
Student Government Minutes, 1960-1961 
Faculty Work, 1958-1961 
Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1960-1962 
 Faculty Orientation Program, 1960-1961 
 Graduate Field Students, 4/17/196118
 Faculty, 1955, 1960 
Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1959-1960 
Bradford Wood Conference, 1960-1961 
Student Procedure Manual 1959 
Organizational Charts 
Forms (Blank) 
Survey: Spiritual Care of Patients at IU Medical Center Hospitals, ca. 1960 
Maternal Child Health Committee Minutes, 1967-1968 
Student Faculty Government Minutes, 1945-1953 
Div. of Nursing Education Alumni Assoc. Scholarship Fund 
 Correspondence 1950s 
 Fund Requests Results, 1955-1961 
Personnel-Office Staff, 1959 
Peace Corps. Program Plans (Tentative) 1962-1963 
Pease, Clifford A.-International Cooperation Assoc. 1959-1962 
 Cooperative Research Project, 1959 
 Correspondence, 1963-1964 
USPHS (United States Public Health Service) Traineeships Short Terms, 1960-1961 
Offutt, Dr. Andrew C. (1950s Correspondence) 
Re-Numbering Service-Effective 10/1949 
 Study of Programs for Foreign Graduate Nurses, 1958 
 Research Studies in Nursing-Forms to Report, ca. 1958 
 1964-1965 (for budget & teaching load) 
 Schedule of Classes, 1965-1966 (also budget materials) 
Research: Sabbatical Leaves, Mrs. Kelley 
USPHS Awards to Individuals, 1959-1960 
Research Grant: Functional Analysis Nursing Service in Indiana, 1956 
 ISNA (Indiana State Nurses Assoc.) 1955, 1960 
 Sigma Theta Tau, 1960 
Anatomy & Physiology Course Proposal, 1971 
ICON (Indiana Committee on Nursing) 
S. Woodward & H. Bunch 
Indiana State Nurses Assoc. 
Dean’s Correspondence A-Z 
Cresset Club19
 Minutes & Correspondence, 1957-1962 
 Portfolio, 1963 
 Logo & Stickers 
“The Manpower Situation in Nursing in Indiana” by Emily Holmquist, 3/1973 
“The Nursing Education Needs in Michigan” 1970 
Indiana Regional Medical Program: Application for Triennial Review & Award, 1971-1973 
Diet Manual: Dietary Dept. IU Hospitals, 1932 
“Survey of Counseling Practices in a University Hospital School of Nursing” by Dorcas I. Rock, 1/1951 
Student Handbook-IU Training School for Nurses by Dorcas I. Rock, 1/19/1950 
Study: Nursing Records for Purpose of Changing Final Permanent Student Record…” by Dorcas I. Rock, 5/25/1950 
School of Nursing Note cards (Miscellaneous) 
Book (Workshops, Parent’s Days, etc.) 1928-1973 
School of Nursing Policy Book No. 1, ca. 1952 
“Class History” 1/12/1921 
School of Nursing Handbooks, ca. 1956, 1962, 1968/69 
Faculty Organization Meeting Minutes, 1969-1974 
Annual Reports-School of Nursing, 1969-1974 
Steering Committee, 1970-1971 
Graduate Council 
Central Committee on Graduate Education 
Faculty Organization By-Laws 
“The Student Nurse” by Rita Stan, 1968 
Pamphlets, 1940s-1970s 
Memorabilia dating from 1939-1979 
History of Nursing 
“Development & Implementation of Curriculum Model for Community Nurse Practitioners” 8/1977 
“Quality Assurance Programs & Controls in Nursing” 1976 
Final Report-Grant: Improving Student Achievement… by Carol Miller, 10/1974 
“Adaptation of Advisory Services in Nursing Education in Korea” by Mildred P. Adams, 1967 
Materials Prepared Through Korea Project…, 5/1962 
Directory: IU School of Nursing Alumni, ca. 1961 
“Report of Project for Improvement of Nursing Education in Korea” 5/1962 
Procedures Used by IU School of Nursing in 1940s 
Faculty Conference 1968-1969 
Undergraduate Committee 11/11/1968-5/3/1971 
Undergraduate Council 1971-1972 
Childrearing: 2 Student Papers, 1969 & 1972 
Mildred Adams-Graduate Survey Follow-Up, 1964 
IU School of Nursing Continuing Education 
Speaker’s Bureau for Nursing, ca. 1970s 
Jobs/ Personnel 1960-1980 
Cooperative Agreement: IU & Other Medical Institutions, ca. 1964 
Interview Guide-Schools of Nursing, undated 
Office of Institutional Projects Abroad 
Committee on Inter-Institutional Cooperation ca. 1960 
Cresset Club 
Allen, Dotaline21
 Nursing Education at IU, 1945 
 Published Articles 
Nursing/ Medical Articles, 1974-1978 
Curriculum-Undergraduate Div. of Nursing Education 
Advisory Committee-Div. of Nursing Education 
Foreign Students: Statistics & Problems, 1957-1966 
Course Descriptions & Syllabi, 1958, 1961, 1968 
Undergraduate Admissions Information, 1969 
Questionnaire: School of Nursing Graduates, E. Holmquist, 1969 
School of Education Correspondence to old & new Dean, 1946 
History of School of Nursing, 1914-1979, compiled by E. Grossman 
Korea Project-ICA (International Cooperation Admin.) 1959-1961 
Training Grant Application: Expansion of Doctor of Nursing Program, 1979-1982 
NLN-Faculty Evaluation in Higher Education by Margaret Applegate, 1981 
Miscellaneous Materials 
Annual Reports 
 PMHN Dept. 7/1962-6/30/1981 
 Other Areas, 1973-1974 
 School of Nursing, 1966-1967 
Minutes-Committee Meetings 
 Clinical Faculty Meeting, 8/30/1982 
 Curriculum Meeting, 1/8/1981, 12/18/1980 
 Curriculum Meeting Minutes, 10/20/1980 
 Department Colloquium, 10/30/1980 
 Department Meeting, 11/23/1981-4/25/1983 
 Agenda for Department Meeting, 10/26/1981, 9/28/1981 
 Department Meeting, 8/18/1981 
 End of Year Meeting with Clinical Faculty, 5/7/1981 
 Department Meeting Minutes, 8/21/1979-4/27/1981 
 Department Minutes,1969- 8/16/197922
Self-Study Report, 1/1982 (Master’s Text) 
“Relative Importance of Factors Contributing to Job Satisfaction…” by Margaret Poag, 5/1962 
Undergraduate Committee on Admissions, 
 Promotions, Graduation 1969-1970 
 Progression & Graduation, 1970-1971 
Affiliations-People’s Hospital-Peru, IL, 1/22/1941 
Correspondence with Alton Memorial Hospital, 1948 
Annual Report, 1954-1955 
Applications-Rejects/Cancelled, 6-8/1969 
Biennium Budget, 1970s 
Clinical Specialist, 1960s 
Coleman Hospital Minutes & Records, 1956 
Committees-Special, ca. 1970 
Cooney, Marguerite-Materials Prepared-Northern Indiana Nurses 
Coordinating Committee, 1971 
Correspondence Outdated, Short Courses, 1970 
Council of Baccalaureate & Higher Degree Programs 
Council of Social Agencies-Health, Welfare Council Agency, 1950 
 N530 Course 
 Course Outline, L573 
 Course 575 or R500 
 Course D500: The Democratic Idea & Adult Education 
 Course N533-Admin. In a Hospital Nursing Dept. 
 Course N533 Teaching Outline 
 Nursing Short Courses 
 Conferences, 1964-1969 
 Task Force, 1971 
 Task Force, ca. 1968 
Faculty Material 
 Annual Reports, 1946-1950 
 Annual Reports, 1953-195423
 Conference, 3/1968 
 Conference Reports, AM Session, 1/8/1971 
 Constitution By-Laws 
 Handbook, 1969 
 New Faculty Information, 1960s & 1970s 
 Minutes-Faculty Meetings, 1971-1972 
Family Nursing, 1971 
Films-Adaptable to Teaching Nursing Subjects, 1970 
Outdated Financial Aid Info, 1969 
Outdated Financial Aid Info 
Sub-Committees on Framework, Process, Integrating Elements 
Graduate Council 
 Committee on Graduate Education 1971 
 Committee on Graduate Education, 1965-1967 
 Committee on Graduate Education, Annual Report, 1967-1968 
Graduate Programs: Purpose & Objectives 
Mrs. Grossman-Travel Vouchers for Indiana Leadership Program 
E. Grossman-Invoices & Vouchers 
Request for Grand Money for ILTP (Indiana Leadership Training Program) 1970-1971 
Hemiplegie Research-Dayhoff, ca. 1974 
Christmas Letter, Cordelia Hoeflin, 1944 
Honor Programs ca. 1970 
Indiana Assoc. for Student Nurses 
Indiana Hospital Survey Form 1952 
Indiana Leadership Training Program (ILTP) 
 Step 1, Part B, 1969-1970 
 Step 1, Part B, 2/1969 
 Step 2, Part A, Supervisors, 1968 
 Expectant Parents Group, Problems in Records 
 Report: Indiana Leadership Training Program, 1967 
 Record of Parent Group 
 Follow-Up Program 1960-1970s 
 Honorarium & Consultation Fees & Stipends 
 Travel Vouchers, Emily Holmquist-7/1/1966-6/30/196724
 Indiana Leadership Training Program Honorarium’s, 1968 
 Certificates for Professionals upon Completion 
 Guest & Staff Faculty, 1969-1970 
 Application/ Evaluation of Professional 
 Participants Evaluation 
LLTP for Nurses in Expectant Parent Group Education 
 Part II 
Indiana State Board: IU Hospitals rank 1932-1937 
Instructor Work Sheets (Blank) 
Marian College (Cooperative Program, 1971) 
Marion County General Hospital, 1971 
Master’s Thesis Instructions 
Maternity Nursing 
Medical-Surgical Nursing 
Mental Retardation Project: Bloomington, 1968 
Neurology & Neurosurgery, 1969 
Non Citizen Oaths (Blank) 
Nursing in Historical Perspective ca. 1968 
Nursing Service Administration 
Packing Slips-Outdated, 1970-1971 
Parents in Low Income Adult Education 
Pediatric Nursing 
Personnel-Prospective Applicants, 1963 
Philosophy & Goals 1965-ILTP 
Philosophy for Nursing Care of Children in Riley Hospital, 1970 
IU School of Nursing Policy Handbooks 
Progress Reports, 1949 
Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing 
 Psychiatric Nursing 
 Curriculum-Springmill State Park, Edith Green, 5/5-6/1967 
 Programs, 1958 
 Program: Federal Grant, 1960 
 Trainee Grants 
Public Health 
 Faculty Meetings, 1965-1968 
 Nursing Committee 1959-1965 
 Nursing Masters 
Various Publications 
Outdated Purchasing Info. 1969-1971 
Purdue University: B.S. in Nursing Program 
Purdue Dept. of Nursing-1st Annual Report, 4/1/1970-3/31/1971 
Questionnaire from other Universities, 1962 
Recognition Reception for H. Edman, L. Perry, & B. Robinson, 4/1973 
Regenstrief Institute Meetings 
Regional Planning for Higher Education in Nursing, 1959 
Registered Nurse B.S. Students 
Committee on Research, 1970 
Research Proposal-Virginia Walker 
Short Term Traineeship Granted in 1960 
Sigma Theta Tau 
Sociology: Medical Sociological Course, Dr. Psathas 
Sophomore Year Committee 
Stahr, Elvis J. Jr.-IU President, 1965 
Steering Committee Minutes, 1971 
Student Info-Class, 1974 
Summer Sessions, 1959-1966 
Supplementary Report of IU Pre-Nursing Program, 1947 
Survey & Faculty Qualifications, 1945-1946 
Surveys & Studies, 1955-1960 
Sutherland, Dorothy-ICA Correspondence 1961-1962 
Systems Project: Sophomore, 1966 
Teacher Education 
Committee on Teaching, ca. 1971 
Term Papers (Folder #1) 
Thank You Letters 
Tests-Pre Nursing Prior to 1948 
“Study to Determine Which Learning Experiences Help Student Nurse to Develop Skill…” by J.M. Allan 
Tuberculosis Nursing-Veterans Administration Hospital, 1950s 
Undergraduate Conference 1/8/1970 
Undergraduate Council 
Committee on Undergraduate Education Sub-Committee on Registered Nursing B.S. Students 
United States Public Health Service Nurse Training Act, 1964 
USPHS-Research Grant for Part Time Research, 1960 
University Hospital Nursing Council26
Van Nuys, Dr. J. D. 
Veteran’s Affairs 
Warwick, Lorene M. 
Weber, Helen Johnson-Teachers College, Columbia University, 1948 
Wells, President H. B. 
 1950s & 1960s 
 Industrial Nursing, 1959 
 Public Health Nursing Education, 1960 
 Announcements, 1960s 
Wright, Dean W. W. 
Korea Project 
 Ewha University, Dept. of Nursing 
 Ewha Women’s University, 1966 
 Red Cross School-National Medical Center, Seoul Nat. University 
 Seoul Red Cross Hospital, 1966 
 Seoul National University, 1966 
 National Medical Center, 1966 
 Seoul Sanitarium School, St. Joseph Hospital School 
 Seoul Railway Hospital 
 Channam Medical College, 1966 
 Kyongpuk Medical College, 1966 
 Pusan Medical College 
 Mary Knoll Sisters’ Hospital 
 Taegu Presbyterian Hospital 
 Kaejong School of Nursing 
 Catholic Medical College 
 Chunju Christian Hospital 
 Soo Do Medical College 
 Seoul Sanitarium Hospital 
 Seoul School of Nursing 
 Yonsei University 
 Kyonggi School of Nursing 
 Chongja School of Nursing 
 Chunja School of Nursing 
 Masan (H.S.) Nursing 
 Kangnyung (H.S.) Nursing 
 Chunchon Nursing School 
 Taegu School of Nursing 
 So Doo Hospital School27
 Yonsei University 
 Kyungbuk Medical College, School of Nursing/ Presbyterian School of Nursing 
 Chin Ju School of Nursing, Chonnam School of Nursing, Pusan Medical College 
 Chonju Province, Chun Chon, Chung Ju 
 Inchron Province, Kaejon, Kim Con, Mason, Soon Chon 
 Survey on Schools of Nursing: Master Data Sheet, Survey Forum, Code, Brief Reports 
 6 Log Reports 
 Complete File of Instructional Materials Developed in Korea 
Korea Project Reports 
 Survey Schools of 1960 
 Korean Nurses Association 
 ca. 1959 
 Seoul National University, 1958-1959 
 ICA (International Cooperation Administration) Consultant-1959, Observations & Recommendations-1958 
 ICA 1959-1960 
 ICA Annual Reports, 1960-1961 
 ICA End of Tour Report, 1960-1961 
 Korea Project Survey, 1959 
 Improvement of Nursing Education in Korea 
 Items for Joint Contract 
 ICA Correspondence, 1960-1962 
 Administrative Consultant, 1960 
 Nursing Workshop, 1/24-27/1961 
 Report of Project for Improvement of Nursing Education in Korea 5/1962 
 Materials Prepared Through Korea Project & Used in Assistance to School of Nursing…, 5/1962 
 Adaptation of Advisory Services in Nursing Education in Korea by Mildred P. Adams, 1967 
Korea Project28
 Republic of Korea Army (book) 1958 
 Korea Project Notebook, 1959-1962 
 Organizations 1: Meeting Minutes, 1959-1961 
 Organizations 2: Korean Publications ca. 1960 
 Organizations 3: Correspondence & Reports, 1960-1961 
 Workshops/ Conferences 1-7 : 1960, Photos attached 
 Workshop 1: Methods of Teaching, 1/1961 
 Workshop 2: Various Materials, ca. 1959 
 Workshop 3: 1961-Seoul, Taegu, Kwang Ju 
 Workshop 4: 1960-1961 
 Workshop 5: 6-7/1961 
 Workshop: Kwang Ju, 196129
 Workshop: Taegu, 1960 
 Workshop: Seoul, 1960-1961 
 Evaluation-Mildred P. Adams 
 Allocation Letters, 1960-1962 
 Survey (In Korean) 
 Budget & Contracts 
 Instructional Materials (Report) 
 Brief Report of Survey of 24 Schools of Nursing in Korea, 1960 
Korea Project Contracts-Correspondence 
 Contracts, 1960-1962 
 Contract Papers, 1961-1962 
 Contracts, 1959-1961 
 Contracts, 1960 
 Contracts & Publications, 1960-1961 
 Contracts-Correspondence, 1960-1961 
 Correspondence, 1950s & 1960 
 Correspondence to & re: Korea, 1959-1961 
 Correspondence, 1960-1961 
 Newspaper Clippings-Korea Project, 1959-196030
 Correspondence, 1960-1961 
 Correspondence to Dotaline Allen, 1960-1961 
Korea Office/ IU Advisors 
 1: Finance & Account Info, 1960-1961 
 2: Field Reports, Bills 
 3: Applications, Correspondence, Identification Cards 
 4: Meeting Minutes 
 5: Christmas Card List & Maps 
 6: Receipts & Requests 
Korea Project 
 Ministry of Education 
 Legislation: Korean Nursing, Korean Medical Laws, Educations Laws (some translated) 
 Korean Nursing 1, Miscellaneous 
 Korean Nursing 2, Miscellaneous 
 Korean Literature-Nursing 
Class of 196931
Continuing Education, 1968 
Div. of Nursing Education, Special Committees, 1962-1963 
Committee on Evaluation of Admission Credentials in Nursing Education, 1946 
Library Committee Minutes, 1946-1947 
Children’s Bureau funds, 1946-1947 
NLN (National League for Nursing) Accrediting Service, 1950-1960 
 Mrs. Mildred Montag, 1964 
 Mary Tschudin, 1965 
 NLN Accreditation Consultant-Mildred Montag, Correspondence, etc. 1965-1965 
NLN-Council Member Agencies Report: Williamsburg, VA 3/1962 
Accreditation, 1964 
Student Council, 1954-1958 
Div. of Nursing, Faculty Handbook 
 Linda Richards Award, 1964 
 NLN-Nutting Award, 1960 
 Listing Programs, 1960-1962 
 Student Nurse Faculty ratio for Colleges & Universities, Fall 1961 
 Membership & Accrediting Fees: Annual, 1950s & 1960s 
 Fellowship Program, 1956 
School Health Workshop: Principles of Epidemiology for Nurses, 6/21/1965-7/2/1965 
Travel Policies (IU) 
 on Undergraduate Education, 1968-1971 
 Senior Year Committee, 1968-1969 
 Sophomore Curriculum Committee, 1970 
 Speaker’s Bureau for Nursing, 
 Student Affairs Committee-IUPUI Faculty Council, 1969-1971 
 Liaison-Sub-Committees of Undergraduate Committee, 1969 
 New Careers Committee, 1970 
 Medical Surgical Committee Meetings, 1970 
 Maternity Nursing, 1969-1970 
 Junior Year Curriculum Committee, 1969-1970 
 Suggested Reading List-Child Development 
 Principles Committee, 1967 
 S.F.G.A. (Student Faculty Government Association) 1967-1970 
Psychiatric Nursing32
R.N.-B.S. Sub Committee 
Philosophy (School of Nursing) 
Student Affairs Committee, 1966-1971 
Indiana League Council on Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing 
Finances-Grant, Vouchers, Account Statements 
 Traineeship Grant 1968-1969, Title VIII-NT10-C12 
 Statement of Accounts, 1968-1969 
 Invoice Vouchers Stipends, 1969-1970 
 Invoice Vouchers Fees, Fall & Spring Semester, 1969 
 Invoice Vouchers Reimbursement, Fall & Spring Semester, 1969 
 Traineeship Grant 1967-1968, Title VIII-NT10-C11 
 Invoice Vouchers for Stipends, 1968-1970 
 Invoice Vouchers for Fees, Fall & Spring Semester, 1969 
 Reimbursement, Fall & Spring Semester, 1969 
 Invoice Vouchers Travel, 1967-1968 
 Statement of Accounts (NT10-C11) 1967-1968 
 Application for Professional Nurse Traineeship Grant, 1967 
 Traineeship Grant 1966-1967, Title I 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1966-1967 
 Application for Professional Nurse Traineeship Grant, 1965 
 Traineeship Grant, 1965-1966, Title I 
 Voucher for Stipends, 1965-1966 
 Traineeship Grant, 1964-1965, Title I 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1964-1965 
 Traineeship Grant, 1963-1964, Title I 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1963-1964 
 Traineeship Grant, 1962-1963, Title I 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1962-1963 
 Traineeship Grant, 1961-1962, Title I 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1961-1962 
 Traineeship Grant, 1960-1961, Title I 
 Traineeship Grant, 1966-1967, Title VIII, NT-10-C10 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1966-1967, Title VIII, NT10-C10 
 Traineeship Grant, 1965-1966, Title VIII 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1965-1966, Title VIII 
 Traineeship Grant, 1964-1965, Title II 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1964-1965, Title II 
 Traineeship Grant, 1963-1964, Title II 
 Vouchers for Stipends, 1963-1964, Title II 
 By-Laws & Reports 
Nursing Process (Sub-Committee) 
Patient Progress Study Methodology 
D. Roberts (Patient Progress) 
Department Chairman Meetings-Dean’s Council, 1969 
Dean Holmquist Correspondence 1947-1967 A-G 
Academic Review-Dean Heffner, 1965 
Annual Reports, 1964, 1967-1968, 1968-1969 
Student Activities-1965-1966 
Leadership Program (Grossman & Senour) 1965 
Pharmacology Tests, 1966 
Continuing Education, 1968-1969 
Faculty Annual Report, 1956 
IU School of Nursing-Student Faculty Assoc. Annual Report, 1972-1973 
Biographies-Frances Orgain, Edith Josephine Green 
Graduate Field Students-Masters Students 
Traineeship Grant 9/1/1969-8/31/1970, Title I 
50-518-01, Dr. Helen Weber 
Student Class Lists-Undergraduate, 1968-1971 
Student Orientation, 1968 
Publicity & Public Relations 
Kardex Cards 
Correspondence re: Cerebral Dysfunction of Pediatric Neurology Clinics, 1962 
Contracts, 1970 
Application Material-Planning Grant for Heart Disease, Cancer & Stroke, 1966 
Grant Information, 1966 
Statement of Accounts: PHS N528-69D 
Invoice Voucher for Fees, Fall & Spring Semester, 1968-1969 
Faculty Information, 1966 
Recommendation for Academic Appointment, Summer 1967 
IU School of Nursing Newsletter 1954-1963 
Statement of Accounts, 1945-196934
Application-Nurse Traineeship Grant, W. Virginia School of Nursing, 1965 
Public Health Service Grants & Awards, 1959 
Grant Application Instructions (Neurological & Sensory) ca. 1961 
Work Orders & Memos-Ball Residence, 1964-1967 
Finances-Grants, Account Statements, Vouchers 
 P.O., Blue Requisitions, Receipts-Holmquist, 1966 
 Bank Statements & Bills, 1974-1976 
 Traineeship Appointments, 1967-1968 
 Traineeship Grant, 1967-1968 Title I 
 Invoice Voucher for Stipends, 1968-1970 
 Blanket Vouchers (Travel) 1966-1967 
 IU Medical Center-Administrative Bulletin, 1951-1961 
 Invoice Voucher for Stipends, 1969-1970 
 Invoice Voucher for Fees, Fall & Spring Semester, 1969-1970 
 Statement of Accounts, 1969-1971 
 Traineeship Grant, 1968-1969, Title I 
Student Recruitment, 1967-1968 
Instructional Evaluation Forms, ca. 1968 
Student Faculty Government, 1969-1970 
Student Housing, 1/14/1969 
Philosophy Committee, ca. 1970 
National Student Nurses Assoc. Monthly Expenses, 6/1976-10/1976 
Students: Health Services, 1969 
Student Affairs Committee, 1969-1971 
IU Veterans Administration Nursing Council, 3/1971-Edith Green, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs 
Dean Grossman’s Lobbying Information, 1968 
Master Students in Administration, 1964 
National League for Nursing (NLN), Tests, 1959-1960 
NLN Test, 1959 
AAUP Statement of Government of Colleges & Universities (American Assoc. of University Professors) 
 Dept. of Baccalaureate & Higher Degree Council Minutes, 1955 
 Dept. of Baccalaureate & Higher Degree Council Minutes, 1954 
 Report on Kansas City, Kansas-Meeting of NLN Dept. Baccalaureate & Higher Degree, 11/8-10/1961 
 Reports-Member Agencies, Phoenix Report, 11/1962 
 Progress Reports of DNE (Div. of Nursing Education), 1960 
 Dept. of Baccalaureate & Higher Degree Programs, 1960-63 
 IU Training School Accreditation, 1941 
CMA (Council of Member Agencies) 
 Dallas, Texas Meeting 11/1964 
 Dept. of Bacc. & Higher Degree Programs, Chicago, IL, 1957 
 Accreditation Materials, 1962 
 Progress Report-Div. of Nursing Education to NLN, 1960 
 Report of Conference of Council of Member Agencies, 1960 
 Achievement Tests, ca. 1968 
 Accreditation, 1962-Supplement to Report of Div. of Nursing Education 
 Accrediting, 1961 
 Atlantic City, 5/1963 
 Convention, San Francisco, CA, 5/1965 
 Convention, Philadelphia, PA, 11/1965 
 Reports-Council Member Agencies, 4/1961 
 Memo’s to Member Agencies, 1965 
CMA Meeting of Dept. of Bacc. & Higher Degree Programs, 1966 
 Council of Member Agencies, Chicago Meeting, 11/1963 
 St. Louis, MI, 1964 
 NLN/ CMA, Boston, MA, 4/1-3/1964 
 Midwest Regional Council of State Leagues 
ANA Conventions, 1972 (American Nurses Assoc.) 
