Junior Achievement Records, 1916-2002

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Junior Achievement, Inc. (JA) was founded in 1919 as the Boys' and Girls' Bureau of the Eastern States League. Embracing the concept of "learning by doing," the leaders of the Bureau dedicated themselves to teaching urban youth proper business practice and methods. They accomplished this through hands-on training in management and production. For much of its history, JA used one program to teach business to high school students. Beginning in the 1970s, JA started to expand its programs to include Kindergarten, Middle School, and college students. Over the last 20 years, the programs of JA have changed immensely. While the face of JA has changed, the mission of teaching youth about business remains at the core of Junior Achievement. Today, JA continues to be one of the most influential business education organizations worldwide.


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Junior Achievement (originally called the Boys' and Girls' Bureau of the Eastern States League) began in 1919 as a program to educate youth about business. Education in the United States during this period experienced significant changes. One of those changes lay in the idea of vocational education, a hands-on approach to teaching in the public schools. In the wake of the vocational education movement, several new organizations for children and youth emerged. The activities of these organizations coupled with the lessons taught in school allowed members to practice what they were taught and understand critical skills for life after high school.

The concept for an organization to teach youth about business originated at the Eastern States Agricultural and Industrial Exposition in 1916. The Boys' and Girls' Club Committee of the Eastern States League agreed to conduct research on the feasibility of creating such an organization. Committee chairman and president of AT&T, Theodore Vail, along with Horace Moses, president of Strathmore Paper Company, worked with the committee to solidify the concept and raise support by convincing others of the program's value.

The future of our country depends upon making every individual young and old, fully realize the obligations and responsibilities belong to citizenship…The future of each individual rests in the individual, providing each is given a fair and proper education and training in the useful things of life…Habits of life are formed in youth…What we need in this country now…is to teach the growing generations to realize that thrift and economy, coupled with industry, are necessary now as they were in past generations. -Theodore Vail, ca. 1918


In 1919 the Boys' and Girls' Bureau (changed to the Junior Achievement Bureau in 1920 and to Junior Achievement, Inc. in 1926) opened its national headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts, and hired its first director, H.O. Benson, to oversee the daily operations of the organization. Benson, whose experience as the Director of Agriculture Extension and leadership in the development of 4-H Clubs, made him an excellent choice.

The JA program developed as after-school clubs for 8-12 year olds that operated like miniature businesses. Each club, in order to be recognized by the national headquarters, had to meet certain requirements. These requirements included regular meetings, an adult advisor, a minimum membership of five, a program plan, and student officers to oversee production. Since the clubs operated like a business, members set wages and made money through the sale of their products. The clubs were also encouraged to raise capital through the sale of shares. Initially, the clubs worked through agencies such as churches, scouting organizations, settlement houses, and YMCAs. These organizations provided meeting space and an adult advisor. Funding came through the clubs themselves and the national organization.

In the late 1920s, JA made two changes that would have a major impact on the future of the organization: the addition of 16-21 year olds as members and the switch from smaller areas to metropolitan centers. Rather than eliminate the program for younger children, JA piloted its new program in New York City. Called Metro JA, the New York program received a charter in New York State, but operated as a franchised area of the JA Headquarters in Springfield. In 1937 Charles Hook, president of the American Rolling Mill Company and president of the National Association of Manufacturers, spoke at a Metro JA awards conference bringing the New York program to national attention with his endorsement. This marked the beginning the spread of JA beyond the East Coast. Metro JA received nation-wide inquiries about how to start similar programs in other locations. As the New York staff became more proactive, a shift in power occurred.

In 1942 Horace Moses resigned as president of JA and was succeeded by Charles Hook. After a ten-year period of inactivity during the 1930s, JA began to experience tremendous growth. The JA Clubs, increasingly known as companies, spread throughout the country under the guidance of Metro JA. In order to accommodate the new focus of JA, the Metro JA board merged with the JA Headquarters board and the new board took over national expansion efforts and the servicing of the JA areas. JA, Inc. remained a Massachusetts corporation, but the national headquarters moved to New York City when the Metro JA staff formally became the national staff. As expansion of the program into other parts of the country became the goal of JA, the headquarters' staff increased to meet the demands of the growing organization. In order to meet the needs of student membership and encourage cooperation, the National Junior Achievement Company Conference (NAJAC) began in the same year. The week-long conference measured JA's effectiveness through student competition and discussion while featuring well-known business personalities. NAJAC allowed students the chance to interact with each other and professionals and introduce the businessmen to the benefits of JA.

The 1940s also saw one other important development: the entrance of JA into the schools. Although this first appearance was to only introduce students to JA through assemblies, it proved a valuable relationship with future ramifications. In the following decades JA further evolved into an educational program with texts and manuals geared to teach youth about business in a capitalist economy. The JA Company, still its only program, continued to grow. The expansion of JA necessitated a change in the relationship between JA, Inc. and the JA areas. By the end of the 1950s, JA began to see international franchises appear.

After fifty years of operation, JA's ability to adapt to the changing needs of its student population had not ceased. The 1970s marked a time of dramatic change for JA. In 1975 JA moved into its new National Headquarters in Stanford, CT, and became a Connecticut corporation. The JA Company experienced great success, but only reached a portion of high school students as an after-school activity. The new president, Richard Maxwell, chose to focus new research on other age groups. In 1976 JA entered the Junior High classroom through Project Business. For the first time, JA reached students through the use of businesspersons acting as consultants teaching business skills in the classroom. Other in-school programs followed close behind. JA introduced Business Basics for the fifth and sixth grades and Applied Economics (now JA Economics) for high school. In 1987 the National Headquarters relocated to Colorado Springs, CO. As the new JA Center opened, new directions in education evolved. By the end of the 1990s, JA successfully piloted new elementary programs and offered business education programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. JA continues to teach business in new, sophisticated ways. Through the use of new technology, the Internet, and the continued growth of the classroom programs, JA reaches over four million students annually.

Organizational Structure

The governance of Junior Achievement, Inc. rests with three bodies: the Members of the Corporation, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee. The duties of each of these groups continue to evolve and adapt to changes in the organization and in classroom education. Other units of involved with operation of Junior Achievement are the franchised areas and the parent organization, Junior Achievement International.

Junior Achievement originally operated as a bureau of the Eastern States Agricultural and Industrial League. The officers and board of the League assumed the responsibility for the operation of the Junior Achievement Bureau and its program. In 1926 the Junior Achievement Bureau separated from the Eastern States League forming its own corporation and becoming Junior Achievement, Inc. It operated under the management of its own officers and board of directors. As JA expanded its work, it added permanent staff to coordinate the work of JA. From its beginnings, the organizational structure of Junior Achievement was set up much like that of a business.

The Members of the Corporation are similar to the shareholders in a for profit corporation. As recipients of the services offered by JA, the franchised areas are the customers to which the organization is responsible. Each area elects representatives based on the number of student achievers in that area. Representatives from the different areas gather annually for the corporation meeting dealing with policy and the approval of franchise agreements.

Prior to 1970 the Board of Directors consisted of the same people who acted as the Members of the Corporation. Between 1926 and 1942 the board took responsibility for the direct management and policy decisions of JA. The majority of the time, the board members attended the meeting by proxy. As meetings became more difficult to attend by a large, national board, the organization became inactive on the national level during much of the 1930s. In 1942 the Board of Directors officially delegated its power to a smaller Executive Committee. The board chose to meet annually to ratify the committee's decisions while the Executive Committee met monthly to oversee policy decisions and direct the management of the organization. The chief staff officer, hired by the committee, had the responsibility of implementing its policy decisions. This structure remained in place until 1970.

