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Independent Sector (IS) was founded in 1980 as a coalition of corporate, foundation and voluntary organizations for the purpose of encouraging charitable giving, volunteering and nonprofit activities in the United States. Its mission is to promote, strengthen, and advance the nonprofit and philanthropic community to foster private initiative for the public good. By 2004, the organization maintained a membership of approximately 500 of the nation's leading nonprofit agencies and funders of nonprofit work.

The collection consists of board minutes, committee reports, correspondence, publications, lobbying efforts, and conference materials.


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Cite as: Independent Sector Records, 1971-1996, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, IUPUI University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Presented by the Independent Sector, 1993-1998. A93-37, M69, A1997/98-019

Processed by Debra Brookhart, September 2002.


Independent Sector (IS) was founded in 1980 as a coalition of corporate, foundation and voluntary organizations for the purpose of encouraging charitable giving, volunteering and nonprofit activities in the United States. By 1994 the organization maintained a membership of approximately 800 of the nation's leading nonprofit agencies and funders of nonprofit work.

In the early 1970s two groups convened in the interest of foundations and philanthropy: the Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs and the Commission on Foundations and Private Philanthropy. Both groups indicated a need for a government commission on the nonprofit sector to strengthen foundations and help increase giving. The proposals ventured by these two groups provided further insight into the larger need of the sector for a body that could bring its goals under one organization. According to Brian O'Connell, four critical needs emerged: greater influence in legislation, research backing the sector's priorities, a way to spread the message, and a meeting ground for those involved in the nonprofit sector.

A growing concern in the late 1970s for the effectiveness and future of the nonprofit sector in the United States provided the incentive for the creation of the Independent Sector. In the summer of 1978, the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (CONVO) and the National Council on Philanthropy (NCOP) convened a meeting to commission a study on ways of improving the efficiency of nonprofit organizations and their effectiveness in promoting charitable impulses in American society. On November 29, 1987, CONVO and NCOP formally announced the staff for a new venture. The chairman of the organizing committee, John W. Gardner, formerly worked in the Johnson Administration as the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. He also served as the Chairman of Common Cause. Former National Executive Director of the Mental Health Association, Brian O'Connell, joined Gardner as the Staff Director of the committee and the Chief Executive Officer of the new organization. By 1980 the new organization, Independent Sector, was created from the merger of CONVO and NCOP, and began operations in Washington, D.C.

The objectives of Independent Sector are: to foster good relations between nonprofit organizations and governmental bodies, to focus the collective conscience of the American people on charitable activities by vigorous educational programs, to promote research in the fields of philanthropy and public policy, and to improve the quality of executive leadership in the nonprofit sector. To attain these goals, Independent Sector established five separate departments during the first few years of its existence: Government Relations, Public Information and Education (PIE), Research, Leadership and Management, and Membership. By the early 1990s Independent Sector included such organizations as the American Heart Association, Pew Charitable Trust, Lilly Endowment, Sierra Club, American Council on Education, and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

Independent Sector has organized a number of lobbying campaigns in support of nonprofit interests, directed by its Government Relations Committee. The most prominent campaigns were in support of a Charitable Contributions Law in Congress (1984) which allowed tax deductions for charitable contributions by non-itemizers; in opposition to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-122, the attempt of the OMB to revoke federal funding of nonprofits engaged in political activities (1983-1986); in opposition to the Internal Revenue Service's attempt to revoke tax exempt status for nonprofits engaged in political activities (1986-1990); and in support of tax code reforms concerning donations of appreciated tangible property pensions (1983-1986).

The Public Information and Education (PIE) Committee of the Independent Sector promotes publicity for Independent Sector programs and disseminates knowledge about the sector and charitable giving to the public. In a collaborative effort with the Ad Council, PIE developed a series of public service announcement ad campaigns promoting charitable giving and volunteering. ALend a Hand@ was created to foster voluntarism, ADaring Goals@ promoted charitable giving in the mid-1980s, and AGive Five@ promoted the concept that the American public should contribute five percent of its income and five hours a week to charitable concerns. Also in the early 1980s, PIE collaborated with Francis Thompson, an Academy Award winning independent film producer, to create a mini-feature film promoting voluntarism and giving entitled ATo Care.@ PIE also handles news releases and press conferences.

The Research Committee of the Independent Sector advances academic research through its publication of research papers from the annual Spring Research Forum, research of past and present trends and policies affecting the sector, and through the conduction of surveys. The Spring Research Forum brings together scholars in the fields of philanthropy and public policy from around the world to present papers in their areas of research, usually focusing on a seminar topic specific to fields in philanthropy. The committee also conducts research and sponsors surveys in the fields of fund raising, voluntarism, and charitable giving.

The Leadership and Management Committee fosters the development of effective leadership in the nonprofit sector primarily through workshops of continuing education for managers. Because corporate sponsorship is vital to the success of these programs, the committee also secures grant funding from foundations and corporations.

The Membership Committee encourages growth in membership, fosters good relations with current members, and coordinates widespread efforts in both legislative and promotional component in the success of its diverse campaigns.


