Indianapolis Foundation Records, 1916-2000

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The Indianapolis Foundation was created in 1916 by the resolution of three financial institutions, the Fletcher Trust Company, Indiana Trust Company, and Union Trust Company. It was officially introduced as one of the first community foundations in the United States in the January 5, 1916, edition of the Indianapolis Star. According to the resolution, income from the Indianapolis Foundation would "be dispersed by said companies on the written order of a board of trustees for such charitable uses as well in its judgment promote the welfare of persons now or hereafter residing in Indianapolis, Indiana." The foundation began making grants in 1924 and today continues to give to Indianapolis organizations to help improve the quality of life in the city.


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Presented by the Central Indiana Community Foundation, August 2002.

Processed by Debra Brookhart, June 2004.


The idea of the community foundation originated in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1914. F.H. Goff, president of the Cleveland Trust Company, noticed a trend developing in the area of charitable trusts. Often in the case of a bequest, the donor designated a specific use for the trust. This led to tightly restrained funds and difficulties when the purposes of the funds became impossible to fulfill. Goff's plan, now known as the "Cleveland Plan," called for the donor to agree to the establishment of a charitable trust while authorizing a group of citizens acting as a distribution committee to determine the disbursement of the funds for the good of the community if the original purpose proved obsolete. The funds themselves would be protected and invested by a professional entity, the bank, while the distribution of the funds would be placed in the hands of responsible citizens to distribute for the benefit of the community. When the trustee institution or institutions create a resolution of trust governing the funds, a community foundation is formed. Funds are contributed either to a general foundation fund where they are combined with other gifts or to a specific fund designated by the donor.

Community foundations play a vital role in the community they serve. Directors and trustees of community foundations bear the responsibility of distributing funds to organizations for the overall benefit of the community and are responsible to the community for those funds. Donors, as citizens, have a vested interest in the activities of the foundation and often share in the benefits of foundation grants with their neighbors. Their gifts when added to other foundation gifts allow the foundation to make larger grants with greater impact. Since community foundations' activities are limited by geographic area, donors have the added assurance that their money will be used to better the place where they live.

A resolution of trust of three financial institutions created the Indianapolis Foundation in 1916 just two years after the Cleveland Foundation formed. According to the resolution, income from the Indianapolis Foundation would be dispersed on the written order by its board of trustees for charitable uses that would promote the welfare of the citizens of Indianapolis, Indiana. The Fletcher Trust Company, Indiana Trust Company, and Union Trust Company officially introduced one of the first community foundations in the United States on January 5, 1916, in the Indianapolis Star. Appointed as the first Board of Trustees of the foundation were Henry W. Bennett, postmaster; Charles Warren Fairbanks, attorney and former Vice President of the United States; Monsignor Francis H. Gavisk, a community religious leader; Henry H. Hornbrook, attorney and civic leader; Louis H. Levey; and Josiah K. Lilly, Sr., President of Eli Lilly and Company. As was the case with foundations formed using the Cleveland Plan, the positions are appointed by public officials. The Judge of the United States District Court, the Judge of the Circuit Court, and the Mayor of Indianapolis each appoints two trustees for six-year terms for a total of six board members. Although there are no specific qualifications for the board positions, "these private citizens are chosen for their knowledge about the community and their ability to represent the public interest" (Encyclopedia of Indianapolis, 780). The board members are ultimately responsible for the grant distribution decisions of the foundation.

Alphonso P. Pettis, a former owner of a dry goods store in Indianapolis, made the first gift to the Indianapolis Foundation in 1920. His gift totaled more than $300,000 and was closely followed by others including Delavan Smith, James E. Roberts, and James E. Lilly these donations secured the financial stability of the foundation and allowed the foundation to begin distributing grants. The board hired Eugene Foster in 1924 as the first executive director of the foundation. His job included managing the daily operations of the office as well as preparing the financial reports for the board. The other aspect of his job included correspondence with those requesting funds and bringing those requests before the Board of Trustees for action. With the appointment of the first executive director, came the first grant. The Public Health Nursing Association received the foundation's first gift that provided for a visiting nurse to care for crippled children at home. Grant requests were originally submitted in writing to the director of the foundation in the form of a proposal letter including detailed information about the request, the use for the funds, and the intended impact of the grant. The proposal then went before the board for approval and the approval amount. Site visits and further correspondence often came prior to the board's approval of a grant.

Today grant requests come to the foundation through a three-step process. First an application is filled out that gives information about the requestor and briefly describes what the grant will fund. The application will then be reviewed to determine if the request fits the guidelines and available resources. The requests that do fit will be asked to meet with a foundation staff member for a site visit, to obtain more information, and to talk about submitting a proposal to the foundation. The final step is to attend a proposal preparation workshop and submit the proposal to the board.

From the beginning, the foundation devoted its grant-making activity to organizations in the specific areas of civic, educational, and benevolent work. Citizens of all ages reaped the benefits of the foundation's grants. As the foundation continued to give in these areas, it expanded its boundaries to include civic organizations such as the opera, theatre, and museums, as well as community service organizations such as Meals on Wheels, settlement homes, and the YMCA. Hundreds of organizations and agencies in Indianapolis have received funding from the foundation making practically every citizen a beneficiary of the foundation in some way whether a researcher at the Marion County Public Library, a visitor to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, or a pedestrian on Monument Circle. Its significance reaches beyond that of grant making to community involvement and support. The foundation grew and matured alongside the organizations it has supported giving it a strong voice and vital place in the community. By 2003 the foundation awarded $3.5 million in grants annually with the average grant being $35,000.

The Indianapolis Foundation continues to adapt to the changing nature of the city while keeping its earliest principle of community leadership and service. The growth of Indianapolis and the communities surrounding it inspired a new way of looking at collaboration among the community funds in the region. Originally under the Cleveland Plan for creating a community foundation, the Indianapolis Foundation organized as a trust. In 1997 the Indianapolis Foundation partnered with the Legacy Fund of Hamilton County to form the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). The trust side of the foundation continues to be governed by the Amended Resolution of Trust originally created in 1916 while the corporate activities of the foundation are now governed by the articles of incorporation and bylaws of CICF.

Although the community foundations affiliated with CICF operate separately, CICF combines the knowledge of these foundations to provide leadership to local organizations and allow a more regional focus in giving and community service. CICF is active in assisting community programs like the Indianapolis Cultural Trail that supports the city's goal of becoming a cultural destination, Family Strengthening that develops resources for the welfare of the family, and Philanthropy Day that encourages residents to become involved in giving. CICF has its own endowment and awards over $20 million in grants annually. Today the Central Indiana Community Foundation and its affiliates embrace these seven vision priorities within the central Indiana region: to respond to basic needs, to develop productive citizens, to build strong neighborhoods, to embrace inclusiveness, to promote community amenities, to promote philanthropy, and to promote the community.


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The Indianapolis Foundation Records are an excellent example of the growth and development of an early community foundation. Materials in the collection cover the entirety of the organization's history and familiarize the researcher with its evolution of giving since it includes both the grants given and grants denied. This collection is also important to the history of Indianapolis and central Indiana. The foundation played key roles in the creation of programs and places that are still a major part of today's Indianapolis such as the Children's Museum, the Indianapolis Zoo, the Marion County Public Library, and a host of other educational, civic, social, and cultural organizations.

