Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), 1913-2002

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The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) is an organization formed by the 1975 merger of the American Alumni Council (AAC) and the American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA). Constituents of both groups believed their goal of increasing the professional competence of those individuals involved in all phases of alumni work including, alumni administration, educational fund raising, public relations and publications in order to promote the cause of education could be better achieved as a single entity.

The collection contains the records of CASE and its predecessor institutions covering the development of the early organizations and their merger to form the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.


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Presented by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 1996-2004.
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The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) is an organization formed by the 1975 merger of the American Alumni Council (AAC) and the American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA). Constituents of both groups believed their goal of increasing the professional competence of those individuals involved in all phases of alumni work including, alumni administration, educational fund raising, public relations and publications in order to promote the cause of education could be better achieved as a single entity.

Both of CASE's predecessor organizations originated early in the twentieth century. In 1913 the Association of Alumni Secretaries (AAS) was founded to bring together individuals in charge of college or university alumni affairs to exchange ideas and information. Ten years later, the Association of Alumnae Secretaries that was formed in 1918 merged with the AAS. The American Alumni Council came into being through the consolidation of the AAS, the Association of Alumni Funds that was formed in 1925, and Alumni Magazines Associated, formed 1918. It operated as a professional association for educational alumni executives; members included alumni secretaries, fund and development directors and magazine editors. The AAC's goal was to provide professional assistance and to work for the benefit of higher education.

The American Association of College News Bureaus was established in 1917 from a group which first met informally, at the instigation of T. T. Frankenberg, in 1915. It was renamed in 1930 as the American College Publicity Association to reflect more closely the work of publicity directors. In 1931 its regional organization was developed, dividing the United States and Canada into six districts. In the late 1930s public relations was increasingly emphasized as being distinct from publicity and in the 1940s the organization began to develop relations with educational associations. The group was renamed the American College Public Relations Association in 1946 because of its growing concern with education rather than publicity. A national office was established in 1950 and a National Director hired that year. During the 1950s increasing attention was paid to the public relations aspect of fund raising.

As early as 1954 the leaders and some members of AAC and ACPRA began to believe the organizations could better achieve their goals if they combined their forces. However, it was three years before joint activities began with the formation of a Liaison Committee to study cooperative efforts. Although two annual and numerous district meetings were held jointly and their libraries consolidated, the two groups were unable to reach a merger agreement until 1975. Shortly thereafter the new organization adopted the name, Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). Currently CASE has over 3,000 member organizations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and eighteen other countries. Its members are involved in educational fund raising, alumni administration, communications, government relations and student recruitment. CASE accomplishes its mission of advancing the understanding and support of education by providing direct services to individual members, institutional members, and public programs.


The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Records are divided into five series: Association of Alumnae Secretaries, American Alumni Council (AAC), American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA), AAC/ACPRA Merger, and Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). This collection documents the history of CASE beginning with its predecessor organizations and continuing through the present.

Association of Alumnae Secretaries Records, 1913-1938, consist of correspondence and handbooks. Much of the correspondence deals specifically with the organization and development of the association.

American Alumni Council (AAC) Records, 1922-1974, consist of minutes, programs, reports, conference information, publications, and photographs. The board minutes are an excellent resource for information about the internal operations of the organization. Further information about the organization and education in general can be found in the conference reports. The papers given at the conferences are included in the reports and provide insight into the educational trends of the period. The records are arranged consistent with the arrangement of the CASE Records.

American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA) Records, 1915-1974, consist of minutes, reports, conference information, correspondence, publications, and photographs. The Board of Trustees records provide useful information on the later years of the organization, but are incomplete during its earlier years. The best place to find further information is the annual conference files and the president's files. The publications files also contain beneficial information about the organization and include annual reports, newsletters, and membership directories. The records are arranged consistent with the arrangement of the CASE Records.

AAC/ACPRA Merger Records, 1959-1997, include information about the merger of AAC and ACPRA. These materials consist of minutes from the joint study committee, records on the merger from both AAC and ACPRA, and interviews with different people involved in the merger. Further information about the merger and the decisions leading to the merger can be found in the AAC and ACPRA records

Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Records, 1973-2002, include information about the organization formed after the merger of AAC and ACPRA. These records are divided into ten sections based on the structure of the organization.

