Carol Bernstein Ferry and W. H. Ferry Papers, 1971-1997

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Carol Bernstein Ferry and the late W. H. (Ping) Ferry were social change philanthropists who gave away a substantial part of their personal wealth to progressive social change groups, activities, and activists concentrating generally in the areas of war, racism, poverty, and injustice. The Ferrys were also board members of the DJB Foundation, established by Carol's first husband, Daniel J. Bernstein, which focused its giving in similar areas.

The papers, 1971-1996, document the individuals, organizations, and activities the Ferrys supported with their donations.


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Cite as: Carol Bernstein Ferry and W. H. Ferry Papers, 1971-1997, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


Presented by Carol Bernstein Ferry and W. H. Ferry, December 1993. A93-89, A96-33

Processed by Brenda L. Burk and Danielle Macsay, February, 1998.


Carol Bernstein Ferry was born Carol Underwood in 1924 in upstate New York and grew up in Portland, Maine. She attended a private girls' school and graduated from Wells College, a small woman's college near Auburn, New York, in 1945. She moved to New York City in 1946 and worked as a copy editor and proofreader, eventually freelancing in that capacity for McGraw-Hill. In 1953 she married Daniel Bernstein with whom she had two children.

Daniel J. Bernstein was born in New York City in 1918, the youngest of three brothers. Graduating from Cornell University in 1940, he went to Harvard Business School for a year before going to work for the Land Conservation Corps. A few months later he entered the Navy and served for five years. After leaving the military, Dan searched for a job that he felt would have some meaning and Jim Robinson, a progressive minister in Harlem, guided him to the National Scholarship Fund and Service for Negro Students. He and Felice Schwartz, the young woman who had invented the organization, built it into a great success, connecting qualified black students, available funding, and interested colleges. After a few years he entered the business world and eventually began working for Loeb Rhoades, a Wall Street investment firm. Although he disapproved of the market mechanism and the faith people had in it to reflect and enhance the U.S. economy, he found it intellectually fascinating and became very successful. In 1956, while recuperating from knee surgery, Dan decided to work at home as an independent stockbroker.

The Bernsteins always considered themselves to be liberal, but their thoughts and beliefs crystallized during a visit to Cuba in 1960, shortly after the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro became the President. Carol was hesitant about taking a trip there with two small children because of how the American press portrayed Cuba under a dictatorship. She expected to see bearded thugs roaming the streets with their guns. Instead, they saw a wonderful country in which many things that make people suffer had been eliminated. Carol and Dan came back to the United States anxious to tell their friends and acquaintances about their trip but nobody would listen. From then on the Bernsteins' political and social lives moved leftward.

After their Cuba trip, and when Castro became friendly with the Arab states, Dan lost many of his Jewish clients and he almost lost his entire business. He built up another trade and continued to voice his beliefs. In the 1960s, Carol and Dan supported the causes of civil rights, the end of apartheid in South Africa, and the anti-Vietnam War movement. The movement against the United States involvement in Vietnam became a major focus of Dan's attention in the early 1960s. Dan would purchase full-page advertisements in newspapers such as The New York Times. His advertising campaign encouraged students to resist the draft, and others to stand up against the war in any way they could. The Bernsteins additionally supported this cause by participating in demonstrations and continually writing their Congressmen. The anti-Vietnam War cause strengthened Dan's belief that if you fought long and hard and concentrated your time, effort, and money on an issue it could be resolved. That resolution had not come by the time of Dan's death in 1970 at the age of 51.

In 1948 Dan had created the DJB Foundation to hold his inheritance from his father. The foundation was not very active, as most of what Dan wanted to do could not be done with soft money. With Dan's death in 1970, a portion of his estate went to the foundation which then began its most active period.

After Dan's death, the DJB Foundation added W(ilbur) H. Ferry, known as Ping, as a new board member. Born in 1910 in Detroit, Michigan, he graduated from Detroit schools and Dartmouth College. He married in 1937 and he and his wife had three daughters. Ping's early career included stints as a newspaperman, Chief Investigator for the New Hampshire OPA, consultant to the International Labor Organization, and Director of Public Relations for the CIO Political Action Committee. In 1945 he became a partner with the public relations firm of Earl Newsom and Co., where Ford Foundation was one of his major clients. While still a partner with Newsom & Co., Ping helped set up the Foundation for the Advancement of Education and the Fund for the Republic for the Ford Foundation. He was vice president, with Robert M. Hutchins as president, of the newly formed Fund for the Republic when the Ford Foundation was broken up by the government. After leaving Earl Newsom & Co. in 1954, Ping worked for the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, a newly created entity from the break up of the Ford Foundation, as its vice president with Hutchins as its president. In 1964, Ping gathered a group of thinkers and activists and they published a manifesto, called The Triple Revolution, which created a great stir around the country. The argument of the piece was that the country was being ruined by three things: the growth of technology which would eliminate the need for human labor, advances in weaponry development and militarist thinking that made possible the elimination of civilization, and the racism that stunts the lives of so many in the United States and around the world. He published numerous articles on topics dealing with education, race relations, and peace. The Corporation and the Economy (1959), The Economy under Law (1961), Caught on the Horn of Plenty (1962), What Price Peace (1963), Masscomm as Educator (1966), Farewell to Integration (1967), Tonic and Toxic Technology (1967), The Police State Is Here (1969), and The Zaca Manifesto (1980) are a sampling of his writings throughout his career as a foundation consultant and well-known disturber of the peace.

Ping and Carol, as well as the other two DJB Foundation board members, Stephen Abrams and Robert Browne, disbursed the funds of the DJB Foundation, expanding and building on Dan's guidelines, until its funds were exhausted in 1974. Following Carol and Ping's marriage in 1973, they continued what Carol had begun, donating their personal wealth, giving to groups concerned with minority rights, the environment, alternative education, governmental injustices, as well as individual activists, progressive political candidates, and people they believed suffered government harassment.

Their responses to requests for money have not focused on "why" they should give but rather on "why not." If they could not answer this question with substantial reasons, the tendency was to give the money. Through the years the Ferrys have given away a large amount of money, usually in fairly small amounts to hundreds of individuals and organizations, and have been advocates for the causes they believe worthwhile. After Ping's death in 1995, Carol has continued to practice this personal approach to philanthropy.


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The Carol Bernstein Ferry and W. H. Ferry Papers include Grant Files, 1972-1994; Personal Files, 1960-1997; and Card Files, 1971-1985. These records document the personal donations of the Ferrys in their philanthropic endeavors.

The Grant Files, 1972-1980, 1986-1994, constitute the largest part of these records and document requests for grants that were funded by the Ferrys. At the beginning of the grant files are listings by year of deductible and non-deductible contributions made by the Ferrys. These listings provide a yearly summary of the organizations and individuals receiving funding. The grant files are arranged alphabetically by name of organization or individual receiving a donation or loan. See Appendix 1 for a list of recipients. The files usually contain a proposal or request for funds, handwritten notes between the Ferrys discussing the funding, photocopies of the checks and typed letters of instructions or comments by them to the recipients, miscellaneous correspondence from the recipients, and occasionally documented proof of the work accomplished. The Ferrys usually retained only those requests that they funded and very few denials are present in the collection. The files from December 1980 to December 1985 were destroyed prior to the donation to the IUPUI Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives. Information regarding donations during those years can be found in the Card Files of this collection and in the yearly contribution listings located at the beginning of the Grant Files.

The Personal Files, 1960-1996, arranged alphabetically by subject, contain biographical information on the Ferrys and Dan Bernstein, and writings, speeches, and correspondence of Carol and W. H. Ferry. The correspondence consists of editorial letters written to newspapers, TV and radio stations, letters to political figures, prisons, and personal notes to acquaintances. The editorial letters, mostly written by Carol, give insight into the beliefs and causes of the Ferrys.

The Card Files, 1971-1985, arranged alphabetically, contain a condensed version of donation information about recipients who are no longer receiving donations after 1993. See Appendix 2 for a list of the recipients. Some of the groups represented in the Card Files also appear within the Grant Files. The records documenting donations for the years 1981-1985 appear here. Listed on the front of each card are the name and address of the recipient, and the amount(s) and date(s) of the donations. The reason for the donation is usually described on the back of each card. The following coding was used on the cards to help with record keeping:

  • P Check drawn on W. H. Ferry's account, not on joint account. Normally used to stay within the limits imposed on political contributions, but sometimes used for personal reasons
  • C Used to track political contributions by Carol Ferry
  • [ ] Contribution is an advance on what is or might have been in Carol Ferry's will
  • rec recommended by
  • sol solicited or suggested by
  • via Check was sent to an umbrella organization rather than the ultimate recipient.


The cards also include the donations made from a checking account in England to fund projects and people recommended by Michael Scott, an English cleric involved in the liberation of South West Africa (Namibia) and other African causes.

Grant Files (see Appendix 1 for a complete listing of grantees)
  Contribution Lists  
    Deductible and Nondeductible, 1975-1985 01
    Wilbur H. Ferry, 1984-1985 01
    Political, 1984-1985 01
  20/20 - American Friends of Ratz/CRM 01
  American Friends Service - Binder, David 02
  Black and Proud Liberation School - Center for Cuban Studies 03
  Center for Defense Information - Citizens for Wofford 04
  City Crisis Film Group - Congressman Ted Wass Campaign Committee 05
  Conheim, Maryanne - Durrin, John (for U.S. Senate) 06
  E. F. Schumacher Society - Fallis, Gerald J. 07
  Families and Friends of Prisoners - Fund for Community Journalism 08
  Fund for Constitutional Government - Haymarket Peoples Fund 09
  Healthcare: We Gotta Have It - Institute for Policy Studies 10
  Institute for Policy Studies - Kahre-Richards Family Foundation 11
  Kairos/Plowshares - Marlow, Sandra Kane 12
  Marroquin, Hector Defense Committee - Myers Foundation 13
  Naecker, G.Edwin - National Mobilization Against Racism 14
  National Mobilization Against the Draft - North American Congress on Latin America 15
  North American Farm Alliance - Peltier, Leonard Defense Committee 16
  Pen American Center - Public Eye 17
  Public Foundation - San Diego Newsline 18
  San Franciscans for Affordable Housing - South African Exchange Program on Environmental Justice 19
  South African Military Refugee Fund - Torres, Lurieda, Campaign to Free 20
  Toward Utility Rate Normalization - Voice of Calvary Health Center 21
  Voice of the Lakota Nation - Z 22
Personal Files
  Ferry, Carol Bernstein and Daniel J. Bernstein, Biographical Information, 1997 22
  Ferry, Carol Bernstein and W. H.  
    Activism, 1960-1995 22
    Awards, 1994 22
  Ferry, Carol Bernstein 22
    Essays and Other Writings, 1978  
  Ferry, W. H.  
    Letters From Tom Book, 1984 22
    Memorial Videotape, 1995 23
    Biographical Information, 1990-1996 22
    Essays and other Writings, 1961-1988 22
  Freedom of Information Act, FBI files, 1975-1979 22
    Newspapers, 1974-1995 22
    Other, 1975-1992 22
    Personal Intervention, 1987-1988 22
    Political, 1973-1995 22
    Social, 1973-1987 22
    Television, 1978-1991 22
  Ferry, W. H., Memorial Videotape, 1995 23
  Oral History, Carol Bernstein Ferry and W. H. Ferry 23
    Transcription 23
    Tapes (3 cassette tapes) 23
Card Files (See Appendix 2 for a listing by grantees)  
  A-Mc 24
  M-Z 25


Name Acronym Years
20/20 Vision-Hindsight   1990-1996
21st Year, The   1989
89 Distribution, Inc.   1982-1987
9 to 5 Organization for Women Office Workers   1975-1987
A Territory Resource ATR 1979
AFSC Observer Scholarship Fund   1994
A. I. [Amnesty International]   1989
A. J. Muste Memorial Institute   1975-1996
Aari Intern Project   1978
Abalone Alliance   1980
Abbott House   1976-1979
Abney, Frank Khali   1996
Abortion Rights Action   1982
Abortion Rights Action Week   1979
Abortion Rights Mobilization ARM 1980-1987
Abourezk, Charles   1980-1982
Abourezk, James   1974-1991
Abraham Fund   1992-1996
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives ALBA 1995
Abrams '92   1992
Abrams, Robert   1975
Abzug, Bella, for Mayor/Congress   1977-1986
Accountants for the Public Interest API 1978
Achievement Scholarship Program ASP 1979-1990
Across Frontiers AF 1984-1987
Action Against Crime and Violence Education Fund   1995-1996
Action Center, The   1977-1978
Action for Community Empowerment   1989-1993
Action for Corporate Accountability   1985-1989
Action for Legal Rights   1974
Action Not Gridlock! Education Fund   1994
Activists' Tour Project   1987
Ad Hoc Coalition for a New Foreign Policy   1975-1976
Ad Hoc Coalition to Stop Funding the War, The   1975
Ad Hoc Lawyer's Committee for World Peace through Law, with Justice   1977
Adams, Brock, for Senate   1986
Addams, Jane, Peace Association, Inc.   1994-1996
Adrien, Father Antoine   1978
Advocacy Institute   1993-1996
Advocate, The   1990
Advocates for Children of New York, Inc.   1987-1991, 1993
Advocates for Wilderness   1979-1989
Aesculapius International Medicine   1986-1992
Affiliated Southwest Organizers   1980
Affirmative Action Ad   1996
Affirmative Action Coordinating Center AACC 1979
AfraVision   1988
Africa Bureau, The   1978
Africa Exchange   1989
Africa Fund, The   1973-1991, 1993-1996
Africa News Service   1973-1988, 1994
Africa Peace Committee   1986-1990, 1992
Africa Resource Center   1979-1980
Africa Today   1974-1980
African American Institute, The   1994
African Life   1980
African National Congress of South Africa ANC 1988-1991, 1993
African National Council of Zimbabwe ANC 1975-1976
African People's Solidarity Committee   1987-1990
African Student Aid Fund   1976-1979
Afro-American Cultural Foundation   1976-1980
Afro-American Patrolmen's League   1975
Agape Foundation   1974-1989, 1992-1995
Agent Orange Veterans' Advisory Committee   1980
Agnos, Art, for Mayor   1987
Agran, Larry, for Mayor   1985-1990
Agran for President   1992
Agribusiness Accountability Project   1974-1976
Agron, Salvador, Committee to Free   1977-1979
Aid to Incarcerated Mothers AIM 1984-1987
AIDS-Related Community Services ARCS 1988-1993, 1995-1996
AIDS Walk New York   1994
Akaka, Daniel   1990
Akaka, Moanakeala   1992
Akwesasne Freedom School of the Mohawk Nation, The   1975-1991
Akwesasne Notes   1988
Al-Fajr New Outlook   n.d.
Alabama Black Belt Defense Committee   1985
Alabama Prison Project   1983-1989
Alabama Women for Human Rights   1975-1978
Alamosa, Colorado, Committee to Stop Grand Jury Repression   1977-1978
Alarm   1980
Alaska Advocate   1976-1977
Alaska Cannery Workers   n.d.
Alaska Conservation Foundation   1986
Alaska Native Coalition ANC 1986-1987
Alaska Public Interest Research Group AkPIRG 1976-1980
Alaska Street Productions   1979
Alaskan Conservation Foundation   1980
Alba, Vicente   1978
Albany New York Friends Meeting   1995
Albert Einstein Fund-Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists   1974-1995
Albert Einstein Institution, The   1985-1991, 1993-1995
Albert Einstein Peace Prize Foundation   1988-1990
Alcalay, Glenn   1989
Alderson Hospitality House   1976-1995
Algebra Project, Inc., The   1996
All People's Congress/People's Anti-War Mobilization   1984-1988
Allen, Philip L., Defense Committee   n.d.
Alliance for Animals   1985-1991, 1993-1995
Alliance for Cultural Democracy   1985-1990
Alliance for Jewish Renewal ALEPH 1994-1996
Alliance for Justice   1989-1996
Alliance for Neighborhood Government   1976
Alliance for Philippine Concerns APC 1986-1987
Alliance for the Liberation of Mental Patients   1976-1980
Alliance of Atomic Veterans   1987-1996
Alliance to End Repression, The   1976-1979
Allied Industrial Workers   1994
Allison, Soreff and Garber   1978
Allison, William   1994
Alney, Frank Khali   1983-1989, 1993
Alperovitz, Gar   1996
Alred, Jessie   1987
Alterman, Eric   1991, 1996
Alternate Currents AC 1979
Alternative Coal Commission   1978
Alternative Information Network   1984-1988
Alternative Investment Fund AIF 1975-1976
Alternatives to Militarism, Inc. ATOM 1975, 1993-1996
Alternatives to Violence Project, Inc. AVP 1986-1990, 1993-1996
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater   1976-1986
Amandla   1986
Amateur Athletic Union-Women's Judo Team   1978
America the Beautiful Fund   1978-1994
American Anti-Slavery Group   1995-1996
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee ADC 1989-1995
American Association for the International Commission of Jurists, Inc.   1975
American Center for International Leadership   1989
American Christians for the Abolition of Torture   1986
American Civil Liberties Union-Eastern Missouri ACLU 1975
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation-Connecticut ACLU 1973
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation-Georgia ACLU 1975-1979
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation-National Office ACLU 1974-1996
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation-Southern California ACLU 1975-1980
American Civil Liberties Union Fund of the Capital Area   1976
American Civil Liberties Union-New York ACLU-NYCLU 1973-1991
American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born   1973-1975
American Committee for the Larzac   1975
American Committee on Africa ACOA 1973-1996
American Committee on East-West Accord   1978-1980
American Communications Group, Inc.   1988
American Friends of CRM   1992
American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society ACCESS 1977-1979
American Democratic Political Action Committee   1985-1990, 1992-1994 1996
American Environmental Health Studies Project   1995
American Friends of Haifa University, The   1972-1975
American Friends of RATZ/ CRM   1995
American Friends Service Committee-Peace Education/Conflict Resolution Project   n.d., 1993 1995
American Friends Service Committee (2 folders) AFSC 1972-1994
American Indian Arbitration Institute   1995
American Indian Archaeological Institute   1975
American Indian Center   1975
American Indian Community House, Inc.   1983
American Indian Development Association AIDA 1978
American Indian Environmental Council   1979-1980, 1993
American Indian Historical Society   1973
American Indian Institute   1992
American Indian Law Alliance   1995-1996
American Indian Movement, Inc., The AIM 1973-1980
American Indian Press Association   1974
American Indian Treaty Council Information Center   1975-1985
American Indians and the Death Penalty   1988-1990
American Indians at Harvard-Radcliffe   1978
American Institute of Life-Threatening Illness and Loss   1991
American-Israeli Civil Liberties Coalition, Inc.   1985-1994
American Jewish Congress   1992
American Labor Education Center   1983-1990
American Peace Test   1986-1993
American Place Theatre, The   1975-1986
American-Portuguese Overseas Information Organization APOID 1976
American Rivers Conservation Council   1977-1980
American Social History Productions Inc.   1996
American Veterans Movement   1974
American Waldensian Aid Society   1986
American Writers Congress   1982
Americans Against Human Suffering AAHS 1987
Americans Concerned About Corporate Power   1979
Americans Concerned for the Judiciary   1980
Americans Exiled in Canada Amex/Canada 1976-1979
Americans for Amnesty   1975-1976
Americans for Democratic Action ADA 1976-1990
Americans for Fair Elections   1983
Americans for Harkin   1992
Americans for Justice in the Middle East   1974
Americans for Peace in Central America   1987
Americans for Peace in the Americas   1986
Americans for Peace Now   1990
Americans for Religious Liberty   1989, 1993-1996
Americans for SALT   1978
Americans United for Separation of Church and State   1986-1996
Amistad Tours, Inc.   1976
Amnesty International   1974-1988
Anaconda Concerned Citizens, Inc.   1986-1987
Anathoth Community Farm   1991, 1993-1994
Anderson, Bill   1978
Anderson County Center for Community Justice Inc.   1994
Andre, Nadine   1987
Andreina, Anna   n.d.
Andrew Goodman Foundation, The   1993-1995
Anglo-Argentine Women's Peace Initiative   1987
Anishinabe Akeeng   1987
Another Mother Fund for Peace   1973-1980
Anthropology Resource Center ARC 1976-1986
Anti-Concorde Project, The   1974-1980
Anti-Death Penalty Project   1978
Anti-Marital Law Coalition   1977-1980
Anti-Nuclear Reaction   1980
Antioch College   1975
Anza-Borrego Committee of the Desert Protective Council, Inc.   1974-1986
Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest ASIPI 1977-1989, 1991-1993
Appalachian Development Fund, Inc.   1974-1980
Appalachian News Service   1974
Appalachian South Folklife Center, The   1978
Appalachian State University Foundation   1994
Appalachian Trail Conference, The   1976-1979
Appalachian Women's Alliance   1993, 1995
Appalshop   1990
Appiah-Pinkrah, Kwabena   1984
April 26 Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World   1979
Araujo, Ana Valeria N.   1988-1989
Arbess, Daniel   1986-1987
Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility, New York ADPSR 1988
Architects and Planners in Support of Nicaragua APSNICA 1988-1992
Argentine Commission for Human Rights   1977
Aristide Foundation for Democracy   1996
Arizona Citizen Action   1993
Arizona Farm Workers   1980
Arizona Project Legal Defense Fund   1978
Arkansas Consumer Research   1974-1975
Arm-of-the-Sea Theater   1987-1991
Armament and Disarmament Information Unit ADIU 1980-1988
Arms Control Association, The   1975-1980
Arms Control Research Center ARC 1989-1993
Arnesen, Arnie U.S. Congress   1996
Art Resources for Teachers and Students, Inc. ARTS 1974-1987
Art Without Walls   1973-1989
Artists for Justice   1974
Artists' Kentucky Project   1991-1992
Arts for Social Change   1982
Arts for World Unity   1974
Asia Resource Center (Name change from Asian Center)   1985-1990
Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund   1976-1992, 1994
Asian Law Caucus, Inc.   1975-1978
Askin, Frank, for Congress   1986
Askin, Steve   1989
Asociacion Nacional Indigena Salvadorena ANIS 1987
Aspect Foundation   1992
Aspin, Congressman Les   1974-1980
ASPIRA of New York, Inc.   1976
Assassination Information Bureau AIB 1977-1979
Assata Shakur (Joanne Chesimard) Defense Committee   1976
Assembly to Save the Peace Agreements   1974
Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc.   1990
Association of Black Law Students   1978
Association for Community Based Education ACBE 1988
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now ACORN 1979-1990
Association of Haitian Workers ATH 1986
Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers, Inc.   1975
Association of National Security Alumni   1990, 1992, 1995
Association for Responsible Dissent ARDIS 1988
Association for Transarmament Studies   1983-1987
Association of Vietnamese Patriots in Canada AVPC 1974
Association of Women of the Mediterranean Region   1996
Athens Observer, The   1974
Atlanta Cooperative News Project   1973
Atlantic Center for Research Education   1990
Atmore-Holman Brothers Defense   1975
Attica Brothers Legal Defense   1974-1975
Attica Justice Committee   1991
Attica Now   1976-1977
Aucoin, Les, for Senate Committee   1992
August 8th Brigade Defense Committee   1979
Auerbach, Stevanne, P.h.D.   1993
Autoworkers for a Better Contract ABC 1979
Avenales Wildlife Association   1975
Averill, Peg   1975-1980
Aziz, Barbara Nimri   1995
B. L. Mazel, Inc. BLM 1985-1986
Bach Mai Hospital Relief Fund, Inc.   1974-1980
Bacone College   1979-1995
Badillo for Mayor Committee   1977
Baghdad Observer   1974
Baldwin Memorial Fund   1976
Baldwin, Roger Foundation   1977-1978
Ballis, George, Associates   1973
Ballyvoheen-Ballyferriter   1974
Baltimore Experimental   1974-1979
Baltimore Rent Control Campaign BRCC 1980
Bananas, A Place to Find Playmates   1994
Bank Street College   1982
Banks, Arthur Burghardt   1973
Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America BPFNA 1985-1992, 1995
Baraldini, Silvia, Committee for the Immediate Return of, to Italy   1990
Bararski, Johnny   1979
Baratz, Stephen   1979
Barbara Barron Project-Carr Foundation   1990
Barnes, Eddie Mae   1991
Barwick, Peter   1991
Baseball Diplomacy, Inc.   1987
Basement Workshop, Inc.   1979
Bath Preservation Trust   1979
Baumann, Melissa   1988-1989
Bay Area Radical Green Network   1988
Bay Area Veterans Peace Convoy to Nicaragua   1988
Beauty Without Cruelty USA   1988-1993, 1995-1996
Becker, Elizabeth   1982-1988
Becker, Norma   1993-1994, 1996
Becton, Charles   1988
Bedford, Christopher   1979
Bedford for Senate   1996
Bee County Independent   1979
Beetham, Stanley, for Congress   1974
Belfrage, Mary   1977
Bell, Malcolm H.   1975
Bell, Richard B.   1991
Bellecourt, Denise   1986
Bellecourt, Raymond   1990
Bellecourt, Vernon   1985-1989, 1993, 1996
Ben, Alexander   1993, 1996
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev   1992-1993
Bennett, H. M.   1974
Bergman/Ramirez Defense Committee   1979
Berkeley Support Services   1976-1979
Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth   1976-1980
Berkshire Forum   1984-1990
Bernabei and Katz   1996
Bernard Rapoport Post Graduate Institute   1979
Bernstein, Daniel J., Foundation DJB 1994
Bernstein, Mert, for U.S. Senate Committee   1992
Berrigan, Daniel   1974-1980
Berrigan, Philip   1974-1978
Berster, Kristina, Defense Committee   1978-1979
Bethell, Tom   1978
Bettelyoun, Randy   1979
Better World Society   1987
Between Our Selves   1984
Beychok, Michael   1996
Beyeler, Marc, for Council   1975
Beyer, Bruce, Defense Committee   1977
Bhopal Action Resource Center, The   1988
Biden, Joseph   1983
Big Mountain Legal Defense/Offense Committee BMLDOC 1985-1987
Big Mountain Legal Office   1990
Big Mountain Support Group D.C.   1986
Bilingual Mini-School   1974-1975
Bill of Rights Foundation   1976-1989, 1993-1996
Binder, David   1992
Black and Proud Liberation School, The   1976-1978
Black Economic Development Conference   1974-1975
Black Economic Research Center   1975
Black Eyes, Sharon   1988
Black, Helen   1977-1979
Black Hills Alliance   1980-1985
Black Liberation Press   1978
Black Military Resistance League   1975
Black Panther Party   1974-1978
Black Research Associates   1980
Black Scholar Foundation   1974-1989, 1992, 1996
Black Star Organization   1975
Black Student Alliance of the CUNY Grad Center   1992
Black Vanguard Resource Center   1985
Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc.   1986-1988
Black Workers for Justice   1994-1995
Black World Foundation   1979
Blackfeet Community College   1988
Blacks Against Nukes BAN 1986
Blessey, Gerald, for Congress   1976
Bloch, Ed, for Congress   1986
Bloch, Jonathan   1985-1986
Blue Canyon Productions   1991
Blue Diamond   1978
Blue Gargoyle Program, The   1975-1979
Blue Mountain Center   1990, 1994
Blum, Jeff   1979
Boggs, Grace   1992-1993
Boggs, James   1977, 1992
Bohemian Grove Action Network BGAN 1986-1987, 1992
Bois d'Arc Patriots   1974
Boise Peace Quilt Project   1986
Bolles, Rosalie   1976
Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Center   1986-1987
Boncore, John   1996
Bond, James   1975-1977
Bond, Julian   1975-1976
Bongore, John   1980, 1992, 1996
Boone, Richard J.   1992
Booth v. Procunier   1979
Bootstrap Society of Nassau County, Inc., The   1988-1989
Boston Bail Project/Bail Funds, The   1976-1980
Boston Initiative, The   1993-1994
Boston Jobs Coalition BJC 1979-1980
Boston University Student Union   1977-1978
Boston Visual Artists Union, Inc.   1976
Boston Women's Fund   1985-1990, 1992-1993
Boulding, Elise   1993
Bouza Volunteer Committee   1994
Bovine Growth Hormone Education Campaign   1989
Bowman, State Representative Woods   1988
Box Project, The   1973-87
Boxer, Barbara, for Congress   1987, 1992-1993
Bozeman, Maggie   1980
Brademas, Congressman John   1976
Braden, Anne   1977-1987, 1992-1994 1996
Bradley, Tom, Campaign   1973
Bragg Briefs   1975-1977
Brandon, William   1974-1977
Brandon's Shipper and Forwarder, Inc.   1975-1976
Brandywine Peace Community   1980-1995
Branfman, Fred   1976
Brasfield, Philip   1991
Braun, Carol Moseley, Democrat U.S. Senate   1992, 1996
Bread and Butter Fund   1975
Bread and Roses Cultural Project, Inc.   1978-1991, 1993-1994
Bread for the World   1990
Brecht Forum   1986-1996
Bredes, Nora, for Congress   1996
Breira A Project of Concern in Diaspora-Israel Relations   1976-1978
Bridge Fund of New York Inc., The   1996
Breskin, Arline, LTD.   1994
Brightmyn, Margaret   1977
Brodsky, Assemblyman Richard   1978-1990
Brodsky for County Executive   1993
Brooklyn College, City University of New York   1977
Brooklyn Community Unemployment Clinic   1978
Brooklyn Outreach Center of the Community Labor and Welfare Rights Project   1979
Brooklyn Sister City Project   1986
Brooklyn Women's Martial Arts, Inc.   1978
Brookmeade United Church of Christ   1992
Brookside Research Project   1974
Brotherhood Community Health Board   1986
Brown, Elaine   1977
Brown, George E., Jr., for Congress   1978-1991
Brown Lung Project   1974
Brown, Sam   1976
Bruce, Linda   1989
Bruggere for U.S. Senate   1996
Bruskin, Gene L.   1976
Buckman, Bail for   1979
Buddhayana Foundation, Inc., The   1975
Buddhists Concerned for Animals BCA 1988
Building Bombs   1990
Building Bridges   1987
Building Capability for Growth   1986
Bunting, Basil   1979
Bunzl, Martin, and Deborah Hertz   1990-1991
Burchett, Wilfred   1974-1978
Burke Leahy Associates   1980
Burleson, Dan, for Congress   1976
Burlingham, Eleanor, for U.S. Congress   1988
Burlington-Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program   1993
Burnham, David   1993
Burning Spear Newspaper   1978
Burns, John   1986
Burris, Friends of Ronald W., for Governor   1988
Burstein '94   1994
Burton, John   1974
Burton, Phillip   1975-1980
Business Executives for National Security Education Fund, Inc.   1982
Business Executives Move for New National Priorities   1974-1980
Butters, Mary Jane   1992
Butwin, Joseph   1993
Cabaleiro, Luis   1992
Cabrini Health Care Center   1975
Cactus Valley/Red Willow Springs General Support   1987
Cagan, Leslie   1994
Calc Foundation   1993
California Common Cause   1974
California Conservation Project CCP 1975-1977
California Homemakers Association   1976
California Housing Action and Information Network CHAIN 1980
California Institute for Rural Studies   1994
California Public Policy Center   1977-1979
California Tax Reform Association   1974
California Tomorrow   1974-1979
Californians Against Political Corruption   1996
Californians for Health Security   1994
Calvary United Methodist Church   1978
Calvin, Douglas   1991
Camacho, Julian   1974
Cambodia Documentation Commission, Inc.   1988-1990
Cambodian Mothers for Peace   1989
Cambridge Policy Studies Institute   1974
Cambridge Tenants Organization Committee CTOC 1976
Camp, Carter, Defense Fund   1976-1980
Camp Pendleton 14 Legal Defense Fund   1977
Campaign Against U.S. Military Bases in the Philippines CAB 1987
Campaign for America's Future   1996
Campaign California   1988
Campaign for a Democratic Foreign Policy CDFP 1975-1978
Campaign to Elect Gwen Patton to the U.S. Senate   1992, 1996
Campaign for Human Development   1980
Campaign for the Jobs with Peace Initiative   1980
Campaign to Lift the Embargo on Cuba   1994
Campaign to Oppose the Return of the Khmer Rouge   1990-1994
Campaign for Peace and Democracy/East and West CPD/EW 1985-1993 1995-1996
Campaign for Peace/Media Service Center   1979
Campaign for Political Rights   1979-1980
Campaign for Ratepayers Rights   1983-1991
Campaign to Stop Government Spying   1976-1978
Campaign for U.N. Reform   1975-1979
Campbell, Mary   1996
Campbell, Robert L.   1988
Camphor, Zhukov for State Senate   1987
Canfora, Albert   1979
Cannery Workers Committee   1974-1976
Capitalism Nature Socialism   1990-1991
Caplan, Ruth   1993
Capp Street Foundation, The CSF 1973-1987
Carey, Ron   1990-1992, 1996
Caribbean People's Alliance CPA 1980
Caribe Productions, Inc.   1983
Carl Braden Memorial Fund to Support Southern Organizing   1976-1979
Carlson, Mary Joyce   1980
Carole Langer Productions   1987
Carolina Action   1977
Carolina Independent Publications (2 folders)   1982-1990
Carolina Interfaith Task Force on Central America CITCA 1986-1989
Carr, Bob, for Congress Committee   1976
Carr, Brenda   1987-1991
Carran, Julie   1994
Carrillo Community Medical Clinic   1983-1986
Carter, Jimmy   1976
Carthan, Eddie James   1986
Cartwright, Jesse   1986
Casa de Proyecto Libertad   1987-1991
Casa El Salvador   1987
Casa Libre   1985-1991
Casa Myrna Vasquez   1975-1980
Casa Westchester   1992-1994
Cassel, Douglas   1980
Castellano, Vito   1992-1994 1996
Castro, Erlinda G.   1976-1980
Catalyst Films/Catalyst Media   1976-1986
Catholic Peace Fellowship   1973-1980
Catholic Relief Services   1992
Catholic Worker   1994
Catholics for a Free Choice   1985-1996
Catron County Commissioners   1980
Caucus for a New Political Science CNPS 1975-1978
Cavanagh, Joan   1983-1990, 1992, 1994
Cebolleta Land Grant   1986
Center for Alternative Mining Development Policy   1981-1991, 1995-1996
Center for Atomic Radiation Studies Inc.   1994
Center for Balanced Transportation   1978
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities   1983-1988
Center for Campus Organizing   1996
Center of Concern   1979-1991, 1995
Center for Constitutional Rights CCR 1976-1993, 1995-1996
Center for Creative Arts Alternatives, Inc.   1977
Center for Cuban Studies (2 folders)   1974-1996
Center for Defense Information   1978-1980
Center for Democracy in the Americas   1993-1995
Center for Democratic Renewal   1989-1996
Center for Development Policy   1978-1986
Center for the Development of Social Responsibility   1987
Center for Documentary Media   1973-1988
Center for Economic Conversion   1984-1996
Center for Educational Reform, Inc. CER 1977
Center for Environmental Action   1971-1973
Center for Environmental Justice   1995
Center for Foreign Journalists CFJ 1989
Center for the Hudson River Valley   1978-1980
Center for Immigrants Rights, Inc. CIR 1984-1991
Center for Innovative Diplomacy CID 1985-1991
Center for International Affairs   1974-1986
Center for International Learning   1995
Center of International Learning   1992-1993 1995-1996
Center for International Policy (2 folders)   1976-1993, 1995-1996
Center for Investigative Reporting, Inc. CIR 1977-1993, 1995-1996
Center for Labor and Society   1989
Center for Law in the Public Interest   1972-1977
Center for Law, Research and Communication CLRC 1974
Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies CLAGS 1989-1993 1995-1996
Center for Living Democracy   1995
Center for Living Independently in Pasadena CLIP 1977
Center for Media & Democracy   1994-1996
Center for National Security Studies   1977-1987
Center for New Corporate Priorities CNCP 1971-1973
Center for Non-Violent Education & Action   1992-1993 1995-1996
Center for Peace   1977-1980
Center for Peace and Global Education   1974
Center for Peace and Contact Mutlangen   1987
Center for Philosophy, Law and Citizenship, Inc.   1976-1979
Center for Plain Living   1996
Center for Policy Research (The Communitarian Network)   1992
Center for Popular Economics   1979-1989, 1993