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The Independent Sector Records are divided into nine series: Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (CONVO), National Council on Philanthropy (NCOP), Board of Directors, Presidential Papers, Annual Membership Meeting and Assembly, Program Areas, Publications, Photographs, and Audio-Visual Materials. The first two series, CONVO and NCOP, are the predecessor organizations to the Independent Sector. The remaining series are post-1980 after the merger of the two organizations into the Independent Sector.

Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (CONVO) Records, 1977-1980, consist of meeting files, legislation, and memos to members. These records document CONVO just prior to its merger with the National Council on Philanthropy (NCOP) to create the Independent Sector and are related to merger efforts. More complete information about the merger is located with IS Board of Directors Organizing Committee files.

National Council on Philanthropy (NCOP) Records, 1954-1979, consist of minutes, audits, correspondence, and publications. These records deal mainly with the organization just prior to its merger with CONVO, but do contain some in depth information about how it operated before the merger.

Board of Directors Files, 1980-1994, contain board minutes, reports, correspondence, and papers from the organizing committee of the merger. The main portion of this series includes a complete run of board minutes and the organizing committee files that provide a broad overview of the development of the organization. The organizing committee files document extensively the steps taken during and immediately after the merger in 1980 to make Independent Sector operate effectively. This series also contains financial information and program proposals usually within the board minutes.

Presidential Papers, 1979-1995, consist of records of the president of IS. This series contains the files of Brian O'Connell, the first president of the Independent Sector. These papers include an extensive collection of his speeches covering almost the entirety of his tenure as president. This series also contains his correspondence documenting the activities of his office. Another significant portion of this series is his Memo to Members, a publication providing information about the major political and social issues facing nonprofit agencies and O'Connell's thoughts concerning them, and status reports of IS activities.

Annual Membership Meeting and Assembly Files, 1980-1994, consist of meeting summaries, correspondence, memoranda, minutes and agendas of voting member meetings, minutes of conferences, conference packets and brochures, program plans, and financial reports. The series contains a complete set of the programs and proceedings of the annual meetings. Audio cassettes for several of the meetings are also available.

Program Area Files, 1979-1998, contains the records from the five major program committees of the IS: Effective Sector Leadership Committee (ESLM), Government Relations Committee, Membership Committee, Public Information and Education Committee (PIE), and Research Committee. This is the largest and most detailed series in the collection. It is divided and arranged alphabetically by the committee name.

The Effective Sector Leadership Management Committee, 1980-1997, promotes effective leadership in the nonprofit sector and establishes professional criteria for its managers. The records in this group include committee meeting minutes and correspondence, grant requests for programs, specific program information from campaigns like Daring Goals for a Caring Society and Measurable Growth, survey findings, brochures from executive recruitment firms, correspondence, and two newsletters: Quarterly and Leadership IS. Program files include subjects such as board development, ethics and standards, and management. These subjects are used to educate and train those in leadership roles in various organizations.

The Government Relations Committee, 1976-1998, represents nonprofit interests in government policy issues. Records include transcripts of Congressional testimony, Roll Call tally sheets, drafts of position papers, drafts of bills, correspondence, and hearings briefings. The committee also published two newsletters: Government Relations Info and Action and State Tax Trends. This series includes extensive coverage of the Charitable Contributions Legislation hearings, interaction with the United States Office of Management and Budget, and efforts to raise awareness on current political issues through lobbying.

The Membership Committee, 1980-1992, was formed to encourage growth in membership, foster good relations with current members, and coordinate campaign efforts. The files include committee minutes, memoranda, correspondence, prospect lists, prospect meeting packets, member profiles, flyers, brochures, progress reports, meeting attendance lists, membership lists, and the newsletter, Corporate Philanthropy. The minutes for the committee are complete through 1992 and document thoroughly its activities and agendas.

The Public Information and Education Committee, 1979-1997, handles publicity for IS programs and creates a public awareness of projects in the nonprofit sector. Records include news releases, correspondence, and award nominations and invitations for the annual John Gardner Award presentation, scripts of the film "To Care," and news print copy and PSA electronic media spots for the "Daring Goals," "Give Five," and "Lend a Hand" campaigns. These campaigns are documented extensively in this series and include information on the development and promotion to the public. The newsletter, Corporate Philanthropy, and the semi-complete set of minutes and packets serve as valuable tools for understanding the operations of the committee.

The Research Committee, 1979-1995, advances academic research in the nonprofit sector through its publication of yearly academic forum research findings in a compendium. It also conducts research and surveys in the nonprofit sector. These files consist of research publication compendiums from the annual Spring Research Forum, surveys, and survey results. Further information about the research committee includes audio cassettes of three Spring Research Forums and interviews on philanthropy conducted by Richard Magat.

Publication Files, 1979-1998, contain general publications of IS and include annual reports, brochures, program plans, reports and pamphlets, occasional papers, and two newsletters: What IS Happening and Update. These records provide a broad overview of the finances and activities of the organization through annual reports and activity reports. The newsletters, program plans, and Overview of Major Activities offer condensed information about what the organization does. The annual reports provide not only program information, but financial statistics as well.