In 1971 reorganization occurred. Membership of the Corporation and its Board of Directors totaled 450 members each. The governing bodies of the organization decided this structure was not the most effective way to lead the organization. The new structure dramatically reduced the number of members serving on the Board of Directors while the membership of the corporation remained the same. With a membership reduced to 60 and the number of meetings per year increased to four, the Board of Directors replaced the Executive Committee as the chief policy-making body.

The president and chief executive officer of JA, Inc. is directly responsible to the Board of Directors. This position is the direct line of communication between the governing body of the organization and the National Headquarters staff, who are responsible for carrying out the Board's policies. The staff has grown from a small group that included a secretary, treasurer, and field personnel into a large, team-based organization. The National Headquarters located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, houses the president of JA and staff. They work to carry out the mission and goals set forth by the board. The headquarters staff is responsible for providing service to the areas, fund raising, curriculum development, and keeping the public informed of new programs and directions of JA.

The relationship between the operating areas and JA Headquarters continues to evolve over time. In the 1940s when JA first began to make expansion its primary goal, the national headquarters controlled all of the operations nationwide. It opened bank accounts in each new area in the name of Junior Achievement and paid all of the expenses of the area from that account. During this period, the funds raised in an area did not necessarily go to that area. The national organization bore the responsibility of all the fundraising and JA leaders believed the donor's money should be spent in the place where it could influence the most students. By 1946 the areas began expressing dissatisfaction with the arrangement. In order to allow the areas more autonomy, the responsibility for raising the funds for an area's operations shifted to the individual areas. The national headquarters received 20% of all funds raised by the areas to maintain its operations and to give the areas a sense of responsibility to the goals and policies of JA. This number was later reduced to 10% and the country divided into five regions of responsibility. Regional boards acted as advisors to the areas without power over the areas and nominated members for the Executive Committee. Junior Achievement, Inc. is a parent corporation with franchises nation wide. A signed operating agreement between JA, Inc. and an area detail the responsibilities of each.

One other branch of Junior Achievement is Junior Achievement International, Inc. JA's international efforts began as early as 1955 with Junior Achievement of Canada. As more countries requested JA programs, JA responded by assisting with the creation of similar programs throughout the world. In 1994 the organization saw that a body was needed to govern the activities of the new international organizations and formed JA International. According to the original operating agreement between the two organizations, JA International operated much like other franchised areas in the sense that it paid JA, Inc. a franchise fee for the use of names, programs, and materials. It is also an autonomous organization with its own board of directors and executive committee. On July 1, 2004, Junior Achievement, Inc. and Junior Achievement International combined to form JA Worldwide. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, JA Worldwide operates 145 Area Offices in the United States and serves approximately 100 member nations.


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Junior Achievement, Inc. Homepage: http://www.ja.org.


The Junior Achievement Records document the history of the organization beginning in the 1920s. Although the early history is vague, minutes and bulletins published by the Junior Achievement Bureau of the Eastern States League help fill some of the gaps. By the 1950s JA begins to increase its staff and information about its programs and activities increases. Staff correspondence and training materials appear in the 1960s. By the 1980s more information about area relations is documented. An appendix is also included with this document listing the Junior Achievement Areas and their locations.

Board of Directors Records, 1921-2000, is the best place to find a broad overview of the history of the organization. The minutes coupled with the Springfield Foundation materials tell most of the story of JA. Although the minutes are incomplete, missing the first two years of JA's existence and four years in the 1990s, they best tell the story of JA documenting major changes in the organization and its programs. The annual corporation minutes are filed separately and are interspersed throughout the board of directors' minute books. The corporation minutes help with the understanding of the area relations as well as major trends in the organization.

Senior Management/Executive Office Records, 1950-2001, contain information about the leadership and general operations of the JA Headquarters. This series includes information on JA Staff training and conferences, senior management team minutes, and research and planning on broad-based JA activities such as ImpACT and Vision '99. The records include files belonging to the President, Chief Operating Officer, and Team Leaders. Other important information includes biographical information national leadership including staff and board members. The majority of the information documents the organization after 1960.

Team Records, 1920-2002, contain the records generated by the teams at the JA National Headquarters. Each team is responsible for a specific aspect of JA's program. The Junior Achievement Headquarters staff is divided into eight teams: Area Relations, Communications and Marketing, Education, Finance, Human Resources, Information Services, Public Affairs, and Resource Generations.

Area Relations Team files document the relationship between Junior Achievement, Inc. and its franchised areas. The majority of the information from the Area Relations Team is from specific areas. Arranged chronologically in alphabetical order by city, the area correspondence files often contain correspondence, area board minutes, and information on how different JA programs operate in a particular location. Area Financial Reports, filed annually are found in the Finance Team Records. For a listing of Junior Achievement Areas and locations, please consult the appendix. This series also contains information on conferences and meetings for the area staff and subject correspondence related to the activities of the area relations staff.

The Communications and Marketing Team files include information about how JA markets itself to the public. Records of three of JA's major public events, National Business Hall of Fame, National Business Leadership Conference, and JA Golf Tournament, are part of this series. Area Marketing Plans from each area to the national office describe an area's plan for marketing and fund raising. Subject correspondence from staff on various events and speeches are also part of this series.

The Education Team files contain the materials JA takes into the schools. This is the largest portion of JA's records and documents all of JA's programs and their evolution. The series has four main components: general education correspondence about the team and planning; JA programs, what JA takes into the classroom and how it developed; school credit and JA's entrance into the classroom; school to work, a program for taking skills from the classroom to the workplace; and surveys on JA's educational programs. The majority of the records are found in the JA Program Files. Divided by education level, they contain information on college, elementary, middle school, and high school programs developed by JA. Included in these records are texts, manuals, consultant kits, the National JA Company Conference (NAJAC), reports, surveys, newsletters, and software information.

The Finance Team is responsible for maintaining the financial record of the organization. These files include audits for JA, Inc. and area financial information. Materials included from the areas are audits, tax returns, and reports on finances submitted to JA, Inc. for determining the area franchise fees.

Human Resources Team information includes information about work life at JA. Employee training materials and seminar packets are the main bulk of this team's information.

Information Services Team materials include statistical information on programs and areas operating JA programs.

Public Affairs Team records include press and media releases about JA programs. Also included are scrapbooks of newspaper articles about JA programs and activities.

Resource Generations Team is the fund raising branch of JA. This team is responsible for securing the funding for the programs that JA operates. These files include correspondence, fundraising information, proposals, campaign materials, and Alumni Association information. Information for smaller, more localized events like bowl-a-thons is included in these records.

Publications, 1929-1999, include a variety of information published by and about Junior Achievement. These publications include JA's newsletters, magazines, and annual reports. It also includes biographies of the founders of JA. Other publications include manuals and handbooks for JA staff in the areas of fund raising, area relations, marketing, and procedures.

Scrapbooks, 1958-1990, include four scrapbooks that document different areas of JA. Two of the scrapbooks are from Junior Achievement Areas in Indiana and Iowa. These include newspaper clippings and some programs from these areas. The Something Else…Something Better: A JA Company scrapbook was created by a JA company documenting their activities and the progress of the company. The last scrapbook on the middle school program, The Economics of Staying in School, was created as part of an award nomination. The scrapbook highlights how the program works and the different teaching methods it incorporates.

Photographs, 1920s-1990s, include posed and candid photographs of JA activities. A majority of the photographs come from the conferences sponsored by JA including the NAJAC Conference and the National Training Seminar in the 1980s. Other photographs include a selection of education and historical images.