Center to Prevent Hand Gun Violence   1985-1990
Center for Preventive Psychiatry   1976-1980
Center for Psychological Issues in the Nuclear Age   1988-1989
Center for Public Financing of Elections   1973-1975
Center for Renewable Resources   1978-1979
Center for Resources on Institutional Oppression CRIO 1972-1973
Center for Rural Studies-San Francisco   1980
Center for Science in the Public Interest CSPI 1975-1986
Center for Social Change   1985-1986
Center for Social Research and Education   1984-1990, 1992-1994
Center on Social Welfare Policy and Law   1986 1993-1994
Center for Studies of Ethnicity and Race in America CSERA 1991
Center for the Study of the Americas CENSA 1985-1993, 1995-1996
Center for the Study of the Americas/Burbach, Roger, Friends of CENSA 1989-1990
Center for the Study of Education and Politics, Inc. CSEPI 1979-1980
Center for the Study of Public Policy   1978-1979
Center for Study of Responsive Law   1989
Center for Third World Organizing   1984-1995
Center for UN Reform Education   1980
Center for Urban Education   1977
Center on Violence and Human Survival   1992-1996
Center for War/Peace Studies   1980-1992, 1994-1996
Centers for Change, Inc.   1973
Central America Education Fund, Inc.   1986
Central America Health Rights Network, The CAHRN 1989-1990
Central America Media Education Project   1985-1988
Central America Organizing Project CAOP 1984-1988
Central America Research Institute   1986-1989
Central America Solidarity Association CASA 1988
Central American Refugee Center CARECEN 1987-1993, 1995-1996
Central Appalachian Life and Work   1989-1995
Central Clearing House   1973-1975
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors CCCO 1971-1991, 1993,1995
Central Park Zoo-New York   1989
Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting   1974
Central Westchester Humane Society   1976-1979
Centro Dominicano de Orientacion y Asistencia Social   1974
Centro Legal de la Raza   1976-1980
Centurion Ministries, Inc.   1991-1993 1995-1996
Century Association, The   1975, 1995
Chacabuco   1987
Challenge for Peace and Progress   1991
Fredy Champagne   1992
Champagne, Rudean Sheryl and Fredy   1991
Chaney Goodman Schwerner Memorial Coalition   1989
Chaney, James Earl, Foundation   1993
Channel Thirteen   1993 1995-1996
Charas Research   1973-1978
Charitable Training Center for Retarded Adults, Cheyenne Village   1974
Charleston Organizing Project   1987
Charter Group for a Pledge of Conscience, The   1973-1979
Chartier, Richard   1980
Chenoweth, Patrick, Defense Committee   n.d.
Cherkasky, Mike, for Westchester District Attorney   1993
Cherney, Darryl   1992
Chesney, Shirley   1975
Chiapas Relief and Encouragement Organization CREO 1972-1979
Chicago Comic Book Project   1976
Chicago Cuba Coalition   1994
Chicago Journalism Review CJR 1975
Chicago Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc.   1979
Chicago Political Surveillance Litigation and Education Project   1978
Chicano Communications Center CCC 1974-1976
Chicano Health Institute of Students, Professors and Alumni CHISPA 1978
Chicano Legal Defense Fund   1977-1978
Chicano Times   1975
Child Abuse Prevention Center of New York   1986
Childers, Barry, for Congress   1994-1996
Children of the Rainbow   1973-1976
Children of War   1984-1990, 1993
Children's Community Workshop School   1973
Children's Express Foundation, Inc.   1985-1990, 1993 1995-1996
Children's Medical Relief International, Inc. CMRI 1974-1978
Children's Storefront   1976-1988, 1992-1996
Children's Television Workshop   1976
Chile Center for Education and Development   1984-1990
Chile Committee for Human Rights   1979
Chile-Cuba Expo   1974
Chile Defense Committee   1974-1975
Chile Legislative Center   1976-1979
Chile Solidarity Committee   1974-1980
China Shoe Project   1976
China Study Group on Environmental Issues   1977
Choice in Dying   1992-1994 1996
Choice or Chance Committee   1987
Choose Peace   1987-1988
Christian, Brenda   1974
Christian Community Center-Appalachian Apostolate, Inc.   1990-1991
Christian Initiative-Center of International Learning CIL/USA 1990, 1992-1993 1995
Christianity and Crisis C&C 1974-1993
Christic Institute   1985-1992
Church Council of Greater Seattle   1993
Church, Frank   1976
Church of the Intercession   1992
Church Rock Action Committee   1980
Church Society for College Work, The CSCW 1974
Church World Service CWS 1980-1991, 1993-1994
Churchill, Robert   1992
Churchman Associates, Inc., The   1986-1990, 1993
CIA on Trial Project   1988
Cibola County Camp Out Association   1988
Cinnamon Productions   1973-1989
Circle for Survival Consortium   1985-1987
Citizen Action   1985-1991, 1993-1996
Citizen Alert   1980-1996
Citizens for Wofford   1994
Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition   1978-1980
Citizen Power   1975
Citizen Soldier   1978-1992
Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana   1980
Citizens Action for a Safe Environment CASE 1987
Citizens Action Program CAP 1974, 1996
Citizens Against Noise CAN 1972-1977
Citizens Against Nuclear War CAN 1986, 1995
Citizens Against PACs   1985-1986
Citizens Awareness Network   1994-1996
Citizens Call   1980-1988
Citizens Campaign for a Congressional Inquiry Into Political Assassinations CCCIPA 1976
Citizens Campaign for the Environment   1996
Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes, Inc. CCHW 1984-1988, 1995-1996
Citizens Coalition for Responsible Government CCRG 1974
Citizens Commission of Inquiry CCI 1976
Citizens Committee for Protection of the Environment   1973-1979
Citizens Committee for the Anti-Draft Measure   1980
Citizens Committee for Watergate Reform   1976
Citizens for the Constitution   1979
Citizens Energy Council   1973
Citizens Energy Project   1976-1980
Citizens Fund   1989-1993
Citizens for Harkin   1995-1996
Citizens Hearings for Radiation Victims   1979-1980
Citizens for Humanizing Criminal Justice CHCJ 1979-1980
Citizens Institute for Positive Energy Policy   1974-1980
Citizens League Against the Sonic Boom CLASB 1976
Citizens for Participation in Political Action CPPAX 1971-1978
Citizens Party   1980
Citizens Planning Association of Santa Barbara County, Inc.   1977-1980
Citizens Research Foundation CRF 1978
Citizens for Responsible Energy   1991
Citizens Review Board of Police Actions   1974
Citizens for Safe Energy   1977
Citizens for Sarbanes Committee   1994
Citizens Train, Ltd., The   1987
Citizens for Wofford    
City Crisis Film Group   1978
City Life   1986
City Limits   1985-1986
City of Mound Bayou   1983
City Streets Poster Collective   1976
City University of New York Law Students Coalition   1988
Cityarts Workshop, Inc.   1974-2976
Civil Liberties Legal Defense Fund, Inc.   1973
Civil Liberties Review, The   1977-1978
Civilian Based Defense Association CBDA 1987-1993, 1995-1996
Clamshell Alliance   1978-1980
Claremont Citizens Action Now/N.H. People's Alliance   1979-1980
Claridad Bilingue   1973-1975
Clark, Dick, Senate Committee   1978
Clark, Hilton B.   1979
Clark, Judy, Legal Fund   1995
Clark, Ramsey   1975-1991
Class of '74, The   1976
Clay, William L.   1980
Clearing House for Options in Children's Education CHOICE 1973-1975
Clearinghouse/Community Fund Resources   1976
Clearinghouse on Georgia Prisons and Jails   1987
Clergy and Laity Concerned CALC 1975-1993
Cleveland Women Working   1980
Clinton, Bill    
Clinton/Gore '96 Primary    
Clinton Union of Community Women   1979
Coalition to Abolish State Executions of Maryland CASE 1987
Coalition to Address the Economic War   1988-1989
Coalition Against Registration and the Draft CARD 1979-1988
Coalition Against STOP   1995-1996
Coalition Against Uranium Mining   1980
Coalition for Alternatives to Shearon-Harris Nuclear Power Plant CASH 1986
Coalition of Appalachian Energy Consumers CAEC 1978-1979
Coalition for April 24th March on Boston   1976
Coalition Conference Committee   1979
Coalition for Democratic Values   1990
Coalition of Eastern Native Americans, Inc. CENA 1974-1975
Coalition on Economic Crisis   1974-1975
Coalition to End Grand Jury Abuse   1974-1978
Coalition to End Racism in Construction   1992
Coalition to End Racism in New York City Construction   1991
Coalition of Grass Roots Women, The   1979-1980
Coalition for Haitian Concerns CHC 1986
Coalition for the Homeless of Westchester C.H.O.W 1993
Coalition for Human Dignity   1994
Coalition for Human Priorities   1974
Coalition for Jobs and Justice   1980
Coalition for Justice and Peace in the Middle East   1980
Coalition for Massive Jobs Through Housing   1992
Coalition Ministry Blue Gargoyle   1974-1976
Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy   1972-1976
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy   1976-1986
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy   1987-1988
Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World Fund   1980
Coalition for a Nuclear-Free Harbor CNFH 1984-1990
Coalition for Peace and Reconciliation   1991, 1993
Coalition for Prisoners Rights   1980-1990, 1992-1993 1995
Coalition for a Safe Bay: Stop the Missouri/Cruise   1986
Coalition to Save Jobs   1980
Coalition for Social and Economic Justice, Inc.   1991
Coalition to Stop Funding the War   1973-1975
Coalition to Stop Trident   1984-1988
Coast Alliance   1980
Coast Range Association   1993
Coastal Advocates   1992
Coastal Plains Human Development Coordinating Council   1973-1974
Coats, Christopher   1974
Coffin, Bill   1988
Coffin, Jerry   1978
Coffin, Tristram   1974-1975
Cohen, Robert   1974
Cole, Aaron   1979
Cole, Johnnetta B.   1977
Collectio D'Accio No-Violenta   1977-1978
Collective Vietnam   1972-1975
College of Ganado   1977-1986
Colorado Comite(sic) Against Repression   1978-1979
Colorado Committee Against Grand Jury Repression   1978
Columbia Heights Community Ownership Project   1978
Columbia Human Rights Law Review   1975-1976
Columbia River Defense Project   1983-1986
Columbia University in the City of New York   1979-1990, 1993
Colwell, Mary Anna   1988
Comision de Desarollo y Emergencia   1988
Comite de Apogo a Los Trabajadores Agricolas   1993
Comite de Mexico y Aztlan COMEXAZ 1976-1979
Comite du Salut de la Patrie Hatienne COSAPAH 1978
Comment   1980
Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal   1992
Commission for Racial Justice of the United Church of Christ   1978, 1993
Commission on Religion in Appalachia, Inc. CORA 1974, 1993-1995
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace   1974-1980
Commission on United States - Latin American Relations   1989-1991
Commission on Voluntary Service and Action   1976
Committee to Abolish Prison Slavery CAPS 1977-1980
Committee for Action / Research on the Intelligence Community CARIC 1973
Committee for Ada Deer, The   1992
Committee for Affirmative Action Ad   1996
Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence   1992
Committee Against Deportations   1978
Committee Against the Recall Election CARE 1973
Committee Against Registration and the Draft CARD 1980-1992
Committee for Artistic and Intellectual Freedom in Iran CAIFI 1975-1978
Committee on Common Security CCS 1989-1991
Committee for Congressman Ronald V. Dellums   1996
Committee for David Dinkins   1993, 1995
Committee for the Defense of Haitian Patriots   1977
Committee for a Democratic Spain   1975
Committee to Elect Jan Pierce   1996
Committee to Elect Nydia M. Velazquez   1992
Committee to Elect Ron Carey   1992
Committee for Fair Electric Rates   1978-1979
Committee for Fifteen   1974
Committee for Freedom in India   1976
Committee for the Freedom of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Prisoners   1976-1978
Committee for a Free Mozambique CFM 1972-1975
Committee to Free Rice and Poindexter   1975-1979
Committee for Health Rights in the Americas   1996
Committee for Health Rights in Central America CHRICA 1984-1995
Committee for Hispanic Arts and Research   1981-1987
Committee for Human Rights in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico   1975
Committee to Impeach Nixon   1974
Committee for International Nonviolence CIN 1974-1976, 1994
Committee for July 26th   1974
Committee for Justice   1987-1990, 1992-1994
Committee for Justice for Domingo and Viernes CJDV 1986
Committee for Justice to Stop McCarran Walter Act



Committee for Legal Research on the Draft CLRD 1973
Committee on Militarism in Education   1979
Committee on Military Justice CMJ 1974-1977
Committee on the Military Use of Biological Research   1989
Committee for a National Teach-In   1996
Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East CONAME 1971-1974
Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, Inc. CNR 1972-1989, 1992-1995
Committee for an Open Newspaper   1978
Committee Opposed to Police Spying COPS 1987
Committee for Peace and Justice in Latin America   1987
Committee for Prisoner Humanity & Justice CPHJ 1971-1977
Committee to Protect Journalists   1984-1988
Committee for Public Justice CPJ 1972-1986
Committee for a Public Utility District   1976
Committee for Reconstruction and Social Development-Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam   1975
Committee to Re-elect Arthur Eve   1990
Committee to Re-elect Nydia Velazquez   1992, 1994
Committee for Responsible Genetics CRG 1983-1989
Committee for Rural Democracy   1978-1980
Committee for a Safe Energy Future   1995
Committee to Save the Iranian 14   1979
Committee to Save Mumia Abu-Jamal   1995
Committee to Secure a Fair Trial   1977
Committee for Social Responsibility in Engineering CSRE 1973-1976
Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador CISPES 1985-1995
Committee on South African War Resistance COSWAR 1988
Committee of Southern Churchmen   1974
Committee on the Status of Minority Elected Officials   1978
Committee for the Suit Against Government Misconduct CSAGM 1979-1980
Committee for Trade Union Relations with Cuba C-TUR 1980
Committee for a Yes Vote on Measure 'A'   1980
Common Ground   1986-1990, 1992-1993
Common Sense Foundation   1985
Common Sense Newsletter - Northern California Alliance   1977
Common Sense Philadelphia Action Report   1975-1976
Common Stock   1974
Commonweal Associates