NLN Consultant-Jean Campbell 
AJN (American Journal of Nursing) Student Subscriptions 
ANA Material, 1972 
NLN Correspondence, 1954-1972 
WHO (World Health Organization) 
Study of IU Students, 1952 
ISTA (Indiana State Nurses Assoc.) Minutes, Newsletters, Agendas 
Natural Childbirth 
Navy, Department of (Correspondence) 
Various Committees & Reports, 1960 
Bibliography: Liberal Education & Nursing 
Staff Development, 1965-1970 
St. Mary’s Child Center, 1966 
IUPUI Graduate Faculty Meeting, 1970 
Report: Div. of Nursing Education to NLN, Supplement, 1962 
Experience Record-IU Training School for Nurses (Blank) 
Fiscal Year Utilization, 1972 
School of Nursing Self Evaluation Report, 9/1960 
Agenda & Minutes: Field Supervisors for Adv. Nursing Ed. 1948 
 Course Descriptions 
 J 355 Materials (Dynamics of Nursing) 
 Principles Course, Developed 1968-1969 
 Student Applications for Field Experience, 1984 
 Emily Holmquist-Syllabi, Tests, Miscellaneous, 1950s 
Correspondence-Miscellaneous, 1968-1971 
Helen Weber 
Foundations: M-S Nursing, Holmquist, 1958 
Clinical Practice: Notes Regarding, 1950s 
Annual Reports: 1968-1969 
Holmquist-Communications, 1964 
Annual Reports, 1969-1970 
Dean’s Conference Group, 6/1967-1/197036
Dean’s Council (Formerly Admin. Council) 10/1967-2/1970 
Steering Committee (Formerly Dean’s Council) 10/1970-2/1971 
Faculty Minutes, 1965-1971 
Faculty Council, 1967, 1970 
Faculty Organization Minutes, 1970 
Faculty Council, 1969 
Portrait Fund for Emily Holmquist, 1972-1973 
Thefts, 1946 
Building Reports, 1966-1967 
Nursing Bookletts 
 Principles of Nursing Care & Medical-Surgical Nursing, 1967 
 Pituitary Control of the Endocrine System: Review, 1969 
 Signs & Symptoms of Edema & Dehydration, 1969 
 The Nutritive Process, 1970 
 Complications of Fever, 1969 
 Principles of Water & Electrolytes, 1970 
 Regulation of Body Temperature, 1970 
 Anatomy & Physiology of the Urinary Tract, 1969 
 Psychological Aspects of Patients with Oxygen Deprivation, 1969 
 Introduction to Shock, 1969 
 Principles of Body Temperature Balance, 1970 
 Interrelationships of Body Systems, 1969 
 Body Metabolism, 1970 
 The Special Excitatory & Conductive System of the Heart, 1970 
 Workbook: Problem Solving in Nursing, 195937
Nursing Graduates 
 Class of 1917-1973 
 Pinning Ceremony, 1974 
 Class of 1975 
 Class of 1976 
Individual Files 
 Beardshear, Evelyn 
 Bearss, Mildred 
 Cabrera, Veronica 
 Carter, Burdellis 
 Hutti, Marianne Hopkins 
 Matthews, Kay 
 Minnix, Kathy 
 Newkirk, Jane Narsico 
 Nusbaum, Martha Jo 
 Olson, Patricia 
 Osborne, Josephine 
 Peterson, Sandy 
 Perry, Amy M. 
 Preuss, Nancy 
 Rae, Jeanne C. 
 Ray, Dixie 
 Reklaw, Mary A. 
 Riffle, Kathryn 
 Russell, Kathy 
 Schroeder, Diane 
 Smith, Mary Collette 
 Stanfill, Paula Palmer 
 Wellman, Deb 
 Wiencek, Clareen 
 Williams, Jerri 
 Williams, Wendy 
 Yancey, Rose 
 Yeager, Kathy Denise 
 Yellina, Joyce Anne 
“Meeting the War Crisis in Nursing” (WWII) 
Sound Waves, 1960-1961 & 1964-1965 
Fund for Graduate Nursing Education, 1961-1969 
NLN Pamphlets: Founders in Nursing 
Executive Council of Student Faculty Government, 1959-1961 
Health Pamphlets, 1930S-1950S 
History & Trends in Nursing, BC-Florence Nightingale 
Graduates of Masters & BS Programs, 1962-1968 (M. Adams Study)38
History & Trends in Nursing (Publications) 
Terrill, Jessica-Visiting Leet, 5/20/1974 
Class of 1958, 1963-1969, 1971 
University Faculty Council Meeting, 1970 
Buildings-Repairs & Services, 1966-1968 
Statement of Accounts, 1965-1966 
Summary of Project (for accreditation report) ca. 1966 
 Project Grant Proposal 1965-1966, Policy Statement & Notice of Grant Award 9/1/1965-8/3/1966 
 Project Grant Continuation Application, 1967-1968 
 Final Report (Official Copy) Grant D10-NU00313, 8/31/1972 
 Project Grant NPG 313, Policies & Procedures 
 Grant Project 1968-1972, “The Analysis & Enrichment of Learning Experiences of the Public Health Nursing Component…” 
 Project Grant Extra Report Forms 
 Travel Requisitions, 1966 
 Project Grant NPG 97, Final Report Materials 
 NPG 97 Project Final Report 
 Memos: Project Grant “Application of Newer Methods & Educational Technologies to the Teaching of Nursing” 
 Travel Requisitions, 1970 
 Project Grant Continuation Application Revised & Supplemental Request, 1966-1967 
 Project Grant Policies & Procedures39
 Student Faculty Minutes, 1961-1962 
 Mental Health Grant: 6693-09, 7/1/1966-6/30/1967 
 Application: Basic Visual Skills in Nursing, 1967 
 Mental Health Grant: 6693-09, 7/1/1966-6/30/1967 
 MR1609-A66 (1st Year, 1966-1967) 
 “Improving Nursing Care of Patients with Cerebral Dysfunction Originating in Childhood” 1962-1963 
 Project Grant: N1602 “Improving Nursing Care of Patients with Cerebral Dysfunction Originating in Childhood” 1965-1966 
 Project Grant: N1602 Improving Nursing Care of Patients with Cerebral Dysfunction…” 1967-1968 
 PHSN1602 E67, 1966-1967 
 Mental Health Grant: 6693, 7/1/1967-6/3/1968 
 1602 E67 
Course: Independent Study In Cyanosis-Curriculum Material, 1974-1977 
Nursing Student Activities, 1967-1968 
Statement of Accounts 
Return Goods Form-50 900 06 
 J 355 Course: Dynamics of Nursing, 1975 
 B200 Course: Principles of Nursing Care I, 1974 
 Modules III & IV 
 Health Care Systems Seminar, 1974 
 LTD Seminar #2, Crisis Intervention 
 LTD Seminar #3, Health Promotion 
 LTD Seminar #4 
 LTD 3, Loss & Separation 
 LTD Seminar #12, What is Nursing? 
 LTD, Accidents & Emergencies 
Child Care Legislation, ca. 1971 
 B200/B201: Principles of Nursing Care I & II, 197340
 Modules I & II, Student Packet, Fall 1975 
 Base Content-Dynamics of Nursing Overview, I-IV 
 Dynamics of Nursing II, 1975 
Statement of Accounts 
Analysis & Enrichment of Learning Experiences of Public Health Component-Final Report, NPG 313, 1972 
Progress Report to NLN 
 5/1964, 2/1972 
 Appendices, 2/1972 
Academic Progress of Tendered Male Student at IU Bloomington, 5/1975 
Self Evaluation Report to NLN, 10/1975 
Neurology-Anatomy & Function of the Nervous System 
Appendix B-Report of Sub-Committee 
Research Proposals 
 “Investigation of Selected Group of Adolescents’ Attitudes…” Proposed by Monica Gates, 1976 
 “Relationship of Mental Efficiency & Day Circadian Temperature Rhythm in the Elderly” by Kathleen T. Vorholt, 1976 
 “Comparison of Incidence of Hospital Admissions for Peptic Ulcer & some Meteorological Factors…” by Cynthia Dobbs, 1976 
 “Selected Factors in Relation to Postpartum Catheterization” Proposed by Carol A. Johnston, 1976 
 “Comparison of School Principals’, Teachers’ & School Nurses’ Conception of the School Nursing Function” Proposed by Wanda Hindman, 1976 
 “Exploratory Study on Preparation of Parents for Child’s Discharge from Hospital” Proposed by Shirley Ong, 1975 
 “Assessment of Teachers Knowledge of Epilepsy” by Judith Balwin 
 “Study of Denver Developmental Screening Test…” Proposed by Marjorie Kochanczyk, 1975 
 Transactional Analysis & Identification of the Functions of Aspects of Parent & Child Ego States” Proposed by Barbara Gand, 1975 
 “Effect of Natural Disaster on Psychological State of Elementary School Children…” by Connie Joan Boatright, 1975 
 “Gestational Diabetes in Relation to Fetal Outcome” Proposed by Kyle Hall 
 “Investigation of Three Variables in Marital Relationship…” Proposed by Carol Grabarek, 1975 
 “Case Study on Middle Class Unwed Adolescent Pregnancy & Possible Implications…” Proposed by Sara Rich, 1975 
 “Study of Anxiety State & Self Concept Before & After Total Joint Replacement” Proposed by Ann Hunt, 1975 
 “Attitudes of Non-Black Professional Nurse Toward the Black Nurse Administrator” Proposed by Marion Whitlow, 1976 
 “Study of Effect of Orientation Procedure in Preventing Disorientation of Elderly…” Proposed by Hilda Poer, 1975 
 Exploratory Study of Urological Management of Myelomeningocele Children” Proposed by Elaine Sugar, 1976 
 “Investigation into Nursing Methods Used to Promote Thermoregulation in Neonates” Proposed by Jean Foster, 1976 
 “Attitudes of Nursing Students Toward Continuing Education” Proposed by Pamela Privitt, 1976 
 “Comparison of Parental Perceptions & Expectations of the School Nurse” Proposed by Kathryn Woodard, 1976 
 “Incidence of Hypertension in Primigravida” Proposed by Marilyn Caster, 1976 
 “Factors Involved In Crisis Experienced by Adolescents Subsequently Treated in Mental Health Facility” Proposed by Martha Thie, 197641
 “Exploration of Role of Office Nursing In Private Practice” Proposed by Kathryn Lewis, 1976 
 “Reactions of Mothers & Nurses to Colored Uniforms” Proposed by Linda Critzer, 1976 
 “Attitude of Nursing Faculty Toward Instructional Media” Proposed by Kay Hodson, 1976 
 “Necessity to Protect Children in Automobiles” Proposed by Ramona Jagger, 1975 
 “Maternal Age & Parity & Gestational Age of Fetus at Birth” Proposed by Mimia Logsdon, 1976 
 “Differences in Assessment Scores of Associate Degree Nursing Students…” Proposed by Juanita Laidig, 1975 
 “Exploration of Hope &/or Hopelessness in Institutionalized Aged Patients” Proposed by Josephine Bryan, 1976 
 “Study of Selected Factors & Thermoregulation of Newborn” Proposed by Lydia Mann, 1975 
 “Prediction of State Board Test Pool Examination Scores Utilizing Grades Achieved …” Proposed by Elaine Harvey, 1976 
 “Effect of Conjoint Educational Experience on Decreasing Professional Relationship Distance” Proposed by Sue Bishop, 1976 
 “Exploratory Study of Difference in Self Conception Between Adult Diabetics…” Proposed by Mary Jo Flynn, 1976 
Human Rights in Research Committee 
 Annual Reports, 1972-1975 
 Minutes, 1974-1975 
Core Group #21, 3/1/1979 
Baccalaureate Council Minutes, 1975-1977 
Material for Core Group, 1975-1976 
Dynamics of Nursing-1 & 2, Base Content 
Junior Year Baccalaureate Program, 1977-1979 
Sophomore Year Baccalaureate Program, 1976-1978 
Proposed Plan: Wishard & IU, 4/13/1981 
Baccalaureate Council Minutes, 1979 
Baccalaureate Administration Records, 1977-1979 
Annual Reports 
 Baccalaureate Council/ Undergrad Council, 1973-1978 
Senior Year Baccalaureate Program, 1976-1979 
Core Group, 1976-1977 
Baccalaureate Curriculum Committee, 1975-1979 
Baccalaureate Council, 1976-1979 
Core Group, 1976-1978 
Faculty Organization, 1976-1979 
Sophomore Handbook, B200-B201 
Sophomore Handbook, B200-B20143
Baccalaureate APG Committee 
 Minutes, 1977-1978 (Admission, Progression & Graduation) 
 Minutes, 1977-1978 
Dean Grossman’s Memos, 1976-1978 
Baccalaureate Core Group Committee Minutes, 1976 
Christine Cookerly-Additional Material to Supplement Dossier 
Construction Progress Minutes-New School of Nursing, Fall 1971 
“The Case Method of Teaching Applied to Nursing” University of Pittsburgh, 1952 
IU Overview of Master Plans/ Long Range Plans Vol. II 
Higher Education in Indiana Vol. I, Preface-Long Range Plans, 1974-1984 
IU System Master Plan for Development, Vol. III 
Review of Guided Study Curriculum in Selected Programs-Rita Stein, 9/1973 
Parents Club 
 By-Laws of, IU School of Nursing 
 Standing Rules 
 President’s Book-1973, Correspondence 
Alumnae Association Miscellaneous, Student Council 
The Hopper & Sound Waves Newsletters, 1957, 1959, 1962, 1965 
Student Faculty Assoc. Budget, 1974-1975 
Article from Nursing Outlook-“Ranking the Nursing Schools” 1984 
Student Roster-1st Semester 1967-1968, Masters Students Class of 1967-1968 
IU training School Special Faculty Meeting, 5/11/1956 
Allocation of Departmental Funds, 1979 
Policy Book-IU School of Nursing, 1960s 
Documents-Computer Printouts/ Evaluations ca. 1978 
Student Faculty Government 
 President’s Annual Report, 1957-1968 
 President’s Annual Report, 1968-1977 
 Minutes, 1957-197844
 By-Laws, ca. 1960 
Gifts to School from Seniors, 1947-1961 
Enrollment Lists, Statistics, RN Basic & Masters Students, 1970s 
Capping, 1940s & 1960s 
Sophomore Students, 1971 
Class Schedule & Final Exams, 1971-1972 
Personal File-Marlene P. Greskamp 
Emily Holmquist Speech at Capping, 1967 
NFPPHC (Nurse Faculty Preparation in Primary Health Care) 
 Reports & Correspondence to HEW (Health, Education, Welfare) 1975-1977 
 Budget Account, 1975-1977 
 Budget Account, 1970s 
 Handouts, 1970s 
 Handout: Attitude Study, N.Y. City Dept. Health, 1970s 
 Originals Folder #1, 1970s 
 Traineeship Awards-Group 1, 1975 
 Traineeship Awards-Group 2, 1975 
 Group 1 & 2, Traineeship Awards, 1976 
 Travel, Trainees I & II, 1975 
 Trainee Travel I & II, 1976 
 Travel, 1975-1977 
 NLN Tests, ca. 1976 
 Budget & 1975 Schedule Worksheets 
 Final Draft Report-Extra Copy 
 Final Draft Report-Original Copy, 4/1977 
 Contract Award, 1975-1977 
 Brochure/ Announcements, 1975-1976 
 Masonic Home, ca. 1978 
 Mailing List-Schools of Nursing, 197645
 Housing & Parking Info & Health Services, ca. 1976 
 “Exploration of Effectiveness of Continuing Education Programs…” by Nancy Beachkofsky, 12/10/1979 
 Final Comprehensive Report, Final Form (Extra Copy) 
 Clinical Skills Assessment Form & Medical Record Review Form 
 Application for Continuing Education, 1975 
 Evaluation, 1975-1976 
 Pre & Post Test, , 1975 (Blank) 
 NFPPHC & PNA Pre-Post Test Working File, 1970s 
 Post Tests, Group I & II, 1975 
 Pre Tests, Group I & II 
 Pre Test, Group I & II, 1976 
 Post Test, Group I & II, 1976 
 Testing Profiles, Group I & II, 1975 (F. Widlak) 
 Group I & II, 1975 
 Pre Tests, Group I & II, 1976 
 CPI (California Psychological Inventory) & Tennessee Tests, Group I & II, Pre Tests, 1975 
 Tennessee Self Concept Pre Test, Group II, 1976 
 CPI, Tennessee Post Tests, Group II, 1975 
 Final Comprehensive Report, 5/31/1977 
 Correspondence-Future Trainees, 1976 
 Correspondence, Group I & II, 1976 
 Correspondence, Preceptors, Group I, 1976 
 Correspondence, Preceptors, Group II, 1976 
 Correspondence, Form Letter to Preceptor, 1976 
 N Form Letter to Evaluators & Critiquors 
 Trainee Report, I & II-1975 
 Trainee Report, I-1976 
 Trainee Report, II-197646
 NFPPHC I & II, 1975, Follow-Up P.P. Evaluation 
 NFPPHC I & II, 1976, Follow-UP P.P. Evaluation 
 Site Visits Summary 
 Personal Reactions, Group I, 1975 
 Personal Reactions, Group II, 1975 
 Process Evaluations, Group I, 1975 
 Process Evaluations, Group II, 1975 
 Continuing Education Forms to Be Completed, 1975 
 Schedule Group I, 1976 
 Schedule Group II, 1976 
 Personal Reaction Sheet (blank) 
 Class Handout Materials 
 II, 1976, Final Clinical Evaluation 
 3rd Week, 4th Day, 1975 
 Developmental-3rd Week, 3rd Day 
 3rd Week, 5th Day, 1975-1976 
 4th Week, 1st Day, 1976 
 4th Week, 2nd Day, 1976 
 4th Week, 3rd Day 
 4th Week, 5th Day, 1976 
 6th Week, 5th Day, 1976 
 Group I, Week I-VI Schedule, 1975 
 Group I, P.E. (Physical Exam) Evaluations, 4 Weeks, 1975 
 Group I, P.E. Evaluations, 6 Weeks, 1975 
 Follow-Up Sessions I, 1975 
 Group I, Final P.E. Evaluation, 12/15/1975 
 Group I, P.E. Evaluations-Final, 1976 
 Group I, Continued Education Evaluations, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, CEU (Continuing Education Unit) Records, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Trainee Correspondence, 1975-1977 
 Group I, Correspondence to Preceptors, 1975-1976 
 Group II, Linda F. Abels, IUSN, 1975-RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Doris J. Froebe, DePauw, 1975-RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Jane Marion Gordon, IL Wesleya, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Mary Alice James, IUSN, 1975-RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Doris Irene Lotz, IUSN, 1975-RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Eleanore Louise McCann, IUSN, 1975-RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Caroline Myer, IUSN, 1975-RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Elizabeth Whitmore, Kent State, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 List of Students, Group II, 1975 
 Tennessee Self Concept Scale-Answer Sheet (blank) ca. 1964 
 California Psychological Inventory Sheets (blank) 
 3rd Week, 2nd Day, 1975 
 3rd Week, 3rd Day, 1976 
 2nd Week, 4th Day, 7/24/1975 
 2nd Week, 5th Day, 5/21/1976 
 3rd Week, 1st Day, 5/24/1976 
 2nd Week, 3rd Day, 7/7/1976 
 2nd Week, 2nd Day, 197647
 1st Week, 3rd Day, 1976 
 1st Week, 4th Day, 1976 
 1st Week, 5th Day, 1976 
 2nd Week, 1st Day, 1976 (newborn) 
 1st Week, 1st Day, 1976 
 1st Week, 2nd Day, 1976 
 Group I, Norma J. Fincher, Purdue, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Dorothea M. Lenarz, Purdue, 1975 RECTRICTED 
 Group I, Mary Alice Pratt, University of Kentucky, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Deloris A. McDonald, DePauw, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Barbara G. Resler, IUSN, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Roberta A. Tierney, Purdue, 1975, RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Cora F. Withrow, University of Kentucky, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Patricia Ann Brown, U. of Tennessee, 1975 (Cancelled) RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Judith Thompson, U. of Tennessee, 1975 (Cancelled) RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Trainee List, 1975-1976 
 P.O.S. (Problem Oriented System)1974 
 Newborn (articles & publications ca. 1970) 
 Bibliography-Primary Care (NFPPHC), 1976 
 II 1976, Curriculum Handouts 
 Curriculum Articles 
 Tools, P.E. Evaluations (blank) 
 History, Trainees, 1976 
 Group I & II, Fall 1976, Follow Thru 
 Group I & II, Fall 1976 Planning 
 Group I, 1975, Planning Suggestions, Follow-Ups 
 Group II, 1975, Planning Suggestions, Follow-Ups 
 Program-Curriculum, 1975, PNA Schedule & Faculty Workshops 
 History, P.E. Cranial Nerves, 1976 
 History, P.E., Group II, 1976 
 Informed Consent, 1975-1976 
 #1 Washington Report, 1976 
 Program Rosters & Evaluations, 1976 
 Workshop Schedules, 1975-1977 
 Schedules, 1975-1976, F. Widlah Evaluation, 1975 
 Nurse Faculty Program, 1976-1977 
 Preceptors Information 
 Visits to Trainees, ca. 1977 
 Fred Widlah 
 Miscellaneous P.E. & History 
 Group II, Week I-VI, Schedules, 1975 
 Group II, Transcript of Paul Gebhard’s lecture to Group II, Physiological Aspects of Sexual Problems48
 Group II, Physical Exam Evaluations, 1975-4 weeks 
 Group II, Evaluations, 1975-6 weeks 
 Group II, P.E. Evaluations, 1975 Final 
 Group II-Liability Insurance, 1976 
 Group II, CEU Certificates, 1975 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Continued Education Evaluation, 1975 
 Group II, Trainee Correspondence, 1975 
 Group II, Correspondence, Preceptors, 1975 
 Group I, Eshter L. Acree, ISU, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Mary Blatchley, Purdue, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Marie Hansen, Duquesne, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Elaine Harvey, IUSN/IUPUI, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Valerie Markley, IUSN/Bloomington, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Kathleen Koval, IUSN/IUPUI, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Colleen Smitherman, DePauw, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, Belen D. Sultan, Marshall, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group I, 1976-4th Week Evaluations & 1st Critique 
 Group I, Clinical Evaluations, Preceptors, 1976 
 Group I, 1976-6th Week Evaluations 
 Group I, 6th Week, 5th Day “Brain Storming” Session, 1976 
 Group I, CEU Record, 1976 
 Group I, C.E. Participants Reaction Forms, 1976 
 Group I, Final Clinical Evaluations, 1976 
 Group I, Correspondence-Trainees, 1976 
 Group II, Paulette Adams, U. of Louisville, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Mary Anderson, St. Mary’s, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Christine Boodley, U. of Michigan, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Emily Egbert, U. of Kentucky, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Geraldine Ellison, U. of Kentucky, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Mary Holle, Purdue, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Virginia Kremer, DePauw, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Margaret Miller, IUPUI, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Frances Mlynarchek, U. of Michigan, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, M. Jean Nicholson, U. of San Francisco, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Jann Logsdon, U. of Kentucky, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Nelda Ravenna, U. of Cincinnati, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Group II, Sharon Rose, Marion College, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Final Clinical Evaluation Extra 
 Group II, 4th Week Evaluations & 1st Critique, 1976 
 Group II, 6th Week Evaluations, 1976 
