George A. Brakeley, Jr. Papers, 1928-1995

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George A. Brakeley, Jr., has been involved in the business of providing counsel to fund raising entities since 1934. In that year, he joined the firm for which his father was Senior Vice-President, the John Price Jones Company, Inc. (JPJ). Brakeley and JPJ developed "Survey, Analysis and Plan" reports for groups seeking to begin a fund raising campaign. In the 1940's, Brakeley began developing a campaign for a Canadian client, McGill University, which led to the creation of John Price Jones Company (Canada), Ltd., headed by Brakeley. A few years later, in the mid-1950's, he started a firm, G. A. Brakeley Company (GABCO). This company was extremely successful, and by the late 1960's had offices on both U.S. coasts and in Canada. Brakeley continued his association with JPJ during this period, however, as well as developing smaller ventures such as Brakeley and Roberts Ltd. (a public relations firm in Canada), and the Robert Johnston Company (headed by an associate of Brakeley).

In 1972, GABCO and JPJ officially merged to become Brakeley, John Price Jones, Inc. (BJPJ), with Brakeley as Chairman of the Board. In 1983, George A. Brakeley III and other senior officers of BJPJ bought the controlling interest of the company, although Brakeley Jr. stayed on as Chairman until 1986. A year later he was named Senior Consultant, a title he still holds.

The Brakeley papers consist of client files of seven companies associated with Brakeley, staff training materials, publications and marketing materials, manuscripts, study reports, magazine and journal articles, speech transcriptions, and staff memoranda.


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The history of George A. Brakeley Jr.'s involvement in fund raising actually starts with his father, George A. Brakeley Sr., a newspaperman who worked with a reporter named John Price Jones at the New York Sun in the early years of the twentieth century. Jones also did fund raising work during World War I through the Liberty Loans program. Thomas Lamont, senior officer of J.P. Morgan, took notice of him and suggested he run a fund raising campaign for Harvard University. His success with that effort gave him the impetus to form his own company, John Price Jones Company, Inc. (JPJ), for which he recruited Brakeley Sr. as an executive vice-president in 1919.

Brakeley Jr. was born on April 18, 1916 in Washington, D.C., and was raised primarily in Princeton, New Jersey and Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. Because his father had left JPJ to become administrative vice-president at the University of Pennsylvania, Brakeley elected to attend school there to study English and journalism. In 1937, the summer before his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, he was offered an internship by John Price Jones, which he accepted. In 1938, after graduation, having decided against newspaper work and enjoying the variety of tasks involved in the fund raising business, he went back to work at JPJ and began taking on more responsibility, working on four or five accounts, such as the William Alan White Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, of which he was the New York director during 1940-1941.

Brakeley left in 1941 to fight in World War II, serving with his National Guard unit in the 107th Infantry, but he had to leave the military for a year because his wife developed tuberculosis. Having not seen any fighting previously, but wanting to, he later re-enlisted with the Corps of Engineers as a private. He quickly received a commission as a Captain and made his way overseas to China and Vietnam, where he commanded several troops of engineers. In an oral history done by Jeanne Harrah-Conforth, he cites his army experience as proving to him that he had leadership skills, which in turn helped to create a personal drive for success.

Upon his return to the United States, Brakeley rejoined JPJ, where he was asked to run some larger campaigns. He was responsible for creating the New York City Committee of the American Cancer Society in 1946-1947, for which he developed a new and unusually aggressive campaign that brought in over $1 million. He continued to run that campaign for two more years. He also was put in charge of the New York Salvation Army Annual Appeal, and then sent to McGill University in Montreal to run the first ever capital campaign in Canada. Returning to the U.S. in late 1949, he served for a year as an assistant dean of the Harvard School of Public Health and helped to start their campaign.

JPJ's success in Canada with McGill University prompted the firm to create a Canadian subsidiary, John Paul Jones Company (Canada), Ltd., in 1950, which Brakeley started for them and then bought three years later. He changed the name to G.A. Brakeley & Company, Ltd., and then sold his interest in it in 1961.

In 1955, Brakeley had an opportunity to gain Stanford University as a client, but needed an office near them in order to secure the deal. He started a U.S. branch of his company in San Francisco, G.A. Brakeley & Company, Inc., which according to Brakeley was the first significant fund raising company west of the Mississippi.