Board of Trustees Files, 1916-2000, contain meeting packets from the Board of Trustees. These packets, 1916-1989, contain information vital to understanding every series in this collection and include details on the entirety of the foundation's operations. They are comprised of board minutes, information related to grants, annual reports, and financial records. The minutes cover the development of the foundation, administration, and the evolution of its giving patterns. Grant information in the meeting files generally consists of proposals, reports, and items related to the administration of the grant.

Annual reports for the Indianapolis Foundation are located in two separate places. The years 1933-1967, 1970-1971, 1973, 1977-1982, 1985-1986 are located in the board packets, while the years 1924-1927, 1946-1971, and 1973-1998 are catalogued in IUCAT (call number HV99.I42 I0001). Annual Reports for the Central Indiana Community Foundation are also catalogued in IUCAT (call number HV99.I632 C001) and cover the years 1998-2001.

The financial information included in the board files consists of official audits and informal board reports. All of the meeting packets contain either a formal or informal report of finances. Official audits in the board packets are available for the years 1936-1967, 1969-1980, 1982-1989. Official audits after 1989 are located in the financial records of the Administration Files.

Administration Files, 1923-1998, document the daily functions of the organization. The administration files are divided into four areas: correspondence, executive directors, financial records, and public relations. The correspondence files include administrative correspondence pertinent to the operation of the foundation and is not grant related. Correspondence on grants is found in the grant files under the name of the requesting organization. The correspondence also includes research conducted by the foundation similar to that contained in the scrapbooks. This research includes correspondence and news clippings about organizations and individuals collected by the directors of the foundation to provide background for grants and measure impact on the city. The executive directors' files contain biographical information, but not the records of the director's tenure in office. The financial records contain an incomplete set of Form 990s, 1944-1984, for the organization and audits after 1989. Audits prior to 1989 are located in the Board of Trustees minutes. The public relations files contain an almost complete set of clippings and press releases for the Indianapolis Foundation, Legacy Fund of Hamilton County, and the Central Indiana Community Foundation documenting grants awarded, staff changes, and major endeavors sponsored by these organizations.

Grant Requests, 1924-1986, is the most extensive series of the collection containing information about every request made to the foundation. This series contains correspondence, reports, and financial statements from organizations and individuals requesting grants from the Indianapolis Foundation. These files, arranged alphabetically by the name of the requestor, generally contain the proposal, grant reports, and correspondence about the grant. Because an organization often made more than one proposal, both accepted and rejected proposals along with supporting information and board recommendations are filed together. The annual reports also contain a list of grants given and official letters concerning the grant status are located in the Board of Trustees minutes. Since all of the foundation's grants are to Indianapolis organizations, the records in this series also have a significant amount of historical information on medical, social, and civic programs and organizations in the city during the twentieth century.

Publication Files, 1950-2000, contain brochures, newsletters, and a short history. The brochures cover the decades of the 1980s and 1990 and offer good insight to the more recent programs or initiatives of the organization. There are two short histories, one from the 1950s and the other from the 1980s. Both offer a brief look into the past giving trends of the foundation. There are four newsletters that include the Indianapolis Foundation as well as the Central Indiana Community Foundation and the Legacy Fund of Hamilton County. Although missing an occasional volume within a year, the newsletters offer a concise look at the initiatives of the groups individually and collaboratively. The video, made in 1995, is a general service announcement for the foundation.

Scrapbooks, 1917-1945, include 19 scrapbooks of newspaper articles on varying subject areas of importance to the overall mission of the Indianapolis Foundation. They were created during the early development of the foundation to help determine what other community foundations were doing and to help evaluate the specific needs of Indianapolis. These articles are mainly of local interest documenting local activities and events, but also include some articles of national interest. The articles are organized chronologically by subject.

Photographs, 1916-1996, are divided into three areas: Director and Trustees, Public Relations, and Grants. The director and trustees photographs are mostly of the executive directors and a few trustees. The public relations photographs include images used in publications such as annual reports and newspaper articles. Photographs from the grant files contain images that reflect either the need for or result of funds given by the Indianapolis Foundation.