Photographs and Slides, 1970s-1989, contain photographs from Independent Sector events and campaigns. Included are photographs of former president of IS, Brian O'Connell, images from the Give Five volunteerism campaign, board and committee members, and publicity photographs.

Audio-Visual Materials, 1978-1992, contain audio and video documentation of the activities of the Independent Sector. The main portion of the audio cassettes is from the Annual Conference on Philanthropy and the Research Committee. The conference tapes cover a wide range, but only three of the conferences are documented extensively: 1980, 1987, and 1988. Other years include highlights or an important speech given. The Research Committee cassettes include three Spring Research Forums and the interviews Richard Magat conducted while doing research for his paper, Prospective Views of Research on Philanthropy and the Voluntary Sector. All are good sources for historic trends and viewpoints from those active in the sector.

The videos in the collection include press coverage and a publicity video for the membership drive. The collection also contains a film of the charter meeting of the Independent Sector.

Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (CONVO) Records, 1977-1980  
 Board Packet, 1978-197911-7
 Charitable Contributions Legislation, 197918
 Coalition for the Public Good, 1974-197719
 Membership Meetings, 1978-1979110-11
 Memos, 1978-1980112-13
National Council on Philanthropy (NCOP) Records, 1954-1979  
 A Voice for Philanthropy, 1974-1976114
 Academy for Education Development, 1972-1978115
 Americans, Philanthropy, and World Affairs: The Failure and the Challenge, 1978116
 Audio Cassette, 19784315
 Articles of Incorporation, 1954-1975117
 Audits, 1971-1978118
 Awards, 1974-1978119
 Board Packet, 1979120-23
 Bylaws, 1976124
 Conferences, 1973-1979125
 Internal Revenue Service, 1960-1973126
 International Conference, 1978127
 Memos, 1979128
 Minutes, 1973-1978129-30
 Mission Statement, 1976131
Board of Directors Files, 1980-1994   
 Bylaws, 1986132
 Board Minutes and Packets  
  May 1980-October 1980133-35
  October 1980-April 199021-32
  September 1990-September 199431-13
  Committee on Values and Ethics, 1990314-15
  Evaluation Committee, 1982, 1984, 1988-1990316
  Management Committee  
   Annual Financial Reports, 1980-1981, 1983-1991317
   Cause-Related Marketing Study, 1988-1989318
   Minutes, 1979-1991319
   Special Projects, 1986320
  Nominating Committee, 1979-1980321-24
   501 (c)(3) Group, 1977-1978325
   Coalition of Concerned Charities, 1975-1977, 1990326
   Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, 1978327
   Feasibility Study of Closer Collaboration Between CONVO and NCOP, 1978328
   Financial History, 1992329
   Formation of the Committee, 1978-1979330
   Gardner Testimony, 1980331
   History File, 1979-1991332
   Ideas for the Future, 1978-1979333
   IS Committees, 1979-1980334
   John Filer  
    Biographical, 1986-1989335
    Past Agendas and Notes, 1986-1989326
   Organizing Committee Meetings, 1978-197941-8
   Outreach, 1978-197949
   Program Areas, 1978-1979410
   Publicity and Press Releases, 1979-1980411
   Subcommittee on Governance, Structure, and Financing  
    Meetings, 1979412-15
    Notes, 1979416
    Legal Steps, 1979-1981417-18
    Naming the Organization, 1979-1980419
    Ruder and Finn, 1979-1980420
   Voluntarism Project, 1978-1982421
   White House Reception, 1979422
 Photographs, 19843926
Presidential Papers, 1979-1995  
 Brian O'Connell  
  Ad Council  
   Correspondence, 1983-1985423-25
   Print Ads, 1984426
  Interviews, 1993719
  Major Achievements/Major Challenges, 1961-1973720
  Memo to Members  
   March 1980-May 1982721-25
   November 1982-April 199581-19
  Mental Health Association, 1961-1973820-22
  News clippings, 1981823
  Originals, 1984-198591-2
  Papers, 1981-198293-5
  Policies Binder, 1979-199396-7
  Research, 197898-9
   Audio Cassettes, 1979, 19864316-17
   Paper Copies, 1979-1994910-21
Annual Membership Meeting and Assembly Files, 1980-1994  
 Annual Membership Meeting and Assembly Audio Cassettes  
  1980-1981, 1986-1987421-21
 Assembly Programs and Packets  
 Charter Meeting Film, 1980F1-F12 
 Literature of Independent Sector, 1983-19871012-13
 Management Bibliography, 1983-19891014-16
 Photographs, 19883925
 Sessions, 19851017
 Special Collections, 1985-19881018
 Standard Literature, 1986-19871019-20
 Voting Member Meetings, 1980-1993116-26
Program Area Files, 1979-1998  
 Effective Sector Leadership Management Committee (ESLM)  