Board of Trustee Records, 1975-1998, contain the articles of incorporation, records of the Board of Trustees, committees of the board, and CASE Annual Assemblies. This is the best place to look for information about the organization as a whole. The Board of Trustees files include meeting minutes, correspondence, trustee handbooks, and the Highlights newsletter. The board minutes contain handouts and other pertinent items distributed for the meeting. The collection contains most of the board minutes with the exception of some of the minutes between 1980 and 1984. The president's reports to the board help fill in these gaps in the minutes and provide, in some cases, more detailed explanations of activities at board meetings. The committee records are arranged alphabetically by the committee name and contain meeting minutes and correspondence related to the committee. The Annual Assemblies serve as the annual meeting of the organization's membership. Information about the assemblies includes programs and agendas from the meetings. Further information about the Annual Assemblies is located in the Board of Trustees minute files.

President's Files, 1970-1997, contain correspondence, speeches, articles, and reports to the Board of Trustees. These files include the records of James Fisher, Gary Quehl, Virginia Carter Smith (Interim President), and Peter Buchanan. With the exception of Virginia Carter Smith all the presidents' files contain reports to the board. These reports contain detailed information about the activities of the president and the organization during the periods between meetings and are also useful sources for information about board meetings. The files of James Fisher, Gary Quehl, and Peter Buchanan contain correspondence, reports to the Board, and speeches. Since Virginia Carter Smith was president a few months, most of her records are in the staff files. Some of her correspondence as president, however, is located in this series. Administrative files and Board Records will also contain information about activities of a president for that particular year.

Administrative Files, 1969-2000, contain audits, reports, non-presidential speeches, correspondence, staff records, strategic planning, and legislative records. These records deal with the internal operations of the organization. The staff records document staff meetings and the activities of department chairs. This series also includes the records from the Student Alumni Association. This group's organizational structure is similar to that of CASE. Its files include minutes, district records, conference information, membership directories, and a newsletter.

Surveys, 1984-1998, contain the records of surveys conducted by CASE. Most of the surveys involve the status of higher education. The major survey, conducted by Gary Quehl, consisted of a number of campus visits to interview students, faculty, presidents, and chief academic officers. The results of this survey were sent to a special task force to be compiled and set forth as a report on the status of higher education in the United States. Other surveys include campus visits made by Virginia Carter Smith, statistical summaries and reports, and presidential polls. This series is arranged alphabetically by the name of the survey.

Award Records, 1974-1998, include programs, requirements, and lists of award winners. The Circle of Excellence and Recognition Awards are the major awards documented by this series.

Conference Records, 1975-1997, contain documents related to the annual and training conferences sponsored by CASE. Within the conference files are agendas, issues discussed, handouts from the conference, and correspondence related to the meeting. This is a good place to find information about topics of concern to educators and to CASE as an organization.

Publications, 1964-2002, contain books and newsletters published by CASE and include annual reports, membership directories, brochures, and handbooks. They are arranged alphabetically by the title of the publication. More of CASE=s publications collection can be located in the Payton Philanthropic Studies Library at IUPUI using the library's online catalog, IUCAT, available at:

District Records, 1974-1995, contain conference proceedings, meeting minutes, and newsletters from each of the eight districts. District records are arranged chronologically by district under the headings of conference, minutes, and newsletters.

Photographs, 1929-1996, include photographs from AAC and ACPRA prior to the merger and some photographs from CASE. The photographs from both AAC and ACPRA include awards and photographs of individuals involved in the organizations. The CASE photographs are mainly of awards programs during the 1970s and 1980s and conference photographs.

Audio Visual Materials, 1978-1992, contain video and audio cassettes from conferences, publications, and historic interviews. The audio cassettes include tapes from the Columbus Colloquium and the Greenbriar II Conference. Also included are cassettes related to CASE publications. The videos include interviews with Virginia Carter Smith and a set of Recollections of the AAC/ACPRA merger.


