Oscar F. Frenzel Collection

Accession A88-26
Collection Mss 70

Historical Note

Oscar Frederick Frenzel (1861-1929) was a member of an Indianapolis family deeply involved in the city's banking, business, and cultural activities. The family is most closely identified with Merchants National Bank (now part of National City Bank, a Cleveland-based holding company). Oscar joined the bank in 1873 as messenger, succeeding his older brothers John (who had risen to the position of cashier) and Otto (who was the bank's bookkeeper). John and Otto purchased the bank in 1882, making John, at the age of 28, the nation's youngest bank president.

Oscar remained with Merchants until 1929, eventually rising to the position of vice president. He served as an officer in the Indiana State Bankers' Association. Oscar was also a member of various Masonic groups, the Indianapolis Academy of Music, the Indianapolis Socialer Turnverein, the Indianapolis Maennerchor, and the Indianapolis Target Shooting Association.

Scope and Content

 The Oscar Frenzel Collection contains nine series: Publications, Correspondence, Financial, Personal, Maennerchor, New American Opera Company, May Music Festival, Socialer Turnverein, and Independent Turnverein.

Publications (1877-1903) includes issues of Puck, a German-language magazine published in New York; Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blatter, a German magazine; and miscellaneous publications in English or German.

Correspondence (1874-1888) contains both Frenzel's personal and business correspondence. The personal correspondence provides a glimpse of the social activities and customs in Indiana in the late nineteenth century. The business correspondence indicates the type of financial and commercial activities Frenzel was involved in during this period.

Financial (1876-1888) consists of records and other papers from some of Frenzel's business activities.

Personal (ca. 1880s) includes business and calling cards given to Frenzel; dues and membership cards for organizations to which Frenzel belonged; and miscellaneous items.

Maennerchor (1880-1904) has invitations and programs for Maennerchor events, histories of the Indianapolis Maennerchor, and miscellaneous items.

New American Opera Company (1888-1889) is an announcement of operas for the company's 1888-1889 season in Indianapolis.

May Music Festival (1894) is the program for the sixth annual festival, held in Indianapolis.

Socialer Turnverein (1880s) contains invitations to various events sponsored by the Socialer Turnverein.

Independent Turnverein (1880s) has invitations to various events sponsored by the Unabhangiger Turnverein.