Three years later, in 1958, Brakeley expanded the operation by opening an office in New York City. The west coast portion of the business was sold in 1961, although it was re-acquired in 1978 and eventually dissolved. In 1972, G.A. Brakeley and Company bought controlling interest in John Price Jones Company, Inc., and merged it to form Brakeley, John Price Jones, Inc., with Brakeley installed as chairman. Brakeley's son, George A. Brakeley III, along with two other senior officers of the company, purchased controlling interests of the firm in 1983. Brakeley Jr. served as chairman for three more years, and in 1987 became Senior Consultant, a position he has held ever since.

Brakeley has also been involved with three other companies: Brakeley and Roberts (a public relations firm), the Robert Johnston Company (a fund raising counsel firm headed by a colleague of Brakeley's), and Brakeley/Geever Venture (which concentrated on smaller community fund raising groups).

He also has served as chairman of the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel (AAFRC) but has given responsibility for the firm's representation in the AAFRC to other company officers. Instead he concentrated on working with the National Society of Fund Raising Executives (NSFRE). For many years Brakeley has served as a director of the NSFRE, which he feels is very important to the fund raising business because it is an opportunity for a very broad base of people to gather and work together. He has declined the opportunity to serve as chairman because he believes the head of a firm should not be in that position since the NSFRE represents the interests of individual fund raisers, not firms.

Brakeley also has been vice-chairman of the Center for the Study of the Presidency, and has been involved with the International Council for Coordinating Cancer Research and the Forum for World Affairs. He has authored a book, Tested Ways to Successful Fund Raising.


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The George A. Brakeley, Jr., Papers document the development of fund raising through his personal involvement in the field and the records of his various firms. The papers are divided into two major series: Administrative Files and Client Files.

Administrative Files -- The Administrative Files cover the internal records of the various companies and contains records detailing how Brakeley and his associated firms approached the business of providing fund raising counsel. The records illustrate how Brakeley promoted both his companies and the business of fund raising, how marketing and advertising were handled, how staff was trained, and what research was performed and why. A retrospective look at some of the early fund raising materials produced by the John Price Jones Company was printed in book form for the twenty-fifth anniversary of that firm.

George A. Brakeley Articles -- Brakeley has published articles in various periodicals over the past twenty-five years. He uses these to accomplish two basic goals: to make the public more aware of the role of philanthropy in society and to share information with other fund raising counsel about various issues, such as strategies that have worked well for his companies. Articles were published in both philanthropy-focused journals such as Philanthropy Monthly and National Society of Fund Raising Executives Journal, as well as in general periodicals such as New York Times.

Manuscript, Unpublished -- This is a typewritten manuscript for Democracy's Gift Dollars, an unpublished monograph written by Brakeley.

George A. Brakeley Memoranda -- The bulk of these memoranda, which date from 1973-1975, concern Brakeley's involvement with the Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs. This Commission, initiated by John D. Rockefeller III and commonly referred to as the "Filer Commission" in reference to Chairman John H. Filer, studied the role of private philanthropy in the United States and how it might be strengthened. Brakeley, while not directly involved in the Commission, served as counsel.

George A. Brakeley Speeches -- Brakeley has gathered, over the last forty years, a set of transcripts from speeches he has given to various groups. The speeches include presentations to clients which discuss the findings or status of their case study, talks given to professional organizations such as the National Society of Fund Raising Executives, educational presentations given as part of a workshop or other forum, such as the Computer in Hospital Development Workshop. As noted in the box listing below, a few of the transcripts have audio cassette recordings with them.

Marketing Records -- These materials are advertising and promotional materials used by Brakeley's companies. There are print ads, direct mailings, client lists, and pamphlets which explain the Brakeley approach to philanthropy and fund raising.

Publications -- Brakeley produced a newsletter, News from New York, on an irregular basis, which dealt with general fund raising issues and events, and was distributed to industry professionals.

Staff Articles -- Just as Brakeley felt it was important to publish articles about his field in order to educate and communicate, he also encouraged his staff to do the same. The articles in this subseries are arranged according to the publication in which they appeared.

Study Reports -- Brakeley's overriding philosophy in the operations of his companies has been a spirit of voluntarism and public service. Throughout his career, he has stressed the importance of the "philanthropic impulse," of companies giving of themselves when they can't always give money. One way in which a company can contribute is by doing research. Brakeley has therefore always emphasized research as part of his companies' operations. The firms have released many unique study reports over the years which look at different aspects of philanthropy and its impact on society. Topics include higher education, the arts, and general fund raising education.