 Group II, Clinical Practice Evaluation Preceptors, 1976 
 Group II, C.E. Participants Reaction Forms, 1976 
 Group II, CEU Record, 1976 
 Group II, Correspondence, Trainees, 1976 
 Group I & II, Applications not Accepted/Withdrawn, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Related Programs, Notices, Correspondence, ca. 1975 
 Correspondence, 1975-1976 
 Correspondence, Sample Letters 
 Correspondence, 1977 
 Curriculum References 
 Bloom’s Taxonomy-Objectives 
 Appointments, Miscellaneous Notes, 1975-1976 
 Proposal Preparation Materials & Notes-J. Martin, 1974 
 Admission Committee 
 Brochure, Public Announcements, ca. 1976 
 Curriculum Vita 
 Equipment, General Ordering Information 
 Proposal (Extra Copy) 
 Advisory Council, Notes & Minutes 
Address Cards RESTRICTED 49
 (Alumnae Record) A-E, RESTRICTED 
 (Alumnae Record) F-L, RESTRICTED50
 (Alumnae Record) M-S, RECTRICTED51
 (Alumnae Record) S-Z, RESTRICTED52
Masters Applicants 1-200, 9/1963-8/196553
Continuing Education in Nursing-a Prospectus, 9/15-18/1975 
Advanced Nursing, 1969-1970 
Maternity Nursing, 1968-1969 
Medical-Surgical Nursing, 1968 
Maternal Child Health, 1969 
Operating Room Experience, 1970 
Public Health, 1969 
Principles of Nursing, 1969-1970 
NLN Materials, 1961 
B310: Nursing in Historical Perspective 
Faculty Council, 1965 
IUPUI (articles re: creation) ca. 1969 
By-Laws: Faculty Organization, School of Nursing, 1969-1970 
Annual Reports-School of Nursing, 1969-1970 
Term Papers Folder #2, 1966 
Professional Adjustments I Class, ca. 1940 
Policy Book, 1958-Foundation of Nursing 
IRMP (Indiana Regional Medical Program) Committee Minutes, 1968-1970 
Annual Reports, 1968-1970, Departmental-Expired 
“A Statewide System of Continuing Nursing Education…” Proposal, 10/15/1968 
Z201: Medical-Surgical Nursing I, Lesson Plans, Spring, 1967 
Supplemental Report for NLN, 1965 
Progress Report (for Accreditation), Div. of Nursing Ed. 9/1958 
Professional Adjustments II Class 
Secretary of the Executive Council-Manual 
Div. of Nursing Education Policy Book, 1962 
Student Policy-Junior Class, 1964-196654
Nursing as Doctoral Programs, 1970 
Indiana University Bulletin, 5/20/1951 
IU Report of Div. of Nursing Education, 1/1962 
Memo: Frances Orgain to Treasurer of IU, 1970 
Construction Progress Meeting, 4/20/1972 
Song Performed by Student Nurses 
Telephone Directory-IU School of Nursing 
Booklets, 1946, 1960, 1971-School of Nursing 
Ann K. Leach (Schmidt), Records 
Title I & II Statistics, 1965-1966 
Report for Accreditation-Div. of Nursing Education, 4/1956 
Emergency Nursing Instructional Systems Project, Report of Year 2 of 3, Year Grant 3/1979 
Abbreviated Project Summary, 1977-1979 
Emergency Nursing Instructional Systems Project, 1 Year, 3/1978 
Respiratory System Module V 
Pediatrics Neonatal Transport 
Adult Module J45, Final Exam, 9/1975 
Emergency Room Staff Policy & Procedures, 1976 
Correspondence, 1977-1979 
Cardiovascular System Module VI 
Central Nervous System Module VII 
Soft Tissue Injuries, Module VIII 
Musculoskeletal Injuries Module IX 
Obstetric/Gynecologic Emergencies Module XI 
Medical Emergencies Module X 
Mailing List-Emergency, Correspondence, Medical Residency Program55
 Curriculum Vitae, 1977-1978 
Emergency Medical Technician Training Program 
 Module I-Role & Responsibilities 
 Module II-Human Systems & Patient Assessment 
 Module III-Shock & Fluid Therapy 
 Modules XV & XIV 
Appendix A-Clinical Training 
Term Papers, 1978-1979 
Training Grant Applications, 6/1976-5/1979 
Correspondence 1975-1978 
Emergency Nursing Instructional Systems Project, 5/31/1980 
Course J458-Emergency Nursing 
Correspondence 1978-1979 
Module XIII-Emergency Care of the Emotionally Disturbed 
Visual Aids (Transparencies) 
X-ray Tech-Class of 1970 
Roster-Nurses for “Giving” Record, ca. 1970 
Saint Francis Hospital Affiliations, 1964-1965 
 Pattern 1959-1962 
 Samples from Other Schools 
Masters Students-Spring, 1962 
Secretaries, 1968-1970 
State Board Examinations-Reports, 1968-1970 
Conference-Directors of Affiliating Schools, ca. 1959-1962 
Pinning Plans for Emily Holmquist, 1968 
Student Activities 
Christian Fellowship Chapter-Constitution 
Masters Program 
 Guidelines for Developing 
Steering Committee, 1970-1972 
Fountain Square Realty-Additional Space, Terminated 6/1967 
Affiliate Program-Larue 
Research Projects Involving School of Nursing Students, 1960s 
Registration-Policy & Procedure, 1960s 
The IU Parent 
New Appointees 
Time Capsule (Rubbing, 1972) 
Special IU Trustees Report on IUPUI & Regional Campuses, Vol. 3, Appendix J, ca. 1971 
Research Committee 
Nursing Education/ Nursing Service-Emily Holmquist, 1972 
IUPUI Committee Membership, 1971-1972 
 Psychiatric-Larue, V.A. & Central State 
 Public Health Nursing Affiliations Bureau of Public Health Nursing & VNA (Visiting Nurse Association) 1963 
 Affiliates Correspondence, 1961-1965 
 Holy Cross Affiliations, 1968 
 Mennonite School of Nursing Affiliate, 1954-1965 
Parent’s Club56
 Minutes, 1956-1970 
 Treasurer’s Book, 1957-1971 
Membership List 
Correspondence, 1962-1963 
Treasurer-Mrs. Robert Millikin, 4/27/1963-4/18/1964 
Traveling Program for Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic, Course Guide, 4/1976 [3 parts] 
Emergency Nursing Instructional Systems (ENIS) 
 Emergency Nursing Evaluation Report 
 Project, 1976 RESTRICTED 
 Emergency Care Training 
 1st Year Progress Report, J. Barber, 1978 
 Video Tape Script, I.V. Administration 
 Video Tape Script, Anti-Shock Trousers 
 Video Tape Script, Emergency Cardiac Pacing 
 Video Tape Script, Defibrillation & Synchronized Cardioversion 
 Video Tape Script, “Venesection” 
 Acute Pulmonary Edema 
 Emergency Management of Bronchial Asthma 
 Script-Pulmonary Edema Embolus 
 Video Tape Script, Cardiac Tamponade & Pericardiocenteses 
 Video Tape Script, Peritoneal Lavage 
 Emergency Response Services 
 Mobile Intensive Care Unit 
 Video Tape Script, Monitoring Central Venous Pressure 
 Shock References, 11/1979 
 Video Tape Script, 12 Lead ECG (Electrocardiogram) 
 Video Tape Script, 12 Lead ECG, part II 
 Problem Solving Series: Intro to Problem Solving Series 
 Problem Solving Series: Assessing Head Injuries 
ENIS Taping Procedures: 
 ENIS Project Consent to Film, etc. Forms 
 Completed Consent to Film, Videotape Forms 
 Emergency Services & Mobile Unit Completed Release Forms (Wishard Employees) 
 Production Topics57
 Project Status Report, 1/2/1979 
 Project Status Report, 11/1/1978 
Emergency Nursing Instructional Systems (ENIS) 
 Meetings-Wishard Hospital 
 Procedures for Taping at Wishard 
 Address Book, Items # 26-30 (Index Cards) 
 Emergency Nursing Student Entry Questionnaire 
 J458 Student Entry Questionnaire, Spring, 1979 
 Potential Distribution of Video Tapes, 
 Video Tape Script, Introduction 
 Project Triage 
 Video Tape Script, Central Venous Catheterization 
 Basic Airway Management, Rev. I 
 Airway Management Script: Transtracheal Jet Insufflation 
 Airway Management Script: Emergency Tracheostomy 
 Airway Management Script: Cricothyrotomy 
 Video Tape-Emergency Poison Management 
 Script: Esophageal Obturator Airway 
 Diagnosis & Treatment of Respiratory Emergencies 
 Airway Management: Endotracheal Management 
 Sound Slide Script Venipuncture Techniques 
 Slide Tape Script, Arterial Puncture Technique 
Dean’s Office Grant Files-Perinatal Nursing 
 HEW Grant Application (Dept. of Health Ed. & Welfare): Student Stipends for Grad Program in Perinatal Nursing, 10/1/1977-9/30/1980 
 HEW Grant Application: Student Stipends for Grad Program in Perinatal Nursing, 10/1/1977-9/30/1980 
 Grant Award Notice, Grant Narrative, Perinatal Nursing, 7/1/1978-6/30/1979 
 Grant Application for Continuing Support, 10/1/1979-9/30/1981 
 Accounting (Supplies, Travel, Personnel) 1970s 
 HEW Grant Application: Student Stipends-Perinatal Nursing, 10/1/1982-9/30/1987 
 Grant: “Plan, Develop & Operate a Clinical Minor in Perinatal Nursing…” 4/1/197858
 HEW Grant Application: Operate a Major in Perinatal Nursing, 7/1/1979-6/30/1982 
 Perinatal Graduate Nursing-Year 2 Continuing Support, Budget, 1977 
 Perinatal Nursing Program Budget Justification 10/1/1977-9/30/1978 
 Grant Narrative: “Plan, Develop & Operate a Clinical Minor in Perinatal Nursing…” 4/8/1976 
 Grant: “Graduate Program in Perinatal Nursing” Student Stipends, 9/1977 
 Perinatal Nursing Master’s: Budget Year 1-3, 7/1976 
 Notice of Grant Award, 10/1/1977-9/30/1982 
 Accounting-Student Stipends, 1982 RESTRICTED 
 Grant Narrative, 1/1979-Perinatal Nursing 
 Application-Continuation of Grant: Student Stipends in Perinatal Nursing, 10/1/1979-9/30/1980 
 HEW Grant Application: Perinatal Nursing, 1979 
 HEW Grant: Protection of Human Subjects Assurance-Perinatal Nursing, 1979 
 Grant Document: Perinatal Nursing, 4/1/1978 
 Grant Document: Pernatal Nursing 
 Appendix for Grant 
 Perinatal Grant Miscellaneous 
Dean’s Office Grant Files-Accounting 
 Student Stipends-1980-1981 RESTRICTED 
QADD (Quality Assurance: Development Disabilities) 
 Articles Submitted, Abstracts Submitted, 1985-1986 
 Chronological Order-All Sets, Received 5/1985 (QADD) 
 Computer Account-TOPS, 1984-1985 
 Data Base Development 
 Software/ Hardware 
Continuation Progress Report, 5/25/1984 (2C) 
Continuation Support Application, 1984 (2C) 
Continuation Support Application-Draft & Notes, 1984 
Correspondence, 1983-1985 
Criteria Sets 
 Reports prior to Rose Jackson (QADD) 
 Ohio Evaluation of Criteria Sets 
 Criteria Sets 
Forms (blank) 
 Section 2 Forms, All Disorders 
 Standard of Care 
Methodology-Deets, Carol 
Grant Application (QADD) 1983 (2C) 
Hemophilia Training Data, File 1, 1984 
Inter-department Communications, 1984-1985 
Interviews-Prior to Revision, 1970s 
Lambert, Dr. Gontran: Maternal Child Health, 1984 
Leach, Anna-Consultation Meeting, 5/1984 
Mailing to Nurses Administrators & Parents, 2/1/1985 
Meeting Minutes & Notes, 1984-1985 
Name Lists 
Nursing Services-Vicki Hogancamp, Grant Info, 1984 
Other Studies/ Reports60
 ca. 1984-1985 
 (blank evaluation sheets) 
 Pamphlets, Articles, 1980s 
Outcome Order Sets-All Disabilities 
Pock, Dorothy-Grant Responsibilities, Processes & Procedures 
Rated Charts & Interviews 
Requests for Information-Sent, 1985 
Time Sheets, 1984-1985 RESTRICTED 
Wang Indexes & Document Summaries, 1985 
Weekly Goals, 1984 
Yancy, Donna RESTRICTED 
Final Report: Year 1 & 2-QADD, 8/1985 
Agreements, 1984 
 Cerebral Palsy 
 Cleft Lip61
 CHD (Congestive Heart Disease) 
 Cystic Fibrosis 
 Hemophilia, Riley #1, 1977-1981 
 CHemophilia, Riley #2, 1977-1979 
 Myelomeningocele, 1971-1984 
 Respiratory, 1972-1979 
 Well Child, Riley # 1 & 2 
 Well Child, 1971-1982 
 Criteria Numbers for All Charts 
Criteria Sets- 
 Chronic Respiratory, Mylomenengocile, Well Child 
 Cerebral Palsy 
 Cleft Lip/ Palate 
 Congenital Heart Disease 
 Received Late, Not Imputed 
 Letters Received with Criteria Sets 
 Outcome Criteria Accounts-Names 
Requests for Patient Charts, 1984 
Training in Perinatal Nursing Grant: 
 Expires 9/30/1985 
 (Stipends) Expires 9/30/1985 
Clinical Perinatology II, Spring, 1981, Evaluations 
 Sherry Shipman 
 Diane Gorgal 
 Elizabeth Choi 
 Jim Lemons 
 Diane Gorgal 
 Frances Strodbeck 
 Rosanne Perez 
 Stodbeck & Gorgal 
 Pam Lemons 
 Frances Stodbeck 
Final Exams & Student Evaluations 
Operate a Major… Addendum, ca. 1979 
Miscellaneous Grant Documents 
Employment Opportunities 
Grant Materials62
 Embryology Pre/Post Tests, Fall-Spring, 1983 
 Course Outlines (Exhibit F) 
 Present Curriculum (Appendix A) 1983 
 G513 Embryology, Fall 1983 Pretest 
 G513 Embryology, Fall 1983 Post test 
 Account Information 1984 
 Training in Perinatal Nursing Grant Stipends, 9/30/1984 
 Indiana State Board of Health Grant, 9/30/1984 
 Grant (Account Statements) # 50-792-40, 9/30/1984 
 Supplies & Equipment (TPN) [Training in Perinatal Nursing] 1982 
 Training in Perinatal Nursing, 1982-1983 
 Budget Correspondence-TPN, 1982-1983 
 TPN Traineeship Applications & Correspondence, 1981-1982 
 Application: Training Grant Continuation Support, 1981-1982 
 Application: Training Grant Continuation Support, 1985 
 Course Evaluations, C670 
 Training in Perinatal Nursing Accounts 
 Applications: Perinatal Professional Nurse Traineeship 1982-1983 RESTRICTED 
 HEW Grant Review Visitation (Graduate Program Perinatal Nursing) 2/10/1978 
 Inter-Departmental Communication re: Evaluations, 1977 
 Genetics, Fall 1979-Spring, 1980 
 Grad Follow-Up Questionnaire (blank) 
 Perinatal Program-Student Enrollment, 1/18/1978 
 Tables of Specifications Forms 
 Teaching Evaluation Summaries, 1979-1980 
 Embryology Course Material, 1979-1980 
 Instructor Feedback: Developmental Physiology Evaluations, 1978-1980 
 G513-Computing Test Services, 8/31/1981 
 Perinatal Nursing Goals & Objectives, ca. 1977 
 Statements of Accounts, 1985-1986 
 Statements of Accounts, 1983-1984 
 F555 Clinical Perinatology Final Exam & Newborn Assessment ca. 1982-1983 
 Accounting/ Finance Info, 1983-1984 
 Project: “Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies…” 1983 
 Final Report: “Operate a Major in Perinatal Nursing” (Redraft) 1984 [3 parts] 
 Perez-Goal In Aid, 22-792-610 
 Revision Request-Final Report: “Operate a Major in Perinatal Nursing” 1983 
 Resubmitted-Final Report: “Operate a Major in Perinatal Nursing” 1983 
 Statements of Accounts, 1979-198363
 Continuation of Support-Student Stipends, 1981-1982 
 Perinatal Traineeship Applications, 1983 
 Payroll, 1980 
 Perinatal Nursing Program Reports, 1978 
 Preparation Material for Final Report, 1981 
 Award Forms, 1978-1979 RESTRICTED 
 Memo re: Application for Continuation of Project # 966, 6/28/1983 
 Applications: Training in Perinatal Nursing, 1980s RESTRICTED 
 Training in Perinatal Nursing Continuation Support, 1982-1984 
 Resubmitted Final Draft: “Operate a Major in Perinatal…” 1983 
 F555 Clinical Perinology I, Fall Semester 1982/83 
 Maternal & Child Health Training Grants, 1983-1984 
Grant Material: Course Evaluations & Tests 
 F556: Spring 1979, Course Description & Evaluations 
 F556: Course Evaluations-Spring 1980, 1981, 1984 
 F555: Course Evaluations-Fall 1978, 1979, 1980 
 F555: Course Evaluations-Fall 1981-1984 
 C553: Course Evaluations, Spring 1984 
 Genetics Exams 2/7/1983 
 Genetics Exam Post Test, Fall & Spring1982 
 Genetics Post Test, 1979-1981 
 G513 Genetic Retention Test, Fall 1978 
 G513 Genetics Post Test, Fall 1978 
 Genetics Post Test, Fall 197864
 G513 (Genetics) Exams 1/17/1983 
 Genetics Pretest, Spring 1982 
 G513 Genetics Pretest Spring 1981 
 Genetics Pretest, Fall 1980 
 Genetics Pretest, Spring 1980 
 G513 (Genetics) Exam 3/12/1984 
 Genetics Pretest, Fall 1979 
 Genetics Pretest, Spring 1979 
 G513 Genetics Pretest, Fall 1978 
 G513 Genetics Pretest, Spring 1978 
 Genetics Pre/Post Tests, Fall 1983 
 Genetics Pre/Post Tests, Spring 1984 
 G513 Exams, 9/17/1984 
 Genetics Pretest, Spring 1985 
 G513 (Genetics) Exam 9/6/1984 
 Developmental Physiology Post Test, 1980-1982 
 G513 Developmental Physiology Post Test, Spring 1980 
 Final Developmental Physiology Post Test, Fall 1979 
 Developmental Physiology Final Post Test, Spring1979 
 Developmental Physiology Final Post Test, Fall 1978 
 G513 Developmental Physiology Post Test, Spring 1978 
 Developmental Physiology Pretest, 1983 
 Developmental Physiology Pretest, Fall 1978-Spring 1980 
 G513 Developmental Physiology Pre & Post Tests, Fall 1983 
 G513 Developmental Physiology Post Test, Fall 1981 
 G513 Developmental Physiology Pretest, Fall 1983 
 Developmental Physiology Pretest, 1981 & 1982 
 G513 Developmental Physiology Post Tests, Spring & Fall 1984 
 Embryology Post Tests, Spring 1979-Fall 1981 
 G513 Embryology Post Test, Spring 1978 
 G513 Embryology Post Test, Fall 1978 
 Embryology Pretest, Spring 1979 
 Embryology Pretest, Fall 1979 
 G513 Embryology Pretest, Fall 1978 
 G513 Embryology Pre/Post Test, Fall 1984 
 Embryology Pretest, Spring 1982 
 Embryology Pretest, Spring 1980-Rosanne Perez 
QADD (Quality Assurance: Developmental Disabilities) Grant65
 Material ca. 1983 
 Materials ca. 1983 
 Q Application, 1983 
 Budget & Accounting ca. 1984 
 Travel, 1984-1985 
 Downing Displays: Purchase Information & Correspondence ca. 1985 
 Accounting-Statements, Purchase Orders, 1984-1985 
 Accounting, 1984-1985 
QADD Grant: Course Material 
 Fa556 Perinatal II Post Test, Spring 1981 
 Perinatal II Post Test, Spring 1980 
 F556 Post Test, 1979 
 F556 Perinatal II Post Test, Final Exam, Spring 1978 
 F556 Post Test, Spring 1984 
 F556 Clinical Perinatalogy II, 5/3/1983 
 F556 Perinatology II Pretest, 1982 
 F556 Perinatology II Pretest, Spring 1980-Chuck Coleman 
 F556 Perinatology II Pretest, Spring 1980, 1979, 1978 
 F556 Perinatology II Pretest (booklet) 
 F556 Perinatology II Pretest, Spring 1984 
 F555 Perinatology I Final Exam, Fall 1982 
 Perinatology II, Spring 1983 
 Perinatology Exams, 1/20/1983, 12/11/1981 
 Perinatology I, Post Test, 1981 
 F555 Perinatology I, Post Test, Spring 1979 
 Perinatology I, Post Test, Fall 1978 
 F555 Perinatology I Post Test, Fall 1983 
 F555 Undated Test Scoring Forms 
 Perinatology I Pre/Post Test, Fall 1980 
 Perinatalogy I, Pre Test, Fall 1979 
 F555 Perinatology I Pretest, Fall 1979, 1978, 1983 
 G513 Developmental Physiology Evaluation, Spring 1981 
 Embryology Results, 1980-1981 
 Embryology Student Evaluations, Spring 1980 
 Embryology Student Evaluations, Fall 1979 
 Embryology Student Evaluations, Open Ended, Spring 1979 
 Embryology Evaluations-Instructor Feedback, 1978-1980 
 Embryology, Spring 1978 
 Genetics Evaluations, Fall 1979 
Grant Files66
 Perinatal Nursing Minor, F555 Questionnaire, 1978 
 Student Evaluations-Genetics, Fall 1978 
 Summary of G513 Genetics Evaluations 
 J 595-Passo, Fall 1981 
 J595-(Keith) Main, Spring 1980-1981 
 G557-Gillman, Fall 1980-Spring 1981 
 G557-Dunne, Spring 1984 
 G557-Knupp, Fall 1980, Spring 1981 
 G557-Pike, Fall 1979 
 G513-Perez, Fall 1977-Fall 1980 
 G557-Markel, Spring 1985 
 C553-Passo, Spring 1981 
 C670-Emmons, Spring 1980 
 C670-Passo, Spring 1981-Spring 1982 
 C554-Perez, Fall 1979, 1980, 1981 
 Instructor Evaluations Forms-Clinical Perinatology II 
 Lecturer Evaluations Forms-Clinical Perinatology 
 Seminar Evaluation Forms, 1983 
 Class Evaluation Forms, 1984 
 Lecturer Evaluation Forms, 1982 
 Instructor Evaluation Forms 
 Guest Lecture Evaluations, 4/1978 
 Indiana Lung Association Grant: Exp. 7/31/1984 
 American Lung Association, 7/1/1984-6/30/1985 
 Fellowship Awards, 1984-1985 
 American Lung Association Grant: Exp. 6/30/1984 
 American Lung Assoc.-Pediatric Nursing Grant 
 Application: Training Grant in Pediatric Pulmonary Nursing, 3/11/1985 
 Account Statements, 1982-1983 
 Correspondence re: American Lung Assoc. Grant Fellowships, 1983 
 Application: Training Grant in Pediatric Pulmonary Nursing, 3/11/1985 
 Progress Report: ALA (American Lung Assoc.) Grant, 10/29/1982 
 Accounting Information, 1985 
 Jacobsen, Jessica-Nursing Pulmonary Fellow, 1985 
 Quinn, Carroll A.-Pulmonary Doctoral Fellow, 1985 
 Correspondence w/ Marilyn Hansen of American Thoracic Society 
 Mary Elizabeth Jones (ALA Master’s Fellow, 1984) RESTRICTED67
 Martha Hawkins (ALA Master’s Fellow, 1984) RESTRICTED 
 1984-1985 Award Material RESTRICTED 
 Betsy Kirtley 
 Debra Downey RESTRICTED 
 Jessica Jacobsen-ALA-Indiana 1985-1986 Recipient (Pulmonary) RESTRICTED 
 Grant Preparation Materials 
Correspondence, 1932-1978 
Meeting Minutes 
 Department Meeting, 11/30/1987 
 Research Networking Meeting, 11/30/1987 
 Department Meeting, 10/26/1987 
 New Student Orientation, 10/26/1987 
 Department Meetings, 9/21/1987, 8/21/1987 
 Spring Clinical Faculty Meeting, 5/6/1987 
 Department Meeting-All Day/ Bradford Woods, 4/30/1987 
 Clinical/ Adjunct Faculty, 3/20/1987 
 Department Meeting Minutes, 1/26/1987-3/23/1987 
 Department Meeting, 8/20/1985-10/27/1986 
 Department Curriculum Retreat, 5/10/1985 
 DNS Curriculum Meeting, 5/6/1986, 5/1/1986 
 Special Clinical Faculty Meeting, 5/1/1986 
 Department Meeting Minutes, 4/29/1985 
 Department Meeting, 8/21/1984-3/25/1985 
 New Student Orientation, 8/17/1984 
 Department Meeting, 5/3/1984 
 Clinical Faculty Meeting, 5/1/1984 
 Department Meeting, 3/19/1984, 2/27/1984 
 Department Curriculum Meeting, 2/6/1984 
 Department Meeting, 1/30/1984 
 Ad Hoc Curriculum Meeting, 1/16/1984 
 Department Meeting, 11/28/1983, 10/31/1983 
 Special Called Meeting, 9/26/1983 
 Clinical Faculty Meeting, 9/19/1983 
 Beginning-of-the-Year Meeting, 8/18/1983 
Annual Reports & Self Study Reports 
 Department, 1984-1985 
 Self Study Report, 1/1982 
 Department, 1967-1968, 1976-1977 
Department Newsletters, 1981-1987 
Course Syllabi-Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing Dept. 