  1975-1993, 1995-1996
Common Wealth Revolving Loan Fund CWRLF 1986
Communication for Change Inc.   1994
Communitas   1991-1995
Communities in Solidarity with El Salvador   1993
Community Action for Legal Services, Inc. CALS 1985-1986
Community Careers Resource Center   1986-1988
Community for Creative Non-Violence CCNV 1973-1993, 1995
Community Defense, Inc. CD 1986
Community Enterprises of Santa Fe   1976
Community Environmental Council   1973-1991
Community of Hospitality   1986-1989, 1992-1993
Community Housing Corporation   1977
Community Justice Center   1993
Community Law Center, Inc.   1973
Community Law Office CLO 1980
Community Media   1980
Community Multi-Service Agency, Inc. CMSA 1990-1992
Community News Service, Inc. CNS 1976
Community for Non-Violent Action   1971-1973
Community Nutrition Institute CNI 1975-1980
Community Opportunities Foundation, Inc.   1978
Community Ownership Organizing Project COOP 1974-1977
Community of the Peace People   1983-1986, 1992-1993 1995
Community for the Practice of Non-Violence   1992-1993
Community Resource Center CRC 1984-1988, 1993
Community Resource and Research Center CRPA n.d.
Community Response Association   1994
Community Self - Help Housing Development Fund Company, Inc.   1977
Community Shares   1986-1992, 1994
Community Survival Center   1980
Community Tax Aid, Inc.   1973
Community Technology, Inc.   1975
Community Training and Resource Center CTRC 1993
Community Union   1975
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility CPSR 1985-1994
Comu-Nica   1979
Concerned Citizens of North Camden   1980
Concerned Citizens Organization   1980
Condon, Gerry   1987
Conference/Alternative State and Local Policies   1980
Conference on Future Cuba - U.S. Exchanges   1991
Conference on Nuclear Armaments and New Weapons Technology   1980
Conference on Peace Research in History   1974
Conference on Socialism and Activism   1985-1986
Congregation for Service   1973
Congressional Agenda   1985-1993, 1995
Congressional Environmental Study Conference   1975
Congressman Bernie Sanders   1996
Congressman Ted Wass Campaign Committee   1992
Conheim, Maryanne    
Connecticut Citizen Action Group CCAG 1973-1975
Conrad, Kent, Campaign   1986-1990
Conscience and Military Tax Campaign CMTC 1980-1994
Consejo Comunidades Ethicas Runujel Junam CERJ 1991
Conselyea Street Block Association Education Center   1974
Conservation Press   n.d.
Consider the Alternatives CTA 1986-1991
Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development COPRED 1976
Constitutional Convention Project / Public Policy and Education Fund   1993
Constitutional Enterprises, Inc.   1973-1974
Constitutional Litigation Clinic   1976
Consumer Commission on the Accreditation of Health Services, Inc. CAHS 1973
Consumer Federation of America CFA 1976-1979
Contact   1974
Contact Center   1979-1980
Contact Press Images Inc.   1991
Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice   1975-1976
Contra/Diction   1987
Conway, Jack, for Congress   1988
Cook, Robert Alan   1988
Cooper, Allen   1994
Corder, Elder James H. (Candidate for the County Commission of Pickens County)   1974
Cornelius, Mary R.   1974
Cornell University Human Affairs Program   1974-1975
Corporate Data Exchange   1976-1980
Correctional Association of New York CA 1987-1990, 1992-1996
Cortright, David   1992
Council for Basic Education   1974-1996
Council on Christian Approaches to Defense and Disarmament CCADD 1978
Council for Democracy in Korea   1987-1990
Council on Economic Priorities   1976-1995
Council on Hemispheric Affairs COHA 1980-1993, 1995
Council on International and Public Affairs   1988-1996
Council on Interracial Books for Children, The   1982-1992
Council for a Livable World   1974-1996
Council on Municipal Performance COMP 1973-1980
Council for National Policy Planning   1975-1977
Council for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze   1986
Council for Public Interest Law   1975
Council for Responsible Genetics   1989-1993, 1995-1996
Council on Southeast Asian Studies of Yale University   1992
Council of the Southern Mountains, Inc. CSM 1973-1980
Council of Vietnam Veterans, Inc.   1978
Countdown 87: Campaign to End Contra Aid   1987
Counter Information Services CIS 1973-1978
Counterspy   1974-1979
Coupeau, Steve   1991-1996
Covered Wagon   1973
Covert Action Information Bulletin CAIB 1978-1992
Coyle, Brian, for U.S. Senate   1975-1978
Coyote-A Loose Woman's Organization   1975-1977
Crawford for Congress Committee   1994, 1996
Creative Alternatives to Prison   1979
Creative Arts Rehabilitation Center, Inc. CARC 1975-1991
Creative Dance Foundation Center for the Arts   1975
Crested Butte Chronicle   1976
Critics' Choice Video   1996
Cronin, Dr. James W.   1988-1989
Crow Dog, Leonard   1977-1979
Crusade for Justice   1973
Crusade to Cairo, Illinois   1974
CubaInfo   1992
Cuba Resource Center CRC 1973-1980
Cuban-American Committee for the Normalization of Relations with Cuba   1979
Cuban American Committee Research and Education Fund   1985-1990, 1993
Cullen Family Fund   1977
Cultural Survival   1992-1995
Cultural Understanding and Neighborhood Development Organization, Inc. CUANDO 1977-1980
Culver, John, for Senate   1979
Curbstone Press   1991
Curtis, Mark, Defense Committee   1988-1994
Custody Action for Lesbian Mothers   1977-1979
Cut Cane Associates/Appalachian Resource Project   1974
Cystic Fibrosis Research Inc. CFRI 1994-1996
D.C. Solidarity Committee   1975
D.N.A. People's Legal Services, Inc. Navajo Nation   1980
D-Q University   1975-1992
Daniel J. Bernstein Foundation DJB 1996
Daecher, Michael   1995
Daily News Strike Fund   1990
Daley, Michael   1977
Damien Ministries   1992-1995
Daniell, Debby   1975
Dann Defense Fund   1987-1989
Dartmouth Alumni Fund   1976-1979
Dartmouth College-Nicaragua Hurricane Relief   1988
Dartmouth Student Activist Fund SAF 1986-1987
Daschle, Tom, for Congress   1986
Data Center   1985-1996
Date Marital Rape Education Project   1994
Davidov, Marv   1974-1993, 1995
Davis, Cleveland, a.k.a. Jomo J. Omowale   1980
Davis, Darrell   1994, 1996
Davis, James   1993
Davis, Martha, Campaign Fund   1991
Davis, Peter   1992
Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund   1987-1993, 1995-1996
Davis, Ron   1978
Daybreak   1993
de Jouvenel, Bertrand   1974
Dean, Julia   1994
Deane, Eddie V.   1976
Deane, Kenneth   1974
Dean's Discretionary Fund   1994
Deegan, Chris   1978
Deep Dish T.V. Network   1991-1995
Defense Committee-Charleston, The   1972-1975
Defense Committee-Jacksonville, The   1975
Defense Committee-Tidewater, The   1974
Delancey Street Foundation   1973
Delauro, Rosa, Congress   1992, 1994 1996
Dellinger, David   1975-1986, 1992-1996
Delta Ministries DM 1976
Delta Resources Committee DRC 1973-1980
Demilitarization for Democracy   1996
Democracy Project   1985-1992
Democratic Forum/Review   1975
Democratic National Committee/Federal Account   1974-1988, 1992
Democratic Party of Louisiana DEMOPAC 1991
Democratic Party of Massachusetts-Affirmative Action Committee   1975
Democratic Party of the State of Mississippi   1973-1976
Democratic Planning Group   1974
Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, The   1990
Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee   1975-1979
Democratic Socialists of America DSA 1985-1995
Democratic Study Group DSG 1975-1976
Democrats 2000   1991
Democrats for Choice   1990
Dennett, Charlotte   1977-1991, 1993-1996
Denton, Lane   1975-1978
Denver Chicano Liberation   1974
Detroit Conspiracy Defense Fund   1973
Detroit Fast-food Workers a Council of United Labor Unions   1980
Detroit Summer   1993-1996
Deudney, Daniel   1987
Development Group, the   1978
Devereux, Don and Niomi   1974-1990
Di Gia, Ralph   1979
Dialogue Conference Between American Jewish and Palestinian Women   1989
Diamond, Sigmund   1980
DiCintio, Dorothy L.   1986
Dick Goldensohn Fund, The   1985-1993, 1995
Dick Gregory's Bicentennial Food Run   1976
Diehl, Richard   1975-1976
Diescho, Joseph   1987-1994
Diggs v. Schultz   1973
Dilmaghani, Mehdi, and Co. Inc.   1994
Dine Evictees of District Six   1989
Dinkins, David   1989, 1993 1995
Diocese of Nashville   1992
DiPerma, Paula   1992
Direct Expressions   1990
Direct Relief Foundation DRF 1974-1980
Direct Relief International   1981-1991, 1993-1996
Dirty Dozen Campaign, The   1976
Disability Rights Center, Inc.   1977
Disarm-Campaign for National Firearm Controls   1975-1977
Disarm Cuban Medical Program   1993
Disarm Education Fund, The   1986-1989, 1992-1994
Disarmament 2000/Common Security Working Group   1988
Disarmament Task Force   1990-1991
Disarmament Times   1980
Disciples of Christ   1996
Divans, Kenneth, Friends of   1977
Doctor Julius Hene International MASH Unit, The   1986
Documentary Media   1977
Dodd Project for Radiation Studies, The   1986
Doe Fund, Inc., The   1990-1991, 1993-1996
Dolci, Danilo, Friends of, Inc.   1977-1980
Dollars and Sense   1974-1996
Dome Project, The   1975-1986
Domestic Violence Education Program-Yonkers Women's Task Force, Inc. DVEP 1986
Dominican Sisters Family Health Service   1979
Don't Waste Utah Campaign   1984-1986
Donner, Frank J.   1990
Door   1973-1974
Dorchester Green Lite   1979
Dorchester Women's Committee   1992
Douglas, Shelly   1977
Douglass, Frederick Creative Arts Center   1991-1992 1994-1996
Douglass, James   1975
Doval, Daniel   1979
Dow, John, Citizens for   n.d.
Downey, Congressman Tom   1985-1987
Downtown Welfare Advocate Center   1978-1989
DownWinders   1983-1991, 1993-1995
Drinan, Robert, for Congress   1974-1976
Drug/Alcohol Rehab./Prevention and AIDS Education Program   1994
Dry Salvages Film Group   1978
Dube, E. Fred, Committee to Support   1987-1988
Duckwater Shoshone Tribe   1987-1988
Dukakis, Michael   1974-1988
Dump D'amato in '92   1992
Dunn, Mike   1992-1993
Dunn, Ruth   1993
Durham, Jimmie   1979-1980
Durkin, John, for U.S. Senate   1975-1978
Dworetzky, Philip J., DDS   1995
E.F. Schumacher Society   1984-1996
Eagan, Andrea Boroff   1976
Eagle, Stuart   1980
Earth Action   1991-1993 1995
Earth First! Direct Action Fund   1991, 1993-1995
Earth First Legal Defense Fund   1991-1992
Earth Food Associates   1975-1977
Earth Island Dolphin Project   1988
Earth Island Institute   1988-1993, 1995-1996
Earth Project, Inc.   1987
EarthVote   1989-1990
EarthWork   1980
Easley, Mike   1990
East Bay Media   1995
East Bay Sanctuary Covenant   1987-1993
East Boston Anti-Racists Defense Fund   1976
East Harlem Block Schools   1973-1974
East Harlem Churches and Community Urban Center, Inc.   1987-1996
East Harlem House   1975-1977
East Harlem Redevelopment Project, Inc.   1974
East River Anthology   1976-1980
East Tennessee Energy Group   1974-1975
East Timor Action Network   1995
East Timor Research Project   1982-1990, 1992-1993
East-West Bridges for Peace   1993
Eastern Farmworkers Association   1979
Eastern Federation of Nuclear Opponents and Safe Energy Proponents   1977
Echo Hawk Theatre   1980
Eco Theatre, Inc.   1980-1989
Economic Development Bureau, Inc.   1975-1979
Economics and Ethics Research Center   1980
Ecoworks   1990-1991
Ecumenical Ministry in the Haight Ashbury, Inc.   1975-1980
Ecumenical Peace Institute/Clergy and Laity Concerned EPI/CALC 1976-1989, 1993
Ecumenical Program for Interamerican Communication and Action EPICA 1980-1990, 1995
Ecumenical Program on Cultural America   1992, 1995
Ecumenical Trust Fund   1974
Edcentric Magazine   1975
Edelin, Kenneth, Defense Fund   1974
Edgar, Bob, for U.S. Senate   1985-1986
Edgar Snow Memorial Fund, The   1986-1992, 1994
Edgehill Associates, Inc.   1990, 1993
Edgemont Scholarship Council, Inc.   1993
Edmonds, George Okadigbo   1974
Education Action Fund   1974-1980
Education Action Program of the Community Association of East Harlem Triangle, Inc.   1976
Education for Action   1975
Education Fund for Israeli Civil Rights and Peace    
Education for Survival   1990-1991
Educators for Social Responsibility ERS 1982-1993, 1995-1996
Edwards, George, Legal Defense Fund   1990
Edwards Southeast Community Arts and Cultural Center   1974
Efaw, Fritz W.   1976
El Concilio Manzo   1977
El Independiente   1977
El Nuevo Teatro Pobre de America, Inc.   1978
El Pajaro Development Corporation   1980
El Pueblo   1980
El Rescate-Nova   1987
El Salvador Media Project   1990, 1992
Elbee Audio Players, Inc., The   1974-1986
Eldridge, Ronnie, for City Council   1988
Electoral Fairness Project   1990
Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center for Women   1975
Elizabeth Stone House   1978
Ella J. Baker Birthday Committee, The   1978
Ellerslie   1980
Ellison, Ella, Support Committee   1975-78
Ellison, Katherine, and Emily Goldfarb   1979
Elmsford Animal Shelter   1980
Elmwood Institute, The   1990-1994
Else, Anne   1978, 1995
Emergency Coalition to Stop the SST   1975
Emergency Committee Against U.S. War Threats in Korea   1979
Emergency Committee for Massive Federal Funding for Jobs Through Housing in the Public Domain   1977
Emergency Committee for Prisoners Release   1977
Emergency Committee on the Supreme Court Flag-Burning Case   1989
Emergency Committee to Defend Latin American Filmmakers   1975
Emergency Committee to Save Rental Housing   1979
Emergency Committee to Stop the Flag Amendment and Laws   1989-1990
Emergency Fund and Service, Inc. EFSI 1972-1993, 1995-1996
Emergency Fund to Stop Capital Punishment   1978
Emergency Land Fund (3 folders) ELF 1972-87
Emergency Land Fund-Browne, Robert S. (background info.) ELF 1964-68
Emmaus Community, The   1976-86
Emmaus/Harlem   1979-1993, 1995-1996
Employee's Legal Project ELP 1986-1989
Empower   1991
Encampment for Citizenship   1974-1994
End Violence Against the Next Generation, Inc. EVAN-G 1976-1980
Energy Action Committee   1976-1979
Energy America Education Fund   1992-1993, 1995
Energy and Resources Group   1979
Energy, Environment and Resources Center   1990
Energy Reform Group   1974
Energy Research Project   1977
Engler, Richard   1975-1986
Enlisted Times   1977-1979
Environmental Action Foundation EnAct 1973-1993
Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo County   1975-1978
Environmental Defense Center   1977-1980
Environmental Defense Fund EDF 1975-1989
Environmental Defense Institute EDI 1990-1992, 1994, 1996
Environmental Information Center   1976
Environmental Policy Center   1974-1980
Environmental Policy Institute EPI 1984-1989
Environmental Project On Central America EPOCA 1986-1987
Environmental Research Foundation   1991-1996
Environmentalists for Full Employment EFFE 1977-1980
Environmentalists for SALT   1979
Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa ECSA 1974-1990, 1992-1996
Episcopal Ministry at MIT   1974
Episcopal Student Center   1994
Equal Employment Council   1986-1987, 1992-1993 1995
Equal Rights Advocates, Inc.   1975
Equal Rights America ERAmerica 1976-1979
Equal Rights Congress ERC 1976-1996
Erdoes, Jean and Richard   1977-1992
Erickson, Barbara   1976
Erickson, Larry, for Congress   1980
Eschaton Peace Project/Foundation   1993
Esopus Creek Communications   1986
Esperanza Grazing Association   1973
Espy, Mike, for Congress Committee   1986-1991
Essential Books   1995
Essential Information, Inc.   1984-1994
Etheridge, Bob, Congress   1996
Eugene International Nuclear Free Zone Conference Organizing Committee   1988
European Nuclear Disarmament END 1986-1991
Evangelicals for Social Action ESA1 1983-1992, 1994
Evans, John, for Senate   1986
Eve, Assemblyman Arthur O.   1977-1988, 1996
Everett, Melissa   1986
Exploratory Project for Economic Alternatives   1975, 1978
Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace   1989-1991
ExpoCuba   1973
Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central America   1993
Fair Campaign Practices Committee, Inc.   1975-1978
Fair Housing Congress of Southern California   1981
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting FAIR 1987-1993, 1995-1996
Falcon, Priscilla   1987
Fallis, Gerald J.   1979, 1982
Families and Friends of Prisoners, Inc.   1977-1980
Farber in '96   1995-1996
Farm Forum   1978
Farm Labor Organizing Committee FLOC 1977-1989
Farm and Sea Experience, The   1974-1978
Farm and Wilderness Foundation   1975-1976
Farm Workers Justice Fund, Inc.   1990
Farmers' Legal Action Group Inc.   1994
Farmworkers Support Committee    
Farris, Carl   1979
Father Ford Associates   1988
Fear of Reprisal Ends   1978
Federal Bureau of Investigation Papers Project FBI 1979
Federated Conservationists of Westchester County, Inc.   1975-1993, 1995-1996
Federation for Economic Democracy   1977
Federation of American Scientists FAS 1973-1987
Federation of Communities in Service   1974-1978
Federation of Native Controlled Survival Schools   1976-1977
Federation of Southern Land Cooperatives-Land Assistance Fund   1978-1996
Feiner, Paul J.   1987-1992
Feliciano, Carlos, Committee to Defend   1975
Felix Neck Wildlife Trust, Inc.   1978-1979
Fellowship Farm   1987
Fellowship in Israel for Arab-Jewish Youth, Inc.   1980
Fellowship of Reconciliation FOR 1974-1995
Fellwock, Perry   1977
Feminist Anti-Nuclear Task Force   1979
Feminist Press at the City University of New York   1992-1994
Feminist Women's Health Center   1979
Fenton Communications (2 folders)   1984-1990
Ferency, Zolton, Campaign Committee   1978
Ferm, Linda, and Elaine Magalis   1989
Fernandez, Happy Craven   1987-1990
Ferner, Mike, for Council Campaign   1989-1990
Ferris, Mike   1981-1985
Festival for Racial Unity   1987
Fifth Estate   1975
Fifty-Third Street Ventures   1975
Fight Back   1974-1996
Fight Crime: Invest in Kids   1996
Fight Frank Lorenzo Fund   1989
Fight Inflation Together   1974-1975
Filipino People's Committee for the Permanent People's Tribunal   1980
Film Arts Foundation/Regret to Inform   1992-1994
Film and Theater Diplomacy   1987-1989
Film Fund, The   1976
Filmmakers Cooperative   1990
Fine Line Productions   1984-1987
Fingerhood, Shirley, for Civil Court Judge   1978
Fink, Kenneth   1980
Firester, Robert E.   1986
Fireworks Graphics Collective   1987
First Assembly the Fourth World   1980
First Global Radiation Victims Conference   1987
First International Peace Week of Scientists   1987
First National Conference to End the U.S. Blockade Against Cuba Conference Organizing Committee   1980-1981
First National No Nukes Strategy Conference, The   1978
First Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL   1972-1977
First Unitarian Church   1992
Fish, Ham Jr., for Congress   1994
Fisher, Sebern   1992
Florencia Land Rights Coordinating Committee   1979
Florida State Africa Peace Coordinating Network   1988
FMLN   1990
Focus Project, Inc.   1984-1986
Folsom Strike Support Group, The   1978
Food Action Campaign/Agribusiness Accountability Project   1974
Food and Earth Services, Inc. FES 1972-1981
Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy   1984-1992, 1995-1996
Food Research and Action Center   1973
For the People   1974
Foreign Bases Project   1989-1990, 1992
Forest, James   1974
Foresta Institute   1979
Forman, James   1975-1992, 1996
Fort Mason Foundation   1993
Fortune Society, The   1975-1993, 1995-1996
FORWARD/G.I. Counseling Center   1974-1977
Foundation for Democracy in Burma   1993
Foundation for Democratic Education in Israel   1993-1996
Foundation for National Progress   1992-1993
Foundation for New Educational Projects   1977
Foundation for New National Progress   1979-1980
Foundation for Open Company   1988-1993
Foundation for Peace and Justice   1989
Foundation for the Arts of Peace   1985-1986
Foundation for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court   1986
Foundation on Economic Trends   1989-1993
Founding Conference of the U.S. -Grenada Friendship Society   1980
Four Arrows   1977-1978
Fourth Freedom Forum   1992, 1995
Fourth Street "I"   1974
Fourth World Review   1986
Franchot, Peter, for U.S. Congress   1987-1988
Francovich, Allan   1989-1990, 1993
Frank, Barney, for Congress Committee   1980-1992, 1994-1995
Frank, Sheldon M., M.D.   1976
Franklin, Johnson and Morawetz   1974
Franklin N. Flashchner Foundation   1977
Franklin Training Corporation   1976
Fraser, Clara v Seattle City Light   1980
Fraternite Vietnam   1977
Free Books to Prisoners   1976
Free South Africa's Children   1987
Free the Indonesian Student Leaders   1979
Free Zone   1990
Freedom Community Clinic   1979
Freedom Now-Campaign for Amnesty and Human Rights for Political Prisoners in the USA   1990
Freedom of Information Act, Inc. FOIA 1979
Freedom Socialist   1992
Freedom to Travel Ad Hoc Committee   1993-1994
Freedomways   1980
Freeway Hall Emergency Eviction Fund   1979
Freeze Voter   1985-1988
Freeze Voter PAC   1989
Fresno Metropolitan Ministry   1974-1980
Freund, Gene, for Congress   1988
Friedlander, Miriam   1974-1976
Friedman, Mark, for Assembly   1996
Friends of Abinanti   1993, 1996
Friends of Alan Wheat for U.S. Senate   1994
Friends of Alvin Ailey   1974-1978
Friends of Animals, Inc.   1978
Friends of Barbara Boxer   1996
Friends of Bernie Thompson   1993
Friends of Carolyn McCarthy   1996
Friends of the Center for Preventive Psychiatry, The   1976
Friends of Committee for Defense of the Rights of the People CODEPU 1986-1989
Friends Committee on National Legislation FCNL 1977-1992
Friends of the Conservatory   1975-1977
Friends of the Council for Basic Education   1985-1990
Friends of Danilo Dolci, Inc. FDD 1974-1976
Friends of the Dartmouth Library   1974-1987
Friends of the Earth Foundation   1973-1991
Friends of Eve   1996
Friends of the Filipino People FFP 1973-1979
Friends of George Brown   1992-1993 1995-1996
Friends of Geri Rothman-Serot   1993
Friends of Holmes County Mississippi   1993-1995
Friends of Haiti, The   1979
Friends of India Committees   1975
Friends of Island Academy   1992-1996
Friends of the Israeli-Palestinian Center in Jerusalem, The   1993
Friends of Jim Forman   1993, 1995
Friends of the Korean People   1979-1980
Friends of Mary France   1994
Friends Military Counseling   1976
Friends of Moanike'ala Aikaka   1996
Friends of Naomi Matusow   1996
Friends of the Neuberger Museum   1975-1980
Friends of New Outlook, Inc.   1986-1992
Friends of the New York Public Library   1974-1977
Friends of Oz veShalom   1992
Friends of the Pathfinder Mural   1992
Friends of Paul Feiner   1993-1996
Friends of the Paul Robeson Archives   1975
Friends Peace Committee   1974-1976
Friends of Peace Now   1988-1989
Friends of the Puerto Rican Dance Theatre   1976
Friends of Richard Brodsky   1992-1993 1995
Friends of Ron Damiels   1993
Friends of Rosa Delauro   1992 1994-1996
Friends of Ruth Messinger   1994
Friends of Silver   1995
Friends of Suzi Oppenheimer   1996
Friends of Tom Andrews   1992-1993 1995-1996
Friends of Tom Foley   1994
Friends of the UCSB Library California Santa Barbara   n.d.
Friends of Unicorn Press   1976-1987
Friends of VISA   1985-1989
Friends of the Welfare Law Center   1993, 1996
Friends World College FWC 1974-1980
Friends of Yesh Gvul   1990-1993
Friendshipment People-to-People Aid to Vietnam   1975-1978
From the Grassroots   1978
From the Hellfire   1984
Frontera Del Norte Fund of Sierra Club Foundation   1976
Frontera News   1988
Fruitvale Committee for Human and Constitutional Rights   1980
Frying Pan   1976-1978
Fulbright Campaign Committee   1974
Fullinwider, Pat, for Congress   n.d.
Fund for a Free South Africa FreeSA 1987-1993, 1995-1996
Fund for Animals National Campaign to Save the Dolphin   1977
Fund for Bilingual Journalism   1977
Fund for Community Journalism   1988
Fund for Constitutional Government   1975-1991, 1994-1995
Fund for Democratic Elections in South Africa   1993-1994
Fund for Equal Justice   1974-1975
Fund for Human Dignity, Inc., The   1989-1990
Fund for International Understanding   1987
Fund for Investigative Journalism, Inc.   1977-1990, 1992-1993 1996
Fund for Legality in National Government   1974
Fund for New Priorities in America   1974-1989, 1991-1996
Fund for Open Information and Accountability, Inc. FOIA 1978-1988
Fund for Peace   1976-1980, 1992, 1995
Fund for Santa Barbara   1990
Fund for Secure Energy   1980
Fund for Wild Nature   1992
Funding Exchange   1979-1995
Funding the Prevention of Nuclear War   1982
Funds for a Free Chile   1975
Furse, Elizabeth, for Senate   1993-1995
Futterman, Donna   1975
Future Goals, Inc.   n.d.
Future Leaders' Network   1993
Future Wave, Inc.   1990
Gage, Margaret   1992
Gainesville Eight Defense Committee   1973
Gainesville Journalism Review   1976
Galaza, Ernesto   1975
Gallagher, Carole, Photography   1984-1992
Gallagher, Tom, for Congress   1985-1986
Gallery 345   1978
Gamble, Marguerite   1977-1979
Ganados Del Valle   1984-1989
Gant, Harvey, for Senate Campaign Committee   1990, 1995-1996
Garbus, Martin   1977
Garcia, Inez, Defense Fund   1976-1977
Gardens Nursery School-Kindergarten, The   1976-1977
Garrett, Gerald   1977-1979, 1992
Garrett, Helen   1980
Garvey, Ed, for Senate   1986
Gary, Jean   1976
Gaudino Project   1987
Gay Men's Health Crisis   1992 1994-1996
Gemma, Gabrielle   1990
General Assembly to Stop the Powerline GASP 1980
Genesis 2   1982-1989
George Mason University   1989
George Wiley Memorial Fund   1976
Georgia Legal Services Program   1988
Georgia Power Project, The   1973-1975
Gerassi, John   1980
Gershman, Ben   1990
Get Oil Out, Inc. GOO 1974-1980
Ghost Ranch Foundation   1974-1975
GI's in Germany   1975
Gibson, William   1986
Giger, Pamela   1980
Gilbert, Terry H.   1979
Gildea Resource Center Community Environmental Council   1986-1988
Gillies, Arch, Citizens for   1977
Gire, Lloyd   1979
Givat Haviva   1975-1993, 1995-1996
Give Peace a Dance GPAD 1985-1987
Gladstone, Sarah, and Allan J. Hruska   1986
Glendinning, Chellis   1993
Glenn, Franklin P.   1978
Glick, Ted, for City Council   1990, 1994
Global Action   1993
Global Center, The   1994-1996
Global Education Associates GEA 1985-1994, 1996
Global Exchange   1990-1996
Global Options   1987
Global Policy Forum   1995
Global Security Project   1988-1989
Globalvision, Inc.   1988
Glory Hole, The   1991
God's Helping Hand   1994
Goddard-Riverside Community Center   1976
Going Back to Asia   1976
Gojack, Mary, for Senate Committee   1980
Golubka   1984-1990
Gomez, Georgia   1983, 1996
Gonzales, Richard M.   1973
Good Old Joseph Foundation   1977
Good Work   1987-1990
Gordon, Janet   1992
Gorman, Natalie   1975-1982
Gould & Sterns   1984-1989, 1992-1996
Gover, Yerach   1978
Government Accountability Project GAP 1977-1993
Grace Church Community Center   1987-1996
Grace Church Summer Day Camp   1979-1991
Grand Jury Project, The   1976-1978
Granite State Coalition   1993
Grassroots   1974
Grassroots International   1989-1996
Grassroots Leadership   1988-1990, 1992-1996
Grassroots Legal Resource Directory   1991
Gravel, Friends of Mike, for Senate   1974
Gray, Carol   1994
Gray Panthers   1974-1987
Great Basin Spiritual Gathering   1989
Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility   1992
Greater Hartford Community Development Corporation   1973
Greater Metropolitan Federation, The   1974
Greater Scarsdale United Fund and Council, Inc.   1976-1977
Greater Westchester Alternative Tax Fund   1993-1994
Green Cay Farms, Inc.   1975-1976
Green, Don   1976
Green, Mark, for Senate   1980-1987, 1993-1994 1996
Green Mountain Post Films   1975-1988
Green River Center, Inc.   1988-1993, 1995
Green, William J., for the Senate   1976
Greenawalt, Bill, for Congress   n.d.
Greenburgh Economic Summit   1996
Greenburgh Nature Center   1976-1991, 1993 1995-1996
Greenburgh Police Association   1976-1979
Greeburgh Uniformed Firefighters Association, Inc.   1995
Greene County Development Center   1974-1975
Greenfield Popular Union Franklin Development Corporation   1977
Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles   1987-1989
Greenpeace Foundation   1978-1990
Greensboro Committee for Citizenship Education   1989
Greenville Clark Fund at Dartmouth College, Inc., The   1973
Greenville Community Council, Inc., The   1977
Greenville Fire Company No. 1   1974-1996
Greenvote   1992 1994-1996
Grenada Foundation, Inc.   1984-1988
Griffin, Cy   1979
Griffin, John Howard   1975-1976
Grinker, Lori   1990, 1992
Grossman, Aubrey   1978
Ground Wave Emergency Network GWEN 1985-1987
Ground Zero   1986
Groundwork Institute   1984-1990, 1992
Group Research, Inc.   1989
Guadalupe Church   1980
Guadalupe Organization, Inc.   1973-1977
Guardian   1974-1988
Guatemala: Breaking the Silence    
Guatemala Health Rights Support Project   1987-1991
Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA GHRC/USA 1986-1994
Guatemala Partners   1993-1996
Guatemalan Children's Theatre of Chicago-Tecun Uman   1988
Guatemalan Indian Children of War   1988
Guerra, Carlos   1975
Guidance Center   1974-1980
Gulf Coast Tenant Leadership Development Project   1989
Gulf Coast Tenant Organization   1991
Gulf Crisis TV Project   n.d.
Gulf Peace Team   1991
Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association   1972-1980
Gurfield, Mitchell   1987
Gurwitz, Glazer and Font   1978-1979
Gurwitz, Lewis S.   1986-1989
Gyorgy, Anna   1984-1989
Haiti Commission, The   1991
Haiti in Development   1992-1996
Haiti Reborn   1992-1993
Haiti Support Committee, The   1989
Haitian Environment and Development Initiative   1992-1993
Hakeem, Rasheeda Abdul   1976-1978
Hall, Vivian, for Congress   1976
Halstead, Lance Daniel   1988
Hamburg in Congress   1994
Hamilton, Alfred Starr   1974-1978
Hamilton Fish Account No. 2   1977
Hamilton-Madison House   1974-1980
Hamlet March Fund   1992
Hamline University School of Law   1995
Hampshire College   1976
Handgun Control, Inc.   1978-1987, 1992-1996
Handgun Legal Action Fund   1989
Hands Off!   1991
Hands Off Cuba TV Teach In   1992
Hanford Clearinghouse   1986-1987
Hans Gutierrez Project   1987
Harding, Vincent   1982
Harkin, Senator Tom   1975-1991, 1995-1996
Harlan County Project   1977
Harlem Council of Elders   1993
Harlem Philharmonic Society, Inc.   1974-1975
Harlem Restoration Project, Inc.   1977-1996
Harlem School of the Arts, Inc., The HSA 1974-1993, 1996
Harper's Ferry Theater Group   1976
Harriet Tubman Prison Movement HTPM 1972
Harrington, Congressman Mike   1992-1993
Harris, David, for Congress   1976
Harris, Johnny   1978-1980
Harrisburg Independent Press   1975
Hart, Gary K., California State Senator   1974-1990
Hart, Gene Leroy   1979
Hart, Philip A.   1974
Hartford Project   1973
Hartman, Chester W.   1974
Harvard and Radcliffe Alumni/ Against Apartheid HRAAA 1986-1991
Harvard University-Center for International Affairs   1974-1980
Harvey, Ruth   1983-1991
Harvey, Sloane, for Senate   1990
Hassan, Amina   1983-1987
Hasse, Elizabeth   1990
Hastings Center, The   1989-1996
Hastings, Willard, for Judge Committee   1980
Hatch and Cowin Committees   1978
Hatten, Ted   1972
Have a Heart for Homeless Committee   1992
Hawk, David   1981-1982
Hawthorne School, The   1973
Hayden, Tom, for U.S. Senate   1975
Haydon, Brownlee, for Los Angeles Board of Education   1975
Haymarket Foundation   n.d.
Haymarket Peoples Fund   1979
Health Care: We Gotta Have It   1994
Health, Education and Law for Prisoners, Inc. HELP 1979
Health and Energy Institute   1986-1990, 1992-1994
Health Policy Advisory Center HealthPAC 1977-1988
HealthWrights   1996
Heart of the Earth Survival School   1988
Helsinki Citizens' Assembly   1992
Hemisphere Initiatives   1992
Hemlock Society, The   1985-1987, 1993-1996
Henderson, Sandra   1994
Herb Trade Association   1978
Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship, The   1990
Hertsgaard, Mark   1986-1988
Hesperian Foundation, The   1976-1989
Hickernell, Mark A.   1989
Hickey, John   1992
Higgins, James   1988-1996
High-Level Nuclear Waste Project   1985-1986
High School Journalism Workshop   1974
Highlander Research and Education Center   1972-1993, 1995-1996
Hightower, Jim, for Texas Railroad Commission   1980-1991
Highway Action Coalition   1974
Hill, Alicia   1980
Hill, John   1986-1990, 1992
Hill, Louis G., for Mayor   1975
Hillegas, Jan   1983
Hillel Streetwork Project   1973
Hinkley, David   1980-1981
Hirsch, Beverly   1989
Hirsch, Constance   1992-1994 1996
Hispanos Unidos of Park Slope   1975-1989
HIV Arts Network   1994
Hoa Binh Press, The   1973
Hochberg, Committee to Re-elect County Legislator Audrey   1975
Hodgin Press First Unitarian Church   1976
Hoff-Barthelson Music School, The   1975-1995
Hoffman, David   1986, 1994
Hofstra University School of Law   1975-1976
Hohler, Bob   1976
Hollander, Toby   1979-1991
Holloway, James Y.   1976-1980
Hollyman, Stephanie   1993
Holt Associates, Inc.   1979
Holt, John   1976
Holt, Stephen, for State Senator   1988-1989
Holtzman, Congresswoman Elizabeth   1974-1987
Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen   1983-1993, 1995-1996
Holy Family House   1975-1976
Home Co-op   1980-1986
HOME, Inc. HOME 1977-1993, 1995-1996
Honeywell Project, The   1987-1991
Hooper, Janet M.   1975
Hoosiers for Hogsett   1992
Horton, Mike   1989
Hospitality House   1989
Hotel Tenants' Rights Project HTRP 1988-1989
Houck, Tom, for Atlanta Representative   1973
House of Peace   1991-1994
House of the Inca Children   1971-1975
Housing Action Council   1976, 1992
Hudson River Museum   1992-1996
Hudson Valley Freedom Theatre, Inc.   1976-1982
Huet-Vaugn, Yolanda, M.D.   1991
Hughes, Dick   1978
Hughes, Scott, for Congress   1986
Human Affairs Program Cornell University   1975
Human Arts Association   1993
Human Quest Foundation, The   1993
Human Rights Campaign Fund   1992-1993
Human Rights Coalition Project   1988
Human Rights Commission of El Salvador   1988
Human Rights Decal Campaign   1990
Human Rights Documentation Project   1988-1989
Human Rights Political Action Committee   1990
Human Rights Project, Inc., The   1988
Human Rights Watch   1992
Human Service Employees Registration and Voter Education Campaign Human SERVE 1985-1989
Humane Farming Action Fund   1993-1994 1996
Humane Farming Association, The HFA 1989, 1991-1996
Humanitas-International Human Rights Committee   1988
Humphrey, Dave Mack, Legal Defense Fund   1974
Hung, James   1992
Hunter College   1989-1990, 1993, 1995
Hyatt for Senate   1994
ICAP   1978
Icarus Tamouz Media   1988-1990
Ideal Communications, Inc.   1984-1991
Ieyoub, Richard, U.S. Senator   1996
IKWE Marketing Collective   1986
Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty   1977-1987
Illinois Neighborhood Development Corporation (4 folders)   1973-1990
Illinois Public Action Council   1980-1988
Immaculate Heart College   1975-1986, 1992-1995
Immanuel Lutheran Church    
Imutan, Andy   1975