Training Materials -- Brakeley endorsed a pro forma approach to staff training, and these manuals, newsletters and other materials used by his firms illustrate that attempt to develop a standardized format and process for dealing with clients. Each company in which he was involved generally provided a thorough training manual or guide, and then continued staff education through periodic communications, such as his Chairman's Letter and the Philanthropic Papers, as well as non-periodic reports such as The Survey, Analysis and Plan: Basic Questions to be Answered.

Client Files -- Brakeley's approach to fund raising is that financial support for any philanthropic venture depends upon the character of the institution itself and the strength of the program it is pursuing. Therefore, he believed that a fundamental part of any plan for large-scale fund raising is a careful study of the institution, the work it is doing, operational methods, financial status, the institution's needs, its relationships with the people it serves, and the people from whom support may be expected. The "Survey, Analysis and Plan" was designed to examine these issues and to put forth the results of "careful fact-finding, analysis of the facts and a plan of action." A typical Survey, Analysis and Plan consists of six parts:

  1. Background. This section presents an overview of the client's field, current trends within that field, public relations considerations, and any standards or principles of fund raising to be kept in mind in the course of the fund raising.
  2. Survey. The survey is a study of the "assets and liabilities" of the client institution itself and usually will consider both the institution as it is today and the opportunities, plans and needs of the institution in the future.
  3. Analysis. In this section, the facts presented in the Survey are weighed according to the situational factors presented in the Background section. The analysis is broken into seven key parts:
    • The Case is the specific justification or cause for which the institution exists, and is the basic premise on which any appeal for support is made. The analysis should test the strength of the case, identifying weak areas as well as those which should have popular appeal, and also should identify a central theme for the appeal.
    • Leadership. The effectiveness of current leadership and potential needs for new leadership are illustrated in this section.
    • Prospects. Qualitative and quantitative analysis is provided concerning both the existing field of prospects and a potential one.
    • Workers. This section examines the pool of workers which would be needed for a fund raising plan, and provides leads as to where new workers may be obtained if necessary.
    • Expenses. A determination is made as to whether the client can afford the expenses expected to be incurred in the fund raising, and "helpful" suggestions are made.
    • Favorable and Unfavorable Factors. This section balances the above factors and then looks at them in the light of current economic and business trends in an effort to determine how much money might be raised in a campaign.
    • Conclusion. The analytical findings are summarized, recommendations are given concerning what weaknesses must be strengthened, the degree of success is gauged and suggested methods for that success are given.
  4. Campaign Specifications. General specifications for a campaign are given, taking into consideration the conclusions drawn in the analysis. Topics such as the goals, general character of the campaign, timing, publicity, and the name of the campaign are covered in this section.
  5. The Plan. This element determines how the specifications should be met. Typically, it is divided into three parts:
    • Plan of Organization. This section usually offers a chart along with textual descriptions of each leader and committee. Items included here are the number of workers to be used, methods of recruitment, and recommendations on leadership style.
    • Plan of Publicity. This section will discuss the aims and theme of a publicity campaign, the media to be used, and whom is to be responsible for the preparation, approval, and issuance of publicity materials.
    • Operating Schedule. This part of the plan gives the specific timing of the campaign, including schedules for preparation, cultivation, and direct effort.
  6. The Budget. This final section is a detailed statement of the estimated costs of the campaign, based on previous experiences.

These segments were most often collected and issued together in a final report called "Survey, Analysis and Plan", but occasionally an individual segment, typically a survey or case statement, would be issued separately, usually because that was the only service for which the client contracted. In a few instances, more expansive coverage was given to certain large campaigns; for these clients, longer and more intensive "case histories" were developed. Case histories document the Brakeley companies' involvement beyond the planning stages and into the actual implementation of the campaign. This involvement generally consisted of an oversight of the clients' fund raising staff and operations, not active participation in the fund raising itself. The collection contains case histories for fifteen institutions:

Colby College
Colgate University
College of Mount Saint Vincent
Columbia - Presbyterian Medical Center
Emory University
Foundation Center
Frontier Army Museum Association
Hospital of St. Raphael
King's College
LDS Hospital
McGill University
Smithsonian Institution Quadrangle Campaign
Stanford University
University of Southern California
Young Women's Christian Association

The Client Files are broken into seven subseries, one for each Brakeley entity. Within each subseries will be found the "Survey, Analysis and Plan" reports, case histories, and various segment reports created for clients of that firm, organized alphabetically by the client name. The subseries are:

Brakeley / Geever Venture
Brakeley, John Price Jones, Inc.
Brakeley & Roberts, Ltd.
G. A. Brakeley and Company
John Price Jones Company, Inc.
John Price Jones Company (Canada), Ltd.
Robert Johnston Company
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Democracy's Gift Dollars, 197321-2
George A. Brakeley Memoranda, 1973-1975
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Filer Commission, 1973-197519-13
George A. Brakeley Speeches, 1958-1986
American Alumni Council, 1961-1968114
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American Association of Fund Raising Counsel, 1962-1975117
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American Cancer Society, 1965-1972119
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Le Moyne College, 1977124
LEAD Program in Business, 1991125
Lehigh Valley Hospital, 1995126
Lewis and Clark College, 1984127
Liverpool John Moores University Trust, 1993-1994128
London, University of, 1991129
Long Island College Hospital, 1977-19791210-13
Long Wharf Theatre, 19891214
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, 19851215
Los Angeles County Medical Association Regional Poison Information Center, 1981-19871216
Los Angeles County Public Library Foundation, 19911217
Los Angeles Library Association, 19841218
Los Angeles Opera Theater, 19841219
Louisiana Literacy Foundation, 19911220
Louisville, University of, 19941221-22
Loyola College, 19751223
Lutheran Community Services, 19731224
Lutheran Hospitals Foundation, 19881225
Lynchburg General - Marshall Lodge Hospitals, 19731226
Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, 19791227
Mansfield College, 19901228
Marist High School, 19861229
Maryland National University, 19731230
Marymount Manhattan College, 19801231
Massachusetts, University of, 19861232
Massachusetts College of Art, 19811233
Matheny School, 1987-19901234
May Institute, 19921235
McLean Hospital, 19831236
Meharry Medical College, 19891237
Menninger Foundation, 19721238
Mental Health Association in New Jersey, 1993131
Miami, University of, 1983132
Michigan Medical Center, University of, 1971133
Michigan State University, 1973134
Milton Academy, 1976135
Milwaukee Children's Hospital, 1976136
Milwaukee Repertory Theater, 1984137
Minnesota, University of, 1976138
Miriam Hospital, 1982139
Mission San Juan Capistrano, 19931310
Missoula Children's Theatre, 1990-19911311
Missouri - Kansas City, University of, 19791312
Modesto Performing Arts Center, 19881313
Montana, University of, 19831314
Montclair Art Museum, 19801315
Montgomery Bell Academy, 19811316
Montgomery Hospice Society, 19921317
Montreal General Hospital, 19841318
Morehouse College, 19721319
Morris Animal Foundation, 19811320
Morris Center YMCA, 1989-19911321-22
Morristown - Beard School, 19731323
Morristown Memorial Health Foundation, 1983-19921324
Mount Aloysius Junior College, 1980-19821325
Mount de Chantal Academy, 19821326
Mount Mary College, 19911327
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Society, 1988-19891328
Mount Saint Vincent, College of, 1980-19821329-34
Mt. San Antonio Gardens, 19911335
Mount Sinai Medical Center, 19811336
Mountain Prairie Girl Scout Council, 1991141
Mountainside Hospital, 1982142
Muckenthaler Cultural Center Foundation, 1992143
Muhlenberg Foundation, 1990144
Museum of the American China Trade, 1981145
Museum of Broadcasting, 1986146
Music Center of Los Angeles County, 1983147
Mutual Housing Association of Southwestern Connecticut, 1991148
Naleo Education Fund, 1988149
Nathan Adelson Hospice, 19901410
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, 19881411
National Air and Space Museum, 19931412
National Archives, 19911413
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 19931414
National Broadcasters Hall of Fame, 19791415
National Congress of Inventor Organizations, 19831416
National Council for the Social Studies, 19921417
National Council of Jewish Women, 19781418
National Firearms Museum, 19841419
National Fitness Foundation, 19861420
National Geographic Society, 19881421
National Health Council, 19721422
National Hospice Foundation, 19931423
National Liberty Ship Memorial, 19821424
National Multiple Sclerosis Society Massachusetts Chapter, 19881425
National Museum of African Art, 19861426
National Opinion Research Center, 19861427
National Society of Fund Raising Executives, 19861428
National Trust, 19891429
National Urban Coalition, 19721430
Nautical Heritage Museum, 19841431
Near East Foundation, 19781432
Nebraska, University of, 19761433
New England Medical Center Hospital, 19781434