 P516 Adolescent Behavior & Development, Fall 1981 
 P552 Advanced Psychiatric Nursing w/ Individuals, Spring 1969 
 P554 Advanced Psychiatric Nursing w/ Groups, 1972-1973 
 P752 Advanced Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing I, Fall 1977 
 P753 Advanced Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing II, Spring 1983 
 B216 Basic Pharmacology, Spring 1983 
 P509 Behavior Modification in Nursing, Fall 1974 
 P652 Brief & Crisis Therapies I & II, Fall 1975 
 P672 Clinical Nurse Specialist Issues, Spring 1978 
 P510 Clinical Psychopharmacology, Fall 1983 
 P590 Clinical Study in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Spring 1968 
 P666 Community Mental Health Nursing, Spring 1973 
 H540 Community Health Assessment, Fall 1976 
 P567 Community Mental Health Nursing I, 1974 
 P668 Syllabus Consultation, Spring 1979 
 B507 Dynamics of Anxiety & Stress, 1978-1980 
 B506 Dynamics of Human Development, Fall 1973-1974 
 P555 Dynamics of Human Development, Fall 1974 
 P555 Dynamics of Human Development, Fall 1979 
 B305-306 Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships, Fall 1969 
 P559: Family & Group Psychotherapy, 1974-1975 
 P559 Family & Group Psychotherapy, Summer 197968
 P559 Family & Group Psychotherapy, 1979-1980 
 Family Assessment Guide (P660,1972 
 P508 Group Dynamics, Fall 1982 
 P554 Group Psychotherapy, Spring 1969 
 P654 Group Psychotherapy, Fall 1975 
 P654 Group Psychotherapy in the Community, Spring 1980 
 P654 Group Therapy in the Community, Summer 1981 
 P555 Human Development, Fall 1979 
 J595 Interdisciplinary…, Spring 1981, Richards-Harden 
 P558 Individual Counseling, Fall 1973 
 P850 Internship in PMH Nursing, Spring 1980 
 P413 Into to Psychopathology, Fall 1974 
 P507 Intro to Cultural Perspectives, Spring 1981-1983 
 N501 Issues in Nursing, Spring 1983 
 P702 Issues in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Spring 1979 
 P651 Marital & Family Therapy, Fall 1979 
 R699 Master’s Thesis in Nursing, Fall 1976 
 P668 Mental Health Consultation, Spring 1981 
 R500 Nursing Research, Fall 1981 
 N502 Nursing Theories, Summer 1981 
 J595 Nursing w/ Families & Groups, Fall 1981-Dougherty 
 Objectives: B205-B206, B305, B306, Fall 1969 
 M513, M514 Pathophysiology, Fall 1980 
 J595 Perspectives on Family Development, Fall 1983 
 B505 Phases of Group Process, Fall 1980 
 P653 Preventive Mental Health I, Spring 1975 
 J692 Preventive Mental Health Nursing, Fall 1975 
 P653 Preventive Mental Health, Spring 1975-1976 
 P550 (Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing) 1971 
 P568 Psychodrama, Fall 1976 
 571 Psychology, Fall 1977 
 P535 Psychology of Death & Dying, Spring 1979 
 P659 Psychology of Parenthood, Fall 1980 
 P513 Psychopathology I, Fall 1974 
 P510 Psychopharmacology, Summer 1981 
 P664 (Psychotherapy) Fall 1971 
 J595 Qualitative Methods for Nursing Research, Spring 1984 
 P671 Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist, Spring 1983 
 P672 Role of Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Summer 1981 
 P580 Social Factors of Mental Health Relevant to Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Fall 1971 
 P662 Sociotherapeutic Nursing, Summer 1980 
 P662 Sociotherapeutic Nursing, Fall 1981 
 P566 Systems Change in Community Mental Health Nursing, Fall 1974 
 P665 System Change in Community Mental Health Nursing, Fall 1975 
 P570 Teaching Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Fall 1968 
 P601 Women & Health Care, Spring 1984 
Tomey Historical Research 
 Nursing History Originals 
 Addresses: Martha Akers, Esther Weigle 
 School of Nursing Alumni Assoc.-Committee for Recognition Awards 
 Alumni Award-Nursing 75th Anniversary, Faculty Accomplishments, 1988 
 Nursing at IU East: Judy McCarty, 1987 
 IU at Kokomo Nursing, Sue Dunham, 1965-1988 
 The Growth & Development of the School of Nursing at IU Northwest Campus, 1988 
 Brief History of Assoc. Degree Nursing Program on IU Southeast Campus, 3/21/1988 
 Graduate Programs-Descriptions & Applications (blank) 
 History of School of Nursing, Draft 
 Holmquist, Emily-Biographical 
 Letters-Various Former Nursing Students, Reminences 
 Walters, Thelma: Class of 1938-Letters, Photos, Programs 
 Maxson, Mrs. Roy V.: 1940s Notes, News Clips, Programs-General Hospital 1932 
 Midwest Alliance of Nursing, 1988 
 Registered Nurse Baccalaureate Program: Pollert, Irene 
 News Clippings 
 Relationship Between IU School of Nursing & Sigma Theta Tau International-Nell Watts 
 Uniforms, Cap, Pin 
Department Meeting Minutes, 1/25/1988-10/24/1988 
Continuing Ed. (UMatic) Videotapes69
 The Theory of Margin with Howard McClusky (2 copies) 
 Program #1: Management Process in Nursing Services-Organizational Structures 
 Program #2: Decision Making & Leadership by Joyce C. Clifford (2 Copies) 
 Program #3: Management Process in Nursing Services: Motivations & the Small Work Group 
 Program #4: Management Process in Nursing Services: Communication 
 Program #5: Management Process in Nursing Services: Staffing (2 Coppies) 
 Program #6: Management Process in Nursing Services: Staff Education & Development 
 Program #6: Management Process in Nursing Services: Staff Education & Development (2 Copies)70
 Program #7: Management Process in Nursing Services: Evaluation of Personal Performance (2 Copies) 
 Program #8: Management Process in Nursing Services: Evaluation of Nursing Services (2 Copies) 
Committees & Councils71
 Evaluation Committee Minutes, 1963-1964 
 Subcommittee on Evaluation Report, 1963-1964 
 Evaluation Committee Minutes, 7/1964-6/1965 
 Evaluation Committee Annual Report, 1965-1966 
 Theories of Learning -material and minutes, 1962 
 Advisory Council on Nursing -E. Holmquist, 1966 
 School of Nursing (SON) Dean’s Council -E. Holmquist, 1970 
 College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum 
 NEMO (Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing) Committee-Opening Phase I of University Hospital, E. Sheldon 
 Indiana Tuberculosis Association -Administration Subcommittee, 1967 
Public Health Service (PHS) Neurological Sensory Disease Control Program, Membership expires 12/31/1967 
Fourth Study Draft of Statement of Philosophy, 1961-1964 
Sigma Theta Tau-National Honor Society of Nursing Alpha chapter, Pres. M. Louise Morgan 
Committee of Directors of Collegiate Schools in Indiana -Minutes -E. Holmquist -Helen Barry; etc., 1966-1968 
National Fund for Graduate Nursing Education 
 1959, 1960, 1963, 1965 -Grant information, 1960 
 Report, 5/1963 
 Board of Trustees & meetings, 1962-1965 
 Conference of Deans & Directors, 1959-1960 
Human Rights in Research Review Committee 
 School of Nursing Human Rights, 1980 
 IUPUI Human Rights, 1980-1981 
 Annual Report 5/13/1974 
 Annual Report, 1975-1976 
 Minutes, 11/27/1978 
 Minutes, 1981-1982 
Committees, Organizations & Councils 
 Sophomore Year Committee minutes, 1971-1973 
 Senior Year Committee minutes, 1971-1973 
 Junior Year Committee minutes, 1971-1973 
 Steering Committee, 1970-1972 
 Faculty Organization minutes, 1948-1953 
 Foundations Medical-Surgical Nursing Committee, 1960-196172
 Faculty Meeting -Dean Holmquist, 1958, 1961-1962 
 Planning Committee, 1960-1961 
 Faculty Council minutes -First semester, 1960-1961 
 Faculty Council minutes -Second semester, 1960-1961 
 Maternal and Child Health Committee, 1960-1961 
 Nursing of Children Committee, 1960-1961 
 Maternity Nursing Committee, 1960-1961 
 Student Health Committee, 1960-1961 
 Grant-in Aid & Recruitment Committee, 1960-1961 
 Public Health Nursing Committee, 1960-1961 
 Instructional Materials Committee, 1960-1961 
 Admission Committee, 1960-1961 
 Coordinating Committee for Psychiatric Nursing & La Rue Carter, 1960-1961 
 Faculty Council minutes -First semester, 1959-1960 
 Faculty Council minutes -Second semester, 1959-1960 
 Materials Distributed for Faculty Meeting, 1959-1960 
 Planning Committee Meeting minutes, 1959-1960 
 Foundations Medical Surgical Committee, 1959-1960 
 Maternal & Child Health Committee 1959-60 
 Health Counseling Committee, 1959-1960 
 Public Health Nursing – interagency, 1959-1960 
 Psychiatric Nursing Committee, 1959 
 Library Committee, 1959-1960 
 Heads of Departments Meeting minutes, 1958-1959 
 Subcommittee: Social Sciences & Humanities in Nursing (ILN) Subcommittee, 1958 
 Faculty Council minutes, 1958-1959 second semester 
 Foundations Medical-Surgical Nursing Committee, 1958-1959 
 Maternal & Child Health Committee, 1958-1959 
 Medical-Surgical Nursing Committee, 1968 
 Graduate Education & Subcommittee Administration, Progression & Graduation, 1968 
 Maternity Nursing, 1968 
 Maternal and Child Health, 1968 
 Pediatric Nursing, 1968 
 Psychiatric Nursing, 1968 
 Public Health Nursing, 1968 
 Continuing Education Committee, 1968 
 Policy Coordinating Committee, 1968 
 Educational Resources Committee, 1968 
 Student Health Committee, 1968 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1968 
 Objective of Baccalaureate School of Nursing – (Ad Hoc) Committee, 1968 
 Student Health Committee, 1968 
 Faculty Minutes, 1967-1968 
 Subcommittee of Philosophy for Nursing Care of Patient in Riley Hospital, 1967 
 Faculty Orientation Committee, 1967-68 
 Maternity Nursing, 1967-68 
 Sophomore Clinical Committee, 1967-68 
 Administrative Council, 1967-68 
 Advanced Nursing Committee, 1967-6873
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1967-68 
 (Ad hoc) Undergraduate Coordinating council 1967 
 Public Health Faculty Meeting, 1967-1968 
 Nursing of Children Committee, 1967-1969 
 Faculty Orientation Committee, 1967-1968 
 Committee on Undergraduate Education Committee, 1967-1968 
 Undergraduate Committee, 1967 
 Continuing Education Committee, 1967 
 All University Committees, 1967-1968 
 Medical Center Campus Committees, 1967-1968 
 Nursing Service and Nursing Education: Philosophy & Objectives of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing, 1967 
 Coordinating Committee on Psychiatric Nursing -Central State Hospital, 1979 
 Committee on Graduate Education -Dean Holmquist office, 1967-1968 
 Committee on Undergraduate Eduation, 1969-1970 
 Undergraduate Council, 1970-1973 
 Maternity & Nursing of Children, 1970 
 Public Health Nursing, 1971-1972 
 Psychiatric Nursing, 1970-72 
 Medical Surgical Nursing Minutes, 1969-1971 
 Graduate Council Minutes, 1970-1973 
 Faculty Minutes, 1968-1973 
 Principles of Nursing Committee, 1970-1973, 1968-1969 
 Psychiatric Nursing Committee, 1972-1973 
 Advanced Nursing Committee, 1972-1973 
 Public Health Nursing, 1972-1973 
 Ad Hoc Work Group, 1972 
 Senior Year Committee, 1972-1973 
 Committee on Admission Progression & Graduation -Undergraduate Council, 1972-1973 
 Graduate Council Committee, 1972-1973 
 Steering Materials of Dean Grossman, August 1972 -May 1973 
 Undergraduate council, 1972-1973 
 Committee on Admission Progression & Graduation – Graduate Council, 1972-197374
 Ad Hoc Clinical Facilities Committee 1971-1973 
 Research Committee -Human Rights Committee, 1972 
 Nominating Committee, 1972-1973 
 Continuing Education, 1972-1973 
 Doctoral Committee, 1972 
 Systems, 1972-1973 
 IUPUI Library Committee, 1972 
 Educational Resources Committee, 1972-1973 
 Faculty Social Committee, 1972 
 Steering Committee, 1972-1973 
 Nursing of Children, 1972-1973 
 Student Affairs Committee, 1972-1973 
 Faculty minutes, 1972-1973 
 Committee on Appeals, official file, 1972-1973 
 Faculty Affairs, 1972-1973 
 Undergraduate Council Committee, 1972-1973 
 Principles of Nursing, 1972-1973 
 Sophomore Year Committee, 1972-1973 
 Junior Year Curriculum Committee, 1972-1973 
 Maternity Nursing Committee, 1972-1973 
 Medical-Surgical Nursing Committee -dynamics of nursing, 1972-1973 
 Faculty Organization minutes, 1973-1974 
 Admission Undergraduate minutes, 1973-1974 
 Human Rights in Research Review Committee, 1973-1974 
 Committee on Appeals, 1973-1974 
 Nominations Committee minutes, 1973-1974 
 Faculty Affairs Minutes, 1973-1974 
 Steering Committee, 1973-1974 
 Undergraduate Council minutes, 1973-1974 
 Graduate Council minutes, 1973-1974 
 Continuing Education minutes, 1973-1974 (ISPCEN) Board of Directors 
 Educational Resources minutes, 1973-1974 
 Athletic Affairs, IUPUI, 1973-1974 
 Health Service Committee, 1973-1974 
 (Ad Hoc) Committee in clinical facilities, 1973-1974 
 Research Committee and Colloquia Committee, 1973-1974 
 Student Affairs Committee, 1973-1974 
 (Ad Hoc) Work Group, 1973-1974 
 Sophomore Year Committee, 1973-197475
 Dynamics of Nursing minutes, 1973-1974 
 Senior Year committee, 1973-1974 
 Modules 1&2 of Senior Year committee, 1973-1974 
 Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing Committee, 1973-1974 
 Admissions-Graduate minutes -official file, 1973-1974 
 Teacher Education Committee Official file, 1973-1974 
 Faculty Council -Dean Grossman, 1973-1974 
 Module 3 & 4 Senior Year -Official minutes, 1973-1974 
 Pediatric Nursing -Official minutes, 1973-1974 
 Public Health Nursing Committee Official minutes, 1973-1974 
 Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing -Official minutes, 1973-1974 
 Maternity Nursing Official minutes, 1973-1974 
 Psychiatric Nursing minutes, 1973-1974 
 Junior Year -Dynamics of Nursing Committee -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Senior Year -official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Sophomore Year Committee minutes, 1974-1975 
 Student Affairs Committee, 1974-1975 
 Continuing Education Committee: (ISPCEN) – Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Graduate Admissions -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Clinical Facilities Committee -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Doctoral Program Committee -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Human Rights in Research Committee-Official Minutes, 1974-1975 
 Nominations Committee-Official Minutes, 1974-1975 
 Steering Committee-Official Minutes, 1974-1975 
 Appeals Committee-Official Minutes, 1974-1975 
 Committee on Appeals-Official File, 1974-1975 
 Faculty Organization minutes -Official file, 1974-75 
 Pediatric Nursing Committee -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Maternity Nursing Committee -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Faculty Affairs Committee -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Community Health Nursing -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Psychiatric Nursing Committee -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Ad Hoc Curriculum -Official minutes, 1974-197576
 Educational Resources Committee -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Senior -Search & Screen, 1974-1975 
 Module 1-4 of Senior Year -official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Graduate Council -Official minutes, 1974-1975 
 Undergraduate Council -Official files, 1974-1975 
 Educational Resources Committee -official minutes, 1975-1976 
 Community Health Nursing -Official minutes, 1975-1976 
 Affirmative Action Subcommittee -Official minutes, 1975-1976 
 Clinical Facilities -official minutes, 1975-1976 
 Continuing Education, 1975-1976 
 Student Services, 1975-1976 
 IU Faculty Council -official minutes, 1975-1976 
 IUPUI Faculty Council -official minutes, 1975-1976 
 Doctoral Committee -official minutes, 1975-1976 
 Graduate Council Subcommittee: First meeting of the committee, 5/6/1976 
 Specialist Degree Program minutes, 1975-1976 
 Graduate Admissions (APG) minutes, 1975-1976 
 Human Rights & Review Committee, 1975-1976 
 Baccalaureate Council minutes, 1975-1976 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1975-1976 
 Nominating Committee minutes, 1975-1976 
 Committee on Appeals, 1975-1976 
 Administrative Council, 1975-1976 
 Agenda Committee of Faculty -Organization minutes, 1975-1976 
 Steering Committee minutes, 1975-1976 
 Maternity Clinical Area Committee minutes, 1975-1976 
 Independent Study minutes, 1975-1976 
 Graduate Council-Official Minutes, 1974-1975 
 Faculty Organization minutes, 1975-197677
 Sophomore Year Committee, 1975-1976 
 Core Group Baccalaureate Program -S. Karlson Chp, minutes, 1975-1976 
 Junior year committee minutes, 1975-1976 
 Ad hoc baccalaureate committee, 1975-1976 
 Senior year committee minutes, 1975-1976 
 Module 1-4 minutes, 1975-1976 
 Psychiatric mental health nursing minutes, 1975-1976 
 Teacher education subcommittee minutes, 1975-1976 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum Committee, 1974-1976 
 Teacher Education -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Faculty Social Committee -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Nursing Theory Formation – minutes, 1976-1977 
 Physical Assessment Task Force – minutes, 1976-1977 
 Clinical Facilities -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Student Services -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Graduate Pediatrics -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 IUPUI Faculty Council, 1976-1977 
 IU Faculty Council, 1976-1977 
 Graduate Council – minutes, 1976-1977 
 Faculty Organization, 1976-1977 
 Administrative Council minutes, 1978 
 Administrative Council Official minutes, 1976-197778
 Faculty Organization Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Faculty Affairs Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Committee on Nominations Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Human Rights in Research Committee -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Subcommittee on Tenure -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Appeals Committee -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Subcommittee on Promotions -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Agenda Committee of the Faculty Organization -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Graduate Curriculum -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 APG Baccalaureate -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Baccalaureate Council -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Baccalaureate Core group -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Sophomore Year -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Junior Year -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Senior Year -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Module 1-4, Senior Year -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Undergraduate Admissions (APG), 1974-1976 
 Graduate Council -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Graduate Chairperson -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Task Force on The Organization Structure of the School of Nursing, 1976 
 Specialist Degree -official minutes, 1976-1977 
 Graduate Psychiatric Nursing Meeting, 1976-1977 
 APG (Graduate) Official Minutes, 1976-1977 
 Doctoral Committee -Official minutes, 1976-1977 
Parents Club, 196879
Student-Faculty Association Annual Report, 1976-1977 
IUANS Bylaws & Minutes, 1973, 1975-1976, 1978-1979 
Division of Nursing Education -Field instruction & internship, 1960-1961 
Final report: Development & evaluation of system for improving the teaching-learning process in nursing, 1968-73 
Final Report to (USPHS), Division of Nursing DHEW -E. Holmquist, Feb. 1972 
Analysis and Enrichment of Learning Experiences of Public Health Nursing Component in the Baccalaureate Curriculum in Nursing. Final report -Lucy Perry, 1968-1972 
IUMC -Final report to PHS, grant, 1968 
Nurses and The Law -C. Miller, 1972-73 
Regional Campuses -Gary -Grant proposal 
Letter from President Ryan re: grants, 1972 
Grant Applications, 1967, 1969-1974 
Interagency Community Health Committee, 1976-1977 
ISPCEN -Indiana State Plan Continuing Education in Nursing -Coordinating Council minutes, 1976-1977 
Korea Project Material 
 Adaptation of Advisory Services in Nursing Ed. In Korea, 1967 
 Report: Project for Improvement of Nursing Ed. In Korea, 1962 
 Materials Prepared Through Korea Project…, 1962 
 Korean Project, 1959-1961 
 Evaluation Study of Nursing Ed. Program in Korea 
 Report: Survey of 24 Schools of Nursing in Korea, 1960 
Report: Division of Nursing Education, 1962 
State Approved Schools of Practical & Vocational Nursing, National League for Nursing, 1963 & 1970 
Directory -American Association of Junior Colleges, 1969 
 Task Force on NLN Accreditation -FOLDER Accreditation of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, 1973-74 
 Central Committee on Graduate Education -Book 2, 1966-1969 
 Steering Committee, 1970-1972 
 Public Relations Committee, 1970-1972 
 Theoretical Framework, 1971-1972 
 (RNBSN) Committee, 1970-1972 
 Committee on Admission, Progression & Graduation -Graduate Council, 1970-1972 
 Nominating Committee, 1970-71, 71-72 
 Committee on Bylaws, 1971-1972 
 Committee on Educational Resources, 1970-1973 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1970-71, 71-72 
 Student Affairs Committee, 1970-71, 71-72 
 Faculty Activities First Week of School, 1970-1972 
 Task Force Committee, 1971-1972 
 Theoretical Framework, 1970-1972 
Academic Year Calendar, 1971-197280
 Master Calendar of Committees, 1970-1972 
 Committee Membership, 1962-1971 
 IUPUI Deans’ Meetings, 1968, 1970, 1971 
 Council of Deans – Agendas and minutes, 1971-1972 
 IUPUI Deans’ Meetings – minutes, 1969-1971 
 Faculty Meetings, 1971-1973 
 Junior Year Committee, 1971-1972 
 Undergraduate Council, 1971-1972 
 Graduate Council, 1971-1972 
 Principles of Nursing, 1971-1972 
 Nursing of Children, 1971-1972 
 Maternity Nursing Committee, 1971-1972 
 Medical-Surgical Nursing Committee, 1971-1972 
 Continuing Education Committee 1970-1972 
 Public Health Nursing, 1971-1972 
 Psychiatric Nursing Committee, 1971-1972 
 Sophomore Year Committee, 1971-1972 
 Committee on Admission, Progression & Graduation -Undergraduate Council, 1970-1972 
 Senior Year Committee, 1971-1972 
 Division of Nursing Education -Bloomington -minutes of faculty, 1960-1965 
 Division of Nursing Education -Bloomington -total faculty minutes, 1956-1960 
 Advisory Committee IUMC Research Computation Center, 1967 
 Maternal Child Health Nursing, 1965-1967 
 Sophomore Clinical Committees, 1967, 1966, 1965 
 Medical Surgical Nursing Committee, 1965-1966 
 Maternity Nursing, 1965-1967 
 Nursing of Children, 1965-1967 
IU Curriculum -Undergraduate Degree Programs, 1931-1950 
Experimental Curriculum -Jean Hutton and Howard Langhoff project, Feb. 196381
Criteria for Evaluating an Educational Philosophy -from book “School and Society” (many copies) 
Faculty Conference, 1970-1971 -Emily Holmquist 
National League for Nursing (NLN) 
 Progress Report, 1972 
 Self evaluation report, 1968 
Dean McBride Material 
 Annual School Report, 1991-1995 
 Rankings-IU Research/ Graduate, 1993-1998 
 Building its Preferred Future (Goals, Mission, Values) 3/7/1994 
 State of the School Addresses, 1/11/1991-9/26/1994 
Faculty Meeting, 1968-1970 
Nurse Practice Comm., 1968-1969 
Undergraduate Committee, 1968 
Principles of Nursing, (M-S), 1968 
Alumnae Newsletters, 1972-1974 
Annual Report Stu. Fac. Gov., (Student Faculty Government)1966-1970 
Sigma Theta Tau -Alpha Chapter, 1976 
News Bureau, 1976 
 Faculty / Staff Newsletter, 1973-1975 
 Faculty / Staff Newsletter, 1975-197682
 School Newsletter, 1975 
Publicity for the School of Nursing, 1973 
Guide to Living in America for Foreign Students at IUPUI 
Committees & Councils 
 Faculty Council Minutes, 1957-1959-1st & 2nd Semesters 
 Adm. Committee, Dr. Van Nuys, 1958-1959 
 Bloomington Hosp. Program, 1976 
 Library Committee, 1957-1958 
 Minutes College of Arts and Sciences, 1957-1959 