  Committee Meetings  
   Advisory Committee Meeting, 1984-1985, 1987-19881127-32
   Budget, 1986-19871133
   ESLM Minutes, 1987-1988, 1991-19921134
   ESLM Packet  
   Leadership Forum Meeting, 1988128
   Organizational Effectiveness Subcommittee  
    Focus Group, 1986129-11
    Org. Researcher's Materials, 19881212-13
    Standards of Effectiveness, 18861214
    Study of Org. Effectiveness Report, 19861215
   Profiles in Leadership Subcommittee, 1985-19861216-17
   Program Review Session, 1985-19871218-25
   General, 1983-19871226-27
   Incoming Mail, 1984-19851228
   Sandra Gray, 19881229
  Daring Goals for a Caring Society  
   Correspondence, 1987-19881230-31
   Report, 19861232
  Funding ESLM  
   American Society of Association Executives, 19881233
   AT&T Foundation, 1984-19861234
   Beatrice Foundation  
   CASE Western Reserve, 1985-1988132-3
   Center for Creative Leadership, 1986-1987134
   Center for Creative Management, 1989135
   Children's Defense Fund, 1987136
   Coalition to Improve Management in State and Local Government, 1985-1987137
   Corporate Sponsorship, A-X, 1986-1988138-10
   Correspondence, 1983-19871311
   Council on Foundations, 1984-19861312
   Exxon, 1982-19881313-14
   Funding Reports, 1986-19881315
   National Volunteer Conference Program, 19871316
   Primerica Corporation Foundation, 1985-19891317
   Project Funding Projections, 1991-19931318
   Proposals, 1985-19891319
   University of Missouri-Kansas City Proposal, 19871320
   Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 19871321
   W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 1986-19891322
   Washington Center, 1987-19881323-24
   Women and Foundations, 1986-19871325
  Measurable Growth  
   Correspondence, 1984-19871326-28
   Goals, 19851329
   Report, 1985143
   Responses to Report, 1985144
   Leadership IS, 1991-1997145-6
   Quarterly, 1985-1988147
   Long-Range Plan, 1986148
   Objectives, 1984-1990149
   Program Overview, 19871410
   Program Plan Consultants, 19841411
   Proposal, 1982, 19871412
   Board Development - Education  
    Association of Governing Boards, 1984-19881413
    Board Development Plan Packet, 19851414
    "Board Member's Book," 19851415
    Cheswick Center, 1984-19851416-18
    George Washington University, 19891419
    Kellogg Foundation, 1985-19861420
    Management Assistance Group, 19841421
    Management Institute, 1983-19881422
    Mentor Programs, 1984-19851423
    NCSL State Legislative Report, 19861424
    National Assembly, 1984-19861425
    Papers, 1980-19861426
    Peer Review and Self Study, 19881427
    Professional Forum II, 19851428
    Proposal and Evaluation, 1984-19861429
    Sandra Gray, 1988-19891430
    Support Center, 1985-19871431
    Workshops and Seminars, 1984-1985, 19871432
   Ethics and Standards  
    Academic Focus Group  
     Meeting, 1987-19881433-34
     Photograph, 19883924
    Epilepsy Foundation, 1981-19871435
    Ethics Panel, 1986-19871436
    Ethics Session, 19851437
    Funding Fundraising Research Project, 19881438
    Grant Proposals, 1986-1988151
    National Equal Opportunity Employer's Inc., 1987152
    Nonprofit Executive's Salary Compensation Survey, 1987153
    Program Funding, 1987-1988154
    Regional Meetings, 1987155
    Strategic Planning Management Process Development, 1988156
    "Think Tank on Education Fundraising Executives in 1990s," 1987157
    "Values," 1983158
   Executive Recruitment  
    Executive Search Papers, 1986159
    Sandra Gray Correspondence, 19881510-11
    Search Firms  
     Materials, 1983-19881512
     Meeting, 19851513
     Packet, 19881514
    Status Report, 19881515
   Leadership Development  
    Boyden International Inc., 1986-19871516
    Conrad Hilton Foundation, 19851517
    Financial Education Programs, 19871518
    General Information, 19871519
    Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management, 1984-19861520
    Institute for the Study of Leadership, 19861521
    Kellogg Foundation, 19851522
    Leadership and Grantmaking, 19841523
    National Charities Information Bureau  
     Annual Report, 19861524
     Correspondence, 1987-19891525
     Information Packet, 19871526
     Standards for Nonprofit Organizations, 19871527
    National School Volunteer Program, 1984-19871528
    Papers, 19871529
    Sandra Gray, 1985-19881530
    Urban League, 1985-19871531
   Management Consultants  
    Consulting and Training, 19841532
    Correspondence, 1980-19871533
    Council on Foundations, 19851534
    Executive Summary, 19841535
    Firms, 1983-19871536