 Correspondence, 1913-192011
 First Conference Program, 191312
 Handbook for Alumni Work (Association of Alumni Secretaries), 191713
 Handbook Series, 1913-193814
Constitution and Amendments, 1927-1937, 196715
Board of Directors Records  
 Meeting Minutes  
  1956-1962, 1966-1969, 1972-197316-11
 Report, March 6, 1974112
 Executive Committee Minutes, 1969, 1971-1972, 1974113
Committee Records  
 Aims and Policies Committee, 1967, 1971114
 Alumni Administration Committee, 1968, 1971115
 Committee on Educational Fundraising Minutes, 1970-1972116
Administrative Records  
 Intercollegiate Alumni Extension Service, Inc., 1935394
 McCurdy, Jr., Charles P. (President) Correspondence, 1951-1958117-20
 Rhodes, Robert (Publications and Chair) Correspondence, 1969-1973121
 Gould, Warren (President) Correspondence, 1972122
 The CASE of Past Presidents (attempt of AAC/ACPRA Merger)  1959123-24
 1963, 1968 (oversized)331
 1974 (oversized)341
Conferences, National  
 Conference Report  
  1922, 1926-1927, 1939126-29
  1941-1942, 1944-1946, 1949, 1951, 1955, 196221-9
  1952-1954, 1956397-10
 Conference Programs, 1964-1965, 1968, 1970, 1972-1974210-16
Conferences, District  
 District I Conference, 1930-1931, 1933-1934, 1949-1950, 1954, 1956, 1958-1960, 1962-1966 217
 District II Conference, 1939, 1971218-19
 District III Conference, 1931, 1960220
 District IV Conference, 1932221
 District V Conference, 1932-1933, 1969-1970, 1972-1973222
 District VI Conference, 1931-1932223
 District IX Conference, 1931224
Training Conferences, Workshops  
 Alumni Administration, Institute in, 1969-1972, 1974225-30
 Alumni Publishing, Institute in, 1963-196931
 Annual Fund, Conference on, 1972-197332-3
 Charitable Reminder Trust Workshop, 197234
 Communications One Day Seminar, CA 197135
 Corporation and Foundation Support Conference, 197336
 Direct Mail Conference, 1972-197337-8
 Fund raising Workshop, Organizing for Success a Development & Public Relations Program for Two-year Colleges, 197339
 Independent Alumni Association Conference, 1974310
 International Alumni Conference, AAC/ACPRA A Manual of International Alumni Relations, 1974311
 The Leadership Volunteer Conference, 1973312
 Life of the Mind, Conference on, 1973313
 Management by Objectives Seminar, 1972314
 Mega/Media Day, 1971-1972315-16
 Men's and Women's College Conference, 1970317
 Mini Media with Mini Money Workshop, n/d318
 Multi Media Workshop (c. 1971-1976)319
 New Alumnus, Conference on the, 1973320
 New Media Conference - Washington D.C., April 1972321
 Newport Institute, Tri-Track Institute, 1973322-24
 Newspaper Publishing Workshop, 1970325
 Photographica Workshop, 1972326
 Pooled Income Funds Workshop, 1973327
 Public Institutions, Conference on, St. Louis, 1971328
 The Spoken Word Conference, Boston, 1974329
 Support for Independent Schools, Conference on, 1971330
 TABLOID/LIB Workshop, 1974331
 The World of Magazines Symposium, 1969332
 AAC Relations - University of Louisville, 1935-1937333-35
 Alumni Digest, Exchange Dividend,  1951-1955, 1960-1961336-37
 Alumni Fund: Direct Mail, Bruce Barton Letters, n.d.338
 Alumni Program Handbook, Alumni Assistance in Admissions, 1960, 1963, 1966, 1968-1969339-42
 American Alumni Council News, 1957-19583911
 Bulletin of Information (inc. membership lists), 1941-1949, 1951-1964343-46
 Calendar, 1970347
 Commentary 1-48 (missing 32, 37, 44, 45, 47), December 1973348-49
 Corporate Alumnus Program, 1965350
 Editor to Editor, 1973351
 Editor's Notebook Series, 1964-1966, 197041-8
 Educational Fund-Raising Guide, 1958-1962, 1966-1968, 1970-197349-27
 Four New Incentives For Giving, Leaflet 10, 15-17428
 Handbook for the Board Members, 1957-1958429
 The 'How to' of Educational Fund Raising, 1956430
 The Language of Request, Fishing with a Barbless Hook, 1961431
 Leaflets, No. 1-17, 1963-1968432
 Many Things to Many People, 1966 33
 Membership Directory, 1953-1954, 1965-1974434-40
 Moonshooter Advance Proof, 1972441
 New Directors for Alumni - Continuing Education for the College Graduate by Ernest McMahon, 1960442
 Newsletter, 1971-1973 (oversized)341
 Renewal Slide Show, 1973-1974443
 Report of Commission on Alumni Affairs (Yale), 1970     444