 Library Committee, 1950-1956 
 Records Committee,1954-1957 
 Policies Concerning Organ. Of School and Faculty Responsibilities, 1950-1957 
 Curriculum Committee, 1953-1957 
 Health Committee, 1955-1957 
 Procedure Committee, 1954-1956 
 Public Health Nursing, 1957-1958 
 Meetings Concerning Student Progress, 1957-1958 
 Scholarship and Recruitment Comm., 1957-1958 
 Curriculum Committee, 1955-1957 
Student Nurse: Needs, roles, conflicts, and curriculum, 1969 
Grant Proposal Summer Session, 1977 
Site Visit, Psychiatric Nursing, 11/3/1971 
Development of Nursing Research Training, 1965 
Clinical Nurse Specialist-Mental Retardation & Associated Handicapped Conditions, 1968 
Specialist in Clinical Nursing Degree, 1973 
Self-Concept of the Diabetic, 1969 
Milieu Therapy Nursing Grant, 1966 
Proposal-Nurses Physiological Rhythms & Mental Efficiency, 1973 
Grant Statistics, 1970s 
Undergraduate Training in Psychiatric Nursing, 1962 
Preparation of Teachers for Baccalaureate Programs of Nursing, ca. 1965 
Improving Nursing Care of Patients with Cerebral Dysfunctions Originating in Childhood 
Financial Aid and Recruitment July 1961-June 1963 
 Admissions Committee, 1961-1962 
 Foundations -Med Surg Nurs Comm., 1961-1962 
 Inservice Committee, 1961, 1963-1965 
 Instructional Materials Committee, 1961-1963 
 Coordinating Comm. for Psychiatric Nursing at La Rue Carter, 1961-1962 
 Coordination Comm. for Psych Nursing at Central State, 1961-1962 
 Psychiatric Nursing Faculty, 1961-1962 
 Medical Surgical (Interteam) Meeting, 1961-1963 
 Maternal Child Health Comm., 1961-1962 
 Nursing of Children Committee, 1961-1962 
 Maternity Nursing Comm., 1961-1962 
 Student Health Committee, 1961-196283
 Grant In Aid and Recruitment Committee, 1961-1962 
 Maternity Nursing Committee, 1962-1963 
 Psychiatric Nursing Committee, 1962-1963 
 Health Committee, 1962-1963 
 Admissions Committee, July 1962-June 1963 
 Steering Committee, 1961-1964 
 Faculty Council Meeting, July 1968-July 1969 
 Administrative Council, 1968-1970 
 Sub Comm. Grad Ed. Adm Program Graduation, 1969-1970 
 Maternity Nursing, 1969-1970 
 Nursing of Children, 1969-1970 
 Comm. of Grad Ed, 1969-1970 
 Adm. Prog. And Graduation Sub Comm. on Undergrad, Jan -June 1970 
 Comm. on Ed. Resources, 1969-1970 
 Student Affairs, 1969-1970 
 Faculty Affairs, 1969-1970 
 Publicity and Public Relations, 1969-1970 
 Nurse Practice Committee, 1969-1970 
 RNBS Committee, 1968-1970 
 Ground Breaking Committee, Oct 1970 
 Psychiatric Nursing Committee, 1969-1970 
 Committee on Continuing Education, 1969-1970 
 Deans Conf. Group, 1969-1970 
 Ad Hoc Committee 4th yr., 1970 
 Sophomore Year Committee, 1969-1970 
 Senior Year Committee, 1968-1970 
 Public Health Nursing Committee, 1969-1970 
 Principles of Nursing Committee, 1969-1970 
 Dept of Med Surgery Nursing Chairman L. Meier, 1969-1970 
 Publicity and Public Relations, 1968 
 Student Affairs Comm., 1968 
 Faculty Minutes (2copies), 1968 
 Junior Year Committee, 1968-1971 
Bulletins: 1965-1968, 1971-1986, 1988-1998 
Planning, Implementing, Evaluating The Curriculum 
75th Anniversary 
 Program Committee 
1974-Dedication Programs, Ceremonies with Drawings 
IUPUI 20th Anniversary Committee, April 1988 
75th Anniversary 
 Celebration, 1989-Dr. Markel 
 Archives (Important Items for) –programs & signs 
 Letters from Government Officials re: Anniversary 
Committees, Councils & Organizations84
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1966-1967 
 Principles of Nursing Committee, 1966-1967 
 Faculty Organization, 1966-1967 
 Medical Surgical (Interteam) Meeting, 1966-1967 
 IUMC Clinical Research Committee, 1966-1967 
 Dotaline E. Allen Selection Committee, 1966 
 Student Affairs Committee, 1966-1968 
 Ad Hoc Undergraduate Coordinating Council, 1966-1967 
 Bacc. Curriculum Comm., Dept. Chairmen, 1966 
 Faculty Minutes, 1966-1967 
 Central Committee-Grad. Education, Jan. 1966 -June 1967 
 Committee on Grad. Education Dean Holmquist’s office,1966-1967 
 Planning Comm. Cerebral Dysfunction, 7/1965 to 6/1967 
 Psychiatric Nurs. Clinical Committee, 1965-1967 
 Faculty Minutes, 1965-1966 
 Public Health Nursing Committee Clinical Committee, June 1965 -June 1967 
 Placement Test Comm., June 1965 – Oct 8 1965 
 Placement Committee, 1965 
 Joint Committee of Philosophy and Objectives-Bacc. Program, Oct, 1965 – 1967 
 Evaluation Comm., 1965-1966 
 Curriculum Committee, 1965-1967 
 Dietetic Internships and Public Health Nursing, 1965 
 Admissions and Financial Aid Comm., Oct 1965 -May 1966 Committee on Committees Feb. 1965 -Dec. 1965 
 Curriculum Committee, June. 65 – Dec. 1966 
 Advanced Nursing Clinical Committee, 1965-1967 
 Instructional Materials Comm., Jan. 1965 – Feb. 1966 
 Philosophy and Objectives Comm., Bacc. Program 1965 to 1967 
 Committee on Committees, 1965 
 Committee on Committees, 2/1965-12/1965 
 Policy Committee, 1965 -May 1966 
 Admissions Comm., 1965-1966 
 Committee on Instructional Materials, 1965-1966 
 Objectives Committee, 11/ 1965 – 3/ 1966 
 Recruitment and Financial Aid Comm., 1965-1966 
 Committee on Graduate Education, Dean Holmquist’s Office 1965-1966 
 Student Health Comm. (standing), 1965-1967 
 Instructional Materials Comm., 1965-1966 
 Combining Advanced Nursing and Comp. Patient Care Comm., 1965 
 Maternal and Child Health Clinic Comm., 1965-1968 
 Joint Maternity and Nursing of Children Comm., 1965-1967 
 Continuing Education Committee, 1966-1967 
 Medical Surgical (Interteam), 1964-1965 
 Recruitment Comm., Dec. 1964 -April 1966 
 Medical Surgical Nursing Comm., July 1964 -June 1965 
 Miscellaneous Committees, July 1964 to June 1967 
 Health Committee, Nov. 1964 to May 13, 1966 
 Policy Comm., Nov 64, May 1966 
 Maternal and Child Health Committee 1964-196585
 Financial Aid & Recruitment Committee, 7/1964 – 6/1965 
 Student Health Comm., 1964-1965 
 Maternity Nursing Committee, 1964-1965 
 Nursing of Children Committee, 1964-1965 
 Evaluation Committee, 1964-1966 
 Epidemiology, 1964 
 Committee on Committees, July 1964 -June 1965 
 Public Health Nursing Comm., July 1964 -June 1965 
 Instructional Materials Comm., 1964-1965 
 Psychiatric Nursing, July 1964 -June 1965 
 Faculty Minutes, 1963-1964 
 Maternal and Child Health Comm., 1963-1964 
 Nursing of Children Comm., 1963-1964 
 Maternal and Child Health Comm., 1962-1963 
 Maternity Nursing Comm., 1963-1964 
 Psychiatric Nursing Comm., 1963-1964 
 Foundation, Medical Surgery Comm. 1962-1963 
 Nursing of Children Comm., 1962-1963 
Final Report: Grant-Nursing Care of Patients w/ Cerebral Dysfunction… 
Job Performance and Satisfaction in Nursing, 1973-1976 
Clinical Specialist, 1974-1977 
Improving Nursing Care of Patients with Cerebral Dysfunction Originating in Childhood, 1963-1967 
A Project Requesting Television Equipment and Technological Teaching Media for the New School of Nursing Building, 1973 
Vocational Education Grant, 1972 
A Proposal for Obstetric-Gynecologic Nurse Clinician Program, 1974 
Summary of Proposal: Indiana Statewide Plan for Continuing Education in Nursing, 1972-1973 
Capitation Grant, 1972-1974 
Measurement of Stroke Care Proficiency Grant Proposal, 1972 
Faculty Research Achievement: The Self Concept, 1971-1972 
Undergraduate Training in Psychiatric Nursing, 1960-1964 
Graduate Program in Family Nursing, 1970-1975 
Development and Use of Automated Reports, 1973-1974 
 Executive Nursing Committee Minutes, 1973-1974 
 Mental Retardation Committee, 1969-1970 
 Curriculum Conference at Bradford Woods, 1962, 1960-1961 
 Clinical Committees Advanced Nursing, 1966-1968 
 Curriculum Conferences, 1963-196886
 Committee on Graduate Education, 1967-1968 
 Department of Psychiatric Nursing -Philosophy Committee, 1966-1967 
 Statement of Purpose for Graduate Study, 1966 
 Committee on Graduate Education, 1968 
 Graduate Programs in Nursing, 1967-1968 
 Curriculum Patterns, 1967 
 Faculty Minutes, 1963-1967 
 Administrative Manual -School of Education, 1962 
 Curriculum Committee, 1956-1964 
 Committees: Field Instruction, Instructional Materials, Public Relations, Records & Admissions, Research, 1956-1960 
 Committees: Field Instruction, Instructional Materials, Public Relations, Records & Admissions, Research, 1960-1964 
Course Materials 
 Nursing Administration, 1962 
 Introductory Philosophy of Education H530 Course Description 
Letter -Dean Grossman -Student Association/IUPUI, 197887
IUSON: Honorary Degrees, 1970 -present 
Harnell Memo re: Forms for Course Changes, 1966 
Programs for Ceremonies, 1973-1974 
Official Minutes-Committees 
 Faculty Organization, 1977-1978 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1977-1978 
 Agenda Committee, 1977-1978 
 Primary Promotions Committees, 1977-1978 
 Faculty Affairs, 1977-1978 
 Subcommittee on Promotions, 1977-1978 
 Appeals Committee, 1977-1978 
 Graduate Psychiatric Nursing Committee, 1977-1978 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1977-1978 
 Committee on Nominations, 1977-1978 
 Articulation Committee – Dr. Moloney, Chairperson – Established August, 1975 
 Subcommittee on Tenure, 1977-1978 
 Human Rights in Research Committee, 1977-1978 
 Task Force on Organizational Structure, 1973-1977 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1977-1978 
 Administrative Council, 1977-1978 
 APG (Baccalaureate) Committee, 1977-1978 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum Committee, 1977-1978 
 Baccalaureate Core Group, 1977-1978 
 Sophomore Year Committee, 1977-1978 
 Junior Year Committee, 1977-1978 
 Senior Year Committee, 1977-1978 
 Modules I -IV, Senior Year, 1977-1978 
 June Research Meeting, 1977 
 Graduate Council, 1977-1978 
 Graduate Council, 1977-197888
 Graduate Curriculum Committee 1977-1978 
 Teacher Education Committee, 1977-1978 
 Specialist Degree 1977-1978 
 (APG ) (Graduate) Committee, 1977-1978 
 Graduate Pediatric Committee, 1977-1978 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1977-1978 
 Doctoral Committee, 1977-1978 
Search and Screen – Assistant Dean for Graduate Program, School of Nursing – Dean Elizabeth Grossman – Fall 1976 
Official Minutes-Committees 
 Student Services Committee, 1977-1978 
 Affirmative Action Subcommittee, 1977-1978 
 Interagency Community Health Committee1977-1978 
 Computer Usage Committee, Established Nov. 1977 
 Faculty Social Club-, 1977-1978 
 Advisory Committees – (Apcln) and (Rwg), 1977-1978 
 Clinical Facilities Committee, 1977-1978 
 Faculty Affairs, 1978-1979 
 Faculty Organization, 1978-1979 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1978-1979 
 Committee On Nominations, 1978-1979 
 Agenda Committee, 1978-1979 
 Human Rights In Research Committee, 1978-1979 
 AD HOC Committee On Faculty Development Faculty Organization, 1978-1979, established 10/ 1978 
 Constitution And Bylaws, 1978-1979 
 Primary Promotions Committee, 1978-1979 
 Teaching-Learning Committee Baccalaureate Program, 1978-1979 
 AD HOC Curriculum Committee On (DIR) 
 Appeals Committee 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1978-1979 
 Baccalaureate Core Group, 1978-1979 
 Administrative Council, 1979 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum Committee, 1978-1979 
 (APG) (Baccalaureate) Committee, 1978-1979 
 Sophomore Year Committee, 1978-1979 
 Junior Year Committee, 1978-1979 
 Senior Year Committee, 1978-1979 
 Modules I & II, Senior Year, 1978-1979 
 Modules III & IV, Senior Year, 1978-1979 
 Graduate Council, 1978-1979 
 Doctoral Committee, 1978-1979 
 Graduate Honors Task Force, Established 1979 
 Graduate Pediatric Committee 1978-79 
 Graduate Psychiatric NSG. Committee 1978-1979 
 Specialist Degree, 1978-1979 
 APG (Graduate) Committee, 1978-1979 
 Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1978-1979 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1978-197989
 Clinical Facilities, 1978-1979 
 Student Services, 1978-1979 
 Affirmative Action Subcommittee, 1978-1979 
 Faculty Organization, 1979-1980 
 Administrative Council, 1979-1980 
 Nominations Committee, 1979-1980 
 Appeals Committee, 1979-1980 
 Unit Promotions Committee, 1979-1980 
 AD HOC Committee For Review & Revision Of Guidelines For Promotion & Tenure, established 3/1980, 1979-1980 
 Unite Tenure Committee, 1979-1980 
 SYSTEMWIDE Philosophy Committee Billie Bond, Chairperson, Established January 1979 
 SYSTEMWIDE Bylaws Committee, Martha Wittenauer Chairperson Established 1/1979 
 AD HOC Committee On Recruitment (SYSTEMWIDE) Established 12/1978 
 Agenda Committee, 1979-1980 
 Constitution & Bylaws Committee, 1979-1980 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1979-1980 
 Faculty Affairs, 1979-1980 
 Human Rights In Research Committee 1979-1980 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1979-1980 
 Baccalaureate Core Group, 1979-1980 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum Committee 1979-1980 
 APG (baccalaureate) Committee, 1979 
 Sophomore Year Committee 1979-1980 
 Junior Year Committee, 1979-1980 
 Senior Year Committee, 1979-1980 
 Affirmative Action Subcommittee, 1979-1980 
 Modules I & II, senior year, 1979-1980 
 Modules III & IV, senior year , 1979-1980 
 Search & Screen Committee – Associate Dean/ Baccalaureate Program Initiated July 1979 
 Graduate Council, 1979-1980 
 Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1979-1980 
 Graduate (APG) Committee, 1979-1980 
 Doctoral Committee, 1979-1980 
 Teacher Education Committee, 1979-1980 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1979-1980 
 Graduate Psychiatrics NSG. Committee, 1979-1980 
 Specialist Degree, 1979-1980 
 Graduate Pediatric Committee/Mat, 1979-80 
 Clinical Facilities, 1979-1980 
 Continuing Education Department, 1980 
 Minority Faculty Committee, 1979-1980 
 I.U. Faculty Council, 1979-1980 
 Search & Screen Committee for Chairpersons of Nursing Administration and (MCH), 1977-1980 
 Search /Screen Minority Counselor, 1979-1980 
 Search /Screen Director Student Services, 1979-1980 
 AD HOC Committee On Clinical Practice, 1977-1978 M. Fuller, chairperson 
Faculty Development Project, IUSN, 1980 
Nursing Education/Nursing Service, 1980-1981 Dean Elizabeth Grossman 
Notes from Nursing Education/ Nursing Service Meetings, 1966-1980 Dean Elizabeth Grossman90
Official Minutes-Committees 
 HEC: nursing study Technical Advisory Panel, 1980-present 
 Dean Elizabeth Grossman 
 Dean’s AD HOC committee on Faculty Development, 1980 
 Administrative Council, 1980-1981 
 Faculty Organization, 1980-1981 
 Bylaws Committee, 1980-1981 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1980-1981 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1980-1981 
 Nominations Committee 1980-1981 
 Committee On Student Appeals, 1980-1981 
 Unit Promotions Committee, 1980-1981 
 Unit Tenure Committee, 1980-1981 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1980-1981 
 Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1980-1981 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum, 1980-1981 
 Baccalaureate Core Group, 1980-1981 
 Baccalaureate (APG) Committee, 1980-81 
 Sophomore Year Committee, 1980-1981 
 Junior Year Committee, 1980-1981 
 Senior Year Committee, 1980-1981 
 Modules I & II, Senior Year, 1980-1981 
 Modules III & IV, Senior Year, 1980-1981 
 Graduate (APG) Committee, 1980-1981 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1980-1981 
 Graduate Council, 1980-1981 
 Doctoral Committee, 1980-1981 
 Specialist Degree Committee, 1980-198191
 I. U South Bend Meetings, May 27, 1981 
 Continuing Education Council, 1980-1981 
 Student Services, 1980-1981 
 Subcommittee On Affirmative Action, 1980-1981 
 Minority Faculty Committee, 1980-1981 
 Clinical Facilities Committee, 1980-1981 
 IU Faculty Council, 1980-1981 
 AD HOC School Committee On Faculty Recruitment & Interview Process, 1979-1981 
 Department Of Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing, 1980 
 Maternity-Pediatric Nursing Dept., 1980 
 Faculty Council/IUPUI, 1980-1981 Dean Elizabeth Grossman 
 Faculty Organization, 1981-1982 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1981-1982 
 Agenda Committee, 1981-1982 
 Administrative Team, 1981-1982 
 Bylaws Committee, 1981-1982 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1981-1982 
 Human Rights In Research Review, 1981-1982 
 Nominations Committee, 1981-1982 
 Committee On Student Appeals, 1981-1982 
 Unit Tenure Committee, 1981-1982 
 Philosophy, AD HOC Committee On SYSTEMWIDE, 1981-1982 
 Unit Promotions Committee, 1981-1982 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1981-1982 
 Baccalaureate (APG) Committee, 1981-1982 
 Baccalaureate Core Group, 1981-1982 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum Committee 1981-1982 
 Modules I & II, Senior Year, 1981-1982 
 Modules III & IV, Senior Year, 1981-1982 
 Senior Year Committee, 1981-1982 
 Junior Year Committee, 1981-1982 
 Graduate Departmental Meetings, 1981-1982 
 Minority Committee, School of Nursing 1981-1982 
 Search/Screen Primary Health Care Department,1/1981 (H. Dorsch, chairperson) 
 Graduate Council, 1981-1982 
 Continuing Education Council, 1981-1982 
 Graduate Curriculum, 1981-1982 
 Graduate (APG) Committee, 1981-1982 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1981-1982 
 Clinical Facilities Committee, 1981-1982 
 Subcommittee On Affirmative Action, 1981-1982 
 Self Study Steering Committee, 1981-1982 
 South Bend-Continuing Education, 1981-1982 
 Student Services, 1981-198292
 IU Faculty Council, 1981-1982 
 University Committee, 1981-1982 
 Faculty, 1982-1983 
 Indianapolis Team, 1982-1983 
 Administrative Council (SYSTEMS) 1982-1983 
 School Bylaws Committee, 1982-1983 
 AD HOC Committee – Support Services Established November 1982 D. Froebe, chair 
 School Committee On Student Appeals, 1982-1983 
 School Faculty Affairs Committee, 1982-1983 
 School Committee For Protection Of Human Subjects, 1982-1983 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1982-1983 
 School Nominations Committee, 1982-1983 
 School – Tenure Committee, 1982-1983 
 School – Unit Promotions Committee 1982-1983 
 Primary Tenure/ Promotion, 1982-1983 
 Modules I & II, 1982-1983 
 Baccalaureate Evaluation Committee, 1982-1983 
 Health Promotions, 1982-1983 
 Modules III &IV, 1982-1983 
 Health Disruptions, 1982-1983 
 Baccalaureate (APG) Committee, 1982-1983 
 Baccalaureate Council1982-1983 
 Baccalaureate Core Group, 1982-1983 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum 1982-1983 
 Graduate Council, 1982-1983 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1982-1983 
 Graduate (APG) Committee 1982-1983 
 Search & Screen Committee-Teacher Education Graduate Program, 1982 
 AD HOC Committee On Promotion And Tenure Guidelines, 1981-1982 
 Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1982-1983 
 Graduate Departmental Meetings, 1982-1983 
 Continuing Education Council, 1982-1983 
 South Bend Continuing Education 1982-1983 
 Student Services, 1982-1983 
 Clinical Facilities, 1982-1983 
 Subcommittee On Affirmative Action 1982-1983 
 IU Faculty, 1982-1983 
 Minority Committee, 1982-1983 
 University Committees, 1982-1983 
 School Of Nursing Faculty Retreat, August 198293
 Faculty Organization, 1983-1984 
 Indianapolis Team, 1983-1984 
 Committee For Protection Of Human Subjects, 1983-1984 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1983-1984 
 Unit Tenure Committee, 1983-1984 
 Unit Promotions Committee, 1983-1984 
 Committee On Student Appeals, 1983-1984 
 School Nominations Committee, 1983-1984 
 School Bylaws Committee, 1983-1984 
 School Faculty Affairs Committee, 1983-1984 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1983-1984 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum Meeting, 1983-1984 
 Bloomington Faculty Meeting, 1983-1984 
 Baccalaureate Evaluation Committee, 1983-1984 
 Baccalaureate APG committee, 1983-1984 
 Baccalaureate Core Group, 1983-1984 
 Modules I-IV, 1983-1984 
 Health Promotion Strand, 1983-1984 
 Health Disruptions Strand, 1983-1984 
 Third Semester Faculty, 1983-1984 
 Baccalaureate Courses, 1983-1984 
 Baccalaureate Administrative committee, 1983-1984 
 Continuing Education – South Bend, 1983-1984 
 Affirmative Action, 1983-1984 
 Continuing Education Council, 1983-1984 
 Graduate Council, 1983-1984 
 Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1983-1984 
 Student Services Committee, 1983-1984 
 Graduate APG Committee, 1983-1984 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1983-1984 
 Graduate Departmental Meetings, 1983-1984 
 Minority Faculty, 1983-1984 
 AD HOC Doctorate Committee, 1983-1984 
 Search & Screen /Senior Yr. Coordinator, 1983 
 Search & Screen-Assistant Dean-BSN Helen Dorsch, chairperson 
 Established Fall, 1983 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1983-1984 
 Faculty Organization, 1984-1985 
 Administrative Council, 1984-1985 
 Bylaws Committee, 1984-1985 
 Indianapolis Team, 1984-1985 
 School Curriculum Committee, 1984-1985 
 Minority Faculty Committee, 1984-1985 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1984-1985 
 Nominations Committee, 1984-1985 
 Student Appeals, 1984-1985 
 Unit Promotions Committee, 1984-1985 
 Unit Tenure Committee, 1984-1985 
 AD HOC Committee Salary Increment, 1984-1985 
 Telecommunications Committee Established August, 1984 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1984-1985 
 Baccalaureate APG, 1984-1985 
 AD HOC Organizational Structure, 1984-1985 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum, 1984-1985 
 Baccalaureate Evaluation, 1984-1985 
 Health Promotions Strand, 1984-1985 
 Health Disruptions Strand, 1984-198594
 Baccalaureate Teaching-Learning, 1984-1985 
 Baccalaureate Courses, 1984-1985 
 Baccalaureate Core, 1984-1985 
 Bloomington Faculty Meetings, 1984-1985 
 Graduate APG, 1984-1985 
 Graduate Council, 1984-1985 
 Graduate Curriculum, 1984-1985 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1984-1985 
 Task Force for School of Nursing Faculty Organization Curriculum Review Established FALL, 1984, Dr. Sharon Farley, chair 
 Graduate Department Meetings – Official minutes, 1984-1985 
 Student Services – Official minutes, 1984-1985 
 AD HOC Doctoral Committee, 1984-1985 
 Continuing Education Council, 1984-1985 
 Affirmative Action Committee, 1984-1985 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1984-1985 
 Faculty Organization, 1985-1986 
Recognition Certificate, 1984 (no name) 
Protection Of Human Rights, 1985-1986 
Grants, 1985-1986 
Official Minutes-Committees 
 Faculty Affairs, 1985-1986 
 Nominations, 1985-1986 
 Unit Tenure Committee, 1985-1986 
 Bylaws, 1985-1986 
 Unit Promotions Committee, 1985-86 
 Indianapolis Team 1985-1986 
 (BSN) Administrative Council, 1985-1986 
 Baccalaureate Counsel 1985-1986 
 Baccalaureate APG, 1985-1986 
 Baccalaureate Courses, 1985-1986 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum 1985-1986 
 Baccalaureate Teaching/Learning, 1985-1986 
 Health Promotions, 1985-1986 
 Health Disruptions, 1985-1986 
 BSN Task Force On Faculty Workload, 1984-1986 
 Graduate APG, 1985-1986 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1985-86 
 Graduate Department Meetings, 1985-1986 
 Student Services, 1985-1986 
 Continuing Education Council, 1985-1986 
 IU Faculty Council, 1985-1986 
 IUPUI Committees, 1985-1986 
 Search/Screen Faculty Develop. Established Dec. 1985 Dr. Doris Froebe, chairperson 
 Graduate Council, 1985-1986 
 AD HOC Doctoral Committee 1985-198695
 Graduate Curriculum , 1985-1986 
 Ad Hoc Research Committee, Est. 9/9/1985 
 Search Committee/Assistant Dean & Dir., Curriculum/BSN Program Inpls/Blo. Established March 1985 
 Affirmative Action, 1985-1986 
Lantz, John M. 