Board of Trustees, 1916-2000  
  1958-May, 1960101-7
  July, 1960-December, 1961111-8
  March, 1962-July, 1963121-7
  October, 1963-January, 1965131-5
  April, 1965-June, 1966141-6
  October, 1966-October, 1967151-6
  December, 1967-June, 1969161-6
  November, 1969-October, 1970171-7
  December, 1970-November, 1971181-6
  November, 1971-December, 1972191-7
  March, 1973-March, 1974201-7
  June, 1974-June, 1975211-5
  September, 1975-December, 1976221-8
  February, 1977-September, 1977231-7
  September, 1977-April, 1978241-6
  April, 1978-February, 1979251-8
  April, 1979-December, 1979261-7
  March, 1980-September, 1980271-6
  December, 1980-April, 1981281-7
  June, 1981-November, 1981291-6
  November, 1991-April, 1982301-5
  April, 1982-August, 1982311-6
  December, 1982-February, 1983321-5
  February, 1983-June, 1983331-6
  September, 1983-November, 1983341-5
  January, 1984-May, 1984351-5
  May, 1984-October, 1984361-6
  December, 1984-April, 1985371-6
  April, 1985-August, 1985381-6
  November, 1985-February, 1986391-6
  February, 1986-April, 1986401-4
  April, 1896-August, 1986411-6
  August,1986-November, 1986421-6
  November, 1986-February, 1987431-5
  February, 1987-June, 1987441-6
  June, 1987-November, 1987451-5
  November, 1987-February, 1988461-6
  May, 1988-June, 1988471-5
  June, 1988-September, 1988481-6
  December, 1988-February, 1989491-4
  February, 1989-September, 1989501-5
  December 7, 1989511-3
 Grant Photographs from Minutes, 1958-1959, 1961, 1966, 1969, 1971, 1984, 1987-19887536
Administration Files, 1923-1998  
  Bradford-Victor, 1980-1984514
  Ethics, 1976-1977515
  Fisko, James, 1977516
  Flanner House, 1983517
  Heywood, Florence, 1950518
  Hudnut, William, III, 1976-1985519
  Indiana Donors Alliance, 1984-19855110-11
  Indiana Historical Society, 19785112
  Indianapolis Public Housing Authority, 19845113
  Jewish Welfare Association, ca. 19775114
  Ohio Citizen’s Trust Company, 19505115
  Pittsburgh Foundation, 1945-19585116
  Portland Foundation, 1951-19555117
  Riley, James Whitcomb,1925-19365118
  Russell Sage Foundation, 1924-19555119
  Second Presbyterian Church, 19385120
  Sellars, John V., 19725121
  Social Security Act, 1935-19515122
  Socialized Medicine, ca. 19385123
  Soldiers and Sailors Monument, 19395124
  Staff Reading Files, 19985125
  Surveys, 1928, 19495126
  Traveler’s Aid Society, 1949-19625127
  United Way Hearings, 19735128
  United Way Reports, 1977-19825129-30
  White, Kenneth, 19505131
  World War Memorial, 19375132
 Director’s Information  
  Chapman, Kenneth, 1977-19955133
  Foster, Eugene, 1923-19665134
  Gladish, Kenneth, 1993-19955135
  Killen, Jack, 1957-19775136
  Photographs, 1916-19927537
  Ross, Paul, 1947-19575137
 Financial Records  
  Audits, 1989/90-1995/965138-39
  Form 990  
   1944-1965, 1966-1969, 1971-19725140-41
  Consolidation of Trust Funds, 1970523-4
  Statements of Account, 1949-1951, 1953-1957525
  Wills, 1940s526
 Memorial Gifts, 1949-1978527-16
 Public Relations  
  Central Indiana Community Foundation Clippings  
  Correspondence, 1931-1978532
 Indianapolis Foundation  
  Clippings, 1949-2000533-11
  Press Releases, 1990-19985312
 Legacy Fund  
  Clippings, 1991-20005313-15
  Press Releases, 1991-19975316-17
  Public Relations Photographs  
   Annual Report Photographs, ca. 1992-19967534-35
   Promotional Photographs, 1950, 1992-19967542
  Publicity, 1964-1976, 19805318
  Shank Public Relations Counselors, 19905319-20
  Video,  September 1995  
Grant Requests, 1924-1986  
 A Miscellaneous, 1953-19745321
 Adult and Child Mental Health Center, 1980-19825322
 Adult Education Council, 19745323
 Alanon Club  
  Grant Requests, 1961-19715324-25
  Photographs, 19717538
 Alpha Home, 1968-19745326
 Alpha Home Property Acquisition  
  Grant Requests, 19715327
  Photographs from Board Minutes, November 9, 19717536
 Altenheim of Indianapolis, 1969-1974, 19795328-29
 American Cancer Society, 1946, 19725330-31
 American Cancer Society – Marion County Chapter, 1975, 19815332-33
 American College of Sports Medicine, 1983-19845334
 American Diabetes Association, 1976-1984541-2
 American Foundation/Science of Creative Intelligence,1973543
 American Friends Service, 1968-1973544
 American Humanities Foundation, 1968545
 American Negro Centennial Authority, 1963546
 American Red Cross, 1926-1982547-9
 American Social Hygiene Association, 1928-19415410
 Anti-Crime Crusade, 19635411
 Archdiocesan Catholic High School, 1981-19825412
 Archdiocese of American Brethren Apostolic Church, 19765413
 Area Youth Ministry, 1973-19745414
 Area Youth Ministry – Woodruff Place Baptist Church, 19795415
 Arlington Community Athletic Association, 1965-19685416
 Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, 1948-19615417
 Arts Cooperative, 1972-19735418
 Arts and Crafts Association, 19665419
 Arts/Culture Alliance, 19845420
 Arts Indiana, Inc., 1980-19835421
 Associated Patent Services, 1976-19775422
 Association for Loan-Free Education, 1972-19745423
 At Your School Child Services  
  Grant Requests, 1980-19815424
  Photographs, 19817538
 Athenaeum Building, 1973-19745425
 Autistic Children, 1977-19795426
 B Miscellaneous, 1949-19745427
 Baker Farm Outdoor Education, 1977-19795428
 Ball Foundation, 1937, 19835429-30
 Band Concerts, 19395431
 Baxter Foundation, 19515432
 Beech Grove, 1978, 19835433-34
 Beethoven Foundation, Inc., 1977-19795435
 Behavior Management Clinic, 1981-19835436
 Bethany Village, 1982-19835437
 Better Business Bureau,  1932-19855438
 Big Brothers, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 1955-19735439
  Volunteer Development, 1981-19835440
 Big Sisters, Inc., 1975-1977, 19835441-42
 Board of Children’s Guardians, 19355443
 Board of Health – Orthodontia and Prenatal Clinics, 1925-19285444
 Boys Club Association of Indianapolis, Inc., 1937-19825445-47
 Boy Scouts  
  Central Indiana, 1983-19845448
  Correspondence, 1953-19715449
  Grant Requests, 1976-19785450
  Inner City, 19735451
  Less Chance and Mid-Town Areas, 1951-19595452
  Machine Bookkeeping, 19725453
  Medical Services, 19355454
  Offset Press, 1962-19705455
  Photographs, ca. 1950s7538
  Reservation, 1937-19645456
  Reservation (oversized), ca. 1950sOV4 
  Training, 19725457
  Youth Congress, 1970-19715458
 Brebeuf Preparatory School, 1962-19785459-60
 Broad Ripple Playhouse, 1983-19845461
 Business Consulting, Inc., 19785462
 Butler University  
  Grant Requests, 1983-19845463
  Campus Development, 1940-19695464
  Jordon Hall, 1971, 1975, 19835465-67
  Photographs, n.d.7538
  Science Building, 1967-19705468
  Special Education, 1950-1954551
  Student Assembly, 1977-1978552
 C Miscellaneous, 1954-1974553-4
 Camp Fire Boys and Girls, 1929-1984555
 Camp Fire Girls, 1929-1979556-7
 Careers in Social Work, 1963-1969558
 Cathedral Arts, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 1975-1979559-10
  International Violin Competition, 1981-19845511
 Cathedral High School, 1966-1968, 1978, 19815512-14
 Catholic Charities Special Projects, 19835515
 Catholic Seminary Foundation, 1936-19755516-18