 Seventy Days to Remember in 1970, Many Things to Many People, 1966445
 Simmons Review, "The Lamp of Learning is Wired for Sight and Sound," Spring/Winter 1971446
 Statement of Standards, 1967-1970447
 Survey of Annual Giving and Alumni Support, 1957-1958448
 Taxation and Education, 1966449
 'Who Does What'in the AAC, 1952450
Photographs, 1936-19714523-25
Code of Ethics, 194751
Board of Trustees Records  
 Minutes, 1964-197352-3
 Executive Committee, 1948-197454-5
 Reports, 1962-1963, 1965-197456-8
Committee Records  
 Awards, 1946-195659
 Constitution, 1948-1960510
 Finance, 1969-1971511
 Joint Committee (with AAC), 1956512
 Name, 1961-1974513-14
 Plans and Policy, 1950-1951515
 Professional Education, 1973516
 Public Relations, 1946-1948517
 Publications, n.d.518
 Research, 1925-1949519
 Study Commission, 1960520
 Taxation and Philanthropy, 1963-1972521
Subject Files  
 Administrative Section, 1953-1967522-26
 American Education Week, 1947-1966527
 Communications Services, 1959, 1973528-29
 Correspondence, General, 1963-1969530
 Creative Publication Service, 1973-1974531
 Development Section, 1956-1960532-34
 Dinosaurs (past president celebration), 1971-1972535
 District Addresses (speeches), 1934-1941536
 Foundation, Establishment of, 1955537
 Nicholson Report - Study of Relationships within ACPRA, 1962538
 Planning Programs, 1969539
 Policies, 1955540
 Report of Edward VonderHaar to James Denison re: Public Relations, 1965541
 Role of Councils Study, 1962-1963542
 Standards of Practice (AACNB), 1927543
 Task Forces, 1961-1962       544
 American Association of College News Bureaus - Annual Meeting, 1920-1921545-46
 Annual Conferences, 1937, 1939-1940, 1942-1943, 1947-1948, 1950-1965, 1967-1974547-55
 Convention Proceedings 1920, 1923-1933 (no convention held in 1932), 1934-1939, 1942-1943, 1946-1948, 195661-6
 Special Conferences, 1967-197367
 Institutes/Workshops, 1963-197068
 Summer Academy/Institute, 1959, 1962, 1965-197469
District Records  
 Great Lakes Records and Newsletter, 1962-1974 610-11
 Mid American District, 1968, 1975612
 Middle Atlantic States, 1959, 1961-1963, 1968, 1970-1971613-15
 District VIII Conference of ACPRA (with AAC District VI), 1939-1940, 1942, 1967616
Historical Files  
 "The First Half Century" by W. Emerson Reck, 1967617
 "A Thumbnail Sketch of the Association's History" by W. Emerson Reck, n.d.618
 College Sports Information Directors of America, 1954-1972 (formerly Sports Section of ACPRA)619
 Correspondence, 1921-1976620-21
 Deaths, 1973622
 Educational Radio - FCC Correspondence, 1966-1975623
 Endowment - Origin and Growth, 195571
 Membership Reports, 1941-1942, 1952, 196672
 National Office, 1939-195073
 Presidential Manuscripts, 1951-196274
 Recollections, various members, 1958-196775
 Gardner, Virginia Correspondence, 1935-196776
 President's Files  
  Frankenberg Era, 1915-192077
  Adams, 1920-192178
  Crawford, 1921-192279
   Kirkwood, 1922-1925710
  Elliott, 1925-1927711
  Brown, 1927-1928712
  Clark, 1928-1929713
  Carpenter, 1929-1930714
  Silvers, 1930-1931715
  Boochever, 1931-1933716
  Madry, 1933-1934717
  Wright, 1934-1935718
  Pellegrin, 1935-1936719
  Wright, 1936-1937720
  De Camp, 1937-1938721
  Graham, 1938-1939722
  Collier, 1939-1940723
  Reck, 1940-1941724
  Ridings, 1941-1942725
  Ellis, 1942-1943726
  Whittlesey, 1943-1944727
  Brandon, 1944-1946728
  Schellenger, 1946-1947729
  Renegar, 1947-1949730
  Hannum, 1948-1949731
  Bartley, 1949-1950732
  Harral, 1950-1951733
  Johnston, 1951-1952734-35
  Vonderhaar, 1952-1953736
  Smith, 1953-1954737
  Pray, 1954-1955738
  Ansley, 1955-1956739
  Poole, 1956-1957740
  Jordan, 1957-1958741
  Curtis, 1958-1959742
  Osborn, 1959-1960743
  Nelson, 1960-1961744
  Schaeffer, 1961-1962745-46
  Bintzer, 1962-196381
  Hewlett, 1962-196382
  Dension, 1964-196583
  Nicholson, 1965-196684
  Rowland, 1966-196785
  Massey, 1967-196886
  Radock, 1968-196987
  Sorenson, 1969-197088
  Dittman, 1970-197189
  Frick, 1971-1972810
  Waldo, 1972-1973811
  Callahan, 1973-1974812
  Crawford, 1974-1975813
 AACNB Newsletter, 1938814
 ACPRA Newsletter, 1949-1955, 1961-1969, 1972815-24
 Annual Reports, 1971-1974825
 Awards National Honors Competition, 1965-1974826
 Bibliographies, 1936, 1956827