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Russia JA  
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 Area Marketing (see Appendix for Area List)  
  A-S, 1990-1999363-72
  S-W, 1990-1996371-12
 Assignments, 19923713
 Corporate Identity Standards, 20013714
 Education Reform, ca. 1990s3715
 Flaherty, Tina, 1993-19943716
 Flemke (Karl) Article, 19943717
 Four-Day Work Week Focus Group, 19963718
 Future Unlimited Banquet, 1951, 1954, 19583719
 Golf Tournament  
  General Information, 1988-20003720-21
  Slides, 19939523
  Tournament Comparisons, 19873722
 Guarantee Program, n.d.3723
 Horace Moses Stamp, 19813724
 Inter-Office Memos, 1996-19973725
 JA History Publication, 19883726
 K-6 Program, 1991-19923727
 Millionaire Celebration, 19883728
 National Awards Program Steering Committee, 1995-19973729
 National Business Hall of Fame  
  General Information, 1976-1981, 1983-1998, 2000-20023730-39
  Legacy of Leadership, 20003740
  Photographs, 1983-1984, 1990, 1998, 2001943-4
 National Business Leadership Conference  
  General, 1975-1993381-9
  Photographs and Slides  
   1979-1982, 1987-1988945-13
   1982, 1987-19889530
  Weekly Report, 19883810
  Weekly Update, 1984-19873811
 Partnerships in Education, 19913812
 PERC Chart, 19873813
  1991-1997 (oversized)1041
  1994-2001 (oversized)OV2 
 Press Releases, 1984-19853814
 Program Growth, 1990-19913815
 Promotional Mailings, 1996-19973816
 Retiree Lunch, 19933817
  Flemke, Karl, 1992-19943818
  Flemke (Karl) Research, 1992-19943819
  General, 1990-19943820
  Hayes, Jim, 1991-19923821
 Team Retreat, 19933822
 Vision for the 1990s, ca. 1980s3823
Education Team Records  
  Education Area Files  
   General (see Appendix for Area List)  
   Photographs, 1982-20009326
  Vice President Correspondence  
   1990-1991, 1994-19964516-28
   1996, 1999461-6
  Character Education, 1996467
  Child Abuse Policy, n.d.468
  Curriculum Strategy, 1985-1988469
  Economic Education Research, 1980-19924610
  Education Restructuring Plan, n.d.4611
  Ethics, 1985-19904612
  Evaluation of Elementary and Middle School Programs, 19974613
  Facts and Figures, 1971-19804614
  Film Entries  
   Council on International Non-theatrical Events, 1989-19904615
   National Educational Film and Video Festival, 1989-19904616
   U.S. Film and Video Festival, 19894617
  Internal Revenue Service, 19884618
  JA Guarantee, ca. 19874619
  JA Programs and the Scans Report, n.d.4620
  Local Agencies, 1958-19774621
  Membership and Attendance Summary, 1972-19794622
  Millionaire Campaign, 1987-19884623
   Curriculum, Research, and Development Newsletter, 1989-19954624
   Curriculum Update, 1987-19984625
   Education Report, 1986-19964626
   Program Activity Update, 1976-1978, 19864627
   Software Update, 1986-1988, 1995, 19984628
  Project Math, 19934629
  Project Success, 19904630
  Proposals, 1989-19924631
  Recruiting, 19734632
  Scope and Sequence, ca. 19904633
  State Liaison, 1980, 19924634
  Statistics, 1958-1968, 1971-1976, 19784635
  Strategic Planning, 19854636
  Summit ’92 K-12 Education, 19924637
  Task Force, 1987-19894638
  Transparencies, 1979-19904639
  Video Guides, 1997-20004640
  Wall Street Journal  
   Amelior Foundation, 1991-19964641
   Class Books  
    1991, 1994-19954642
   Participation, 1992-1997472-3
    1994-1995 (oversized)OV2 
   Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition, 1991, 1994-1995 (oversized)1047-8
  Whole School Strategy, 1993-1996475
  Wirthlin Study, 1990476
  Women’s Issues, 1987-1993477
  Workforce Readings, 1987-1996478
  Year of the Consultant, 1988-1989479
  Year of the Educator, 1988-19894710
  Years of Leadership, 19914711
  Achiever Photographs, 1970s-1980s938-14
  Program CD, 20019910
   Applied Management, 1987-19914712
   ABCs of Business and Living, 19894713
   Area Self-Assessment, 19914714
   Awards, 1991-19934715
   Board Correspondence, 1991-19924716
   Budget, 1996-19974717
    Blue Ribbon Committee, 1990-19914718
    Elementary Advisory Committee, 19914719
    Elementary School Market, 1990-19924720
    Antell, Gus, 1989-19904721
    Banaszak, Ronald, n.d.4722
    Bergquist, Wilbur, 19934723
    Boyd, Carl, 19924724
    Chait, Michael, 19924725
    Davenport, Joni, 19924726
    Davis, Sharryl, 19914727
    Eckles, Robert and Dolores, n.d.4728
    Gair, Connie, 19924729
    Goldstein, Phyllis, 19914730
    Guidelines, 19924731
    Kern, Steven, 19914732
    McGuire, Linda, 19904733
    Muhammad, Kimberly, 19904734
    Patterson, Susan, 1990-19914735
    Pullman, Burke, 19914736
    Schwammberger, Betsy, 19904737
    Simmons, Barry and Diane, 19924738
    Sixth Grade Activity Drafts, 19924739
    Stone, Jeff and Yvette Duncan, 19944740
    Swan, Sandra, 19904741
    Training Video, n.d. V0005
    Van Scotter, Pam, 19894742
    Yeager, David, 19914743
   Curriculum Audit, 1993-19944744
   Development, 1991-20004745
   Development and Implementation Plan, 1992-19974746
   Elementary School Programs, 19944747
   Endorsements, 1992-19934748
    Correspondence, 1992-19944749
    Formative Evaluations, 19934750
    Memphis, 1992-19934751
   Field Memos, 1990-19934752
   Focus Groups, n.d.4753
   Funding, 1986-19944754
   General Information, 1989, 1992-19944755
    Design, ca. 1992482
    Program Numbers, 1992-1993483
   Implementation Plan, ca. 1992484
   Information Packet, 1990-1993485
   Instructional Model, n.d.486
   K-6 Initiative Business Plan, 1993-1994487
   Kellogg Foundation, 1987-1992488
   Lemonade Stand, 1991-1995489
   Memphis State Proposal, 19944810
   Mutchler (Jerry) Correspondence, 1990-19924811
   Name/Trademark Search, 1991-19924812
   National Student Savings Week, n.d.4813
   Overview/Objectives, 19944814
   Parent Component, 1995-19984815-16
   Pilot Cities , 1989-19904817
   Photographs, 1970s-1980s9328
   Position Paper, n.d.4818
    Fort Worth, n.d.4819
    In-School Programs Management, 19914820
    Information Packets, ca. 19904821
    Regional Training Seminar, 19914822
   Program Costs, 1992-19954823
    Business Basics  
     A Comprehensive Evaluation Overview, 19874824
     Girl Scouts, 19904825
     Instructor Plans, 19874826
     Marketing Education Partnership, n.d.4827
     Photographs and Slides  
      ca. 19809321
      1984, 19929518
     Program Kits  
      Audio Cassettes, 1980-198110019
      Printed Materials  
       1980-1981, 1984, 1986-1987, 1989, 1991-19934828-32
       1980/81, 1984, 1987, 1989, 1991/93 (oversized)OV2 
     Staff Manual, 1980-19814833-34
     Task Force, 1983-19884835
     Training, 19884836
    Exchange City  
     Correspondence, 1996-19994837-38
     Exchange City Replication National Advisory Committee, 19974839
     Learning Comes to Life at Exchange City, ca. 19974840