 Catholic Social Services, 1976-1979, 1983-19845519-20
 Catholic Youth Organization, 1954-19715521
 Center for Judicial Education, 19735522
 Central Clinic, 19345523
 Central Indiana Council on Aging, 1979-19835524
 Central Indiana Regional Blood  Center, 1972-19745525
 Central League for Nursing, 1960-19615526
 Central State Hospital, 1967-1968, 19825527-28
 Chicago Community Trust, 1928-19555529
 Child Guidance Clinic at Riley Hospital, 1927-19295530
 Child Guidance Clinic of Marion County, 1929-1961, 1978, 1980-19835531-33
 Child, Inc., 19735534
 Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis  
  Black Adoption Committee, 1965-19725535
  Boy’s Group Home, 1968-19705536
  Garrard House, 1972-19745537
  Grant Requests, 1928-19845538-41
  Photographs, 19677538
 Children’s Educational Foundation  
  Grant Requests, 19815542
  Grant Requests, 1981 (oversized)951
 Children’s Foundation, 1976-19775543
 Children’s Habitat, Inc., 19745544
 Children’s House, 1971-1974, 19785545-46
 Children’s Museum  
  Challenge Fund, 1976-19815547
  Grant Requests, 1926-1974, 1976-1978561-3
  Lending Library, 1979-1984564
 Christamore House  
  Building Repairs, 1983-1985565
  Grant Requests, 1937-1974, 1976566-7
 Christian Academy, 1968568
 Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, 1959569
 Christian Theological Seminary  
  Grant Requests, 1962-1974, 1978-1979, 1982-19835610-12
  Repertory Theatre, 1980-19815613
 Christmas Lighting Project, 19555614
 Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis, 1971-19825615-18
 Church and Social Action Council, 19845619
 Circle City REACT, 19805620
 Citizen’s Ambulatory Health Center, 19815621
 Citizen’s Forum, 1968-19845622-24
 Citizen’s Multi-Service Center, 1978, 19825625-26
 City of Indianapolis Lower Canal, 19845627
 Civic Films, Inc., 19495628
 Cleveland Foundation, 1955-19695629
 Clowes Hall, 1967, 1980-19825630-31
 Coalition of 100 Black Women, 1984-19865632
 Coalition Planning Group, 19775633
 Collective of Creative Arts, 19735634
 College Avenue Youth Behavior Academy, 1975-19785635
 Colored Homesteads, 1934-19355636
 Commission for Downtown  
  Grant Requests, 1980-19825637
  Photographs, ca. 19807538
 Community Action Against Poverty (CAAP), 1972-19795638-39
 Community Addiction Services Agency (CASA), 1975-19795640
 Community Blood Bank of Marion County, 19655641
 Community Centers of Indianapolis, 1982-19845642
 Community Child Daycare Center, Inc., 1971-19745643
 Community Desegregation Advisory Council, 19845644-45
 Community Hospital, 1960-19655646
 Community House of John Strange School, 1960-19625647
 Community Interfaith Housing, 1964-1975, 19845648-50
 Community Mental Health Center, 19695651
 Community Organization Program – Eastside (COP-E), 1972-19745652
 Community Outreach Center, Inc., 19785653
 Community Service Agency for the Deaf, 19715654
 Community Service Council  
  Community Resources Handbook, 19805655
  Correspondence, 1979-19845656
  Grant Requests, 1979-1983571
  Police Plan, 1984572
  United Christmas Service, 1981-1982573
  Volunteer Action Center, 1980574
 Comprehensive Health Planning Council of Marion County, 1971575
 Concord Center, 1958-1984576-7
 Conference on Cities, 1971578
 Congressional Investigating Committee, 1952-1953579
 Consortium for Urban Education, 1973-1974, 19775710-11
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 Debates and Lectures on Civic Government Topics, 19395734
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 Dial-A-Ride, Inc., 1974-19825738-39
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 E Miscellaneous, 1950-19745742
 Eastside Christian Center  
  Grant Requests, 1970-19715743
  Photographs, ca. 1970s7538
 Eastside Community Investments, 1983-19845744
 Eastside Promise – People’s Health Center  
  Grant Requests, 1972-19795745
  Grant Requests, 1972-1979 (oversized)OV4 
 Educational Testing Service, 19585746
 Economics Education, 19615747
 Editorial Projects in Education, 19815748
 Edna Martin Christian Center, 1977-19785749
 Eisenhower Foundation, 1982-19835750
 Elderhostel Program, 19795751
 Employment Opportunities, 19655752
 End Measles, Inc., 1974-19795753
 English-Speaking Union, 19745754
 Englishton Park  
  Grant Requests, 1964-19745755-57
  Grant Requests, 1975-1982581
  Grant Requests-Youth Hostels, 1939-1953582
  Photographs, 19647538
 Englishton Park United Presbyterian Ministries, 1980-1984583
 Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana, 1978584
 Episcopal Community Services, 1977-1979585
 Equestrian School, Inc., 1984586
 Evangelist Holy Mission Association, 1977587
 F Miscellaneous, 1962-1974588
 Fairbanks Home, 1957-1973, 1975-1982589-10
 Fairbanks Hospital, 1979-19845811
 Fairview Presbyterian Church, 19805812
 Families in Action, 1984-19855813
 Family Service Association, 1924-1963, 1983-19845814-16
 Family Support Center, 1981-19845817-18
 Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 1957-1974, 1977-19795819-20
 Festival Dance Theatre, 19835821
 Festival Music Society, 1971-1974, 1976-19785822-23
 Fiesta Music, 19875824
 Fine Arts Society, 1971-1972, 1975-1976, 19835825-27
 First Step, Inc., 1981-19845828
 Flanner House  
  Grant Requests, 1938-1959, 1978, 19815829-33
  Photographs, 1950-19597538
  Photographs from Board Minutes, May 6, 19597536
 Fletcher Place Community Center, 1950-19675834
 Flower Mission, 1926-19525835
 Flynn Christian Fellowship Houses, 1961-19795836-37
 Footlight Musicals, Inc., 1977-1978, 1981-19835838-39
 Forward, Inc., 19925840-41
 Foundation Center, 1974-1984591-3
 Foundations, 1937-1962594
 Fountain Square/Barrington Neighborhood Program, 1968595
 Fountain Square/Fletcher Place, 1983-1984596
 Fountain Square Senior Citizens Center, 1977597
 Freetown Village Black History, 1984598
 G Miscellaneous, 1961-1974599
 Gallery, Inc., 19615910
 General Hospital, 1928-19745911-22
 Girls Clubs  
  Grant Requests, 1968-19845923-27
  Photographs, 19837538
 Girl Scouts  
  Grant Requests, 1929-19845928-33
  Grant Requests, 1965 (oversized)951
  Photographs, 19677538
 Goiter, 19275934
 Golden Bowls, Inc., 19755935
 Goodwill Industries, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 1936-19845936-43
  Grant Requests, 1978-1979 (oversized)951
  Photographs, ca. 19757538
 Gorman English Boy’s Club, 19735944
 Governor’s Conference on the Handicapped, 1972-19735945
 Greater Indianapolis Council on Alcoholism, 1981-19845946
 Greater Indianapolis Information, Inc., 1982-19845947
 Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee  
  Grant Requests, 1964-19845948-56
  Grant Requests, 1964-1984601-3
  Photographs, ca. 19757538
 Guardian Ad Litem Project, 1983604
 Guidelines, Inc., 1983605
 H Miscellaneous, 1952-1974606
 Hanna Avenue Recreation Facilities, 1965607
 Happy Hollow Camp, 1951-1984608-10
 Happy House Community Service, 1973-19786011-12
 Hard of Hearing Demonstration, 1934-19356013
 Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, 1944-19736014
 Health Fair, 19546015
 Health Science Institute, 19676016
 Health Service Management, 19736017
 Helios, Inc., 1978-19796018