New Jersey Foundation of University of Medicine and Dentistry, 19841435
New Jersey Institute of Technology, 19941436
New York, State University of, 19761437
New York Botanical Garden, 19741438
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, 19921439
New York Infirmary / Beekman Downtown Hospital, 19811440
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, 19811441
Newport Conservancy, 19921442
Nigerian Medical Assistance Corporation, Inc., 19851443
Norfolk Naval Museum, 19731444
Norman Rockwell Museum, 19901445
North Carolina School of the Arts, 19871446
North York General Hospital, 19891447
Northern Arizona, Museum of, 1983-19901448
Northern Lakes Girl Scout Council, 19901449
Northern Rockies Cancer Center, 19871450
Northern Westchester Hospital, 1970-19861451
Northridge Hospital Foundation, 19941452
Norwalk Hospital, 19891453
Notre Dame High School, 19931454
Nottingham, University of, 19941455
Oakland University, 1983151
Occupational Physicians Scholarship Fund, 1994152
Operation Sail, 1976153
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, 1980154
Outward Bound, 1985155
Pace Academy, 1987156
Pace University, 1978157
Pacific Christian College, 1987158
Paddle Steamer Preservation Society, 1988159
Palo Alto Medical Foundation, 19851510
Palos Verdes Peninsula Education Foundation, 19921511
Parents' and Children's Services, 19831512
Paulist Productions, 19831513
Penn Charter School, 19721514
Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, 19901515
Pepperdine University, 19811516
Perkins Center for the Arts, 19891517
Perkiomen School, 19771518
Pestalozzi Children's Village Trust, 19891519
Phelps Memorial Hospital, 19791520-22
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, 19791523
Phoenix Art Museum, 19911524
Pittsburgh, University of, 19861525
Plainfield Community Health Center, 19901526
Platinum Association, 19911527
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 19881528
Polytechnic of East London, 19901529
Polytechnic Preparatory Country Day School, 19751530
Ponape Agriculture and Trade School and Peace Foundation, 19851531
Portland State University, 19911532
Powerplant Visual Arts Center, 19871533
Presbyterian - University Hospital of Pittsburgh, 19871534
Primary Children's Medical Center, 19861535
Princeton Club of New York, 19891536
Princeton Day School, 19851537
Princeton Library in New York, 19821538
Princeton Theological Seminary, 19871539
Purdue University, 1978-19811540
Quebec Foundation, University of, 1976-19771541
Queen of Angels - Hollywood Presbyterian Foundation, 19891542
Radcliffe College, 19891543
Reading Is Fundamental, 19871544
Red River Zoological Society, 19941545
Rene Dubos Center for Human Environments, Inc., 19871546
Republic of Liberia, 19741547
Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc., 19731548
Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center, 19931549
Robert Gordon Institute of Technology, 1991161
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, 1984162
Rockland County Girl Scout Council, Inc., 1993163
Roger Williams General Hospital, 1989164
Rolling Hills Girl Scouts Council, 1988165
Ronald McDonald House, 1989166
Roper Foundation, 1991167
Rowe Camp and Conference Center, 1992168
Royal Ballet School, 1988169
Royal Lyceum Theater Company, 19901610
Rutgers University, 19731611
Sacred Heart University, 19771612
Saginaw Valley State College, 19811613
St. Alban's School, 19831614
St. Andrew's School, 19801615
St. Anne Institute, 19871616
St. Antony's College, 19941617
St. Catherine, College of, 19781618
St. Cross College of Oxford University, 19751619
St. Edward's University, 19921620
Saint Francis College, 19781621
St. James Catholic Church, 19871622
St. Joseph Children's Services, 19901623
Saint Joseph College, 19741624
St. Luke's Hospital, 19721625
St. Luke's - Roosevelt Hospital Center, 19851626
St. Margaret's Episcopal School, 19931627
St. Michael's College, 19881628
St. Olaf College, 1985-19901629
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, 19911630
Saint Paul School of Theology, 19901631
St. Peter's Church, 19731632
St. Peter's College, 19921633
St. Raphael, Hospital of, 1970-19811634
St. Scholastica, College of, 19731635
St. Vincent's Hospital, 19771636
Salisbury School, 19821637
Samaritan Medical Foundation, 19811638
San Diego, University of, 19861639
San Diego Historical Society, 19801640
San Diego Hospice, 19911641
San Francisco Ballet, 19801642
San Francisco Zoological Society, 1981-19861643
San Gorgonio Girl Scout Council, 19911644
Sansum Medical Research Foundation, 19931645