Series Inventory

Contents Box Folder
  Puck, 2/15/1882 - 10/28/1891 1-11  
  Puck (editions separated due to their condition) 12  
  Puck, color front page in English, 10/12/1881, 10/26/1881, 12/14/1881 13 1-3
  Puck, misc. loose pages, n.d. 13 4-9
  Puck Calendar, 1888-1889 13 10-11
  Beiblatt der Fliegenden Blatter, 4/29/1888-10/18/1891 14-18  
  "Das Buch fur Hundefreunde" (The Dog Lovers' Book) published in Germany, 1877 19 1
  Skat manuals (books about popular German card game), printed in German and published in Chicago, 1877-1888 19 2
  "Houghtaling's Hand-Book of Useful Information," published in Albany, NY, 1884 19 3
  The Stoddard Lectures, a promotional brochure for lectures delivered by John L. Stoddard at English's Opera House in Indianapolis, 1886-1887 19 4
  "Pocket Atlas of the World," published in New York by Ivison, Blakeman, & Company, 1887 19 5
  A book catalog and a Christmas catalog, the former published in Leipzig and the latter in Indianapolis, both in German, 1888-1889 19 6
  Proceedings of the convention of the National Democratic Party, held in Indianapolis on 9/2-3/1896 19 7
  "Die Geschichte vom langen Steamboot John," a poem in German, n.d. 20 1
  "Zur Guten Stunde," a German publication 20 2
  "Familierschatz," a German-language publication,n.d. 20 3
  Maps of Indianapolis, n.d. 20 4
  "Battery Bulletin," published in Columbus, IN, 11/1882 20 5
  Otto Friedrich's Dog Breeder's Catalog, ca. 1884 20 6
  "Vom Fels Zummeer," an illustrated periodical from Germany, ca. 1886 20 7
  Verzeichniss (train schedule) from Berlin, Germany, 6-8/1889 20 8
  "Die Gartenlaube," a German-language publication, 1890 20 9
  Francke Hardware Company catalog, Indianapolis, 1903 20 10
  "Indianapolis Kindergarten Monthly Annual Report", 1899 20 11
  "Harper's Bazar" (sic), 4/10/1897 20 12
  "Leyer und Schwert," by Theodor Korner, n.d. 20 13
  "Zur Guter Stunde," a German publication, n.d. 20 14
  "Moderne Kunst", n.d. 20 15
Personal Correspondence    
  to Oscar Frenzel, 1876-1878 21 1-3
  to and from Oscar Frenzel, 1879-1881 21 4-7
  to and from Oscar Frenzel, 1882-1885 22  
  to and from Oscar Frenzel, 1886-1888, n.d. 23  
  Wedding invitations sent to Oscar Frenzel, ca. 1880s 24 1
  Invitations to various social and business events, sent to Oscar Frenzel, ca. 1880s 24 2
  Postcards to Oscar Frenzel from various people, 1877-1888 24 3
Business Correspondence 24 4-8
  Receipts for items purchased by Oscar Frenzel, 1880s 25 1
  Vouchers from Grand Saving and Loan Association, 1883-1885 25 2
  Vouchers from Mechanics' Saving and Loan Association, 1885-1886 25 3
  Vouchers from Mississippi Street Saving and Loan Association, 1882-1886 25 4
  Vouchers from Grand Saving and Loan Association, 1882-1886 25 5
  Vouchers from Crescent Saving and Loan Association, 1883-1886 25 6
  Cancelled Checks from Merchants National Bank (3 envelopes), 1882-1887 26 1
  Bankbooks from Merchants National Bank and other financial institutions (eight envelopes), n.d. 26 2
  Business Receipt Book (water damaged), 1876-1879 27 1
  Minutes of meetings for the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Street Saving and Loan Association, 1886-1888 28 1
  Receipts for clothing, furniture, flowers, ice delivery, and other expenditures by Oscar Frenzel, 1877-1888 28 2
  Accounting Pages (Handwritten figures on a legal-size paper), ca. 1880s 28 3
  Envelopes used to hold or send legal papers, n.d. 28 4
  Business cards from various individuals, given to Oscar Frenzel, n.d. 29 1
  Dues cards for Oscar Frenzel  for the Indianapolis Maennerchor, Indianapolis Socialer Turnverein, Des 22er Unterstutzungs Vereins, and the  Unterstutzungs Vereins, and the Indianapolis Target Shooting Association, 1883-1888 29 2
  Calling cards from various individuals, given to Oscar Frenzel, ca. 1880s 29 3
  Paper bag with letters and words written on it; words suggest someone Oscar Frenzel?) learning Italian, n.d. 29 4
  Tickets, line of march and funeral procession, small notebooks, envelope with hair clippings, bookmark, n.d. 29 5
  Invitations to and programs for Maennerchor events, 1880s 30 1-2
  History "Geschichte des Indianapolis Maennerchor", 1880 30 3
  History "Festschrif fur Feier Goldenen Jubilaums des Indianapolis Maennerchor", 1904 30 4
  History "Festschrif fur Feier Goldenen Jubilaums des Indianapolis Maennerchor", 1904 (copy) 31 1
  40th anniversary program for the Indianapolis Maennerchor, 1894 30 5
  Sangerfest Program for the 1908 Sangerfest of  the Nord-Amerikanischen Sanger-bundes, held in Indianapolis, 1894 30 6
  Indiana Musical Festival Program for music festival, directed by Carl Barus of the Indianapolis Maennerchor, 1886 30 7
  Miscellaneous materials related to the Maennerchor, n.d. 30 8
New American Opera Company Announcement of operas for the company's 1888-1889 season in Indianapolis, 1888-1889 30 9
May Music Festival Program for sixth annual May Music Festival, held in Indianapolis, 1894 30 10
Socialer Turnverein Invitations to, 1880s 30 11
Independent Turnverein Invitations to events sponsored by the Unabhangiger Turnverein, 1880s 30 12


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