     Proposal, ca. 19994841
    Our City  
     Comments, 1997-19984842
     Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1993-1995106 
     Extended Activities, 19944843
     Instructional Material  
      1991-2001 (oversized)109 
      1991-2001 (oversized)OV2 
    Our Community  
     Comments, 1997-19984850
     Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1991107 
     Extended Activities, 19944851
     Instructional Material  
      1993-2001 (oversized)OV2 
     Money and Banking Audio Cassette, 1991-200110110-11
    Our Families  
     Audio Cassettes  
      Extended Activities, 19941018
      Talking Tools, 1996-200110118
     Comments, 1997-1998492
     Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1993-1995106 
     Extended Activities, 1994493
     Instructional Material  
      1991-2003 (oversized)109 
      1991-2003 (oversized)OV2 
    Our Nation  
     Comments, 1997-1998, 20004911
     Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1993-1995106 
     Extended Activities, 19944912
     Instructional Material  
      1992-2001 (oversized)OV2 
    Our Region  
     Comments, 1997-19984918
     Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1993-1995107 
     Extended Activities, 19944919
     Instructional Material  
      1991-2001 (oversized)OV2 
     Video, 1997 V0016
    Our World  
     Audio Cassette: It Takes a World to Provide, 1993-199610112-14
     Comments, 1997-19984925
     Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1993-1995105 
     Extended Activities, 19944926
     Instructional Material  
      1993-2001 (oversized)OV2 
     Comments, 19984932
     Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1993-1995 (oversized)105 
     Extended Activities, 19944933
     Instructional Material  
      1992-2001 (oversized)OV2 
     Video, 1997 V0017
   Quik Kit for K-6 Funding, ca. 1980s4940
   Rico and the Roller Skates, 19924941
   Sixth Grade Music, 19934942
   Software, 1991-19934943
   Task Force Meeting, 19914944
   Technology Audit, 19954945
   Tiger Team  
    Materials, 1990-19914946
    Meetings, 19904947
   Training Package, 1992501
   Video, 1991502
   Whole School Marketing Strategy, 1993503
  High School  
   Achiever Photographs  
    Advisory Panel, 1994504
    Economic Education Marketplace Database, 1997505-6
    Internships, 1997507
    Task Force, 1995, 1997508-9
   An International Sporting Event, 19945010
   Applied Economics/JA Economics  
    Advanced Placement, 19875011
    Anti-AE Campaign, 19835012
    Applied Economics by Satellite, 1990-19915013
    At-Risk Supplement, 19895014
    Audio-Visual Kits  
     Audio Cassettes, 1982, 19861001-14
     Printed Materials, 1985-19865015
     Slides, 1982, 1986102 
    Bibliography, 1982-19835016
    Business Case Studies, 19865017
     Applied Economics Evaluations, 19945018
     Correspondence, 1988-19955019
     Program Materials, ca. 1990s5020
    Cash-Free Student Company  
     Correspondence, 1987-19915021
     Workbook, 19895022
    Cinemaker’s Agreement, 1983-19845023
    Correspondence, 1980-19835024-25
    Diagnostic Tests, 1986, 1993-1994, 1996-19975026-27
    Educational Testing Service, 1986-19875028
    Evaluation Advisory Committee, 19835029
     1984-1987, 1989, 1993511-2
    Funding Proposals, 1983-1985513-4
    Hewlett Packard Task Force, 1984515
    History, 1982-1988516-9
    International Trade Video, 1990 V0001
    Joint Council of Economic Education, 1982-19855110
    Junior College Version, 1984-19875111
    Marketing Kit, Part 2  
     Audio Cassettes, 198410015-18
     Slides, 1984102 
    Name Change, 1985-19885112
     Newsworthy Notes, 1990-19925113
     Talks to Teachers, 1989-1994, 19965114
     Talks to Teachers Proposal, 1990-19945115
    Ninth Grade, 1987-19885116
    Oklahoma State University, 1988-19915117
    Photographs, 1970s-1980s9319
    Portfolio Project, 19855118
    Program Implementation Package, 1990, 19925119-20
    Program Materials  
     1993-1996, 1998-2000531-22
     1982, 1993-1998 (oversized)10321-23
    Proposal for Implementation, 19825323
    Report, 19915324
    Reviews, 1984-19875325-26
    Rural Expansion Program  
     Implementation Manual, ca. 19875327
     Planning Materials, ca. 19885328
     Report, 19885329
     Automatic Test Generator  
      1987, 1991-19945330
     Financial Applications, 1983, 1986-1987542
      Correspondence, 1991-1998543
      Lovell, Michael, 1992-1993544
      Program Materials, 1991, 1997-1998545
     Management and Economic Simulation (MESE)  
      Black Tie MESE, n.d.546
      Contest, 1989-1993547
      Correspondence, 1986-1998548
      International, 1993-1995549
      MultiMESE, 19955410
      Program Materials, 1983-1988, 1990-1991, 19995411-15
     Student Company Software, 1986-1992, 1997-19985416-19
    Spectrum, 19905420
    Staff Manual, 1981, 19835421-22
    Student Activities, 19845423
    Summer School, 19885424
    Task Force, 1989-20005425
    Teacher/Consultant Planning Video, 1990 V0002
    Teacher Training, 1992-19935426-28
    Texas Manual, 19855429-30
    Text, 1984-19865431
    Trimester, 1985-19875432
    World Cup Activity, 1993-19945433
    Video Series Planning Guide, ca. 19895434
   Business and Economic Careers  
    Accounting, 19945435
    Correspondence, 1991-19935436-37
    Curriculum Development, 1991-19935438
    Early Economic Education, 19935439
    Efficacy, 1993551
    Manual, 1991552
    Marketing Strategies, 1992553
    National Urban League  
     General Information, 1990-1992554
     Photographs, ca. 19919516
    Philip Morris Corporation, 1991555
    Correspondence, 1994-1997556
    Program Materials  
     1993-1994, 1999-2001557-10
     1999-2001 (oversized)10320
   Groundhog Job Shadow Day  
    Circulation, 1999-20005511
    General Information, 1997-1998, 2000-20025512-16
    JA Headquarters, 1999-20005517
    Public Service Announcements CD, n.d.998
   JA BASE  
    Arts and Entertainment, 1999-20015518
    Posters, 1999-2001 (oversized)10312
    Proposal, 1997-19985519
    Sports, 1999-20015520
    Videos, n.d. V0010-V0012
   JA Company  
    Achiever Recruiting, 1951-19785521-23
    Advisor Program Notebook, ca. 19795524
    Advisor Recruiting, 19855525
    Advisor Training, 1978-19805526
    Business Center Manual, n.d.5527
    Canada Adviser Manual  
     1985 (oversized)10317
    Canada Director Guide, 19875529
    Canada Sample Records System  
     1985 (oversized)10318
    Charters, 1976-19805531
    Community Kit, 19815532
    Company Awards, 1979-19935533
    Company Service Manual, 19825534
    Company of the Year Contest, 1986-19875535
    Correspondence, 1986-19965536
    Doug Wyles Productions, 19825537