Evaluation for Lantz, John M. 
Clinton, Jacqueline 
Evaluation for Clinton, Jacqueline 
Official Minutes-Committees 
 Curriculum Coordinator – BSN Search & Screen Committee 1986 
 PT. Care Research Committee, 1985-1986 
 Search & Screen Committee – Correspondence 1985-1986 
 AD HOC Committee – “PR” Brochure Established 11/3/82 
 B. Bond/S. Alger, co – chairman 
 AD HOC Committee On Clinical Facilities, 1985-1986 
 Archives Committee, 1983-1984 J. Hutten, chair 
 Task Force on Archives 1/1984 
 Search/Screen-Associate Dean for Research Development, 1985 
 Search/Screen Chairpersons-Peds 
 Peer Evaluation Task Force Est., 1/1986 M. Swenson, chair 
President of IU – Memorandum, 1986 
S & S Committee/VP/Indianapolis, 1986 
Medical Center Campus Historical Materials 
Search/Screen Committee – BSN Curriculum Coordinator/ Evaluator, 1985 
Margaret H. Pike – Candidate Assistant Dean for Administration, 1985 
Official Minutes-Committees 
 Planning Committee/Minority Affairs K. Russel, chair. Appointed Spring, 1984 
 Faculty Organization, 1986-1987 
[Thank you card, 1986 ] 
Official Minutes-Committees 
 Bylaws – Faculty Organization, 1986-1987 
 [Assistant Dean For Administration – Job Description, 1985] 
 Indianapolis Team, 1986-1987 
 Human Subjects, 1986-1987 
 Nominations Committee, 1986-1987 
 Faculty Affairs, 1986-1987 
 Tenure Committee, 1986-1987 
 Ad Hoc Research Committee, 1986-1987 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1986-1987 
 Graduate APG Committee, 1986-1987 
 Graduate Curriculum, 1986-1987 
 Graduate Dept. Meeting, 1986-1987 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1986-1987 
 Baccalaureate Administrative Group, 1986-198796
 System Curriculum, 1986-1987 
 DNS Committee, 1986-1987 
 University Faculty Council, 1986-1987 
 Baccalaureate Teaching/Learning1986-1987 
 Baccalaureate Courses, 1986-1987 
 Health Promotions Strand, 1986-1987 
 Baccalaureate APG Committee, 1986-1987 
 Computer Advisory, 2/1986, M. Pike 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum Committee, 1986-1987 
 Search & Screen Committee-Director of Clinical Facilities 
 Smoking Committee, 1986-1987 
 Patient Care Research Colloquium, 1986-1987 
 S & S, President/ IU, 1986-1987 
 Ad Hoc Committee on Structure, 1984-1985 
 Graduate Council 1986-1987 
 Minority Affairs Council-Minutes & Correspondence, 1986-1987 
 Continuing Education Council, 1986-1987 
 Clinical Facilities, 1986-1987 
 Affirmative Action Committee, 1986-1987 
 Student Services, 1986-1987 
 ONP (office of Nursing Practice), 1986-1987 
 RN Task Force Committee, 1986-1987 
 Task Force on Adjunct Appointments, 1987 
 Uniform Committee, Est. 3/1986 (includes patch) 
 Task Force (Position Paper) (HEC Issues), 12/1987 
 (Systems) Administrative Council1987-1988 
 Minority Affairs Council-Minutes & Correspondence, 1987-1988 
 Baccalaureate APG, 1987-1988 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1987-1988 
 Baccalaureate Courses, 1987-1988 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum, 1987-1988 
 Baccalaureate Teaching/ Learning, 1987-1988 
 BSN Administrative Group, 1987-1988 
 Faculty Affairs Committee/ Faculty Organization, 1987-1988 
 Faculty Educational Assistance Committee, Est. 1983 
 BSN Evaluation Committee, 1987-1988 
 Bylaws Committee/ Faculty Organization, 1987-1988 
 Continuing Education Council, 1987-1988 
 Curriculum Committee/ Faculty Organization, 1987-1988 
 Ad Hoc Committee-Description of Rank, 1976 
 Description of Rank Task Force, 1987-1988 
 DNS (Doctoral) Committee, 1987-1988 
 Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1987-1988 
 Graduate Council, 1987-198897
 Graduate APG Committee, 1987-1988 
 Graduate Chairpersons Committee, 1987-1988 
 Clinical Facilities, 1987-1988 
 Graduate Department Meetings, 1987-1988 
 Indianapolis Team, 1987-1988 
 International Health Advisory Task Force, 1987-1988 
 Library Evaluation (Task Force), 1987-1988 
 Market Mobility Task Force, 1987-1988 
 Nominations Committee/ Faculty Organization, 1987-1988 
 ONP (Office of Nursing Practice), 1987-1988 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1987-1988 
 Primary Health Care, Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Program Advisory Committee, 1987-1988 
 Protection of Human Rights/ Faculty Organization, 1987-1988 
 Search & Screen Committee: Dean, School of Nursing, 1987 
 Research Committee, 1987-1988 
 Search & Screen Committee: Mary Margaret-Oncology Professorship-Official Minutes, 1987-1988 
 Student Appeals Committee/ Faculty Organization, 1987-1988 
 Student Services, 1987-1988 
 Search & Screen Committee: Associate Dean/Graduate Program, 1985 
 Administrative Council, 1988-1989 
 AND Council, 1988-1989 
 Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
 Blueprint/ Committees 
 Blueprint: Bylaws, C. Carlley-Chairperson, 1989 
 Blueprint Task Force: Recommendations, 3/31/1989 
 Blueprint: Decision Making 
 Baccalaureate APG, 1988-1989 
 Baccalaureate Courses, 1988-1989 
 Baccalaureate Council, 1988-1989 
 Baccalaureate Curriculum, 1988-1989 
 Baccalaureate Teaching/Learning, 1988-1989 
 BSN Evaluation Committee, 1988-1989 
 DNS (Doctoral) Committee, 1988-1989 
 Bylaws Committee/Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
 Faculty Retreat – Official, May 8, 1989 
 Faculty Retreat, 5/8/1989 
 AD HOC Committee of Faculty Organization (Deet’s Motion), 1988 
 Graduate Council, 1988-1989 
 Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1988-1989 
 Graduate APG Committee, 1988-1989 
 Graduate Chairpersons Committee, 1988-198998
 HEC Pilot Project Established 1/1988 
 Graduate Departmental Meetings, 1988-1989 
 Indianapolis Team, 1988-1989 
 International Health Advisory Task Force, 1988-1989 
 Nominations Committee Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1988-1989 
 President’ Council, 1988-1989 
 Promotions Committee (UNIT) Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
 Position Paper On Registered Nurse Shortage And Recommended Strategies 
 Research Committee, 1988-1989 
 Search And Screen Committee For Assistant Or Associate Dean For Administration 
 Student Services, 1988-1989 
 Telecourse Program, 1988-1989 
 Tenure Committee (UNIT) Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
 Unit Promotions Committee Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
 Unit Tenure Committee Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
 Clinical Facilities, 1988-1989 
 Continuing Education Council, 1988-1989 
 Curriculum Committee Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
 Minority Affairs Advisory Council, 1/1990 
 Agenda Committee, 1989-1990 
Course A107/109: IUPUI, M. Applegate 
APG-ASN Program (Undergraduate) 1989-1990 
ASN Program Chairs, Systems & Local Course Leaders’ Meeting, 1989-1990 
75th Anniversary 
 Book, ca. 1989 
 Committee, 11/29/1989 
 Committee, 9/28/1989 
 Committee-Official Minutes, 1986-1989 
Official Minutes-Committees 
 Baccalaureate APG Committee, 1989-1990 
 Graduate Council APG Committee 1989-1990 
 Baccalaureate Courses, 1989-1990 
 Budgetary Affairs Committee, 1989-1990 
 Bylaws Committee, 1989-1990 
 Approved Policies from Council of Nursing Faculty 5/7/1990 
 Community Health Nursing, Dept., 1989-1990 
 Comm. For Continuing Education, 1989-1990 
 Comm. For Development And External Affairs, 1989-1990 
 Council For Nursing Faculty, 1989-1990 
 Educational Policies And Practices – Minutes and Agenda, 1989-1990 
 Enrollment Management Task Force, 1990 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1989-1990 
 Faculty Affairs – Task Force On Faculty Evaluation, Est. 1/1990 
 Information Technology Comm., 1989-1990 
 International Affairs For Nursing, 1989-1990 
 Minority Council 1989-1990 
 Nominating Committee, 1989-1990 
 Nursing of Adults, Dept. Of 1989-1990 
 Nursing Administration Dept, 1989-1990 
 Nursing Practice Committee, 1989-1990 
 Parent Child Nursing, Dept. Of 1989-1990 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1989-1990 
 Primary Health Care NSG., Dept. Of., 1989-1990 
 Promotions And Tenure Comm., 1989-1990 
 Psychiatric Mental Health NSG., 1989-1990 
 Research Committee, 1989-1990 
 (RN) Mobility Pilot Project Task Force, 1989-1990 
 Student Affairs Committee, 1989-1990 
 Student Appeals Committee – 1989-1990 
 Administrative Retreat, Wed. 6/5/91 Meridian Mark 
 Advisory Committee, 1991 
 Agenda Committee, 1990-1991 
 Associate Degree APG, 1990-1991 
 Associate Degree Courses, 1990-1991 
 Baccalaureate APG, 1990-1991 
 Baccalaureate Courses, 1990-1991 
 Bylaws Committee, 1990-1991 
 Budgetary Affairs Committee, 1990-1991 
 Budgetary Affairs, (ABM), 1990-1991 
 Chairpersons Meeting, 1990-1991 
 Columbus Center Nursing, October 1990 
 Committee for Continuing Education, 1990-1991 
 Council For Nursing Faculty, 1990-1991 
 Community Health Nursing, 1990-1991 
 Faculty Retreat, May 14-15, 1991 
 Dean’s Office Staff Meetings, Jan. 1991 
 Department Chairs, 1990-199199
 Doctoral Planning Committee, 1990-1991 
 Doctoral Retreat University Conference Center, 8/17/1990 
 Educational Policies And Practices, 1990-1991 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1990-1991 
 Faculty Recruitment Task Force, 1990-1991 
 Mcbride/Froebe Search/Screen/Grad. Assoc. Dean , 9/18/1990 
 IUPUI Administrations, 1990-1991 
 Information Technology Comm., 1990-1991 
 IUPUI Committee, 1990-1991 
 IUPUI Leadership 12/19/90 & 11/21/21990 
 IUPUI Nursing Faculty, 1990-1991 
 Nursing Administration, Dept., 1990-1991 
 NCLEX Performance Meetings IUPUI BSN Graduates 9/24/1990 
 Nursing Practice Committee, 1990-1991 
 Nursing Administration Department, 1990-1991 
 Nursing Of Adults, 1990-1991 
 Nursing Services Research Steering Committee,1990-1991 
 Office of Nursing Practice (ONP), 1991 
 Office Of Nursing Practice, 1988-1989 
 Dept. of Parent-Child Nursing, 1990-1991 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1990-1991 
 Promotions And Tenure Comm., 1990-1991 
 Dept. Of Psych/Mental Health Nursing – Meeting Record, 1991 
 Research Committee, 1990-1991 
 Review Committee Dean, School of Nursing, 1990 
 Research Instructional Task Force, 1991 
 Search/Screen Associate Dean Graduate Programs, 1990-1991 
 Research Steering Committee, 1991 
 Student Affairs Committee, 1990-1991 
 Search/Screen Committee Chair, Nursing Administration, 1990-1991 
 Search & Screen Committee Walther Scientific Director, 1991 
 Blue Ribbon Committee on Master Teaching, Est. 9/91 Angela Barron McBride 
 Ad Hoc Committee on Master Teaching, 1991 
 Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Program Advisory Committee, 1991-1992 
 Agenda Committee, 1991-1992 
 Archives Committee, Est. 7/91, 1991-1992 
 Archive Committee IUSON, Est. Fall, 1991 
 ASN/APG Meeting – Records, 1991 
 BSN APG, 1991-1992 
 Budgetary Affairs Committee, 1991-1992 
 Bylaws Committee, 1991-1992 
 Campus Assistant Deans/Directors and Chairs, 1991-1992 
 Chairpersons Meeting, 1991-1992 
 Council For Nursing Faculty, 1991-1992 
 Department S&S Committee, 1991-1992 
 DNS Faculty Meeting, 1991-1992 
 Dean Search committee, 1991 
 Search/Screen/Dean of Nursing, 1987-1988 
 Doctoral Planning Committee, 1991-1992 
 Educational Policies and Practices, 1991-1992 
 G409/G455 -Meeting Record,1991-1992 
 Graduate Faculty Meeting, 1991-1992 
 Minority Advisory Council, 1991-1992 
 MSN Faculty Meeting, 1991-1992 
 NA Curriculum Committee, 1991-1992 
 Nursing Of Adults, Dept. Of, 1991-1992 
 Phd Planning Committee, 1990 
 Parent Child Nursing, Dept. Of, 1991-1992 
 Parent Child Nursing MSN Courses – Meeting record, 1991-1992 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1991-1992 
 Planning Committee for Culbertson Retreat, 1991-1992 
 Primary Health Care NSG., Dept., 1991-1992 
 Psychiatric Mental Health NSG., 1991-1992 
 S&S/Assoc. Dean/Research, 1991-1992 
 System and Local Course Leader Meeting – Meeting record, 1991-1992 
 Administrative Cabinet, 1992-1993 
 Department Chairs, 1992-1993 
 Minority Advisory Council, 1992-1993 
 Sabbaticals, 1992-1993 
 UCNF Nominations, 1992-1993 
 Faculty and Staff Recognition Celebration (program) 
 [University Council Of Nursing Faculty (UCNF) – Agenda and memorandum, 1992-1993] 
 Dean’s Council, 1992-1993 Agenda, meeting record, faculty questionnaire results and misc.100
 Matrix Group, 1992-1993 
 University School Council, 1992-1993 
 Interdisciplinary Ph. D. in Health, Culture and Society, 1987-1988 
 Task Force for Recognition of Faculty and Staff Survey, 1991-1992 
 Administrative Cabinet Retreat, 1/27/93 
 Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Program Advisory Committee, 1992-1993 
 Agenda Committee, 1992-1993 
 Archive Committee – Annual report, 1992-1993 
 ASN APG – Meeting record, 1992-1993 
 Baccalaureate Program Curriculum Retreat, 1992-1993 
 Blue Ribbon Committee – Meeting record, 1992-1993 
 BSN APG Meeting, 1992-1993 
 Budgetary Affairs Committee, 1992-1993 
 Bylaws Committee, 1992-1993 
 Campus Deans/Directors & Chairs, 1992-1993 
 Chairperson’s Meeting, 1992-1993 
 Clinical Facilities Meeting Wishard Memorial Hospital, 1993 
 Council Of Nursing Faculty, 1992-1993 
 Curriculum Committee, 1992-1993 
 Department Chairs, 1992-1993 
 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1992-1993 
 Faculty Development Fund IN, CO, BL, 1992-1993 
 International Program Advisory Committee – Meeting records, 1992-1993 
 IUPUI Leadership, 1992-1993 
 IUPUI Leadership: Education And Nursing Service, 1992-1993 
 IUPUI NSG Educ./Service, 1991-1992 
 IUPUI Nursing Faculty, 1992-1993 
 Joint Research, 1992-1993 
 Minority Advisory Council, 1992-1993 
 MSN/DNS Program – Minutes and records, 1992-1993 
 Nominating Committee, 1992-1993 
 Nursing Informatics Steering Group, 1993 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1992-1993 
 PhD Planning Committee, 1992-1993 
 Promotions And Tenure Comm., 1992-1993 
 Psychiatric Mental Health NSG., 1992-1993 
 Search & Screen Committee South Bend Campus Dean-Correspondence, 1992-1993 
 Student Affairs Committee, 1992-1993 
 System BSN Program Meeting, 1991-1992 
 Systemwide Associate Degree Council Meeting, 1988 
 UCNF Student Affairs – Annual reports and meeting records, 1993-1994 
 Department Chairs, 1993-1994 
 Academic Officers Group – Meeting record, 1993-1994 
 Minority Advisory Council – Correspondence and summary of meeting, 1993-1994 
 UCNF Bylaws – Memorandum and meeting records 
 UCNF Nominations – Annual report & meeting record, 1993-1994 
 UCNF Business Meeting – Memorandum and meeting records, 1993-1994 
 Morrissey, Sue, Fall 1993 & Summer 1994 Sabbatical 
 Karen Cobb, Spring 1994 Sabbatical 
 UCNF Curriculum Committee – Annual reports, meeting minutes & misc., 1993-1994 
 Budgetary Advisory Committee – Budget Meeting, 1993-1994 
 University School Council, 1993-1994 
 Administrative Cabinet (2 Files), 1993-1994 
 Matrix, 1993-1994 
 UCNF Faculty Affairs – Annual Report, Agenda & misc.,101
 Administrative Cabinet, 1993-1994 
 Dean’s Council, 1993-1994 
 IUPUI Nursing Administrators – Meeting records, minutes, correspondence and misc., 1993-1994 
 Doris Blaney, Sabbatical 1994-1995 
 Mary Basolo-Kunzer Sabbatical 1994-1995 
 Joan Austin Sabbatical Request, 1994-1995 
 Dixie W. Ray Sabbatical Request, 1994-1995 
 Joanne Martin Sabbatical Request, 1994-1995 
 Marchusa Huff Sabbatical Request, 1994-1995 
 Eleanor Donnelly Sabbatical Report Memo, 1994-1995 
 Bylaws, 1994-1995 
 Nominations, 1994-1995 
 Student Affairs, 1994-1995 
 Executive Committee Meeting, 1994-1995 
 Department Chairs, 1994-1995 
 Academic Officers Group, 1994-1995 
 Diversity & Enrichment, 1994-1995 
 Minority Advisory Council – Annual report, 1994-1995 
 UCNF Faculty Affairs, 1994-1995 
 Corridor Administrators, 1994-1995 
 Dean’s Advisory Council, 1994-1995 
 Administrative Cabinet, 1994-1995 
 Matrix, 1994-1995 
 CCNF Business Meetings, 1994-1995 
 UCNF Curriculum Committee – Agendas, 1994-1995 
 UCNF Business Meetings, 1994-1995 
 Budgetary Advisory Committee, 1994-1995 
 University School Council, 1994-1995 
 Graduate Curriculum, 1994-1995 
NLN: Accreditation Material 
 Annual Reports & Correspondence, Basic Programs, up to 1955 
 Accreditation Report, Course Outlines, Basic Program, 1956102
 Accreditation Correspondence, 1956-1961 
 Report for Provisional Accreditation, 1957 
 Report of Visit for Accreditation Purposes, 1961 
 Initial NLN Accreditation – BSN Program, 1961 
 Report of Visit – Division of Nursing Education, 1962 
 Report of Division of Nursing Education, 1962 
 Progress Report – Division of Nursing Education, 1964 
 Board of Review Action – Accreditation Report, 1968 
 Accreditation Report (Dept.), 1968 
 ASN Accreditation Self-Study, 1968 
 Board of Review Action – Progress Report, 1972 
 Board of Review Action, 1976, Assoc. Degree Program 
 Report of Visitors, 1976 
 Accreditation Consultation, 1976 
 Correspondence, 1978-1979 
Self Evaluation Reports-NLN Accreditation 
 IU School of Nursing, , 9/1960 & 2/1968 
 Appendix-Vol. 1 & 2, 10/1976 
 Addendum to 1976 Self Evaluation Report, 11/1976 
 Narrative-Vol. 1 & 2, 9/1982 
 (Northwest Campus), Narrative-Vol. 1, 10/1985 
 (Northwest Campus), Appendix-Vol. 2, 10/1985 
 (Kokomo), Narrative-Vol. 1, 10/1986 
 (Kokomo), Appendix-Vol. 2, 10/1986 
 Narrative, 9/1991 
 Self Evaluation Report, Appendix A & B-Faculty, 9/1991 
 Appendix C-Course Outlines, 9/1991104
 Narrative, 9/1991 
NLN Accreditation Material-Progress Reports 
 Appendices, 2/1972 
 Appendix A, 2/1972 
 Vol. 1, 10/1978 
 Faculty Data Summaries & Curricula Vitae-Vol. 2, 10/1978 
 Narrative-Vol. 1, 7/1986 
 Faculty Data-Vol. 2, 7/1986 
 Faculty Data-Vol. 2, 7/1986 
 IUPUI Self Study, 1972 
 IU School of Nursing Self Study Report for Accreditation, 1992 
NCA (North Central Association) Material105
 IU, 1967 
 IUPUI-Report of Visit, 1/1973 
 Report to Dean Hagen, 11/30/1976 
Annual Reports 
 School-1960-1975, 1977-1988 
 School of Nursing: 1991-1992, 1994-1995 
Budgetary Advisory Committee 1995-1996 
University School Council, 1995-1997 
Academic Officers Group, 1995-1996 
UCNF (University Council of Nursing Faculty)106
 Executive Committee, 1990-1997 
 Curriculum Committee, 1995-1997 
 Business Meeting, 1995-1997 
 Bylaws, 1995-1996 
 Bylaws Committee, 1996-1997 
 Nominations, 1995-1997 
 Student Affairs, 1995-1997 
 Faculty Affairs, 1995-1997 
CCNF (Corridor Council of Nursing Faculty 
 Business Meetings, 1995-1997 
 Curriculum Committee, 1995-1997 
 Administrators, 1995-1996 
 Faculty Affairs, 1995-1997 
 Executive Committee, 1995-1997 
 Student Affairs, 1995-1997 
 Bylaws Committee, 1996-1997107
Diversity & Enrichment, 1995-1997 
Minority Advisory Council, 1995-1996 
Faculty Composition Task Force, 1995-1996 
Productivity Task Force, 1995-1996 (Measuring & Reporting Faculty Activities) 
Dean’s Advisory Council, 1995-1997 
Matrix, 1995-1997 
Faculty Workload 
Faculty Affairs: Minutes, 1989-1990 
Faculty Affairs: Non Committee Correspondence, 1989-1990 
Merit Pay 
Faculty Evaluation 
 Program Establishment 
 Program Provisional Accreditation, 1966 
 Curriculum Design, 1996-Selected Course Outlines 
 Guided Study Program, 1971-1976 
 Faculty Evaluation tool, 1977 
 Continuing Education Program, 1978 
 Nursing Process-Program Instruction Manual, 1978 
 Planning for the LPN to RN Option, 1981-1982 
 Processes Related to Rendering ASN a system School, 1983-1988 
 Premier Program Survey, 1984 
 LPN to ASN, 1984-1987 
 LPN/RN Projects, 1982-1987 
 LPN to ASN Projects, 1985-1987108
 Evaluation Plan System-Wide, 1985-1986 
 Program Proposal, South Bend Campus, 1987 
 Bloomington ASN Program, 1988 
 Columbus ASN Program, 1984-1987 
Faculty Development, 1995-1996 
Alumni Materials, 1963-1973, 1980-1991 
Programs for Events, 1969, 1971, 1985, 1992, 1994 
Grant: Development & Evaluation of System for Improving Teaching-Learning Process in Nursing, 1967 
Newspaper Clippings, 1978-1977 
IU Newspapers, 1989, 1995, 
Newspaper Clippings, 1990-1993 
School of Nursing in the News, 1991-1992 
“Use of Videotaping for Psychomotor-Skill Evaluation” by Jean Hutten 
Emily’s Report, 1960, 1966, 1973 
System’s Annual Report, 1970-1971 
History of Nursing, 1963 MSI 
Script: Slide Tape Presentation-Recruitment for Nursing Programs 
Publications, 1965-1982, 1992-1994 
Anniversary Celebrations & Calendars 
 Serving Indiana (Newsletter ca. 1993) 
 Vital Signs (Newsletter 1992-1995) 
 Directions (Newsletter 1991-1994) 
 Research Notes (Newsletter 1986-1995) 
 The Pulse (Newsletter 1981-1995) 
 Research & Creative Activity (Publication 1991-1993) 
 Home Pages (Newsletter 1998) 
 Campuscape, 1993-1994, 1998109
Minority Events, 1991-1992, 1998 
Center for Nursing Research, 1989-1994 
IU and IUPUI Commencement, 1967-1975 
Adams, Dr. Mildred, 1972-1974 
Akers, Martha, 1975 
Nurse Training Act, 1971 
Materials Distributed for Faculty Meetings, 1957-1958 
Library Committee, 1958-1959 
Meetings Concerning Student Progress, 1958-1959 
Health Committee, 1958-1959 
Public Health Nursing, 1958-1959 
Bowman, S., Chancellor, 1973-1974 
Liebenow, J. Gus, Vice President, 1973-1974 
Summary Report of Enrollment Patterns for Zip Code, 1976 
IUPUI Student Services, 1975 
Dedication, 1971-1975 
 Concerning Nursing Service, 1950-1957 
 Concerning Records, Grading and Registration, 1950-1957 
 Concerning Affiliations, 1950-1957 
IU Association of Nursing Students (IUANS) 
 Local Bylaws, 1980-1983 
 Bylaws, 1983-1984 
 Standing Rules (State) 1979-1980 
 State Bylaws, 1982-1984 
 Output (Newsletter 1982-1984) 
 Officers, Candidates Bios, 1984-1985 
 Officers, 1982-1983 
 Student Activities Info (Activities Fee Manual) 1982 
 Leadership Training Info 
 Minutes, 1982-1984 
 Report for Accreditation: Div. of Nursing Education, 1956 
 Report of Visit for Full Accreditation of IU Div. of Nursing Education, 10/29/1956-11/3/1956 
 Report for Provisional Accreditation-IU School of Nursing, 11/1/1957 
 Supplement to Report for Provisional Accreditation, 1957 
ICHE (IN Comm. For Higher Ed.) 