    Lilly Cohen, 19841537
    National Association of Schools of Public Affairs, 1985-19881538-39
    Sandra Gray, 19851540
    Survey, 19871541
   National Center for Nonprofit Boards (NCNB)  
    Advisory Committee Packets  
     April 1988-October 19891542-44
     1990-September 1991161-4
    Correspondence, 1987-1991165
    Nominating Committee, 1989166
    Program Committee, 1989167
    Program Report, 1989168
    Proposal, 1988169
    Publications, 1988-19911610
    Self Study Guidelines, 19861611
   Effectiveness Survey Analysis, 19881612
    Community Foundation Nominations, 19881613-14
    Data, 19871615
    Discussion Paper, 19861616
    Status Report, 19871617
   Nonprofit Survey, 19871618
   Study Survey Instrument Consultants, 19871619
   Survey of Chairpersons and Executive Directors, 1987-19881620
 Government Relations Committee  
  501 (c)(3) Group, 1979-19871621-24
  Amicus Brief on Charitable Remainder Trusts, 1989-19901625
  Appreciated Property  
   Alternative Minimum Tax, 1989-19901626
   Background, 19891627
   Data and News clippings, 19901628
   Legislative File, 1985-19891629
  Bills, 1979-19811630-32
  Block Grants  
   Correspondence, 1981-1983171
   Fact Sheets, 1981-1982172
   Reports, 1981173
  Charitable Contributions Legislation Hearings (CCL)  
   96th Congress, 1979-1980174-5
   97th Congress, 1981-1983176-12
   98th Congress, 19831713
   Arguments, 19801714
   Articles, 1978-19811715
   Background Materials, 1979-19801716
   Bills, 1979-19801717
   Black Caucus, 19801718
   Capitol Hill Breakfast, 19801719
   Capitol Hill Reception, 19811720
   Case Statement, 19821721
   Chicago Meeting, 19811722
   Compromise, 1983-19841723
   Congressional Briefing, 19831724
   Congressional Letters, 1984-19861725
   Correspondence, 1979-19811726
   Co-Sponsors, 19811727
   Economic Case, 19801728
   Economic Task Force, 19801729
   Fact Sheets, 19791730
   Finance Committee, 19801731
   Fund raising, 19841732
   H&R Block Survey, 19821733
   Hearing Correspondence, 1979-19851734-35
    Correspondence, 1982-1984181
    History, 1982-1984182-3
    Interviews, 1981-1983184-5
   Implementation, 1982-1985186-9
   Junior League Hearings, 19791810
    Arts, 19831811
    Broadcast Deregulation, 19831812
    Budget Act, 19811813
    Charitable Tax Credit, 19791814
    Contribution Taxpayer's Benefit, 19811815
    Correspondence, 1984-19851816-17
    Deferred Compensation Plans, 19801818
    Disclosure, 1977-19811819-27
    England, 19811828
    Enterprise Zones, 19821829
    Leaseback, 19831830
    List Rental, 19841831
    Prompt Payment Act, 19821832
    Public Utilities, 19811833
    Regulations, 19831834
    Scientific Property, 19811835
    Shareholder Deductions, 19821836
    Single Audit, 19831837
    Social Security, 19841838
    State Tax on Nonprofits, 19811839
    Windfall Profits, 19831840
   Network, 19841841
   New York City Meeting, 19831842
   Oregon CCL Event, 1981-19821843-44
   Platform Statement, 1984196
   Proposal, 1980-1985197
   Pros and Cons, 1980-1981198
   Publicity Task Force Group, 1979-1980199
   Related Bills, 1979-19811910
   Resolutions, 1984-19851911
   Response, 1984-19851912
   Senate/House Materials, 19801913-14
   Senate Subcommittee Taxation/Debt Management, 19841915
   State CCL, 1980-19831916
   Steering Committee, 1984-19861917
   Task Force, 1980-19861918-19
   Tax Incentives, 1980-19831920
   Testimonies, 1978, 1980-19861921-23
  Charitable Deduction Non-Itemizers (CDN)  
   Advocacy Network, 19851924
   Charitable Giving, 19891925
   Charitable Solicitation, 19901926
   Correspondence, 1989-19901927-28
   Independent Sector, 19891929
   In-Kind Contributions, 19891930
   Legislation, 1980-19881931
   Religious Giving, 1987-19891932
   Revenue Programs and Impact  
   Steering Group, 1990202
   Yarmolinsky Group, 1985-1987203
  Charitable Solicitation Disclosure AFL-CIO Bill, 1979204
  Combined Federal Campaign  
   Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court, 1984-1985205
   Articles, 1983206
   Correspondence, 1981-1986207-10
   Lawsuit, 19832011
   News Releases, 19832012
  Commission's Exempt Organization Advocacy Group, 1987-19882013-15
  Committee Meetings, 1990-19912016-20
  Congressional Hearings on Foundations, 1983-19842021
  Council of Foundations, 1981-19832022
  Economic Recovery Tax Act Task Force, 19812023
  Federal Budget, 1990-19912024
  For Profit Organizations and Grants, 1980-19822025
  Foundation Payout Rules, 19812026
  Glossary of Congressional and Budgetary Terms, 19812027
