Women's Suffrage Broadsides and Brochures

Mss 60
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Scope and Content

The collection contains several broadsides and brochures from the New York and Washington, D.C. area suffrage organizations. They were bought from several out-of-date book dealers. The Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives digitized the collection in 2006 and they are available online through the links provided in this guide.

Series List

Albany Branch of the New York State Woman Suffrage Party Brochure
Garden Primer, How to Plan and Care for a Vegetable Garden, April 1917 [brochure]
Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, Washington, D.C. Broadside
Suffrage in the Next Election, 1916 [broadside]
National American Woman Suffrage Association Broadside
Federal Amendment, n.d. [broadside]
National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company, Inc. Broadsides
Methodists Favor Equal Suffrage, 1916 [broadside]
Twelve Reasons Why Women Should Vote, n.d. [broadside]
National Woman's Party Broadside
Platform of the National Woman's Party, n.d. [broadside]
New York State Women's Suffrage Party Brochures
Do You Use a Sewing Machine?, n.d. [brochure]
Better Babies, 1915 [brochure]
What President Wilson Says, 1917 [brochure]
Don't Forget to Vote for Woman Suffrage, n.d. [broadside]
Recording Clerk's Card, Military Census, State of New York, n.d. [card]
Woman Suffrage Association of Oregon Broadside
A Plea for Universal Suffrage by Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Jr., 1881 (Delivered at Portland, Oregon, October 20, 1881, at the second evening session of the Woman Suffrage Association of Oregon.) [broadside]
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