Neil Matthew Photographs, 1940-1983

Mss 053
12.8 c.f. (1 carton, 20 document boxes, 19 flat boxes)



This collection is photographic documentary of scenes and places from the perspective of Neil E. Matthew, a professor of the Herron School of Art at IUPUI. He was a painter first while an undergraduate at Arizona State University. He then studied photography under Henry Holmes Smith at Indiana University. His photography, as described by its creator, is "the painter as photographic tourist." It is straight representational photography of the landscape and buildings seen during his travels throughout the United States and Europe.With the exception of one carton, all of the photographs are available online.


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Cite as: [Order number], Neil E. Matthew Photographs, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Presented by Jeannette and Neil E. Matthew, Indianapolis, IN, August 1988. A88-32

Processed by Debra Brookhart, January 2006.

Funded in part by the Jeannette Morrow Matthew Fund for Archival Photography.


Neil E. Matthew was born January 19, 1925 in Anderson, Indiana. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from Arizona State University (1949) and Master of Fine Arts Degree from Indiana University (1955). He joined the Indiana University faculty five years after receiving his MA and in 1964, began teaching at the Herron School of Art on the Indianapolis campus (what would later become Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI)). In 1989-1990 he retired from his position as Associate Professor Emeritus at IUPUI.

Matthew and his wife, Jeannette, traveled extensively in the United States and Europe over the course of his career at Herron School of Art. Many of his trips provided sources of inspiration for his artwork in the mediums of photography and painting. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States.


Most are images of places and people from Matthew’s travels in the United States and Europe with an emphasis on historical places. The collection is searchable online through the Image button at the top of this page.  Online photographs are divided into two major categories: landscape and architectural photographs. Typically Matthew recorded information on the geographic location, place name, and date for each image.





Photographs, 1952-1981 (Mss53-000001 – Mss53-002407)1-39 
Photographs by Subject  
 American Southwest, 1947-1948 (Mss53-002408- Mss53-002421)401
 Architecture and Landscape, 1968-1973 (Mss53-002422- Mss53-002484)402
 Arizona, 1947-1948 (Mss53-002485-Mss53-002504)403
 Canada, 1974, 1980 (Mss53-002505-Mss53-002585)404
 Europe (mostly Germany), 1951-1952, 1968 (Mss53-002586-Mss53-002662)405-6
 Illinois, 1958-1983 (Mss53-002663-Mss53-002699)407
    &nbspBartholomew County, Howard County, 1961-1962, 1967 (Mss53-002700-Mss53-002721)408
    &nbspMadison County, 1952-1955, 1963, 1967 (Mss53-002722-Mss53-002752)409-10
    &nbspMarion County, 1952-1967 (Mss53-002753-Mss53-002787)4011
    &nbspMonroe County, 1953-1955 (Mss53-002788-Mss53-002896)4012-16
 Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, 1951-1967 (Mss53-002897-Mss53-002909)4017
 Kentucky, 1954, 1966-1975 (Mss53-002910- Mss53-002941)4018
 Louisiana, Missouri, 1963-1979 (Mss53-002942- Mss53-002949)4019
 Michigan, 1966, 1971, 1980 (Mss53-002950- Mss53-002976)4020
 Mississippi, 1976 (Mss53-002977-Mss53-003017)4021
 New Mexico, 1973 (Mss53-003018-Mss53-003033)4022
 New York, 1940, 1963-1967 (Mss53-003034- Mss53-003043)4023
 People and Places (U.S. and Europe), 1940-1960 (Mss53-003044-Mss53-003137)4024-25
 Tennessee, 1967 (Mss53-003138-Mss53-003155)4026
 Utah, 1977 (Mss53-003156-Mss53-003199)4027
 Washington DC, Wisconsin, 1951-1975 (Mss53-003200-Mss53-003208)4028
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