 Findings Conclusions… on Nursing Education, 11/13/1987 
 Proposal for BSN Program in South Bend 
IU Kokomo, 1983 
MSN Outreach Program, 1988-1989 
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)- 
 IU South Bend Program 
 IU East Program 
 IU Northwest Program 
 IU Bloomington Program110
Application for Accreditation: Family Nurse Practitioner Program-IU Northwest, 4/1984 
Grant Application-IU SON Northwest: Family Practitioner Program, Competing Continuation, 7/1984-6/1987 
DNS Program, 1976 
 Nursing Education, 1944-1962 
 School of Nursing, 1962-1974 
Who Collaborating Center in Healthy Cities, Annual Report, 1992 
Council of Nursing Faculty Standing Committee (CNFSC) 
 Curriculum Committee, 1990-1993 
 Appointment, Promotions, Tenure, 1990-1994 
 EPPC (Educational Policies & Practices Committee), 1988-1990 
 Council of Nursing Faculty, 1989-1991111
 Faculty Organization Official Minutes, 1981-1988 
 Faculty Organization, 1988-1989 
Report of Division of Nursing Education, 1962 
Supplement to the Report of Division of Nursing Education, 1962 
 Eleanore L. McCann Application for Sabbatical 
 Sabbatical Leave Process for 1996-1997 
 Brenda Lyon Sabbatical, Fall 1996 
 Mary Lou Siantz Sabbatical Application 
 Anne Belcher Sabbatical Application 
 Memo Requesting Sabbatical Reports 
Meetings-Departments & Committees 
 Adult Health Department Meeting, 1996-1997 
 Environments Department Meeting, 1996-1997 
 Executive Administrative Group, 1996-1997 
 Patient Care Research Committee, 1996-1997 
Video Tapes from Jean Schweer Records 
 Dean Constance Baker 5/14/2001 & Martha Akers 
 Oral History: Lee Fuller, 9/25/1987 & ASN Program Interview, 5/7/1998 
 Research: Dean McBride & Carol Miller, 12/14/1998 & Nursing Interview: Jean Webster 
 Dean E. Grossman, copied 5/14/2001 & Jean Schweer, Charlotte Carlley, 3/11/1998 
 Nursing Interview: Emily Holmquist & Crystal Halstead, copied 5/14/2001112
Reports: Nursing Workshops, 1958-1961 
American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) 
 10/22-25/1988-Fall Meeting 
 Sanibel Island, 1/31-2/2/1990 
 Dean’s Seminar, July 17-20 1988-Jackson, Wyoming 
 Dean’s Seminar July 9-12, 1989 
Meetings-Alumni & Board 
 Alumni Board Meeting, 1988-1989 
 Board of Trustee’s Presentation C.M. Baker 4/8/1989 
 Board of Trustee’s 4/8/1989 
 Baccalaureate Council, January 23, 1989 
 Board of Advisors (IUPUI) May 3, 1989 
 Budget Meeting-Board of Trustees-Friday 4/7/1989 
 IU Budget-Adm. Meeting 4/7/1989 
 Board of Trustees-April 4, 1989 
 Back to School Reception Sun. 9/25/1988 
 IUPUI Chancellor’s Honors Convocation April 21, 1989 
 Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Dean’s Group 1988-1989 
 Deans/Directors/Joint AD/ BSN Fri. 4/6/1990, Univ. of Indianapolis 
 BS Degree Nursing, Indiana Deans/Nursing, 1988-1989 
 Associate Degree Deans/ Directors Univ. of Indianapolis, 4/14/1989 
 Indiana Associate Degree Deans/Directors, 1988-1989 
 ASN Indiana Directors/Chairs, 1988-1989 
 IUPUI Dean’s Council 1988-1989 
 Joint Development Council 1988-1989 
 Doctoral Forum June 7-9, 1989, registration and Dean’s reception 
 Executive Council/ Medical Staff 1988-1989 
 Founder’s Day April 16, 1989 
 Floyd Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, May 25, 1989 
 Faculty Showcase 5/18/1989 
 Graduate Council 1988-1989 
 Gretchen Herbruck Consultant-March 1, 1989 
 Health Profession Center Advisory Committee 1988-1989 
Indiana Assoc. of Nursing Students-IANS 
 1990 Annual State Convention 
 Convention February 25, 1989 
 Fall Conference 1988 Speech, October 17, 1988 
 District V Meeting, 1988 
Kokomo Alumni Day 3/30/1989 
Martin Luther King Events 1/16/1989 
Fall Leadership Conference October 7, 1988 
15th Annual Patient Care Colloquium November 18, 1988 
Junior Orientation 8/21/1989 
ASN/BSN New Students-Welcome January 5, 1989 
Faculty Orientation 8/22 1989 
Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) 4/2-4/1989 
Nursing Project Group 1/31/1989 
Recognition Ceremonies 
 IU South Bend May 6, 1990 
Schweer Lectureship 4/21/1989 
MNRS 4/22-24/1990 
Transferability of Credit Committee December 14, 1988 
University Planning Group November 22, 1988 
Veterans Administration Deans, 1988-1989 
Council on Undergraduate Learning IUPUI-1988-1989 
Kellogg Foundation Supported Model of Acad. Community-based PHC Centers 9/22/1989 
Promotion and Tenure 9/18/1989 -4/16/1990 
President’s Council 
 3/12/1990, 12/5/1989 
 Meetings, 1989-1990 
Task Force-IUPUI Personnel Classification System & Salary 6/20/1990 
Salary Policy Subcommittee 9/26/1989 
VA-Veteran’s Affairs 
 Dean’s Committee 9/12/1990 
 Deans 8/4/1989 
University Hospital Consortium (UHC) Nurse Executive Meeting July 20-21 1989 
University Hospital’s Executive Council-UHEC 
 Jan. 31-Feb. 2,1990 
Urban University Program 11/7/1989 
American Association of Colleges of Nursing-AACN113
 Academic Planning Meeting 9/29/1989 
 Minutes, Etc. 1988-1989 
 Institutional Membership Material 1989 
 March 24-27 1990 
 Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) 10/30/1991 
 MRS (Media Referral Services) 1990 
 Newsletters, 1988-1990 
 October 28-31, 1989 
 Dean’s Seminar July 22-25, 1990 
 Reference Book, August 1988 
Meetings & Events-Committees 
 Univ. Architect w/ Council of Deans 
 Budgetary Affairs Committee 1989-1990 
 Administrative Council 1990 
 Assistant Deans 12/5/1990, 11/7/1990, 9/5/1990 
 Back to School Reception-Minority Students 10/7/1990 
 Meeting of System Deans 2/6/1989 
 Bloomington Dean’s Meeting, 1989-1990 
 Trudy Banta 9/28/1990 
 Breakfast for Educators 11/1/1990 
 Building Dedication 11/15/1989 
 Board of Trustees 2/2/1990 
 Dinner Meeting to meet Trudy Banta 4/12/1990 
 Budgetary Affairs, 1990-1991 
 CIC November 8, 1989 
 Chancellor’s Honors Convocation 4/20/1990 
 Chiefs, Administrators, Deans, Directors, 1989-1990 
 Fall Reception to meet Bianca Chambers 11/8/1990 
 Carnegie Reception 11/7/1990 
 Commission for Higher Education 10/11/1990 
 Meeting with Chancellors 11/2/1990 
 Council of Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing (CGEAN) 6/15/1990 
 Annual Area Counselors Conference 9/11/1989 
 Chiefs, Administrators, Deans, Directors of Nursing, 1988-1989 
 Council of Deans 12/13/1989 
 IUPUI Dean’s Council 10/11/1989 
 Council of Deans 9/13/1989 
 Nancy Dilliard, Research Assistant, 1989-1990 
 Diamond Jubilee 4/27/1990 
 Council of Deans 4/11/1990 
 Indiana Deans and Directors 4/9/1990 
 Deans/Directors of Nursing/ Indianapolis 2/8/1990 
 ADN/ BSN Directors 10/13/1989 
 Joint Development Council 9/28/1989 
 1990 Doctoral Forum June 4-6 
 Beth Domboldt, Ed.D., PT 9/14/1989 
 Educational Policies & Practice Comm. 10/2/1989 
 ECHOLS Luncheon 8/23/1990 
 IUF-Faculty Endowment Dinner 11/17/1989 
 Evaluation: Group of Deans, established 3/1990 
 Executive Council/ Medical Staff 1989-1990 
 Tack Force on Fee Structure114
 Faculty Affairs Committee 5/1/1990 
 Lunch with Barbara Fischler & Jerry Durham 11/6/1990 
 Fall Conference on General Education 10/25/1990 
 Dr. Goldstein’s Visit 1/8/1990 
 IUGNA Golf Outing May 17, 1990 
 Humana-Louisville March 12, 1990 
 HEC “Tech Prep” Task Force 1988 
 Health Scan 8/15/1989, 5/16/1989 
 Health Scan Review Board Meeting June 20, 1989 
 Health Professionals Careers Meeting 3/15/1989 
 Holiday Mixer 12/3/1989 
 Indiana Public Health Foundation Quarterly Board Meeting 11/14/1990 
 IPHFdn. Board of Directors 8/30/1990 
 Indiana State Board of Health presentation 1/17/1990 
 IUPUI Faculty Council 5/3/1990 
 IUPUI Nursing Faculty 9/18/1989 
 IUPUI Faculty 4/16/1990 
 IANS State Convention February 22-24, 1990 
 IUNW 25th Anniversary 5/19/1990 
 Board of Directors IPH Foundation 3/6/1990 
 Indiana Public Health Foundation 5/17/1990 
 ADN Council 1988-1989 
Associate Dean/Undergraduate Programs, 1989-1990 
University Wide 
Memorandums, 1988 
PhD-Liberal Arts 
Wishard Clinic 3/20/1989 
Clinical Practice 
Clinical Facilities, 1988-1989 
General Education and the Major 
Assistant Dean/ Continuing Education 1989-1990 
Acting Assistant Dean/ Student Services, 1989-1990 
M. Gfell 5/16/1990 
Student Service Retreat 5/24/1989 
Chair/ Chairpersons 
 Chair/ Primary Health 1989-1990 
 Chair/Nursing of Adults, 1989-1990 
 Chair/ Nursing Administration 1989-1990 
 Nursing Administration Dept. Meeting 1/8/1990 
 Chair/ Psychiatric MHN (Mental Health Nursing) 1989-1990 
 Graduate Chairpersons, 1988-1989 
 Graduate Chairpersons/ Extension of MSN/IHETS, 1988-1989 
 Graduate Chairperson/ Nursing of Adults w/ Biodissonance 1988-1989 
 Graduate Chairperson/ Nursing Administration 1988-1989 
 CHN Faculty, 1988-1989 
 Grad Chair/ Pediatrics, Family, & Women’s Health 1988-1989 
 Grad Chair/ Primary Health Care 1988-1989 
 Grad Chair/ Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing, 1988-1989 
Faculty Appointment, Promotion, Tenure 
Graduate Chair/ Community Health Nursing, 1988-1989 
Promotion & Tenure 1/15/1990 
Baccalaureate Council 
 Retreat August 18, 1988 
Assistant Dean/ Clinical Research 
Associate Dean/ Research 1989-1990 
Executive Associate Dean /Research 1990-1991 
Associate Dean/ Business, 1989-1990 
Associate Dean Student Services, 1990-1991 
Student Financial Awards, 1990 
Students Brown Bag Sessions, 1989-1990 
Tutorial Program 1990 
ASN Admissions, 1990 
Sandra L. Morzorati 
Administrative Assistant/ Staff/ Building, 1988-1989 
Phyllis Dexter 1988-1989 
Associate Dean/ Research, 1988-1989 
Assistant Deans115
 Continuing Education 11/14/1988 
 Student Services 
 Continuing Education 
Faculty Responses to Research Challenge 
DNS Committee 1/9/1989 
Doctoral Committee 2/6/1989 
Diana Y. Barhyte-Nursing Consultant April 19-20, 1989 
Acting Associate Dean/ Masters Program 1988-1989 
Minority Council 
 Council on Minority Affairs 2/15/1990 
 Minority Enhancement IUN 10/5/1990 
 Advisory Council on Minority Affairs 2/15/1990 
 Minority Council 3/29/1990 
 Coordinator 1989-1990 
 Columbus Center 
Assistant Deans 
 IU East, 1989-1990 
 Kokomo 1989-1990 
 Southeast, 1989-1990 
IUS Student Letters re seats/ Upper Division 3/1990 
Assistant Deans & Acting Assistant Deans 
 Northwest, 1989-1990 
 South Bend 1989-1990 
 IU South Bend 3/21/1990 
 IU South Bend, Spring 1990 
 South East, 1988-1989 
Regional Campuses 
 IU South Bend Campus Visit 9/19-20/1989 
 South Bend Campus Visit 10/17/1989 
 IU North West 
 Northwest Campus 3/22/1990 
 Northwest Campus Visit 12/19/1989 
 IU North West Campus Visit 9/19/1989 
 IU North West 
 Sally Knox 
 IU South Bend 1988 
 IU South Bend Campus July 26, 1988 
 South Bend 1988-1989 
Assistant Deans 
 IU East, 1988-1989 
 IU Southeast, 1988-1989 
 IU Kokomo 1988-1989 
Kokomo 1988-1989 
IHA Board of Directors 2/28/1989 
Task Force on Nursing 6/22/1989 
IHA Nursing Task Force 5/4/1989 
 Constance M. Baker 
 Creating A New Reality: A Nurse Educators Perspective 10/20/1990 
 The Courage To Choose, Recognition Ceremony 5/13/1990 
 Designing Nursing’s Blueprint For the Future, IUE Alumni Celebration 4/21/1990 
 Implementing the Clinician-Scientist Role in Nursing, IANS Convention 2/23/1990 
 Nursing’s Blueprint for the Future, IUPUI Board of Advisors 5/3/1989 
 Schweer Lectureship Response to Gail Wolf’s Paper 4/21/1989 
 Designing Nursing’s Blueprint for the Future, IU Board of Trustees 4/8/1989 
 Kokomo Alumni Day 3/30/1989 
 Healthy Cities: The Role of the University, PHC Conference 3/17/1989 
 Nursing in the 1990s: Challenges, Commitments, Changes, Community Hospitals, Inc. Board of Trustees 1/20/1989 
 The Courage to Choose, IUSN Pinning Ceremony 12/10/1988 
 Economic Issues Related to Nursing Research, Patient Care Research Colloq. 11/18/1988 
 Choices, Channels, Challenges: Nursing Careers in the 21st Century, IANS 1988 Conference 10/17/1988 
Welcome Speeches 
 Sigma Theta Tau Induction 12/6/1990 
 Sigma Theta Tau Awards Banquet 11/15/1988 
 Alumni Day 4/28/1990 
 Indiana Hospital Association 2/28/1989 
 17th Annual Patient Care Research Colloquium 11/16/1990 
 17th Annual Patient Care Research Colloq. 11/16/1990 
 Clinical Nurse Specialists Conference 10/20/1990 
 Conference for Nurse Execs. 9/13-14/1990 
 ASN/BSN Students 8/20/1990 
 New Faculty 8/20/1990 
 Jean Schweer Lectureship 4/27/1990 
 Midwest Nursing Research Society 4/22/1990 
 Indiana Association of School Nurses 9/23/1989 
 Students 8/21/1989, 1/4/1990 
 National Doctoral Forum 6/7/1989 
 Indiana Hospital Assoc. Board of Directors 2/28/1989 
 Graduating Seniors Alumni Reception 12/6/1988 
 Patient Care Research Colloq. 11/18/1988 
 Dean’s Report to Faculty 8/15/1988 
 New Faculty 8/1988 
 Faculty 8/1988 
Travel-Dean Constance Baker July 1, 1988-present 
 Fall, 1990 
 Fall 1990116
 President’s Correspondence 1988-1991 C.M. Baker 
 F-Z 1989-1990 
IU Medical Center 1903-1993 
Bylaws Com. 1988-1993 
Nominations, 1988-1990 
Faculty Procedure and Policy Manual 1970’s? 
System Minutes Administrative Council 1974-1984 
 IU School of Nursing-Faculty, 1966-1979 Folder B 
 1970s thru 1986 
Structural Roster 1975 thru 1988 
Council of Nursing Faculty Standing Committee, Faculty Affairs, 1988-1993 folder A & B 
Council of Nursing Faculty Standing Committee: Student Affairs, 1988-1993117
Keel-United States Naval Training Center-1967 
Mildred P. Adams Photos and Clippings 
Mildred P. Adams Scrapbook 
Report on Students Service, Programs offered and recommendation for Organization of Nursing Programs at IU 1962 
Korea Project Improvement of Nursing Education 1960 
Project: Nursing Education in Korea (2 copies) 
Nursing Education: Materials of Instruction ( 2 copies) 
IU South Bend Material 
 IU South Bend 
 Correspondence, 1976-1988 
 Memorial Hospital-M. Forrest budget, 2 letters after 6/1987 & 5/4/1987, rest older 
 Memorial Materials, 1986118
 Minutes of meetings Administrative, Cont. Ed., etc. 
 Search/Screen/Director, Dr. Esther Mooneyhan appointed July 1, 1979 
 Nursing Library Collection Development Grant Proposal, Not Funded 
 Proposal for Generic Baccalaureate Program to ICHE 
 Generic BSN Proposal Subm. 7/1/1984 by E. Mooneyhan 
 Publicity Newspaper Articles 
IU Southeast Material: 
 HEC approval-BSN Effective 7/1/1979 
 Correspondence 1983-1987 
 BSN Proposal 1976 
 Minutes and notes of meetings 
 Associate of Science Program-phase out 
 Misc. materials; publicity, etc. 