In Concert with Cuba Break the Blockade   1976
In Defense of Sacred Lands   1987
In Defense of the Pueblo   1977
InFact   1992-1993
In Our Own Way   1985-1993
In the Public Interest   1974-1987
In These Times   1978-1991
In Touch Networks, Inc.   1979-1980
Inalienable Rights Institute IRI 1986-1987
Incarcerated Veterans Assistance Organization, Inc. IVAO 1979-1980
Independence High School   1973
Independent Action   1985-1996
Independent Commission of Inquiry on the U.S. Invasion of Panama   1990
Independent Jewish Committee IJC 1979
Independent Progressive Politics Network   1996
Independent Publishing Fund of the Americas   1979
Indian Community School of Milwaukee ICS 1987
Indian Law Resource Center   1980-1990, 1992, 1994
Indian Youth and Elder Education Project   1986
Indiana University Foundation   1996
Indiana University Purdue University @ Indpls. Libraries   1993
Indians Against Exploitation, Inc.   1973
Indigena News from Indian America   1974-1980
Indigenous Radiation Forum   1987
Indigenous Women's Network   1990-1991
Individuals Against the Crime of Silence   1976
Indochina Curriculum Group   1975-1976
Indochina Information Project   1973
Indochina Mobile Education Project   1973-1976
Indochina Resource Center   1973-1975
Industrial Cooperative Association ICA 1979
Industrial States Policy Center   1979-1980
Infant Formula Action Coalition INFACT 1980-1993, 1995
Inform   1979-1980
Informe Columbiano   1986-1987
Informed Democracy   1985-1987
Initiative 1, 19 Washington Citizens for Death with Dignity   1991
Inmates for Action Defense Committee   1975
Inner Voices Achievement Scholarship Program IV-ASP 1979-1980
Inside/Out   1980
InSight Productions   1990
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy   1993-1994
Institute for Alternative Journalism   1992, 1994
Institute of Applied Politics   1975
Institute for the Arts of Democracy   1994
Institute of the Black World   1975-1980
Institute for Central American Studies   1992
Institute for Childhood Resources   1985-1987
Institute for Cinema Studies   1992
Institute for Community Economics   1981-1996
Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies   1983-1990, 1992-1993, 1995
Institute for Democratic Socialism   1979-1995
Institute for Ecological Policies   1978-1980
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research   1989
Institute for Food and Development Policy   1978-1996
Institute for International Order   1972
Institute for International Peace Studies   1991
Institute for International Policy   1975
Institute for Labor Education and Research   1977
Institute for Local Self-Reliance   1977-1979, 1993
Institute for Media Analysis, Inc.   1986-1990, 1992-1993
Institute for Neighborhood Studies   1976, 1994
Institute for Peace and International Security IPIS 1986-1993, 1995-1996
Institute for Policy Studies   1973-1996
Institute for the Practice of Nonviolence   1988
Institute for Public Affairs   1988-1993
Institute of Race Relations   1975-1990, 1992-1993
Institute for Regional Education IRE 1973-1987, 1993-1995
Institute for Social Ecology   1986-1987
Institute for Social and Economic Rights   1993
Institute for Social Inventions   1985-1990, 1994
Institute for Social Justice Inc.   1987 1992-1993 1996
Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences   1975-1977
Institute of the Southern Plains   1973
Institute for Southern Studies   1973-1996
Institute for Soviet-American Relations   1986-1990
Institute for the Study of Civic Values   1976
Institute for the Study of Nonviolence   1974-1975
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy ITEP 1985-1986
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy   1984-1987
Institute for War and Peace Reporting   1993-1995
Institute for World Order, Inc.   1978
Institution Educational Services-Prison Law Monitor IES 1978-1979
Instituto Superior de Ciencias Agropecularias   1988
Insulin for Life   1989
Intelligence Documentation Center   1975
Intelligence Research and Information Services, Inc. IRIS 1980
Intercommunal Survival Committee   1974-1976
Intercommunity Center for Justice and Peace   1985-1995
Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing   1986-1993, 1995-1996
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility   1976-1993, 1995-1996
Interhelp, Inc.   1986-1987
Interlink Press Service   1980
International Alliance of Atomic Veterans IAAV 1986-1987
International Arctic Project   1991
International Arts for Peace IAP 1987
International Association Against Torture IAAT-AICT 1989-1995
International Association of Democratic Lawyers   1978-1990, 1994
International Association of Filipino Patriots IAFP 1978-1980
International Campaign to Free Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt)   1992, 1994
International Center, The   1992-1995
International Center for Development Policy   1986-1990
International Center for Global Committee Foundation   1994
International Center for Peace in the Middle East ICPME 1986-1991
International Chemical Workers Union ICWU 1980
International Children's Fund   1975-1990
International Christian Youth Exchange ICYE 1990 1992-1993
International College   1973-1975
International Committee of Immigration and Public Policy   1977
International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners from Detention, Torture & Death   1973-1974
International Comprehensive Test Ban Campaign   1989
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace ICDP 1973-1981
International Conference of Peace Researchers and Peace Activists   1975
International Consultation on Eliminating Foreign Military Presence   1988
International Council for Bird Preservation ICBP 1975-1992
International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa   1973-1974
International Fellowship of Reconciliation IFOR 1976-1991, 1993, 1995
International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity   1989
International Friendship House   1975
International Health Institute of Brown University IHI 1987
International Human Rights Law Group   1989
International Independence Institute   1973-1977
International Indian Treaty Conference   1991
International Indian Treaty Council IITC 1974-1996
International Jewish Peace Union   1994, 1996
International League Defense and Education Fund   1977-1979
International League for Human Rights   1974-1976
International Media Project   1996
International Medical Relief Fund   1995-1996
International Medical and Research Foundation   1978
International Ministry, Harvard   1974
International Mobilization for Survival   1978
International Nonviolent Initiatives   1989-1991
International Office of Peace Action   1995
International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination EAFORD 1990
International Peace Academy   1976-1989
International Peace Center   1976-1977
International Peace Research Association Foundation IPRA 1987, 1992-1995
International Peace Symposium   1977
International Peace Walk   1987
International Peace Works   1991
International People's Appeal   1979
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Inc. IPPNW 1980-1987, 1994, 1996
International Publishers   1987-1989
International Report Fellowship of Reconciliation   1986
International Rivers Network   1990-1995
International Roster of Women Scholars   1976-1978
International Scholars Program on Peace Studies   1989
International Seminars on Training for Nonviolent Action ISTNA 1976-1980
International Society for Animal Rights ISAR 1987-1996
International Survival Gathering   1980
International Voluntary Services, Inc. IVS 1991-1996
International War Tribunal   1984-1986
International Work Brigades/NY   1986
Internews an International News Service   1976-1987, 1992-1993, 1995-1996
Internews Network   1992
Interns for Peace   1978-1996
Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, Inc., The IFCO 1979-1990, 1992-1994 1996
Inter-University Committee to Stop Funding War and Militarism   1976
Investigative Reporters and Editors IRE 1976
Investigative Resources Center, Inc.   1979-1980
Iona College   1994
Iowa , University of, Foundation   1990
IPN IPN 1985
Iranian Student Association-USA   1979
Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse   1992-1994
Irv McMillan Defense Committee, The   1993
Irvington Town Theater   1994
Isaiah Peace Ministry   1986-1988
Isla Negra Films   1975
Islands and Contents   1978
Israel and Palestine   1974-1977, 1993-1994
Israel Diaspora Institute   1987
Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information IPCRI 1989-1993, 1995-1996
Israeli Civil Rights and Peace   1992 1994-1996
Itling, Larry   1977
Ixchel Project   n.d.
Jackson Advocate, The   1980-1981
Jackson, Jeffrey J.   1996
Jackson, Jesse, for President   1987-1991
Jacobs, Paul   1974
Jacques, Norman, for Congress   1975-1985, 1994
Jamaica Plain Tenants Action Group   1976
Jamaica Progressive League JPL 1980
James Bay Organizing Proposal   1990
James Earl Chaney Foundation, The   1993
Janes, Daryl   1990
Janis, Leon, and Reginald Buckman   1979
Jargon Society, Inc., The   1972-1986 1993, 1996
Jay Coalition, The   1987-1990
Jean, Ernst   1978
Jefferson, Eva   1975
Jennings, Bill, and Ruth Yannatta for Council   1979
Jersey Shore War Resisters League   1974-1976
Jesuit International Missions   n.d. 1992-1993
Jewish Committee on the Middle East JCOME 1988-1990, 1992-1994
Jewish Fund for Justice JFJ 1987-1994
Jewish Peace Fellowship JPF 1974-1993, 1995-1996
Jewish Peace Lobby   1992-1996
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice   1995
Jezer, Marty   1974-1990
Jimenez, Citizens for Jose Cha-Cha, for Alderman   1975
Jimenez, Ramon, for State Senator   1978
Jobs or Income Now Coalition   1978
Jobs and Justice   1979
Jobs for Peace   1992
Jobs with Peace   1984-1993
John Brown Anti-Klan Committee   1980
John Muir Institute for Environmental Studies, Inc.   1974-1976
John Powell's Project to Investigate U.S. Use of Biological Warfare   1977
John Williams Communication Fund   1989
Johns Hopkins University   1992-1993
Johnson, David   1980-1989
Johnson, Robert Bowie, Jr.   1973-1975
Johnson, Tim, for South Dakota   1995
Johnston, William   1989
Joint Legal Task Force on Central American Refugees JLTF 1987
Joint Schools Committee for Academic Excellence Now, Inc.   1977
Jonah House   1979-1993, 1995-1996
Jones, Dorothy   1974
Jones, Jim, for Probate Judge   1976
Jones-Larsen Defense Fund   1991
Jones, Tahan K.   1992, 1994
Jontz, Jim, for Senate   1994-1995
Jordan, Pamela   1979
Joseph, Wilhelm   1982
Jubilee Plowshares Legal Defense Fund   1996
Judson Centennial   1990
Julio Cortazar Hospital Fund   1984-1986
Jullian, Camacho, for Congress   1974
July 4 Coalition, The   1976
Jumping Bull, Cecilia, Memorial Giveaway   1987
Junior Educators of Tomorrow JET 1975
Just Economics   1979
Justice in the Gate   1995
Justice-PAC   1994
Juvenile Action Movement   1976
Juvenile Education and Awareness Project   1984-1987
K.P.O.O. FM Radio Station   1974
Kafatou, Sarah   1975
Kahre-Richards Family Foundation   1980-1984
Kairos/Plowshares   1995
Kaminer, Reuven   1987
Kamiya, Marla   1987
Kanegis, Arthur   1985
Kangai, Tirivafi J.   1977
Kansas City Fellowship of Reconciliation   1993
Kaplan, Todd S.   1987
Karim, Hanifa   1981
Katallegete   1986-1990
Kauffman, L.A.   1993
Kaufman, Paul J.   1974-1980
Kavanagh Productions   1992
Keating, W. Dennis   1974
Keefe Tech Lincoln-Sudbury China Club, The   1978
Keegan, Frank L.   1974-1987
Keene, Ralph   1980
Keep Hope Alive   1989-1990
Keep Strong Publishing Company   1977-1979
Keeper of the Feathers Indian Survival School   1979
Kehler, Randy   1994
Keller, Irene   1978
Kennedy, Jane   1975-1980
Kennedy, Scott, for City Council   1990, 1994
Kenny, Maxine   1974
Kent State Due Process of Law Fund   1974-1977
Kentucky Rivers Coalition KRC 1977
Keppel, John   1991, 1993 1995
KERA Channel 13 Public Communications Foundation   1976
KERA FM 90   1976
Kern County Economic Opportunity Corporation   1977
Kerry Committee   1996
Kerry, Senator John   1985-1990, 1995-1996
Kerry, Senator Robert   1988-1989
Khmer Health Advocates Inc.   1992, 1996
Kianga House   1992-1993 1995-1996
Kiger, Peter   1979
Kindred Community   1988
King, John   1981
King, Mel, for Congress   1986
Kings Bay Project   1987
Kinoy, Arthur, and Sylvia Law Nicaraguan Project   1985
Kirberg, Enrique   1979
Kirkridge   1973-1991
Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press   1986
Kleckner, Susan   1987
Klein Walker Associates   1987
Knaplund, Virginia, for Family Court Judge   1987
Knight, Dee Charles   1987
Knowles, Stevye Clostreschiu   1979
Knox, Kevin   1992-1993
Koff, Clea Msindo   1996
Kohns, Daniel   1995
Koinonia Partners   1972-1989, 1992-1993
Komisaruk, Katya   1986-1989
Kopetski, Mike, for Congress Committee   1990-1992
Korea Human Rights and Democracy Project   1978
Korean Institute for Human Rights   1987
Kornblith, Cathy   1976-1977
Kownacki, Sister Mary Lou   1987
Kozol, Jonathan   1977
Krejsa, Richard J.   1989
Kretchmer, Jerome, for Congress   1974
Krupsak, Mary Ann, for Lt. Governor   n.d.
Kubby, Karin, for Council   1991
Kudzu Alliance Citizens Against Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant   1978
Kunstler, William M.   1976-1989
Labor Action Coalition of New York   1979
Labor Campaign for Unions in El Salvador   1990
Labor Coalition on Central America   1989
Labor/Community Coalition to Keep Van Nuys Open   1988
Labor/Community Strategy Center   1988-1989
Labor Education and Policy   1979
Labor Education and Research Project   1979-1990, 1993-1995
Labor Education Project   1975
Labor Network on Central America   1985-1989
Labor News Journal   1989
Labor Notes   1984-1991, 1993-1995
La Clinica Foundation   1994
La Clinica de la Gente   1974-1991
La Clinica del Puebla De Rio Arriba   1972-1991, 1994, 1996
La Cooperacion del Pueblo   1977
La Cooperativa Agricola   n.d.
La Duke, Winona   1977-1988
La Fevre, Inanna   1986-1989, 1993
La Follette, People for Doug   1988
La Nueva Esperanza of Sante Fe   1975
La Pena Cultural Center   1978-1980
La Penca Project   1986
La Raza Centro Legal, Inc.   1978-1980
La Raza Cinema   1972
La Salade   1984-1986
La Semilla   1977
Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board   1992
Laffin, Arthur J.   1993-1994 1996
Lake Powell Research Institute   1975
Lake Shore: Film and Television Productions   1991
Lakey, George   1989-1992
Lakota Communications, Inc.   1980-1988, 1994
Lakota Treaty Council   1977-1979
Lall, Citizens for Betty, for Congress   1978
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.   1985-1986
Lambi Fund of Haiti   1994-1996
Lame Deer, Archie Fire   1980-1986
Land Institute   1991-1993 1995
Land Research Homesteading Organization LRHO 1986-1996
Landau, Saul   1996
Lane, Bryan   1974
Lappe, Viola   1996
Larsen, Eric, Defense Committee   1991
Latin America/Caribbean Committee of the Loretto Community   1987
Latin American Center, Inc.   1986
Latin American Cultural and Social Center, Inc.   1976-1978
Lattimore, Michael   1973
Law Students Council-Law Students Civil Rights Research Council LSCRRC 1972-1986
Lawrence Hill and Company   1974
Lawrence, Ken   1979
Lawton, Gary and Chukia    
Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control, Inc.   1985
Lawyers Campaign to Free Nelson Mandela   1986
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (Africa Legal Assistance Project)   1974-1992
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights   1990, 1992-1994 1996
Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights   1979
Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, Inc.   1985-1993, 1995-1996
Lawyers Defense Committee   1974
Lawyers Military Defense Committee-American Civil Liberties Union LMDC/ACLU 1974-1976
Lazore, Dianna K.   1986
LDEF:American-Israeli Civil Liberties Coalition, Inc. LDEF 1987
Le Cun du Larzac   1985-1987
Leadership Education and Development LEAD USA 1991-1992
League of Conservation Voters LCV 1974-1990
League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations of the Western Nations   1992-1993
League of Rural Voters Education Project   1986
League of Women Voters   1987-1989
Leavenworth Brothers Offense/Defense Committee   1974
LeCain for Congress   1992
Lee, Howard N.   1972-1975
Lee, Martin A.   1986-1988, 1992
Left Business Observer   1989-1993
Legal Action Project   1990-1991
Legal Assistance Project for the Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes LEAPCAT 1987-1989
Legal Defense and Bail Fund   1988
Legal Defense Center, Inc.   1975-1991
Legal Defense Fund    
Legal Foundation for Personal Liberties   1978
Legere, Lyn   1989
Lena Park Community Development Corporation   1973-1975
Lens, Sydney   n.d.
LeoGrande, William M.   1986
Leo Hurwitz Productions, Inc.   1979
Letelier-Moffitt Memorial Fund for Human Rights   1987-1989
Leuser, David, Legal Fund   1973
Levin, Carl, Friends of   1986-1990
Levinson, Sandra   1996
Lewisburg Prison Project, Inc.   1978-1993, 1995-1996
Libbie Goldman Scholarship Fund   1975
Liberation   1974-1977
Liberation News Service   1973-1980
Liberty Hill Foundation   1976-1989, 1996
Liddicoat, Jeffrey J.   1987
Life Guard Idaho/Snake River Alliance   1987-1988
Lifer's Foundation   1979
Lilienthal, Sally   1981
Lincoln Hospital New York City   1977
Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, Inc.   1978
Lindsey, Joyce   1986-1989
Links   1989-1991
Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine   1979-1993
Lion Theatre Company   1976-1980
Lisle Fellowship   1989-1990
Literacy Project   n.d.
Literacy Volunteers of New York City   1992
Literacy Volunteers of Westchester County LVWC 1988-1990, 1992-1993, 1995-1996
Liuna   1991
Livermore Action Group LAG 1984-1986, 1993
Livermore Conversion Project   1994, 1996
Living Democracy   1994-1995
Living Theatre Collective   1974
Lo Nuestro del Norte   1986-1987
Local Elected Officials of America LEO-USA 1985-1986
Loeb, Paul   1982-1989, 1993
Loft Film and Theatre Center, Inc.   1976-1979
Loisaida   1976
Lonetree Defense Fund   1978-1990
Long Island Sound Taskforce LIST 1979-1980
Long Walk for Survival   1980
Longshore Jobs Defense Committee   1977-1980
Loosening the Ties that Bind   1988
Lopez, Jesse L.   1978-1980
Loren, Jose   1993
Lorin, Mr.   1995
Los Alamos Study Group   1992, 1994 1996
Los Siete de Questa   1975
Losing Control Documentary   1989-1990
Louisiana Farmworkers Project   1980
Love Line Books   1990
Lovett, Joseph   1974
Low Income Group for Human Treatment LIGHT 1986-1996
Lowenstein, Al, for Congress   1974-1976
Lower Hudson Valley Sierra Club   1973
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council   1993
Lowey, Congresswoman Nita   1988-1995
Lowry, Mike, for U.S. Senate   1988
Lubow, Bart   1976
Lummi Indian Business Council   1985
Lyons Studies, Inc.   1979
Lyttle, Bradford   1974, 1993 1995
Mabou Mines   1980
MacDowell Colony, Inc.   1976-1977
Mackenzie, Angus   1978-1991
Maco Crafts, Inc.   1976-1980
Mad Housers   1988
Madame Binh Graphics Collective   1979
Madison Tenants Union   1976
MADRE, Women's Peace Network   1986-1996
Magelan   1992
Maguire, Andy: Senate 78   1978
Maine Nuclear Referendum Committee MNRC 1980-1991
Majcher, Roman   1991
Majority Coalition for a New, New York   1991
Makepeace Wells, Ltd.   1987
Malagodi, Stephen   1987-1989
Maloney for Congress   1993-1996
Malu Aina Center for Non-Violent Education and Action   1984-1990
Manas   1987
Mandel, David   1978
Mankiewicz, Frank, for Congress Committee   1976
Manley, Michael   1980
Mannes College of Music, The   1975-1995
Mannes Legal Defense   1979
Mao Tse Tung Memorial Committee   1978
Mapam   1989
Marable, Manning   1991, 1996
March First Coalition   1975
Marchese, Janet   1980
Marchino, Michael   1978
Maredi, Selaelo   1979-1988
Mari-Med Foundation   1986
Marian Davis Scholarship Fund   1974-1986
Maricopa County Organizing Project MCOP 1977-1979
Marin Experimental Teaching Training Advising Center METTA 1986
Marin Interfaith Task Force on Central America   1987
Markey, Ed, for Congress   1976-1977, 1992 1994-1995
Marlow, Sandra Kane   1986-1987
Marroquin, Hector, Defense Committee   1977-1980
Marshall, Richard   1980
Martin, Arnold   1979-1980
Martin Luther King Jr. Community School Parent Group in Atlanta Georgia, The   1975
Martin Luther King, Jr. Workers Conferences   1974-1975
Martinez, Cezar Joya   1989-1991
Martinez, Francisco E., Defense Committee   1980-1984
Martinez, Leo, for Supervisor   1976
Marvin Rosenberg Award Fund   1975
Marx, Laurel   1985-1987
Marxist Education Collective-School for Marxist Education, The   1977-1979
Marxist Perspectives   1978
Mary House   1991-1993 1995-1996
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers   1986-1987
Maryknoll Sisters   1988-1990
Maryland Coalition to Abolish State Executions CASE 1987-1988
Massachusetts Alliance for a Fair Share   1974
Massachusetts Audubon Society   1986
Massachusetts Citizens Against the Death Penalty MCADP 1986-1991
Massachusetts Community Center, The   1976-1977
Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services   1979
Massachusetts Fair Share   1975-1978
Massachusetts Social and Economic Opportunity Council   1977
Massachusetts Tenants Organization   1980
MassHealth Action Alliance   1987
Mattheus, Johanna, and William H. Moyer   1978
Matusow, Naomi G.   1995-1996
Maurer, Robert   1974-1975
Max, Gerson   1989
May 19th Communist Organization   1978
Mayer, Paul   1979-1980 1995
Mayo Foundation for the Handicapped   1975-1980
Mazel, B.L., Inc.   1995
Mazza, Patrick   1991-1994
Mazzocchi, Tony, for President/for Secretary-Treasurer of Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union   1979-1988
McCabe, Martha, Law Office   1977
McCarthy, Leo   1988-1992
McCarthy, Patrick Henry   1976
McCloskey, Paul   1974
McCloud, Janet   1986-1990
McComb Community Center   1973
McEaren, Rob   1972
McGee, Helen T., Fund   1993
McGee, Vincent F., Jr.   1975-1992, 1996
McGovern Congressional Committee   1994, 1996
McGovern, Friends of Gary   1988
McGovern, Senator George   1973-1980
McGuire, Andy   1979
McKean, Andy, for State Representative   1978
McLaren, Robert   1974
McLaughlin, Robert C.   1974
McMillan, Ian   1977
McReynolds/Drufenbrock Campaign Committee   1980
McSurely Research and Educational Fund   1979
McVeigh, Kevin   1986-1990
McWilliams, Carey   1976-1978
Means, Russell, Defense Fund   1975-1977
Means, Ted and Loralei   1979
Mechling, Tom, Campaign Committee   1974
Media Alliance   1984-1990, 1992-1994
Media Consortium Against War   1991
Media and Consumer Foundation   1975
Media and Democracy Project   1990
Media Network   1983- 1996
Medical Aid for Central America MEDICA 1989-1990
Medical Aid for El Salvador   1985-1993 1995
Medical Aid to Chile   1987
Medical and Scientific Aid for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia MSAVLC 1973-1991
Medical Committee for Human Rights   1974
Medrano, Mary Jane Wilson   1987
Meek for Congress   1992
Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute   1971-1987
Melcher, John, for Senate Committee   1976
Mello, Greg   1995
Members of Congress for Peace through Law MCPL 1974-1981
Memorial Endowment Scholarship   1991
Memphis Community Bookshop and Center for Dialogue   1974-1975
Memphis Five Defense Fund   n.d.
Mennonite Central Committee   1989
Menorah: Sparks of Jewish Renewal   1980
Mental Patient Civil Liberties Project   1975-1976
Meretz-Democratic Israel   1992
Meridel Le Sueur Library Foundation   1990
Messinger, Ruth   1986-1989, 1995-1996
Metanoia Community   1987-1993, 1995-1996
Methodist Federation for Social Action MFSA 1974-1980
Methodist Federation Fund   1976
Methodist Peace Fellowship   1974
Metropolitan Action Institute   1980
Metropolitan Museum of Art   1991-1996
Metropolitan Research Coordinating Committee   1974
Metzenbaum, Howard M., for Senate   1974-1988 1993-1995
Mianus Gorge Preserve, Inc.   1980-1994
Michael Harrington Center, The   1992-1993 1995
Michelman, Kate   1992
Michigan Coalition to End Government Spying   1977-1978
Michigan Interfaith Committee on Central American Health Rights MICAH 1988-1990
Micro Wave News   1986
Mid America Coalition for Energy Alternatives   1974
Mid-Atlantic Radical Historians Organization MARHO 1977-1980
Mid-Hudson Valley AIDS Task Force MHVATF 1987
Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project MPCP 1978-1980
Midcoast Health Research Group   1995
Middle East Alternative Media Project   1977
Middle East Cultural and Educational Foundation   1992-1993
Middle East Justice Network, The   1990-1994
Middle East Mobile Education Project   1974-1976
Middle East Peace Fund   1994
Middle East Peace Project   1976-1980, 1995
Middle East Research and Information Project MERIP 1977-1996
Mideast Peace Group Proposal   1975-1977
Midland School   1996
Midnight Special Collective   1972-1974
Midwest Academy   1977-1991, 1993
Midwest Institute for Social Transformation   1992-1993
Midwest Pacifist Commentator   1992
Midwest Research   1985-1987
Mikulski, Barbara, for Senate   1986-1992 1995-1996
Mikva, Citizens Committee for Abner J., for Congress   n.d.
Milford Town Hall Auditorium Restoration Milford THARC 1990, 1992
Militarism Resource Project MRP 1984-1986
Military Audit Project (2 folders)   1979-1980
Military Counseling Network   1988-1990
Military and Draft Law Resource Center   1980
Military Families Support Network   1991-1992
Military Law Reporter   1977-1978
Military Legal Defense Fund   1992
Military and Veterans Action Committee   1977
Military and Veterans Counseling Center   1976
Millard, Gerald   1977-1980
Miller, Congressman George   1987-1990
Miller, David   1978-1980
Irving I. Miller   1994
Miller, James   1975
Miller, Jonathan   1976
Miller, Maya, for U.S. Senate   1974
Miller, Thomas   1980
Mills, James   1975
Miner, Dorienne   1991
Miners for Democracy   1973
Miners Support Committee   1978
Mini Institute, Inc. Mini Academy   1979-1980
Mink, Patsy, Congresswoman   1976
Minnesota Citizen's Review Commission on the FBI   1978
Minority Rights Group MRG 1973-1986
Mischel, David   1993
Mississippi Anti-Nuclear Political Action Committee   1979
Mississippi Film Project, Inc.   1979
Mississippi Poultry Workers Union MPWU 1974
Mississippi Prisoners' Defense Committee   1978-1982
Mississippi State Welfare Rights Project   1974
Missoula Fair Housing Board   1989
Missouri Citizen Education Fund   1994
Missouri Friends of the Earth   1974
Missouri Peace Planting '88   1988
Missouri Progressive Vote   1993
Mitkowski, Jerry   1995
Mobile Community Organization MCO 1986
Mobilization Against Intervention in Africa, The   1978
Mobilization Against the Draft   1980
Mobilization for Survival   1977-1989
Modern Times Theater, Inc.   1979
Moeller/McRae Justice Fund   1992
Moffett, Toby, for Congress   1974-1990
Moncada Library/Biblioteca Moncada   1979-1980
Montagano, Daniel   1992-1994
Montana Land Reliance   1978-1987
Montana Low-Income Coalition   1987, 1988
Monthly Review Foundation   1986-1996
Moody Park Three Defense Fund   1978
Morales, Maria Christina   1990
Morales, Travis, Mara Youngdahl, Thomas Hirschi   1978
Moratorium   1979
Morey, Alice   1996
Morgenthau, Citizens for Bob, for Manhattan District Attorney   n.d.
Morning Star Foundation, The   1990
Morning Star Institute   1993, 1995
Morning Sun Printing Project   1979
Morse, Wayne   1973
Morton, Don   1983-1991
Moses, Robert   1977-1980
Moss, Barbara A.   1976
Mother Jones   1977-1992 1995
Mottern, Nick, and Moe Rodenstein   1979
Mound Bayou Community Hospital   1975-1976
Mountain Eagle, The   n.d.
Mountain People's Health Councils   1974
Mountain Top Films   1986-1989, 1993-1994
Movement Action Plan MAP 1988-1994
Movement for Economic Justice   1974-1978
Movement for a New Society   1974-1986
Movement in Support of the Iranian People   1977
Moya: A Dance Company   1976
Moynihan, Senator Daniel   1976-1991
Mozambique Education Fund, Inc.   1976
Mozambique Film Project   1976
MPLA Solidarity Committee, The (People's Movement to Liberate Angora)   1975-1976
Ms. Foundation for Women, Inc.   1976-1979
Muehlenkamp, Jack, Attorney at Law   1994
Muenster, Theodore   1990-1991
Murder Victims Families' for Reconciliation   1995
Murphy, Alberta Brown   1974
Murray, Stephen E.   1980
Music Academy of the West, The   1977
Musical Education Scholarship Fund   1977
Muskie, Ed, Senator   1976
MX Information Center   1980
My Sisters' Place, Inc.   1986-1993 1995-1996
Myers Foundation, Inc.   1990-1993
Naecker, G. Edwin   1980
Naeve, Gavin, Defense Fund   1974
Nairn, Allan   1994
Namibia Information Service NIS 1987-1989
Namibian Action Group, The   1975
Nash, Emory   1971-1973
Nashvillians for a Nuclear Arms Freeze   1987
Nassar, Majed, M.D.   1992
Natalie Bodanya Singers Trust Company   1974
Nation Associates, The   1984-1995
Nation Enterprises, Inc. (2 folders)   1978-1985
Nation of Graffiti Artists NOGA 1978
Nation Institute, The   1989-1990, 1992, 1994 1996
Nation Institute Writers in Crisis   1982-1985
Nation, The   1987, 1991-1995
National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League   1996
National Abortion Rights Action League NARAL 1974-1996
National Ad Hoc Committee Against Censorship   1976
National Agenda for Peace in El Salvador   1990-1992
National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression   1974-1995
National Alliance of Third World Journalists   1988-1991
National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools NALSAS 1978-1979
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP 1977
National Association of Atomic Veterans NAAV 1980
National Association of Neighborhoods NAN 1976-1979
National Association of Office Workers   1977-1979
National Association of Radiation Survivors    
National Audubon Society   1977-1996
National Bar Association, Inc.   1977
National Black Human Rights Coalition   1979
National Black Theatre   1979
National Black United Fund, Inc.   1979
National Black Veterans Organization   1977
National Campaign Against Toxic Hazards   1985-1987
National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund   1993-1996
National Campaign for Independent Political Action   1993
National Campaign for Peace in the Middle East   1990-1991
National Campaign of the Movement for Economic Justice   1978-1979
National Campaign to Abolish the Lexington Women's Control Unit   1988
National Campaign to Impeach Nixon   1976
National Campaign to Save the ABM Treaty   1986
National Campaign to Stop the B-1 Bomber   1976-1977
National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice NCCIJ 1976
National Catholic Peace Movement Pax Christi USA   1989
National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives   1978-1989, 1993-1994 1996
National Center for Immigrants Rights   1985
National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs   1974
National Center for Youth Law   1981-1986
National Center on Women and Family Law, Inc. NCOWFL 1987-1990
National Center on Women and Families   1979
National Center to Slash Military Spending   1975-1979
National Central America Health Rights Network NCAHRN 1992-1993 1995-1996
National Chicano Human Rights Council   1993
National Citizens Committee for Broadcasting NCCB 1975-1980
National Citizens Review Commission on the FBI   1979
National Clean Air Coalition   1976
National Coalition Against Censorship NCAC 1977-1993 1995-1996
National Coalition for Children's Justice   1976-1978
National Coalition for Economic Justice   1977-1980
National Coalition in Support of the Third U.N. Special Session on Disarmament SSDIII National Coal 1988
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty   1993-1994 1996
National Coalition to Fight Inflation and Unemployment   1975-1977
National Commission for Economic Conversion & Disarmament   1994-1995
National Committee Against Grand Jury Repression   1979
National Committee Against Repressive Legislation NCARL 1973-1996
National Committee for a People's Progressive Convention   1992
National Committee for an Effective Congress NCEC 1975-1996
National Committee for Independent Political Action NCIPA 1984-1996
National Committee for Radiation Victims   1984-1991, 1993-1994 1996
National Committee for Tax Justice   1975-1976
National Committee on the Presidency   1974
National Committee to Overturn the Bakke Decision   1977-1978
National Committee to Re-Open the Rosenberg Case NCRRC 1975 1993-1994
National Committee to Save Mound Bayou Community Hospital   1976-1977
National Committee to Support the Marion Brothers   1977-1978
National Conference of Black Churchmen   1974
National Conference of Black Lawyers (2 folders) NCBL 1973-1989 1996
National Conference on Agent Orange   1980
National Conference on Military Spending Organizing Committee   1979
National Conference on Nonviolence   1986
National Congress of American Indians NCAI 1984-1989
National Congress of Neighborhood Women   1978
National Consumers Congress   1974-1976
National Consumers League NCL 1979-1986
National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile   1974-1978
National Coordinating Committee for Justice Under Law   1972-1975
National Coordinating Committee to Free the Five   1976
National Coordinating Office on Refugees and Displaced of Guatemala NCOORD 1993-1994 1996
National Council for Civil Liberties   1975-1978
National Council for Public Assessment of Technology   1976
National Council for Universal and Unconditional Amnesty   1975-1978
National Council of American-Soviet Friendship   1987
National Council of Churches   1973-1978, 1992
National Council of the Churches of Christ   1974-1979
National Council on Women, Work and Welfare NCWWW 1977-1979
National Council to Control Handguns   1976-1978
National Council to Repeal the Draft NCRD 1973
National Day of Justice for Immigrants and Refugees   1986
National Defense Organization Against Racist and Political Repression   1973
National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee NECLC 1973-1994, 1996
National Emergency Civil Liberties Foundation, Inc.   1975-1978, 1996
National Endowment for the Humanities NEH 1976
National Energy Strategy NES 1991
National Environmental Policy Act NEPA 1991-1992
National Equal Rights Congress   1979
National Family Farm Education Project   1978
National Forum   1986
National Ghost Ranch Foundation, Inc.   1973-1978
National Guard Clearing House   1988
National Hard Times Conference Committee   1975
National Hemlock Society, The   1987-1992
National IMPACT   1989
National Indian Youth Council, Inc. NIYC 1975-1988
National Institute for Campus Ministries   1977-1980
National Interim Committee for a Mass Party of the People   1974