 Dateline Washington, 1973828
 Development Section Brochures, n.d.829
 Development Section Newsletter, 1955-1958830
 District Officers Manual, 1956831
 Education Abstracts, 1966-1975832-41
 Federal Affairs Handbook for Higher Education, 1973842
 Membership Directory, 1952-1955, 1957-1960, 1968-1969, 1971 (Annual Reports included in the 1952-1960 directories)843-47
 Membership Directory, 1971-197491-3
 Miscellaneous Brochures, 1964-197594
 Reference Manual, 196195-6
Photographs, 1929-19564526
AAC Merger Records  
 Correspondence, 1959-197397-10
 Self-Study, 1972-1974911-13
 Special Balloting Project, March 1974914
ACPRA Merger Records  
 Correspondence, 1972-1974915
 Study, 1972-1973916-17
Liaison Committee, 1963-1972918
Joint Study Committee Records  
 Minutes and Correspondence, 1970-1974919-23
 Legal Correspondence, 1973-1974924
 Merger Study (Wells Committee), 1971-1972925
 Oakbrook Conference, September 23-26, 1973926-30
 Organizational Development Correspondence, 1973-1974931
 Publicity/Communications, 1974932
 Publicity, 1974101-2
 Status Reports, 1973-1974103
Trustees, Board of104-6
 Executive Committee, 1974-1975104-6
 Awards and Honors Committee, 1974107
 Districts and Regions,  Commission on, 1974108
 Name Committee, 1974109
 Programs and Services, Commission on, 1973-19741010
  First International Conference, 19741011
 Linson, Bob,  19971012
 Smith, Virginia Carter, Interview, June 8, 1992 (4 videotapes and masters)32 
 Three Interviews (videotape and master), July 10, 199232 
  Crawford, Ed (?)  
  Curtis, Howard  
  Waldo, Bob (?)  
Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, 1975-19911013
Mission Statement, 19871014
Board of Trustees  
  1975, 19891015
  1980, 1982-1985, 19903912-14
 Executive Management, 19751016
  1987-1989, 1994-1995111-12
  1975-1976, 1989-19903915-23
 Handbook, 1986-19921113
 Highlights Newsletter, 1984-19921114
 New Trustee Orientation, 1989-19924016-19
 Career Advancement for Women and Minorities  
 Certificate Program, 1976-1978123
 Committees, Commission, and Ad Hoc Committee, 1989124
 Curriculum Study Advisory Group  
   1981-1987, 1991125-6
  Curriculum Study Professional Area Career Guide, 1991127
  Reports, 1988-1989128
 Commission on Educational Opportunity, 1986-1990129-12
 Finance and Audit Committee, 1989-19911213-15
 Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)  
 Governance Committee, 1979, 1985-1994139-10
 Government Relations Committee, 1973-19921311-17
  Privacy Rights of Students, 1973-19821318-19
  State Relations, 1979-19811320
  Tax Monitoring Group, 19901321
 Higher Education Action Committee, 1979-19841322
 Independent Schools Committee  
  Matching Gift Initiative, 1982-1988415
  Minutes, 1980, 1987-1993416
 Long Range Planning Committee, 1982, 1984, 19861323-26
 Opportunity and Equity, 1992-19931327
 Senior Professionals, 19871328-31
 Taxation and Philanthropy, 1974-1978141-9
 Two Year Colleges  
  Corporate Foundations Advisory Board (CFAB), 1987-19881413-14
  Committee on Two-Year Colleges (COTC), 1979, 1983-19891415-18
  Commission on Two-Year Institutions (COTI), 1987-19931419-21
   Advancing Two-Year Institutions Conference, 1985-19881422-26
   Building an Effective Advancement Program for Your Two-Year Institution, 1984-19881427
Annual Assembly  
 1975-1977, 1979, 1981-1982, 19841428-33
 1986-1987, 1989-1991, 1993-1998151-13
 1978, 1980418-9
 1998 (oversized)332
President's Subject Files  
 James L. Fisher  
  Resume, 1985-19861514
  Report to Board  
  Resignation, 19851527
  Publications, n.d.1531
  Review of Gourmen/Fiske Report, March 19841533
  Speeches, 1970-1986161-11
 Gary Quehl  
  Biographical Information, n.d.1612
  Report to Board, 1986-19911613-19
  Resignation, 19901620
  Speeches, 1982-19891621-24
 Virginia Carter Smith  
  Correspondence, 1982-19901625-26
  Interview Transcription, June 8, 19921627
 Peter Buchanan  
   A, 1993-19941628
   CASE Academy, 1992-19951629-31
   Ad Campaign, 1992-19931632
   Advancement Advisors, 1991-19921633
   Affinity Groups, 19921634
   AIMS Awards, 19911635
   Alliance to Save Student Aid, 1994-19951636-37
   Annual Assembly, 1992-19931638
   Board of Trustees, 1991-19941639
   Board Retreat, 19911640
   C, 1990-19941641