 Clinical Facilities 
Dr. Elizabeth Grossman 
Systems Minutes: 1981, 1982-Administrative Council 
 Systems Minutes: 1974, 1976-1980, Administrative Council 
 Overall Systems, 1986-1988 
 Overall Correspondence 
 Position Paper 
 Tentative Administrative structures 
 Comparison of IUI Baccalaureate’s Program’s courses w/ those courses proposed at IUSE & IUSB 9/8/1977 
 Affirmative Action 
 Available clinical facilities (IUSE, IUSB, IUNW) 
 Projected Enrollment IUSB, IUSE, IUNW 
Courses-Baccalaureate Program 
 B200 Principles of Nursing, 1975-1976 
 Maturational Development in Man J355, Dynamics of Nursing I, 1975-1976 
 J358 Dynamics of Nursing 5/20/1976, J357 Clinical Course Outlines, 1975-1976 
 B215 Nutrition 1976-1977 
 Principles of Nursing Care B200-B201 Course Outlines, 1976-1977 
 B200-B201 Principles of Nursing Care I-II Course Outline 1977-1978 
 B205-B206 Dynamics of Human Relationships I-II 1977-1978 
 B215 Normal & Therapeutic Nutrition 1977-1978 
 B305 Dynamics of Relationships in Groups, 1977-1978 
 B306 Behavioral Concepts in Nursing, 1977-1978 
 B310 Ecology of Nursing, 1977-1978 
 B410 Legal Aspects of Nursing, 1977-1978 
 J355 Dynamics of Nursing I 1977-1978 
 J356 Dynamics of Nursing II 1977-1978 
 J357 Dynamics of Nursing III 1977-1978 
 J358 Dynamics of Nursing IV 1977-1978 
 J365 Seminar in Nursing Dynamics, 1977-1978 
 J457 Nursing: Individuals and Families, 1977-1978 
 J458 Advanced Nursing, 1977-1978 
 L473 Leadership in Nursing, 1977-1978 
 P413 Behavior: Normal and Pathological 1977-1978 
 R493 Introduction to Nursing Research 1977-1978 
 B200-B201 Principles of Nursing Care I-II 1978-1979 
 B205-B206 Dynamics of Human Relationships I-II 1978-1979 
 B215 Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition 1978-1979 
 B305 Dynamics of Relationships in Groups, 1978-1979120
 B306 Behavioral Concepts in Nursing, 1978-1979 
 B310 Ecology of Nursing, 1978-1979 
 B410 Legal Aspects of Nursing, 1978-1979 
 J355 Dynamics of Nursing, 1978-1979 
 J356 Dynamics of Nursing II 1978-1979 
 J357 Dynamics of Nursing III 1978-1979 
 J358 Dynamics of Nursing IV 1978-1979 
 J365 Seminars in Nursing Dynamics, 1978-1979 
 J457 Nursing: Individuals and Families, 1978-1979 
 J458 Advanced Nursing, 1978-1979 
 L473 Leadership in Nursing, 1978-1979 
 P413 Behavior: Normal and Pathological 1978-1979 
 R493 Introduction to Nursing Research 1978-1979 
 Cognate Courses 
 B505 Group Therapy and Dynamics, 1976-1977 
 B507 Dynamics of Anxiety and Stress, 1976-1977 
 C553 Advanced Pediatric Nursing I 1976-1977 
 C554 Advanced Pediatric Nursing II 1976-1977 
 C555 Advanced Pediatric Nursing III 1976-1977 
 C557 Recreation for Hospitalized Children 1976-1977 
 C558 The Exceptional Child 1976-1977 
 C660 Seminar in Pediatric Nursing, 1976-1977 
 C670 Role of the Nurse Specialist in Pediatrics, 1976-1977 
 G513 Scientific Basis for Maternal Child Health 1976-1977 
 G553 Advanced Maternity Nursing I 1976-1977 
 F555 Perinatal Nursing I 1976-1977 
 G556 Conceptual Basis of Maternity Nursing, 1976-1977 
 H535 Community Health and Families, 1976-1977 
 H538 Evaluating Community Programs, 1976-1977 
 H540 Community Health Assessment, 1976-1977 
 H541 Community Health Administration 1976-1977 
 J595 Epidemiology/ Biostatistics (Topical Seminar) 1976-1977 
 J690 Readings in Clinical Nursing, 1976-1977 
 J692 Independent Study in Nursing Maternity, 1976-1977 
 J692 Independent Study in Nursing Med-Surg, 1976-1977 
 L573 Nursing Administration I 1976-1977 
 L574 Nursing Administration II 1976-1977 
 L575 Nursing Administration III 1976-1977 
 L578 Seminar: Nursing Administration; L579 Nursing Administration IV 1976-1977 
 M513 Pathophysiology Applied to Nursing I 1976-1977 
 M514 Pathophysiology Applied to Nursing II 1976-1977 
 M553 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing I 1976-1977 
 M554 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing II 1976-1977 
 M555 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing III 1976-1977 
 M558 Rationale of Nursing Actions in Medical-Surgical Nursing, 1976-1977 
 P508 Theory and Process of Small Groups, 1976-1977 
 P513 Psychopathology, 1976-1977 
 P555 Facilitation Human Development in Favorable Environments, 1976-1977 
 P558 Individual Psychotherapy, 1976-1977 
 P559 Family and Group Psychotherapy, 1976-1977 
 P615 Physiological-Psychology, 1976-1977 
 P651 Marital and Family Therapy, 1976-1977 
 P652 Brief and Crisis Therapies II 1976-1977 
 P653 Preventive Mental Health II 1976-1977 
 P568 Introduction to Psychodrama 1976-1977 
 P662 Socio-Therapeutic Nursing, 1976-1977 
 P654 Group Psychotherapy in the Community, 1976-1977 
 P665 Seminar in Community Mental Health Nursing II 1976-1977 
 P668 Mental Health Consultation 1976-1977 
 R500 Nursing Research 1976-1977 
 R505 Measuring Technique& Data Analysis in Research 1976-1977 
 R590 Nursing Study, 1976-1977 
 R690 Readings in Medical-Social Research 1976-1977 
 R699 Master’s Thesis in Nursing, 1976-1977 
 S650 Health Assessment in Primary Care of Adults & Children 1976-1977 
 S651 Nursing Practice in Primary Health Care of Adults & Children 1976-1977 
 S652 Advanced Primary Health Care of Adults & Children 1976-77 
 S653 Collaborative Health Practice in Primary Care 1976-1977 
 S670 Interdisciplinary Teaching, 1976-1977 
 S671 Interdisciplinary Administration 1976-1977 
 T515 Nursing Curriculum 1976-1977 
 T516 Creativity in Teaching, 1976-1977 
 T517 Evaluation in Nursing Teaching & Ed. 1976-1977 
 T570 Teaching of Nursing, 1976-1977 
 B507 Dynamics of Stress and Coping1977-1978 
 C553 Advanced Pediatric Nursing I 1977-1978 
 C554 Advanced Pediatric Nursing II 1977-1978 
 C555 Advanced Pediatric Nursing III 1977-1978 
 C558 The Exceptional Child 1977-1978 
 F555 Clinical Perinatology I 1977-1978 
 F556 Clinical Perinatology II 1977-1978 
 G513 Physiology of Maternal-Child 1977-1978 
 G552 Extended Role of OB-GYN Nursing, 1977-1978 
 G553 Advanced Maternity Nursing, 1977-1978 
 G554 Community Aspects of Maternity, 1977-1978121
 G556 Conceptual Basis for Maternity, 1977-1978 
 G558 Family-Centered Maternity Nursing, 1977-1978 
 H537 Epidemiology, 1977-1978 
 H538 Evaluating Community Programs, 1977-1978 
 H540 Community Health Assessment, 1977-1978 
 H542 Current Health Issues, 1977-1978 
 H630 Implementation/ Evaluation in the Community, 1977-1978 
 J692 Independent Study in Nursing, 1977-1978 
 L573 Nursing Administration I 1977-1978 
 L574 Nursing Administration II 1977-1978 
 L575 Nursing Administration III 1977-1978 
 L578 Seminar: Nursing Administration 1977-1978 
 L579 Nursing Administration IV 1977-1978 
 M553 Concept Analysis: Diagnosis I 1977-1978 
 M555 Concept Analysis: Diagnosis II 1977-1978 
 M558 Rationale for Treatment Systems, 1977-1978 
 P508 Theory and Process in small Groups, 1977 -1978 
 P555 Facilitating Human Development, 1977-1978 
 P558 Individual Therapy, 1977-1978 
 P559 Family and Group Therapy, 1977-1978 
 P651 Marital and Family Therapy, 1977-1978 
 P654 Group Therapy in Community, 1977-1978 
 P662 Socio-Therapeutic Nursing, 1977-1978 
 R500 Nursing Research 1977-1978 
 R505 Measurement and Data Analysis, 1977-1978 
 R590 Nursing Study, 1977-1978 
 R690 Readings in Medical-Social Research 1977-1978 
 R699 Masters Thesis in Nursing, 1977-1978 
 S650 Primary Health Care Assessment, 1977-1978 
 S651 Nursing in Primary Health Care 1977-1978 
 S652 Advanced Primary Health Care 1977-1978 
 S653 Collaborative Health Practice 1977-1978 
 S670 Interdisciplinary Teaching, 1977-1978 
 S671 Interdisciplinary Administration 1977-1978 
 T515 Nursing Curriculum 1977-1978 
 T517 Evaluation in Nursing, 1977-1978 
 T570 Teaching in Nursing, 1977-1978 
 X550 Primary Health Care Process, 1977-1978 
 X553 Child Health Maintenance I 1977-1978 
 X554 Child Health Maintenance II 1977-1978 
 B507 Dynamics of Stress and Coping, 1978-1979 
 C553 Advanced Pediatric Nursing, 1978-1979 
 C554 Advanced Pediatric Nursing II 1978-1979 
 C555Advanced Pediatric Nursing III 1978-1979 
 C558 The Exceptional Child 1978-1979 
 F555 Clinical Perinatology I 1978-1979 
 F556 Clinical Perinatology II 1978-1979 
 G513 Physiology of Maternal-Child 1978-1979 
 G552 Extended Role in OB-GYN Nursing, 1978-1979 
 G553 Advanced Maternity Nursing I 1978-1979 
 G554 Community Aspects of Maternity, 1978-1979 
 G556 Conceptual Basis For Maternity, 1978-1979 
 G558 Family-Centered Maternity Nursing, 1978-1979 
 H537 Epidemiology, 1978-1979 
 H538 Evaluating Community Programs, 1978-1979 
 H540 Community Health Assessment, 1978-1979 
 H542 Current Health Issues, 1978-1979 
 H630 Implementation/Evaluation in the Community, 1978-1979 
 J595 Topical Seminar 1978-1979 
 J690 Readings in Clinical Nursing, 1978-1979 
 J692 Independent Study in Nursing, 1978-1979 
 L573 Organizational Behavior: Nursing, 1978-1979 
 L574 Administrative Management in Nursing, 1978-1979 
 L575 Issues in Nursing Administration 1978-1979 
 L579 Nursing Administration Practicum 1978-1979 
 M553 Concept Analysis: Diagnosis, 1978-1979 
 M555 Concept Analysis: Diagnosis II 1978-1979 
 M558 Rationale for Treatment systems, 1978-1979 
 P508 Theory and Process in small Groups, 1978-1979 
 P513 Psychopathology, 1978-1979 
 P555 Facilitation Human Development, 1978-1979 
 P568 Introduction to Psychodrama 1978-1979 
 P651 Marital and Family Therapy, 1978-1979 
 P652 Brief and Crisis Therapies, 1978-1979 
 P653 Preventive Mental Health 1978-1979 
 P654 Group Therapy in Community, 1978-1979 
 P559 Family and Group Therapy, 1978-1979 
 P662 Socio-Therapeutic Nursing, 1978-1979 
 P668 Mental Health Consultation 1978-1979 
 P671 Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist, 1978-1979 
 P672 Clinical Nurse Specialist Issues, 1978-1979 
 P702 Issues in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, 1978-1979 
 R500 Nursing Research 1978-1979 
 R505 Nursing Research 1978-1979 
 R590 Nursing Study, 1978-1979 
 R690 Readings in Medical-Social Research 1978-1979 
 R699 Master’s Thesis in Nursing, 1978-1979 
 S650 Primary Health Care Assessment, 1978-1979 
 S651 Nursing in Primary Health Care 1978-1979 
 S652 Advanced Primary Health Care 1978-1979 
 S653 Collaborative Health Practice 1978-1979 
 S670 Interdisciplinary Teaching, 1978-1979 
 S671 Interdisciplinary Administration 1978-1979 
 B507 Dynamics of Stress and Coping, 1979-1980 
 C553 Advanced Nursing of Children I 1979-1980 
 C555 Advanced Nursing of Children III 1979-1980 
 C670 Role of Nurse Specialist in Pediatrics, 1979-1980 
 D606 Theory Development Strategies, 1979-1980 
 D607 Analysis of Nursing Models and Theories, 1979-1980 
 D751 Nursing Seminar 1979-1980 
 F555 Clinical Perinatology I 1979-1980 
 F556 Clinical Perinatology II 1979-1980 
 G513 Physiology of Maternal-Child 1979-1980 
 G552 Extended Role in OB-GYN Nursing, 1979-1980 
 G553 Advanced Maternity Nursing I 1979-1980 
 G554 Community Aspects of Maternity, 1979-1980 
 G555 Maternal Child Health 1979-1980 
 G557 Advanced Practice Nursing Roles Module II: Organizational Management, 1979-1980 
 G558 Family-Centered Maternity Nursing, 1979-1980 
 H537 Epidemiology, 1979-1980 
 H538 Community Health Planning, 1979-1980 
 H540 Community Health Assessment, 1979-1980 
 H542 Current Health Issues, 1979-1980 
 H630 Implementation/Evaluation in the Community, 1979-1980 
 J595 Topical Seminar 
 J596 Topical Seminar-Comparative life span models, 1979-1980 
 L573 Organizational Behavior: Nursing, 1979-1980 
 L574 Administrative Management in Nursing, 1979-1980 
 L575 Issues in Nursing Administration 1979-1980 
 L579 Nursing Administration Practicum 1979-1980 
 L671 Financial Management: Nursing, 1979-1980 
 M553 Concept Analysis: Diagnosis I 1979-1980 
 M555 Concept Analysis: Diagnosis II 1979-1980 
 M558 Rationale for Treatment systems, 1979-1980 
 P508 Theory and Process in Small Groups, 1979-1980 
 P510 Psychopharmocology, 1979-1980 
 P555 Human Development in Favorable Environments, 1979-1980 
 P559 Family and Group Psychotherapy, 1979-1980 
 P568 Introduction to Psychodrama 1979-1980 
 P651 Marital and Family Therapy, 1979-1980 
 P654 Group Psychotherapy in the Community, 1979-1980 
 P662 Socio-Therapeutic Nursing, 1979-1980 
 P668 Mental Health Consultation 1979-1980 
 P672 Role of the Clinical Specialist in Community Mental Nursing, 1979-1980 
 P702 Issues in Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing, 1979-1980 
 P752 Advanced Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing I 1979-1980 
 P753 Advanced Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing II 1979-1980122
 P671 Role of the Clinical Specialist in Mental Health Nursing I 1979-1980 
 R500 Nursing Research 1979-1980 
 R590 Nursing Study, 1979-1980 
 R600 Research Methodologies & designs for Nursing, 1979-1980 
 R690 Readings in Medical-Social Research 1979-1980 
 R699 Master’s Thesis in Nursing, 1979-1980 
 S650 Primary Health Care Assessment, 1979-1980 
 S651 Nursing in Primary Health Care 1979-1980 
 S652 Advanced Primary Health Care 1979-1980 
 S653 Collaborative Health Practice 1979-1980 
 S670 Interdisciplinary Teaching, 1979-1980 
 S671 Interdisciplinary Administration 1979-1980 
 T515 Nursing Curriculum 1979-1980 
 T517 Evaluation in Nursing, 1979-1980 
 T571 Teaching: Continuing Education 1979-1980 
 X550 Primary Health Care Process, 1979-1980 
 X553 Child Health Maintenance I 1979-1980 
 T570 Teaching in Nursing, 1979-1980 
 X554 Child Health Maintenance II 1979-1980 
 L573 Organizational Behavior: Nursing, 1980-1981 
 L574 Administrative Management in Nursing, 1980-1981 
 L575 Issues in Nursing Administration 1980-1981 
 L673 Marketing Strategies for Nursing, 1980-1981 
 L674 Theory Testing in Nursing Administration 1980-1981 
 M555 Concept Analysis: Diagnosis II 1980-1981 
 M558 Rationale for Treatment Systems, 1980-1981 
 P507 Dynamics of Stress and Coping, 1980-1981 
 P513 Psychopathology, 1980-1981 
 A501 Issues in Nursing, 1980-1981 
 T517 Evaluation in Nursing, 1980-1981 
 T570 Teaching of Nursing, 1980-1981 
 B215 Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition 1979-1980 
 Evaluation Plan 1982-1983 
 B200-B201 Principles of Nursing Care I-II 1979-1980 
 J356 Dynamics of Nursing II 1979-1980 
 J355 Dynamics of Nursing I 1979-1980 
 J357 Dynamics of Nursing III 1979-1980 
 J358 Dynamics of Nursing IV 1979-1980 
 J458 Advanced Nursing, 1979-1980 
 J365 Seminar in Nursing Dynamics, 1979-1980 
 L473 Leadership in Nursing, 1979-1980 
 R300 Introduction to Nursing Research 1979-1980 
 J457 Nursing : Individuals and Families, J459 Comprehensive Health Planning Modules I & II 1979-1980 
 J358 Dynamics of Nursing IV1980-1981 
 R300 Introduction to Nursing Research 1980-1981 
 L473 Leadership in Nursing, 1980-1981 
 J458 Advanced Nursing, 1980-1981 
 J457 Nursing: Individuals and Families, 1980-1981 
 J357 Dynamics of Nursing III 1980-1981 
 J356 Dynamics of Nursing II 1980-1981 
 J355 Dynamics of Nursing I 1980-1981 
 B300 Interpersonal Skills, 1982-1983 
 B301 Group Dynamics, 1982-1983 
 B405 Stress and Coping, 1982-1983 
 B406 The Professional Role 1982-1983 
 B410 Legal Aspects of Nursing, 1982-1983 
 G409 The Childbearing Family, 1982-1983 
 H430 Health Promotion in the Community, 1982-1983 
 H431 Nursing Practice in the Community, 1982-1983 
 J304 Acute Health Disruption 1982-1983 
 J305 Health Disruption 1982-1983 
 J350 Nursing Practice I 1982-1983 
 J360 Operating Room Nursing, 1982-1983 
 J408 Chronic Health Disruption 1982-1983 
 J453 Chronicity in Health Care 1982-1983 
 J454 Stress Management, 1982-1983 
 K451 Nursing Management of the Cardiovascular patient, 1982-1983 
 L470 Management in Health Care Delivery, 1982-1983 
 L471 Management Practice in Nursing, 1982-1983 
 P306 Mental Health Disruptions, 1982-1983 
 Z490 Nursing Care of the Critically Ill Adult, 1982-1983 
 Z490 Women’s Issues in Nursing, 1982-1983 
 Z490 Emergency Nursing, 1982-1983 
 Z490 Gerontology and Nursing, 1982-1983 
 Z490 Nursing Role: Computer Consumer 1982-1983 
 Z490 American Indian: Health Care Practices, 1982-1983 
 Z490 Nursing Role: Patient Education 1982-1983 
 Z490 Navajo Field Experience 1982-1983 
 Z490 Issues & Interacting in Dying and Grieving, 1982-1983 
 B203 Health and Society, 1983-1984 
 B215 Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle 1983-1984 
 B216 Nursing Pharmacology, 1983-1984 
 B300 Interpersonal Skills, 1983-1984 
 B301 Group Dynamics, 1983-1984 
 B302 Introduction to Nursing Practice 1983-1984 
 B303 Professional Nursing Concepts, 1983-1984 
 B405 Stress and Coping, 1983-1984 
 B406 Nursing: The Professional Role 1983-1984 
 G409 The Childbearing Family, 1983-1984 
 G455 Nursing the Childbearing Family, 1983-1984 
 H430 Health Promotion in the Community, 1983-1984 
 H431 Nursing Practice in the Community, 1983-1984 
 J304 Acute Health Disruptions, 1983-1984 
 J305 Health Disruption 1983-1984 
 J307 Professional Practice Concepts, 1983-1984 
 J350 Nursing Practice I 1983-1984 
 J351 Nursing Practice II 1983-1984 
 J352 Nursing Practice III 1983-1984 
 J408 Chronic Health Disruptions, 1983-1984 
 J453 Chronicity in Health Care 1983-1984 
 J454 Stress Management, 1983-1984 
 K451 Nursing Management of the Cardiovascular Patient, 1983-84 
 K380 Human Sexuality and the Health Professional 1983-1984 
Faculty/ Student/ Affiliate Ledgers123
12/1959-5/1961, 3/1961-8/1962, 6/1962-2/1965, 10/1966-9/1968 [loose sheets & photos] 
 Z490/Z492 Nursing Organization-Application to Management of Nursing Care 1983-1984 
 K450 Nursing Management of Diabetes Mellitus, 1983-1984 
 K492 Navajo Field Experience 1983-1984 
 K480 Women’s Issues in Nursing, 1983-1984 
 K482 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Basic Cardiac Life Support, 1983-1984 
 L470 Management in Health Care Delivery, 1983-1984 
 L471 Management Practice in Nursing, 1983-1984 
 P306 Mental Health Disruptions, 1983-1984 
 P353 Nursing Practice IV 1983-1984 
 R300 Introduction to Nursing Research 1983-1984 
 Z490 Clinical Experience in Nursing, 1983-1984 
 Z492 Individual Study in Nursing, 1983-1984 
 K420 Gerontology and Nursing, 1983-1984 
 M553Concept Analysis: Diagnosis I 1983-1984 
 Y554 Advanced Nursing Management Adult, 1983-1984 
 G513 Developmental Physiology 
 F555 Clinical Perinatology I 1983-1984 
 F556 Clinical Perinatology II 1983-1984 
 C670 Role of the Nurse Specialist in Pediatrics, 1983-1984 
 Y552 Health Maintenance for Adults, 1983-1984 
 Y555 Collaborative Clinical Practice in Primary Health Care Nursing, 1983-1984 
 J692 Nursing of Adults with Biodisonance 
 C554 Advanced Pediatric Nursing II 1983-1984 
 C555 Nursing of Children and Families at Risk 1983-1984 
 L573 Organizational Behavior: Nursing, 1983-1984 
 Y515 Pathophysiology, 1983-1984 
 Y535 Dynamics of Family Health Care 1983-1984 
 G552-554 Extended Roles in OB-GYN Nursing (OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner Program) 1983-1984 
 L574 Administrative Management in Nursing, 1983-1984 
 L579 Nursing Administration Practicum 1983-1984 
 L673 Marketing Strategies for Nursing, 1983-1984 
 L674 Theory Testing in Nursing Administration 1983-1984 
 P555 Guidelines for Group Functioning, 1983-1984 
 L675 Testing Organizational Theories in Nursing, 1983-1984 
 M555 Concept Analysis: Diagnosis II 1983-1984 
 M558 Rationale Of Treatment systems, 1983-1984 
 M559 Dynamics of Stress and Coping, 1983-1984 
 N501 Issues in Nursing, 1983-1984 
 N502 Introduction to Analysis of Nursing Theories, 1983-1984 
 P507/C533 Introduction to Cultural Perspectives in Nursing Practice 1983-1984 
 P508 Theory and Process in Small Groups, 1983-1984 
 P510 Clinical Psychopharmacology, 1983-1984 
 P555 Perspectives on Human Behavior and Development, 1983-84 
 P558 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing with Individuals, 1983-84 
 P651 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, 1983-1984 
 P654 Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing w/ Groups, 1983-1984 
 P662 Sociotherapeutic Nursing, 1983-1984 
 P668 Mental Health Consultation 1983-1984 
 P671 Clinical Practice in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, 1983-1984 
 P753 Advanced Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing II 1983-1984 
 P752 Advanced Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing I 1983-1984 
 R505 Measurement and Data Analysis, 1983-1984 
 Y551 Health Maintenance for Children 1983-1984 
 D751 Health Belief Model 1983-1984 
 D606 Theory Development Strategies, 1983-1984 
 D607 Analysis of Nursing Models and Theories, 1983-1984 
 D751 Application of Stress Theories/Models to Nursing Practice 1983-1984 
 J595/C452 Topical Seminar: Qualitative Methods for Nursing Res. 1983-1984 
 G557 Advanced Practice Nursing Roles Program Development, 1983-1984 
 G558 Advanced Nursing of women & families in the community, 1983-1984 
 G553 Advanced Nursing of Women & Families, 1983-1984 
 J595 Developmental Psychology, 1983-1984 
 H538 Community Health Planning, 1983-1984 
 H630 Implementation/Evaluation in the Community, 1983-1984 
 H542 Current Health Issues, 1983-1984 
 H540 Community Health Assessment, 1983-1984 
 H537 Epidemiology, 1983-1984 
 T670 Teaching of Nursing, 1983-1984 
 T617 Evaluation in Nursing, 1983-1984 
 T615 Curriculum in Nursing, 1983-1984 
Pain: It’s Pathophysiology, Assessment & Management 
IU School of Nursing Self Evaluation Report, 9/1960, 2/1968 
Announcements-1917, 1924, 1928, 1931, 1940-1943 
 IU Training School for Nurses:, 1945, 1950-1957 
 IU School of Nursing, 1957-1978 
 IU School of Nursing, 1978-1996125
70th Anniversary Historical Calendar, 1984-1985 
Student & Faculty Rosters 
Nurses Bulletins, 1920s 
Newsletters, Publications, News Releases 
 Research Notes (Newsletter) 1980s & 1990s 
 Miscellaneous Publications 
 Nursing Programs-Miscellaneous 
 Dept. of Psychiatric Nursing Newsletter, 1973-1974 
 Faculty & Staff Newsletter, School of Nursing, 1979-1981 
 School of Nursing History, IU News Bureau Releases, 1950-1962 
 Vital Signs (Newsletter)1991-1992 
Self Evaluation Report 
 IU School of Nursing-IUPUI, 10/1976 
 IU School of Nursing-IUPUI, Appendix Vol. 1, 10/1976 (2 Copies) 
 IU School of Nursing -Narrative Vol. 1, 9/1982 
 IU School of Nursing-Appendix Vol. 2, 9/1982 
 IU School of Nursing (Assoc. Degree) -Narrative Vol. 1, 3/1983 
 IU School of Nursing (Assoc. Degree) Self Evaluation-Appendices Vol. 2, 3/1983 [2 copies]126
 IU School of Nursing (Assoc. Degree) -Faculty Data Forms Vol. 3, 3/1983 [2 copies] 
Annual Reports, 1970-1983, 1987-1988, 1995-1996 
Research Notes (Newsletters) 
“Steps in Curriculum Planning” by Emily Holmquist, 1960 
Continuing Education for Nurses (Publications), 1970s & 1980s 
Formative Evaluation of Indiana Statewide Plan for Continuing Education in Nursing, 1/1976 
Dean Holmquist’s Materials, 1964-1989 
IU Postcard, Mailed 1910 
Nursing Teaching/Learning System, 1968-1973 
Progress Report to NLN, Supplemental for Provisional Accreditation, 9/1/1958 
Policies for Faculty Minutes, 1950-1953127
Nursing-Newsletters & Publications, 1969-1970 
Speech by E. Holmquist, 6/28/1969 
Administrative Council Meetings, 1975-1980 
IU School of Nursing Progress Report Vol. 1, 10/1978 
School of Nursing Alumni Day Programs, 1980s & 1990s 
IU Training School Faculty Minutes, 1955-1956 
Nursing Materials-Miscellaneous, 1960s & 1970s 
IU School of Nursing Alumni Directory, 1992 
 The Pulse 1968-2002 
 Soundwaves, 1963-1965 
School of Nursing, Student Uniforms, 1980 
50th Anniversary Celebration Program, 5/22-23/1964 
Dedication, 5/1974 
Recognition Ceremony Programs, 1984-1996 
Nursing Awards, 1993-1995 
Faculty & Staff Recognition Ceremony Programs, 1994 
Patient Care Research Colloquium, 11/20/1984 
“May Day Pageant” Program, 5/28/1928 
Survey-Indiana Regional Medical Program, 1971 
Continuing Education Publications, 1970s & 1980s 
Oral Reports (Sigma Theta Tau)128
The Hopper (Newsletter) 1959 Senior Edition, Vol. 7, No. 7 
Nursing History 
“70 Years of Nursing-Indiana University” Bumper Sticker 
Human Rights in Research Committee Minutes, 1975-1978 
Mildred Adams files-Ink Sketches of School of Nursing Building & Ball Residence Hall, 1976 (Oversized)129
IU Foundation Award to Frances Orgain 
 as SON Dean’s Council Member, 1970 
 Scrap Book 1943-1948 (includes photos & newspaper clippings) 
 Scrap Book 1949-1955 (includes photos & newspaper clippings) 
 “Unforgettable” Scrap Book-Student Faculty Association 1975-1976 (includes photos & newspaper clippings)131
 Green Scrap Book: IU School of Nursing (includes photos & newspapers clippings) 
 Scrap Book 1955-1960 (includes photos & newspaper clippings) 
 Scrap Book 1961-1964 (includes photos & newspaper clippings) 
 Loose Scrap Book Material 
 Scrap Book of Letters re: Frances Orgain Retirement, 1971132
 Teresa Ellis, Student, Class of 1961133
 Dean Emily Holmquist, re: Retirement Scrapbook, 1972134
 Mildred Adams Retirement Scrapbook, 1974135
 School of Nursing Dedication, 5/4/1974136
 Scrap Book by Mildred Adams w/ loose photos 
 Tribute to Grace Penrod photos, presentation of “The Inner Light” Painting 4/30/1973137
 Guest Book for Tribute to Grace Penrod, 4/30/1973 
 Grace Penrod Retirement Scrapbook, 1978 
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