    ECON USA, 1973, 1979-1981561
    Effectiveness Study, 1967562
    Evaluation Summary, 1986-1987563
    Forms, 1940s-1980s564
    Future of the Program, 1989565
    General Information Manual, 1971-1972566
    Handicapped Students, 1971-1999567
    High School Operations Manual, ca. 1980568
    History, ca. 1995569
    Implementation Guide, ca. 20015610
    Liquidation Manual, 19675611
    National JA Company Conference (NAJAC)/International Student Forum  
      Achiever, 1972, 1974-1978, 1980-1983, 1985, 1988 (oversized)1037-11
      Conference News, 1949, 1953, 1955-1958, 1960-1962, 1964-1969, 1975-19765612-13
      Daily Herald-Telephone, 1965-1966, 1968 (oversized)1032-3
      Sunday Herald-Times, 1972-1974 (oversized)1034-6
     Panorama Photograph Identification Keys, 1965-1966, 1968-1970, 1973, 19775614
      1944, 1947-1950, 1953-1955, 1957-1959, 1961-1962, 1964, 1966-1972, 1974-1978, 1987-19889414-39
      ca. 1970s-1990s951-2
      1949, 1952-1956, 1959, 1961-1977, 1979-1980, 1982-1983, 1986-1988, 1990 (oversized)OV3 
     Program Materials, 1944, 1952, 1970-1990, 1992-19935615-18
      1979, ca. 19809531-35
    Officer of the Year Test Books, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1987, 19925619
    Officer Training, 1967-19765620
    Operations, 1946-19775621
    Partnership Manual, 1975-19765622
    Patents, n.d.5623
    Pilot Evaluation, 1990-19925624
    Posters, 1960s-1990s (oversized)OV2 
    Preview Sites, 19965625
    Product Ideas, 1962-1979, 1987-19985626-39
    Program at a Glance, 1995-19965610
    Program Materials (includes Advisor/Consultant Manuals, Company Kits, Student Manuals and Text Books)  
     ca. 1920s, 1944-1945, 1950, 1954-19565641-45
     1960-1972/73, 1975-1981/82571-31
     1981/82-1991, 1996-1997, 2001-2003581-20
     1976-1983, 1985-1988, 1991, 1996-1997, 2001-2003 (oversized)OV2 
    Purpose Statement – 25 Week Program, ca. 19805821
    Recruiting Slides and Films, 1953-19845822
    Revision of Materials, 19915823
    Safety Manuals, 1940s-1970s5824
    Scrapbook: Something Else…Something Better JA Company, 1988-1989  
    Semester Program Staff Manual, 19825825
    Semester Training, 19815826-27
    Service System  
     Correspondence, 1977-19815828
     District Coordinator Handbook, ca. 1978, 1981-19825829-30
     Staff Director Handbook  
      ca. 19785831
     Correspondence, 1985-1988592-3
     JA Company Software, 1987594
     Records System Software, 1986595
    Software Strategy, 1981-1989596
    Staff Opinion Survey, 1989-1990597
    Student Sales Manual, n.d.598
    Sturdy Stilts, 1970-1977599
    Summer Experiment, 19885910
    Supplemental Activities  
     Games, 19865911
     The Market Game  
      1986 (oversized)10319
    Task Force, 1987, 1990-1991, 19955913-17
    Thirty-Minute Company, 1960-19745918
    Top Sales, 1970-19835919
    Twenty-Week Company, 19845920
    Two-Advisor Program Model, 19875921
    What If…, 1999 V0021
    Yearbooks, 1953, 1962/635922
   JA Go Figure, 20005923
   JA Titan, 1998-20015924
   Leadership JA Spring Pilot, 19975925
   OPT Business Leadership Experience, 19865926
   Success Now  
    Correspondence, 1987-19925927
    Pilot, 19905928
    Photographs, ca. 1990s9513
    Program Materials, 1990-1991, 1993-19955929-35
    Providence, RI, 1987-19905936
   Success Quest, n.d.5937
   Success Skills  
    Audio Cassette, 1998-20001019
    Printed Materials  
     1998-2000 (oversized)10314
    Video Assessment Activity 3, 1997-2000 Voo19
   Workforce Development Resource Guide, n.d.5940
  Middle School  
   Achiever Photographs  
   Consultant Training Video, n.d. V0014
   Curriculum, 1994-19955941
   Economics of Staying in School  
    Freedoms Foundation Award Entry Scrapbook, 1990  
    Game, 1988-1989601
    Instructional Material  
     1988-1996, 1998-2000 (oversized)10316
    Scrapbook for National Awards Entry, 1990931
    Video, 19916011
   Enterprise in Action  
    Printed Materials  
     1995-2000, 2002-20046012-14
     2002-2004 (oversized)10313
    Program CD, 2002-2004996
   International Marketplace  
    Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1995-1997108 
    Printed Materials  
     1995-2000 (oversized)109 
     1995-1997 (oversized)10315
    Video, 1997 V0009
   Personal Economics  
    Consultant Program Kit Sample, 1995-1997108 
    Information, 19976017
    Program Materials, 1995-20006018-19
   Project Business  
    Brochures, ca. 1980s6020
    Canada Manual, ca. 1979, 19826021-22
    Canada Materials, ca. 19826023
    Case Studies, 1981-19886024
    Chicago Implementation Plan, 19826025
    Classroom Ideas, 1984-19866026
    Consultant Manual, 19856027-28
    Evaluations, 1979, 1983-1985, 1988, 19916029-33
    Guidelines for Accountants, 19936034
    Handicapped Students, 1980-19826035
    Macroland Chronology, 1994-19966036
    Notes, 1992-19976037
    Operation Enterprise  
     Photographs, ca. 1980s953
     Video, n.d. V0015
    Part-Time Training, ca. 19806038
    Part-Time Training Transparencies, ca. 19806039
    Photographs, ca. 1980954
    Program Materials  
     1981, 1984-1994611-31
     1981, 1984, 1986-1989, 1993 (oversized)OV2 
    Resource Guide, 1983-19846132
    Revisions, 1984-19886133
    Sample Area Opening, ca. 19836134
     CAPS – Management Simulation, 1992-19936135
     Stock Market Simulation, 1988, 1997-19986136-37
    Staff Manual, ca. 1979, 19816138-40
    Stock Market Game, 1987-19916141
    Video Field Trip, 1987-19896142-44
    World Cup Soccer, 19926145
   Project Economics  
    Business Simulation, 1990-1992621
    Correspondence, 1988-1990622
    History, 1981-1990623
    New Materials, 1990624
    Pilot Evaluation, 1990625
    Program Materials, 1988-1991626-11
   Training Package, 1995-19966212
 School Credit  
  Areas with Credit, 1963-19756213
  Checklist, n.d.6214
  Correspondence, 1968-19796215-16
  Dayton Experiment  
   Checklist, n.d.6217
   Correspondence, 1969-19776218-20
   In-School Report, 19736221
   Photographs, 19709338
   Reports from Areas, 1968-19726222
   Statistics, ca. 19706223
  Evidence of Results, 1971-19736224
  History, 1951-19736225
  Proposals, 1969-19726226
  Updates, 1972-19766227
 School to Work  
  A Summit on Opportunities, 1995-19966228
  Apprenticeship, 19936229
  Correspondence, 1993-19956230
  Creative Learning Communities, 19956231
  Education Report, 19956232
  Goals 2000, 19946233
  Integration of Humanities, 19976234
  Jobs for the Future, 1993-19946235
  Linking School to Employment, 19926236
  Matrix, 1996-19976237
  Partner, 19956238
  School to Work Opportunities Act, 19946239
  State Planning Guide, ca. 1995631
   California, 1995632
   Delaware, 1995633
   Florida, 1995-1996