 Hemophilia of Indiana, Inc., 19836019
 Heritage Christian School, 1966-19676020
 Heritage Place of Indianapolis, Inc., 19816021
 Hispano-American Multiservice Center, 1978-19836022-23
 Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, 1975-19776024
 Hollis Adams Foundation, 19736025
 Holy Angels Church, 1971-19746026
 Holy Trinity Adult Day Care Center, 1981-19836027
 Home, Inc., 1967-19736028
 Home care Agency of Marion County, 1966-19786029-31
 Honors Program in Foreign Languages, 1965-19706032
 Hoosier Salon, 19626033
 Hooverwood (formerly Borinstein Home)  
  Grant Requests, 1967, 1976, 1981-19836034-36
  Photographs, n.d.7538
 Hospital Accommodations for Colored People, 1927-19286037
 Hospital Audiences, Inc., 19746038
 Hospital Plan, 19516039
 Hospital Surveys, 1924-19386040
 Hudson Institute, 19846041
 Human Betterment Foundation, ca. 19396042
 Hume Mansur Company, 1930-19486043
 Hunger, Inc., 19846044
 I Miscellaneous, 1958-19746045
 India Association of Indianapolis, Inc., 19846046
 Indiana Academy of Science, 1962-19636047
 Indiana Amateur Basketball Association, 1982-19836048
 Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, ca. 19746049
 Indiana Artists Club, 19396050
 Indiana Association for Family Planning, 1965-19686051
 Indiana Association for Rehabilitative Facilities, 19816052
 Indiana Association for Retarded Children, 1958-19666053
 Indiana Center on Law and Poverty, Inc., 1973611
 Indiana Central College/University  
  Grant Requests, 1952-1982612-11
  Photographs, 19727539
 Indiana Citizen’s League for Nursing, 1973-19746112
 Indiana Classical Conference, 1966-19686113
 Indiana Committee for the Humanities, 19846114
 Indiana Conference on Social Concerns, 1978-19826115-16
 Indiana Counseling and Pastoral Care Center, 1976-1979, 1982, 19846117-19
 Indiana Council of Churches, 19826120
 Indiana Department of Public Instruction, 1977-19786121
 Indiana Diabetes Association, 19756122
 Indiana Easter Seal Society, 19796123
 Indiana Health Careers, 1971, 1976-1979, 1981-19836124-27
 Indiana Heart Foundation, 1948-19596128
 Indiana Interreligious Commission on Human Equality, 19746129
 Indiana Juvenile Justice, 19846130
 Indiana League for Nursing, Inc., 19586131
 Indiana Methodist Children’s Home  
  Grant Requests, 1966-19756132
  Photographs from Board Minutes, December 13, 19667536
 Indiana Museum Society, 1974, 19806133-34
 Indiana Neuromuscular Laboratory, 1983-19846135
 Indiana Occupational Therapy Association  
  Grant Requests, 19606136
  Photographs, 19607539
 Indiana Opera Theatre, 1980-19846137-38
 Indiana Poison Center, 1980-19826139
 Indiana Repertory Theatre  
  Grant Requests, 1972-19856140-44
  Photographs, 1975-19767539
 Indiana Research Association, 19796145
 Indiana School for the Deaf, 1971-19736146
 Indiana School of Religion, 1962-19636147
 Indiana Science Education Fund, 19746148
 Indiana Social Hygiene Association, 19406149
 Indiana Society for Crippled Children, 1942-19516150
 Indiana Society for Mental Hygiene, 1935-19496151
 Indiana Society for the Prevention of Blindness, 1959-1975, 1980-19826152-54
 Indiana Special Olympics, 1983-1984621
 Indiana State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, 1937622
 Indiana State Medical (Tel-Med), 1974-1975623-4
 Indiana State Museum, 1978625
 Indiana Stress Challenge Recreation, Inc., 1979, 1981-1982626-7
 Indiana Swim Committee  
  Grant Requests, 1982628
  Photographs, 19827539
 Indiana Tran sportation Museum Photographs from Board Minutes, May 2, 19887536
 Indiana United Methodist – Esther Hall, 1969629
 Indiana University  
  Continuing Education Center for Women, 1981-19836210
  IU Foundation  
   Grant Requests, 19426211
   Poynter Center, 19776212-13
  Medical Center  
   Marriage and Family Relationships, 19716214
   Protestant Chaplaincy Program, 19606215
   Ultrasound Diagnostics, 19706216
  Research Department, 19736217
  School of Law School  
   Grant Requests, 1969-1972, 1977-19826218-19
   Law-Related Education, 19816220
   National Conference on Education, 1984-19856221
  School of Nursing, 1959, 19716222
  School of Social Work  
   Grant Requests, 1927-1942, 19796223-24
   Human SERVE Fund, 1978-19846225
 Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI)  
  Continuing Education Services, 1974, 1976-19796226-27
  Department of Education, 19706228
  Department of Math and Sciences, 19736229
  Department of Sociology, 19786230
  Genesis, 19756231
  Herron School of Art, 1975-1978, 1981-19846232-33
 Indiana Vocational Technical School, 1975-19826234-35
 Indiana Wilderness Challenge, 19836236
 Indiana Youth Leadership Seminar, 1979-19806237
 Indianapolis Alliance for Jobs, 1980-19846238
 Indianapolis Art League Foundation  
  1970s (oversized)OV4 
 Indianapolis Art Chorale, 19836245
 Indianapolis Association of Student Nurses, 1957-19586246
 Indianapolis Athletic Club Arts Foundation, Inc., 19846247
 Indianapolis Ballet Society, 1974-19846248-52
 Indianapolis Bar Association, 1970-19736253
 Indianapolis – Black History, 1978-19796254
 Indianapolis Business Development Foundation  
 Indianapolis Center for Advanced Research, 1973-1974, 1976-1978632-4
 Indianapolis Center for Understanding through the Arts, 1984635
 Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, 1979-1984636-10
 Indianapolis Chevettes, 1978, 19806312
 Indianapolis Christmas Committee  
  Grant Requests, 1979-19846313-14
  Photographs, 19847539
  Photographs from Board Minutes, October 1, 19847536
 Indianapolis Civic Theatre  
  Grant Requests, 1937-19836315-20
  Photographs, ca. 1970s7539
 Indianapolis Clear City Committee, 1982-19846321
 Indianapolis Community Choir, 1969-19846322-24
 Indianapolis Community Relations Council, 1948-19496325
 Indianapolis Consortium for the Arts, 19836326
 Indianapolis Council of Negro Women, 19796327
 Indianapolis Council on World Affairs, 1956-19586328
 Indianapolis Diabetes Association, 1958-19726329
 Indianapolis Educational Association, 1961-19626330
 Indianapolis Experimental Education, 19776331
 Indianapolis Free University, 1983-19846332
 Indianapolis Green Thumbs, Inc., 19846333
 Indianapolis Growth Project, Inc., 19846334
 Indianapolis Home for the Aged, 1942-19706335
 Indianapolis Hospital Development Association  
  Grant Requests, 1938-19736336-40
  Photographs, ca. 1930, 19527539
 Indianapolis Humane Society  
  Grant Requests, 1968-19846341-43
  Photographs, ca. 19847539
 Indianapolis Jaycees, 1974, 19776344-45
 Indianapolis Lawyer’s Commission, 1968-19746346
 Indianapolis Leadership Commission, 19736347
 Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, 1959-19846348-51
 Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, 1950, 1966, 1979-19826352
 Indianapolis – Monument Circle, 1976-19806353
 Indianapolis Motivational Research Company, 19846354
 Indianapolis Multi-Service Centers, 1978-19796355
 Indianapolis Municipal Band, 19846356
 Indianapolis Museum of Art  
 Indianapolis Northside Basketball Team, 1981642
 Indianapolis Opera Company, 1976-1984643-7
 Indianapolis Police Athletic League (PAL) Club  