   Council for Aid to Education (CAE/CFAE), 19931642
   Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE), 1992-1994171
   Campaign Guidelines, 1991-1993172-4
   Campaign Standards, 1993-1994175-7
   Capital Campaigns, 1992178
    Audio Tape, 1992351
   CASE Commissions, 1991179
   Center on Philanthropy, 19911710
   Certification, 1992-19931711
   Chair's Forum, 1994-19951712
   Circle of Excellence, 19951713
   Commission-Based Compensation, 19911714
   Commissions, 1992-19931715
   Consortium, 1991-19931716
   Cost of Fund Raising Project, 19951717
   Crisis Communication, 1992-19931718
   Districts, 1991-19941719
   Donor Bill of Rights, 19931720
   E, 19921721
   Ethics, 1990-19931722-23
   Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), 1991-19931724-26
   G, 19911727
   Gallup Poll, 19911728
   Government Relations – Federal, 1994-19951729
   Governmental Affairs, 1992-19931730
   H, 1992-19931731
   Independent Schools, 1992-19931732
   Institutionally Related Foundations, 1992-19941733-36
   International, 1991-19951737-39
   International Program, 1990-19911740
   International - United Kingdom, 1992-19951741
   International – Unitech, 19951742
   Investment 21 Steering Committee  
   Lilly Endowment, 1991-1995185
   Logo, 1991186
   M, 1991-1992187
   Matching Gifts, 1995188
   Mega Campaigns, 1990-1991189
   Membership, 19931810
   Minority Affairs, 1991-19931811
   Minority Recruitment Task Force, 19911812
   Minority Task Force, 1994-19951813
   Miscellaneous Correspondence, 19911814
   N, 1991-19941815
   National Ad Campaign, 19911816
   National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), 1992-19931817
   O-P, 1994-19951818
   Planned Giving Support Center, 1991-19951819-21
   Press Release, 19901822
   Professor of the Year, 1992-19941823
   Publications (CASE), 1993-19951824
   Q-R, 1993-19951825
   Recognition Awards, 1992-19941826
   S, 19911827
   Staff Announcements, 19911828
   Staff Memos, 19951829
   T-W, 1991-19941830
   Ten Most Wanted, 19921831
   Trademark, 1992-19941832
   Two-Year Institutions, 1992-19931833
   Washington Higher Education Secretariat (WHES), 19921834
   World Fund-Raising Council, 19941835
  Reports to the Board  
   December 16, 1990-19951836-46
   1995-August 1997191-4
Staff Meeting Minutes and Internal Communications  
 Executive Staff Meeting Minutes, 1986-1987195-10
 Policies, 1979-19861911-12
 President's Staff, 1978-19831913-15
 President's Cabinet, 1988-19931916-17
 Vice Presidents' Meetings, 1991-19921918-19
Staff Subject Files  
 Audit Reports  
  1975-1976, 1979-1980, 1988423
 CASE Online, Fall 1996424
 Copyright, 1969-19751922
 Correspondence (General), 1986-19901923-25
 District Relations, 1984-19851926
 District Services, 1992-19941927
 Employee Handbook, 19901928
 Financial Information, 1994-19951929
 Goals, 1980-19921930-31
 Institutional Development, 1986-19871932
 Missouri Project, 1984-1985201
 Presidents and the Media, 1990202
 Professional Services Operation Plans, 1988-1989203
 Public Affairs Division  
  Correspondence, 1978-1980, 1987-1991204-6
  Appreciated Placement Working Group, 1990-1991207
  Program Plan, 1989208
  Staff Plans and Reports, 1988-1989209
  "Towards a Public Agenda for Higher Education", 19792010
 Publications - Helkman Society, 19892011
 Special Grants, 1980-19852012
 Strategic Plan, 1990-May 19922013-24
 Student Alumni Association/Student Foundation  
  Annual Reports, 1984/85-1993/94425-11
  Brochures, 1980s-1990s4212
  Conference Bids, 1988-1989, 1995, 19974213
  Convention Scholarships, 19944214
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   District II  
    Conference, 1983, 1987, 1995-19974216
    Survey, 19934217
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   District V  
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    Conference, 1987-1988, 1994-19974226-28
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   District VII Conference, 1995-19974231
   District VIII Conference, 19964232
  In Turn, 1993-19944233
  Membership Directory, 1991, 1994/95-1997/982025-26
  Network Convention  
   1984-1985, 1987-19914235-40
  Newsletter, 1985-19942029
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 Attitudes About American Colleges, 1991436