   Indiana, 1995-1998635
   JA of Battle Creek , MI, 1995636
   JA of East Central Iowa , 1994-1995637
   JA of Rhode Island , 1995638
   JA of Rochester, NY, 1995639
   JA of Southern Massachusetts, 19956310
   JA of Western Massachusetts, 1994-19956311
   JA of Wisconsin, 1994-19956312
   Kentucky, ca. 19956313
   Kern County, CA, 19956314
   Minnesota, 19946315
   Montana, 19956316
   Oklahoma, 19966317
   Oregon, 1993-19956318
   Pennsylvania , 19956319
   Texas, 19946320
  Technical Assistance, 1997-19986321
  Transition, 1992-19936322
  Updates, 1995, 1997-19986323
  Workforce Readiness, 19946324
  Workplace Economics, 19946325
  A National Response to the Need for Greater Economic Awareness, 19806326
  Applied Economics  
   A Plan to Evaluate Applied Economics, 19886327
    An Evaluation of Student Learning, 19936328
    AE Evaluation of Course, Consultant, and Teacher Effectiveness, 19856329
    Applied Economics Evaluation Report, 19896330
    Briefing Documents, 19846331
    Correspondence, 1983-19926332
    Data Summaries, 1984-1985, 19896333
    Evaluation Design Overview, 19836334
    Evaluation Materials, 1988-19896335
    Full-Pilot Evaluation, 19846336
    Initial Pilot Evaluation, 19836337
    Meta Evaluation, 1982-1985, 19876338
    Partial Briefing Information – Initial Pilot, 19836339
    Pre-Pilot Evaluation, 19836340
    Progress Report on Applied Economics Evaluation, 19836341
    Research Findings, 1980-19896342
    Research Presentation, 19866343
    Responses to JA Applied Economics Training Session Questionnaire, 19836344
    Student Reactions to Applied Economics, 19866345
   Indiana University School of Business, 19886346
  Business Basics  
   Correspondence, 1987-19916347
   Evaluations, 1987-19906348
   Proposals, 1983-19876349
   Questionnaires, n.d.6350
  Drug-Free Workplace, 19936351
  Economics of Staying in School, 1990-19956352
  Education Resource Book, 1988, 19916353
  Elementary Evaluation, 1991-19926354
  Elementary School Program Technology Audit, 1995641
  Evaluation of the Semester Program, 1981-1982642
  Farm Bureau Evaluation, 1995643
  Gallup Survey  
   Correspondence, 1992-1994644
   National Youth Survey: Attitudes and Expectations, 1994645-6
  International Youth Survey (Japan), 1990647
  JA/Gallup International Youth Survey, 1995648
  Longitudinal Evaluation of Education in Central Indiana, 1995-1996649
  Marketing Research Report, 19966410
  Program Evaluation, 1992-19936411
  Project Business  
   Evaluation Correspondence, 1987-19906412
   Evaluation Overheads, 19916413
   Evaluation Proposals, 1988-19916414
   Evaluation Questionnaires, 1988-19916415
   Evaluations, 1979, 1985, 1988-19926416-18
   Faucett Evaluation Correspondence, 1988-19896419
   Faucett Evaluation Planning Sessions, 19886420
   Gentlemen Associates, 1990-19916421
  Russian High School Students Master Applied Economics, 19956422
  Skills Standards Initiative, 1993-19946423
  Tech Prep  
   Correspondence, 1992-19956424
   Indiana, 19946425
   Oklahoma, n.d.6426
   Oregon, 19946427
   Publications, 19926428
   South Carolina, 19926429
   Wisconsin, 19946430
Finance Team  
 Area Financial Records (see Appendix for Area List)  
 Financially Speaking Newsletter, 1969, 1972-1973807
 Junior Achievement, Inc. Audits, 1983-2001808-9
Human Resources Team  
 Area Information Management System, ca. 19918010
 Board Business is Serious Business, ca. 19918011
 Board Orientation, ca. 19888012
 Board Overheads, n.d.8013
 Compensation Task Force, 1991-1992, 19948014-18
 Continuous Improvement Management Philosophy, 19928019
 Employee Benefits, 19998020
 Employee Opinion Survey, 1982, 1985, 19888021-23
 Employee Recognition, 1993-19958024
 Field Position Descriptions, ca. 1950s, 1988-19998025-31
 Financial Management, n.d.8032
 Financial Management Training Seminar, 1982811
 Human Resources Manual, 1991812
 Liaison Training Package, 1994813
 Management Meeting Minutes, 1987-1989814
 Management Training, 2001815
 Managing Diversity Education/Awareness Orientation, 1994816
 Managing in an Education Environment, 1989817
 Managing Educators, 1993818
 The Policy Game, n.d.819
 Software Overheads, n.d.8110
 Staff Training Seminar, ca. 19868111
 Stress Management, 19928112
 Superior Team Membership, ca. 19918113
 Total Quality Management, ca. 19908114
 Train the Trainer, 1990, 19938115
 Training Analysis, 19958116
 Volunteer Management, 19908117
Information Services Team  
 Company Support, 1989-19978118-24
 Development, 20008125
 Key Business Statistics, 20018126
 Organizational Performance Management System, 19968127
 Program Analysis  
  1996/97-1998/99, 2000/01851-22
Public Affairs Team  
 Clippings, 1940s-1990s8523
 Media Coverage  
  Newspaper Coverage, 1998-20008524
  TV Talks, 1999-20008525
 Young IT Entrepreneur of the Year, 19998526
 Young Money, 19998527
Resource Generations Team  
 3M, 1990-19948528
 4-H Council, 1997-19998529
 Accountabilities, 19978530
 Alumni Association  
  Directory, 1988-19898531
  Living History Initiative, n.d.8532
  Manual, ca. 19908533
  National Graduate Achievement, 1952-1981861-2
  New Boston Group, 1988863-4
  Telemarketing Campaign, Fall 1988865
  Telemarketing Packet, 1989-1992866-8
  Telemarketing Training, 1991-1993869-10
 American Field Service, 19978611
 American Management Association, 1998-19998612
 Ameritech, 1996-19978613
 Armijo, Tim, 19998614
 Asheville, NC, 19898615
 Associated Builders, 19998616
 Associated General Contractors of America, 1997-19998617-18
 At-Risk Programs, 19898619
 AT&T, 1986-1990, 19988620
 Atlantic Coast, 19888621
 Augusta, GA, 19898622
 Bellsouth, 19988623
 Best Buy, 19998624
 Bi-Weekly Reports, 19998625
 Bingo, 1989-19908626
  General, 19878627
  Guide to a Successful Bowl-A-Thon, 1984-19868628-29
   1984-1986 (oversized)1041
  Sponsorship Proposal, 19948631
  Survey, ca. 19878632
  Task Force, 19948633
 Bowling Green Project, 1985-19878634
 Boys and Girls Clubs, 19988635
 Budget, 1987-19908636
 Business Reports, 1986-19888637
 Calendar of Events, 1988-19898638
   1990-1991, 1995-19978639-44
  Gift Requests, 1998876-7
  Giving, 1989878
  Management System, 1986-1989879
  Materials, 1977-19808710
  Reports, 1994-20008711
  Workbook, n.d., 19618712
  Year-End Report, 1994-19978713-16
 Capital Building Campaign, ca. 19878717
 Cargill, 1998-19998718
 Case Study, n.d.8719
 Charleston WV, 19908720
 Chicago Whole-School Information, 19998721
 Chick-Fil-A, 19998722
 Cleveland, OH, 1988-19898723
 Code of Ethics, 19868724
 Corporate Sponsorship Program, 20008725-26