  Grant Requests, 1959, 1976648-9
  Photographs, 19767539
 Indianapolis Police Department, 1960-1961, 19726410-11
 Indianapolis Project, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 1985-19866412
  Photographs from Board Minutes, June 30, 19877536
 Indianapolis Public Schools  
  Grant Requests, 1936-19846413-35
  Photographs, ca. 1960s7539
 Indianapolis Repertory Theatre, 19676436
 Indianapolis Senior Citizen’s Center, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 1961-19846437-44
  Photographs, 19827539
 Indianapolis Settlements, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 1971-19826445-49
  Photographs, ca. 19787539
 Indianapolis Shakespeare Festival, 1981-19846450-51
 Indianapolis Sickle Cell Center, 19776452
 Indianapolis Sierra Club, 1978-19796453
 Indianapolis Skills Center, 1966-1971, 19756454-55
 Indianapolis Social Workers Club, 1959-19676456
 Indianapolis Speech and Hearing Center  
  1974-1978, 1981, 1984651-3
 Indianapolis Swim Club, 1975654
 Indianapolis Symphonic Band, 1974-1975655-6
 Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, 1951-1984657-11
 Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra  
  1980-1981 (oversized)OV4 
 Indianapolis Teen Challenge, 1977, 19836520-21
 Indianapolis Urban League  
  Grant Requests, 1964-19846522-27
  Photographs, ca. 19847539
 Indianapolis Zoological Society, 1959-19846528-35
 Industry-Schools Committee, 1957-19616536
 Inner City Day Care Center, 19746537
 Inner City Youth Drum and Bugle Corps  
  Grant Requests, 19686538
  Photographs, 19687539
 Institute for Congress, 19776539
 Institute of Cultural Affairs  
  Grant Requests, 1975-19846540-44
  Photographs, 19837539
 Inter Museum Promotional Action Team, 19766545
 International Center of Indianapolis  
  Grant Requests, 1974, 1977-1979, 19816546-48
  Photographs, 19747539
 International Social Service, 1967-19696549
 Irvington Forestry Foundation, 1984661
 Irvington Historic Landmarks, 1967662
 J Miscellaneous, 1961-1974663
 Jacer Inn, Inc., 1977-1978, 1980-1981664-7
 James Whitcomb Riley Hospital, 1983668
 James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association, 1931-1974, 1977-1978669-11
 Jazzline, 19846612
 Jewish Welfare Federation, 1966-1973, 19796613-14
 Job Opportunities Program of American Friends Committee, Inc., 1953-19606615
 Julia Jameson Nutrition Camp  
  Grant Requests, 1927-1968, 1977-19876616-17
  Photographs, ca. 19797539
 Julian Center, 1978-19846618-19
 Julian Mission, 1976-19796620-22
 Julietta Hospital Study, 19266623
 Junior Achievement, 1960-19826624-25
 Junior Baseball, Inc., 1949-19746626
 Junior League of Indianapolis, 1976-19846627-29
 Juvenile Delinquency Study, 1936-19396630
 K Miscellaneous, 1953-19726631
 Kidsville, Inc., 1974-19806632-34
 L Miscellaneous, 1955-19736635
 La Leche League, 19656636
 Ladywood – St. Agnes School, 1971-19726637
 Lakeview Manor Nursing Home, 19696638
 Landscape Architecture Foundation, 19836639
 Language Centre, 1966-19676640
 LaRue D. Carter Memorial Hospital, 19716641
 League of Women Voters, 1980, 1982-19836642-43
 Legal Education Opportunity, 19706644
 Legal Fees, 19706645
 Legal Services Organization of Indianapolis, 19756646
 Life Insurance, 1963-19646647
 Lighted School Program, 1969-19716648
 Lighthouse Mission of Indianapolis, Inc., 1978-1979, 19846649-50
 Lily of the Valley Rescue Mission, 19746651
 Lilly Endowment, 1951-19746652
 Lipper, Elinor  
  Grant Requests, 1951-19526653
  Photographs, 19517539
 Listen Community Crusade Against Drugs, 1983-19846654
 Little League Baseball  
  Grant Requests, 1952-1957, 19836655-56
  Photographs, 19527539
 Little Red Door (Marion County Cancer Society, Inc.), 1978-19796657
 Little Sisters of the Poor – St. Augustine Home, 1981-19846658
 Lockerbie Area Neighborhood Services (LANS), 1969, 19786659-60
 Lockfield Gardens, 1937-19576661
 Long Adult Psychiatric Clinic, 1925, 19596662
 Lucille Raines Residence, 19836663
 Lutheran Child and Family Services, 1982-19846664
 Lutheran Child Welfare Association  
 M Miscellaneous, 1947-1974673
 MacMurray College, 1962674
 Magnolia Baptist Church Extension Center, 1974675-6
 Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood Association, 1974, 1978, 1981-1983677-9
 Marion College  
  Grant Requests, 1958-19836710-20
  Photographs, 1971-1972, 1977, ca. 19817539
  Photographs from Board Minutes, April 22, 19697536
 Marion County Association of Guardians, 19796721
 Marion County Association for Retarded Children  
  Grant Requests, 1970-19796722-23
  Photographs, 19707539
 Marion County Association for Retarded Citizens  
  Grant Requests, 1976-19826724-25
  Noble Tomorrow, 19806726
 Marion County Children’s Guardian Home, 1979, 19846728-29
 Marion County Circuit Court, 19756730
 Marion County Community Corrections Center, 1975-19806731-33
 Marion County Cooperative Extension Service, 1975-19846734-36
 Marion County Department of Public Welfare, 1945-19746737
 Marion County Detention Home, 1934-19386738
 Marion County Farm, 1929-19386739
 Marion County Farm Nurse, 19266740
 Marion County Foster Care Action Committee, 19746741
 Marion County Foster Grandparents (CAAP), 1975-19766742
 Marion County Health and Hospital Corporation, 1979-19846743-44
 Marion County Historical Society, 1983-19846745
 Marion County Home, 1951-19556746
 Marion County Jail, 19536747
 Marion County Juvenile Court  
  Grant Requests, 1974-19756748-49
  Photographs, 19757539
 Marion County Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, 1967-19846750-53
 Marion County Public Welfare, 1977, 19846754-55
 Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District, 19836756
 Martin Center  
  Grant Requests, 1973/746757-58
  Grant Requests, 1973/74-1977, 1980-1981681-4
  Grant Requests, 1973-1974 (oversized)952
  Photographs, 1973-19747539
 Martin Center College, 1981685
 Martin Luther King Multi-Service Center, 1983686-7
 Martindale Area Citizen’s Service Project, Inc., 1969688
 Maternity Family League Foundation, 1974689
 Matt Talbot Home, 1969-1973, 19806810-11
 Matthew F. Smith Community Center, 1966-19696812
 Mayer Ministry, 19686813
 Mayor’s Commission on Youth, 19746814
 McKinney Southside Boys Club, 1975-19776815
 Meals on Wheels, 1972-1973, 1975-1978, 1980-19846816-18
 Menninger Foundation, 1957-19596819
 Mental Health Association7539
  Grant Requests, 1952-1958, 1965-19836820-28
  Photographs, ca. 1970s7539
 Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association, 1969-19746829
 Merles Sidener Memorial, 19596830
 Methodist Hospital  
  Grant Requests, 1930-19816831-38
  Photographs from Board Minutes, December 15, 19617536
 Metropolitan Area Citizen’s Organization, 1981-19826839
 Metropolitan Arts Council  
  1973, 1978-19796840-42
  1978-1979 (oversized)952
 Metropolitan Indianapolis Campus Ministry, 1974, 19796843-44
 Metropolitan Center, Inc., 1981-19826845
 Metropolitan Health Centers, 19686846
 Metropolitan Planning Department, 1958-19606847
 Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, 1978-19796848