  Government Relations Slide Show, 19873928
  Handsnet Communications, 19902028
  IS Nonprofit Criteria Steering Group, 1990-19912029
  IS Tax Group Meeting, 19912030
  Internal Correspondence, 19892031
  IRS Publication #1391, 1988-19892032
   Advocacy Correspondence, 1990-19912033-34
   Advocacy Guidebooks, 19882035
   Advocacy Network, 1989-1990211
   Guide to Advocacy Lobbying, 1989212
   IS Mailing to Advocates, 1988-1991213
   Judicial Nominations, 1988214
   Regulations, 1989-1991215-6
   Senator Byrd Amendment, 1990217
   Steering Group, 1990218
  National Council of Nonprofit Associations (NCNA)  
   Conferences, 1989-1990219
   Correspondence, 1989-19912110
   Government Relations Info and Action, 1979-19982111-14
   State Tax Trends, 1990-19932115
  Nonprofit Risk Management and Insurance Institute, 19902116
  Office of Management and Budget (OMB)2117
   Assistance Policy Branch, 1980-1983211
   Briefing Sheets, 19832118
   Capitol Hill Day, 19832119
   Coalition, 1983-19842120
   Comments, 1983-19842121-22
   Congress, 19832123
   Correspondence, 1980-19852125-29
   Denton Bill, 1983-19852130
   Evidence of Abuse, 1978-19832131
   Executive Order, 1976-19832132
   Final Regulations  
   Hearings, 1983225
   House Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, 1983226
   Impact, 1985227-8
   Layman's Guide, 1984229
   Legal Analysis, 19842210
   Legislation, 19852211
   Litigation, 19842212
   Media, 1982-19852213
   Organizational Response, 1983-19842214-15
   Related Circulars, 1974-1984233
   Revisions, 1983-1984234
   Secretariat, 1983235
   Testimony, 1983-1984236-7
   Watch Project, 1983238
   Withdrawal, 1983239
  Peace Dividend, 1989-19902310
  Performance and Accountability Task Force, 19942311
  Planned Giving, 19872312
  Postal Rate  
   Nonprofit Mailer's Federation, 1985-19902313
   Regulations, 19902314
  Preserving Diversity: The Effect of Tax Policy on Nonprofit Organizations, 19892315
  Program Evaluation Results, 19892316
  Proposed Changes in the 990 Tax Form, 1988-19892317
  Regional Association of Grantmakers, 1990-19912318
  Role of the Charitable Sector, 19902319
   Coalition on Human Needs, 1990-19912320
   Human Services Forum  
    Correspondence, 1990-19922321-22
    Meeting, 1990-19922323-24
   National and Community Service Act, 1989-19912325-26
   National Neighborhood Coalition, 1990-19922327
   National Service, 1989-19912328
   Points of Light, 1989-19912329
   Volunteer Protection Act, 1988-19902330
  Social Welfare, 1984-19902331
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  State Tax Trends, 1990-19912333
   California Association of Nonprofits, 1990-19912334
   Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations, 1988-19912335-36
   Council of Illinois Nonprofit Agencies, 1989-19902337
   Council of State Policy and Planning Agency, 1989-19902338
   Michigan Nonprofit Forum, 1988-19902339
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   New York Nonprofit Coordinating Committee, 1988-1991243
   The Taxation of Nonprofits, 1989244
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  Tax Policy Resource Materials, 1986246
  Tax Reform  
   Alliance for Philanthropy, 1986247
   Appreciated Property, 1985-1990248
   Contributions Coalition, 1984-1986249
   Correspondence, 1977-19862410-11
   Fringe Benefits, 1983-19842412
   Hearings, 19852413
   Lobby Regulations, 1987-19892414
   Lobby Steering Committee, 1987-19892415-19
   Minimum Tax, 1982-19882420
   Pension Plans 403(b), 1985-19862421
   Response, 1984-19852422-23
   Senate Finance Committee Proposals, 19862424
   Senate Proposal Research, 19852425
   Sunset, 1979-19812426
   Tax Cut Hearings, 19802427
   Tax Exempt Bonds, 1981-19862428
   Zero Bracket Amount, 19792429
  Tax Reform Act Impact, 1989-19902430
  Tax Return Disclosure for Charities, 1989-19902431
  Union Institute  
   Project, 1988-19912432
   Proposals, 1991251-3
  Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)  
   Articles, 1988-1990254
   Correspondence, 1988-1990255
   Media Kit, 1990256
   Model State Bill, 1990257
   Position Statement, 1990258
   Steering Group, 1989-1990259-10
 Membership Committee  
  Academic Programs, 1987-19882511
  Committee Minutes and Packets  
   Chairperson Correspondence, 1985-19872512-13
   Committee Membership, 1984-1985  
   Development Committee Minutes and Packets, 1980-19842515-24
   Development Subcommittee, 1982-19852525-27
   Membership Committee Minutes and Packets  
   Membership Subcommittee, 1987-19892624-26
   Membership-Development Committee Merger, 1985-19872627