 Curriculum Growth for JA, ca. 19948727
 Des Moines, IA, 1988-19908728
 Development Department Sources, 19898729
 Dewitt Wallace – Readers Digest Fund  
 Disaster Plan, 1989882
 Economic Education Marketplace Database, 1997883-4
 Educational Computers, 1984-1986885
 Elfun, 1997886
 Executive Fundraising Responsibilities, n.d.887
 Expert Funding Panel, 1991-1992888-9
 Field Customer Satisfaction Survey, n.d.8810
 Field Offices, 20008811
 Field Operations, 19898812
 Floyd, Don, 19868813
 Ford Foundation, 1993-19948814
 Foundation Funding, 1991-19928815
 Foundations, 19898816
 Fundraising, 19898817
 Fundraising Information/Sample Proposals, 2002997
 Fundraising Manuals, 19868818-23
 Fundraising Policy, n.d.8824
 Future Business Leaders of America, 19998825
 Glenmede Trust, 1984-19878826-27
 Goldman Sachs, 1997-19988828
 Golf Americard, 19888829
 Grand Rapids Fund Drive Guide, 1986-19888830-34
 Grant Requests, 1983-19928835
 Greenville, SC, 19898836
 Household Finance Corp.  
 How to Effectively Raise Funds for JA, n.d.892
 Imagery Concepts, 1999893
 Incentive Compensation Task Force, 1997-1998894
 Inroads, 1998895
 IRS, 1988-1989896
 International Association for Financial Planning, 1997-1999897
 JA of Arkansas, 1999898
 Kellogg Foundation  
  Applied Economics, 1979-1989, 1994899-10
  Applied Economics – Michigan, 1984-19868911
  Correspondence, 1993-19958912
  Developmental Economic Education Program (DEEP), 1985-19868913-14
  Evaluation of the Semester Program, 19828915
  Project Business, 1976-1979, 19838916
  Semester Program, 1980-19828917-18
 Kraft Grant, 1993-19958919
 Lancaster, PA, 1989-19908920
 Longview Foundation, 1992-19938921
 MAPS, 1986-19888922
 Mentoring, 19978923
 Military Role Model  
  Correspondence, 1999-20008924-25
  JROTC, 1999-20008926
  Lions Quest Skills for Action, 20008927
 National Contribution Survey, 1993-19948928
 New York Life Foundation, 1998-19998929
 Operating Agreement, 19988930
 Partners, 19868931
 Peoria, IL, 1988-19898932
 Performance Development Process, 19998933
 Personnel Department, 1986-19888934
 Phillips Petroleum, 1990-19948935
 Planned Giving  
  Feasibility Study, 1988-19928936
  Individual Gifts, 1988-19938937
  Individual Giving Training, 1994901
  Investor: A Manual for Gift Planning, 1988902
  Pioneers, 1992-1993903
  Planned/Individual Giving Overheads (Judy Tischler), ca. 1988-1989904-5
  Property Gifts, 1993906
  Roundtable, 1992907
  Task Force, 1992-1993908
 Prepaid Calling Card Business Project, 1997909
 Progressive Executive Training, 1986-19899010
 Proposals, 1990-1992, 1998-19999011-12
 Providence, RI, 1989-19909013
 Reading, PA, 1986-19879014
 Rural Outreach, 19899015
 San Jose, CA, 19879016
 Score, 20009017
 Shell Oil, 1997-19989018
 Strategic Alliance Workshop, n.d.9019
 Strategic Plan (Team), 1995-19969020-21
 Summary of Grants and Projects, 19909022
 TRW Presentation, 19949023
 Tall Building Campaign, 19889024
 Teacher Driven Strategy  
  Correspondence, 1998-20009025
  Nashville Memorial Project, 19969026
  Overheads, n.d.9027
 Telemarketing Training  
  Printed Materials, n.d.9028
  Video, n.d. V0020
 Troops to Teachers, 1998-19999029
 Training and Overheads  
  3 R’s, n.d.9030
  Alliance Criteria, n.d.9031
  Briefing and HUB Outline, ca. 20009032
  College Driven Strategy, n.d.9033
  Corporate Driven Strategy, n.d.9034
  JA Purpose and Mission, n.d.9035
  Regional Training, 20019036
  Strategic Board Effectiveness Model  
   Overheads, ca. 1990s9037
   Program CD, n.d.9911
  Team Focus, n.d.9038
  Volunteer Retention, n.d.9039
 USAA Foundation, 19999040
 Vendor Campaign, 19899041
 Volunteer Coordinator Notebook, ca. 20009042
 Warren/Youngstown, OH, 1988-19909043
 Washington DC/El Paso TX, 19899044
 Weekly Updates, 1986-19879045
 What Works Where, 19879046-47
 Year of the Consultant, 19889048
Publications, 1929-1999  
101-Plus News Releases, 1973, 19809049-50
A Community Relations Plan for Industrial Cities, n.d.9051
A Look into the Past, n.d.9052
A Style Guide for JA Newsletter Writers, ca. 19909053
Accounting Manuals  
 ca. 19609054
Achievement in Action, 1957913
Achievement is My Goal, 1956914
Achievement Magazine, 1927, 1941-1955915-7
Annual Reports  
 Photographs and Slides  
  1980s, 1988-1989, 1994-19959315-18
 Publication, 1965-1967, 1970/71-1975/76, 1977/78-1978/79, 1980/81-1982/83, 1984/85-1985/86, 1987/88-1993, 1996, 1998/99918-10
Area Directors and Chairman Talk About JA, 19559111
Area Guides, 1973-1974, 19829112
Area Staff Roster, 19959113
Board of Directors Manual, 1960-1961, 1976, 19829114
 Elementary School, 1980s-1990s9115
 High School, 1980s-19979116
 Middle School, 1985-19979117
 Miscellaneous, 1970s-1990s9118
 Program Overview, 1970s-1990s9119-20
 Volunteer Recruitment, 1970s-1990s9121-22
Chapter Application and Official Operating Manual, 19529123
Chief Staff Officer Hiring Process, 20019124
Clichés of Socialism, ca. 1960s9125
Communications for JA Professionals, n.d.9126
Dateline Junior Achievement  
 Correspondence, 1970-19769127
 Magazine, 1965-1978, 1980, 1982 (incomplete)9128-30
Directory of JA Offices, 1977-1978921
Effective Public Relations and Communications, 1983922
Employee Handbook, 1983, 1986923
Expansion Press Book, 1959, 1965924
Future Unlimited Banquet Manual, n.d.925
Gift Catalog, 1982926
Guide for Growth, 1993927
How to Solicit Effectively for JA, n.d.928
The Human Touch in Business: The Biography of Charles R. Hook, 1963929
Intermediate Accounting System, 1978, 19819210-11
JA Bulletins, 1919-19259212-13
Junior Achievement Bureau of the Eastern States League, 1921, 19249214
JA Magazine, 20019215
JA Song “Future Unlimited,” 19669216
JASCO Catalog, ca. 1980s9217
Made in America, ca. 1950s9218
Manual for Advertising, 19779219
Manual of Expansion Techniques, 1959, 19789220
Manual of Policy and Procedure, 1958-1959, 1965, 1973-1974, 1981, 19839221-26
Marketing Resources Guide, n.d.9227
National Firm Directory, 19849228
National Marketing Plan, ca. 19859229
Native American Models for Business Success, ca. 19929230
 550 Report, 1983, 1985 (oversized)1046
 Directions, 19769231
 Futures, 1998-20029232
 International Dateline, 1996-1997, 1999 (incomplete)9233
  1989-1991, 1993-19969234
  1986-1988, 1992-1993 (oversized)1031
 Partners Index, 1983-19959235
 The Source, n.d.9236
  1992-1993 (oversized)1031
Partnership Guide, 19959238
Position, Prospects, and Proposals for the Future, 19299239
Program Operations Manual: JA Company, 19899240
Reference Maps, 19959241
Reviving the Spirit of American Education, 19909242
Staff Manual, 19799243
Summary of a Report on Position, Prospects, and Proposals for the Future, ca. 1920s9244