Santa Ana Education Foundation, 19951646
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 19851647
Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center, 19831648
Schools for Christian Education, 1972171
Schools of the Sacred Heart, 1981172
Scottsdale Girls Club, 1988173
Scranton, University of, 1984-1994174
Scuola D'Italia, 1979175
Seton Hill College, 1983176
Seven Lakes Girl Scout Council, 1990177
Sharlot Hall Museum of Arizona History, 1993178
Sheffield Hallam University, 1995179
Sienna College, 19731710
Sierra Club, 19881711
Silver Sage Girl Scout Council, 19901712
Simon's Rock College, 19741713
Sjörädoningssällskapet, 19951714
Skid Row Development Corporation, 19891715
Smithsonian Institution "Buried Mirror" Project, 19871716
Smithsonian Institution Quadrangle Campaign, 19821717-31
Smithsonian Institution Quadrangle Campaign, 1982181-12
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation, 19871813
Solebury School, 19751814
South Cook County Girl Scouts, Inc., 19901815
South Florida, University of, 19851816
Southampton University, 19891817
Southern California, University of, 1973-19771818-24
Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging, 19911825
Spring Hall Trust, 19941826
Springside School, 19741827
Stanford University, 1970-1972191-10
State University of New York, 19761911
Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences, 19721912
Staunton Military Academy Alumni Association Foundation, 19721913
Steel Construction Institute, 19921914
Storm King Art Center, 19891915
Sursum Corda Neighborhood Center, 19771916
Swift Water Girl Scout Council, 19931917
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Inc., 19821918
Tarbuth Foundation, 19781919
Tavistock Clinic Foundation, 19931920
Technical University of Vienna, 19921921
Texas A&M University, 1983-19851922
That Man May See, Inc., 19871923
Tonbridge School, 19911924
TreePeople, 19951925
Trinity College, 19821926
Trinity College of the University of Dublin, 1977-19871927
Trudeau Institute, 19781928
Tulane Medical Center, 19711929
UBA and the National Foundation for Unemployment and Workers' Compensation, 19911930
United Engineering Trustees, 19821931
United Service Organizations, Inc., 19781932
United States Air Force Academy, 19851933
United States Olympic Committee, 19771934
United States Tennis Association, 1986201
University City Science Center, 1976202
University College London, 1992203
University Liggett School, 1976204
Utah Symphony, 1983205
Vail - Deane School, 1974206
Vanderbilt University, 1976-1985207
Ventura County Maritime Museum, 1989208
Vermont State Colleges, 1975209
Victim Support / Greater Manchester Federation, 19912010
Viewpoint School, 19902011
Virginia Commonwealth University, 1979-19832012
Vitam Center, Inc., 19732013
Volunteer Consulting Group, Inc., 19832014
Wabash College, 19732015
Wales, University of, 19922016
Walker School, Ethel, 19832017
Warren Wilson College, 19722018
Washington, University of / College of Engineering, 19842019
Washington Cathedral, 19772020
Wayland Academy, 19772021
Waynflete School, 19852022
Webb Schools, 19852023
Weber State College, 19862024
West Chester State College, 19792025
West Virginia Basic Skills Initiative, 19912026
West Virginia University Foundation, Inc., 1981-19892027
Western Carolina University, 19912028
Western Michigan University, 19742029
Westminster, University of, 19932030
Westport Public Library, 19942031
Wheelock College, 19852032
White Mountain School, 19842033
Whitechapel Art Gallery, 19882034
Wilderness Council, 19822035
Wildwood School, 19902036
William and Mary, College of, 19742037
William Carlos Williams Center for the Arts, 19872038
Williston Northampton School, 19832039
Witten / Herdecke Universitat, 1992211
WMHT Educational Telecommunications, 1990212
Women's Resource Center of Scranton, Inc., 1989213
Wooster, College of, 1979214
Working for Childcare, 1991215
World Energy Conference, 1988216
World School for New Jazz, 1992217
Wyoming, University of, 1982218
Yard School of Art, 1991219
Yeshiva University, 19802110
Zululand, University of, 19832111
Brakeley & Roberts Limited, 1952-1953
College of Dental Surgeons of the Province of Quebec, 19532112
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Quebec, n.d.2113
MacNaughton, Alan, n.d.2114
National Breweries Limited, 19522115
G. A. Brakeley & Company, 1948-1970
Acadia University, n.d.2116
Canadian Foundation for Independent Boys' Schools, n.d.2117
Cape Cod Hospital, 19682118
Carleton University, 19602119
Loyola Academy, 19702120
McGill University, 1948-582121-23