 Metropolitan Indianapolis Television Association, 1970-1971, 19786849-50
 Metropolitan Indianapolis Television Channel 20, 1973-1974, 1977-19796851-52
 Mid-North Home Help, Inc., 19846853
 Mid-Summer Mime Theatre, Inc., 19846854
 Midtown Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, 1977, 1983-19846855-56
 Midwest National Bank, 19716857
 Model Cities Girl’s Club, 1973-19746858
 Mother and Unborn Baby Care, 19846859
 Mount Zion Baptist Church  
  Grant Requests, 1970-19746860
  Photographs, ca. 1970s7539
 Mount Zion Center, 1973-19746861
 Museum of Indian Heritage, 19716862-63
 Music Performance Trust Funds, 1977-19786864
 Mutual Service Organization, 1967-19686865
 N Miscellaneous, 1948-19736866
 NAACP – Operation Fair Share , 19836867
 National Benevolent Association, 1983691
 National Center for State Courts, 1980-1981692
 National Center for the Unmet Needs of Children, 1975693
 National Charities Information Bureau, 1981-1983694
 National Chess Champions Fund, 1983695
 National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1958, 1978-1983696-9
 National Conference on Social Work, 1924-19516910
 National Forum in Excellence in Education, 19836911
 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, 1951-19596912
 National Information Bureau, 1935-19736913
 National Junior Tennis League of Indianapolis, Inc., 1978, 1980-19846914-15
 National League of Cities, 19846916
 National Medical Fellowships, Inc., 19766917
 National Urban Fellows, 1980-19826918
 Near East Side Community Organization (NESCO), 1974, 1979-19836919-21
 Near East Side Multi-Service Center, 1972-1973, 1977-19846922-25
 Near Southside Community Development, 1976-19776926
 Neighborhood Housing Opportunities, 1969-19716927
 Neighborhood Information Center, 19706928
 New Dawn, Inc., 19746929
 New Hope Development Corporation, 19846930
 New Hope Foundation of Indiana  
  Grant Requests, 1970-1975, 1979, 1982, 19846931-35
  Photographs, ca. 1970s7540
 New Worlds Communications, Inc., 19766936
 New York Community Trust, 1925-19636937-38
 Noble School , 1953-1959, 1983-19846939-40
 North Central Community Tennis Center, 19786941
 North Central High School, 19756942
 Northwest Educational Center, 1976-19806943-44
 Norways Foundation, 1949-19536945
 Nurse Recruitment, 1957-19616946
 O Miscellaneous, 1958-19736947
 Oaklandon Civic Association, 19746948
 Occupational Therapy Department at City Hospital, 1926-19346949
 Offender Aid and Restoration in Marion County, 1982-19846950
 Olympic Torch Relay Project, 1983-19846951
 Open Door Child Development Center, 1973-1974, 1978-19816952-53
 Open Door Missionary Baptist Church, 19806954
 Operation Late Start, 1975-19846955-56
 Opportunities Industrial Center, 19846957
 Orchard School Completion Program, 19576958
 Ortho-Economy, 19586959
 Orton Society – Indiana Branch, 1982-19846960
 Our House, Inc., 1980-19816961
 Outreach, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 19686962
  Photographs, 19687540
 P Miscellaneous, 1954-1974701
 Parent Information Center, 1976702-3
 Parent Information Resource Council, 1979-1980704
 Parentele, 1983705
 Parents with Children in Trouble, 1977706
 Park Department, 1938-1940707
 Park School, 1966708
 Partners with the Poor, 1982709
 Peace Games ’75, 1975-19777010
 Pen Prints, Inc., 19757011
 People Helping People, Inc., 1976-19777012
 People’s Health Center, 19847013
 Perry Senior Citizen’s Service, 19817014
 Personality Integration Center, 19787015
 Philharmonic Orchestra, 1961-1973, 1975-19847016-17
 Phoenix Theatre, Inc., 19847018
 Planned Parenthood Association, 1928-19847019-23
 Pleasant Run Children’s Home  
  Grant Requests, 1970-1974, 1978-19847024-26
  Photographs, ca. 1970s7540
 Poetry on Buses, 19847027
 Pompeiiana, Inc., 1974-19767028-29
 Poor Peoples Action Council, 19787030
 Press Club, 19667031
 Progress House, 1979, 1981-19847032-33
 Project “Do Something,” n.d.7034
 Project Opera, n.d.7035
 Project Renewal, Inc., 19757036
 Project See, 19687037
 Public Action in Correctional Effort, Inc. (PACE)7038-40
  1961-1974, 1976, 1978, 1980-19837041-44
  1963-1964 (oversized)953
 Public Health Center, 19507045
 Public Health Nursing Association, 1924-1925, 19397046
 Puppet Vision, 19717047
 Q-R Miscellaneous, 1958-19747048
 Quest National Center, 1983-19847049
 Race Cooperation, 1945-19467050
 Radium (7th District Federation Clubs), 1931-19367051
 Reading Room Proposal, ca. 19637052
 Recreation Study, 1929-1930, 19717053
 Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981-19837054
 Riley Area Revitalization Program, 1978-1983711-2
 Riley Community Civic League  
  Grant Requests, 1965713
  Photographs, 19657540
 Riley-Lockerbie Ministerial Association, 1978714
 Rita Teen Club, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 1977-1984715-6
  Photographs, 19797540
 Riverside Civic League, 1967717
 Riverside Community Residential Treatment Center, 1979718
 Roberts Appliance Fund, 1927-1954719
 Roberts, Jason E., 19377110
 S Miscellaneous, 1952-19747111-12
 St. Andrew Apostle, 1975, 1979-19807113-15
 St. Augustine Home, 1964-19677116
 St. Bridget’s Church Summer Program, 19707117
 St. Dismas Society  
  Grant Requests, 1967-19727118
  Photographs, ca. 1970s7540
 St. Elizabeth’s Home  
  Grant Requests, 1977-19807119-20
  Grant Requests, 1979 (oversized)954
 St. Francis Hospital  
  Grant Requests, 1973, 1980-19847121-22
  Photographs, 19737540
 St. Joan of Arc Learning Center, 19727123
 St. Margaret’s Guild, 1926-19707124-25
 St. Mary’s Child Center  
  Grant Requests, 1968-1972, 1976-19837126-28
  Photographs, n.d.7540
 St. Mary’s College, 1961-19627129
 St. Nicholas Youth Organization, 1982-19847130
 St. Patrick’s Center  
  Grant Requests, 1977-19787131
  Photographs, 19787540
 St. Paul Baptist Church Home for the Aged, 1964, 19847132-33
 St. Paul Hermitage  
  Grant Requests, 1976-1978, 1980-19847134-35
  Photographs, 1980-19847540
 St. Rita’s Catholic Church Summer Program, 19757136
 St Thomas Aquinas School, 1974-19757137-38
 St. Vincent de Paul Society  
  Grant Requests, 1980-19847139
  Photographs, ca. 1980s7540
 St. Vincent Drug Abuse Program, 1973-19757140-41
 St. Vincent’s Hospital  
  1973-1978 (oversized)954
 St. Vincent’s Hospital Guild, 1953-19547147
 Salvation Army  
  Grant Requests, 1949-19847148-50
  Photographs, 19807540
 Salvation Army Tree of Lights, 19807151
 SAVE Foundation, 19727152
 Scarborough Peace Games, 1974-1979, 1981721-3
 Scholarship Fund, 1925-1974724-5
 Scholarship Inquiries, 1951-1978726-7
 Scholarship Recipients, 1931-1963728
 Scholarships for Teachers, 1954-1955729
 School for Crippled Children  
  Grant Requests, 1925-19517210-12
  Photographs, ca. 19287540
 School of Practical Nursing  
  Grant Requests, 1961-19787213-14
  Photographs, ca. 1970s7540
 Senility Research Program, 19597215
 Senior Citizen’s Foundation, Inc., 19687216
 Senior Citizen’s Residency of the Methodist Church  
  1963-1967 (oversized)954
 Senior Enterprises, Inc., 1972, 1974-19797218-20
 Sight Conservation Class, 1929-19397221
 Smoke Abatement League, 1932-19347222