National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors NISBCO 1975-1996
National Intervenors   1974-1978
National Jobs with Peace   1992 1995-1996
National Jury Project   1978-1979
National Labor Boycott Shell Committee   1987-1990
National Labor Committee in Support of Democracy and Human Rights in El Salvador   1984
National Labor Task Force   1975
National Land for People Foundation NLP 1976-1989
National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty   1991-1994, 1996
National Lawyers Guild-AIDS Network NLG 1990-1993
National Lawyers Guild-Central America Task Force   1992
National Lawyers Guild -Chile Task Force NLG 1988
National Lawyers Guild-Committee on Native American Struggle NLG/CONAS 1980
National Lawyers Guild Foundation NLG 1972-1992, 1994
National Lawyers Guild-Free Law School NLG 1974-1980
National Lawyers Guild-Gulf War Military Law Project NLG 1991
National Lawyers Guild-Military Law Office-Asia Military Law Project NLG 1973-1975
National Lawyers Guild-Military Law Office NLG 1972-1976
National Lawyers Guild-National Immigration Project/Los Angeles Deportation Defense Fund NLG-NIP/LADDF 1987
National Lawyers Guild-National Office NLG 1979
National Lawyers Guild-National Immigration Project/Central American Refugee Defense Fund NLG-NIP/CARDF 1987-1989
National Lawyers Guild-New York City Chapter   1991, 1993-1994
National Lawyers Guild-Nuclear Issues Committee/Peace and Disarmament Subcommittee NLG-NIC 1986-1886
National Lawyers Guild-Peoples College of Law NLG 1975
National Lawyers Guild-Puerto Rico Legal Project NLG 1977-1980
National Lawyers Guild-Summer Projects Committee NLG 1975-1980
National Lesbian and Gay Lifeline   1989-1990
National Military Discharge Review Project   1977-1978
National Mobilization Against Racism   1986
National Mobilization Against the Draft, The   1980
National Mobilization for Survival, Inc.   1984-1991
National Namibia Concerns   1990
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights NNIRR 1989-1991, 1993-1994
National Network in Solidarity with the Nicaraguan People NNSNP 1979-1980
National Office People's Party   1972-1977
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws   1973-1978
National Organization of Women Education and Legal Defense Fund   1974
National Parks and Conservation Association NPCA 1984-1991
National Peace Foundation   1992-1993 1995
National Peace Institute Foundation NPIF 1986-1991, 1993
National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement   1990-1991
National Petition for a New U.S.-Korea Policy   1976
National Project on Women and Global Corporations   1979
National Rainbow Coalition   1986-1990
National Resistance Committee NRC 1980-1986
National Resource Center   1990-1991
National Resources Defense Council   1995
National Rural Caucus   1988
National Safe Workplace Institute NSWI 1989-1993
National Sanctuary Defense Fund   1987-1989, 1992-1994, 1996
National SANE   1987
National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students   1978
National Security Archive   1987-1990, 1992-1993 1995
National Strategy Session on Local Ownership of Electric Utilities   1979
National Student and Youth Campaign for Peace in the Middle East   1991
National Student Campaign for Voter Registration NSCVR 1984-1986
National Student Coalition Against Racism   1975-1977
National Student Committee for Farmworkers   1974
National Student Conference Against Racism NSCAR 1975
National Task Force for Cointelpro Litigation and Research   1979
National Tenants Information Service, Inc. NTIS 1990
National Toxics Campaign Fund   1990-1992
National Training and Information Center NTIC 1982-1987
National Trust for Historic Preservation   1987-1988
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee   1992-1994 1996
National Welfare Rights Organization   1973
National Welfare Rights Union   1990
National Wildlife Federation   1978
National Women's Agenda   1977
National Women's Political Caucus   1976-1977
National Writers Union   1990
Native Action   1989-1994
Native American Council of NYC   1993
Native American Council of Tribes   1980-1990
Native American Fund   1974-1989
Native American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.   1973-1975
Native American Media Collective   1977
Native American Rights Fund   1974-1989
Native American Scholarship Fund, Inc.   1974-1991, 1993-1994
Native American Solidarity Committee   1975-1978
Native American Spiritual Sanctuary   1986
Native American Studies Center University of New Mexico   1978-1979
Native Americans and the Death Penalty   1988
Native Americans for a Clean Environment   1987, 1993
Native Harvest   1996
Native Lands Research and Policy Institute   1990-1991, 1993
Native Nations   1991
Native Nevadans for Political Education and Action NNPEA 1980
Nato Alerts Network   n.d.
Natural Area Council Hudson Fund   1974
Natural Guard Fund   1979
Natural Organic Farmers Association   1979
Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC 1974-1996
Nature Conservancy   1979-1994
Nauni, Rita Silk   1980
Nautilus Institute, The   1993-1994 1996
Nautilus International, Inc.   1980
Nautilus Pacific Action Research   1985-1990, 1992-1993
Navajo Mental Health Program   1979
Navajo Uranium Widows and Minors Litigation   1980
Near, Gary J.   1979-1993
Nebraskans for Peace   1985-1997
Nebraskans Opposed to the MX NO MX 1983-1986
Needham, Joseph H.   1976
Nehanda Publishers   1989
Neighbor to Neighbor   1985-1993, 1995-1996
Neighborhood Education and Counseling Center   1976
Neighborhood Tutorial Center   1974-1975
Nelson, Annie Defense Fund   1992
Nelson, Gaylord, for Senate   1973-1980
Net Profit   1973
Network   1993
Network-A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby   1979-1996
Network Education Program   1988-1989, 1994
Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala NISGUA 1984-1995
Network Project Santa Barbara   1972-1978
Nevada Desert Experience   1986-1993
Nevada Progressive Coalition Planning Fund   1994
Nevins, Joseph   1992
New American Movement   1974-1978
New American Movement/New York Metropolitan   1975
New Americas Press   1988
New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church   1989
New China   1974-1977
New Clear Vision   1984-1989
New Covenant Peace and Justice Center   1988
New Democratic Coalition   1980
New Directions   1977-1987
New Directions Caucus   1979
New Directions in Psychology, Inc.   1978-1980
New Directions Publishing Corporation   1974
New Economics Foundation, The   1992
New El Salvador Today NEST 1985-1991
New England Central America Network NECAN 1985-1986
New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, Inc.   1977-1993
New England Free Press   1973
New England Military And Draft Law Panel   1980
New England Students Against Apartheid NESAA 1986-1987
New Games Foundation   1976
New Hampshire Citizen Action NHCA 1987-1995
New Hampshire Democratic State Committee   1975
New Hampshire Law Collective   1979
New Hampshire Peoples Alliance   1979-1980
New Hampshire Veterans Project   1979
New Haven/Leon Sister City Project   1985-1996
New Hope House   1990-1994
New Israel Fund NIF 1979-1993, 1995
New Jersey Toxics Project NJTP 1980
New Jewish Agenda NJA 1979-1992
New Majority Publishing Company   1976
New Mexico People and Energy NMPE 1978-1980
New Mexico Regional Committee   1976
New Options   1987-1992
New Orleans Rainbow Coalition   1988
New Outlook   1976-1991
New Party   1991-1996
New Political Science   1974-1980
New Populist Forum   1986
New Responses to Sexual Aggression   1980
New Rochelle Committee for a US-USSR Nuclear Weapons Freeze   1986
New Rochelle SANE/Freeze Peace Committee   1989-1990, 1992, 1994
New School for Social Research   1991-1992 1995
New Schools Exchange   1973-1976
New Society Educational Foundation   1993 1995-1996
New Society Resource Center   1976
New Visions   1989
New World Coalition   1973
New World Foundation NWF 1987
New York Center on Corporate Responsibility   1974
New York Circus Peace Project   1990
New York City Business Assistance Corporation   1992
New York City Clean Air Campaign, Inc.   1977-1979
New York City Cultural Council Foundation   1975
New York City School Volunteer Program   1991-1994 1996
New York City Star   1973-1974
New York Civil Liberties Union Westchester Chapter   1994, 1996
New York Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides NYCAP 1991
New York Coalition for Equal Rights   1975
New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health NYCOSH 1982-1989
New York Consort of Viols, Inc.   1976-1978
New York Council of the Fellowship of Reconciliation   1974-1978
New York Marxist School   1987-1989, 1993
New York Mobilization for Justice and Peace in Central America and Southern Africa   1987
New York Public Interest Research Group, Inc. NYPIRG 1976-1986, 1992-1996
New York Public Library   1977-1990
New York Regional Actions for Peace, Jobs and Justice   1997
New York State Council on the Arts   1974
New York State Council of Churches, Inc.    
New York State Federation of Zero Population Growth   1976
New York University Medical Center   1976-1977, 1994
New York University Tamiment Institute Library   1993
New York Women Strike for Peace   1976-1978
New York Women's School   1974-1975
New York Women's Union Grand Jury Project   1975
New York Workers News and Perspectives   1977
New York Zoological Society   1979-1986, 1992, 1994
New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty   1994-1995
New Youth Connections NYC 1980-1986
Newark State College   1974
Newsfront International   1978
Newsletter from the Children's Storefront   1975
Next American Foundation   1988
Nez Perce Fishermen's Committee   1980
Ngo Vinh Long   1979-1980
Nia Cultural Organization   1979
Nicaragua Construction Brigade   1986
Nicaragua Exchange   1984-1986
Nicaragua Medical Aid   1988-1991, 1993-1994
Nicaragua Medical/Material Aid Campaign NICMAC 1984-1988, 1994
Nicaragua Network Education Fund   1986-1993, 1995-1996
Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York   1988-1989
Nicaragua This Week   1988
Nicaraguan Building Project   1979
Nicholl, John M.   1978
Nicodemus, Matt   1987
Niebly-Proctor Marxist Library   1994
Nielsen, Kathleen, for Assembly   1974
Nill, Michael   1976
Nindakin   1996
Ninth Street School   1974-1979
Nipponzan Myohoji   1986
No Nukes in the Garden   1979
Non-Intervention in Chile NICH 1978
Non-Violence International   1990
Nonviolent Action for National Defense Institute   1991
Nonviolent Alternatives   1991-1996
Nonviolent Liberation Groups in Latin America   1974
Nonviolent Studies Institute   1975
Norman Wilson Memorial Fund   1975
Norris Square Neighborhood Project   1994-1995
North American Congress on Latin America NACIA 1971-1996
North American Farm Alliance NAFA 1984-1989, 1993
North American Indian Non-Profit Organization   1975
North American Seminar on Training & Organizing for Nonviolent Action   1977
North American Water Office   1986-1987
North American Worker-to-Worker Network NAWWN 1993
North Atlantic Network   1984-1990
North Carolina Conference on Black Studies   1979
North Carolina Labor Law Center   1980
North Carolina Participatory Democracy Project   1996
North Carolinians Against Racist and Religious Violence NCARRV 1984-1990, 1992
North Country Anvil   1976-1988
North Country Chautauqua   1975-1976
North Country Institute   1993
North Country Peoples Alliance   1977-1978
North Country Place Campaign   n.d.
North East Neighborhood Association NENA 1973
North East Prisoners Association   1976
North London Preservation of the Rights of Prisoners   n.d.
North Star Fund   1992
Northeast Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa   1978
Northeast Community Mental Health Service   1974
Northern California Ecumenical Council NCEC 1983-1986
Northern California Land Trust   1977-1978
Northern California Police Practices Project   1975
Northern Cheyenne Landowners Association   1973-1976
Northern Plains Project   1975-1976
Northern Plains Resources Council NPRC 1973-1979
Northern Rockies Action Group   1974-1988
Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment, Inc. NWCAMH 1989-1993, 1995-1996
Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides NCAP 1980
Northwest Indian Women's Circle/Moccasine Line NWIWC 1986-1988
Northwest Interfaith Movement   1974
Northwest Labor and Employment Law Office   1976
Northwest Nuclear Exchange   1984-1986
Northwest Passage   1976
Norwich Center   1978
Norwood and South Fairmount Organizing Project NSFOP 1980
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation   1993, 1995
Nuclear Control Institute   1986-1990, 1992-1993
Nuclear Democracy Network, The   1993
Nuclear Free America NFA 1986-1993
Nuclear Information and Resource Service NIRS 1989-1990, 1993-1995
Nuclear Psychology Program   1984-1986
Nuclear Resister   1986-1992, 1994-1995
Nuclear Sovereignty Project   1987-1988
Nuclear Times   1990
Nuclear Weapons Education Fund   1987
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign   1986-1987
Nuclear Weapons Labs Conversion Project   1978-1980
Nuevo Instituto de Centro America NICA 1986-1989
Nuke Watch   1985-1996
Nutrition Action Project on Food Safety and Nutrition   1976
NYZS the Wildlife Conservation Society   1993
Oakland, City of, Refugee Committee   1986
Obayashi Family, Friends of   1976
Ober, Harold, Association Inc.   1993
Oberlin College   1975
Oberly, Charles M., U.S. Senate   1994
Obey, Dave   1980
O'Brien, Val   1980
Observer Film Company   1990
Occupational Health & Safety Project-Urban Planning Aid   1975
Ocean Beach Community Free School   1978
Oceanic Society   1978-1988
Oceans Magazine   1974
O'Dell, Lisa   1980-1981
O'Donnell, Pierce, for Congress   n.d.
O'Dwyer, Paul   1976-1990
Odyssey   1992
Offender Aid and Restoration OAR 1976-1977
Office of the Americas OOA 1984-1996
Office of Hawaiian Affairs   1980-1987
Office of Management and Budget Watch OMB Watch 1985-1989
Office for Political Prisoners and Human Rights in Chile   1976-1979
Officina De Ley Del Pueblo   1978
Ogden, Hugh   1989
O'Gorman, Ned   1976-1980
Ohio Public Interest Campaign   1975-1979
Ohio State University   1995
Ohio University Press   1994
Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers   1974
Okhela   1976
Olan, Susan   1985-1990
Olguin, Rosanne Rocky   1986
Omega News   1988-1989
Omessi Group, The   1996
Oneida Indian Resource & Cultural Center Project   1974
Open House   1992, 1994
Open Media   1993
Operation County Fair Proposal   1974
Operation Freedom: Lifeline to the Southern Movement   1974-1977
Operation Real Security   1989-1993
Optic Nerve   1975
Orange County Citizens for Alternative Power   1974-1975
Orange County Peace Conversion Project OCPCP 1980
Oregon Right to Die   1994
Organization for Black Struggle   1990
Organize Training Center OTC 1989-1993, 1995-1996
Organizer's Book Center   1975
Organizers Fund OF 1974
Organizing Committee for Enlisted People's Union   1977
Organizing Committee for a Fifth Estate Counter-Spy Campaign   1974
Organizing Committee for a Union of Democratic Intellectuals   1992
Organizing for Social Change, Inc.   1979
Orozco, Dr. Ignacio Staines/Camero, Dr. Hector   1980
Ortega, Daniel   1988
Ortiz, Roxanne Dunbar   1978
Osborn, K. Barton   1975
Osborne Association   1988-1996
Osborne, Solomon, for Circuit Judge   1989
O'Shea, Mary Leland   1992-1994
Ossining Children's Center   1980
Other Americas   1986, 1992
Other Economic Summit, The TOES 1987-1990
Other Way of South Carolina   1980
Ottinger, Richard L.   1974-1980
Our School   1977
Out Now   1990-1995
Outdoor Education Fund   1976
Outlaw, Marpessa Dawn   1987
Overstreet, Coy D.(Restricted)   1993
Ovryn, Rachel   1986
Owen, Wilfred, Memorial Fund   1978
Owens, Committee to Re-elect Wayne, to Congress   1990
Owens, Congressman Major   1984-1991
Owens, Wayne, for Congress   1986
Oxfam   1980-1989, 1995
Oxfam America   1973-1996
OZ ve Shalom Religious Zionists for Strength and Peace   1990
Pace e Bene Franciscan Service in Nonviolence   1991-1994
Pace University School of Law   1989-1992
Pacific Alliance   1979
Pacific Asia Resources Center   1974
Pacific Counseling Service   1975-1976
Pacific Futures   1987
Pacific News Service   1975-1994
Pacific Peacemaker Project   1986
Pacific Street Film & Editing Co.   1973
Pacific Studies Center PSC 1973-1990, 1992-1993
Pacifica Radio WBAI   1975-1996
Padilla, Rafaela   1979
Palestine Solidarity Committee PSC 1976-1992
Palmer Weber Professorship (University of Virginia)   1990
Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute   1986-1990, 1992-1993
Palouse-Clearwater Hanford Watch   1986-1987
Pan-African Liberation Committee   1973
Pancontinental Exchange   1976
Paradigm Productions   1996
Paradise Farm Organics   1992, 1994
Paradise Ridge   1991
Parallel Films (Accord Research & Educational Associates, Inc.)   1982
Parent Slate   1986
Parents and Teachers for Social Responsibility   1987-1989
Parish Acres   1978-1980
Parliamentarians for Global Action   1984-1991, 1993, 1995 1996
Parliamentarians for World Order PWO 1979-1986, 1992-1993 1995-1996
Parnassus: Poetry in Review   1995
Part of the Solution POTS 1982-1996
Partisan Defense Committee   1980-1990
Partnership for Democracy   1990-1991, 1992
Pastors for Peace   1988-1995
Paterson Coalition   1976
Pathfinder Mural Committee   1989-1990, 1992, 1996
Patient Rights Legal Action Fund PRLAF 1986-1988
Patmos Associates, Ltd.   1988-1996
Patrick, Miners United for Harry   1977
Patriotic Majority   1987
Patwardhan, Anand   1976
Paul, Hali   1976
Paul, Susanne   1992
Paul Jacobs Commission   1989-1990
Pax Christi Metro New York   1986-1993
Pax Christi U.S.A.   1985-1996
Payne, Karen   1987
Payne, Roz, for Assistant Judge   1984-1986, 1994
Peace Action   1988-1990, 1993-1996
Peace Action Education Fund   1993
Peace Action New Rochelle Chapter   1994
Peace Action for a Sane World   1993
Peace Activists East and West   1987
Peace Between Israelis, Palestinians and Arab States PIPA 1975-1976
Peace Brigades International PBI 1985-1995
Peace for Cuba   1991
Peace Development Fund PDF 1982-1991, 1993
Peace Dividend Clearinghouse   1990
Peace Education, Inc.   1985-1988
Peace Education Project   1980, 1993
Peace Farm, The   1987-1995
Peace for Guatemala   1993
Peace Links   1992-1994
Peace Links Women Against Nuclear War   1986-1991, 1993
Peacemakers   1986
Peace Media Service PMS 1988-1991, 1993, 1995
Peace Movement Organization   1988
Peace Museum   1984-1987
Peace Net   1987
Peace Now   1978-1988
PeacePac   1992
Peace Politics/Peace Politics '88   1988
Peace Project   1982-1993
Peace Resource Center of Santa Barbara   1984-1988, 1992
Peace Review   1988-1989
Peace Studies Association, The   1992-1994
Peace Tax Foundation   1993, 1995
Peacework   1993
Peacework Alternatives   1985-1986
Peake, Katy Skyhorse   1976
Peck, Winslow   1978
Peekskill African American Cultural Society   1991
Peekskill Committee for Justice(Ronald Davis)   1990, 1994
Peidmont Peace Project   1991
Pele Defense Fund PDF 1990
Peltier, Leonard, Defense Committee   1979-1990, 1992, 1994 1996
Pen American Center   1979, 1992
Penn Community Services, Incorporated   1975-1980
Pennebacker, Miles   1990
Pennsylvania Jobs with Peace Campaign   1988
People for the American Way   1980-1993
People's Anti-War Mobilization   1988
People's Business Commission   1977-1980
People's Campaign For Figures   1978
People's Campaign for Rent Control   1979
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice   1973
People's Convention   1980
People's Defense Committee   1977
People for Driscoll   1992
People's Economic Conference   1975
People's Fast for Justice   1994
People's Festival   1991
People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo   1975-1976
People Food and Land Foundation   1984-1989
People's Free Medical Clinic   1979-1980
People's Fund   1973-1980
People's Health Center, Inc.   1978
People's Institute for Survival and Beyond   1988
People's Law Office   1979
People's News Service   1978
People's Party   1975-1976
People Power Citizens Organization   1979
People for the Protection of Privacy and Constitutional Rights   1990
People's Right Fund/Peltier Art Project   1993
People's Salute to Cuba   1975
People's Self-Help Housing, Inc.   1989-1991
People Supporting Tom Stokes for State Senator   1992
People United for Justice   1979
People United to Fight Police Brutality   1978
Peoples Action Council Team   1974
Peoples' Alliance   1977-1980
Peoples Bicentennial Commission   1976
Peoples Development Program   1971-1973
Peregrine Fund Inc., The   1993-1995
Perez, Ignacio   1976
Performing Arts Society, Inc.   1977
Perlo, Victor   1973-1975
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Vanuatu to the United Nations   1989-1990, 1992
Permian Basin Area Rate Cases   1984-1986
Perot Periodical, The   1993
Perrote, Donald   1989
Perryville Elementary School   1996
Perutz, Kathy   1974
Pesticide Action Network North America Regional Center PAN 1989-1993, 1995-1996
Pesticide Education and Action Project PEAP 1989
Pet Rescue   1986-1992
Peterson, Betty   n.d.
Peyser, Min   1976
Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health PHILAPOSH 1975-1976
Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility   1986
Philadelphia Resistance   1974
Philadelphia Resistance Print Shop   1976
Philadelphia Unemployment Project   1980
Philadelphia Welfare Rights Organization PWRO 1974-1980
Philadelphians for Equal Justice PEJ 1976-1980
Philadelphians, Inc.   1989
Philippine Assistance for Technology and Health PATH 1988
Philippine Liberation Courier   1977-1978
Philippine National Day Committee   1986
Philippine Resource Center   1985-1990
Philippine Support Committee   1984-1986
Phillips, Andrew   1987
Phoenix House   1978
Physicians for Human Rights   1991-1996
Physicians for Social Responsibility   1980-1994, 1996
Piece of the Hunk Publishing   1987
Piedmont Peace Project   1985-1996
Pierce, Edward, for Congress   1976
Pike Market Medical Clinic   1995
Pinell, Hugo   1980
Pinon Co-op Federal Credit Union   1974
Piscataway Indian Nation   1980-1996
Pitt River Litigation   1976
Pitt River Tribe   1974
Pittsburgh Coalition to Prevent Nuclear War   1986
Pittsburgh Peace Institute PPI 1984-1993, 1995-1996
Planned Parenthood of Westchester, Inc.   1977-1980
Planners Network   1977-1991
Planning and Conservation League PCL 1977-1980
Plant Closures Project   1983-1991
Plays for Living   1993
Pledge of Resistance   1986-1992
Plenty USA   1986-1995
Plow, The   1978
Plowshares 8 Support Committee   1983-1986
Plowshares Defense Fund   1986-1991, 1994-1996
Plowshares Support/Rhode Island   1986
Poetry in Review Foundation   1993
Point of View   1975-1977
Point Reyes Bird Observatory PRBO 1986-1993, 1995
Police Fresh Air Fund of Westchester County, Inc.   1975-1996
Policy Alternatives for the Caribbean and Central America PACCA 1982-1993
Policy Center, The   1984-1985
Political Ecology Group   1995-1996
Political Research Associates   1988-1993, 1995-1996
Political Rights Defense Fund   1974-1988
Politics and Education   1978
Pollack, Lana, for U.S. Senate Committee   1994
Pooler, Rosemary S., for Congress   1986-1988
Poor People's Development Foundation   1984-1991
Poor People's United Fund   1990
Poor Women's Union   1986
Popiel Gustave   1992
Popiel Maureen   1992-1996
Popular Economics Press   1974
Porter, Annette Appollo   1978
Portola Institute, Inc.   1973
Portugal, Carl   1973
Positive Energy, Inc.   1986
Postal Contract Coalition   1978
Poultry Growers Legal Defense Fund   1993-1994
Poverty & Race Research Action Council PRRAC 1994-1995
Powder River Basin Resources Council   1975-1980
Powell, John W.   1977
Prairie Fire Rural Action Inc.   1994
Prasad, Devi   1976-1978
Pratt, Geronimo, Defense Committee/Committee to Free   1979-1992, 1994
PREDA Foundation   1990
Prejean, Fred, for State Representative   1991
Presbytery of New York City   1988
Presente Center   1984-1986
Preservation of the Rights of Prisoners   1974-1978
Prestonia Area Neighborhood Association, Inc.   1989
Pre-Trial Services Institute of Westchester, Inc.   1975-1976
Price-Anderson Campaign   1986-1987
Price, David, for Congress   1986-1988, 1996
Prime Time for the Liberation of Women in the Prime of Life   1974-1976
Primeaux Family   1979-1987
Print Bridge   1986
Printshop, The   1972-1974
Prison Intern Program   1974
Prison Law Collective Foundation   1972-1978
Prison Project of Sante Fe   1993, 1995
Prison Reform Task Force   1979
Prison Research Education Action Projects PREAP 1976-1986
Prisoner Visitation and Support PVS 1975-1996
Prisoner's Rights Advocacy Organization   1979
Prisoners Anonymous PSA 1985-1986
Prisoners/Parolees Anti-Crime Organization PPACO 1991
Prisoners Rights Organized Defense PROD 1974-1979
Prisoners Rights Union   1984-1988
Prisoners' Accelerated Creative Exposure, Inc. PACE 1977-1980
Prisoners' Rights Council, Inc.   1974-1976
Prisonwatch Foundation   1980
Pro Bono Promotions   1974-1979
Pro Bono Productions   1994-1995
Pro-Choice Fund   1991
Pro Choice Voter Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion   1988, 1992
Process for Peace   1991
Professionals' Coalition Education Fund   1990
Professionals' Coalition for Nuclear Arms Control   1991-1992
Program for Emergency Assistance, Cooperation and Education for Guatemala P.E.A.C.E 1984-1992
Progressive Foundation, The   1992-1996
Progressive Leadership Council   1989
Progressive Media Project   1992
Progressive, The   1975-1996
Project for Defense Alternatives   1991
Project on Employee and Consumer Rights   1979-1980
Project on Global Environmental Change and Health   1993
Project on Government Oversight   1992-1996
Project on Government Procurement   1991-1992
Project of Haiti   1995
Project Jonah   1973-1977
Project Kaho'olawe Fund   1979
Project MASTERKEY, Inc.   1974
Project on Military Procurement   1984-1989
Project National Security   1987
Project Nishma   1989, 1995
Project for Open Government   1980
Project for Peace and Reconciliation in the Middle East   1985-1987
Project Release   1977-1980
Project Seal   1976
Project Sudan   1980
Project Vote   1984-1993, 1995-1996
Project Woodstove H.O.M.E., Inc.   1976-1977
Project Work   1977-1979
Project Youth-the Street Theater, Inc.   1986
Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc.   1978-1989, 1992-1996
Propaganda Review   1987-1991
Prospects on Seeing for Ourselves   1986
Provisional Theatre   1979-1980
Proyecto Libertad   1985-1986
PTSR   1989
Public Advocates, Inc.   1973-1977
Public Citizen Foundation   1987-1989, 1992-1993 1995
Public Communications, Inc.   1980
Public Concern Foundation, Inc.   1980-1988, 1992-1996
Public Education Association PEA 1979
Public Education Center   1993
Public Education Project on the Intelligence Community   1975-1976
Public Eye   1979
Public Foundation, Inc.   1990
Public Health Institute   1991
Public Information Research PIR 1989
Public Interest Satellite Association   1978
Public Interest Video Network   1987
Public Law Education Institute   1974-1977
Public Media Inc.   1993
Public Media Center PMC 1974-1988, 1993,1996
Public Relations Watch   1993
Public Research and Education Project Against Repression PREPARE 1976
Public Resource Center   1977-1980
Pueblo de Acoma   1987
Puerto Rican Center for Justice   1975-1976
Puerto Rican Convention of New Jersey, Incorporated   1972-1973
Puerto Rican Dance Theatre, Inc.   1975-1980
Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund   1974
Puerto Rican Solidarity Committee   1974-1979
Puerto Rico   1987-1988
Puerto Rico Research Institute   1983-1991
Puerto Rico Solidarity Committee PRSC 1979-1980
Pulpwood Association in Alabama   1975
Pursley for Congress   1976
Putney School African Scholarship   1979
Quaker Project on Community Conflict   1973-1975
Queens College Foundation   1989, 1993 1995
Quest-A Feminist Quarterly   1978
Quest for Peace/Quixote Center   1978-1996
Rachel's Hazardous Waste News   1993
Racial Unity Now   1976
Radiation and Public Health Project   1989
Radiation Research Project   1985-1989
Radiation Roundtable   1986
Radical Historians Organization   1978
Radical Teacher   1976
Radio Foundation   1980
Radio Free Georgia Broadcasting Foundation, Incorporated   1975-1978
Radioactive Waste Campaign RWC 1986-1990
Radosh, Ronald   1976
Ragged Edge Press   1982-1986
Rahway Lifers' Group RLG 1980
Rainbow Art Foundation   1976
Rainforest Action Network RAN 1986-1996
Rains, Omer L.   1978
Ram's Horn Productions   1988-1990
Ramparts Magazine   1974
Rancho del Sol Pacific Change   1973
Randall, Elinor   1978
Randall, Margaret   1978-1986
Rangel, Charles B.   1975
Rank and File Commission of Local 664 UAW   1975
Rank and File Postal Worker   1978
Rapaport, State Representative Miles   1984-1986
Rassin, Priscilla J., for Congress   1974
Ratcliff, John   1978
Rauh, John, for U.S. Senate   1990,1992 1995-1996
Raworth, Tom   1975
Ray, Ellen   1980
Rayatech, Marie   1973-1974
Re-elect Nydia Velazquez to Congress   1994
Re-Source, Inc.   1980
Real Dragon Project   1986-1988, 1992
Reasonover, Ellen, Defense Fund   1988-1990, 1993
Rebuild America   1987
Recon Publications   1974-1989
Recrimination Program   1975
Red Balloon   1979
Redhouse, John   1979-1980
Redhouse/Wright Productions   1986-1989
Reding, Andrew   1983-1989
Redress   1973-1975
Reed, Susan   1991
Reems, Harry, Legal Defense Fund   1976-1977
Rees, Steve   1977
Refugee Rights Coalition of the Lower Rio Grande Valley   1987
Regional Young Adult Project RYAP 1974-1980
Relief for Africans in Need in the Sahel RAINS 1973
Religion and the Presidency 1976 RAP 1975
Religious Committee on the New York City Health Crisis   1984-1991
Religious of the Sacred Heart   1993
Religious Task Force   1980-1984
Religious Task Force on Central America RTFCA 1986
Remcho, Rosen & Henderson   1977-1979
Remmers, Michael D.   1976
Renew America   1987
Renewal, Inc.   1980
Rent Control Alliance   1978
Repression Information Project   1977-1978
Rescue America   1993
Rescue Committee for Haitian Refugees   1975
Research Institute for Educational Problems   1974
Research Institute for the Study of Man   1978
Resist   1971-1993, 1995-1996
Resistance   1978
Resnick, Ruth   1975
Resolution, Inc.   1978
Resource Center   1985-1993, 1995-1996
Resource Center for Nonviolence   1976-1993 1995-1996
Resources for Change, Inc.   1992
Resources for Community Change   1972-1978
Responsive Community, The   1992, 1994
Restoring the Earth   1986-1988
Reuben, William A.   1985-1989
Reuther, John, Democrat for Congress   1974
Revolutionary Sisters of Color   1992
Reynolds, Lyle, for City Council   1979
Rice/Poindexter Case   1974-1978
Richard, Michelle   1983-1988, 1995
Richards, Ann, Committee   1994
Richartz, Pat   1975
Rickles, Robert, for Congress   1976
Ridgeway, Jim   1987
Riegle, Donald W., for Senator   1976
Rights and Justice   1986-1987
Ringer, Darrell   1986, 1993
Rio Grande Border Witness Program   1994
Rio Grande Defense Committee   1992, 1994
Rios, Michael   1976
Rios, Thelma   1992
Riptide Communications, Inc.   1991, 1993
Ritz, Lan Brooks   1978
River City Non Violent Resistance Campaign   1986
River Valley Performing Arts Center   1990
Rivers, Bernard and Martin Bailey   1978
Riverside Church Disarmament Program   1978-1986
Riverside Church Infant Care Center   1976
Riverside Political Prisoners Defense Committee   1974
Roberson, Kimberly   1994
Robert and Jessica Ryan Center   1980
Robert Ellis Associates, Inc.   1974
Roberts, Dave, A New Congress   1992
Robeson, Paul, Archives, Inc.   1974-1978
Robideau, Bob   1980
Robideau, Jim   1983-1986
Robideau, Steve   1980-1996
Robinson, Sunny   1987
Rochester Patriot   1975
Rocky Flats National Action   1978
Rocky Flats/Nuclear Weapons Facilities Project   1980
Rocky Mountain Institute   1993
Roden, Stan, Committee to Re-elect   1978
Rodiguez-Vasquez, Emilio   1979
Rodrigo Rojas Fund   1986
Rodriguez, Susan B., Defense Fund   1990-1991
Roeder, Edward   1978
Roff, Sue Rabbitt   1991, 1993 1995
Rolde, Neil, for U.S. Senate   1990
Rome-Africa Project   1991
Romero, Priscilla Ricardo   1978
Ron Carey Campaign, The   1996
Rorick, Huck   1990
Rosen and Remcho Attorneys at Law   1980
Rosen Legal Defense Fund   1995
Rosenberg Era Art Project   1985-1986
Rosenberg Fund for Children   1990-1993, 1995-1996
Roth, Barry H.   1988
Roxbury Multi-Service Center   1971
Royal Oak Foundation   n.d.
Ruben, Albert   1992
Rugby Restoration Association   1975
Runaway and Homeless Youth Program   1988-1991
Runaway House   1974
Runyon, Marie, Harlem Restoration Project   1974-1988
Rural Alliance for Military Accountability RAMA 1990-1994, 1996
Rural America   n.d.
Rural Coalition   1985-1992, 1994
Rural Development Leadership Network   1993
Rural Development Leadership Program   1993
Rural Education Action Project   1992
Rural Farmers Cooperative   1979-1993
Rural Organizing and Cultural Center Inc. ROCC 1985-1990, 1992-1994
Rural Southern Voice for Peace RSVP 1987-1993, 1995-1996
Russell Peace Foundation   1975
Ryan Memorial Center   1974-1979
Rydell, William   1980
Sacramentans for Quest   1989
Sacred Lands Project of the Christie Institute   1986
Sacred Run   1993
Sadat Peace Foundation, Inc.   1988
Sadlowski, Friends of Ed   1974-1977
Safe Energy Coalition of New York State   1978-1980
Safe Energy Communication Council SECC 1983-1986
Safe Energy Resource Center   1980
Safe House and Kathleen Fojtik Defense Fund   1977
Safe Return Amnesty Committee   1974-1975
Safer Environment for New Mexicans   1990
Safer Society Program   1987
Saint Bruno Refugee Project   1986
Saint Charles Health Council   1974
Saint George's House Residential Center for Women Ex-Offenders   1979
Saint Louis Economic Conversion Project   1987-1989, 1992-1996
Saint Louis Tax Reform Group   1974
Saint Peter's College Christian Appalachia Program   1974
Saint Peter's Episcopal Church   1992
Saint Peter's Restoration Cemetery Foundation   1993
Saint Thomas Community School STCS 1972-1990
Saints Francis and Therese Catholic Worker   1990
Salvadoran Children's Fund   1986-1987
Salvadoran Communal Movement MSC 1991
Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid, Research, and Education SHARE 1986-1987
Salvadoran Labor Defense Network   1985-1989
Salvadoran Medical Relief Fund   1990-1993, 1995
Salvadoran Women's Union   1988
Salvation Army   1976
Sam Ely Community Services   1976-1977
SAMRAF   1978-1979
San Diego Newsline   1978-1988
San Franciscans for Affordable Housing SFAH 1979
San Francisco Archdiocesan Communications Center   1976