  Fund for the Future, 1985-1987273
  Dues Report 1986-1987274-5
  Future Size Report, 1984276
  Government Relations Staff Intern, 1986277
  Grant Proposals  
   Campaign Grant Proposals, 1986-1990278-18
   Funding Requests, 19872719
   Funding Updates, 1986-19882720
   Grants Turned Down, 1987-19882721
   Project Budgets, 1986-19902722
  Library and Information Manager Report, 1984-19852723
  Marketing Tests, 19882724
  Measurable Growth, 1985-19892725-27
  Member Profile  
   Geographic Breakdown, 1985-19862728
   Member Fields of Interest, 1980-1987281
   Membership Analysis, 1983282
   Membership Lists  
    Low Profile List, 1987283
    New Members, 1982-1987284
    Voting Members, 1986-1989285
   Profile of Membership, 1983-1986286
   Membership, 1987-1989287-10
  Membership Campaigns  
   California Session on Tax Policy, 19852811
   Capitol Hill Days  
    General Information, 19852812
    Speeches, January 28, 1985439-10
   Community Foundations, 19862813
   Lawrence Corcoran, 1980-19872814
   Corporate, 19812815
   Declines, 1983-19872816-20
   Drops, 1986-19872821
   Foundation Testimony, 19842822
   Fund Raising, 19892823
   Halsey/Lyman Letter, 19842824
   Stephen Halsey, 1984-19862825
   John Phillips Luncheon for Education Groups, 19842826
   Lyman Reception, 19842827
   Membership Campaign, 19832828
   Membership Drive  
    Packet, 19902829
    Tenth Anniversary Membership Drive, 1990 V4 
   News Articles, 1979-19812830-31
   OMB Coalition, 1983-19842832
   Overview, 1989291
   Prospect Lunch, 1984-1985292-13
   Prospects, 1983-19892914-24
   Prospects Deleted, 1985-19892925
   Prospects (unapproved), 1985-19872926
   Retention Program  
    Analysis, 19852927
    CEO Changes and Follow-ups, 1985-19872928
   Staff, 19892929
   Staff Visits, 19862930
   Tax Reform Sessions, 1984-19862931
   Ted Taylor, 19892932
  Membership and Development Secretary Duties, n.d.2933
  National Awards Program, 19862934
  National Survey, 19892935
  Regional Meeting Development  
   Annual Meeting Follow-up, 19862936
   Associates Correspondence  
   Regional Meetings, 1987303-5
  Research, 1987-1988306
  Studies in Leadership, 1983-1985307-8
  Support, 1987309
  Tax Issues, 19883010
  Videos, 19883011
 Public Information and Education Committee (PIE)  
   Minutes, 1984-19903012
   Packets, 1983-1988, 19903013-14
  Corporate Philanthropy, 1979-1987, 19913015
  Daring Goals for a Caring Society  
    Coalition Information, ca. 19893016
    Meeting, 1988, 1990-19913017-20
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   Committee, 1987-1988 3022-28
   Committee on Measurable Growth, 19873029
   Corporate Marketing Task Force  
    Correspondence, 19893030
    Meetings, 19893031
   Daring Goals/Give Five Committee Packet, 1989314-5
   Daring Goals/Give Five Newsletter, 1988316
   Marketing Plan, 1988317
  Forum on Community Service, 1986318
  Give Five  
   3M, 1990319
   Ad Campaign, 1987, 19893110-13
   Advisory Committee, 1989-19913114-18
   Board Reports, 1989-19913119
   Correspondence, 1988-19913120-24
    Committee, 19903125-26
    Evaluation File, 19903127
    Reports, 19903128
   Five Who Give Five, 19883129
   General Information, 19903130
   Getting Your Slice of Give Five, 1990 3131
   Immeasurable Returns, n.d.3132
   International Motor Sports Association, 19893133
   Newspaper Articles, 1989-19903134
   Objective Review Session, 19893135
   Photographs, n.d.3927
   Pledges, 19903136
   Program Plans, 19903137
   Program Updates, 1987-19903138
   Quarterly Reviews, 1989-1990321
   Religion, 1989322
   Team Meeting, 1989-1990323-5
   U.S. Open, 1989326
  John Gardner Award  
   Brochures, 1986-1990327
   Committee Meetings, 1984, 1986-1990328-9
   Correspondence, 1986-19903211-13
  John Thomas Correspondence  
   1984, 1986331-3
  Lend a Hand  
   Ad Council Campaign, 1984334
   Campaign Packet, 1984335
   Campaign Promotion, 1984336
   Correspondence, 1982-1986337
   Lend a Hand Music, ca. 19844314
   Lend a Hand TV Spots, n.d.F13 
  Presidential Task Force, 1986-1988338
  Program Planning Committee on the Whole, June 20, 19803315
   National Press Club Press Conference, December 4, 1990V1 
   Photographs, 1970s-19893929
   Press Club Shoot, October 16, 1990V2 
   Press Conference, September 5, 1990V3 
   Press Releases, 1980-1987, 1990-1997339-14
  Staff Retreat, June 13, 19803316
  Task Force on Educational Materials and Community Service, 1984-19873317-21
  School Curriculum and Community Service, November 10, 19873322
  Task Force on Materials Distribution, July 11, 19843323