“The Ten Steps: Making JA a Household Word,” 19889245
The Value of JA, 19669246
Where We Are: A Comparative Study of JA Program and Financial Data, 19799247
Scrapbooks, 1958-1990  
 The Economics of Staying in School Award Nomination, 1990931
 Junior Achievement of Davenport, IA, 1963-1964932
 Junior Achievement of South Bend, IN, 1958-1971933-6
 Something Else…Something Better: A JA Company, 1988-1989937
Photographs and Slides, 1920s-1990s  
  Advisors and Achievers, ca. 1980938
  Assembly Lines, 1976939
  Broadcasting, 19779310
  Corporate Executives, ca. 1970s9311
  General, ca. 19809312
  Working (General), ca. 19809313
  Working on Books, 19769314
 Annual Report Photographs, 1988-1989, 1994-19959315-18
 Applied Economics, 1970s-1980s9319
 Awards, 1979-19809320
 Board Members, 1970s-1990s9321
 Business Basics, ca. 19809322
 Business…Youth’s New Frontier and JA Can Change Your World, ca. 1970s9323
 Computers, ca. 19809324
  1970s-1980s (oversized)1045
 Education Area Files, 1982-20009326
 Educators, ca. 1980s9327
 Elementary, 1970s-1980s9328
 Headquarters, ca. 19809329
 Historic Images, ca. 1920s-1990s9330-31
 Hook, Charles, ca. 1940s (oversized)1045
 Hopi Tribe Class, ca. 19919332
 In-School Programs, ca. 19809333
 Job Education Program, 1980s9334
 Junior Achievement: A History, 19889335
 Junior Achievement Centers, ca. 19809336
 Junior Achievement Company  
  Banking Companies, ca. 19809337
  Dayton, Ohio, Experiment, 19709338
  General, 1970s-1980s9339
  New York Stock Exchange Company, ca. 19809340
 Middle and High School  
 National Business Hall of Fame, 1983-1984, 1990, 1998, 2001943-4
 National Business Leadership Conference, 1979-1982, 1987-1988945-13
 National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), n.d.942
 National JA Company Conference (NAJAC)  
  Panorama Photographs, 1949, 1952-1956, 1959, 1961-1977, 1979-1980, 1982-1983, 1986-1988, 1990 (oversized)OV3 
   1944, 1947-1950, 1953-1955, 1957-1959, 1961-1962, 1964, 1966-1972, 1974-1978, 1987-19889414-39
   ca. 1970s-1990s951-2
 Operation Enterprise, ca. 1980s953
 Project Business, ca. 1980954
 Public Relations, ca. 1980955
 Public Speaking, ca. 1980956
 Publicity, 1976957
 South Bend JA, 1950s-1960s958
 Staff, 1956, 1958, 1979-1980, 1982959-12
 Success Now, ca. 1990s9513
 Teacher Fellowship, 1980s-1990s9514
 U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 19889515
 Urban League, ca. 19919516
 Annual Reports, 1980s-1990s9517
 Applied Economics Audio Visual Kit  
  Careers, 1982, 1986102 
  Energy, 1982, 1986102 
  International Trade, 1986102 
  Economics, 1982, 1986102 
  Basic Selling Techniques (urban), 1982, 1986102 
  International Trade, 1982102 
  Basic Selling Techniques (suburban), 1986102 
  Inflation and Unemployment, 1982, 1986102 
  Marketing, 1986102 
 Applied Economics Marketing Kit, Part 2 Student Recruitment, 1984102 
 Business Basics, 1984, 19929518
 COJAC, 1979-19809519
 Computer Library, 19879520
 Computer Training, ca. 1980s9521
 Education, 1970s-1990s9522
 Golf Tournament, 19939523
 Hopi Tribe Class, ca. 19919524
 In-School Programs, ca. 1980s9525
 JA Headquarters  
  Building Dedication, 1987-19889526
  General, 1986-19879527
  Headquarters Applied Economics, 19879528
  JA Center Volunteers, ca. 1990s9529
 National Business Leadership Conference, 1982, 1987-19889530
  1979, ca. 19809531-35
 National Training Conference, 1982, 1984, 1986-1990963-14
 Programs, 19869615-16
 Public Relations, 19779617
 Marilyn Quayle Visit, 19889618
 Rutter, ca. 1980s9619
 Sales Training, 19879620
  Applied Economics Marketing Kit, Part 2, 19849621
  Business Centers  
   Audio Cassette, 197710019
   Slides, 1977971
  Business Youth’s New Frontier, ca. 1970s972
  Communications, 1981973
  Consultant/Teacher Training, 1992-1993974-5
  FOAC, March 1994976
  Fundraising, n.d.977
  Management Games, 1984981
  Middle Grades Training Package, 1995-1996982
  Personal Touch, ca. 1970s983
  Securing Foundation Support, 1981984
  Selecting the Product  
   Audio Cassette, n.d.10116
   Slides, ca. 1970s985-7
  Strategic Direction of the Organization, ca. 1980s991
 Staff Awards, 1981-1983992-3
 Staff Hall of Fame, 1989994
 Trade Fair, ca. 1979995
Audio Video Materials, 1980-2004  
Audio Cassettes  
 Applied Economics Audio Visual Kit  
  Basic Selling Techniques (Suburban), 19861001
  Basic Selling Techniques (Urban), 1982, 19861002-3
  Careers, 1982, 19861004-5
  Economics, 1982, 19861006-7
  Energy, 1982, 19861008-9
  Inflation and Unemployment, 1982, 198610010-11
  International Trade, 1982, 198610012-13
  Marketing, 198610014
 Applied Economics Marketing Kit, Part 2  
  Business, 198410015
  Consultant, 198410016
  Educator, 198410017
  Student Recruitment, 198410018
 Business Basics Program Kit, 1980-198110019
 Business Centers, 197710020
 Business Radio Network, Executive Edition: A Talk with National Business Leaders  
 Extended Activities, Our Families, 19941018
 Leadership in a Democratic Society, Success Skills, 1998-20001019
 Money and Banking, Our Community, 1991-200110110-11
 Our World: It Takes a World to Provide, Our World, 1991, 1993-199610112-14
 Program Music, 1985, 1988, 199110115
 Selecting the Product, n.d.10116
 Talking Tools, Our Families, 1996-200110117
Compact Disks  
 Enterprise in Action, 2002-2004996
 Fund Raising Information/Sample Proposals, 2002997
 Groundhog Job Shadow Day Public Service Announcements, n.d.998
 JA Home Organizer, 1999999
 JA Programs CD, 20019910
 Strategic Board Effectiveness Model Seven Step Process, n.d.9911
Video Cassettes  
 Applied Economics: International Trade, 1990 V0001
 Applied Economics Teacher/Consultant Planning Video, 1990 V0002
 Economics: The Basics, Volume 1, 1998 V0003
 Economics: The Basics Teacher and Consultant Guide, 1998 V0004
 Elementary School Program Consultant Training Video, n.d. V0005
 The Entrepreneurs, Volume 4, 2000 V0006
 The Global Economy, Volume 3, 1999 V0007
 How Companies Work, Volume 2, 1999 V0008
 The International Marketplace, 1997 V0009
 JA BASE: Arts and Entertainment Edition, n.d. V0010
 JA BASE: The Making of a CD, n.d. V0011
 JA BASE: Spotlight on Sports and Entertainment, n.d. V0012
 The Making of a CD, n.d. V0013
 Middle School Training Video, n.d. V0014
 Operation Enterprise, n.d. V0015
 Our Region, 1997 V0016
 Ourselves, 1997 V0017
 School Board Meeting, 1997 V0018
 Success Skills 2000 Video Assessment, Activity 3, 1997-2000 V0019
 Telemarketing Training, n.d. V0020
 What if…, 1999 V0021
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