Indianapolis South Side Turners Records, 1893-1956

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Collection Mss 061 Gift of the Indianapolis South Side Turners, 10/15/91

Historical Note

Turner organizations in America were first formed by German immigrants in 1848. These groups were based upon the political, cultural, and athletic Turner societies which had existed in Germany since the Napoleanic Wars. The first Turner society in Indianapolis, Indiana was the Socialister Turnerbund formed in 1850. When plans for establishing a branch of the Socialer Turnverein on the south side of the city progressed too slowly, south side residents created their own organization. The Southside Turnverein was founded 24 September 1893. The group flourished and in 1900 the South Side Turnverein built a hall complete with a gymansium and meeting rooms at 306 Prospect Street. This hall served the Indianapolis south side community for over 75 years until its sale in 1977. Although the organization relocated, the South Side Turners remain active in 1994.

Scope and Content Note

The bulk of the administrative and photographic records are from the period 1893-1920 and include: meeting minutes of the board, 1893-1919; meeting minutes of the stockholders' association for the building, 1900-1919; a scrapbook of correspondence and administrative papers, 1897-1906; festival books (included with the bound board minutes); and photographs of group activities. Records for the period 1920-1956 are: meeting minutes of the board, 1951-56; meeting minutes of the Athletic Club, 1927-1931; a scrapbook of boxing event clippings, 1925-1928. The records prior to 1920 are in German, the remaining records are in English.

Inventory of Records

Box 1: Minutes, 1893-1903; 1951-1956. 2 volumes.

a. "Vollständiges Protokoll seit beginn des Vereins von
17. September 1893 bis 12. August 1903 [continued
to January 1905.] [Minutes of the South Side
Turners Board meetings]. 1 volume, 573 pages. In
Bound into minutes are the following publications:
--"Fest-Programm für das 18 Indiana
Bezirks=Turn=Fest unter Leitung des Südseite
Turn=Vereins, in Indianapolis, 1903"
--"Souvenir zu Einweihungs Feier der Sudseite
Turnhalle, am 20 und 22 Januar 1901.

b. Minutes of Board meetings, June 7, 1951 - May 15,
1956. 152p.

Box 2: Records of the Southside Turnverein Hall Association,
1900-1919. 3 volumes.

a. Stockholders of the Southside Turnverein Hall
Association [Südseite Turnhalle
Baugesellschaft], minutes of meetings,
January 16, 1900 - January 20, 1910. 1
volume, 299 pages. In German.

b. "Protokoll Buch der Südseite Turnhallen
Baugesellschaft," [Minute book of Southside Turnverein
Hall Association], February 1, 1910 - February 27,
1919. 1 volume, 284 pages. In German.

c. Cash book, Southside Turnverein Hall Association,
January 1900 - February 1905. 1 volume, 217
pages. In German.

Box 3: Scrapbook of Official Papers, 1897-1906. 1 volume.

"Berichte der Beamten des Südseite Turn Vereins"
[Scrapbook containing correspondence, financial
reports, circulars, and financial records of the South
Side Turners], 1897-1906. 1 volume, 175 pages. In

Box 4: Other Records, 1925-1931. 2 volumes.

a. Minutes of Athletic Club meetings, 1927-1931. 1
volume, 152 pages. In English.

b. Scrapbook of clippings South Side Turners boxing
events, 1925-1928. 1 volume, unpaged.

Box 5: Photographs, 1897-1914. [Searchable online ] 11 photographs. (oversize box)

a. Women's group on stage with tambourines and gypsy-
like costumes, ca. 1900. Size: 8"x10"

b. Women's athletic group, with male instructor, ca.
1900. Size: 8"x10"

c. Men's athletic group, on ladders, ca. 1900. Size:

d. Men's athletic group, forming pyramid, ca. 1900.
Size: 8"x10"

e. "Zur Erinnerung an das 16 Bezirksturnfest des
Indiana Turnbezirks, vom 11-14 Juni 1898.
Preisgekrönte Klasse des Südseite Turnvereins,
Indianapolis." [In remembrance of the 16th
district turnfest of the Indiana District, 11-14
June 1898. Prize-winning class of the South Side
Turnverein, Indianapolis.] People identified.
Size: 9.5" x 8"; Mounting: 16.5" x 13.5".

f. South Side Turners men's team, 1913. Size: 7"x9"
(framed with #g: 1913 women's team)

g. South Side Turners women's team, 1913. Size: 7"x9"
(framed with #f: 1913 men's team)

h. Men's team, 1914. Size: 8" x 10" (framed with #i:
1914 women's team)

i. Women's team, 1914. Size: 8" x 10" (framed with #h:
1914 men's team)

j. Southside Turners Pinochle Club, ca. 1910 [10 men
holding beer mugs]. Size: 17.5" x 15"

k. "Zur Erinnerung an das 27ste Bundes-Turnfest in St.
Louis, vom 6-10 Mai 1897. Preisgekrönte Klasse
des Südseite Turnvereins, Indianapolis." Size:
17" x 13.5"

Box 6: Photographs, 1900-ca.1925. [Searchable online ] 8 photographs. (oversize box)

a. Children's group with Curt Toll, ca. 1900. Size:

b. Women's athletic group, ca. 1900. Size: 8"x10"

c. Men's athletic group, ca. 1900. Size: 8"x10"

d. Group of men and women doing mass drills with wands
in gymnasium, ca. 1900. Size: 8"x10"

e. South Side Turners basketball team, mid-1920s, Size:
9.5" x 7."

f. South Side Turners baseball team, mid-1910s. People
identified. Size: 9" x 7.5"

g. South Side Turners women's basketball team with
coach, ca. 1930. Size: 9" x 7.5"

h. "Zur Erinnerung an das 28 Bundesturnfest zu
Philadelphia, Pa., 20 bis 24 Juni 1900.
Preisgekrönte Klasse des Südseite Turnvereins."
Size: 20" x 16"

Oversize Photographs and documents

A. Stored in extra-oversize box with M46-Indianapolis
Gardeners Benefit Society:

1. Photograph: 34th Saengerfest, Louisville, Kentucky,
June 22-24 1914: large group of men with banners
standing outside of church. Size: 23" x 9.5"

2. "Süd-Seite Liedertafel" (singing group), June 24,
1910. Group photo outside of Southside Turnhall,
with children, men and women. Size: 21" x 9.5"

3. Certificate: "Ehrenpreise" for the Indiana Turn
Bezirk festival in Louisville, 1902. Issued to
the South Side Turnverein. Size: 22.5" x 17"

4. Newspaper: Täglicher Telegraph (Indianapolis), 6
Juli 1904. 8p.

B. Stored with other extra-oversize materials:

1. Photograph: South Side Turners team at the
Evansville Turnfest, June 1917. Cirkut
photograph: Size: 53.5" x 8"

2. Photograph: South Side Turners basketball team:
individual photographs of eight players and coach,
framed together, ca.1925. Size: Each photo
approximately 3.25" x 5.25"; total size: 34" x 7"

3. Certificate from the Ohio Turnbezirk festival,
Cincinnati, June 1904, issued to the Südseite
Turnverein. With oak leaf wreath. Size: 24" x

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