San Francisco Bay Guardian   1971-1982
San Francisco Common Operating Warehouse, Inc.   1976
San Francisco Conservatory of Music   1976
San Francisco Consumer Action   1974
San Francisco Ecology Center   1980
San Francisco Mime Troupe   1975
San Francisco Nuclear Free Zone Coalition   1989-1990
San Francisco Study Center   1973-1974
Sanctuary Coalition   1985-1987
Sanctuary for Families   1988-1991, 1993-1995
Sanctuary House   1978
Sanctuary Media Project   1986
Sanders, Bernie, for Mayor/Governor/Congress   1985-1992, 1994-1996
Sanders, Beth   1992
Sanders, Hank, U.S. Congress   1992
Sanders, Willie, Defense Committee   1979-1980
Sandinista Peace Initiative   1985
Sane, a Citizens Organization for a Sane World   1973-1982
Sane Education Fund   1978-1990
Sane Educational Development Fund, Inc.   1975
Sane/Freeze Campaign for Global Security   1978-1993
Santa Barbara Health Services Foundation   1974
Santa Barbara High School Arts   1976
Santa Barbara Historical Society   n.d.
Santa Barbara Indian Center   1979-1980
Santa Barbara Legal Defense Center   1992
Santa Barbara Music/Education Scholarship Fund   1979-1980
Santa Barbara Network Project   1977
Santa Barbara Renters Rights Coalition   1980
Santa Clara County Solar Coalition   1980
Santa Clara Power Group   1976
Santa Clara Valley Coalition   1974
Santa Fe Community Press, Inc.   1974
Santa Fe Community School   1979-1990
Santa Fe Friends Meeting   1992
Santana, Sara   1980
Sapa Dawn Center (Turtle Island Institute)   1990-1996
Sarah Lawrence College   1985-1990
Sarguis, Frank   1974-1977
Save Life on Earth International Posters   1986
Save Our Cumberland Mountains SOCM 1980-1989
Save Our Union   1986
Save the Redwoods League   1973-1991
Save the UMWA (United Mine Workers of America) Fund   1977
Savory, Teo   1988
Scarborough School   1974-1985
Scarsdale Audubon Society   1975-1978
Scarsdale Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze   n.d.
Scarsdale Campaign for Peace Through Common Security   1991-1994
Scarsdale Postal Employees Benevolent Association   1987-1990
Scardale Responsible Citizens    
Scenic Hudson, Inc.   1975-1995
Scenic Shoreline Preservation Conference, Inc.   1977-1986
Schaap, William H.   1994
Schaffer, Gloria, for U.S. Senate   1976
Schechtman, Michael   1994
Schiller, Sabrina, for State Senate   1976
Schmookler, Andrew Bard   1985-1988
Schneider-Reilly, Barbara   1975
Schneider, Walter and Miriam   1990
Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture   1992-1994
Schomer, Howard   1974
School of the Americas Watch SOA Watch 1991-1993 1995-1996
School of Unique Classrooms   1978
School Volunteer Program   1995-1996
School Within a School Experiment   1975
Schoolpac   1993
Schoonmaker Medical   1993
Schorb, Patricia   1975-1977, 1996
Schroeder, Pat, for Congress   1976-1989
Schroeder, Reverend Theodore   1992
Scientists Institute for Public Information Media Resource Service   1975-1980
Scott, Agnes, Defense Committee   1978
Scott Bader Commonwealth, Ltd..   1973
Scott, Bill   1977
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society   1986-1990, 1993
Seacoast Anti-Pollution League SAPL 1984-1993
Search for Common Ground   1994
Search for Justice   1990
Search for Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel   1984-1993, 1995
Seattle Coalition on Government Spying   1979
Seattle Teachers' Committee in Solidarity with Andes   1986
Sebastian House (Bonita Trumbell)   1976
Second Event   1992
Seeley, Perry   1988
Seers, New Mexico's Other Newspaper   1976
Segal, Appel and Natali, German Military Project   1972-1973
Seitz, Eric A.   1973
Self Help Enterprises SHE 1973-1996
Self Help Services, Inc.   1976-1977
Self Reliance   1976
Selma Project   1973-1974
Semiloff, Holly   1978
Serot, Geri Rothman, for U.S. Senate   1992-1993
Serrano, Adela   1980
Serrin, Bill   1987
Service Employees for a Democratic Union SEDU 1979
Service for Liberation   1974
Services for Organizing and Leadership   1990
Sessions, Bob and Linda   1978
Settlement Music School   1976
SEVA Foundation   1994
Seventh Generation Fund   1985-1996
Shakur, Assata (Chesimard, Joanne) See also Assata Shakur Defense Committee   1976
Shalom Center, The   1983-1993
Shannon, Jim, for Congress   1978-1980
Share Foundation   1993 1995-1996
Share the Wealth   1995-1996
Sharing Global Resources Toward a New Economic Order   1976
Sharon Sopher Productions   1988-1989
Sharpless, Andrew   1976
Shearson Lehman Brothers   1992
Sheen, Martin (Plowshares)   1989
Shefa Fund   1993
Sheinbaum, Stanley K.   1978
Shell Boycott Education Project   1987
Shellow, Jim R.   1984
Sheltering the Homeless is Our Responsibility SHORE 1986-1992
Shepherd, Mart    
Shepaug Valley Archaeological Society   1974
Sherman, Elizabeth A.   1989
Shields, Pete   1986
Shiller, Helen, Citizens for   1979
Shinnecock Project   1977
Shoeshine Boys Foundation   1974
Shoreham Campaign Task Force   1979
Shoshana Defense Committee   1975
Shuford, Frank, Defense Committee   1975-1975
Shuster, Mike   1976-1986
Sibeko, Friends of David   1989
Sierra Club   1974-1990, 1992-1994
Sierra Club Foundation   1976-1978
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Inc.   1983-1990
Sierra Vista United Methodist Church   1975
Silber, Glenn   1979
Silkwood, Karen   1976-1980
Simon, Morton S.   1977
Simon, Paul   1987-1990
Simpson, Alex   1976
Simpson, Christopher   1975
Singham, Archie   1991
Single Payer Across the Nation SPAN 1994
Singleton, Jerry   1981
Sioux Falls Human Relations Commission (Russell Means)   1979
Sioux Indian Center, Inc.   1975
Sioux Nation Treaty Council   1980
Sisson, Dan, for United States Congress   1976
Sisterhood of Black Single Mothers, Inc.   1981-1988
Sisters of Loretto/ Nicaragua Network   1986
Siv, Ilan   1976
Sixty w.p.m.   1977
Skeet, Jillian   1988
Skyhorse, Marilyn   1976
Small, Charles   1973-1976
Small Farm Research Association   1975-1977
Smith Barney Shearson   1994
Smith, Clive   1979
Smith, Colleen A. Hatfield   1980
Smith College: Carol Brown Fund   1988
Smith, Dan   1985-1990
Smith Family Legal Defense Committee   1988
Smith, Frank B.B.   1996
Smith, Jim E., for Congress   1978
Smith, Leila Russell   1994
Smith, Millie   1988
Smith, Susan   1975
Smith, Tony, for Congress   1994-1995
Smithsonian Institution   1992
SMUD   1989
Snake River Alliance   1987-1995
Snyder, Mitch   1974
Snow Edgar Memorial Fund   1993
SOC Education Fund, Inc.   1993
Social Agenda   1988
Social Defense Project   1991
Social Movement Empowerment Project   1986-1989, 1992-1996
Social Policy   1993
Social Responsibility in Engineering   1975
Socialist Party USA   1994
Socialist Review   1979-1994
Society for the Preservation of Pat Speer   1991
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals SPCA 1975
Society for the Right to Die   1990-1991
Society for Values Higher Education   1978
Sojourner Productions, Inc.   1990-1993
Sojourners Magazine   1986-1987
Sojourners Neighborhood Center   1987
Sojourners Peace Ministry   1980
Solar Action   1977
Solar Center   1976
Solar Lobby   1979
Soles, Jim, for U.S. Congress   1974
Solidaridad Graphia International Soligrafia 1989
Solidarity Foundation   1991
Solomon, Norman   1980-1993
Somerset Federation of Youth   1973-1975
Somerville Property Tax Campaign   1976
Somerville United Neighborhoods SUN 1979
Sommer, Mark   1981-1984
Somos Hermanas   1986-1988
Sonoma County Free Press   1994
Sopher, Sharon   1994
Soreff, Allison & Garber, P.S.C.   1990
Sostre, Martin, Defense Committee   1974
S.O.S. Vietnam   1975-1976
Source   1972
Sousa, Gerald   1979-1980
South Africa Catalyst Project   1978
South Africa Legal Services and Education Project   1986
South Africa Now   1989
South African Exchange Program on Environmental Justice   1993-1995
South African Military Refugee Fund   1980
South African Relief   1986-1987
South and Meso-American Indian Information Center SAIIC 1990-1993, 1996
South Coast Contemporary Dance Theatre   1975
South Dakota Peace and Justice Center   1984-1989
South East Fresno Organizing Committee   1974
South End Press   1980-1987
South Street Theatre Company   1977
South West Africa Peoples Organization SWAPO 1986
Southeast Asia Resource Center   1975-1986
Southeast Fresno Concerned Citizens   1974-1976
Southeast Project on Human Needs and Peace   1989
Southern Africa Committee   1974-1979
Southern Africa Media Center   1979
Southern Africa Program   1980
Southern Africa World Media Centre, The   1994-1995
Southern African Advanced Education Project, The   1995
Southern African Affairs (Southscan)   1988-1989
Southern African Labour Education Project SALEP 1980-1990
Southern African Liberation Committee   1977
Southern Cascade All Nations Pow-Wow   1989
Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLC 1975
Southern Coalition on Jails and Prisons, Inc.   1977-1990
Southern Conference Educational Fund SCEF 1972-1976
Southern Echo   1993-1994
Southern Elections Fund, Inc.   1974-1977
Southern Exposure Institute for Southern Studies   1979
Southern Institute for Propaganda and Organizing SIPO 1974
Southern Justice Institute   1992
Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice SOC 1974-1994, 1996
Southern Organizing Committee Education Fund   1996
Southern Poverty Law Center   1974-1976
Southern Prison Ministry   1974-1977
Southern Rural Action, Inc.   1977
Southern Rural Women's Network   1980-1985
Southern Woodcutter's Assistance Project   1979-1980
Southerns for Economic Justice   1992-1994 1996
Southscan LTD.   1992
Southshore Community Church   1993
Southwest Fresno Concerned Citizens   1975
Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum   1990, 1993
Southwest Research and Information Center   1976-1990
Southwest Virginia "We Care Crisis Center"   1991
Southwestern Indian Developments   1974-1975
Southwestern Institute   1975
Sovereignty Network   1990
Soviet-American Book Exchange SABE 1987
Soviet American Sail   1989
Spain, Johnny   1975
Spanish Refugee Aid   n.d.
Speak Out   1990 1992-1996
Special Approaches in Juvenile Assistance SAJA 1974-1977
Special Session on Disarmament Three National Coalition   1988
Specktor, Mordecai   1987
Spencer, Howard   1986
Spiritual Alliance for Native Prisoners, Inc.   1990
Spock, Benjamin   1976
Spokane Peace and Justice Center   1979
Springfield Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case   1977
Stabenow, Debbie   1996
Stamler, Jeremiah, Legal Aid Fund   1974
Stamp Out Starvation   1974-1975
Starr King School for the Ministry   1986-1995
State and Mind, People Look at Psychology   1978
State Research   1978-1979
State University fo New York Purchase   1992
Stealth   1988
Stearns Coal Miners Support Committee   1977
Steelworkers Fight Back   n.d.
Steelworkers' Movement   1976
Stein, Edith   1987
Steiner, David   1973
Stembridge, Jane   1977
Stender, Marvin and Fay   1979
Stern, Philip M.   1973-1980
Stevens, Hinds, El-Amin and Roach   1980
Stevens, Hinds & White, P.C.   1995
Stevenson, Adlai E., III   1974-1986
Stewardesses for Women's Rights, Inc.   1975
Stewart, Kurt   1980-1990
Stewart Scholarship Fund   1976
Stichting IKV   1995
Stokes for State Senate   1992
Stokes, Tom, for Congress   1980
Stop Project ELF   1984-1988
Stop Rizzo Campaign, The   1978
Stop the Olympic Prison   1979
Storm King School   1975
Strand Community Organization to Rehabilitate the Environment SCORE 1990-1992
Street Theater, Inc.   1976-1986
Studds, Gerry, for Congress Committee   1984-1993, 1995
Student Activist Fund SAF 1986-1987
Student Commission on Civilian Casualties   1991
Student Environmental Action Coalition SEAC 1990-1991
Student Mid-Hudson Alliance for Choice   1990
Student Organizing Project   1975
Student Press Law Center SPLC 1984-1987
Student Pugwash USA   1992
Student/Teacher Organization to Prevent Nuclear War STOP 1986
Students for Employment and Economic Democracy   1979
Studio Museum in Harlem   1987-1991, 1993 1995-1996
Substitutes United for Better Schools SUBS 1979-1980
Suburban Action   1975-1980
Sudenman, Pam   1988
Sullivan, Jim   1974
Summit on National Indian Strategies   1989
Sun Dance - Pine Ridge Reservation   1989
Sun Mountain Medicine Ways Center   1987-1990
Sung-il, Choi   1987-1989
Sunshine House/Harrisburg Soup Kitchen   1974
Support Center   1974-1975
Support for Our Future Generations   1987
Support Planned Parenthood of Westchester   1976
Survival International   1975-1979
Survival International USA   1985-1991
Survival Summer   1980
Suttar, Jeffrey   1991
Swomley, John   1977-1987, 1993
Swords to Plowshares Jail Project   1979
Synapse Communications Collective   1974
Synapses, Inc.   1986-1987
Syracuse Cultural Workers   1989
Syracuse University Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse   1994-1995
Szulc, Nicole J.   1975
Tabankin, Margery A.   1976
Taborsak for Congress   1992
Taconic Regional Youth Bureau Association   1989
Tall Bear, Lee Ann   1989
Tambo, Oliver, Adelaide and Tembi   1976-1977
Tamburrello, Hanlon and Waggener   1992, 1994 1996
Tamiment Institute Library   1993
Tapol U.S. Campaign for the Release of Indonesian Political Prisoners   1976-1978
Target Nuclear Disarmament   1987
Tasini, Jonathan   1989
Task Force Against Nuclear Pollution   1975-1980
Task Force for the Nuclear Test Ban   1974
Task Force on Radiation and Human Rights   1995-1996
Tax Action Campaign   1973
Tax Analysts and Advocates   1973-1975
Tax Equity for America   1973-1975
Tax Reform Group   1976
Taxation with Representation   1975-1979
Taxpayers to Limit Campaign Spending   1988
Taylor, Gary   1989
Teachers Insurance Annuity Association, College Retirement Equities Fund TIAA-CREF 1986
Team Defense Project, Inc.   1977-1989
Teamster Rank and File Education and Legal Defense Foundation TRF 1978-1996
Teamsters for a Democratic Union TDU 1976-1979, 1996
TecAfrica   1991
TecNica Institute for Technology and Development   1986-1991
TecNica Skilled Trades Task Force   1988-1989, 1995
Tecumseh Middle School Foreign Language Challenge Class   1995
Teicher, Oren J.   1984-1986
Teitel, Marty   1983
Telephone Workers Legal Defense Committee   1978
Televisions Magazine and Washington Community Video Center   1975
Temple Israel of North Westchester   1974
Temple of Understanding, The   n.d.
Tennessee Committee on Occupational Safety and Health TNCOSH 1980
Texas Civil Rights Project   1993
Texas Farm Workers Union TFW 1977-1979
Texas Investigative Reporters Fund   1986
Texas Observer, The   1974-1990, 1992-1995
Textile Workers Union of America TWUA 1975
Thanksgiving Peace Ship/Peace House   1987
Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary of the National Audubon Society   1975-1979
Theoharis, Athan   1980
Third World Newsreel   1976-1977
Third World Resister/Agape (Cuban Trip)   1993
Third World Reports   1986-1989, 1991-1992
Third World Resources TWR 1987
Thirteen-WNET   1977-1991, 1993 1995-1996
Thomas Merton Center, The TMC 1985-1992
Thomas Merton Symposium and Festival   1978
Thomas Merton Unity Center   1974
Thomas Starr King School for Religious Leadership   1976-1986
Thomson, Alan, Defense Fund   1989-1992
Thoreau Society, Inc., The   1973-1998
Thorn in the Side Press   1989
Thorn, Leo, Association   1992
Three Kings Day   1978
Thunderbird, Margo   1990
Tibbs, Delbert   1975-1979, 1994-1996
Tides Center   1996
Tides Foundation, The   1992-1996
Tidewater Nicaragua Project Foundation   1987, 1993
Tierra Amarilla Support Group   1975
Tigar, Michael   1974-1975
Tikkun   1987-1994 1996
Tilsen, Kenneth and Rachel   1979-1980
Tilsen, Mark   1989
Tobias, Sheila   1984-1986
Tomorrow's Future   1988
Tonantzin Land Institute   1986-1988
Tonantzin Legal Defense Fund   1974
Torres, Campaign to Free Lureida   1976
Toward Utility Rate Normalization TURN 1972-1976
Town Justice Court of Eastchester   1995
Toyon Wintu Center   1986
Trabajadores   1976
Trade Union Committee for the Transfer Amendment and Economic Conversion   1979
Training Institute for Propaganda and Organizing   1974-1975
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse TRAC 1993, 1995-1996
TransAfrica Forum   1978-1992
Transition House   1993 1995-1996
Transnational Feature Service   1978
Transnational Institute   1993
Transnational Trainers Gathering   1991
Transportation Alternatives   1991
Trantham, Tom, for Commissioner of Agriculture   1990
Traprock Peace Center   1986-1993
Travel Magazine   1981
Traxler, Robert J.   1974
Treaty Council   1979
TreePeople   1979-1991
Tremont United Methodist Church   1994
Tri-State Conference on Steel   1990
Tri-Tribes   1977
Trial Lawyers for Public Justice TLPJ 1987-1991
Triangle, The   1980
Tribal Lawyers Public Justice Foundation TLPJ 1988-1991
Tribal Sovereignty Program   1977-1980
Tricontinental Film Center   1975
Truong, David   1976
Trustees for Alaska TFA 1978-1980
Trustees of the Lu Gwei-Djen Memorial Charitable Trust   1992
Tsongas, Paul, for Congress   1974-1978
Tucson Council for Economic Conversion TCEC 1991-1992
Tuihoa   1973
Tula, Maria Teresa, Legal Defense Committee   1988
Turnabout Information and Administration Office   1972
Twenty-First Century Foundation (2 folders)   1973-1979
Twin Streams   1973-1986
Two Rivers Cultural Explosion   1991
Tyler, Gary, Defense Fund   1976-1991
Type Perspectives, Ltd.   1980
U. of D. High Alumni Association (Detroit, MI)   1978
Udall, Morris, for President   1976-1977
Udall, Tom, for Congress   1988
Udayakumar, S. P.   1988
Uhuru Foods   1986
Uhuru, Sasa Shule   1974
Undercurrents/Institute for Social Justice ISJ 1990-1991
Unemployed Workers Organizing Committee   1977
Unemployment and Poverty Action Committee Fund Inc., The   1995-1996
Union of Concerned Scientists   1974-1993
Union of Democratic Intellectuals   1992
Union of Palestinian Women's Association   1993
Union Sisters Productions   1980
Union of Vietnamese in Canada   1975
Union Women's Alliance to Gain Equality-Union Wage   1977, 1979-1980
Unitarian Church of Santa Barbara   1975
Unitarian Universalist Association   1978-1980
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee   1993-1995
Unitarian Universalist Society of Miami   1986
Unitas Foundation   1978
United 25th Anniversary Movement   1978
United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War UCAM 1984-1987
United Church of Canada   1990
United Citizen Action Network UCAN 1980
United Community Centers   1980
United Construction Workers Association   1973-1974
United Farmworkers of America   1974-1977
United Federation of Teachers   1985-1986
United Fund to Defeat the Briggs Initiative   1978
United Graffiti Artists, Inc.   1976
United Hospital Fund   1979
United Hospital Hospice   1995
United Labor Unions   1979
United League   1979
United League of Mississippi   1979-1980
United League of North Mississippi   1979
United Methodist Church, Women's Division   1975-1980
United Methodist Office for the United Nations Women's Division   1977
United Methodist Seminars on National and International Affairs   1974
United Methodist Voluntary Service   1975
United Mine Workers of America UMWA 1971-1977
United Mine Workers Union   1973-1988
United Ministries   1986
United Movement for Democracy and Unification in Korea UMDUK 1988
United Prisoners Union   1975
United South End Settlements   1974
United States Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu   1993-1996
United States China People's Friendship Association   1974-1976
United States Committee Against Nuclear War   1986
United States Committee for the Carabanchel 10   1973
United States Committee for Democratic Spain   1975-1977
United States Committee to Free the Five Puerto Rican Nationalists   1977
United States Committee International Christian Youth Exchange ICYE 1987-1989, 1992
United States Committee for Justice to Latin American Political Prisoners USLA 1977
United States Committee for Refugees   1979-1987
United States Conference of Mayors   1993
United States Cuba Construction Project   1980
United States Cuba Health Exchange   1978
United States & Cuba Medical Project   1992-1996
United States Forum   1994
United States Friends of Ruben Zamora Inc.   1993-1994
United States-Indochina Reconciliation Project   1986
United States/NICA Printers Project   1987-1988
United States Peace Council   1980
United States Politics/Central America Project-American Council of Washington, D.C.   1987
United States-Reconciliation/Fellowship of Reconciliation   1984
United States Student Association USSA 1980
United States Trade Union Committee Against Repression in Puerto Rico   1978
United States-USSR Bridges   1986-1991
United Way of Greater Scarsdale   1980
United Western Shoshone Legal Defense and Education Association   1974
Unity Center   1976-1978
University Baptist Church   1986
University Church of Disciples of Christ   1974
University Conversion Project   1992-1993 1995-1996
University of Alabama, School of Law   1974
University of California, Berkeley   1976-1979
University of California, Santa Barbara   1979
University of California, Santa Cruz   1974-1978
University of Colorado Foundation, Inc.   1992-1994
University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy   1987, 1994
University of Minnesota Foundation   1989, 1996
University of Minnesota Press   1996
University of Mississippi Foundation   1977
University of Missouri   1994
University of North Carolina   1974
University of Pennsylvania   1988, 1992
University Scholarships for South African Students USSAS 1990-1992, 1994-1996
Unknown Secrets-Rosenberg Era Art Project   1990
UPIU Local 7837 Lockout Fund   1994
Upper Room Aids Ministry   1994
Upper Valley Training Center, Inc.   1976
Upstate Community Resource Institute   1974-1976
Uptown People's Community Service Center   n.d.
Urban Appalachian Council   1977-1994
Urban Ethnic Affairs   1974
Urban Planning Aid, Inc.   1974-1976
Urban Policy Research Institute   1975-1977
Urdang, Stephanie   1974-1987
Utah Navajo Land Rights Project   1991-1992
Valerie Ann Briehl Foundation   1987-1990
Valerie Huston Dance Theater   1977-1990
Valley Community Land Trust   1992
Van Lierop, Robert   1977-1984, 1996
Varela, Maria   1976
Venceremos Brigade VB 1973-1989
Venda Barnes Memorial Scholarship Fund   1980
Vermont Alliance   1977-1980
Vermont Committee on South Africa VCOSA 1986
Vermont Consumers' Campaign for Health   1993
Vermont Organizing Committee   1992
Vermont World Peace Film Foundation   1985-1991
Veteran Team for Greenburgh, The   n.d.
Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade   1987-1989
Veterans for Draft Resistance   1979
Veterans Education Project VEP 1989-1995
Veterans Fast for Life   1986
Veterans Peace Action Teams VPAT 1987-1992
Veterans Peace Convoy to Nicaragua   1988-1989
Veterans for Peace, Inc.   1976-1993, 1995-1996
Veterans Peace March Project   1986-1987
Veterans for Peace Philadelphia Chapter   1993
Veterans Speakers Alliance VSA 1986-1987, 1992
Veterans Vietnam Restoration Project VVRP 1989-1996
Victim Offender Reconciliation Program    
Victor Howell House   1985-1989
Video Eyes   1989
Vietnam Book Fund   1976-1977
Vietnam Friends   1992-1993
Vietnam Quarterly   1974-1976
Vietnam Resource Center   1973-1979
Vietnam Solidarity Committee   1980
Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Winter Soldier Organization VVAW 1973-1988, 1992-1994
Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation   1992-1993
Vietnam Veterans Center   1974-1975
Vietnam Veterans Task Force on Less-Than-Honorable Discharges   1978
Vietnam Veterans Video   1991
Vietnam Women's Union   1976
Vietnamese-American Reconciliation Center   1976
Vietnamese Buddhist Peace Delegation, The   1973-1976
Vietnamese Children's Fund   1973
Vietnamese Community in Washington, D.C., The   1974
Vignola, Joseph, for U.S. Senate   1988
Villon Films   1992
Virginia Coal Project   1976
Vivian Wilson Henderson Scholarship Fund at Clark College   1976
Vocational Training Programme for South African Refugees   1973
Vocations for Social Change   1972
Voice of Calvary Health Center   1973
Voice of the Lakota Nation, The   1994, 1996
Voices of the Third World   1976
Volel, Caroline   1993
Volunteer Land Corps   n.d.
Volunteers for Peace, Inc. VFP 1984-1994
Vornberger, William J.   1991
Voters for Choice   1990-1996
Voters for a Nuclear Free New York   1989-1990
Voting for America   1996
Wachob, Bill, for Congress   1986
Walden Forever Wild Inc.   1996
Walk for Peace   1985-1987
Walk to Witness   1989-1990
Walker, Annette   1987-1995
Walker, Committee to Secure Justice for Nathaniel   1979
Walker, Lu, Birthday Party   1990
Walking Badger, Fred and Marilynn   1983-1988
Wall Street Action   1980
Wallace, Joanne   1976
Wallas, Wendy   1991
War Crimes Project   1976
War Parade 18 Defense Campaign   1991
War Resisters International WRI 1973-1979, 1992-1994
War Resisters League WRL 1974-1996
War Tax Refusers' Support Committee   1992-1993
War Tax Resistance Outreach Project   1972-1976, 1992
Ward, E. C. "Ted"   1979
Warren, Alvin   1988
Warren-Conner Development Coalition WCDC 1989
Warren, Robert, and P. Lewis Pitts, Jr.   1979
Warsh-Mott Funds   1981
Washburn Fund   1995-1996
Washington Area Community Investment Fund   1990-1991
Washington Center for Central American Studies   1989
Washington Citizens for Death with Dignity   1991-1992
Washington Community Video Center   1974-1975
Washington Education Alternatives   1973
Washington Office on Africa, The WOA 1975-1995
Washington Office of Haiti   1984-1989
Washington Office on Latin America WOLA 1976-1996
Washington Peace Center   1978-1994
Washington Research Project Action Council   1973-1974
Washington Spectator   1974-1975, 1994
Wasicsko, Nicholas, for Mayor   1989
Watson, Lynne   1975-1977
Watts Cable Communications Association   1974
Wave Hill   1990-1994, 1996
Waynflete School   1991
WBAI Pacifica Radio   1995
We the People of the United States, Inc.   1992-1994
We Will Remember Survival Group   1978-1980
Weapon Ban   1995
Webb, Marti, for City Council   1989
Weber, F. Palmer, Voting Rights   1986
Weber, Susan M. B.   1989
Weinberg, Doren   1977
Weiner, Julie   1989
Weir, Stanley L.   1976-1977
Weisburd, Abe   1980
Weiss, Larry   1976
Weiss, Peter   1987
Weiss, Stanley A.   1979
Weiss, Ted, Campaign Committee   1984-1992
Welch, Peter, Governor '90   1990
Wells, Abbie Jane   1986-1989, 1992-1993
Wells College   1995
Wellstone Alliance   1992-1994
Wellstone, Paul, for Senate Campaign   1990 1993-1995
Werthamer, Shirley K.   1978
West Bank Tenants Union   1975
West Bronx Higher Ground Cinema and Cultural Center   1979-1980
West Coast Regional Nonviolent Networking Conference   1986
West Side Planning Group   1974
Westchester Association for Retarded Citizens WARC 1979-1989
Westchester Civil Liberties Union   1992-1996
Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion WCLA 1978-1996
Westchester Coalition of Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens   1988-1996
Westchester Coalition to Fight Inflation and Unemployment   1975
Westchester Coalition to Limit Airport Expansion   1989
Westchester Committee for New Priorities in Government   1979-1980
Westchester Community Opportunity Program, Inc.   1974-1988
Westchester County Chapter, New York State Association for Retarded Children, Inc.   1974-1978
Westchester Health Action Coalition   1994-1996
Westchester Land Trust, The   1990 1992-1993
Westchester Mediation Center of Cluster, Inc.   1986
Westchester People for a Just Budget Coalition   1995
Westchester People to Impeach Nixon   1972-1978
Westchester People's Action Coalition, Inc. WESPAC 1974-1996
Westchester Putnam Special Olympics   1996
Westchester Rosenberg Benefit Committee   1976
Western Nebraska Resources Council WNRC 1984-1988
Western Service Workers Association   1976
Western Shoshone Defense Project   1993
Western Shoshone National Council   1987-1988
Western Shoshone Sacred Land Association   1980-1986
Western Shoshone Support Group   1975
Western States Legal Foundation WSLF 1984-1996
Westlands Projects   1979
Westside Harlem Coalition   1974
WEVL Radio   1980
Whale's Tale, The   1976
Wharton School   1988
Wheat for U.S. Senate   1994
Whelan Group, The   1987
Whitaker, C. S., Jr., Legal Defense Fund   1980
White, Chris   1981-1986 1995-1996
White Earth Land Recovery Project   1979, 1993 1995-1996
White Lung Association WLA 1980-1990 1992-1996
White, Margot   1978-1979
White Plains Hospital Center   1995
Whitman, Joan   1990, 1994
Whitman-Radclyffe Foundation   1974
Whittle, Reelect for County Legislator Carolyn   1975-1978
Wiggins, Strawbridge and Harris   1975
Wilde, Margaret D.   1990-1992
Wilderness Society, The   1973-1996
Wilkerson, Ronald K.   1977
William James Association   1974
William Joiner Foundation, The   1991
Williams, Clarence   1974-1982
Williams, Claude, Support Committee   1976-1979
Williams, Dessima   1984-1988
Williams, Faye, Congress   1992
Williams, Jonathan   1974-1976
Willie Valasquez Family Fund Memorial Committee, The   1989
Willis, Robert J., and William McGaw   1979
Willoughby, Lillian and George   1990-1991
Willson, S. Brian   1987
Wilmington College   1992, 1994 1996
Wilmington 10 and Families   1978
Wilson, Gil   1978
Wilson, H. H.   1976
Wilson, John, Campaign   n.d.
WIN - Peace and Freedom through Nonviolent Action   1973-1980
Windows Work   1987
Wing, Marianne   1976-1977
Winston Foundation for World Peace, The   1992
Wirth, Timothy E.   1976, 1992
Wisconsin Community Fund   1996
Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua WCCN 1984-1993, 1995-1996
Witness for Disarmament Appeal Fund   1987
Witness for Peace WFP 1985-1996
Witness to Apartheid   1986
WLIW-21   1986-1987
WNCN Radio   1977
WNYC Communications Group   1989-1995
WNYC Foundation   1994
Wofford, Harris, Citizens for Senator   1991, 1993
WOJB 89FM   1988-1996
Wolfe, Alan   1980
Wolin, Merle Linda   1986
Wolpe, Howard, for Congress   1986-1991, 1993-1994
Womack, Mozella   1994, 1996
Women's Action for New Directions Education Fund   1992-1993
Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament Education Fund WAND/WANDEF 1986-1993
Women Against Military Madness   1984-1990
Women's Campaign Fund   1976-1978
Women's Commission in Exile   1980
Women for Economic Justice WEJ 1987-1990
Women's Foreign Policy Campaign   1994
Women's Foreign Policy Council   1983-1989
Women's History Research Center, Inc.   1974-1979
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom   1974-1996
Women's International Resource Exchange Service WIRE 1979-1993
Women's Lobby, Inc.   1975-1979
Women for Meaningful Summits/Women for a Meaningful Summit WMS 1985-1989
Women in the Media, Inc.   1975
Women for Messinger   1995
Women Office Workers   1975-1978
Women's Organization for Women Political Prisoners WOFPP 1989
Women Organize for National Health Care   1994-1995
Women and Peace   1992
Women's Peace Education Project WPEP 1980
Women's Peace Network   1986-1987, 1992-1993
Women's Prison Project/Coalition for Prisoners' Rights   1985-1986
Women's Research Project   1973
Women's Shelter Coordinating Committee WSCC 1979-1980
Women's Street Support Center   1992
Women Strike for Peace, Inc. WSP 1976-1987
Women's Survival Space   1977
Women Who Mourn   1991
Women's Worlds Realities and Choices   1990
Woodberry, Billy   1981
Woods, Dessie, Support Coalition   1978-1979
Woods, Harriet, for Senate   1986
Woodstock Theological Center   1992, 1994
Workers Defense League   1969-1975
Workers' Legal Union, The   1986
Workers Owned Sewing Company WOSCO 1988
Worker's Power Portugal Solidarity Fund   1976
Workers Rights Project   1976
Working Assets Management Company (3 folders)   1983-1991
Working Group for Democracy in Chile WGDC 1985-1986
Working Papers for a New Society   1979
Working Women Organizing Project   1977
Working Women's Project   1993
Workplace Democracy   1985-1988
Workshop of the Players Art Foundation, Inc. Theatre WPA 1977-1979
World Association for Christian Communications   1976
World Community Center   1990
World Division, United Methodist Board of Global Ministries   1974
World Federalist Association WFA 1976-1996
World Federalist Education Fund of New Jersey, The   1978
World Federalist Political Education Committee   1976-1978
World Federalists USA   1975
World Federation for Mental Health   1988-1989
World Festival of Youth and Students   1973-1978
World Order Models Project WOMP 1987-1993, 1995
World Peace Broadcasting Foundation, The   1974
World Peace Film Foundation   1991
World Peacemakers, Inc.   1978-1996
World Policy Institute Fund   1986-1993, 1995
World Resources Institute   1993
World Security Radio Project   1995
World Service Authority   1976
World Uranium Hearing, The   1993-1994
World View Cinema   1989
World Wide Research   1983
Worldwatch Institute   1992-1994
Worldwide Documentaries, Inc.   1988
Worthington, Chris   1979-1980
Worthy, William   1974-1990
Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense Committee (2 folders)   1973-1980, 1993
Wounded Knee Memorial Celebration   1986
WRC   1978
WRFG-FM 89.3 Radio Free Georgia Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.   1974-1979
Wright, Friends of Bruce, for Civil Court   1978-1980
Writers and Readers Publishing, Inc.   1983
Wylie, Jeanie   1987
Wynia, Ann   1994
Yale Club of New York City   1991, 1994-1996
Yale Club of New York City Employee Holiday Fund   1995-1996
Yale Law School   1993
Yale Undergraduate Women's Caucus Grievance Committee   1978
Yale University   1992
Yannatta, Citizens for Ruth   n.d.
Yates, New York Friends of Congressman Sidney R./Yates for Congress Committee   1982-1990, 1994,1996
Yeakel, Lynn for U.S. Senate   1992-1993
Yellow Bird, Jo Ann and Bob   1979-1980
Yesh Gvul   1989
Young Agency, The   1991
Young Men's Christian Association of the USA, The YMCA 1975-1976
Young and Old United Through Heritage YOUTH 1993-1995
Young Wives Program   1977
Youngblood, Roosevelt F., Defense Fund   1979-1980
Youthaction   1992
Youth for Peace   n.d.
Youth Project   1980-1989
Youth Service Opportunities Project, Inc. YSOP 1987-1996
Youth Shelter Program of Westchester, Inc.   1976-1994, 1996
Yudelson, Jerry, for U.S. Congress   1988
Zacchaeus Kitchen   1980
Zachary, Robert E.   1975-1976
Zalaquett, Pepe   1980
Zamora, Ruben   1988
Zellner, Bob   1973
Zelman, Consumers for Walter   1990
Zen Center   1977-1993, 1995
Zen Hospice Project   1992-1994
Zero Population Growth   1974-1976
Zevin, Robert Brooke, Associates, Inc.   1973
Zilg, Jerry, and Charlotte Dennett   1980
Zill, Anne   1992-1994
Zimbabwe African National Union ZANU 1973-1979
Zimbabwe African Peoples Union ZAPU 1978-1980
Zimbabwe Book Project   1983-1984
Zimbabwe Patriotic Front   1977
Zutler, Samantha   1996
Zwerdling, Daniel   1978