Metropolitan Toronto Association for Retarded Children, 19602124
New Brunswick, University of, 19562125
Oakville - Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, 19602126
Ottawa, University of, 19592127
Queen's University, 19552128
Syndicat Touristique du Lac - St - Jean, 19562129
Toronto, University of, n.d.2130
Trinity College School, 19562131
Western University, 19582132
John Price Jones Company, Inc., 1928-1971
A. Barton Hepburn Hospital, 19612133
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1935-19712134-38
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1935-1971221-6
Alaska Festival of Music, 1960227
American Association for Middle East Studies, 1962228
American Cancer Society / New York City Cancer Committee, 1947229
American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, 19612210
American Friends of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, 19632211
American University of Beirut, 19672212
American Youth Hostels, Inc., 19592213
Amherst College, 19612214
Anglo - American - Hellenic Bureau of Education, 19592215
Arkansas, University of, 19662216
Art Students League of New York, 19662217
Arts Council, Inc., 19652218
Asia Foundation, 19682219
Association for International Development, 19652220
Austen Riggs Center, Inc., 19682221
Bard College, 19572222
Barnard School for Boys, 19602223
Baylor University, 19602224
Belgian American Educational Foundation, 19682225
Bellarmine - Ursuline College, 19682226
Berkshire Farm for Boys, 19592227
Big Brothers, Inc., 1964231
Boston College, 1971232-4
Boston Museum of Science, 1958235-6
Bowling Green State University, 1967237
Boy Scouts World Bureau, 1970238
Bradley University, 1967239
Browne and Nichols School, 19582310
Bucknell University, 19582311
Cancer Care, Inc., 19572312
Canisius College, 19672313
Carleton College, 19572314-15
Carlow College (previously Mount Mercy College), 19652316
Casa Colina Rehabilitation Center, 19642317
Catholic Digest, 19552318
Chicago Mayor's Committee for Economic and Cultural Development, 19662319
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 19642320
Choate School / Rosemary Hall, 19692321
Citizens' Union of the City of New York, 19522322
Clarke College, 19602323
Cody Center of Western Americana, 19612324
Coe College, 19632325
Colgate University, 1971-1972241-5
Columbia University Alumni Fund Committee, 1946246
Columbia University Arts Center, 1952247
Columbia University College of Pharmacy, 1958248
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons,1951249
Columbia University School of Engineering, 19502410
Connecticut College, 19662411
Corcoran Gallery of Art, 19672412
Council on Opportunities in Selling, Inc., 19632413
Cystic Fibrosis Research Institute of Pennsylvania, Inc., 19622414
De Cordova and Dana Museum and Park, 19562415
Deerfield Academy, 1928-19642416-18
DePauw University, 19642419
Diabetes Foundation, Inc., 19612420
Dickinson College, 19632421
Drew University, 19642422
Duke University, 19652423
Educational Broadcasting Corporation, 1965251
Eisenhower College, 1963-1967252
Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships, Inc., 1961253
Elmira College, 1950254
Emergency Shelter, Inc., 1971255
English-Speaking Union, 1965256
Fairchild Tropical Garden, 1969257
Foreign Policy Association, 1957258
Foxcroft School, 1970259
Franklin Publications, Inc., 19632510
General Theological Seminary, 19572511
George Washington University Alumni, 19462512
Georgetown University, 19632513-14
Gilman School, 19692515
Girls Clubs of America, Inc., 19602516
Goodwill Industries of Southern California, 19632517
Hamline University, 19662518
Harding College, 1950-19542519
Harlem Preparatory School, 19692520
Harvard Fund Council, 19482521-22
Harvard School, 19622523
Hillsdale College, 19662524
Holland - America Line / Chapman College, 19672525
Idaho, College of, 19642526
Immaculate Heart College, 19622527
Iona College, 19602528
Johns Hopkins Fund, 1970261
Juilliard School, 1969262
Kenmore Mercy Hospital, 1968263
Knoxville College, 1972264
Lawrence University, 1971265
Le Moyne College, 1966266
Limestone College, 1968267
Lincoln University, 1962268
L'Institut Edith Cavell - Marie Depage, 1969269
Loma Linda University, 19612610
Loyola University, 19602611
MacMurray College, 19672612
Magic Circle Industrial Council, 19512613
Manhattanville College, 19682614
Mannes College of Music, 19572615-16
Marmion Military Academy, 19592617
Marquette University, 19592618
Maryknoll Hospital, 19592619
Maryland Baptist College, 19672620
Masters School, 19512621
Mayo Foundation, 19672622
Merrill - Palmer Institute, 19562623-24