 Social Health Association of Central Indiana, 1977-19847223-24
 Social Service Exchange, 1924-19487225
 Society of Retired Executives, 1978-19847226-28
 Soul People Repertory Company, 19827229
 Sound of Indy Drum and Bugle Corps., 1979-19807230-31
 Southeast Health Center  
  Grant Requests, 1972-1973, 1975, 1982-19847232-34
  Photographs, ca. 19727541
 Southeast Multi-Service Center, 1977-1979, 1981-19847235-36
 Southeast Youth Center, 19737237
 Southside Community Health Center, 1968-19697238
 Southside Community Organization, 19707239
 Southside Fellowship Center, 19677240
 Southside Social Center, 1952-19637241
 Southside Work Center, 19847242
 Southside Youth Council, 1974-19807243-44
 Southwest Multi-Service Center, 1979-19847245
 Spay-Neuter Services, Inc., 1978-1983731-2
 Sports Medicine Clinic, 1981733
 Starlight Musicals, 1945-1974, 1978, 1980-1984734-6
 State Conference on Social Work, 1926-1949737
 Stopover, Inc., 1977-1983738-9
 Suemma Coleman Home  
  Grant Requests, 1935-19757310
  Photographs, ca. 1960s7541
 Summer Concert Series, 1966-19707311
 Summer Mission for Sick Children,7312-13
 Sunnyside Guild, 1947-19487314
 Sunnyside Sanatorium, 1925-19537315
 Sunshine Mission, 1931-19367316
 The Sycamores  
  Grant Requests, 1967-1974, 19787317-18
  Photographs, ca. 1970-19717541
 T Miscellaneous, 1953-19747319
 Tabernacles Presbyterian Church Recreation Program, 19737320
 Totairn, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 1957-19607321-22
  Photographs from Board Minutes, March 5, 19587536
 Training, Inc.  
  Grant Requests, 19827323
  Photographs, ca. 19827541
 Tri-County Mental Health Foundation, 1982-19847324-25
 U Miscellaneous, 1959-19747326
 United Cerebral Palsy of Central Indiana, 1973-1974, 1979-19837327-28
 United Hospital Services, 19647329
 United Negro College Fund, 1950-19717330
 United Presbyterian Metropolitan Center, 1973-19747331
 United Service Organization (U.S.O.), 1941-19587332
 United Service Organization (U.S.O.) Council of Indianapolis, 1983-19847333
 United Southside Community Organization, 1973-1974, 19807334-35
 United States Association for Blind Athletes, 1981-19827336
 United Student Aid Funds, Inc., 1960-19837337-39
 United Way of Greater Indianapolis  
  Annual Campaign Fund, 1981-19847340
  Building Fund, 1979-19817341
  Community Service Council  
   Census Tracts, 1928-1930, 19647342
   Census Tracts (oversized), 1964OV4 
   Correspondence, 1966-19737343
   Information and Referral, 19727344
   Library, 1967-19687345
   Research Department, 1967-1970741
   United Christmas Service, 1967-1973742
   Voluntary Action Center, 1968-1973743
  Grant Requests, 1974, 1980-1984744-5
  Photographs, ca. 19837541
  Winter Assistance Fund, 1983-1984746
 Unity Community Development Center, 1980747
 University Heights Hospital, 1981748
 Urban Conference, 1984749
 Urban Ministry Study, 19837410
 Urban Public Information Center, 1982-19847411-12
 Urban Reinvestment, 19817413
 Venereal Disease, 1927-19287414
 Ventura, 19737415
 Very Special Arts Indiana, 19847416
 Veterans Administration (V.A.) Hospital, 19737417
 Visiting Nurse Association, 1929-1974, 1980-19847418-20
 Voluntary Advisor Corps, 1968-19717421
 Volunteers of America, 1942-19757422
 Volunteer Bureau, 1968-19707423
 W Miscellaneous, 1952-1974, 1980-19847424-25
 Wayne Township Fire Department, 1971-19747426
 Weekday Religious Education, 1958-19747427
 West Indianapolis Neighborhood Congress, 19717428
 Westview Osteopathic Hospital, 1965-1973, 1975-19827429-30
 Wheeler City Rescue Mission, 1952-19697432
 White River Park, 1982-19837433
 WIAN Public Radio, 1981, 19837434-35
 Wilma Rudolph Foundation, 19837436
 Winona Foundation of Indianapolis, 1965-19717437
 Winona Memorial Hospital, 19817438
 Wibbels Neighborhood Center, 19687439
 Witness for Christ Center, Inc., 1969-19717440
 Wolf Foundation for Medical Research, 19547441
 Women’s Business Institute, Inc., 1984-19867442
 Woodruff Place Coop Nursery, 1973-19747443
 WPA Historic Records Survey, 19387444
 Wright Institute of Otology, 1981-19837445
 X-Z Miscellaneous, 1949-19727446
 Young Audiences, Inc., 1963-1974, 1980-19847447-49
 Young Life Urban Program, 1979-1984751-2
 Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), 1937-1974, 1980, 1982-1984753-10
 Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)  
  Grant Requests, 1926-1947, 1966-1975, 1980-19847511-19
  Grant Requests, 1971-1975 (oversized)954
  Photographs, n.d.7541
 Youth for Christ  
  Grant Requests, 1963-19747520
  Photographs, 19707541
 Youth Illustrates, 19767521
 Youth Service Bureau, 1975-19807522-24
 Youth for Understanding, 1972-1973, 19777525
 Zion Broadway Civic and State Project, 1966-19757526
Publication Files, 1950-2000  
 Annual Report, 19977527
 Brochures, 1980s-1990s7528
 History, ca. 19507529
  Central Indiana Community Foundation Review, 1997-20007530
  Charitable Gift Planning Update, Summer 19987531
  Indianapolis Foundation Update  
   1988, 1993-2000 (incomplete)7532
   1989, 1991-1993 (incomplete) (oversized)955
  Legacy Fund Update, 1998-20007533
Scrapbooks, 1917-1945  
 Book 1 – Great Tornadoes, 1917; Lorain, Ohio, Tornado, 1924; Mine Disaster, Sullivan, Indiana, 192476 
 Book 2 – National and Local Social Welfare Relief Information, November 1923-June 192477 
 Book 3 – National and Local Social Welfare Articles, July 1924-December 192478 
 Book 4 – National and Local Welfare Articles, January 1924-May 192679 
 Book 5 – Survey of Health and Hospitals, 192580 
 Book 6 – National and Local Articles re: Social Welfare, December 1924-October 192581 
 Book 7 – General Articles on Inheritance and Specific Articles on Estates, July 1926-March 194582 
 Book 8 – Indianapolis Foundation Publicity, March 1927-February 194883 
 Book 9 – Social Welfare Organizations Articles, January 1929-December 192984 
 Book 10 – Local and National Information on Social Welfare and Civic Articles, January 1930-December 193085 
 Book 11 – National Information, May 1930-May 193186 
 Book 12 – Local and National Welfare Information and Local Civic Information Articles, January 1931-August 193187 
 Book 13 – National and Local Welfare and War Relief Articles on Lillys, January 1932-August 193288 
 Book 14 – General Information Articles on Social Welfare, September 1932-May 193389 
 Book 14a – National and Local Social Welfare, September 1933-September 193490 
 Book 15 – General Articles on Social Welfare, January 1934-November 193591 
 Book 16 – National Social Welfare Articles, October 1935-November 193792 
 Book 17 – General Information on Social Welfare Organizations, January 1938-November 193993 
 Book 18 – Local and Social Welfare and civic Articles, January 1940-December 194494 
Photographs, 1917-1996  
 Director and Trustee Photographs, 1916-19927534
 Public Relations Photographs  
  Annual Report Photographs, ca. 1992-19967535-36
  Promotional Photographs, 1950, 1992-19967537
 Grant Photographs, ca. 1920s-1980s7538-41
 Grant Photographs from Minutes, 1958-1959, 1961, 1966, 1969, 1971, 1984, 1987-19887542
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