 Canadian Advancement Professionals Survey, 1998437-8
 Cumulative Campaign Activity by Educational Institutions  
  Pilot, 1995439
  Preliminary Results, 1994-19964310
  Surveys, 19964311-15
 Higher Education  
  Campus Visits of Virginia Carter Smith, 1988211-2
  Draft of Statistical Summary, 1988213
  Draft of Statistical Reports, 1989214
  Frequency Distributions  
   Questionnaire #1, 1988215
   Questionnaire #2, 1988216
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  Higher Education, Weighted, 1984219-10
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   Faculty, 1986-19872119
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 Awards (General), 1974-1975, 1985221-3
 CASE/USX Aims Awards, 1991224-6
 Circle of Excellence  
  1996, 1998-19994316
 Newcomers' Scholarship Program, 1989-1990228
 Professor of the Year, 1988, 1991-1996, 1998229
 Recognition Awards  
  General Information  
   1980, 1983, 1987 (oversized)333
   1988-1989 (oversized)342
  Photographs, 1977-1978, 1981, 1983, 1988-19894530-35
 Brochures and Conference Announcements, 1982-19972213-21
 Academy, 19912222
 Advancement Programs at Elementary Schools, January 20, 19962223
 Advancing Your Career, Toronto, 19822224
 Alumni Relations: Managing for the Future, March 13-15, 19962225
 Annual Giving, 19952226-28
 Asking for Major Gifts, June 10-11, 19962229
 Building Better State Relations  
  1977, 1979, 1981-1982, 1984, 1986-19892230-38
  1989 (oversized)341
 Building a Development Program from the Ground Up, 1983233
 Campaign Fund Raising, May 14-16, 1996234
 Career Advancement: Planning Your Strategy, 1982235
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 Capitalizing on New Technology in Publications and Media Relations, 1982-1983237-8
 CASE/NAIS Conference, 19914330
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 Communications and Alumni Programs for Student Recruitment, 1975-1976, 1978-19822312-20
 Communication Support for Capital Campaign, 19962321
 Conducting Successful Phonathon, October 19, 19952322-24
 Congressional Briefing, 1983-1987, 1990-19922325-30
 Coping with Stress and Avoiding Burnout, 19852331
 Corporate and Foundation Support, May 15-17, 19962332
 Covering Research Creatively, 19842333
 Creative Communications, October 20-21, 19782334
 Cultivating Diversity Through Better Communications, 19912335
 Curriculum Workshop, 19882336
 Developing Proposals for Federal Grants, 19812337
 Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan, 19962338-39
 Direct Mail Conference, 1976, 19792340-41
 Doing Better Publications for Less Workshop, 1981-1982, 1984, 19852342-51
 EFR Curriculum, May 2-4, 19902352
 Effective Communications Support for the Capital Campaign, 19842353
 Effective Donor Relations and Stewardship, 19962354
 Effective Public Relations and Publications for Graduate and Professional Schools Conferences, 19962355
 Effective Market Research for Public Relations, Alumni, and Recruitment, 19832356
 El Financiamento de la Educacion Superior en Latinoamerica, 19802357
 Electronic Media and the Eighties, 19782358
 Engaging Alumni Through Career Services, 19962359
 Executive Leadership Conference, 19902360
 Forum for Chief Advancement Officers, Heads, and Trustees, 19962361
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 Greenbriar II  
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  Ethics, 1984-1985241-3
  Exxon, 1983-1986244-5
  General, 1985246-7
   Druck, Kalman, 1985248
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  Photographs, 19884527
  Program, 19852413
  Publications, 1958, 19852414
  Recommendations, 19852415
  Reports, 19852416
  Transcriptions, 19852417
   Audio tapes (47 cassette tapes), 1985367-17
   Audio tapes (47 cassette tapes), 1985371-14
 Greenbriar-Columbus II Colloquium  
  Audio Tapes  
  Annual Assembly Sessions, 19884331
  General Information  
  Registration Packet, 19884333
 HEERA/CASE Conference, 19972419
 How to Conduct a Communications Audit, 19952420
 Improving Productivity in Annual Fund, Alumni, and Public Relations Programs, 19832421-22
 Independent Schools Conference (CASE/NAIS), 1996, 19982423
 Internal Communications Workshop, 1978-19812424-28