Card File Index

Contents Dates
Abortion Rights Association 1972-73
Abourezk for Senate Committee 1972
Abourezk, Charles 1980
Abrams, Robert, for Attorney General 1975
Abrams, Stephen R. 1970-72
Abrams, Stephen R., A/C/F Chudan Mondlane under New York Uniform, Gifts to Minors Act 1971-72
Abrams, Stephen R., A/C/F Eduardo Mondlane Jr. under New York Uniform, Gifts to Minors Act 1971-72
Abrams, Stephen R., A/C/F Nyeleti Mondlane under New York Uniform, Gifts to Minors Act 1971-72
Abrams, Stephen R., and Virginia 1971
Abrams, Virginia 1972-76
Abzug, Bella (Friends of Bella Abzug Committee) 1971-74
Abzug, Bella (Abzug for Mayor) 1977
Accord Research and Educational Association, Inc. 1982-83
ACORN 1984
ACORN People's Platform Committee 1979
Action Center 1977-78
Action for Legal Rights 1973-74
Action on Safety and Health 1973
Action Reconciliation/Service for Peace 1983-84
Act I (see Washington Research Institute)  
Acupuncture Collective (Lincoln Hospital Detox Acupuncture Research) 1977
ADA's Campaign Committee 1976
Ad Hoc Citizens Committee for Peace 1972
Ad Hoc Coalition for a New Foreign Policy 1975-76
Ad Hoc Committee for Panama 1990
Ad Hoc Military Build-up Committee 1972
Adoptive Families of Westchester 1980
Adrien, Fr. Antoine 1978
Ad Women 1988
Affirmative Action Committee 1975
Africa Bureau 1971
Africa Bureau (from English account) 1974-78
Africa Department Church World Service 1972
Africa Educational Trust 1972
Africa Information Service 1973-74
Africa Office NCC 1976
Africa Publications Trusts (from English account) 1981
African-American Historical Association 1973
African Methodist Episcopal Church 1983
African Resource Center 1980
African Student Aid Fund Phelps-Stokes Fund 1976-79
Afro-American Cultural Foundation 1973-1983
Afro-American Patrolmen's League 1975
Agent Orange Victims International  
Agribusiness Accountability Project 1974-76
Air War Study 1972
Alabama, University of, Law School Foundation 1974
Alabama Political Research Group (Bernard Aronson) 1976
Alabama Women for Human Rights 1978
Alarm (Judith Stein) 1980
Aldwell, Roy E. 1979
Alexander, Kendra 1977
Alaska Advocate 1976-78
Alder, Tom (see Public Law Education Institute)  
All Angels Youth Project (Robert Ellis) 1974-77
Allen, Philip Defense Committee (2 cards) 1975-77
Allen AME Church 1980
Allgood, Tommy 1971
Alliance for Justice in 1984 1984
Alliance for the Liberation of Mental Patients 1977-84
Alliance for Neighborhood Government 1976
Alliance to Counter Militarism (see Clergy and Laity Concerned)  
Alliance to End Repression 1972-79
Al-Qalam (People's Law Office) 1979
Alternate Currents 1979
Alternative Features Service (see NYAD) 1972-73
Alternative Coal Commission (Richard Simon) 1978
Alro, Stella (United Methodist Voluntary Service) 1975
Ambriz, Jesus 1972-74
American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia Foundation (ACLU) 1975
American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri (ACLU) 1981
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Northern California (ACLU) 1977
American Civil Liberties Union Fund of the National Capital Area (ACLU) 1976
American Civil Liberties Union Missouri (ACLU) 1975
American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State (ACLU) 1982
American Committee on East-West Accord 1978-80
American Documentary Films, Inc. 1972
American Indian International Tribunal 1982
American Indian Movement (AIM) Legal Defense-Offense Committee 1973
American Indian Movement (AIM) Minnesota 1971
American Indian Movement (AIM) Washington D.C. 1972-73
American Indian Movement (AIM) National Council 1977-78
American Indian Movement (AIM) Gordon (Nebraska) Chapter 1975-77
American Indian Movement (AIM) Treaty Council 1973
American Indian Press Association 1974
American Indians at Harvard-Radcliffe 1978
American Indian Technical Assistance Project  
American Medical Student Association Foundation 1985
American Place Theatre 1975-86
American-Portuguese Overseas Information Organization (APOIO) 1976
American Veterans Movement 1974
Americans Concerned about Corporate Power 1979
Americans Concerned for the Judiciary 1980
Americans for Amnesty 1975-76
Americans for Common Sense 1981-84
Americans for Justice in the Middle East (from English account) 1974
Americans for SALT 1978-79
AMEX/Canada 1972-77
Amherst College 1972-73
Amistad Tours, Inc. 1976
Amnesty International (from English account) 1977
Amoskeag Press 1975
Amsterdam, Anthony (see Mexican American Legal Defense Fund)  
Anderson for President Committee 1980
Anderson, Michael (see Film Arts Foundation)  
Anderson, Bill (from English account)  
Anglo-Argentine Women's Peace Initiative 1987
Angola Comite da Costastreet (Amsterdam, Holland) 1973
Anniversary Tours 1977
Another Mother Fund for Peace 1976-1981
Anti-Concorde Project 1974
Anti-Concorde Project (from English account) 1975-80
Anti-Death Penalty Project (see Capp Street Foundation)  
Anti-Draft Festival 1982
Anti-Klan Education, Inc. 1984
Anti-Martial Law Coalition 1977-80
Anti-Nuclear Reaction 1980
Antioch College (Yellow Springs, Ohio) 1974-75
Antioch School of Law (Washington D.C.) 1973
Appalachian News Service 1973-74
Appalachian South Folklife Center 1974-78
Appalachian Trail Conference 1979
April 26 Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World (see National Guard Fund)  
April Coalition 1973
Arceo, Bishop 1978
Archdiocese of California 1973
Argentine Commission for Human Rights 1977
Arizona Project Legal Defense Fund 1978
Arkansas Civil Liberties Foundation, Inc. 1984
Arkansas Consumer Research 1974-75
Arrington, Dr. Richard 1974
Arrowsmith, Pat (see Wendy Butler)  
Arts for World Unity 1974
Art Resources for Teachers and Students, Inc. 1972-73
Asher, Thomas R. 1974
Asia Information Group 1972
Asian Americans for Equality 1984
Asian Center 1979-80
Asian Law Caucus 1973-78
Associated Students of Stanford ARLO Project 1973
Association for Mentally Ill Children of Westchester, Inc. 1973
Association of Black Law Students Rutgers School of Law Newark 1978
Association of Black Social Workers Westchester Branch 1981
Association of Vietnam Patriots in Canada 1974
Association of Working Press 1975
Athens Eight, Committee to Support 1972
Athens Observer 1974
Athletes United for Peace (see SANE Ed. Fund)  
Attica Brothers Legal Defense 1974-75
Attica Defense Committee 1972-74
Attica Defense Misanthrope 1975
August Eighth Brigade 1979
Austermiller, Judy 1980
Autoworkers for a Better Contract 1979
Automation House 1972
Avenales Wildlife Association Lion Fund
Averill, Peg 1975-80
Axelrad, Dr. Albert 1976
Baafi, Robert 1971
Babies Hospital 1984
Baca, Fr. Miguel 1973
Bach Mai Hospital Fund 1973-75
Bach Mai Hospital Relief Fund 1980-84
Badillo (New Yorkers for Badillo) 1973
Badillo for Mayor 1977
BAIL (Clarence Williams, Fletcher Worrell) 1973
Bailout 1973
Baker, Ella (see Film Fund) 1972-73
Bakke, Ad Hoc Committee on 1977
Bald Eagle Films 1973
Baldwin Memorial Fund 1977
Baldwin, Lillian H. 1975
Ball, Lee 1979-84
Baltimore Welfare Rights Organization 1979
Bananas 1974
Banks, Dennis, Defense Committee 1984
Baraka, Imamu (see National Black Assembly)  
Baratz, Stephen 1979
Barbaro for Mayor 1981-82
Barolini, Teodolinda 1973
Barrio Arts, Inc. 1973
Bay Area Vets Against the War 1972
Bayh, Birch, Committee to Re-Elect to Senate 1982
Bee County Independent (Texas) 1973
Beery, Jehoshua 1974
Beetham for Congress 1974
Belfrage, Mary and Cedric (see Adriana Lombardo) 1977-84
Bell, Ed, as Attorney for the G.L.J. (George Jackson) Foundation 1972
Bell, Malcolm H. 1975
Bell, Margaret S. 1980-83
Bender, Doctor Bernard 1973
Bender, Doctor, Defense Fund (see Bernard Bender) 1972
Berkeley Support Services 1976-81
Berkeley Tenants Organizing 1974
Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth 1976-83
Bernard, Jacqueline 1974
Berry, Judi 1971-74
Berster, Kristina, Defense Committee 1978-79
Bertz, Ted, for Int'l Auditor 1972
Bethell, Tom 1978
Bettelyoun, Randy (see Bruce Ellison)  
Better World Society 1987
Beyer, Bruce, Defense Committee 1977
Biden for Senate Committee 1972
Bilingual Broadcasting Foundation 1972-73
Bilingual Mini School 1975
Bishop, Cameron, Defense 1975
Black Affairs Council, Inc. 1972
Black and Proud (Liberation) Elementary School 1976-85
Blackburn, Romaine 1983
Black Economic Development Conference 1974
Black Ec[onomic] Res[ource] Center 1972-75
Black Hills Alliance 1979-83
Black Hills Energy 1980
Black Lung Education Fund 1972
Black Mesa Defense Fund 1972
Black Military Resistance League 1975
Black Panther Party (see Clearinghouse; Educational Opportunity Cooperative) 1973
Black Star Organization 1975
Blackwell, Elizabeth, Health Center for Women 1975
Bladenboro Case (see Youth Project)  
Bluefield St. College Ed. Foundation 1972
Blue Gargoyle Coalition 1974-79
Blyden, Herbert X. (Ramsey Clark) 1975
Board of Church and Society (United Methodist Church) 1973-77
Board of Christian Social Concerns (United Methodist Church) 1972
Bodanya, Natalie 1974
Bodenheimer, Susanne 1972
Boehm, Frank 1983
Boffey, Martha Danziger (WESPAC) 1976
Boggs, Rod (see Citizens' Committee for Watergate Reform)  
Bogue, Chitto (see VVAW/Bogue Chitto Direct Relief)  
Bois d'Arc Associates 1974
Bolles, Rosalie 1976
Boone, Melanie 1972
Bombs Away (Marcy Darnovsky)
Boston People's Coalition 1972
Boston University School of Theology 1974
Boston Visual Arts Union 1976
Bourne, Judith (see Black Star Organization)  
Bowser, Kathryn 1978
Box Project 1972-86
Bradley Campaign 1973
Bragg, Carol M. 1980
Bragg Briefs 1975-1977
Branfman, Fredric (see Brant Yarns, Tom Hayden, Nguyen Thi Ng, Project Air War and Airwar Study, Project Nurenberg Obligation, United Methodist Church, Board of Church and Society) 1971-76
Brant Yarns 1972
Breeden, Dr. James 1973
Breira 1974-78
Brentswinger, Debbie (Atty. Robert Bryan) 1975
Brick, Allen (see CUNY Research Foundation)  
Brodsky, Richard, for Congress 1978
Brooks for Trustee All Peoples Party 1972
Brookside Research Project 1974
Brown, Catherine (Dellinger Liberation) 1972
Brown, Eddie C. 1972
Brown, Ellen E. 1976
Brown, George 1971-72
Brown, George, Campaign Committee 1972
Brown, George, Committee to Reelect 1974
Brown, George, Return to Congress Committee 1978
Brown, Sam, State Treasurer of Colorado 1976
Brutus, Dennis, Defense Committee 1983
Bucklin, Richard, Defense Committee (Rocky Mt. Military Project) 1973
Buddhayana Foundation 1975
Buffalo Creek Massacre Coalition 1972
Bunting, Basil (from English account) 1979-80
Burchett, Wilfred 1972-78
Burchett, Wilfred Fund (The Guardian) 1971-77
Bureau International de la Paix 1972
Burleson, Dan, for Congress (Dr. Rasmussen) 1976
Burlingham for Congress 1988
Burton, John L., Birthday Dinner 1975
Burton, John, for Congress 1974
Burton, Philip, for Congress 1975-82
Busacca, Goldstein, Hasleton & Temko Community Legal Defense Fund 1973
Business Executives Move 1971-82
Butler Street YMCA 1976
Butler Support Group 1985
Butlin, Wendy 1974
BWFCOC (Cleo Silvers, coordinator) 1973
California Coalition for Proposition 9 1974
California Conservation Project 1975-79
California Democratic Council 1976
California Outreach Group (see United Fund to Defeat the Briggs Initiative)  
California Public Policy Center 1973-79
California Tax Reform Association (Jonathan Kangenar) 1974-75
California Tomorrow 1978-82
California, University of, Med School (Dr. Herbert Vandervoort) 1971
California, University of, Santa Cruz (Herman Blake) (see also Oakes College) 1976
Californians for Nuclear Safeguards 1981
Cambridge Tenants Organizing Committee 1973-76
Campaign Fund for the Environment 1972
Campaign Human Rights 78 (from English account) 1977
Campaign to Oppose Bank Loans to South Africa 1981
Campaign Victory Fund 1976
Camp Pendleton 14 Legal Defense Fund 1977
Canoncito, El Mercado de Cooperative 1973
Carrington, Paul, Committee to Defend 1982-83
Carvajal, Robert (Juarez-Lincoln Center) 1977
Carver, George Washington, Community Center Inc. 1971-72
Casa Myra Vasquez South End House 1975-80
Center for Educational Reform Edcentric 1975
Center for Environmental Action 1971-73
Center for Law Research 1974
Center for Living Independently in Pasadena 1977
Center for New Corporate Priorities 1973
Center for Peace 1977
Center for Peace & Global Education (Linda Marin-Hunt) 1974
Center for Political Reform 1972
Center for Preventive Psychiatry 1975-81
Center for Resources on Institutional Oppression 1972-73
Centers for Change 1973
Center of the Street 1973
Center Stage Theater Company 1981
Central City Community Health Center 1973
Central Clearinghouse 1975
Centro Dominicano de Orientacion y Assistancia Social 1974
Chambliss, William J., Sociology Dept. University of California Santa Barbara 1973
CHAMP, Inc 1973
Chapman, Robert, Salute to 1973
Charleston GI Office 1972
Charter Convention Project (Robert Dryfus) 1974
Charter Group, The 1973-79
Chenowith, Patrick, Defense Committee 1973
Cheyenne Village Training Center 1974
Chicago Comic Book Project 1976
Chicano Communications Center 1974-76
Chicano Times Newspaper 1973-77
Children of the Rainbow 1973-76
Children's Community Workshop School 1973
Children's Medical Relief International, Inc. 1974-76
Childrens' Television Workshop 1976
Chile-Cuba Expo 1974
Child Defense Committee 1974-75
Christian, Brenda 1974
Christie, Joe, for U.S. Senate 1978
Church for President Committee 1976
Cine News Inc. 1974
Circulo Cultural Puertorriqueno (Dennis Berger) 1973
Citizen Power (Charles Porter) 1975
Citizens Action Program 1972
Citizens Against the Convention Center 1973
Citizens Against Legalized Murder, Inc. 1973
Citizens Against Noise 1972-77
Citizens Campaign for a Congressional Inquiry into Political Associations 1976
Citizens Coalition for Responsible Government 1972-74
Citizens Commission for Civil Liberties 1973
Citizens Commission of Inquiry (New York, NY) 1971
Citizens Commission of Inquiry (Washington D.C.) 1976
Citizens Committee for the Anti-draft Measure 1980
Citizens Committee for Constitutional Liberties 1973
Citizens Committee for Constitutional Rights 1972
Citizens Committee for Watergate Reform 1976
Citizens Committee Seeking Answers 1972
Citizens Energy Council 1973-75
Citizens for Safe Energy 1977
Citizens League Against the Sonic Boom 1972-76
CAHD Episcopal Church 1976
Citizens Resource Foundation 1972
Citizens to Tax Big Oil 1980
Citizen Workshop 1973-76
City Streets Poster Collective (Susan de Jarnatt) 1976
Claiborne County Steering Committee 1974-75
Claridad Bilingue 1974-75
Clark, Dick, Senate Committee 1978
Clark, Hilton B., Friends of 1979
Class of 74 1976
Clearinghouse, The 1974-76
Clearing House for Option in Children's Education 1975
Clement, Marilyn 1976
Clinch River Educational Coop 1974
Clinton School 1973
Coalition, The 1971
Coalition of Human Needs & Budget Priorities 1973
Coalition for Human Priorities (David M. Gracie) 1974
Coalition of Eastern Native Americans, Inc. 1974-75
Coalition of Indian Controlled School Boards, Rec 1973
Coalition of Economic Crisis 1974-75
Coalition to End Grand Jury Abuse 1974-78
Coalition to Stop the Fare Increase (Norma Becker) 1975
Coalition to Stop Funding the War 1975
Coalition to Stop South Africa Coal (see Selma Project)  
Coastal Plains Human Development Coord. Council (J.B. Fowler) 1974
Coast Bank 1976
Cockrel for Mayor Comm. 1972
Coffin, Tristram 1971-75
Cohen, Robert 1974
Cole, Aaron 1979
Cole, Johnnetta 1977
Collecte Vietnam (Professor Sam Noumott) 1972-75
Coleman Organic Newsletter (Stanley Mills) 1974
Collectio d'Accio no Violenta 1977-78
Collins, Virginia 1971-73
Colonial Times 1974
Columbia Heights Community Ownership Project 1978
Columbia Human Rights Law Review 1975-76
Columbia University Committee for Human Rights in Chile 1979
Columbus Four Defense Fund 1973
Comite in Salut de la Patriz Haitienne 1978
Commission on Catholic Community Action 1974
Commission on Voluntary Service and Action 1976
Committee Against Deportations (PRACA) 1978
Committee Against the Recall Election 1973
Committee for Action/Research on the Intelligence Community 1973
Committee for Alternatives in Politics 1974
Committee for Artistic and Intellectual Freedom in Iran 1975-79
Committee for a Choice about the War 1980
Committee for the Defense of Haitian Patriots (Jean Dupuy) 1977
Committee for the Defense of William Stringfellow and Anthony Towne 1971
Committee for a Democratic Spain 1975
Committee for Fifteen (Sen. Edward Kennedy) 1974
Committee for the Freedom of the Puerto Rican Prisoners 1976-78
Committee for a Free Mozambique 1972-75
Committee for Human Rights in the Dominican Republic 1975
Committee for International Non-violence 1974
Committee for International Non-violence (from English account) 1975
Committee for Legal Abortion 1972
Committee for Legal Research on the Draft 1973
Committee for the NMU Democracy 1973
Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, Inc. 1972-73
Committee for Prisoner Humanity & Justice 1971-75
Committee for Public Advocacy 1975
Committee for Solidarity with the Korean People 1973
Committee for a Unified Newark 1972
Committee for World Peace Congress 1973
Committee of Americans for Peace in the Middle East 1980
Committee of Liaison 1972
Committee of Southern Churchmen Fund for Captives Project 1974
Committee on Militarism in Education (see FOR)  
Committee on Military Justice (Malory Rogers) 1974-77
Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East 1971-74
Committee on the Status of Minority Elected Officials 1978
Committee to Defeat Ronald Reagan 1984
Committee to Defend Vigorous Advocacy (Ramona Ripstone ACLU) 1973
Committee to Free the Angola Four 1974
Committee to Save the Iranian 14 1979
Committee to Secure a Fair Trial 1977
Committee to Support Guinea's Independence 1973
Common Cause 1971
Common Sense (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 1975-76
Common Sense (San Francisco, California) 1977
Common Stock (Mollie Babize) 1974
Communitas, Inc. 1973
Community Education Development and Referral Service 1978
Community Enterprises, Inc. 1976
Community Housing Corporation 1977
Community Improvement through You (see Source)  
Community Law Center Bail Fund Account 1974
Community Legal Services Sylvania House 1981
Community News Service, Inc. 1976
Community Office Fund 1977
Community Opportunities Foundation, Inc. 1978
Community Ownership Organizing Project 1974-77
Community Pretrial House 1973
Community School of Yakima 1976
Community Tax Aid, Inc. 1973
Community Technology, Inc. 1973-75
Conference on American Freedom 1973
Congregation for Service 1973
Congress End the War 1972
Congressional Environmental Study Conference (Richard Ottinger) 1975
Congress of African People 1972
Connections 1971-73
Conscientious Objector Service 1973
Conselyea Street Block Association 1974
Consortium on Peace Research Education and Development 1974-76
Constitutional Enterprises, Inc. 1973-74
Constitutional Lawyers Committee on Undeclared War (Mt. Vernon Unitarian) 1972
Contact 1974
Continental Walk 1975-76
Control Conflict Change II 1971-72
Cooper, People for 1972
Cooper, A.J., Office of the Mayor, Inc. (see People for Cooper) 1973
La Cooperacion del Pueblo 1977-78
Cooperativa Y Clinica 1972-73
Cooper Square Community Development Committee 1973
Corder, Elder James H. 1974
Cornelius, Mary 1974
Cornell University Human Affairs Program 1974-75
Cortlandt Conservation Association 1971
Council for Corporate Review 1973
Council for Latin American Human Rights, Inc. 1979
Council for National Policy Planning 1975-77
Council on Religion and International Affairs 1978
Council on Urban Life 1973
Covered Wagon 1972-73
Coyle, Brian, for U.S. Senate 1978
Coyote 1975-77
Cranston for President 1983
Cranston for Senate 1974
Crested Butte Chronicle 1976
Cresta, Michael 1976
Crusade to Cairo 1974
Cullen, Michael and Nettie 1973-77
Cullen, Michael (from English account) 1974
Cullum, Carole Sue 1973
Culver, Citizens for 1974
Culver, Thomas S. 1971
Cut Cane Associates Appalachian Resource Project 1974
Daily Rag 1973
D.A.R.E. (Esther Moscow, National Organization of Women) 1974
Daschle, Tom for Congress 1975
Davidson, Joan for Senate Committee 1974
Davidson, Newt Collective (Mike Wallace) 1974
Davis, Angela Legal Defense Fund 1971-72
Davis, Rennie (see PES) 1971
Davis, Ron (Creative Dance Foundation, Inc.) 1975
Day, Dorothy (The Catholic Worker) 1972
Daytop Village, Inc. 1973
DC Coalition Against the Death Penalty 1979
Dean, Kenneth 1974
Deane, Eddie V. 1976
de Antonio, Emile (see Whittier Film Corp.)  
December Fifth Banquet Committee 1971
Defense Committee (Maurice Fredericks) 1971
Defense Committee, Charleston (see Charleston G.I. Office) 1975
Defense Committee/Jacksonville (see RAGE) 1975
Defense Committee/Tidewater (see Black Military Resistance League) 1974
de Jouvenel, Bertrand (see SEDEIS) 1971-74
Delancey Street Foundation 1974-81
DeLee, Victoria for Congress 1971
Democracy 76 (see Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee) 1976
Democratic Forum (Joe Duffey) 1975
Democratic Forum/Review (G. Keith Haller) 1975-76
Democratic Party of the State of Mississippi (Aaron Henry) 1973-76
Democratic Planning Group 1974
Denby, Robert 1972
Denton, Lane, Friends of, for Congress 1978
Denver Chicano Liberation Defense Committee (Ernesto Vigil, director) 1974
Detroit Attica Trial Lawyers Expense Fund (Neal Bush) 1975
Detroit Escrow Fund (Lefcourt, Brennan, Cohn & Katz; received by
Kunstler, Dellinger, Kinoy) 1973
d'Heurle, Francois 1972
Diablo 46 Defense Committee 1977
Dickinson, Irene (see ECO)  
Diehl, Richard A. (see Joseph Mulloy, Ronald K. Wilkerson, Mountain Comm. Union) 1972-76
Dinebeiina Nahiilna Be Agaditahe (Robert Hilgendorf) 1974
Diocese of California 1972
Diocese of New York Region 11 1981
Dirty Dozen Campaign 1976
Dispatch News Service International Inc. (Richard Berliner, Joseph Gatins) 1972-73
Documentary Media 1977-79
Dolci, Danilo, Friends of, Inc. 1974-83
Dombrowski, James (see Susan Smith) 1974-76
Dome School 1978
Door (see Greater Amalgamated Western Newspapers Inc.) 1973-74
Dow, Citizens for 1971-74
Drinan Committee 1974
Drinan for Congress 1974-78
Drinan, Robert, Committee to Reelect 1972
Drummer, The 1971
Drummond, James A. 1978
Due Process of Law Fund 1978
Duffey Deficit Committee 1971
Duggan, Robert 1971
Dukakis, Michael S., for Governor 1974
Dukakis (see Democratic National Committee)  
Dunbar, Leslie 1972
Durkin, John, for Senate Campaign (New Hampshire Democratic State
Committee) 1975
Eagle Elk, Edward J. (see North American Indian Nonprofit Organization)  
Eagleton, Thomas F., for Senate 1974
Earth Foods Associates (Lee Fryer) 1975-76
East, P. D. (The Petal Paper) 1971-72
East Boston Antiracist Defense 1976
Eastern Farm Workers Association (Tim Wall) 1973
Eastern Federation of Nuclear Opponents and Safe Energy Proponents 1977
Eastern Kentucky Health Service Center, Inc. 1972
East Harlem Block Schools (Judith Macauley) 1973-74
East Harlem Development Project, Inc. (Bob Nichol) 1974
East Harlem House 1975-77
East Harlem Pilot Block Project 1974
East Tennessee Energy Group (Bill Troy) 1974-75
ECO (Irene Dickinson) 1972
Economic Development Bureau 1975-79
Ecumenical Trust Fund (John C. Rees) 1974
Edcentric (see Center for Educational Reform)  
Edelin, Kenneth (Medical Rights Fund of Planned Parenthood Federation) 1976
Edelin, Kenneth Defense Fund 1974-75
Edgemont Pool Committee 1972
Edmonds, George 1972-73
Education/Action Conference (Mark Sacharoff) 1971
Education Action Program (David Spencer) 1976
Education/Action Resource Program (David Spencer) 1976
Educational Opportunity Corporation 1973
Education for Action 1975
Education for Change, Inc. 1973
Edwards South East Community Arts and Cultural Center, Inc. 1974
El Campesino 1973
Eldridge Foundation 1971
El Grito del Norte (Elizabeth Martinez) 1973
Ellis, Robert (see All Angels Youth Project)  
Ellison, Ella, Support Committee 1976-78
Ellsberg Defense Fund (see also Pentagon Papers Fund, Bill of Rights Foundation, ACLU Foundation, Jerry Coffin, Committee to Defend Vigorous Advocacy, Freedom of Information Foundation) 1971-73
Elmira South-Side Community Council 1972
El Teatre Campesino 1972
El Vicio 1971
Ely, Sam, Community Services Corp. 1976-77
Emergency Committee to Defend Latin American Filmmakers 1976
Emergency Committee to Protest War Threats in Korea 1979
Emergency Committee to Save Rented Housing 1979
Emergency Fund to Stop Capital Punishment 1976-78
Emergency March on Washington 1972
Emergency National Moratorium 1972
EMHA, Friends of (Ecumenical Ministry of Haight-Ashbury --Ann McElroy) 1975
Emmaus Community 1976-77
Emergency Reform Group 1974
Energy Research Group 1977
English for Congress 1972
Episcopal Ministry for MIT 1971-74
Equal Rights Advocates, Inc. 1975
E R America 1976-79
Erickson, Barbara 1976
Esperanza Grazing Association (Ishmael Maes) 1973
Euclid Foundation (R. Martinez) 1973
Everybody's Guide to Non-Registration (see RYAP)  
Everyman Players (Sean O'Shea) 1973-75
Experimental Theatre Workshop 1972
Expo-Cuba, Committee for the 20-26 1973
Fair Campaign Practices Committee 1973-78
Fair Share 1973
Family Consultation Service of Eastchester, Inc. 1975
Families for Immediate Release 1971-72
Farm & Wilderness (see Outdoor Education Fund) 1971-77
Farris, Carl 1975-79
Fast for Disarmament (see Eschaton Foundation)  
Fear of Reprisal Ends (Ted Katsaro) 1978
Federation of Native Controlled Survival Schools 1976-77
Feldman, Raymond 1971
Feliciano, Carlos, Committee to Defend (Kunstler) 1972-75
Fellowship Church Universalist Unitarian, Inc. (Peter Scott) 1973
Fellwoch, Perry 1977
Feminist Woman's Health Center 1979
Ferguson, James 1974-77
Foundation for Alternatives (from English account) 1984
Futterman, Donna 1975
Field, Constance 1972
Fifth Estate (see Organizing Committee for a Fifth Estate) 1975-77
Fight Inflation Together 1974-75
First Casualty Press Fund, Inc. 1973
First Latin American Popular Theatre Festival (Aspira) 1976
First Presbyterian Church 1972-77
First Realty Coalition of Tenants Union 1973
First Unitarian Church Hodgin Press 1976
First US/Soviet Tradeswoman's Exchange for Peace (see Capp Street)  
First Women's Conference on Preventing Nuclear War (see Center for Defense Information)  
Fisher, Alan (see Henry SF Settlement)  
Fisherman, Charles 1971
Fischer, Erma 1971-72
Fiske, T.H., Co. 1981
Fitzgerald, Mabel Barnett, Day Care Center 1978
Flaphan, Simcha (see Harvard University Center for International Affairs)  
Florencia Land Rights Coordinating Committee 1979
Flaschner, Franklin N., Foundation 1977
Folsom Strike Support Group 1978
Foner, Philip S. 1971
Forota Institute 1979
Forte, Jr., Booker T. 1974
For the People (Danny Gilbarg) 1974
Fortunato for Congress Committee 1980
46th Ward Community Service Center 1976
Forward Berlin (Lawyers Defense Fund, Wm. Schaap) 1974-77
Foundation for Legal Research on the Draft 1972
Foundation for New Educational Projects 1977
Foundation for the Open Eye (Henry Smith) 1974
Founding Conference for a National Organization Against Racism & Political
Repression 1973
Fourth Street I 1974
Franklin City Employees Local (SCEF) 1972
Franklin, Johnson, & Morawetz 1974
Fraterniti Vietnam 1977
Frederickes, Maurice (see Defense Committee)  
Fredonia Films Inc. 1972
Free Books to Prisoners (Red Star Books) 1976
Freedom of Information Foundation 1972
Free Southern Theatre (John O'Neal) 1973
Fried, Lucy 1973-75
Friends Bail Fund (Ann Fredericksen) 1974
Friends Military Counseling 1976
Friends of the Black Information Center (see also Panthers) 1971
Friends of Children of Wilcox County 1971-72
Friends of India 1975
Friends World College Mitchel Gardens 1971-78
Friendshipment/ Bach Mai Hospital Fund 1975-81
Frishman, Richard 1976
Fritchman (see Philip Allen; First Unitarian Church)  
Frontera del Norte 1972-76
Fryburg CDC (Lyons) 1975
Fulbright Campaign Committee 1974
Fuller, David 1973
Fuller & Associates 1971
Fullinwider for Congress 1975-76
Fund for Investigative Journalism El Independienta (Jacqueline Sharkey) 1977
Fund for Legality in National Government (David Lubell) 1974
Gainesville, Society of Friends 1973
Galarza, Ernesto 1975
Gallegos for Congress 1972
Gallen for Governor 1978
Galloway, Bruce 1973
Galt, Louise 1978
Gamble, Marguerite 1979
Gantt, Adrienne M. 1978
Garcia, Senator Bob, for Congress 1978
Garcia, Inez, Defense Committee 1977
Gardens Nursery School-Kindergarten 1976-77
Garry, Dreyfus, McTernan & Brotsky- In Trust 1974
Gatins, Joseph F.M. (Dispatch) 1972
Gender Gap Action Campaign (see The Woman's Trust)  
Gente, La 1971-74
Georgia Power Project 1973-75
German Military Project (Natali, Louis) 1973
Getting Together 1973
Ghost Ranch (Rev. James Hall, Dir.) 1973-75
Ghost Ranch Research Foundation (James Hall) 1974-78
Gibbs, Raymond 1973
Gillingham, Peter 1975
Glaberman, Martin 1976
Glenn, Franklin P. 1978
Glide Foundation 1971-73
Goldfardo, Emily 1979
Gonzalez, Richard (Inmate Trust) 1973
Gomez, Chaska (see Donald Fiedler)  
Gomez, Georgia 1983-87
Gomez, Trino 1983
Good Food Project 1972
Goodman, David 1973
Goss-Mayr, Hildegard (Adolfo Perez Esquivel) 1974
Grambling College (Dr. James Henderson) 1973
Gramercy Herald 1975
Grammar School, The 1971-72
Grassroots 1974
Gravel, Mike, Friends of 1972-74
Gray Panthers 1975-79
Greater Amalgamated Western Newspapers Inc. 1977
Great Lakes College Ass'n Free Theatre & Off Campus Center 1975
Great Lakes Movement for Dem. Military 1972
Great Speckled Bird 1973-75
Green, Lottie 1975-83
Greenawalt for Congress 1974
Greenburgh Town Democratic Club 1973
Greene County Development Center 1974-75
Greenfield Popular Union 1977
Greenham Women (from English account) 1984-85
Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles 1987-89
Greenpoint Print Shop 1972
Greenville Community Council 1976-77
Greenwich Village Peace Center 1972-73
Greever, Helen 1971-73
Gregory's, Dick, Bicentennial Food Run (see the Youth Project Washington)  
Griffin, John Howard (J. Laughlin) 1974-76
Groppi, James A., Urban Ethnic Affairs 1974-75
Grosican, Lyle (see Ecumenical Ministry in the Haight Ashbury)  
Grossman, Dennis 1973
Growald, Paul J. 1971-72
Growing Without Schooling 1979-87
Guadeloupe Organization, Inc. 1973-77
Gruening, Alaskans for 1981
Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association (Fred Walters) 1973-80
Gulley, Wib (see North Carolina Public Interest Research Group)  
Gusten, Theo 1978
Guthrie, Woody, Community Center 1973
Gutierrez, Judge José Angel (see International Committee on Immigration)  
Guy, William, Friends of 1974
Haase, Ed 1978
Hall, Vivian 1976
Hamilton, Alfred Stan 1975-81
Hampden-Turner, Charles 1978
Harbinger, The 1981
Harding, Joe, Litigation Fund (see Christic Institute)  
Harkins for Congress 1978
Harlem Consumer Education Council 1977
Harlem Four (see Charter Group, Annette Rubinstein)  
Harlem Philharmonic Society, Inc. 1974-75
Harmon, John 1990
Harper, John, Campaign Fund 1971
Harpers Ferry Theater Group 1976
Hampton, Michael 1976
Harrington Committee, The 1975
Harrington, Michael, Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee 1976
Harris, David, for Congress 1975-76
Harris, Fred, for President 1975-76
Harris, Lement 1971
Harrisburg Defense Committee 1971-72
Harrisburg Soup Kitchen 1974
Hart, Gene Leroy (see Gavin A. Isaacs)  
Hartley, Vern 1979
Haslemere Group (from English account)
Hastings for Judge Committee 1980-84
Hatch Committee 1978
Hattan, Ted (see Native American Church of Rosebud, Dan Forgey, 1981-84
Frances Chamberlain)
Hatten, Ted, Jr. 1982
Hayden, Tom, for U.S. Senate 1975
Hayden, Brownlee, for Los Angeles Board of Education 1975
Healthright, Inc. #2 1979
Help for Imprisoned War Objectors 1971-72
Henderson, Vivian Wilson, Scholarship Fund 1976
Henle, Peter, Memorial Fund (Spencer Dvorkin) 1973
Henry, Aaron E., Foundation 1978
Henry Street Settlement (Alan Fisher) 1973
Hicks, Fred 1973
Hicks, Judith 1972-73
Highway Action Coalition 1971-74
Hill, Citizens for, Committee 1975
Hill, Lawrence & Company 1974
Hillel Streetworkers Project Fred Meyer Fund 1973
Himes, Andrew (see Alabama Women for Human Rights)  
Hladky, Alex 1980-81
Hoa Binh Press, Thomas Merton Life Center 1973
Holiler Campaign Committee 1976
Holdt, Jacob (E. Henry) 1974
Hollis, Robert 1975-81
Holt Associates, Inc. 1979-84
Holtzman for Congress 1972-78
Holtzman, Liz, Friends of 1979-80
Hooper, Janet M. 1975
Hoover, Richard (see Black Hills Alliance)  
Houck, Citizens for 1973
House of the Inca Children 1971-1975
Hovey Street Press 1972
Howe, Darcus, Defense Committee (from English account) 1978
Human Endeavor (new name of Other Way of S.C., 1981)
Hughes, Dick (see Shoeshine Boys) 1978
Humphrey, Dave Mack, Legal Defense Fund 1974
Hundley, Robert M. 1971
Hunt, Marsha 1971
Hurder, Alex 1975
Huston, Valerie, Dance Theater 1977-85
Hutchings, Phil 1971
Idaho State University 1980
IFCO Action 1972
Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty 1979-87
Illinois Public Action Council 1980
Impact Productions (see Eschaton Foundation) 1984
Impeach Nixon Committee (Sidney Lens) 1974
Impeach Nixon, National Campaign to (see Brian Coyle) 1974
Impeach Nixon, 74 National Campaign 15 1973
Impresora Nacional (Claridad) 1973
Imutan, Andy (Pilipino Bayanihan) 1975
Incarcerated Veterans' Assistance Organization, Inc. 1979-80
In Defense of the Pueblo 1977
Independence High School (Norman Fruchter) 1973
Independent Publishing Fund of the Americas 1979-80
Indian Voice (Dean Chavers) 1972-73
Indian Ways School 1975
Indictment #1 Trial Fund (Bank of Buffalo) 1975
Indigena (Marie-Helene Laraque) (see Benna Kolinsky) 1974-81
Individuals Against the Crime of Silence 1971-76
Indo-China Information Service 1972
Indo-China Peace Campaign (see RYAP) 1972-74
Indo China Resource Center (see Branfman, Board of Missions, United Methodist Church) 1975
Industrial Common Ownership Movement (I.C.O.M.) 1973
Industrial Common Ownership Movement (I.C.O.M. from English account) 1973-75
Inform 1979
Inner Voices Achievement Scholarship Program (see Achievement Scholarship Program) 1979-80
Inside/Out 1980
Institute for Ecological Policies 1978-81
Institute for International Policy 1975
Institute for New Communications 1979-83
Institute for Neighborhood Studies (National Association of Neighborhoods) 1976
Institute for the Study of Civic Values 1974-78
Institute for Study of International Organizations 1972
Institute for the Study of Non-Violence 1971-75
Institute of Applied Politics 1975
Institute of Child Health (from English account) 1980
Institute of the Southern Plains 1973-74
Institute of Law and Urban Studies 1971-72
Intercomunal Survival Committee 1974-76
Interim Committee for Independent Political Action 1984
International Association of Filipino Patriots 1980-81
International Black Appeal 1976
International Center 1978
International Chemical Workers Union 1980
International College of Beirut, Lebanon 1973-75
International Committee on Immigration and Public Policy 1977
International Committee to Free SV (South Vietnam) Prisoners 1973-76
International Confederation for Disarmament & Peace (from English account) 1973-81
International Conference of Peace 1975
International Disarmament Forum 1983
International Independence Institute, Inc. 1972-76
International League Defense and Education Fund 1973-75
International Ministry, Harvard University 1973-74
International Mobilization for Survival 1978
International News Service Banning Garrett (see RYAP) 1978
International Peace Center 1976
International Roster of Women Scholars 1976-78
Inter-University Committee to Stop Funding War & Militarism 1976
In Touch Networks 1979-84
Investigative Reports & Editors 1976-77
Intervention (see Military Studies Center)  
Irvine, Keith (see Reference Publications)  
Iran (see Committee for Artistic and Intellectual Freedom in Iran, Margot White, James Drummond, Resistance, Nemat Jazayeri, Committee to Save the Iranian 14, Movement in Support of the Iranian People, Iranian Student Association OSA)  
Isaacs, Garvin A. (Gene Leroy Hart defense) 1979
Islands and Continents 1978
Isla Negra Films 1975-76
Jackson, George (see Ed Bell)  
Jacobs, Paul (see IPS) 1971-74
Jamaica Plain Tenant Action Group (see Urban Revival) 1976
Janis, Chuck Les (see ELDF of United Presbyterian Church)  
Jean, Ernst 1978
Jefferson, Eva 1975
Jernigan, John L. III
Jersey Shore War Resisters League 1974-76
Jimenez, Jose, Citizens for 1975
Jobs or Income New Coalition 1978
Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health (see Edmonds) 1971-74
Johnson, Nicholas (see National Citizen's Committee for Broadcasting)  
Johnson, Robert Bowie 1973-75
Joint Schools Committee for Academic Excellence 1973-77
Jones, Jim, for Probate Judge 1976
Journal of Rev. Societies 1972
Jugglers, The 1972
July Fourth Coalition 1976
Juvenile Action Movement 1976
Kafatou, Sarah (see WILPF-CISEC) 1975
Kangai, Tirivafi J. 1977-78
Karim, Hanifa 1981-82
Karp, Gloria, Committee to Elect 1973
Katsaros, Ted (see Fear of Reprisal Ends)  
Katz, Marilyn 1971
Kaufman, Paul, Campaign for Congress 1974
Kauraisa, Charles (see Michael Scott) 1972
Kaysing, Bill 1971-1973
Kean College of N.J., Conference on Morality 1974
Keefe, Teel Lincoln Sudbury China Club 1978
Keep Strong Publishing Co. 1977-79
Keller, John B., Mrs. 1978
Kelly, Nicky, Release Campaign 1983
Kendall, Michael (see Diocese of N.Y.)  
Kennedy, Jane, NEHR Fund (Terkel-Lens) 1974-75
Kenny, Maxine 1974
Kent, Harry (see People's Food Corp. of Kalamazoo)  
Kent State Due Process of Law Fund (Peter Davies) 1974-77
Kent State Legal Defense Fund 1977
Kenyatta, Muhammed 1972
Kern County Economic Opportunity Corp. 1977
Khan, Sharfudin 1971-73
Kiger, Peter 1979
Kimche, Nina 1972
Kimmelman, David B. 1973
Kimmelman, Edythe 1973
King, James 1974
King, Martin Luther, Day Memorial Rally Coalition 1981
King, Martin Luther, Jr. Foundation (Mrs. King) 1971-77
King, Martin Luther, Memorial Clinic (Frank Angarola) 1973
King, Martin Luther, Tribute (see Cultural Council Foundation) 1981
King, Martin Luther, Workers Conference (Carl Farris) 1974
Kinoy, Arthur 1972
Knight, Etheridge (see Liberation Bookstore Corp.)  
Knowles, Stevye Clostreschin 1979
Koff, David 1979
Kolinsky, Benne 1977
Koopman, Peter (see Santa Clara Valley Coalition)  
Kopancki, Ed (see Natali Segal) 1973
Kotz, Mary Lynn (see University of Mississippi Foundation)  
KPOO (George Kelsey) 1974
Kreml, Bill, for U.S. Senate 1979
Kretchmer for Congress 1974
Krupsak for Lieut. Governor 1974
KTAO 1971-73
Kudzu Alliance (see Committee for Fair Electric Rates) 1978
Kuglin, Heidi K. (Indochina Mobile Education Project) 1976
Kusky, Garvan S. 1977
KVSTV-TV Channel 68 (L. Stouffer) 1974
Labor Education and Policy Associates 1979
Labor Education Project: (David Gordon)
(see Institute for Labor Ed. and Research) 1975
Lall, Betty, Citizens for 1978-84
Lang, Jesse, Fund 1975
Lanza-Borrego State Park (see ABC-DBC)  
La Raza Centro Legal, Inc. 1978-80
La Raza Draft Counseling Center, Luchar for la Paz (see AFSC-San Francisco)
Latin American Working Group (NCC) 1973
Latino Youth 1981
Lattimore, Michael 1973
Lauter, Paul (see Reform Caucus)  
Lawton, Chukia 1974
Lawton, Gary 1974-75
Lawton, Gary, Defense Committee (see Lucy Fried) 1972-1973
Lawyers Military Defense Committee (David Addlestone) 1975-1976
Leavenworth Brothers Offense/Defense Committee (see VVAW-Kansas City, Ken Coplon, Bernie Mazel, National Conference of Black Lawyers) 1974
Lechner for Lt. Governor Committee 1981
Lee, Howard, Campaign Fund 1972-1975
Leff, Deborah 1972
Legal Foundation for Personal Liberties 1978
Leicestershire Striking Miners' Fund (from English account) 1984
Lena Park Development Corporation 1973-76
Lens, Sidney (see Conference on Socialism and Activism) 1981
Leuser, Don (see Southwest Public Affairs Trust Fund)  
Liberation Bookstore Coop 1972
Liberation Magazine 1972-77
Liberation News Service (see Michael Schuster) 1972-81
Liberty House 1973
Libra, Inc. (Jos. Baltar, Director) 1972
Life Center 1972
Lifers' Group (Rahway) 1980
Lifsey, Evelyn 1982
Lifton, Betty Jean (see The Jugglers)  
Limerick Nuclear Generating Station (see Community Legal Services)  
Lindisfarne Association 1974
Lindsey, Ron (see Association of Black Social Workers) 1986
Lindsey, Ron, for County Legislator 1983
Lippert, John (see Martin Glaberman)  
Liquornik, David, for Supervisor 1974
Little, Joan, Fair Jury Project (Courtney Mullin) (see National Jury Project) 1975
Littlefield, Ken (see Center for Living Independently in Pasadena; Andrew Marsh)  
Living Theater Collective (Shelley) 1974
Lockwood, Edgar 1979
Lombardo, Adriana 1981
Long, Ngo Vinh (see Vietnam Resource Center; International Ministry at Harvard) 1979-84
Looper, Larry 1971
Lopez, Jesse (see Larry Noble) 1980-83
Lopez, Pablo 1974
Los Angeles News Advocate 1971
Louisville Welfare Rights Org. (Jean Smith) 1972
Lowenstein, Al, for Congress 1972-74
Lower Hudson Valley Sierra Club 1974
Lubell, David (see Fund for Legality in National Government) 1974
Lubow, Bart 1976
Lucero, Mr. and Mrs. Arsenio 1972
Lynd, Staughton 1974
Lynn, Conrad (National Conference of Black Lawyers) 1973
Lynn Eusan Inst. (Dawolu Gene Lethe) 1972-73
Lyon, Shirley (see James Smith; Smith and Snedecker) 1978-79
Lyttle, Bradford, Defense Committee 1971-72
Macdowell Colony, Inc. 1975-77
McCabe, Martha, Law Office of 1977
McCarthy for Congress Committee (Patrick Henry McCarthy) 1976
McCloskey, Paul 1971
McCloskey, Pete, Committee to Reelect 1974
McCloskey for Congress 1972
McCloskey for President Committee (Robert Reno) 1971-72
McCloskey Volunteers 1972
McComb Community Center, Inc. 1973
McGee, Barbara 1972
McGinnis, Duane 1971-72
McGovern for President 1983-91
McGovern Campaign Committee 1979-81
McGovern, George, Campaign PAC 1992
McGovern for Senate 1973-74
McGovern Shriver NY Committee 1972
McGuy for Congress 1978
McHenry, Donald 1972
McKean, Andy, for State Representative 1978
McKissick, Luke 1973
McLaren, Robert 1972-76
McLaughlin, Robert C. 1974
McLaren, Robert (from English account) 1973-75
McLuhan, Teri C. 1974
McManus, Jane 1971
McReynolds-Drugenbrock Campaign Committee 1980-81
McSurely, Al & Margaret (see Resources for Community Change)  
McWilliams, Carey 1975-80
McWilliams, Lindsey 1975
MABAT 1977
Machinist for Democracy 1982
MADC 1973
Madison-Jefferson Defense Committee (Lavon Jefferson) 1976
Madison Tenants Union 1976
Mafundi Institute 1971-74
Maguire, Andy, Senate 78 1977-78
Maguire, Congressman Andy 1974-83
Maine Woodcutters Assn. (Wayne Birmingham) 1975
Majority Report 1972
Malcolm X, Fund for the College of 1973
MANAS (H. Geiger) 1974-77
Manchester Institute of Arts & Sciences 1975
Manhattan Hanover Bank (Steve Coleman) 1982
Mani, Casmarah 1981
Mankiewicz, Frank, for Congress 1976
Manzo Defense Fund 1977
Marcato, Kathleen 1971-72
March First Coalition 1975
Margolis, Barbara 1975
Marina, Miguel 1974-79
Marital Abuse Project of Delaware County Inc. 1979
Markey for Congress Committee 1978-79
Markmann, Charles Lam 1974
Marroquin, Hector (see USLA Justice Committee, Council for Latin American Human Rights, HM Defense Committee) 1980
Marshall, Richard (see Black Hills Alliance, see Kenneth Tilsen) 1982
Marshall, Scott-Auls, Fund 1977
Martinez, Leo, People for 1976
Mason, Reba G. (Prison Law Collective) 1973
Massachusetts Citizens Presidential Caucus (Jerome Grossman) 1971
Mass Pax 1971-72
Mathias, Marylanders for 1974
Matt XXV Project 1982-85
Maurer, Robert 1974-77
Mawere, Tapson A. 1975-76
Mayday Legal Defense Fund 1971
May 19th Communist Organization 1978
Mayo Foundation for the Handicapped 1972-79
Meader, Fred 1971
Measure A
Mechling, Thomas A., Campaign Committee 1973
Media & Consumer 1975
Medical Aid Comm. For Indo-China 1972-1973
Medical Aid for Vietnam 1971-74
Medical Aid to Chile (see Foundations for Peace)  
Medical Committee for Human Rights 1971-74
Medical Rights Fund 1975
Mee, Charles (see National Committee on the Presidency)  
Melendez, Carlos (see Northern California Community Campus Forum)  
Members of Congress for Peace Through Law 1972-77
Memphis Community Bookshop (Mike Honey) 1974-76
Memphis Five Defense Fund 1973
Mental Patient Civil Liberties Project 1975-76
Merrill, David H., M.D. 1972
Merton, Thomas, Unity Center 1974
Methodist Federation for Social Action, Inc. 1971-81
Methodist Peace Fellowship (John Swomley) 1974
Metropolitan Research Coordinating Committee 1974
Metzenbaum for Senate 1981-88
Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund 1975
Meyer & Reif 1975
Meyers, William, Citizens Committee for Constitutional Government 1973
Mhlambiso, Thami 1973
Miami Convention Coalition 1972
Michund, Tom, Def. Comm. (see Safe Return) 1972
Michaux, Mickey, for Congress 1982
Michigan Coalition to End Government Spying 1977-78
Mid-America Coalition for Energy Alternatives (Paul Schaefer) 1974
Middle East Mobile Education Project 1974-76
Middle East Peace Group 1975
Middle East Peace Now 1976-77
Middle East Peace Project (Allan Solomon) 1978-82
Mideast Peace Group (Albert Axelrad) 1974
Midnight Special (National Lawyers Guild) 1972-74
Midwest Assn for Sickle Cell Anemia, Inc. 1973
Mikva for Congress Committee 1974-76
Mikva, Abner J., Citizens Committee for 1978
Military & Veterans Action Committee 1977
Military & Veterans Counseling Center 1976
Military Audit Project 1977-80
Military Law Office (see Fund for Equal Justice, Capp Street Foundation)  
Military Law Project 1973-75
Millbrook High School 1972
Miller, David (Florida) 1976
Miller, David (New York) 1980
Miller, David (Washington, D.C.) 1972
Miller, Howard, for Congress 1972
Miller, Jonathan 1976
Miller, Lewis J. 1974-75
Miller, Maya, Citizens for 1974
Miller, Susan (Episcopal Peace Fellowship) 1972
Mills, James Desamba, Committee to Free 1975
Milwe, Bea (see Jane Addams Peace Association)  
Mindolo Eumenical Foundation 1971
Miners for Democracy (Miners Voices) 1972
Miners Support Committee 1978
Mini Escuela Bilingue (Awilda Orta) 1974
Mini Institute, Inc. 1979-80
Ministers Fellowship Council 1971
Mink for Senate Committee 1976
Minnesota Citizens Review Commission on the FBI 1978
Minnesota Council of Churches 1972-73
Minority Rights Group (from English Account) 1973-78
Mississippi Action for Community Education 1980
Mississippi Anti- Nuclear Political Action Committee 1979
Mississippi Poultry Workers 1974
Mississippi Prisoners' Defense Committee 1978-80
Mississippi State Welfare Rights Project 1974
Mississippi, University of, Foundation 1976-77
Mission Media-Arts (Ray Balberan) 1973
Missouri Friends of the Earth 1974
Mobilization against the Draft 1980
Mobilization to Save the Heartland 1982
Modern Times (See Trusteeship Institute)  
Modern Times Theater Inc. 1979-81
Moffett, Prudence 1971-73
Moffett, Toby 1974-90
Moffett, Citizens for 1974-78