Mills College, 1950271
Mississippi, University of, 1961272
Monmouth College, 1969273
Montclair Art Museum, 1970274
Monticello College, 1967275
Moravian Seminary for Girls, 1958276
Museum of the City of New York, 1936277
National Association for Mental Health, 1952278
National Committee for Industrial Mission, 1968279
National Football Foundation, 19662710
National Fund for Science and Engineering Education, 19572711
National Lumber Manufacturing Association, 19582712
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 19542713
National Recreation Association, 19552714
New England College, 19682715
New England Conservatory, 19632716
New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, 19642717
New York Academy of Sciences, 19652718
New York City Mission Society, 19612719
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, 19622720
New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital, 19582721
New York World's Fair 1939, Inc., 19362722
North Shore Country Day School, 19582723
Norwegian - American Museum, 19652724-25
Notre Dame University - Philippines, 19602726
Ohio University Graduate School of Administration, 19672727
Oklahoma, University of, 19622728
Oklahoma Christian College, 1966281
Old Met Opera House Corporation, 1966282
Old Slater Mill Museum, 1963283
Old Sturbridge Village, 1958-1968284-5
Orme School, 1963286
Parker School, 1956287
Parsons College, 1965-1966288
Pepperdine College, 1959289
Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, 19652810
Phillips Academy, 19362811
Phillips Exeter Academy, 19652812
Pomona College, 19622813
Porter-Gaud School, 19702814
Portland, University of, 19642815
Project Concern, 19662816
Providence College, 19662817
Regis College, 19622818
Roberson Memorial Center, 19632819
Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences, 19602820
Roosevelt University, 1958-19692821-22
Rosary Hill College, 19582823
Saint Benedict's College, 19592824
Saint Francis College, 19682825
St. John's College, 19652826
St. John's School, 19632827
St. John's University, 19592828
St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute, 1968291
St. Lawrence University, 1959292
St. Louis University, 1957293
Saint Mary's College, 1955294
St. Mary's University, 1964295
St. Norbert College, 1957-1970296-7
St. Raphael, Hospital of, 1970298
St. Stephen's Episcopal School, 1965299
Saint Teresa, College of, 19592910
Saint Xavier College, 19702911
St. Xavier High School, 19622912
San Diego, University of, 19682913
Scranton, University of, 19412914
Seamen's Church Institute, 19592915
Silver Hill Foundation, 19702916
Simpson College, 19602917
Southern California, University of, 19602918-19
Southern Methodist University, 19642920
Sweet Briar College, 19512921
Third Street Music School Settlement, Society of the, 19642922
Trinity Church, 19582923
Trinity College, 1964-19702924-25
Trinity Education Center, 19662926
Tuskegee Institute, 19612927
United Board for Christian Higher Education, 1958301
United Cerebral Palsy League of Union County, New Jersey, 1971302
United Presbyterian Church Synod of California, 1959303
United States Equestrian Team, 1962304
United Student Aid Funds, Inc., 1960305
Upsala College, 1968306
Visiting Nurse Service of New York, 1958307
Wabash College, 1960-1965308
Washington Cathedral, 1945309
Wellesley College, 19463010
Wesley Theological Seminary, 19613011
Wheeling College, 19663012
Yale - in - China Association, 19583013
Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 19593014
Young Women's Christian Association of White Plains and Central Westchester, 19613015
John Price Jones Company (Canada), Limited, 1950-1954
Canadian Breweries (Quebec), Ltd., 19523016
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 19533017
Joint Hospital Building Fund, 19533018
L'Hopital Sainte-Justine, 1950-19543019-20
Laval University, 1951-19523021
McMaster University, 19533022
Public General Hospital, 19513023
Queen Alexandria Solarium for Crippled Children, 19543024
St. Michael's College, 1952-19533025
Tanners Association of Canada, n.d.3026
Toronto General Hospital, 19513027
Young Men's Christian Association of Montreal, n.d.3028
Robert Johnston Company, 1969-1970
Boy Scouts World Committee, 1970311
Freedom of Information Center, 1970312
Gonzaga University, 1969313
Institute of Medical Sciences, 1970314
Plymouth 350th Anniversary Committee, 1969315
San Fernando Valley Christian School, 1970316
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, 1970317
Université Catholique de Louvain, 1970318
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