 Leadership Conference, 1985-1986, 1991-19922429-31
 Legislative Advocacy Networks: Building Support Among Alumni, Trustees, and Friends, 19952432-35
 Major Donor Research, 19962436
 Major Gift Fund Raising for Deans, 19962437
 Making the Most of Your Institutionally Related Foundation, 19892438
 Management Forum for Advancement Professional, 19962439
 Marketing Approach to Student Recruitment Workshop, 19802440-41
 Newcomers in Development Workshop, 19952442-43
 News/Information Special Conferences, 19762444
 Photo Workshop and Institutional Relations Conference, 19772445
 Planned Giving: A Working Knowledge for Major Gift Officers, 19962446
 Positioning Your Institution for Competitive Advantage, 19952447
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 Productive Publications, 19882449
 Recruiting for Two-Year Colleges, 19812450
 Research Communications: Issues and Techniques, 19852451
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 Senior Seminar on Donor/Campus Relations, 19882453
 Summer Institute  
 Two-Year Advancement Program: Seminar for Senior Professionals, 19882713
 Update for Publications Managers, 1978-19792714-15
 Using Radio-TV Effectively, 19772716
 Winter Institute for Senior Advancement Professionals, 19962717-18
 Women in Advancement, 19812719
 Women's Forum for Institutional Advancement/Minority Forum  
  General Information  
   1983, 1988-19892720-24
  Photographs, 1995-19964528-29
 Word Processing/Computer Typesetting: Making the Buying Decision, 19842725
 Working with Alumni Boards, 19962726-27
 Writing Winning Proposals, 1995-19962728-29
 "You Asked for It" Editors' Workshop, 19772730
 A CASE Guide to Advancing Education, 1997-1998446
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 All About CASE  
  Brochures, n.d.2731
  Videotapes, 1980, 199232 
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  Audio Tape, 1981385-12
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 Membership Directories  
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 Membership Packet, 1998-19994427
 National Clearinghouse Corporation for Matching Gifts, 1990-            19912831
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District Records  
 Board Rosters, 1992-19954432
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 District Leadership Conference, 1993-19944434-35
 District Service Committee, 1994451-3
 Exchange Program, 1992-1994454
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 Treasurer Training, 1975-1979, 1990-1994457
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   Minutes, 1976-1987292-3
    1974-1990, 1992-1993294-16
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  District II  
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    1975, 1977-1982, 1984-19922922-36
    1989 (oversized)343
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    1974-1989, 1993, 19962937-38
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   Minutes, 1980-19883016
    1994 (oversized)334
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  District V  
   Minutes, 1975-19883027
    1976, 1983-19933028-39
    1989 (oversized)335
    1976, 1983-19873040
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    1970-1974, 1980-19933118-32
    1993-1994 (oversized)336
  District VII  
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  District VIII  
   Minutes, 1976-19883155
    1978, 1980, 1983-19923156-66
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 American Alumni Council (AAC)  
  Awards, 19684523
  Individual, 1950-19714524
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 Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)  
  Greenbriar-Columbus II, 19884527
  Minority Forum, 1995-19964528-29
  Recognition Awards, 1977-1978, 1981, 1983, 1988-19894530-35
Audio Video Materials  
 Audio Cassettes  
  Capital Campaigns, 1992351
  Columbus II Colloquium  
  Greenbriar II  
  Planned Gift Fund Raising, 19813715
  Update on Publications  
  Updating Your News Service, 1981385-12
 Video Cassettes  
  All About CASE, 1980, 199232 
  Recollections Interviews, July 10, 199232 
  Virginia Carter Smith Interview, June 8, 1992 (4 tapes)32 
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