Mohawk, Richard (Dennis Cunningham) 1979-80
Montana Alliance for Progressive Policy 1982
Montana Coalition Project 1981
Montana Trust for People and Land 1977
Monthly Review Prisoners Fund (Paul Sweezy) 1973
Moonshine and Lowy 1982
Moratorium 1979
Moratorium Project 1971
Morford, Richard, Dinner Fund (Howard Melish) 1973
Morgenthau Committee for Justice 1974
Morning Sun Printing Project 1979
Morongo Indian Health Clinic 1972
MB Jeanne Morris (from English account) 1973
Morris, Jesse (see Claiborne County Steering Committee)  
Morse, Wayne, Banquet Committee 1975
Morse, Wayne, Campaign Committee 1971-72
Morse, Wayne, for Senate 1974
Morse for Senate Deficit Committee 1973
Morton, Don 1978-83
Motor City Labor League 1973
Mound Bayou Hospital, National Committee to Save 1975-82
Mound Bayou, City of 1975-84
Mountain Community Union (Rick Diehl) 1974
Mountain Eagle (Tom Gish) 1974
Mountain People's Health Councils (Kate Bradley) 1974
Mount Vernon Unitarian Church 1972
Movement for a Democratic Military 1972
Movement for Economic Justice 1976-79
Moya 1976
Mozambique Education Fund, Inc. 1977-80
MPLA Solidarity Committee 1975-76
Mrazela, People for (Long Island) 1982
Ms. Foundation for Women, Inc. 1977-81
Mtambanenqwe, Simpson (George Houser) 1973-75
Mugar, Carolyn 1975
Muir, John, Institute (Mr. Linn) 1973-76
Mulloy, Joseph T. (see Richard Diehl) 1971-72
Multicultural Community High School 1981
Muniz for Governor 1972
Murphy, Alberta, for Congress (see People's Committee for a Change) 1974
Murtaugh, John Brien, for Assembly 1984
Muse Foundation 1980
Music Academy of the West 1976-77
Musical Education Scholarship Fund (Natalie Bodanya Gorman) 1977
Music Therapy Center (see Creative Arts Rehab. Center) 1974
Muskie, Maine for 1976
Muzio, Rose (Center for Constitutional Rights) 1978
Myers, Audrey Aronson 1981-84
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund 1983
NAACP Special Contribution Fund (see Eddie Brown) 1972-76
NACLA (Alma Guillermoprieto) 1973
Naeve, Gavin Defense Committee (Virginia Naeve) 1974
Naeve, Lowell and Virginia 1975-81
Naik, Anadi (George Willoughby) 1973
Namibian Action Group 1975
Nash, Emory 1972-78
NASSCO, Committee to Defend Workers (see Clarence Darrow Foundation)  
National Ad Hoc Committee Against Censorship 1976
National Anti-Draft Teach-in Project (see Washington Peace Center)  
National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools 1976-79
National Black Assembly (Amiri Baraka) 1972
National Black Draft Counselors 1972
National Black Human Rights Coalition (Naomi Burns) 1979
National Black Theater 1972-1979
National Black Veterans Organization (Aaron Henry Gale) 1977
National Campaign to Stop the B-1 Bomber 1976-77
National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice 1976
National Center for Policy Alternatives 1978-82
National Center on Women and Families (see Marital Abuse Project of Delaware County)  
National Center to Slash Military Spending 1975-79
National Citizens Committee for Broadcasting 1975-82
National Citizens Communications 1976-81
National Citizens Review Commission on the FBI (see Resources for Community Change)  
National Clean Air Coalition 1976
National Coalition Against Sexual Assault (Largen) 1981
National Coalition for Childrens Justice 1976-78
National Coalition for Economic Justice 1975-81
National Coalition for Land Reform 1971-72
National Committee for Tax Justice (Robert Leitz) 1975-76
National Committee on the Presidency 1974
National Committee to End the Marion Lock Down (Susan Olan) (see Susan Olan) 1984-85
National Committee to Support the Marion Brothers (see Audrey Aronson Myers) 1977-83
National Committee to Overturn the Bakke Decision (see Ad Hoc Committee on Bakke) 1977-78
National Conference on Military Spending Organizing Committee 1975
National Conference on Registration and the Draft (see CCCO)  
National Congress of Neighborhood Women 1978
National Consumers Congress 1974-76
National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile 1974-78
National Coordinating Comm. for Justice Under Law (George Mische) 1972-75
National Coordinating Committee to Free the Five 1976
National Council for Universal Unconditional Amnesty (see National International Serv. Board for CO's) 1975-78
National Council for Public Assessment of Technology 1976
National Council on Women, Work, and Welfare 1979
National Council to Repeal the Draft 1971-73
National Day of Justice for Immigrants and Refugees 1986
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Institute for Campus Ministries 1977-1980
National Interim Committee (Barbara Webster) (see Dellinger) 1974
National Intervenors/EAF 1974-77
National Jury Project 1975-76
National Jury Project Southern Regional Office 1978-79
National Military Discharge Review Project 1977-78
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws 1973-78
Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico 1976
National Peace Action Coalition 1971
National People's Congress 1982
National Petition for a New US-Korea Policy (Patricia Sami) 1976
National Prison Center 1974
National Project on Neighborhood Health & Safety (see Center for Study of Public Policy)  
National Strategy Session on Local Public Ownership of Electric Utilities 1979-80
National Student Coalition Against Racism (see St. Philip's Parish High School Project Students Committee Against Racism) 1975
National Student Committee for Farmworkers (see Youth Project)  
National Student Lobby 1971
National Students Association 1972
National Task Force for Cointelpro Litigation and Research 1979
National Unemployment Network (Mon Valley Unemployed Committee)
(Philadelphia Unemployment Network) 1983
National Welfare Rights Org. (see Poverty Rights Org.) 1972
National Women's Political Caucus 1971-77
National Writers Union, Organizing Committee for a 1982
Nation of Graffiti Artists 1978
Nation McWilliams Dinner 1978
Nation/Progressive Dinner Fund 1975
Native American Inmate Legal Services (Pliga Bordeaux) 1979
Native American Legal Defense and Education Fund 1973-75
Native American Media Collective (KPFA) 1977
Native American Solidarity Committee (see International Indian Treaty Council; American Indian Treaty Council) 1976-78
Native American Studies, University of New Mexico 1979
Native American Survival Committee 1977
Native Generations 1981
Native Nevadans for Political Education and Action (see Tribal Sovereignty Program) 1980
Natural Organic Farmers Association 1979
Navyport Referendum Campaign 1985
Neighborhood Education and Counseling Center 1976
Neighborhood Save-Our-Homes Committee 1972-73
Neighborhood Tutorial Center (George Marchal) 1973-75
Nelson for Senate Committee 1973-74,
Nesenkeag Co-op Farm 1973
Network (see Foundation for National Progress) 1978
Network Project 1971-1976
New American Movement (Staughton Lynd, Joni Robinowitz ) 1971-1979
New Career Development Center, NYU 1972
New China (see U.S.-China Peoples Friendship Association) 1975-77
New Directions 1978-80
New Directions in Psychology 1978-80
New England Apprentice Cooperation 1978
New England Free Press 1973-77
New England Military and Draft Law Panel 1980
New Games Foundation 1975-76
New Hampshire Law Collective 1979
New Jersey Student Union 1972
New Mexico Regional Council 1976
New Mexico Review 1972
New Nation Seed Fund 1971-73
New School for Democratic Management 1981
New Schools Exchange 1973-76
New Society Resource Center 1976
New Thing, The 1972-73
New World Coalition 1972-74
New York African Liberation Support Committee (Alice Reid) 1973
New York Campaign to Impeach Nixon 1974
New York Center on Corporate Responsibility (Murray Scharfstein) 1974
New York Center on Sentencing Alternatives 1982
New York City Star (Richard Ruth/David Goldberg) 1973-76
New York Coalition for Equal Rights 1975
New York Committee on Nicaragua (Robert Cohen) 1979
New York Consort of Viols 1976-78
New York Eight Plus Defense Fund 1985
New York June 12 Disarmament Campaign 1982
New York State Assn. for Retarded Children, Inc. (see Westchester Assn. for Retarded Children) 1976-78
New York State Democratic Committee/Women 1984
New York Street Theater Caravan 1982
New York University Medical Center 1976-77
New York Vietnam Moratorium Count Commission 1972-73
New York Women's School 1974-75
New York Women's Union Grand Jury Project (Judy Palusa) (see Grand Jury Project) 1975
News and Perspective 1977-78
Nez Perce Fishermen's Committee 1980
Nguyen Tang Hen 1972
Nguyen Thi Ngul Thoa (see Board of Church and Society United Methodist Church) 1974
NIA 1979
Nicaragua Ad Campaign 1986
Nicaragua Aid Society 1983
Nicaragua Honduras Education Project 1984
Nicaragua Information Center (see Capp St.)  
Nicaragua Summer of Peace
Nichols, Jack (see Friends of Jay Westbrook)  
Neilson for Assembly Committee 1974
Ninth Street School 1974-77
Noah's Ark, Inc. (Robert Kaldenbach) 1972
Nonintervention in Chile (see Bishop Arceo)  
Nonviolent Studies Institute 1975
Norris, Ann 1975
North American Indian Nonprofit Organization 1975
North American Seminar on Training and Organizing for Non-Violent Action 1977
North Carolina Conference on Black Studies 1979
North Central New Mexico Comprehensive Health Planning Council
(NORCHAP) 1972
North Chicago Health Center (Komatsu) 1973
North Country Chautauqua (Brian Coyle) 1975-76
North Country Peoples Alliance (changed name to New Hampshire
People's Alliance) 1977
Northeast Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa (ACOA) 1978
North East Neighborhood Association (see Charas Research) 1973
North East Prisoners Association 1976
North London PROP (see Ted Ward) (from English account) 1974-78
Northern California Community Campus Forum (Carlos Melendrez) 1973
Northern California Land Trust, Erick Hausch Memorial Fund 1977
Northern California Land Trust 1976-81
Northern Cheyenne Landowners Association 1973-76
Northern Plains Resource Council 1973-79
Northfield Mt. Hermon School
Northwest Draft Counseling Center 1983
Northwest Interfaith Movement 1974
Northwest Labor and Employment Law Office 1976
Northwest Passage 1976
Nova Scotia Dioxin Case (see Fund for a Secure Earth)  
November 12 (83) (see A.J. Muste Institute)  
Nuclear Arms Freeze Campaign 1981
Nuclear Freeze Campaign, Upper Hudson 1983
Nueva Esperanza, La 1972-76
Oakes, Annie (John Lanosa) 1972
Oakes College Provosts' Discretionary Fund (see University. of California, Santa Cruz) 1974
Obayashi, Kazu 1976
OBECA-Arriba funtos 1972
O'Callaghan, Peggy (Quicksilver Times) 1971
Ocean Beach Community Free School 1978
Ochieng, Philip (Rev. Emilio Campi) 1976
October 18 Resistance Campaign (see Washington Peace Center)  
October 16th Rally to Free the Tchula Seven 1982
O'Donnen, Pierce, for Congress 1980
O'Dwyer for Council President 1973
Offender Aid and Restoration (New York) 1976-79
Offender Aid and Restoration (North Carolina) 1979-81
Office for Political Prisoners and Human Rights in Chile (New York) 1976-79
Office for Political Prisoners and Human Rights in Chile (San Francisco) (see Unitas Foundation)  
Ojeda, Gilbert Munquia 1978
Okongo, Oweno 1973
Omedia, Inc. 1974
Oneida Indian Nation of New York (Jake Thompson, President) 1974
Open Channel 1973
Operation Freedom 1973-77
Operation Housecleaning 1972
Operation Medic 1972
Optic Nerve (Mya Shone) 1975
Orange County Citizens for Alternative Power 1975
Organizers' Book Center 1973-75
Organizing Committee for a Fifth Estate 1974
Organizing Committee for an Enlisted People's Union 1977
Organizing Committee for Vietnamese Women's Conference 1975
Osborn, K. Barton 1975
Other Way of South Carolina 1980
Othow, Dr. Helen (see Project Sudan) 1977-79
Ottinger for Congress 1980-82
Ottinger for Congress (see Congressional Environmental Study Conference) 1974
Our School 1973-77
Owen, Wilfred, Memorial Fund (from English account) 1978
Owens for Senator Committee 1974
OXFAM 1972-73
Pacific Alliance 1979
Pacific Asia Resources Center (Mark Selden) 1974
Pacific Counseling Service 9175-76
Pacific Street Film Projects (see Center for Educational Production)  
Pacifica KPFK 1971-72
Pacifica Foundation (Josephson Fund) 1976
Packer, James 1975
Padilla, Rafaela 1979
Palmer, Ann, Attorney (see Skyhorse-Mohawk) 1976
Palomino, Salvador (Consejo Ludio de Sud America) 1981
Pan-African Liberation Committee (Randall Robinson)
(see Roxbury Multi-Service Center) 1972-74
Pan African Skills Project 1976
Parents and Friends for Children's Survival (see Church Women United)  
Parents Union of Philadelphia 1973
Parker, Richard (see Committee for a Choice about the War)  
Patrick, Miners United for 1977
Patwardhan, Anand 1976
PCPJ 1973
Peace Alert USA 1972
Peace and Justice Fund (PCPJ) (Joe Miller) 1972
Peace Arch Rally Project 1982
Peace Assembly (Brian Coyle) 1974
Peace Education Project (Judy Danielson, Pam Solo) 1973-74
Peace Treaty (People's Coalition) 1971
Peake, Katy (Skyhorse Case) 1976
Peck, Louise W. (PCPJ) 1972
Peck, Sidney M. (see NCC Commission on Regional and Local Ecumenism) 1972
Peck, Sid, New York Committee to Support 1980-81
Peck, Winslow (see Perry Fellwork, Social Productions) 1978-79
Peebles, Jack 1976-77
Pepi, Eve (see Center for Investigative Reporting)  
Penn Community Services, Inc. 1976-82
Pentagon Papers Fund, Inc. (Stanley Sheinbaum) (see Ellsberg Defense Fund) 1971-73
Pentagon Papers Peace Project (see Ellsberg, Stanley Sheinbaum) 1972
People Power 1977-79
People Tapes (see FOR)  
People United for Justice 1979
Peoples Bicentennial (see Youth Project, Center for Urban Education) 1972-76
Peoples' Campaign for Rent Control (see Baltimore Welfare Rights Org.)  
Peoples Center for Peace and Justice (Connie Hogarth) 1971-73
People's College of Law (see Fund for Equal Justice)  
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice (see Boston Peoples Peace and Justice, Phila SANE, Chicago Peace, Louise Peck, D. McReynolds, S. Miller, C. Vikers, Peace Treaty, Quicksilver Times) 1971-72
People's Committee for a Change (Alberta Murphy) 1972
People's Community Health Clinic 1979-82
People's Defense Committee 1977
Peoples' Development Program 1971-74
People's Economic Conference 1975
People's Food Cooperative of Kalamazoo 1975-76
People's Fund, The (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 1973-80
People's Fund, The (Honolulu, Hawaii) 1974
People's Health Center 1978
People's Medical Center 1972-73
Peoples News Service (from English account) 1978
People's Party (Spock) 1972-76
People's Peace Treaty 1971
People's Union Farm 1972
Perez, Nacho, Defense Fund 1976
Performing Artists for Nuclear Disarmament (see Peace Development Fund) 1984
Performing Arts Society 1977
Perkins, Richard C. 1971
Perlo, Ellen 1971
Perlo, Victor 1971-73
Peters, Robert 1981
Peterson, Betty 1975
Peyser, Friends of Committee 1982
Peyser, Minna Post, For Congress 1976
Philadelphians for Equal Justice 1976-80
Philadelphia Resistance 1973-74
Philadelphia Resistance Print Shop 1976
Philadelphia SANE 1972
Philadelphia Unemployment Project 1980
Philadelphia Welfare Rights Organization (Louise Brooks) 1974-80
Philadelphia Workers Organizing Committee 1972
Philippine Liberation Courier (see International Assoc. Of Filipino Patriots) 1978
Philippine National Day Committee 1986
Phillips, Jane D. 1973
Phillips Burial Fund 1972
Pilipino Bayanihan 1977
Pion, David 1975
Pittman, Kim 1979
Pitts, Ann 1977
Pittsburgh Action against Rape 1980
PLACE (Patrick Wells) 1972
Platonic Academy 1981
Plow, The (see Youth Project, Washington)  
Plowshares 8 Support Committee 1981
Poindexter, Ed, Warden for 1983-84
Point of View 1973-85
Political Education Project 1973
Pollock, Richard, Associates (see American Council of Washington, D.C.)  
Pomerance, Jo (see Task Force for the Nuclear Test Ban)  
Poole, Mrs. Willie Lee 1983
Popiel, Maureen, Independent Voters for 1987
Popular Economics Press 1974
Porter, Charles O. (Eugene Legal Center) 1974
Porter, Gareth (see Southeast Asia Resource Center)  
Portland, Maine (see Committee to Secure a Fair Trial)  
Portola Institute, Dunburton Research Council 1973
Port Townsend Peace Coalition 1983
Portugal, Dave 1973
Portugal, Joy 1972-73
Postal Contract Coalition 1978
Poverello 1983
Poverty Rights Action Center 1972-73
Powder River Basin Resource Council (2 cards) 1975-80
Powder River Energy Project 1981
Powell, John W. (see Capp St.) 1977
Public Research and Education Project Against Regulation (PREPARE) (see Capp St.)  
Presbyterian Medical Services 1972
Pretrial Services Institute of Westchester, Inc. 1976-77
Prime Time 1974-77
Printshop, The (see Cultural Council Foundation; Cooper Square Community Development Committee) 1975
Prisoner Contact Program 1980
Prisoners Rights Council, Inc. 1974-76
Prisoners Rights Organized Defense 1977-81
Prisoners Strike for Peace 1973
Prison Law Collective 1973-74
Prison Law Collective Foundation East 1976-78
Prison Law Collective Foundation West 1975-77
Prison Law Monitor 1978-80
Prison Law Office 1971-84
Prison Reform Task Force of the New York Society for Ethical Culture 1979
Prison Research Education and Action Project 1976
Prisonwatch Foundation (Spokane Peace & Justice Center 1980
Pro Bono Promotions 1975
Program of Assistance to Employee-owned Enterprises (George Benello) 1978
Progressive Alliance 1980
Project Air War 1971-72
Project Jonah 1973-76
Project Masterkey, Inc. 1973-74
Project Nuremberg Obligation 1972
Project on Work and Democracy (Hampshire College) 1981
Project Seal 1976
Project Self-Help and Awareness 1982-83
Project Sudan (Helen Othow) 1980
Project Work 1977
Project Youth 1981-83
Protect Kaho'olawe Fund 1979
Protestant Community Services of Southern California 1971
Provisional Theater 1979-80
Public Committee for Humanity in Pennsylvania 1981
Public Communications, Inc. 1980
Public Education Association 1979
Public Education Project on the Intelligence Community (see Youth Project)  
Public Eye 1979-81
Public Interest Communications 1973
Public Law Education Institute 1974-78
Puddledock House, Inc. (Margaret O'Reilley) 1973
Pueblo, El 1980
Puerto Rican Center for Justice 1975-76
Puerto Rican Convention of New Jersey, Inc. 1972
Puerto Rican Dance Theatre, Inc. 1975-80
Puerto Rico Emergency Labor Law Project 1975
Puerto Rico Legal Project National Lawyers Guild 1977-82
Putney School (Putney Annual Giving) 1974-79
Quaker Project on Community Conflict (Lawrence Apsey) 1973-75
Quality of Life in Loisaida 1983-86
Quicksilver Times 1971-72
Rabinowitz and Boudin 1973
Racial Unity Now 1976
Radical Teacher (Louis Kampf ) 1976
Radical Theater Training and Organizing Center 1972
Radio Free Georgia Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. 1972-81
Radiowest 1981
Raff, Michael, Friends of 1983
RAGE Magazine (see Defense Committee-Jacksonville)  
Rainbow Art Foundation 1976
Rainbow School (see Children of the Rainbow) 1974
Raindance Foundation 1972
Rains, Omer, for State Senate 1974-78
R.A.I.N.S. 1973
Raleigh Friends Meeting 1973
Rangel, Charles B., Committee to Re-elect 1976
Rank and File Postal Worker 1978
Ransom, Louise 1973-79
Rapaport Institute 1979
Rapaport Tribute 1980
Rassin for Congress 1974
Ratagick, Marie 1973
Ratcliff, John 1978
Raworth, Valerie 1975-76
Real, James F. 1973
Red Balloon, The 1979
Red Book, The 1974
Redevelopment Media Project (Resolution, Inc.) 1974
Redress 1972-75
Reems, Harry, Legal Defense Fund 1976-77
Reference Publications 1976
Reform Caucus, VVP 1981
Regents, University of California, Santa Cruz Campus 1974-75
Regional Young Adult Project 1971-85
Reid for Congress 1972
Reid for County Executive 1983
Reidsville Six (see ACLU 7 of Georgia)  
Reisman, Alex 1980
Relief Aid for Porcupine District 1984
Rent Control Alliance 1978
Repression Information Project (see Resources for Community Change) 1978
Rescue Committee for Haitian Refugees 1975
Research in Daily Life 1971
Research Institute for the Study of Man 1978
Resistance 1978
Resnick, Idrian N. (see Economic Development Bureau) 1973
Resolution, Inc. 1978
Re-Source Inc. (see Bloom Institute)  
Resource One 1972
Resources for Community Change (Penny Rosenwasser) 1974-79
Reuther, John, Friends of, Committee 1974
Reynolds, Lyle, for City Council 1979
Reynolds, Thomas Alfurd 1974
Rice, David, Legal Fund (see Calvin Memorial Presbyterian Church)  
Rice and Poindexter, Committee to Free 1975
Richmond Hill Nursing Day Care Center 1976
Richter, Anne 1975
Rickles, Citizens for, Inc. 1976
Riegle for U.S. Senate 1976
Ring Around Congress 1972
Rio Arriba Help Fund 1971
Rios, Michael R. (William B. Franklin) 1974-76
Rising Sun 1977
Ritz, Lan Brookes 1978
Rivers, Bernard (see Haslemere Group; Shipping Research Bureau)  
Riverside Church Infant Care Center (Jane Gropp) 1976
Riverside Political Prisoners Defense Committee (see Lucy Fried) 1973
Rizzo, Stop, Campaign 1978
Robbins, Joyce 1977-78
Robert, Jim 1980
Robeson, Paul, Salute to 1983
Rochester Patriot 1975
Rocky Flats National Action 1978
Rocky Mountain Military Project (see Richard Bucklin)  
Roden for District Attorney 1974-78
Rodriguez, Mika Seiger 1979
Rogers, Susan G. 1973
Romilly, Constancia 1973-76
Rosebud Associates (Dick Pollak) 1972
Rosen, Sumner (see Cultural Council Foundation)  
Rosenberg, Marvin, Award Committee 1975
Rosenberg Sons, Committee for Legal Fund 1973
Rosenberg Case, Springfield Committee to Reopen the 1978
Rosen, Remcho, and Henderson (see Crow Dog) 1977
Rosenthal, Robert (Research Institute for Educational Problems) 1974
Rough Rock Demonstration School 1979
Rovine, Arthur 1971
Roxbury Multi-Service Center 1973
Royal Oak Foundation 1975
Roy for Senator Committee 1974
Rubinstein, Annette (Harlem 4 Bail Fund) 1972
Rudes, Saul 1981
Rugby Restoration Association Library 1975-77
Ruled Out of Order (ROOR) (Chris White) 1981
Runaway House (SAJA) 1974
Runyon, Marie, Committee to Elect 1974-76
Rupli, Dan, Friends of Committee (Endicott Peabody) 1978
Rural America 1979
Russell, Bertrand Foundation (from English account) 1976-85
Sacred Heart Church 1977
Sadlowski,Ed 1976
Sadlowski, Friends of 1975
Sadlowski, Steelworkers for Ed 1974
Safe Energy Coalition of New York State 1978-80
Safe Return 1972-75
St. Andrews United Presbyterian Church 1971
St. Charles Health Council (R. & L. Henighan) 1974
St. George's House 1979
St. John's College History Project 1971-81
St. John's Woodcutters Association 1975
St. Louis Tax Reform Group 1974-76
St. Mark Church in the Bowery 1976
St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church 1981
St. Peter's College (Christian Appalachia) 1974
St. Philip's Church 1971
St. Philip's Parish High School Project 1975
San Andreas Fault (Dan Lentz) 1974
San Diego Convention Coalition 1972
San Diego News Line 1978-80
San Franciscans for Affordable Housing 1979
San Franciscans for Nuclear Weapons Education 1984
San Francisco Common Operating Warehouse, Inc. 1976
San Francisco Conservatory of Music 1971-76
San Francisco Consumer Action (Kay Pachtner) 1974
San Francisco Ecology Center 1980-81
San Francisco Mime Troupe 1972-75
San Francisco Study Center (James Churchill) 1973-74
San Quentin Six (see Larry Weiss, Ann Pitts, Judi Berry, Kendra Alexander, Friends of Kenneth Dirans, Cathy Kornblith, Linda G. Castro) 1973
San Quentin Six Defense Committee of Sonoma County 1975
Sanctuary House 1978
Sanders, Norman 1972
Sanders, Willie, Defense Committee (Sunny Robinson) 1979-80
Santa Barbara Community Union 1975
Santa Barbara Health Services Foundation
Santa Barbara High School Arts 1976
Santa Barbara Historical Society 1978-81
Santa Barbara Legal Collective 1976
Santa Barbara Music Education Scholarship Fund 1978-80
Santa Barbara Network Project (see Foundation for National Progress)  
Santa Barbara Tenants Union
Santa Clara County Solar Coalition 1980
Santa Clara Power Group 1976
Santa Clara Valley Coalition 1974
Santa Fe Community Press, Inc. (Susan Sellingsloh) 1974
Santa Monicans for Renters Rights 1981
Santana, Sarah 1980
Sarguis, Frank 1974-76
Sasser, Jim, for Senate Committee 1976
Savarkar, D.G. 1980
Save Life on Earth (see Peace Development Fund) 1980
Save, the UMWA Fund 1977
Scarborough School 1972-74
Schaffer, Gloria, Committee for Senate 1976
Scharfstein, Murray (see New York Center on Corporate Responsibility)  
Schiller, Helen, Citizens for 1979
Schiller, Sabrina, for State Senate 1976
Scholars Group Against the Invasion of Grenada 1983
School of Unique Classrooms 1978
Schorb, Patricia 1975-82
Schrader, Gene 1972-74
Schumacher, E.F. (from English account) 1975-76
Schwartz, Ed (Philadelphia) (see Institute for the Study of Civil Values; Tax Equity for America)  
Schwartz, Ed, for Council at Large 1982
Science and Public Affairs 1974
Science and Society 1981
Scientists Institute for Public Information 1975-79
Scott, Agnes, Defense Committee 1978
Scott, William 1975-77
Seale, Bobby, Committee to Elect 1973
Seattle Coalition on Government Spying 1979
SEDEIS (Bertrand de Jouvenel) 1974
Seer's Catalogue 1974-78
Segal, Appel and Natali 1974
Seitz, Eric 1972-73
Self-Help Services, Inc. 1977
Selma Project (Andrew Himes) 1973-75
Seltzer, Michael (see People's Fund; The Clearinghouse)  
Seminole Indian Movement 1974
Senilla, La 1977
Seneca Depot October Action Coalition 1983
Seneca Encampment, Inc. (Chris Eberlein) 1983
Serrano, Adela 1980
Service Employees for a Democratic Union (Boston) 1979
Service for Liberation (Fr. Ed Guinan) 1974
Sessions, Bob and Linda 1978-82
Set the Date 1972
Set the Date Campaign 1971
Settlement Music School, Max Goberman Scholarship Fund 1976-78
Seven Days 1975
Seven League Productions 1984
Shakur, Assata, Defense Fund 1976-77
Shalom Network 1981
Shannon, Jim, for Congress Committee 1978
Sharpless, Andrew 1976
Shasta County Community Action Project 1972
Shelby Voters League (Rev. X.L. Williams) 1976
Shepang Valley Archeological Society (Edmund K. Swigart) 1973-75
Ship of Peace
Shipping Research Bureau 1981
Shoeshine Boys Project (Dick Hughes and Pam Lack) 1975
Shoreham Occupation Defense Fund 1979
Shoshana Defense Committee 1975
Shoshone, United Western Legal Defense and Education Fund 1974
Shoshone, Western Support Group 1975
Shott, Terrence (from English account) 1978
Shuford, Chuck (see Youth Project, Washington) 1978
Shuford, Frank, Defense Committee 1975-79
Siede, Sidney (from English account) 1980
Silkwood, Karen (see National Emergency Civil Liberties Foundation; Quixote Center)  
Silkwood, Supporters of 1977
Simon, Abbott (see New York University Medical Center)  
Simon, Morton (Community Law Center) 1977
Simon, Richard (see Alternative Coal Commission)  
Simpson, Alex 1976
Simpson, Althea 1972-73
Simpson, Christopher 1975
Sioux Indian Center, Inc. 1975
Sisson, Dan, for Congress 1976
Siv, Ilan 1976
60 WPM (see Strongforce)  
Small, Charles 1974
Small Farm Research Association 1977
Smith, Billy Dean, Defense Committee 1971-72
Smith, Henry (see Foundation for the Open Eye)  
Smith, James 1980-81
Smith, McNeil 1978
Smith, Melvin X., Defense Fund 1973
Smith, Susan 1975
Smith, Tim 1976-77
Smith College 1988
Smithers, Paul, Legal Defense Fund (Contrast) 1974
Social Productions 1981
Socolov, Al (see Saul Rudes)  
Solar Action 1977
Solar Energy Project 1974
Soledad Brothers Defense Fund 1971
Soledad Brothers Legal Fund 1972
Soles, Jim, for U.S. Congress 1974
Solidarity Peace Fund 1982
Solidarity Support Committee 1982
Solomonow, Allan 1974
Somerset Federation of Youth 1974
Sorensen, Strickman, Tooby, & Turner 1979-80
Sorensen, Douglas 1972
S.O.S. (K. Gilberd) 1972
S.O.S. Vietnam 1975
Sostre, Martin 1974-75
Source 1972
Souda, Jerry, Support Committee 1979-80
South Africa Catalyst Project (see Agape Foundation)  
South African Military Refugee Aid Fund 1978
South Carolina Coalition for the E.R.A. 1973
South Coast Contemporary Dance Theatre 1972-75
Southeast Fresno Concerned Citizens 1975-76
Southeast Kentucky Research Project (see Youth Project, Washington)  
Southeastern Vermont Community Action 1972
Southerland, Dannia (War Registers League) 1980
Southern Africa Committee 1973
Southern Africa Liberation Committee 1977
Southern Africa Task Force of the United Presbyterian Church 1971-73
Southern Committee to Free All Political Prisoners (Mike Honey) (see National Committee Against Repressive Legislation) 1973
Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF) 1971-75
Southern Elections Fund, Inc. 1971-77
Southern Oral History Project (Jacqueline Hall) 1 1974
Southern Prison Ministry 1977
Southwest Public Affairs Trust Fund 1973
Southern Rural Action 1977
South Jersey Coalition to Defend the Bill of Rights 1984
South Street Theatre Company 1977
Southwest Voter Registration Education Project 1982
Southwestern Indian Development, Inc. 1974
Southwestern Institute 1972-77
South Yonkers Youth Council 1981-82
Spain, Johnny, Informational Fund 1981
Spanel, Ann 1982
Spanish Refugee Aid 1975
Spanos for Governor 1976
Special Approaches in Juvenile Assistance 1974-77
Spectrum House (Charles Faris) 1972
Spencer, Howard 1977-87
Spilton, Maxine 1983
Spokane Peace & Justice Center 1979
Sports for the People 1983
Spragens, John (CALC) 1973
Stamler, Jeremiah, MD, Legal Aid Fund 1972-74
Stamp Out Starvation 1975
Stapleton, Syd 1971
Starsky, Morris J., Ph.D. 1975
Starsky, Committee of 1,000 to Defend Academic Freedom & the Democratic
Rights of Professor 1973
State and Mind 1978
Stearns Coal Miners Support Committee 1977
Stearns Miners Relief Fund (Freddie Wright) 1979
Steelworkers Fight Back 1975-77
Steelworkers United to Fight 1976
Stein, George (see Constitutional Enterprises, Inc.)  
Stembridge, Jane 1977
Stender, Fay, Trust Fund 1979
Stender, Marvin 1976
Stern, Philip (see Citizens for Common Sense in National Defense)  
Stewardesses for Women's Rights Inc. 1975
Stokes for Congress 1978
Stop the Olympic Prison 1979
Storm King School 1975
Strawbridge, Newman 1975
Stawbridge, Wiggins & Harris 1975
Street Theater, Inc (Gray Smith) 1976-87
Strongforce 1977
Student Committee Against Racism 1974
Student Information Center (see Center for Community Change)  
Student Organizing Project 1975
Students for Employment and Economic Democracy 1979
Stuyvestant Town Tenants Assn.. 1972
Substitutes United for Better Schools 1979-80
Suitts, Steve (CLO of Alabama) 1975
Sullivan, Robert F. (Ralph Stavins-IPS) 1977
Sunflower Foundation 1982
Support Center 1975
Suruban Partners (see Twin Streams) 1973
Survival of American Indian Association 1972
Survival Summer 1980
Sussman, Carl 1974
Switchboard, The 1972
Synapse Communications Collective 1974
Synthetics, Inc. 1972
Synod of the Golden Gate (see Alan Miller)  
Szule, Nicole 1975
Tabankin, Margery (NSA) 1972-76
Tabora Medical Clinic Project 1982
Talamente, Olga (Washington Office on Latin America) (see Argentine  
Commission for Human Rights) 1976
Tambo, Adelaide (from English account) 1973, 1976
Tambo, Oliver (African National Congress) 1973
Tapol, US Campaign for the Release of Indonesian Political Prisoners 1976-78
Task Force Against Nuclear Pollution 1975-80
Task Force for May 15 Congressional Coal Hearings (see Southwest Research and Info Center)  
Task Force for the Nuclear Test Ban 1972-74
Task Force on Higher Education and Criminal Justice (William Lovell) (see also NCC) 1974
Tax Action Campaign (Fred Harris) 1973
Tax Analysts and Advocates (see Taxation with Representation) 1975
Taxation with Representation (see Tax Analysts and Advocates) 1974-79
Tax Equity for America (Ed Schwartz) 1973-75
Taxpayers Against the Prison Construction Bond 1982
Taylor, Dan (defending Leonard Crow Dog) 1975
Taylor, Lynne 1974
Teachers Council for Peace in Vietnam 1972
Team Defense Project, Inc. 1977-89
Teamsters for Democracy 1974
Teamsters for a Democratic Union (Michigan) 1976-79
Teamsters for a Democratic Union (Massachusetts) 1981
Technology-Over the Invisible Line (see Foundation for National Progress)  
Teicher for Congress 1984-86
Telephone Workers Legal Defense Committee 1978
Televisions (Nick De Martino) (see Washington Community Video Center) 1975
Temple Israel of North Westchester, Yom Kippur Committee 1974
Tenants First Coalition (OPA) 1975
Tenth World Festival of Youth and Students (Leith Mullins) 1973
Territory Resource, A 1979
Teter, D. Park 1981
Texas Observer Legal Defense Fund 1975-77
The Building 1972
The Enraged Ones 1972
Third World Newsreel 1976-77
Thompson, Bruce, Legal Fund 1978
Thompson, Joy 1981
Thoreson for Congress Committee 1972
Three Mile Island Alert (TMI in general: see Christie Institute) 1981
Three Mile Island Public Interest Resource Center 1981-82
Tigar and Buffone 1978
Tiger Cage Vigil and Fast 1974
Tilsen and Quick (see Helen V. Black) 1977
Tisdale 83 1983
Tobis, David 1972
Torres, Lureida, Campaign to Free (Grand Jury Project) 1976
Toward Utility Rate Normalization (Sylvia Siegel) 1975-76
Trabajadores Unidos de BFI (Browning-Ferris Industries) 1976
Trade Union Committee for the Transfer Amendment and Economic
Conversion 1979
Tranquilli, Martha, Defense Fund 1973
Transnational Features Service (from English account) 1978
Transnational Features Service (Rodney Carson) 1978
Traxler for Congress Committee 1974
Treaty (Campaign Fund) 1984
Triangle Project on Military Spending and Human Needs 1981-82
Tricontinental Film Center (see Barbara Margolis) 1972
Tri-Tribes 1977
Troy, Bill (see East Tennessee Energy Group)  
Truong, David D.H. 1971-72
Trusteeship Institute 1983
Trustees for Alaska 1978-81
Trust for Non-Violent Revolution (Dellinger, Davis) (see Moratorium Project CPCPJ Involvement) 1971-72
Tsongas, Paul, for U.S. Senate 1978-83
Tsongas, Paul, Committee for 1974-76
Tubman, Harriet, Prison Movement 1972
Tuchinsky, Joseph 1972
Tukak Teatret 1983
Turtle Mountain Community College 1982
Turton, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley (from English account) 1974
TVTV, Inc. (see Top Value TV) 1974
Top Value TV (see TVTV) 1972
Twentieth Anniversary Celebration 1983
Twenty-first Century Invitational 1975
Two Penny Theater 1982
Type Perspectives 1980
Udall Election Committee 1977-78
Udall for 76 Committee 1975-76
Uhara Sasa Shule 1974
UMWA Booster Club (Carl Dykes) 1974
UMW-MFD District 31 1973
Unemployed Workers Organizing Committee 1977
Underwood, Harold, UMWA Alabama (Dawson and Pugh) 1973
Unicorn News 1972
Union Advertising, Inc. 1971
Union for Democratic Action Democratic Fund, Inc. 1973
Union of American and Japanese Professionals Against Nuclear Omnicide 1979
Union of American Exiles in Britain (from English account) 1973
Union Theological Seminary 1973
Unitarian Church (Prepublication) (Beatrice Eichhorn) 1975
Unitas Foundation 1978-83
United Black Workers 1973
United Church Board for World Ministry (Howard Schomer) 1974
United Church of Christ Center for Social Action 1974
United Church of Christ Committee for Racial Justice (see Moratorium Project CPCPJ Involvement) 1971
United Church of Christ Committee for Racial Justice N.C. 1972
United Church of Christ Office of Communications (Everett Parker) 1973-74
United Church of Christ RAP Program (Fred Morris) 1975
United Citizen Action Network 1980
United Community Centers 1980-81
United Construction Workers Association (Michael Woo) (see Northwest Labor and Supl. Law Office) 1974
United Defense Against Racism 1973
United Farmworkers (see Sacred Heart Church) 1976
United Farm Workers of America (see Pablo Lopez) 1974-75
United Farm Workers of America La Paz 1975-76
United Farm Workers of Florida, Inc. 1972
United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (Puharich)
(see Carlos Chang; Pablo Lopez) 1972-73
United Front 1971
United Fund to Defeat the Briggs Initiative 1978
United Graffiti Artists, Inc. (Roberto Gualtieri) 1976
United Hospital Fund 1979-80
United Labor Unions Strike Fund (MEJ) (see Detroit Fast Food Workers) 1979
United Labor Unions 1981-82
United Labor Unions Local 100 1981-83
United Methodist Church Board of Church and Society 1975-76
United Methodist Church, Board of Missions, Women's Division 1971
United Methodist Church, Dept. of Political and Human Rights 1982
United Methodist Church "Mozambique Film Project" 1975
United Methodist Office for the United Nations 1977
United Methodist Seminars on National and International Affairs 1974
United Methodist Voluntary Services (Randle Dew) 1975
United Presbyterian Church (see Southern Africa Task Force) 1972-75
United Presbyterian Church, Emergency Legal Defense Fund 1979
United Presbyterian Church, USA Council on Church and Race (see Office of Church and Race) 1971
United Prisoners Union (Popeye Jackson) 1975
United 25th Anniversary Movement 1978
Unity Center 1976-78
Unity Coalition Candidates, Committee to Elect 1982
Unity House (BEST) 1972
University of California Nuclear Weapons Labs Conversion Project
(Name changed to LAB WATCH in 84) (see Agape) 1978
University of California Santa Cruz Foundation 1983
University of Iowa Foundation, School of Social Work Publication Fund
(John Else) 1979
University Lutheran Chapel (David Fuller Associates) 1972
University of Southern California School of Journalism,
Center for Humanities 1983
UNO African Study Program 1972
Upper Valley Training Center, Inc. (Sally Page) 1976
Upstate Community Resource Institute 1976
Uptown People's Community Service Center (see Forty-Sixth Ward Community Service Center) 1977
Urban Planning Aid, Inc. (James Turner) 1972-81
US-China People's Friendship Association (David Nolan) 1973
US-China People's Friendship Association (Fran Ausley) 1974
US-China People's Friendship Association (see New China) 1973-75
US Committee for the Carabanchel 10 (see US Committee for a Democratic Spain) 1974
US Committee for a Democratic Chile 1973
US Committee for a Democratic Spain 1975-78
US Committee to Free the Five Puerto Rican Nationalists 1977
US-Cuba Health Exchange 1978
USLA, US Committee for Justice to Latin American Political Prisoners 1977
US National Preparatory Committee 1978
US Servicemen's Fund 1971-73
US Trade Union Committee Against Repression in Puerto Rico 1978
Valdez Defense Fund (Connie Espinosa) 1982
Vancouver School of Theology 1978
Vanderveen for Congress 1974
Vangor, John 1973
Varick Memorial Community Ministries Project 1972
Ted Veal (see Westside Harlem Coalition; Crusade to Cairo) 1975
Venceremos Brigade-Chicago Committee for July 26 1974
Venceremos Brigade 1973
Vermont Alliance 1977-81
Vermont Asbestos Group 1975
Vermont State Democratic Committee 1978
Veterans for Peace 1974-78
Veterans Research Project (Louise Ransom Special Account) 1978
Veterans Upgrade Center of NY 1978
Veteran Team for Greenburgh 1975
Vets for Peace 1971
Vickers, Burnell 1973-74
Vickers, George (PCPJ) 1972
Vidal, Gore, for US Senate 1982
Vietnamese Buddhist Peace Delegation (see Vietnamese Delegation) 1973-74
Vietnamese Delegation and United Buddhist Church 1975
Vietnam Generation Ministries/Agent Orange (see National Council of Churches, Louise Ransom)  
Vietnam Peace Parade Committee 1971-72
Vietnam Reconstruction Project (Indochina Resource Center) 1975
Vietnam Resource Center (see International Ministry, Harvard) 1972-76
Vietnam Veterans Against the War (see Friends of Gainesville) 1971-72
VVAW, U of Georgia (see Congregation for Service; Committee for Athens 8, Athens Observer) 1972
VVAW-National Office 1973-75
VVAW/WSO Kansas City (see Leavenworth Brothers Offense/Defense Committee) 1974
VVAW, Inc. (Richard Bangert) 1973
VVAW/WSO (Terry D. Post) 1974
VVAW/WSO-Bogue Chitto Collective (Linda Regnier) (see Bogue Chitto, Direct Relief) 1974
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Defense Committee 1972
Vietnam Veterans Center 1974-75
Villanueva, Rudy (Unicorn Press) 1971
Vincent, Toni 1973
Visible Inc. (Howard Weaver) 1979
Vocational Training Program for South Africa Students (Martin Legassick) 1973
Vocations for Social Change (Winston) 1973
Voice of Calvary Cooperative Health Center (Rev. John Perkins) 1973
Voices of the Third World 1976
Voluntary Defenders Project (see Massachusetts Tenants Organization) 1980
Voter Participation Project 1980
Voters Against the Prison Construction Bond (see NYS Council of Churches) 1981
VSTV 1971
Wachab for Congress 1986
Wahpepah, Bill (see Vanguard) 1985-86
Walker, Nathaniel, Committee to Secure Justice for 1979
Walk to Moscow, A 1982
Wall, Aelred 1975
Wallace, Mike (see Newt Davidson Collective)  
Wall Street Action 1980
Wanrow, Yvonne (see Spokane Peace and Justice Center)  
War Bulletin, The 1972
War Crimes Project (see Bill Schaap)  
War Is Over Committee, The (Rev Paul Abels) 1975
Ward, Ted (from English account)
War No More (Mike Gravel) (see Charles Fishman) 1971-72
WRL-Plains /Midwest Office 1974-75
Warren & Pitts 1979
Washington Committee Video Center 1974-75
Washington Education Alternatives Clearinghouse 1973
Washington Newsworks Assoc. 1976
Washington Research Project Action Council (Judith A. Assmuss) 1974
Washington Spectator (see Public Concern Foundation) 1974
Washington Watch Publications, Inc. (see Washington Spectator) 1971-74
Washington Weekly Press, Inc. (Dorothy McGhee) (see Colonial Times; Washington Newsworks) 1974
Wassaja the American Indian Historical Society (Rupert Costa) 1973-74
Watson, Lynne 1973-77
Weinberg, Dorea 1977
Weinberger for Congress 1979-81
Weisburd, Abe (see Vietnam Solidarity Committee) 1980
Weiss, Larry 1976
Weiss, Ted, for Congress 1978, 1984-92
Welch, Michael 1972-77
Wells, Abbie Jane (see Judith Maier) 1986-91
Wells College, Annual Fund of 1976
Wellspring Ecumenical Center (see Muhammed Kenyatta) 1972
Werner, Thomas C. 1972
Werthamer, Shirley, for Assembly 1978-81
We Shall Survive 1979
West Bronx Higher Ground Cinema and Cultural Center 1979-80
Westbook, Jay, Friends of 1981
Westchester Church 1972
Westchester Clergy and Laymen Concerned (Lee Ball) 1972
Westchester Coalition for Constitutional Rights 1981
Westchester Coalition to Fight Inflation and Unemployment (see Al Warren)  
Westchester Committee Against Intervention in El Salvador 1983
Westchester Community Action Program 1974
Westchester Co-op (Westchester Community Opportunity Program) 1973-77
Westchester County Democratic Committee 1973
Westchester Peace Council 1971-72
Westchester People to Impeach Nixon 1974
Westchester POWER 1981
Westchester Putnam Universal Unconditional Amnesty Coalition (WESPAC) 1976
Westchester Rosenberg Benefit Committee 1976
Westchester Women for Peace 1972
West Hunter Street Baptist Church (Clint Deveaux) 1971
West Side Community Alliance 1974
Westside Harlem Coalition (Ted Veal) 1974
West Side Planning Group 1974
West Virginia Citizen Action Group 1981
WEVL 1980
We Will Remember Survival Group 1978
Whale's Tale, The (Debbie Daniell) 1975-76
Wharton, Elizabeth (see Omega News; Festival for Racial Unity) 1984-88
Whitaker Defense Fund 1980
White, Margot 1978
White Earth American Indian Movement Survival School Consultation
(Mee Gwetch Mahnomen) 1975
White Earth Criminal and Juvenile Defense Program 1979
Whitman-Radclyffe Foundation 1974
Whittier Film Corp. (Emile deAntonio) 1975
Wiley, George A., Memorial Fund 1976
Wilkerson, Ronald K. 1977
Williams, Rev. Hosea L., National Defense Fund to Free 1982
Williams Claude, Support Committee (Marion Davidson) 1976-79
Willis, Robert 1979
Willow Mixed Media 1984
Wilmington Ten (see James Ferguson; Dr. Helen Othow)  
WILPF-CISEC (Commission of Inquiry into the Situation of Education in Chile) 1975
Wilson, Gil 1976-80
Wilson, John Campaign 1974
Wilson for Utah 1982
Wilson, H. H. 1976
Wilson, Norman, Memorial Fund 1975
WIN 1972-83
Window Rock Public Library 1974
Wing, Marianne 1977
Wittenberg University Conference on Peace Research (Charles Chatfield) 1974
Wolfe, Alan, Institute for Study of Social Change 1980
Woman's Trust, The 1984
Women and Global Corporations (see RYAP)  
Women Office Workers (see Youth Project) 1975
Women's Campaign Fund 1977-78
Women's Commission in Exile 1980
Women's History Research Center (Laura X) 1974-79
Women's Law Reporter Rutgers Law School 1972
Women's Legal Education Fund of Antioch School of Law 1973
Women's Lobby, Inc. (Ruth Resnick) 1975-79
Women's National Abortion Action Coalition 1971-73
Women's Network On Global Corporations (see RYAP CNN; new name for National Project on Women and Global Corporations)  
Women's Organizations for Employment 1974
Women's Party for Survival (see Action for Nuclear Disarmament Education Fund) 1981
Women's Peace Education Project 1980
Women's Peace Initiative 1984
Women's Pentagon Action 1981
Women's Research Project 1972
Women's Shelter Coordinating Committee 1979-81
Women's Survival Space 1977
Wooden, Ken (see Institute of Applied Politics; National Coalition for Children's Justice)  
Woods, Dessie, New York, Mobilization Coalition (see RYAP) 1978
Woodstock Theological Center 1980
Woodworth, Robert (see Agape, An American Victim)  
Workers Defense League 1975
Workers For Democracy (Staughton Lynd) 1974
Workers Power Portugal Solidarity Fund 1976
Workers Rights Project 1976
Workers Rights Project of the Labor Committee (Seattle Chapter,
National Lawyers Guild) 1981-83
Working Papers for a New Society (see Center for the Study of Public Policies) 1974-81
Workshop Printers (see Allied Arts Foundation)  
World Campaign for Disarmament (from English account) 1979
World Division, United Methodist Board of Global Ministries (Isaac Bivens) 1974
World Information Service on Energy 1984
World Peace Broadcasting Foundation 1974
World Peace March 1982
World Peace Walk (Jean Ossorio) 1984
World Service Authority 1976-82
Wounded Knee Airlift Defense Fund (MAI) 1973
Wounded Knee Defense Fund (see Medical Committee for Human Rights Legal Defense/Offense Committee Larry Levin) 1973-74
Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense Committee (see Legal Defense/Offense Committee Jack Schwartz) 1975-77
WPA 1977-80
Writers in Crisis (see National Institute Writers in Crisis)  
Writers Room, The (see Cultural Council Foundation)  
WVSP (see Sound and Print United)  
WPSO-FM Antioch College 19756
Yancy, Earl 1972
Yannatta, Ruth, Campaign 1977-79
Yeakey, Lamont H. 1973
Yellow Bird, Bob (see American Indian Movement Gordon Chapter; Sorensen Strickman, Tooby and Turner; note on Bruce Ellison) 1980
Yellow Bird, Joan (see Sorenson, Strickman, Tooby and Turner) 1979-80
YES 1972
Yes on "A" Committee 1980
Young, Andrew, for Mayor (of Atlanta) 1981
Young, Andy, for Congress 1972
YMCA 1975
Young World Development 1973
Zaccheus Kitchen 1980
Zachary, Robert E. 1975-76
Zalaquett, Pepe (see Woodstock Theological Center)  
Zanu (see Kangai) 1975-80
ZANU Mobile Clinic Project (see Direct Relief Foundation)  
Zellner, Bob (DSERA) 1973
Zero Population Growth 1973-77
Zero Population Growth, New York Foundation 1976
Zimbabwe African People's Union Patriotic Front 1978-80
Zimbabwe Patriotic Front 1977
Zimbabwe Welfare Fund 1973
Zuckerman, Mark 1976
Zwerdling, Daniel 1978

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