  "To Care"  
   Brochures, 1982-19833324
   Budget and Marketing, 1982-19833325
   Correspondence, 1982-1985, 19873326-29
   Films, Inc., 1983-19893330
    Cities, 1983341-2
    Correspondence, 1983343-4
    Invitation Packet, 1983345
   Promotional Packet, 1983346
   Prospects, 1983347-9
   Response, 1983-19843410
   Script and Guide, 1982-19833411
 Research Committee Files  
  Academic Centers and Programs, 1988, 19913412
  Compendium of Resources Syllabi, 1988-1989, 19913413-19
  Research in Progress, 1982/83-1987/883420-22
  Spring Research Forum Programs, 1983, 1985-1991, 1993, 1995351
  Spring Research Forum Publications  
   Americans Volunteer, 1981, 1985362-3
   Analysis of the Economic Recovery Program, 1982364
   Charitable Behavior of Americans Detailed Tables, 1985365
   Charitable Behavior Survey Documentation, 1986366
   Charitable Giving in Upper Income Households, 1987367
   Correspondence, 1980-1983, 1985368-10
   Gallup Study of Tax Reform and Charitable Contributions, 19863611
   Giving and Volunteering in the U.S.3612-13
    Adult Survey, 19923614-18
    National Advisory Committee, 19953619
    National Opinion Research Center, 19943620
    Reports, 1985, 1988, 19903621
    Teen Survey, 1990, 1992371-7
    Teen Survey of Voluntarism, 1990378
    Unweighted Teen Tabulations, n.d.379
   Independent Sector Survey, n.d.3710-13
   Perspective Views on Research and Philanthropy and the Voluntary Sector  
    Richard Magat Interviews  
     ca. 19884318-21
     ca. 1988441-21
     ca. 1988451
    Survey Publication, 19893714
   Religion and Philanthropy  
    Bibliography, ca. 19873715-17
    Contacts, 1986-19873718
    Data, 1987-19883719
    Funding, 1985-1987383
    Index Terms, 1986-1987384
    Office, 1986-1987385
    Progress Reports, 1986-1987386
    Publicity, 1986-1987387
    Research, 1985-1986389
    Research Organizations, 1986-19873810-11
    Results, 1986-19883812-14
    SSSR/RRA Annual Meeting, 19873815
    Survey, 1987-19883816-17
    Technical Advisory Committee3818-19
     Correspondence, 1986-19873820
     Meeting, 1986-19873821-22
   Statistics of Income Division Classification Workbook, 19963823
   Survey of the Public's Recollections of Charitable Donations, 1979, 1982-19833824-26
   Taxpayers Attitudes Towards Changes in the Law Governing Deductions for Charitable Contributions, 19843827
Publication Files, 1979-1998  
 Accountability With Independence, 19833828
 Aiming High on a Small Budget, 19863829
 Annual Reports, 1980, 1985-1988, 1990-1992, 1994391-2
 Brochures, 1982-1994393
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 Measuring the Independent Sector in the U.S. Economy, 1992398
 Nonprofit Management Series, 1988399
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 Overview of Major Activities, 1984-19943911
 Program Plans, 1980, 1986-1990, 1991-19953912
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 Starting a Measurable Growth Coalition in Your Community, n.d.3914
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 To Preserve an Independent Sector, 19793917
 Update, 1983-1991, 19983918-19
 The Voluntary Spirit, 19923920
 What IS Happening?, 1985, 1991-19923921
 What Voluntary Activity Can and Can't Do for America, 19893922
 Youth Service: A Guidebook for Developing and Operating Effective Programs, 19883923
Photographs and Slides, 1970s-1989  
 Academic Focus Group, 19883924
 Annual Meeting, 19883925
 Board of Directors, 19843926
 Give Five, n.d.3927
 Government Relations Slide Show, 19873928
 Publicity Photographs, 1970s-19893929
Audio-Visual Materials, 1978-1992  
  Annual Conference, 1980-1981, 1984-1988  
   1980-1981, 1986-1987421-21
  Robert Bremner, 1982438
  Capitol Hill Days Speeches, January 28, 1985439-10
  Donor's Meeting, 19894311-13
  Lend a Hand Music, ca. 19844314
  National Council on Philanthropy, 19784315
  Brian O'Connell Speeches, 1979, 19864316-17
  Research Committee  
   Richard Magat Interviews for Perspective Views on Research and Philanthropy and the Voluntary Sector  
    ca. 19884318-21
    ca. 1988441-21
    ca. 1988451
   Research Committee and National Center for Charitable Statistics Meeting, ca. 1992452-5
  Tax News Conference, May 29, 1985456
  Independent Sector Charter Meeting Film, 1980F1-F12 
  Lend a Hand TV Spots, n.d.F13 
  National Press Club Press Conference, December 4, 1990V1 
  Press Club Shoot, October 16, 1990V2 
  Press Conference, September 5, 1990V3 
  Tenth Anniversary Membership Drive, 1990V4 
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